Thanksgiving Dishes Ranked.

November 22, 2017

As a MASSIVE fan of food, Thanksgiving is essentially the Super Bowl of holidays for me.  And while I will eat pretty much anything you put in front of me on this blessed day, there are certain things I enjoy more than others.  Below are my top 5 Thanksgiving dishes. 

Honerable mention- gravy.  I mean, is there anything it doesn't go on? I use so much of it on Thanksgiving that i really should be eating my dinner out of a bowl.  Don't judge.  Thing is, its not a dish, its a condiment so it is disqualified from the list.  


5- Mashed Potatoes

Let's start off with a bit of controversy.  I'm not really much of a potato fan (except for french fries, but I mean they are deep fried and we all know I'd eat a shoe if it was dipped in batter and thrown in a frier for a few mintes.)  Crazy right?  Well it is what it is. Im fact, this Thanksgiving I'm opting to try the cauliflower mashed potatoes, because I'm a mad scientist.....and I watch too much Food Network. Now all that said, mashed potatoes make the list because they are a staple.

4- Rolls

CARBS YOU GUYS!!!  That, and starches, are what Thanksgiving is all about.  I am a bread freak so, despite the fact that its mostly just taking up valuable space in my stomach where turkey could go, I usually line the outside of my plate with as many rolls as I can.  Another reason rolls make the list, and maybe the most important, is that a good roll is the PERFECT deliver method for leftovers.  Turkey + Stuffing + Gravy nestled inside a good roll = Post Thanskgiving dinner noms! 

3- Green Bean Casserole

I read a disturbing survey today that said Washington is ranked #42 in its appreciation of green bean casserole.  I am now on a quest to change that.  Consider me the green bean casserole ambassador to Washington.  YOU GUYS, eat this sh#&!  Its amazing.  I mean, its covered in a layer of fried onion straws.  Have you ever had anything that featured fried onion straws that wasn't delicious? Of course you haven't. ITS NOT POSSIBLE!! Plus its easy to make. Plus you need a little color on your plate and some veggies to help you feel like less of a glutton.  

2- Stuffing

Oh man, stuffing.  Quite possibly the BEST part of the meal.  SO many ways to make it, all of them delicious.  Well almost all.  There is probably a 5% chance of you showing up to Thanksgiving on Thursday only to find some monster who couldn't just leave well enough alone/read the "17 ways how to spruce up your dull stuffing" article on Thrillist and ended up putting cranberries or goddam raisins in the stuffing, thus ruining the dish and quite possibly (depending on your feelings toward stuffing) the entire day.  That person should never be invited to a meal again.  Devils.  Pro tip- cook up a bit of breakfast sausage and stir it in your stuffing, or go big and add oysters.  Oh man, so hungry now.

1- Turkey

OF COURSE THE NUMBER 12 THANKSGIVING DISH IS TURKEY!!  Its the dish all others pair off of. Its the one ESSENTIAL food item necessary to be able to call your meal "Thanksgiving." Its the rug that ties the room together, you guys!  Whte meat, dark meat, deep fried, all delicious!  My personal cooking method involves a good dry brine, some thyme and butter...all the butter.  Best turkey you will ever have, seriously.  

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!  Make sure you instagram or tweet us a pic of your Turkey Day plate so we can judge you...and applaud your efforts. Use the hashtag #sEATtle...its kind of a thing.