026 - Unheard Of Outrage

Thursday, August 9th

Let's try this again... Settle down, Karl. Seattle's unbeaten streak continues growing to seven matches. Don't worry about insuring your boat - Do worry about insuring your leg. Fleet Week continues!

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We. Welcome to the full ninety extra time podcast our weekly look into Seattle vendors that seat thirty soccer Coulter fan outrage and an attempt hundred. And the hottest soccer league not funded by foreign oil seed in the west. You can put fellows who don't through apple podcast give us a ratings definitely five stars but primarily leave a sick. Comment we want and and we want a review what we wanna know what's your favorite ever sell some urgency player is from morrow was lawless. To somebody's name I can't say it. I think to bid is Tomas you remember Tomas Mayo okay who did exactly the point. And if your favorite players Tomas yet grieve they've been Nelly we need to talk yet when did he is it me he sounds like some sort of like. Portuguese saint easy. And it's it is safe Tomas Gregory way it Belinelli now use ladies Brazilian. A guy who this underside families. They tried to make a big deal out of it and he just sucks so bad and I term nasty is basically almost like a Sergio. Situation. Except without like sand donkey kick in the nuts low fat guy who'd like another reference I don't understand the baton Allah I'm Bubba with a com. This week Brandon the crumbling global centers at C take on the first of the Western Conference at C Frisco and a battle for the Kenny Cooper Cutler that I thought about that. First off you wanted to start up a calling someone out. Yes so we always say give us a rating and I always say definitely five stars and that's like not really. A suggestion. Is that definitely we told you that we like. Don't really care about a review but like give us definitely five stars and somebody had the audacity to go and give us. Four stars on the iTunes them. Abreu in the problem is is that I would back him with the last weeks and you said definitely four or five sellers and analyze did that let's get did it opened us up to that so I put this one on you off Forestar recap of the five star revealed. Saying it putting it. On the important thing to talk about your brand and not about the number of ratings that happened on the apple and iTunes podcasting whatever but. They surprise victory for Seattle remaining. Unbeaten against Minnesota. Minnesota united FC who have never even tied to right against. Yes Seattle here I think you're T I think and they were just trying to keep with tradition. By losing and throwing it all the way in the final minutes so the when the game goes down. Like this. Dark in tarot. Goes in makes Chad Marshall. A very experienced a molest defender look like he makes knew who money. And talking on his bi and score a very nice very nice individual effort goal. To the left corner. Past the diving Stefan Frei the rest of the game happens. The Sanders go and Pamela hold and I to a point as a disciplines us in this for the first time knew he makes. That I think literally 56000 dollars a tough to play professional sports so yet to lose. That's the ruling with a minimalist. Yet Newt knew who is is is making like ride your bike to work money. It'd Seattle he's progressive. Hatred if we could. So in this game Dorgan pero makes Ted martial look like a total new new and. Then this owners go and have one. 23 shots and the rest the match with only five of those being non goal. And the senate also had 63 point 3% of the games possession. All of those odd shots and the possession were season highs so this owners losing one mil to a team that they've never lawsuit before. Com art are winning in every statistic possible except goals and men. Extra time happens. To call this a tale of ten halves Brendan because like the first. Nine minutes was all Seattle than it was like an unknown and all the sudden out of nowhere. UCL a pulled from Minnesota and then Minnesota's got a cooler after that with the economy to the composure and sellers combatants can put back and forth the whole time. Again proving here until nine be extra time that we know exactly how math works. Oh because of the ten pounds yeah okay it can be a good. So first of all BAR is BF apt as the soccer's go into the first minute of added time. And neagle and aero. Is. Tate gets all the sounder is earned a penalty off of a header and hits some guy you borrow in the yellow bar from Minnesota and hand in the box Sanders earned a penalty Nichols would narrow steps up make no mistake scores ties the game. With lake. So there Foreman is an extra time there were initially added to match he scored that in the second minute of extra time after the penalty was actually like take in the criminal and sort. Stepped in the were six minutes of extra time added to the match. And he scored right out of the gate there because is yet be where was that the first half oh dear would have done. On no. No I'm sorry it was the yet it was six minutes of extra time added at the end of the match and look they're escorted in the first minute post. And in extra time. OK so I got at all none of us and I mean that the because there's a I'm gonna I'm setting myself up to disappoint yourself. Either way the whole though the whole point I'm making is that there is. We're