Remembering Scott Weiland Through His Music.

December 4, 2015

These are never fun...last night we lost one of our generation's best front men, Scott Weiland of Stone Temple Pilots. On stage he was a force of nature. While most 90s lead singers preferred to sulk in the shadows, Weiland could always be found center stage, strutting and slithering around, draped in the spotlight, daring the audience to look away. They never did. He knew they couldn't. The man defined the term rock star. I have been lucky enough to have seen him at his best, and sadly ive also seen him at his worst.  Today I choose to remember the good. I hope you all do the same. Here are my top 10 Weiland songs- 

10- Slither - Velvet Revolver was never going to work, way too much personality for one band.  That said, they did give us a few jams, this being one of them.

9- Creep - Core is one of those albums that punches you right in the face from pretty much front to back.  This song being the exception.

8- Barbarella - A lot of people hated 12 Bar Blues, and to be fair, it wasn't that great. BUT I always really had a thing for this song.  I think its the vulnerability of the lyrics maybe? All the jelly beans they taste like tangrines....

7- Big Empty - This song originally appeared on the soundtrack to The Crow (best soundtrack ever!), and it was the first music we heard from STP after Core, and the proof we needed that the band was more than a 1 album wonder.

6- Sour Girl - By the time No. 4 came out, the band was basically just playing out the string.  The DeLeos had pretty much had enough of Weiland, who was jaiiled right before the album came out. Ironically it produced their highest charting song (on Billboard Hot 100).  

5- Interstate Love Song - One of those songs you recognize after the first 3 notes. To me, the best song of off their VERY good, very underrated 2nd album. 

4-  Wicked Garden - Dead and Bloated/Sex Type Thing/Wicked Garden, now that's a way to kick off an album.  A debut album at that!

3- Lady Picture Show - The recording process for Tiny Music...Songs From The Vatican Giftshop was a disaster.  The DeLeos were busy playing with Talk Show, and Weiland was busy going to jail and singing with the Magnificent Bastards. Surprisingly, despite all that, the album had 3 #1 singles. Lady Picture Show was one of them, and the best IMO.

2- Plush - Arguably the most iconic 90's song not released by a Seattle band? 

1- Crackerman - I can't really explain this one, maybe I have a subconscious love for megaphones?


Honorable Mention- Trippin On A Hole In A Paper Heart// Sex Type Thing// Seven Caged Tigers// Silvergun Superman// Fall To Pieces// Vasonline// Sex and Violence