Locals Only Artist of the Month: Motopony


June 30, 2015

Seattle has long been a frontier town that attracts musicians who want to invent and reinvent – from Jimi Hendrix to Kurt Cobain to the next unnamed musical star. While the sound may change from decade to decade, the Northwest’s music scene is as vibrant as ever. And here at The End we feel it’s important to help put our homegrown talent in the forefront by giving you a taste of our cities musical richness.


Motopony -- a band Blue named out of his dedication to being devotedly physical and spiritual in a digital world. The “moto” -- the mechanical side -- and the “pony” -- the animal. Motopony grew in local popularity, and in 2011 they released Motopony -- a confident debut in which Blue's deft folk melodies and persistent fingerpicking were undergirded by Ross' future-pop production.
The record was an immediate hit, propelling the band well beyond the comfy evergreen environs of Western Washington. L.A.'s KCRW, the holy grail for high-achieving indie rock bands, slapped it into rotation; Bob Boilen and Robin Hilton praised it on NPR's All Songs Considered. The band's live show floored audiences and reviewers across the country.
Now 4 years later; the band’s follow up album, Welcome You is proof that Blue and the band, with a long road behind them, are still -- thankfully -- taking the road ahead with fire, drive and a willingness to release ego for the better of the soul. It’s like Blue sings in Daylights Gone, “your time has come / you pull my mind away…



A message from Motopony!

Here's a tease of their new album "Welcome You":

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