The 6 Best Moments of Deck The Hall Ball

December 9, 2015

How amazing was Deck the Hall Ball last night? TOTES AMAZING duh! So amazing that I had to limit this list to just 6 of my favorite moments or I'd end up working on this blog until next year's show.  The best part of last night for me was.....


The Calm Before the Storm- It takes a ton of work to put a show like this together, and running around interviewing bands/taking pics with all of you awesome fans/stage announcing (and partying in the dressing rooms) really is an exhausting task. Before things got crazy last night, Pepper and I had a chance to chill backstage and just reflect and prepare for how much work we put in to get this show together, and how lit things were about to be at Key Arena.  Sometimes we spend so much time running around that we don't see eachother unless its in passing, so it was really awesome to have a chance to share a high 5 with the team. The best team. 

107 Second Interviews- Interviews, especially ones at festivals can be pretty tough, so we figured let's have fun with them this year and make the bands interview themselves for 107 seconds. Get it? 107 second Interviews..107 .7 The End. BRILLIANT! Anyway, we are editing them now but the raw footage is on our facebook page.  The Walk the Moon and Cage the Elephant ones are my favorite. 

Cigarette Daydreams- I was down on the floor during Cigarette Daydreams and let me tell you, Key Arena looked like the summer sky on a clear night out in the sticks. I will always be a sucker for that. 

Deep Sea Diver- Twenty One Pilots may have blown your mind, and you might have lost your voice trying to sing along with Alabama Shakes, but no band made a bigger impression backstage than our very own Deep Sea Diver.  Seriously, I think the Walk the Moon dudes asked them for autographs!  Super cool (and not surprising) to see another Seattle band impress.

21 Pilots. All of it- And I mean ALL. OF. IT.  They were all over the arena!  At one point they were practically standing on my big boss's (like, the guy who signs my pacheck big) shoulders singing Holding On To You.  Hands down the best part of the show. They were so cool! Best part for me was chatting with them backstage about why their fans call them "dad" and then having Josh dare me to intro them as I did...STILL dont know what it means though. Anyone?

Loudest.Crowd.Ever.- I wish there was a way for you to hear what its like to be on the stage while a packed Key Arena screams as loud as they can back at you.  Talk about powerful! It really hits you right in the feels, and you don't really know whether you want to yell "F YES!" or "YIKES." Its the best, and I can't thank you all enough for letting me experience that.  Its better than any drug and I can't wait to get my fix again at Summercamp.  See you there?