Manley Interviews The Kid Who Was Doing His Homework at #DTHB

December 10, 2015

A funny thing happened Tuesday night at Key Arena.  In the middle of Deck the Hall Ball one of our listeners @Bridge_Raftery tweeted out this photo. 

and its been popping up in our feed ever since.  In fact, out of the over 20k tweets with #DTHB, it was one of the most popular!  I had to find out more about this.  Why was this person doing homework?  Was he doing actual homework, or just playing Fallout 4?  Did he pass his class?  Well after a bit of digging around the internet. I FOUND HIM....

His name is Rory and I hit him up via Twitter to see how he was handing being internet famous,

  Hey Rory! Congrats on becoming internet famous. Did you have fun at #DTHB?

Yes! I had a fantastic time seeing all the bands. This was such a strong lineup this year and I just couldn't miss it.

What was your favorite part?

My favorite part was probably when Walk the Moon came out on stage playing the Lion King. It made me laugh and got me pumped up for their performance!

That was super weird! So you got a lot of attention on our twitter feed for bringing a lap top to the show. Were you really doing homework?

I was honestly typing up a paper for one of my finals. It was due at 5 pm and school always comes first. That was the most money I've ever spent to listen to music while doing homework

Worth it. What was the paper about

It was an essay asking me how I've developed as a writer over the semester. A basic 101 freshman course.

BASIC for sure. Was #DTHB the weirdest place you've ever done homework?

Hmm, I wouldn't say DTHB was the weirdest. I think it may have been the coolest! I think the weirdest place I've ever done homework was in the bathroom one time. I was at a restaurant with my family and it was too loud to focus.

Gross dude. So when did you find out people were RT'ing a picture of you?

Well originally I tweeted about it myself hoping it would go on the screen where you were displaying other tweets. It wasn't until the next morning that a friend of mine mentioned me in someone else's tweet who took a picture of me.

How does it feel to be internet famous?

I'm really psyched about the attention from 107.7 and you and Gregr because I almost only listen to your station! Plus all the nice words from the people who saw me at the concert and tweeted at me is great and makes me feel even better!

Now that you've mastered doing homework and rocking out at the same time, anything else you're looking forward to combining? Reading and skiing maybe?

I haven't done that yet but I'll definitely have to try it! I was actually thinking about combining skydiving and knitting.

Seems legit! Perfect. Anything you want to say to all of your new fans out there? Maybe some advice for other students trying to balance studying/rocking?

just a big thanks to everyone who said they respected my dedication as a student. My advice is that sometimes a little balance in your life can help relieve some stress.

You coming back to DTHB next year?

I'm 110% sure I'll be back next year! I had such a great time.

You going to bring your homework again?

I hope not so I can put my whole focus on the music!


Rory is the best, right, you guys?  So responsible, and yet so always down to party!  Make sure you give him a follow at @RorySmith16. You can check out all the tweets and photos and vids from Deck the Hall Ball on twitter by searching for #DTHB.  You all had it trending for over 24 hours. WOW!