027 - Brad Bradsmith

Thursday, August 16th

Seattle Sounders FC set records in the weirdest ways winning their 5th straight match - unbeaten in 8! This week we slide tackle the other pizza pockets, our favourite new action star, NouWho?, and the origin story of newest Sounders FC signing, Brad Bradsmith. Please pop onto Apple Podcasts (iTunes) and tell us your favorite ever SSFC player. You could win a nothing if you do!

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Welcome to the full of these extra time podcaster we've looked into Seattle center's at Z 830 soccer culture thing outrage in an attempt to understand the hottest soccer birth not funded by of course royalty Amarillo to snap hold on. Okay it's gone to the court solid and put gone through that apple podcast give us a rating indefinitely. Five stars Brandon I said at this time because last time you said four or five. My bet. But primarily we're looking for a comment the real deal fine that's fine but we wanna know your favorite ever Seattle sounder FC player from new who told low to Brad Brad Smith. Yeah. This week he white hot sellers at sea where rave green and take on the were pretty much always locked on and a fat guy LA galaxy in the battle for albeit the splash park and none of the match cup. You kill a nude is inserted and happy birthday to my baby's face maybe almost dare you know what's coming up it's on that I have to miss the match because Saturdays is birthdays and he'll be here. And are we going to let alone. That's Barroso are dumb podcast available now on apple podcast Brendan. Too little on the final score giving Seattle Sanders at cede their fifth. It's too rate win fifth straight win they're setting club record somehow in 28 dean for winning. Yes somehow this straight away and I think it's eight matches unbeaten. That's crazy for a team that was sitting sold so many points away from the playoff line like. A month ago at some point they were like Dallas this will be the first time all season that had back to back losses and I was like local seat on our couch their Dallas but a net. He had this match honestly almost. Wasn't oh win. And despite this owners did a great job the whole match you know I thought for the first you know before the Sanders amendment is where their first goal in for a first minute. This armored dominating shots on goal. 300 plus corner kicks. Yeah exactly then I think they had ten corner kicks in the first apple and I think eleven EL eleven corner case in the first half alone which was in like in I feel like most of those were written the first five minutes and thought this is dominating possession but similar to the way to the rest of the first half a season seemed to go. Unable to put anything in legal. Then forty fists in the 41 minute comes around and Chad you know quad throw AK a dad Marshall AKA Chad Marshall now it's the glancing header goal of none out of the glancing definitely not a header goal. Not a big glancing. Can we just put the John alert cap on him at this point where in the Petr check man come on that. Keep in Seattle what a way to. That's you can check points and 40. Whatever it. Officials believe. But what awaits you go into halftime for once Seattle's going in there. Feel like there was a time offense kept on. Opportunity and one conversion though. If you do the math. Out of ten corner kicks and scoring law and that's still pretty pissed pull her crippled 10% return in the leaders were separate and other want to 9% return on attempts is not. Ideal but you're still feeling good going in one nothing adding to Sanders for doing that being. Where you know how it BCA. You know anymore are you likely to get injured in a Democrat and you're in a plane crashed. And then I'm like it's pretty scared of flying. And so every time I fly Mike OK I'm just increasing the likelihood that this is the one time minutes equipped to the starters are kinda doing met with goals that are like were more likely to score from open later we are at peace but if we take him out of set pieces it's once got to go ahead and capable man's got to 08. Yes so awesome and a very rare sight to see it says he's gold from under tab marshals actual second gold the seasons of grass you'd Chad it was only the second. Dole from a set piece he got to think that the other one also had to be off the food Chad Marshall I did not do the diligence by actually looking them up but getting off of being not. Head of Chad mark now obvious death. Yeah and then the sound has come back from half in just seven minutes after starting the second half. Dominate by G recent. Acquire act acquisition of recent acquisition from Colorado. Hopefully you know Dallas scene this guy's possibly. The solution to some of the scoring issues that they have had goes and scores a goal. I in the 52 minute. I I it was like the way to dykes when this goal is is is kinda like when mute talk through robber with a purpose back. Well like he lets women know what I got. He was guy he was running he was and