I Like Music. You Like Music- My Favorite Rainy Day Tunes

October 13, 2015

Fall is officially here, which means long walks home from work in the dark, needing (not wanting) coffee in the morning, and of course rain rain rain.  But its cool, because this is Seattle, and in a wierd sort of way this time of year makes Seattle....more Seattle-y?  Plus there is something soothing about popping in some ear buds, putting on some mellow jams (Pepper and I like to call them "sad bastard songs")  and taking a walk in the rain.  Of course, you need the right tunes. Here are some of my favorite rainy day tunes.

**NOT included- Garbage "Only Happy When it Rains," or Blind Melon "No Rain" because that would be way too easy.**


I mean, a pasty white dude walking with purpose through a washed out city.  As a matter of fact, this song was my inspiration for this blog, as I heard it walking to work through the mist this morning. 


One of my favorite bands of all time, you guys (and one of the few times I was starstruck when meeting a band). You could really pick ANY song from The National as your rainy day jam, but let's go with Apartment Story since it has the whole "its crappy and grey but there's still hope" vibe going for it.


Its almost not fair to include any Seattle bands on this list because they are all so obvi.  "Fell on Black Days," "Sunshower," "Black," too easy, see what I mean?  I had to make an exception for this song though, because I think Mark Lanegan has one of the most incredible voices ever, and if this song doesn't put a lump in your throat and make you actually want it to rain, you have no soul.  One of the first things I did when I moved here was actually listen to this song as I literally walked by Harborview Hospital, because I'm a huge music and Seattle nerd. 

MEDICINE- The 1975

I am a total anglophile and a major sucker for The 1975.  Seriously, they are fantastic and if you don't know about them, check out "Sex" "Chocolate" and "Robbers."  Unless its raining, then listen to this song.  


I'm not saying this is a better version of Such Great Heights than the original, I'm just saying share your ear buds with a pretty girl at a coffee shop after escaping a rain storm and you'll totally have a moment.  


Acoustic songs always sound better on rainy days, don't you think?  I love the way George Ezra really lets it rip during this song vocally.  Amazing.  

HOWL- Black Rebel Motorcycle Club

This song is depressing AF, but there is something about the swell and build of the guitars during this song that really blows me away.  BRMC forever, you guys. 

MAPS- Yeah Yeah Yeahs

 This song is amazing regardless, but its even better when its pouring rain outside. Real talk. 

CIRCADIAN RHYTHM- Silversun Pickups

I've been listening to this song practically nonstop ever since Better Nature came out.  Pretty cool to see Nikki get a chance to be the front woman for a song as well. She's really got a great voice! 


I mean, what better way to end a rainy day playlist than with a reminder that it won't rain all the time (SHOUT OUTS TO "THE CROW!"). 


This list could easily be 100 songs longer, so I'm sure I missed mentioning your favorite rainy day jam. Feel free to add to it in the comments so we can all make the best rainy day playlist ever!