basically the sounded happy for a draw at this point would narrow. Look there are scores when it all looks lost for the owners owners about today and their five match unbeaten streak. They're going to. Seemed back into the depths of worrying about playoffs again from. Would air assets up get to draw the senators want three but they would take a point and then will grow in out of nowhere. Which it's in the dying embers of the match that its founders would have been happy to take one point. Goes and shifts the keeper gives us founders' second goal. And dishonest take all three not bad for a guy who's been replaced by someone making eight figures. I mean I say there will Bruin and roll Rudy ads are the new old and Dempsey. Brad really as being the new old rubber being a new DNC. Bruin is currently leading the team with a scorching six entire goal. Only god that is huge tribute to terrible. In the post match interview with Michelle looked will brew and steps over there and he was so when he did so happy that he'd come on it you know with twenty minutes ago here is gonna make a difference with. To kick a guy that just won the game or a dude you went to kayak from the green. I like that ms. Samie Wilbur and looks like a guy that would score game winning goal in Minnesota. Go home or get on the airplane go to Seattle. Guinness car and then drive to sell my dad Bo insurance. Company that's listen you're gonna need it it's summertime at its peak at C fair weekend. You're gonna be revenues seamen around you're gonna definitely need to go ask. Day it. Quick side story I work with a woman who was born and crew and that makes her crew Meehan. And I told her I told Peter and its founders via email that. It fixed. I told her that the sounder is signed approving guy and that and she was like oh I know everybody like my brother's a huge fan. Everybody that he knows and and his crew Meehan like. They're all eyes they're all going to matches they're also excited I'm like yeah I know I actually talked about some iPod as my first mistake letting anybody that I know if the that I work with. Nota at a podcast as he goes oh that's the name and Mike I'm not sure that I wanted to tell you please start with whatever episode about her record. Because in the last episode we settle launched. We started a band club it's it's it's a weird name principle I. Our podcast is golden those. Audio that is sort of the critical of that he's a principal. It's called wing and it with Steve stepped wanting correction branded its wing and it recycle Juanita correct me if publicly public school. It is a little slide until later but yup that's the thanks Steve. Anita on his so I was really and we make it through this entire podcast about a seamen joke but no here we are. Hey you can't start Harry ship fan club did not expect me to bring you the next week the content. The little heads up would have been nice on the the only other weird thing that I soul out of this I mean there was a lot of like missed opportunities in the senate a couple things one. Kasey Keller through this match so the public you liked sounder switch I was like pretty stoked about the public many nice things to say. Yeah I was like pretty cool I I think it's because all of Kelly a big time so understand who helped mixed that's awesome keeper can that I have. She sat next to him on the plane ride out there and says that he was lovely Hannah and they had a great talk the whole way and so I've talked with Kasey Keller before and he does all the chat. So Oprah I'm gonna give her the full credit for really getting him fired up to be amongst sounder supporters. And really he's so they're happy about this when he was very complementary. And not too hard on the defense and pretty hard on the Minnesota defense because they were pretty garbage. But we can get that it. It was we look yep I give Kelly definitely five starts yeah putts are reviewed for sure not for it its street. Definitely not four or five in the commentary team at one point though like at halftime knew who around half knew who came off on you was playing at the wing back position and they brought we were Francis on the pilot back. And struck the comet notice. I'm more of an attack minded left back I would like. You are you asserting that knew who plays like mad defense because they get the guys doing the craziest step overs in the final for the literacy and like. Every match there's like hard criticism against him for not being able to across the ball and saw them like. Wolf first first of all knew who does the most insane step overs not just in the final third he does it everywhere as we talked using human tech that I feel like if you if you folded knew who and half you could put him in the overhead compartment I think it is banned completely at the waist. And it does is keep it could barely afford the plane ticket to begin with Patrick. I think sound of pay for him to travel with the team will confirm that. We're gonna reach out to the team I'm guessing we had no comment. Nobody Frances B more attack minded left back that's like saying that Chad Marshall them lord defense oriented center back over romance chorus. The task though. Comment Torres Kim Ki heat coming out her home like other so much we're gonna get to a non hunt garbage on garbage here in a minute but first. The brings us to the most important player for