is slowly he'll have a career goals in a look back on ambulance some of those are so dead and in some of those like thorough Berk where. Like I was just kind of doing what I was already doing and and the ball is near me now we are blow his head while body out there. It'd scored the goal in branded to mean it. Looked like about you scored the same way that Kevin Malone kept the burglars that day and home alone like a mannequins body on top of a record player it just kind of like life mostly turned into one of the ball and went a little. Yet he basically just pumped the ball into the net attack not even that good because he doesn't know like a cigarette afterwards or anything. Today if you is playing in Seattle you and anyone with all the smoke in the air perfect at a that they get there's a there's a timely fire reference for both the but FC Frisco thinking that they can turn a 11. 11 draw in the 52 minute and appoints. They're idiots. Yeah because they should know better than anybody that when you foul neagle and aero way outside the box that anything can happen. Most of the time like we said set piece is really happens. But that means anything can happen you know outside nothing means nothing happening is anything. Neagle Darrow. Shoots slash crosses the ball into the box and he's like I don't know 35 yards probably from the Bob he's taking us early fourteen. His over the ball amazingly zippy it. F 1415 yards outside the box. Did it like it's far up the field on the right. If he takes the centerpiece and it seems like everybody was ready for the glancing header again everybody was kind of preparing themselves. Or at the noggin Ben definitely not a noggin. Head from that partial. And it. Ends up going just sneaking it's way into the net. Similar theme from the almost exact same spot last year neagle in there against FC Dallas again. Are talking the rubber renowned through through Scotch burp up there is guts or. Similar play from this exact same spot last year except neagle Daryl this time it was actually shot the wall sets up to the left. Neagle in there goes meet near post to the riot I think FC Dallas thinking that they've learned their lesson set up differently neagle and aero. I still think he was crossing in but the ball went into the net and you know he's gonna claim that matter. I was unbelievable how few people made an attempt to do anything with the ball. But he did I just that it was ruled a bit when he was a professional bull Ehrlich going against Woody Harrelson and king vendors of the event. You don't mess with Demeco. Different movie but yet here too I know fumbled the new kid from born mouth. AFC RAF seaborne mouth and England a Premier League team Jason Bourne mouth here. And Brad Smith. Yeah Brad Smith that he the Australian. But more and more importantly Brad Smith sounds like somebody who makes brats. Like I've I've forged grads out of metal I take steel and iron in and forge Brad Simon Brad Smith I forged this plus five Brad Smith against vice. Shot at the Dave Clark he'll probably be the most excited about this from sounder heart. You need to rose six for dexterity before you are able to forge a Brad Smith abrupt my lucky. It. Yes of Brad Smith it just comes as a aggressive first game first of all it. Brad didn't seem to think that he was going to be available for the match in interviews previously he had said I'll likely be available for LA galaxy I don't think all of the paperwork and Seth and get done. Before that Dallas match. And then starting lineups come out. And Brad Smith there is on the on starting lineup who is not a lineup. Porn into. Brad Smith for any signs of the Sanders. Comes from he's on loan from Bourne mass live from Jason Bourne marathon which is a way better name prayer for America. Are low and left back speedy speedy guy he eased says that he can play Wayne he says he can blame the defense. Owners there are impacted that a little veteran savvy to the back climb on on the outside now and what do match what a match from from Brad Brad. And most importantly for Brad Brad Smith is my wife judges all the players based on their fitness. Is there yet part of it. But he went door he went by and she was like oh is that that the new guy and it was a personal hunting about the new guys to close reading about it okay great. And I was listening to your podcast nun and I don't mistake it for that she's definitely not listen to the podcasts but. She she you know knew that there is a new guy and that has named some thing in simplest Brad Brad Smith. And then saw him was like oh my god he sold and he's a ticket different caliber athlete from the rest of the team and I was like. That is how far behind we are in the lower part of the Premier League table is like that much further ahead even fitness wise he's a big dude he's like real muscular but still super lenient looks like he's carved from stone like select opposite of week one relentless. An opposite from also week. 34 room onto a let's hope that comment about it. Finally