Locals Only Artist of the Month: Iska Dhaaf

September 2, 2013

Seattle has long been a frontier town that attracts musicians who want to invent and reinvent – from Jimi Hendrix to Kurt Cobain to the next unnamed musical star. While the sound may change from decade to decade, the Northwest’s music scene is as vibrant as ever. And here at The End we feel it’s important to help put our homegrown talent in the forefront by giving you a taste of our cities musical richness.

“For more than two years, Benjamin Verdoes and Nate Quiroga have been formulating their band Iska Dhaaf—workmanlike in their preparation, committed to a strict regimen of rehearsal and development. Until recently, they weren't ready; they've been in no rush to let the melodic, '60s-tinted, psychic baroque rock out if its cage. Iska Dhaaf sees Verdoes and Quiroga in roles they've never been in before. Quiroga (aka Buffalo Madonna from Mad Rad) learned guitar, bass, and keys; his opal singing voice is now a candelabra centerpiece. Verdoes (singing-songwriting frontman of Mt. St. Helens Vietnam Band) learned to play drums and keys simultaneously while singing and triggering foot pedals, also completing a master's degree in teaching English along the way. This past December and April, the duo recorded at K Records' Dub Narcotic Studios in Olympia with Ephriam Nagler. In June, they went to New York for mastering with UE Nastasi at Sterling Sound. This August, they'll put out a 7-inch on upstart Brick Lane Records (out now in digital form), and have releases scheduled for fall and winter.” – The Stranger

"Everybody Knows"

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