5 Things That DID Suck at the MTV VMAs

August 31, 2015

Earlier today, Pepper wrote a great blog about the 5 things that didn't suck about the MTV VMAs last night. You should read it because she really did find some very cool moments. She's the best.  I, on the other hand, am the worst, and thought last night's VMA awards were hot garbage.  So I decided to give you the opposing view of the MTV VMA awards, and highlight 5 things that sucked about them.  Fair and balanced, see how this works network news organization that I dare not mention by name?

5. Justin Beiber cried after he finished his performance.  To be fair, I also cried after sitting through whatever that was, but probably for completely different reasons.


4. Rebel Wilson tries to be shocking (an MTV VMA tradition) by wearing a F*ck the Stripper Police but instead kind of just left people scratching their heads and wondering who the hell the Stripper Police were and why we should be mad at them.  Seemed like a dumb excuse to wear a swear word shirt on TV. Perhaps even more sucky about this moment though, was that Kendrick Lamar didn't win the VMA award for Best Hip Hop Video that she was presenting. Hey Speaking of Kendrick Lamar....



3. Celebrity No Shows.  If you want to really gauge how far MTV has fallen, look no further than the list of big name stars that decided that, well, basically anything was better than attending the Miley Cirus/Taylor Swift appreciation event...I mean...VMAs.  No Kendrick. No Ed Sheeran. No Jay Z????  THose are big stars in the MTV world, and not one of them attended. Even that dude Fetty Wap wasn't in attendance, and his 15 minutes will be way over by the time the 2016 VMAs roll around. 


flickr/ april siese

2. Kanye West's Video Vanguard Award acceptance speech.  DUDE TALKED FOR 10 MINUTES!!!  To be honest, I actually like Kanye's music and generally think he has great ideas but bruh, get a public speaking coach or something because you are brutal to listen to and you never seem to be able to get your point across without pretty much pissing everyone off.  Also, Video Vanguard? Have you ever seen a Kanye West video (besides the one with Stacey Dash, because Stacey Dash!) and thought, yeah, that was pretty incredible? Me neither. 

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1. MILEY CIRUS MILEY CIRUS MILEY CIRUS MILEY CIRUS MILEY CIRUS MILEY CIRUS MILEY CIRUS MILEY CIRUS. Seriously, she is a plague. Parents, this is who your daughters are quite possibly looking up to. Oh my.



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