Roma it was on Twitter. That time the Roman Taurus hits his peak form in the towners are now playing well keep that finally but that's why it. They get such a slow start as it takes until week 24 that's happened. You know the day he he is it is a quick quick person that that Brad Brad Smith. It. That whole match watching him give up and down the wing. Really really. Oh it looks like something that's under for missing I don't think you is Rahman towards this peak fitness that was holding his owners back all season I think maybe the addition of roll Rudy as my health scuba Steve says. Anyone else notice the odd coincidence that as soon as our biggest borrower becomes full nine the extra time match fit. So does the rest of the squad hash tag end of the season push. I mean past tag beginning of the season commission for the pollution but OK I. And we're and so many worries. It well that brings us to the most important player for Seattle it's the Brad Brad Smith qualities swords man of the match Brandon who do you get. For his one goal and properly which is probably crossed. But for his one goal in for his one assists I would say that neagle and their targets man of the match. Brought to you by Brad Brad Smith quality swords you're one handed to. Honest no match from my fire enchanted Brad soared. Things. Part of our news. I'm garbage. On garbage. Dig in the best and the worst in the absolute crap it's hot it's garbage it's. Our door ridge tried who's not who's garbage crews had garbage Brendan Jimmy what's hot. Thought Wayne Rooney can still play soccer and not just play soccer but it was. Adam incredible play everyone in the world seems right now if you haven't wolf Twitter announcement that Wayne Rooney on a set piece tied up. It was for DC united now. The ball is kicked back over the half field line the opposition player for Orlando's as an open goal because the goalkeeper has gone up to try and get involved. Where I'm Bluetooth to a 22 days a week and I'll get there. And so Wayne Rooney is true ruck and aspect to get you looked like Michael my dog when I throw frisbee and she doesn't. Full bore after to make sure another dog doesn't get that that's what this looked like. He makes the incredible brick wall challenge comes aboard the ball somehow and like that you know 35 years of playing soccer instinct kicks and and he takes off running down and the right touch when he he's centers across the ball back across the field the shortest guy on his team. It took so long for the ball to fly their key could've centered it to himself. That would end the plans have been in a goal it's incredible stuff the guy is super cap but guys super pac that's loves trends that could ever go all. But but didn't in the post in the allows that race in the post match interview. Like Wayne. What's going on when this team tell us what an amazing goal was for the tell us how that went down you'd better now let's look up for some reason I don't keepers and. Come up to try and make that last play when it's tied to a to appoint a line I don't think and. Incredible that like just hoping at the captain of the team is like these people don't know how to and play soccer. I'm paraphrasing obviously but still. Yeah I always you would've done in your best scouts accent lawyer on a survey of I can add that there's no way an economic pressure on like that now addict Debra and a hot. I'm gonna say knew who. In the third minute Bradley Smith whose. Been brought in who takes the start over a new who's into trouble he made me instantly forget also it might be new whom I'm not sure. But he in the third minute its first kind of liked. Play in the match. He's coming down the left hand side and he put in a ball that cuts through defense between the the goalkeeper in the defenders and bans were at the last second their fur on rushing Christian ruled on and I was like holy crap not only is his at flood us and them. Like this next level Premier League looking thing but also a 24 year old who made that type of kick in there I can't seem lasting long in Seattle without going back up to where yeah Brooke obviously the Turkey belongs. Yeah and fringe. Player on a lower Premier League. Team. It is able to come in and and basically make men look like boys now whereas the human tech dec knew who. It ends up not even making their eighteen for this match so there might be something. Where I think this owners whether attempting to do is bring inning guy like Brad Smith who's able to help this owners make bear. On their trademarks. Half second half of the season run to first place in the Western Conference in order to get a buy into to the next round. What they're trying to do is is provide news and cover right give him a chance to. I'd still developed to be a good MLS player not just the argument tech deck doing step overs are met on the front line. Do further through AB solidifying that point they knew who might not be in trouble with the Sao owners is that after the match Brian Spencer her coach says. About