Seattle this week it's the turf monster man of the match. This week's turf monster man of the match is my dad's boat and surge agent William Christopher Bruin. Turf monster ball and leg up. Yeah I think will grow and having only played twenty minutes in the match earns himself a man of the match with that game winning goal. I'm garbage on garbage. Ridiculously vast the war in the absolute crap it's hot it's garbage it's our guard did all right branded with a hot. Pod upstairs beats Battlestar Galactica. Breaking in Minnesota and parts hot. That's right the bears would be. Visited bear himself will Bruins. Had our number earlier this season when you learned at a broom and was a better yeah I've learned so much the syrup I really growing. Wilbur and goes and put the dagger in Minnesota to keep Seattle's. Not just. Undefeated streak against Minnesota but Minnesota's defeated streak against Seattle so for that I'd say that Wilbur in this week wins. Gets the hot award. Cut how about the TAG Heuer watches that the rats he used to look at the stoppage time and it took it 33% longer assets and that the stoppage turned into eight somehow. And it delivered that second Seattle goal and three points cut. To me that is like a that is a really good endorsement for a watch it's gonna make you. Deacon and always gonna give you extra time to get places. Or always make you a third late I'm a how'd garbage. Garbage Stefan fried just does what he does for the style points garbage I'd calling you I'd say for what you just said read their garbage bag guys. Unbelievable I won't even criticize them or make jokes. How crazy is that dude. I will say the same thing and it kills me it pains me so badly to put this in in garbage. But Stefan Frei made one of the most ridiculous. Ridiculous saves that will never ever show up and in in. Record the reason is is that step and try it first of all let's say it was wasn't and you know when I'm talking about if you watched amassed three online. Seven Friday as the very last man there's still of the clip that's insane like the wide open goal two guy standing right in front of the goal one of the guys has the ball and SP stepping price five yards away. Any normal personal look at that and say this is obviously a goal Minnesota's not to go up two to zero. If you hit play Stefan Frei it makes the most incredible effort to get over it keep the ball out of the net. Obviously this all sounds hot right Bryant of course however. However because. The play that ended up resulting in a penalty kick for the sounder is. Occurred just before that and the reason missile never show up in the record books is because the referee let play go on right makes the save. And then the referee goes over to VA are. He looks at replay. In award the penalty to the founders meaning that everything that happened from. When the penalty happened when handball actually happen. To. When Stefan primate to save the penalty was actually eventually called. None of that counts for anything the possession statistics the saves whatever happens doesn't count the shot. Nothing if the goal had been scored it would not comment there for the same doesn't count and that is why. Staten and it's ridiculous effort ends up being garbage garbage. That was nice manner Philip were in court and I just lost. Also garbage. How about the truck monster eating Kim Ki he's stupid leg guard beach. His leg not his leg isn't stupid Turk monsters stupid yeah have a stupid turf monster eating Kim Ki he's leg garbage. It. You know what a bummer it skimpy he goes out in the first half I believe right it was it was still the first half when he went out with a with an injury replace our Ramon Torres are our most notable striker yet thirtieth minute. Well it's it's it's good to replace a fast way with some real big big boy I don't I got to change. A tune on this a little bit though because Ramon Torres is a big boy. But he's finally at mid season matched set. Everyone else was like pretty much like. First game of the season they were like at match fitness he finally looks like he is made of cinder blocks carved to form that beast of a man. A sounder is I feel like he laid. Ramallah Torres is there they're physical idol and then they have to say whatever chance for government throughout the fir full first half of the season when they finally unlock his power that's what make it make this mid season playoff runs not. Look I feel like not exactly what has just out. Interesting I actually think that he's like those Russian balls in the open him up and there's another robot torrent I'm a little lower and side and now he's finally filled up so we finally. Totally ripped consider like you were to burst out itself. What's what's inside this what's inside Israel Mon Torres so it's not Bruno Mars. The equipment the equipment. That's like an alien men in black. Britain prepared for it and finally bread and hot garbage. Hot garbage after Niko they outscored its penalty kick in and celebrated with him by sharing their beard a second that sounds hot. No the beer was full and they chucked it out and at full speed. Now you've sold this happened I actually think here's my dilemma here first of all I got that it's through Shaq. But I did not watch the game lives and I do my best to avoid them is busy on Saturday night so like I have recorded on mine DVR. And then I was gonna get