Matt and Kim

August 16, 2015
Matt and Kim are a much beloved duo known for smart yet infectious beat-driven anthems and theirexplosive live shows. On their latest, New Glow, Matt and Kim push the boundaries of what they havedone in the past, while still holding tight to that tried-and-true Matt and Kim aesthetic. Raw exuberance,bombastic beats, sing-along refrains and dance-ready anthems abound, only on bigger scales. In this era offlash-in-the-pan overnight successes, Matt Johnson (vocals/keyboards) and Kim Schifino (drums) arecomfortable with the consistent upward climb—because these heroes have navigated the terms themselves(collecting VMA’s and Gold Records along the way). The two met while attending Pratt Institute andquickly became known for their thunder-punching, melodic mix of indie dance music and for their daringvideos. Right off, Spin said “there truly is no sound these two won't use to support their almost religiouscommitment to spreading huge grins,” while Pitchfork described their quality as “melody so happily jerkyand rhythms so dangerously spastic that you can practically hear paroxysmal crowds pogo-ing madly…Johnson sings, and thousands of other kids in his zip code (and others like it around the country) feel likehe’s describing their Saturday nights.” Relating—to each other, to collaborators, to their audience—hasalways been one of the things that Matt and Kim do best. “It’s not a coincidence we named ourselvesMatt and Kim. “Music is about a connection between people,” he continues. “We want to be on a firstname basis with our audience.”