Listen to a 12yo Lorde Cover Kings of Leon "Use Somebody"

November 4, 2014
It's pretty hard to deny that Lorde made a serious impact on the musical world in the last 24 months... and at the age of just 16! She's been at it a long time already (now just days shy of her 18th birthday), just check out this cover she performed of Kings of Leon "Use Somebody"... at the age of TWELVE! Woah:


A list of things I was doing at age 12:

Sega genesis - all the time.
Watching the movie Robot Jox.
Talking to my other 12yo friends about one day "doing it".
Loving dinosaurs.
Inventing the country of Bobania.
Constantly talking about Terminator 2.
Hating soccer practice.

I can't even begin to imagine being that good at guitar or singing cover songs at twelve. What a talent.

What do you think of her cover? Comment below!