My Summer Camp- Top 5 Things I Overheard Backstage

August 17, 2015
You guys, before we even get this blog started I want to give a Thank You to every single one of you that came out to Summer Camp 2015!  We laughed, Gregr cried, I got to eat dumplings with Pepper while dancing to Matt and Kim. Best time ever!  

Ok, now on to the blog.  So a big part of my job at shows like this is running around backstage making sure the bands are having fun and everything is in order. The downside is I didn't get to spend as much time in the crowd saying hi and tossing out high-5s with you, but on the upside I got to play soccer with Glass Animals and drink beers with Meg Myers (bae).  I also hear the craziest things.  Check this out, the top 5 things i overheard someone say at Summer Camp 2015

5- "Meg Myers just broke the stage with her voice!!" -Pepper

Smart money was on me being the one who lost their mind during Meg Myers' set, but it turns out Pepper was the person most blown away with her performance at Summer Camp.  And what a performance it was! Such energy and passion, its no wonder there was a massive rush to the stage when she came on!  Way to go bae!

4- "I'm just a Goose looking for my Maverick" -Saint Motel

When asked "Do you prefer Ray Bans or aviators," my conversation quickly turned from eye wear to Tom Cruise.  Funny how Top Gun references seem to follow me everywhere.

3- "Release the meat from the bone" -Matt and Kim

Pepper and I were chatting with Matt and Kim and we got on the topic of how to describe her fantastic booty shaking abilities.  She said the key to doing it right was acting like you were trying to release the meat from the bone.  Gross, and also LOLZ.

2- "Turns out I'm allergic to bees" -End Listener Natalie

There are probably no good ways to find out you are allergice to bees, our poor listener Natalie, told me a terrible story about how she got stung and things quickly went from no big deal to racing down the highway as her throat was closing.  Scary stuff, but she survived AND made it to Summer Camp.  She's the real MVP. 

1-  "Well if there's fun to be had, might as well be me having it." -ME

Seriously, I know you all had a great time, but I'm pretty sure no one had a better time than myself. From having an improptu soccer match with Glass Animals to riding an old school bicycle through Marymoor Park before the doors opened, I took every opportunity i could to enjoy a day that I won't soon forget.  End listeners are the best listeners!

Lets do it again next year?

Mat Hayward
I expect to see each and every one of you next year!