Manley's Pro Football Picks Week 7

October 21, 2015

I'm going on vacation this week, but before I go, here are my week 7 picks.  You ever miss a flight?  Its the worst.  I did it once and it will never happen again.  Seriously, I have a major complex about it. Its turned me into "Show up 3 hrs early to the airport" guy.  I'm awful and I know it.  On the upside, I have plenty of time to read the magazine I got at the airport convenience store for $25 and smash a Cinnabon while I wait. I'd just hang out at the Sub Pop store, but that place is so cool I'd get lost in the music and somehow still miss my flight despite getting there the night before take off.  On to the picks....


SEAHAWKS VS 49ERS- The nice thing is that even if the Hawks lose, they will still have a decent chance to make the playoffs.  Of course, it will be panic mode the rest of the year. Pick- Seahawks

BILLS VS JAGUARS- Hey London, good news!  You're getting an NFL football game.  Bad news- It features the Jaguars. Pick- Bills

BUCCANEERS VS REDSKINS- I wish the Bucs were more like real pirates and looted the opposing team's locker rooms and spray painted their logo on the 50 yd line after a road victory.  I'd buy their jersey. Pick- Redskins

FALCONS VS TITANS- Davonta Freeman could get injured for the rest of the year and would STILL be the 2015 Fantasy Football MVP.  He is out of control. Pick- Falcons

SAINTS VS COLTS- professional athletes are uber competitive.  Because of this, I bet the pregame conversation between Drew Brees and Andrew Luck will be all about whose playing with more pain in their shoulder. Lets hope they are mic'd up! Pick- Colts

VIKINGS VS LIONS- 79-90-1. Thats the Vikings' record after cutting Brock Lesnar in 2004. 170-0- what their record would be if they kept him.  If we lived in prehistoric times, we'd be sacrificing our first borns to him. He is terrifying. Pick- Vikings

STEELERS VS CHIEFS- Pick- The NFL fined Cam Heyward a ton of money for trying to honor his dad by writing his name on his eye black tape.  Eye black tape is stupid.  You are a warrior, USE THE PAINT!!!! Pick- Steelers


TEXANS VS DOLPHINS- Pretty sure I've picked every Dolphin game wrong this year, so whatever you do, don't listen to me when i say....Pick- Dolphins

JETS VS PATRIOTS- How are the Jets 4-1?  We live in strange times.  Pick- Patriots

RAIDERS VS CHARGERS- I feel bad for Phillip Rivers.  He threw for 3,000 yards last week against the Packers and still lost!  Pick- Chargers

COWBOYS VS GIANTS- Jerry Jones is the worst.  Earlier this week he told reporters that Dez Bryant MIGHT be able to play this Sunday.  He is my fantasy football WR so obviously I've already got my hopes up.  I 100% promise you he will not play, and I will be frustrated with football before any game even kicks off.  Pick- Giants


RAVENS VS CARDINALS- I don't want to jinx anything, but doesn't this seem like the game where the Cardinals go up 21 pts and then Carson Palmer gets hurt and ruins their season?  Pick- Cardinals.


Last Week's Pick: 7-7

Overall Record: 54-38

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