up on Sunday and watch it no big deal. But then before we went about his open FaceBook like an idiot and Johnson reference KV who. Spoil the entire match for me pick because she was watching live and commenting that he'd do it that's fine again it. And so I knew that that was a I knew that that it happened because she shoots something where it showed the full can appear on the ground but so when I was watching in replay two things one. I did not know that this does Seattle's gonna wait that long to equalize and 91 and OK so it was very exciting so the two. I sold a moment when they threw that beer and the camera like totally like dot Riordan backed out and turned away from it. So that way the ethics of the crowd at home doesn't see the terrible behavior by the Minnesota fans. Yeah I think it actually ended up there and ended up finding the guy and he took his punishment which is like a band from the stadium. And was like very apologetic so awesome how do you bans on from the stadium music you better come back here it's not like. They put a most wanted picture at all the turnstiles and those guys that barely touch you in doing their. Slice doing their patent pending had a can win doing their pat down and it is kind of like brush your shoulder and go your good you don't have any. Or guns or anything bad. And then those guys are responsible for keeping out of band people. It's like the episode of the Simpsons were bargains of becoming a Supreme Court justice because that that public and see the itching and scratching movie because it's faces up and all the movie theaters. The public opinion Baghdad at the get go back to Minnesota you know out of sync and we welcome user to be a reformed fan a born again fan of Seattle's founders FC come join us. Either that are a Supreme Court justices sounds like it's it's. All right it's people getting mad on the Internet after anything happens at the match. It's this week in fan outrage. This week in the fan outraged this comes from Todd Applegate 75 who says. Harry ship reminds me of grim but from the Simpsons or a a even he got to think if you scratch you moving it up. I I don't like you know exactly. I I don't know how this guy may think is the way to erase it plays or is it just the way that it looks I don't see it but that's that's pretty funny. Home it did Karl week. Karl Karl took the NC gram so our good friend Karl do stuff since then. This weakened dam outrage comes from Karl abuse of Stanton who says. Played twenty minutes and touched the ball three times he gets man of the match I mean come on talking about will Bruins award of man of the match. Oh wait till which will brew and responds on answer Graham and says why played ninety when you complete 15. The to a Terry shippers Maher about running over to Karl and then dissing MI five and running a lot of it's military ships responds by walking over in his cane and yelling at bar. If. Obviously I love it when this week in fan outrage is just players ribbing each other and not people claiming that every player should. Burma I. But Dave Brennan with move on to help lions tell us what we're looking at here. Those guys I'm here I'm excited. Yet of personal don't throw beer people the second second of all now. In an effort to keep people from during beard people. You can now buy beer games at century link field games with your finger but they I think you have that backwards and B how does that work. It's so clear you might notice them there that those people that try to encourage you kind of call like to hand over your security. He had to go through a shorter line and the lines are UA army you have to give over. Some sort of like biometric data that to them I don't I don't listen here clear this is how you the thing you know around this OK we army clear. They might be nice people I don't know anything about them have no opinion about them specifically but I don't need that what you gotta do is got to show up to the stadium a button. Two and a half minutes before the match is supposed to start. And then you walked in and missed the first four minutes of the link definitely always happens and then go limit for the rest of the match up playbook. Policy you're up my bachelor party wants here I wasn't invited but I was there. So clear this biometric Data Co. You see them also airport TC and essentially field they have a groundbreaking partnership with century link field now Seahawks on his games and I'm over at Safeco for mariners games you can buy beer with your finger. So it's exactly what we need to make more to make alcohol more accessible to people who can't handle their wallets it's. Do weird because like I imagine in the future when your driving home from the game and you buck your buddy some Beers and get into a wreck in the they go back and look at the data Buick well. Should assume that you bought some Beers three drinking and driving and let them related you don't know what I did was those in the Clinton immediately you don't know what I did with my fingers. But the a patent. Kamerion give that a whiff. A bread and what is the story from last week. And the week before that we've been Peruvian crazy and we've been talking about the Scott how low Hurtado what's the deal William assign. How Olmert Todd though. Is not going to sign winning by not going to sign. Odd how are Tahoe. Who had made the trip out to Seattle