I Like Music. You Like Music: A Guide To My Favorite 90's One Hit Wonders

September 28, 2015

Before you go any further, I want to be clear. This is NOT one of those "meh I'm getting old and miss the music from when I was a kid," type of blogs.  Now, that said, MEH! I'm getting old and miss the music from when I was a kid. Just kidding, I'm a music progressive (is that a term? Well it should be!) and enjoy listening to how music changes over the years and staying relevant in today's music climate....I mean, its kind of my job. Every once in a while, though, there is nothing sweeter than going back and checking out the bands that defined your childhood, which is exactly what I did last week when HUM played El Corazon.  For those of you who don't know, HUM is a band out of Champaign, Illinois that had one radio song back in the mid 90's...and it was INCREDIBLE!  Check out their song "Stars" below, as well as other 90s one hit wonders* that will always be my favorite.  

* one hit wonder is subjective, but since its my blog and I'm the professional music dude (my official title) I get to make the call on whether a band is a one hitter or not.  


This is what prog rock sounded like in the 90's.  One of my favorite bands of all time, and after seeing them last week I can also call them one of the loudest bands of all time. My ears are still ringing.  You will never convince me that this isn't one of the best (and most) 90's songs of all time.  

Honorable mention- The Pod



There is no better song about stalking someone, murdering them, and burying them in your backyard ever. I used to be OBSESSED with this band, and can play just about all of their songs on guitar.  When this song came out, it was #1 on my hometown radio station's countdown for almost a month straight.  Sadly, I've never seen them live. And it breaks my heart. 

Honorable mention- Tyler

This is their best song. I won't argue. Also, anytime you mention the Toadies as a 1 hit wonder, their fans will go off on you about this song.  In fact, I guarantee you someone just read that last statement and is currently nodding in agreement.



I used to play this for my friends and they hated it. Then it made it on the radio, and they loved it.  Proof that I've been a music snob for most of my life, and one of the first moments in my life where I thought "hey, I'm pretty good at picking out songs that become popular....maybe I should be in radio." 

Honorable Mention- NONE. This is basically their only good song. #awkard



Again, one of the most 90's sounding songs ever.  I remember one of my buddies said he read that these guys were in a Satanic cult, which really only made us love them even more....which in hindsight is slightly concerning. 

Honorable Mention- Molly

This song was actually almost popular enough that you could almost say Sponge was a 2 hit wonder. Lets compromise (so I don't have to delete anything) and call them a 1.5 hit wonder.



THE FLYS- GOT YOU WHERE I WANT YOU - Katie Holmes appears in this music video at the peak of her hotness.  Also quite possibly some of the dumbest lyrics ever.  

4 NON BLONDES- WHAT'S UP -  Before Linda Perry wrote every hit ever for the pop girls (Christina/Britney/Pink) of the 2000's, she was in 4 Non Blondes, and this song was inescapable for a year.

NEW RADICALS- GET WHAT YOU GIVE- Dude threatened to fight Beck, Courtney Love, AND Marilyn Manson.  This is really one of the biggest one hit wonders of all time.  

MARCY PLAYGROUND- SEX AND CANDY- Random trivia fact- I actually lived next to the Marcy Playground this band took their name from.