Manley's Pro Football Picks Week 9

November 4, 2015

Hey you guys, I'm about to jump on another plane and the Seahawks are on a bye this week so I'm going to keep this pretty short.  2 trips in 2 weeks? I feel like such a jet setter....except both trips are to the same place, and both trips are for the same reason. And now I'm poor because I had to purchase all these plane tickets. Anyway, I couldn't leave without making my NFL picks, so here you go!  On to the picks....


BROWNS VS BENGALS - Did I sleep right through Autumn?  What happened to the sweater weather?  Its like we went straight from "This is the longest summer in the history of ever" to "has anyone lost a finger from frostbite WHILE IN THEIR COLD ASS OFFICE?" So disappointing. Hey speaking of Autumn, both of these teams look like they are running around with pumpkins on their heads! How festive!!! Pick- Bengals

PACKERS VS PANTHERS - I told you last week's Packer game would be a blowout despite the fact that everyone expected it to be a super close contest.  Of course, I also told you the Packers were going to whatever, half right. I'LL TAKE IT! Pick- Packers.

REDSKINS VS PATRIOTS- The Redskins tried trading Subway spokesman and human rag doll RGIII to pretty much every other team before the trade deadline with no success.  Ouch.  Also, this is only the second most embarrassing/awful thing to happen to a Subway spokesman over the last month.  Concerning, to say the least. Pick- Patriots (obvi)

TITANS VS SAINTS - According to internet rumors, Disney is in the process of phasing out Princess Leia's slave bikini.  This is a sad day for men everywhere, but I suppose a good gesture towards equality, so thats good.  Think of it like donating blood.  No one is super excited to do it, but afterwards, its cool. Pick- Saints

DOLPHINS VS BILLS - WHITE HELMET GAME YESSSSSSS!!!!  In case you are new to this column, I love games between two teams with white helmets because I think its super hard for a QB to pick out the proper recievers and they end up throwing a ton of interceptions, and you know what? I'M RIGHT!  So far this season, Ryan Tannehill has played 3 games against teams with white helmets and has thrown 7 ints!  If  you're looking for a fantasy football defense this week, take the Bills.  Pick- Bills

RAMS VS VIKINGS -  Did Todd Gurley already replace Adrian Peterson as the best back in the NFL? Kid is scary good. Pick- Vikings


RAIDERS VS STEELERS - I feel pretty bad for the Steelers.  It seems that as soon as one guy comes back from injury (Big Ben), another one goes down (Le'veon Bell). I feel worse for those players though, because there is a fair amount of people who genuinely got excited when they got hurt, due to fantasy implications.  The lesson, as always, is that fantasy football will turn you into a monster. Pick- Steelers.

GIANTS VS BUCCANEERS - if you were Jason Pierre Paul, wouldn't you start charging people to see/take pics of your blown up hand? I'd treat that thing like the Royal baby and shop pics to every tabloid in the country until I got a bidding war started.  Retirement fund...check.  Pick- Giants (although this seems like one of those games where Eli will play like an idiot and blow it)

FALCONS VS 49ERS - Did you know that NFL teams get paid to do those "Support the Troops" promotions?  That's right.  Not only do they get to capitalize on the good will gestures of saluting America's finest and bravest at home games, they also get paid for it.  This is a terrible practice by the NFL.  Almost as terrible as having an entire month devoted to Breast Cancer and raising a grand total of $0 towards research.  NFL.....WTF? 

BRONCOS VS COLTS - The Horse Bowl!  Pick- Old Horse (Broncos)

EAGLES VS COWBOYS- The Cowboys have to win at least one game without Tony Romo, right?  And then you realize Matt Cassell is STILL their starting they dont.  Pick- Eagles.

BEARS VS CHARGERS - Phillip Rivers is on pace to throw for about 14 miles this season, and yet I have absolutely no confidence that he will win games and lead SD to the playoffs.  He is the anti- Russel Wilson when you think about it. Pick- Chargers

GAMETIME FOOD CHOICE- Earlier this week we celebrated National Sandwich Day.  I am a massive food nerd and I'm telling you now, I would give up all other foods for a quality sandwich.  This Sunday here's what you should do- Go to a good deli (are there any good delis in Seattle? Hit me with suggestions please) and get a good spread of meats, cheeses, and bread, and have your guests make their own sandwiches to their own preferences!  Simple, delicious, and if they don't like it, well, its not your fault. They made it and have no one to blame but themselves!!!  

YOU'RE THE REAL MVP- After the scary injury to Ricardo Lockette last week that left him in need of 2 neck surgeries, Marshawn Lynch and Russell Okung stayed with him in Dallas as he went through the first procedure.  Good on ya, fellas.  Hey Marshawn and're the real MVPs dawgs

Last Week's Picks- 8-6

Overall Record- 72-48


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