to meet with our blogger way to check out the facilities. All looks like he was about to happen and he was going to sign with a team to beat the second proving in this Summer Sanders signed. Ends up instead it comes out on Twitter signing with a team right now to try to save it a team in Turkey. So I hours and you'll spoon. Yet there you go. Did a better and I kind of I don't know if that's even close to right but so I sold there was rumors that he was between the two teams. I just got to ask the question I solich a really awkward looking meeting in one photo I think that's a moderate heart posted. But it was like three people sitting around we'll pick and airport table and pump it looked very uncomfortable I was like it was this does not seem like it's going well. It was a hotel in Bellevue hospital this looks nice. Yeah I was and her and a onto that isn't creepy written standards is following everyone around taking distant pictures. This understands. I'm suggests a take a surprising. Okay who does so anyway so he's not coming to Seattle. I pallor taught is not coming to Seattle he is instead signed with the team in Turkey how ever however and this counters might instead be shopping for Agile way native who's currently playing for New England Revolution and Kellen. At that names familiar to me out of line. Kelyn Rowe is a guy who has tore it up and now alas are in opting in and I argued. I did it. Keller is a guy who who has always played very well nonetheless. Plays from New England Revolution who are off loading players like crazy right now. They just acquired a bunch of money for real ways that because it's. Brad Friedel smells like among means. He's the creed Bratton of the MLS. That take and that's that's the the most accurate description of Brad 30 whatever. I've always call them baldor Balkman Donna. Putt for with a OK so there are other players we might benefit. He had it we might benefit from that they just came into a bunch of my accuracy elevated with Kansas City grandmother and I or something like yes or Khaled RO I could be coming up now this is just a rumor there's not I mean there were more teeth to the power talk a rumor. Which ended up being so close and not being a rumor I mean you know I don't look like that is pretty good. TS with a grain of salt Kelyn Rowe if you see him in dodger way or in bell here in Seattle might just be because he's like. Got a friend who works here now I'm worried for the very defensive knew who because someone's the sniffing around irreplaceable but. Yes this counters are apparently pursued any new left back somebody who might be able to give knew who is in hot more time to develop into a true starter. I don't know. So this is another thing I don't know milk now this guy's name you've been bad so far this idea he's he's for an he's playing for Premier League team. I came his name is. Brad Smith. Did little liquid the and Brad Smith is an Australian. About that drop from our dumb podcast is live at C new 17 of a million summer camp Saturday and Sunday with a live taping at the barbecue before the show starts detailed in summer camp Dhaka. Yet very very prime podcast go listen to those guys you. Him so Yasser Brad Smith is been playing for AS seaborne met has not been happy with the amount of playing time he's been getting. So he's Australian he's got a bunch caps for the soccer ruse which is legitimately bit. Being at the Australians call their. They're soccer team Kool sorry for him because they have two other types of football there too so that the colts' locker. So what I mean do they call the other ones of the football ruse like these everything kangaroo related link is the entire Australian language. Kangaroo basting kangaroo who that a wall these are a little old me this weekend it was delightful. I would like to have a barbecue Maru. Late we will attempt wait wait wait you can't barbecue a kangaroo dude there was. I was so caught up in turn to say the thing that I wanted to say that I that I kind of glut gold lost past the hole you metal all the and that'll all be at a outings though. And that was Brad Smith. Think. That. No it was his trainer for a home beside gurus you better poster dishonor our. It the tail on the thing was incredible like you fit learn how to wicket at a soccer ball we could be in trouble. Now it no compete really well again the against lots and Heber humid it's the camel. A couple of the director of previous episode and that we relive moments when the senators were real that. Guilty yet. Another room where another signing rumor this one. This owners are apparently trying to get an Argentinian. I Nikko us dug a Diaw on loan he's twenty he's currently playing in the Argentine premier division. He would apparently fit really well up front with a with a three man strike teams have beat him pallor Toronto are now not our I am pro Laura Diaz and an eagle Darrow. So. Opportunity for Sanders to go get him calm might not happen before the transfer window which ends Wednesday AK eight tomorrow. Yeah we're recording on the seventh. The transfer window for MLS are for the Argentine premiere division and the MLS transfer when times to addicted to it it doesn't mean now that doesn't mean that it is not announce tomorrow. A player won't still be announced it just means that tomorrow they have to have all the paperwork buttoned up. But its