knew who he is a great kid with a bright future he wasn't an eighteen because of us of a coach's decision and he's not first. Well by men. I don't. That takes such a weird moved to not happen in the eighteen isn't as your backup guy is something that we talked about every episode but knew who makes no money. And can hustle up and down that sideline and to bringing in a guy who wasn't even sure he was gonna be ready to play. To start and you don't have knew who is the backup I think there's something more going on now I have no source that says that there's a story running in the Seattle times. That says that knew who was effectively hold from that 21 win over Minnesota couple weeks ago. Wasn't necessarily because of tactical reasons but because he wasn't taking feedback appropriately from coaches. And thumb or where is knew who call in every previous game he's dimpled I have a stomach bug a couple of so yeah the idea that that this is innocent and I like that the coach gets out in front of the licences now for sale is a good kid a guy like that he's supporting the player to the public but to me it sounds like there's something bigger going on but it sounds like it's not terminal. Well we'll see and I I like I like you who are around because he's just a fun fun person on albeit kind of scary person to watch play soccer on a team that you really lucky can you want to limp. Tell us exactly. So I can OB stick around you know maybe gets messed two time. You know it but knowing that this this loan with Brad Smith this temporary. And then he'll be gone in January. Possibly back to burn method must they decide on Jason ornaments are they oppose it if C Jason born with. Unless they decide this on the somebody else I mean Beck I was with Liverpool before going to play for boring so I'm sort talking married guy with with some with some skilled but again he's going to be leaving. Maybe it is chance we get John Jones back who knows man. That would be or what but to what. And ultra small Brett Smith that's a threat to the Baden went long ago. It will obviously to see what happens on the left back position or if there's potentially some and also we don't even know about the gonna try and bring in two start next season so I like to see new get a better contract to play a little smarter having guys that are better than him around as deathly gonna push that limit for him. You know I'm just happy about that we're talking at this point about. The depth at left back instead of what's going forward when we still nothing's really going on there just to be clear to us. Through where we're actually only scoring goals from 35 yards out yet and that and the other goals from our central defender. And not our biggest boy accidentally hit it if I Brennan hot. I love seeing smalls hug and polls. And I'm not into that that goal. After the corner kick Chad Marshall barely gets is receding hairline on the land that cross. In the bottom corner and he runs over to give. The middle there and cross then from the corner any a big hug and it was like he was hugging a sick child that was amazing. It. College element. That know us pretty. And lastly I think hot playing hide and seek with a pizza pizza hot. Hot pizza to allocate to talk about this because it was seemed like the perfect to welcome bit of PR but then his own team called the amount on it. Yeah after the match there's still there's like a long story romance between Chris general down. And pizza company and general professor at after the match during the during the interviews usually the players there are eating in in between showering in the locker rooms just kind of free well there's a Wiener. Heck yeah exactly. In this time it wasn't a Wiener but instead. Christian world on his high hate me. Appease it beats behind his back while doing interviews that busy enough they he's usually like 88 eagle Weiner and it's that's trying to say at a the salute to those words. There's a photo of Chris Arnold I'm being very professional might telling him is like well we need to shoot more shots on goal and and you know we're just so tenacious trying to win games boat you know the usual sports stuff but instead is a photo of him. While he's being a professional doctor and media just. Just behind Jimmie told the a slice of pizza this is kind of flopping over and you can just see in his eyes like these are document I wanna I wanna take so many bites of this this Brill good peace be at hand right here. It's like when you try to get a little five from behind multiples more combined Holdren and elegance and comes by and it's gives the does that Allen already under but only a holy pistons that in their little five that they get pizza sauce and exactly. Moving onto garbage garbage that grave keeper kit is going to be oh my god hated so much you a lot of opinions on keep circuits and and opinions on kits. Period. Yes and I any if you say great keeper K is bad then and I will believe you both think that kicked a kept moving on. I think garbage three