Manley's Pro Football Picks Week 10

November 11, 2015

Its week 10 already in the NFL!  THATS CRAZY!!  How come crappy things last forever, like winter and the wait for the new Star Wars movie, while things you love are gone in a flash?  Time, man, its a real trip!  Speaking of trips, I'm headed back to my hometown for the first time in years next weekend.  I'm super excited to see all my family, but a little nervous to find out who I will run across while I'm there.  Old flames? Possibly.  Former buddies who haven't changed since high school? YOU BET. One time I ended up sitting next to a guy I got in a fight with back in high school.  We had buried the hatchet prior to this, but there was still a huge part of me that wanted to take him outside and pummel him to even the score.  In my mind, that totally happened and it was awesome. In my mind I also ran into my prom date and we had a sexy 24 hr affair.  In my mind I also had abs.  Its good to have dreams. On ot the picks!


BILLS VS JETS- Rex Ryan has been trolling teams all year with his choice of team captains and its amazing.  This week IK Enemkpali gets the arm band...or "C" patch or whatever.  The same IK Enemkpali that was cut earlier this year by the Jets for punching their then starting QB in the face and breaking it. That Rex Ryan, might not be the best coach but he is one hell of a jerk.  This game is also a white helmet battle, so who knows what could happen!  Pick- Jets

LIONS VS PACKERS- Now that the Packers have fallen back to Earth, is there any team besides the Patriots that you consider top tier?  Sure, the Bengals and Panthers are undefeated but its not like anyone is thinking "oh crap, we have the Bengals/Panthers this week?  We are doomed. DOOMED!"  Well, Niners fans probably are, but whatever. Pick- Packers

COWBOYS VS BUCCANEERS- Greg Hardy is a terrible person. Here is how a man who beat his girlfriend and threw her on a pile of guns (A PILE OF GUNS!!!) was somehow allowed to play in the NFL this year.  Pick- Cowboys


BEARS VS RAMS - Have you heard about Windy City Pie on Captial Hill?  Its a pizza joint specializing in Chicago deep dish style pizza, you guys!  They guy that owns it/cooks the pizza/delivers the pizza used to be an Amazon guy until he decided to bring deep dish to Seattle.  Look at this place....YOU HAVE MY ATTENTION!!!  If only the Chicago Bears were as good as Chicago pizza. Pick- Rams

SAINTS VS REDSKINS - John Oliver just beat the Redskins far worse than the Saints will this week. Watch THIS (NSFW bigtime). Pick- Saints

DOLPHINS VS EAGLES- Do you think the cast that played the Dolphins on the horrible HBO show "Ballers" would beat the cast that played the Eagles in the horrible movie "Invincible?" I bet they would, since they were supposed to look like real NFL players instead of replacements.  These are the things I think about when I'm about 5 minutes away from my afternoon nap on Sunday. Pick- Eagles

BROWNS VS STEELERS- Johnny Manziel looks like the kid you went to high school with that was 3 years younger than you and still ended up at all the parties.  Think about it. Pick- Steelers

JAGUARS VS RAVENS- You ever hear someone from the UK say "Jaguar?"  Its incredible!  I always think that British phrases are SO cool.  I wonder if they think the same thing about ours.  Somehow I doubt "OMG I'm totes jelly of your rad Toms" does it for them. Pick- Ravens (Im going to be wrong about this one I think)

VIKINGS VS RAIDERS- Pick- Vikings (unless Bridgewater doesn't play)

PATRIOTS VS GIANTS- Did you know that the Giants are the only franchise in the NFL that the Patriots haven't beaten since 2007?  Its TRUE!  My money is on NE but I will be pulling hard for the Giants, because I've never liked the cut of Bill Belicheck's jib. Pick- Patriots

CHIEFS VS BRONCOS- How come the Redskins take all the heat for being named after Native Americans but the Chiefs get off the hook?  They should have to change their name too!  If I were them, I'd go with the BBQ's.  I'd root for them so hard. Pick- Broncos

CARDINALS VS SEAHAWKS- Remember the band Godsmack? Me either, but apparently their lead singer, Sully (because of course the guy's name is Sully) is from Boston and a big Pats fan and decided to troll Seahawks fans. I mean, if we are being honest, he did an incredible job with the smack talking....hey wait a minute.....smack talk...God smack....smack.....god.....SULLY IS GOD.  I can't even! Pick- Cardinals.

TEXANS VS BENGALS- Andy Dalton's nickname is the Red Rocket.  How incredible is that?  Pick- Bengals.

GAMETIME FOOD CHOICE- Cheetos!  I have never in my life met anyone that didn't like Cheetos.  EVER.  The only problem is that you end up with awful powdery cheese hands. How there hasn't been an advancement in science to prevent this from happening is beyond me.  Its not like they're curing cancer or anything. GET IT TOGETHER SCIENCE!!!

YOU'RE THE REAL MVP- It's Veteran's Day at the time I'm writing this, and there is nothing more incredibly selfless and commendable than putting your life on the line for the good of your neighbors, your family, your country.  To any and everyone who have proudly served this country, you are and will always be the real MVP! 

Last Week's Picks- 8-5

Overall Record- 81-51

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