Sizing up The Teams of Captain America: Civil War

August 27, 2015
The next big event in the Marvel Cinematic Universe happens next May when Team Cap takes on Team Stark in Captain America: Civil War.  Forget Rousey v Mayweather, or NY thin crust v Chicago deep dish, Cap v Iron Man is truly the battle of the century.  Lets take a look at how each team stacks up, and try to predict the winner! 


My first impression is that its interesting to see the anti-establishment team to be made up of mostly former SHIELD members. Captain America is known as much for his leadership as his vibranium shield, and at first glance of this roster he is going to need it. Hawkeye is up to this point the weakest Avenger.  Falcon does have a sweet jet pack but thats really it. No one even knows who Sharon Carter is (the niece of Peggy Carter, Cap's love interest in the first Cap film) or what to expect.  Ant-Man can shrink and will certainly provide the comedy relief for the team...although I'm not sure how that helps.  The strongest member of the team is actually The Winter Soldier, who spent the last Cap film trying to put Steve in the dirt, so there's that.  


Can you say loaded?!?  War Machine is basically Iron Man WITH A GUN MOUNTED ON HIS SHOULDER. Black Widow, you could argue, has kicked as much on screen ass as any other Avenger so far.  The Vision, well, we still don't really know what he brings to the table yet as far as skill set yet, but the dude has an Infinity stone in his forehead.  I repeat, dude is powered by an Inifinity Stone! We don't know much about Black Panther yet, but he is a king, and has a vibranium suit.  He is going to be a bad ass, I assure you.  

It sure seems like Team Cap doesn't stand a chance after breaking down the rosters, right? Which is exactly why I think they end up winning, as they are almost TOO overmached.  Of course, there are still some wild cards.  
Where is Scarlet Witch? 
There are rumors that The Hulk will make an appearance in the film.  What side does he end up on?
What about the TV portion of the Marvel Universe? Will we see the Agents of SHIELD or Daredevil make their big screen debut (fingers crossed!)

And of course, the biggest "what if?" of all.  What happens with Spider-Man?  What was once thought to be a simple cameo has now apparently blossomed into a co-starring roll for everyone's favorite web slinger.  He could be the ultimate reason the scales tip in favor of one side or the other.  I can't wait to see how this all shakes out next spring, and how closely this follows the comic storyline.  If it ends the same way, boy oh boy are we in for a MAJOR Marvel shake up!