Manley's Pro Football Picks Week 12

November 25, 2015

Its Thanksgiving weekend, you guys!  The Super Bowl of food holidays really.  I can not wait to stuff my belly with stuffing and turkey and rolls and green bean casserole and mashed potatoes (I'm doing mashed cauliflower this year, because I'm a real fancy boy) and of course pie.  Oh man, Thanksgiving is the best.  I even bought a bunch of slider rolls for leftover turkey sandwiches.  Ok, now that you are having hunger pains, lets get on to the picks....


EAGLES VS LIONS- I just did a quick Google of "Chip Kelly" to see how bad things were getting in Philly, and the 4th article that popped up was titled "Eagles Hiring of Chip Kelly Could be NFL's Worst" yeah, things are pretty bad.  That said, They could still totally win the pathetic NFC East. Pick- Eagles

PANTHERS VS COWBOYS- Cam Newton is taking a lot of crap for dancing after touchdowns and other awesome plays. Why? Dudes celebrate tackling people after picking up 15 yards.  Let Cam live! Pick- Cowboys

BEARS VS PACKERS- Brett Favre returns to Green Bay for Thanksgiving.  Bart Starr will be there too.  In fact, the 4 QBs with the most TDs in Packer history will all be there!  Favre, Starr, Rodgers...and Jay Cutler. HES NOT EVEN A PACKER, YOU GUYS! An interception machine is what I'm trying to say. Pick-Packers

RAIDERS VS TITANS- I think I'm going to regret trusting the Raiders to win a game on the road.  Pick-Raiders

BILLS VS CHIEFS- IT sure was fun to watch Rex Ryan throw a temper tantrum on the sidelines after the Patriots scored right at the end of the half last week. I feel Rex is the type of cat who will  lead you to water and never let you drink.  His teams will always be almost good. Pick- Chiefs

BUCS VS COLTS- I think whoever brings the stuffing to the Thanksgiving dinner should be forced to tell everyone what they intend on putting in it.  That way no one has to worry about having to call the cops when Uncle Steve pulls a gun on Cousin Beth for ruining Thanksgiving by showing up with cranberries in the stuffing.  Berries and the like are for fruit salads and jello molds, not stuffing! Pick- Colts

GIANTS VS REDSKINS- This is either the game that propels the Giants win and run away with the division, or the game they lose,,,,that propels them to go on a run and win the division.   Pick- Giants




CHARGERS VS JAGUARS- The Jaguars have two toned helments, and they are so stupid.  I bet thats confusing for their QB.  One minute your throwing a deep ball to a dude in the yellow helmet, the next thing you're holding your breath as he turns around to reveal a black helmet.  No wonder he was so open, HE'S ON THE OTHER TEAM.....oh wait, nope, we're good.  Its like walking on egg shells all game.  No thanks. Pick-Jaguars 

GAMETIME FOOD CHOICE- Leftovers, obviously.  Personally, I go with turkey and stuffing and gravy stuffed in a bun and a side of GBC.

YOU'RE THE REAL MVP- Whoever pulls the innards out of the Thanksgiving turkey.  That ish is GROSS!  Hey, whoever is willing to stick their hand up the holiest of holes in order to pull out all the guts that Big Grocery refuses to, take a bow (and then wash your hands), you're the real MVP!

Last Week's Picks- 9-5

Overall Record - 94-66

Enjoy the games, and the feast!