founders could still wait to announce the guy known and they can't grow because there's nothing against the rams stories every player always ruins it by posting on Graham stories from the town there in the coming here like a role ruined dozens and an announcement is all over Bellevue on into the ground like clearly he's coming here that's a that's a very good point because if you go to Brad Smith all of his recently liked tweets it's understands welcoming him to Seattle. A also Brad Smith has the name of the Microsoft. As CEO and also our the president America president Microsoft and it's also the name of like a million other people on line took you try to do limp. Good luck. I would is that CEO I was like I'm pretty sure that the guys that the CEO of Microsoft is not a white guy called Brad Smith and you know. And he's the president might chief legal person I don't know its corporate business suits. Cool at a quick shout out to a guy who is really found his form after having injury ridden start and then kind of not being very good. Boy Ozzie I was although Alonso is looking great get named to team of the week he was instrumental. And that stop forced a phone Frye came up big to stop three on zero attacked the dad. Alonso came over dragged across and helped them have forced a pass and then really tall some problems form so. Great to see him back in the analyst into the week. Yet even a six year old back I saw the motor. Okay Brenda we're looking at cell owners FC welcoming FC frisk know it sounds like somewhere you'd buy a used car they're a year ago in Seattle at century link field Sunday night my least favorite game time. 7 PM on Sunday night I will be at summer camps so we'll please go and watch that for me in the do the podcast because there will be exhausted next week after two days the fund in summer camp are covered tickets. We were watching Seattle vs Dallas Dallas is hot sounder started the season hot garbage but now we got a matchup here. Tell us a little bit about the history that can that. The history. It's a Dallas earlier this season so first of all Dallas is sitting in first place in the Western Conference. They have so many points. Maybe Seattle three to nothing on March 18 in Frisco Texas. Which side and I claimed MC this is the controversial red card could densities are red card in 38. And then got additional games for clapping. When he didn't do anything in the got a red card for it and then on video review they were like none and that nothing is still a red card. Yet and I am also we're gonna give you more games to be suspended listen I want my 51 week old baby he claps and nothing also okay we're not we're not red carting him from preschool to me earlier we can afford it and 51 your week old babies for. He has the same clapping schedules. As an infant. So I guess NFC Dallas currently atop the Western Conference have 42 points that's only six points out of to supporter shield first place. They are twelve foreign six all of that said it made just lost 3212 San Jose earthquakes are. I didn't know that but that is very but it. Yeah it's like he demo last best team in the league losing 21 of the worst penal league currently. Yeah I mean that is a real bad like the know they were there the worst team in the league like and what I'll know that bit there at sixteen points right now all. Thought of that's almost a third of the points. Of Pepsi Frisco. Of Frisco Texas next the Dallas on garner interest. And then with good three point that earned it if they had lost there would have been. Let's go to five points behind DC united to list a to BI DC united at these united infantry. Kids and and so I. Only played nineteen matches this year what is going on and I think because in the beginning of their season their at their home stadium was still under construction output of the get yeah. He had eight you have that. Well that's nice and it's a fun. Yet it made me open affirming journey. Or oh that's ninety's. So. That being said it looking forward to the next match this owners have their hands full against the team that is obviously doing really well right now. A couple a couple first time stands who had never been to a Dallas match before his reading on the Dallas SB nation blog which is called big east soccer which is of very good name for for our blog at and a couple of fans who had never been no game before overheard a another fan and a stadium saying miss. Trying to explain to them what was going on. Number seven with a terrible hair that's Carlos Reza if you see a murder someone on the field don't worry that's just part of this game. So the villain for this match is definitely Carlos G could yet the murder got the murder guy who did you get that tattooed on isn't next. You murder. A little more bloom. Has again Andre ever more true today. So that being said at a couple of the teams is sound is also some matches coming up against Portland remained Cooper biz Alice game is obviously important mid December have been on a tour streak. I wanna see him continue it at home they've got a fire carted him. But that being said upcoming matches against Portland and Vancouver Vancouver especially being a team that's just above them in the standings. Those matches are going to be even bigger and excited those matches out Dallas is leading goal scorers roll on Lamar. With eight goals MR Diaz it has ES this