Let It Out, Bro: A Man's Man's Guide to Crying at Movies

September 1, 2015

Technology is great, right you guys? Back in the day (THE 90s!!!!!) if you wanted to watch a movie, you really only had 3 options. Go to the theatre, watch it on HBO or Cinemax (thats all there was, 2 movie channels, and towards the end of the 90s 5-10 PPV stations, 12 if you wanted to include the porno ones. SHOUT OUTS TO THE SPICE CHANNEL!), or wait for it to come out on video and rent it from your nearest Blockbuster Video or your nearest mom and pop video stores (Sup Scarecrow!). It was the worst.

Thankfully times have changed and now we are able to have virtually any movie, anytime, anywhere, thanks to on demand streaming services. Which brings me to last night. It was a Netflix and chill kind of night (for one, sadly) so I decided to check out the Steven Hawking biopic "The Theory of Everything." Little did I know I was about to spend the next 2 hrs bawling my eyes out on my couch. I'm talking sobbing to the point of getting those weird booger bubbles and nearly hyperventilating sobbing. I'm talking I haven't cried in probably about a decade and more than made up for lost time sobbing. It was out of control! To be clear, the movie was FANTASTIC and I can't recommend it highly enough, but fellas, consider yourself warned, its is a real tearjerker. 

Now I know we live in the 21st century now and its totally acceptable for men to cry and be in touch with their feelings whenever they want, and I'm totally cool with that (I mean I'm writing a blog about it aren't I?). But just because we can, doesn't always mean we are comfortable with it, especially when it comes to anything other than our dog dying or our team losing in the Super Bowl. So, guys, I'm going to do us all a solid right now and list 5 movies that whether you are 100% comfortable with turning on the water works kind of guy, or a not sure if you even have tear ducts type of fella, its ok to cry during. Consider this official Man Code from this point forward. I mean, my name is Manley, I think that gives me the right to make the rules, right?

Old Yeller-Do kids still have to read this book in school? Because they shouldn't, its incredibly traumatizing. You can't even mention taking something "behind the shed" without causing me to wince. Bros- its totally cool to cry when watching Old Yeller!

The Green Mile-I remember watching this in the theatre with a bunch of friends, and when John Coffey started taking that walk, it went something like this
Me- Oh boy, this is really terrible. In fact, am I getting choked up right now? Why is there a lump in my......oh no......I'm going to cry in the middle of this theatre. Hold it together, Manley. Don't blink or the tears are gonna start flowing. Crap, now the guards are crying...im losing it....look away!....NO!!! My date is bawling and just looked dead in my eyes. RELEASE THE TEARS!! Hey Bros, totally cool to cry when watching The Green Mile

The Shawshank Redemption-One of the greatest "guy" movies of all time. When Red and Andy are finally reunited.....Bros, TOTALLY cool to cry when watching Shawshank while simultaneously giving your BFF a high 5.

Saving Private Ryan-I think deep down inside its like 90% of every dude's fantasy to fight for a totally just cause with a band of bros, save the world, and come back a hero. This really hits home even harder for any guy with a brother too. Watching it always makes me think of my grandpa and his brother, who both fought in WWII, but one in Japan and one in Europe. Could you imagine? Hey Bros, its cool to put on camouflage and have a good cry during Saving Private Ryan.

Field of Dreams-"Hey dad, wanna have a catch?" The #1 undisputed guy cry moment in movie history. In fact, if you don't choke up during this scene, you have no soul. Hey bros.....no.....Hey EVERYONE, cry your eyes out to Field of Dreams, I'm pretty sure that's why this movie was made.