Amare BS and has done men by and as it assists and those kind of. There are two guys to watch out for in this. This is crazy the 538 buildup projects what's gonna happen to MLS soccer by the end of the season and at they have. Sporting Kansas City at top of the Western Conference with Portland right behind in Dallas behind that self. Dallas is trending down which is the perfect time. For Seattle to be trending. Up significantly seven games in a row unbeaten. Yeah it's I it's going to be a good match early in the season you might not been able to us citizens seven games ago he might not have been able to say the same thing going into the match for real way to standards have been playing. EDU don't want it to come out any. On this is interesting because we were just teasing. Will Bruin for having been lead to being leading scorer with six holes on this and had to Chelsea. Like having a squad Republican and the Premier League with one bleeding will booed the team in six eagle hole. New Orleans and a guy that's leading the entire league right now how something like 28 goals and Martinez is unbelievable he's so crazy here's my mother in law watching Atlanta united FC because of she live there forever it's not her team not Seattle where she lives now. But hey we're in where her daughter and grandchild live they have but I mean that's just you know that Atlanta left the team that's accessible anyway ports on the illegal score than before. That's Frisco role in the Obama down with eight goals moral ideas with it is says that's not. But not paint the picture to me that either they'll lock to get the guys scoring goals. Or that they're winning with some pretty solid defense which could be done a problem for Seattle because opportunities created next and and for. Now in his last match to be fair. Summers looked a lot better and have a lot more opportunities which is great but just finishing has not been the strength and so winning on. PK is because of a VIR decision is not exactly the way you wanna see a team confidently claimed that OK fine. Looking ahead Brendan on Sunday 7 PM century link field who has the hero for Seattle sound is FC. I'm gonna go pro Laura Diaz I wanna see him getting his first home goal I wanna see him get a start and a goal. I guess turf legs and not beaten by the turf monster. So upset. Stomach kept me out snow showed up. Who knows Arnold asked at the outset as. Showing he's just a cat he's is being anoint you with his dinner an hour and fifteen minutes early to ask what if it went to secure department to our. I'm really I. At a loss for figuring out all of their played with such venom he does so fire REIT carrying off their shirt for no reason and getting a yellow card may be just because he scored a goal and a PK that it didn't. Off I was like what is going all hear that guy like wants to like murder I mean I'd watch out of I was Carlos cooler grew as little. Because the murder king might be sweet face nickel and zero or Nicholas load aero as particular ultimate return. I'm sitting here over the week is evil Dick. I think it's gonna be him Jimenez score the game winning goal of but he is going to be. And if you when he's not being hacked to the ground every defender ever I think he's going to be instrumental Hutu and and home I'd love to see the shoe phone come not make a long distance call back to erode lives. The villain. But yet it's our head of the Foreman egos and playing in lately is the same form that day he was playing with that led sounder stem Alaska two seasons ago. To win the M Moscow two seasons ago so I am totally agree with you. Don't know how low. Turf monster attacked. A follow on meet. Yeah unit that's gonna happen that's definitely. Taking a look at the villain who is going to be that person are we gonna stick with the Carlos. Grew puzzle for the FC Frisco. Yeah I'd say it's either it's either murder man Carlos Perez though or is or has narrowly sidekick Maximilian I know minorities. Darlene asked man by a to assist them in on our eyes. Too long didn't listen in case you're just tuning in some not to being abstinent driving your. Semi truck across the country asleep here is two under analysts and when you got still long been less than the sound there's decided that one Peruvian was too mosque Peruvians. I. Spoke earlier though don't live. Don't share your finger beer with the nickel and aero or really anyone because I know your fingers a bit and your nasty. He appears a bit. Know everyone knows. Too long didn't listen and you should probably go buy insurance from Wilbur and he's got a family to feed probably. Probably had to. Yeah it's. He's lung bush into your crystal. Pepsi ball and give us your game prediction Brandon. Into my very clear and effervescent. Crystal Pepsi ball. As I'd definitely have never said anything otherwise yes of course. The this downers are going to win this one and they're gonna win it one to zero. And this is what I saw NASA slowness I don't either that's what I saw on the Christmas also I it it's wrong it's wrong but I'm pretty sure it's a 21 last week in and it was the idea pretty you're pretty sure your just genius that's just one intrinsic. Yet if there is Tommy's secrets about to go on Carl's that's healed up. I think it's gonna be a 721. Victory for Seattle Sanders FC with the seventh goal being scored dice. James Ward's. You'll pick.