goals from set pieces all season garbage so cool that we're scoring goals and caught. Two goals from set pieces hi. Three goals all season from set pieces club each. The World Cup if you look back at a World Cup it was like every single goal and it was a set piece goal and it end every single goal you'd to Twitter and her BF thousand. Tweets that are like. SuSE Eason set pieces pieces. And that may be the missing the missing link was. Torres. Hit it in ambulatory has yet. Finally for garbage. I was it was my favorite part. The goal scored that you don't have you can even told the manic in his twisted on his record player to to put the ball into the back of the net for FC Frisco. And then at the camera zooms in on. Both of frescoes fans they bought. They brought him both of their fans globe. Remember are currently there's infamous quote. Seattle senators are rat or were playing against Portland in Portland and there's in his infamous quote from Johns on who at the time was Portland's. You know he used to be Portland's like main guy and then now he's in national right. There's his infamous quote from John Strong that saying you're looking at the timbers army buddy you're hearing EC yes and all of this whole match I was thinking oh my god was he run out of town for saying that I don't know but the hoping and thinking about is. You're looking AEC yes. You guys put. Those guys up there it sure to Wear those guy all you guys are cute. Kudos super and Dallas are two and walked to dispense being lynx stadium. Exactly. All right finally. This is happening to ninth so as were reporting by some hot garbage. Hot garbage is that Seattle rain those at the end of USO team could really use some Seattle rain the weather. Right now and oh my god the smoke is so bad they wouldn't even let space baby. My child go out a daycare today because the spoke with Seoul about the particular Pierre was awful. So they say they're saying limit how much time you're spending outside and limit how much physical activity that you're doing because that's their air quality so bad that it committee can hurt you can make you sick. Well at the Seattle rain and have a match tonight against Chicago. And they have a mandatory to water breaks. And on the sidelines during those water breaks they have oxygen masks for these people I think anytime that you're doing something and somebody like don't worry. While your doing that Spain will have oxygen mask next door UBS. Ing astronauts. Because. If your not a you probably shouldn't be doing a bigger deal. It. I down. I'm looking at the weather channel app right now and they've actually taken the measuring the metric for how much particularly in the air. Off of there app because it must be so off the chart that they're not showing in anymore. But I just want you to know that Wirth says health and activities allergies is about 50% polled who flew no problems skiing is the lowest mark that can be but running it. It's about it eleven out of twelve the positive for running great it really weather right now. I'm gonna have to have a hard disagree with him there after he should. Ten or 1112 greater to design a said no you settle in and out well but it's ten or eleven out of twelve as we've learned from our list. Fair. All right it's people getting met on the Internet after anything happens that the match. That's this week into an outrage. Some. So we didn't talk about which I feel like will provide a lot of contacts to snoop on Clinton to fit our rates today. Is that there a play there's the red card in this match we did he talked about there was a red card in this match where guy's name Ziegler. I don't cause for his name is Ziegler. Was red carded his FC Dallas players red carded because he got head butted Cairo or do you have sympathy with the fact that things seemed perfectly fair. So rower Diaz I kind of off the ball is easy biting. Dallas defender. And he he kind of like Lidstrom from his feet he puts is the back of his head into the the front of a base event of this Ziegler dude. And he eight. If he's losing Purdue karate chops him in the neck is he's doing is locked on you being summoned to his thoughts on our courage up this dude in the back and neck. And he cried Chancery Diaz and then he gets a red card. All that Sandra Diaz probably did a revolutionary guard also. But it didn't happen as though there. Is no disciplinary matches I just saw a tweet about this before we start the music and no he's not getting suspended himself for his part in being a bottle. Which he's great. Hum. That being said this week and fan outrage Imus looking go says if you're crying about Rudy as getting that has headed pricks and off your literally the police. And. Parents get. Also this week in their outrage. Mark. A friend of buyers Brenda Morris mark affinity here. Says B Rudy role is by far the worst piece of seek to have her and after getting not filed with the blocks he rolled around holding his Achilles tendon as if he had been struck thereby a lion who was about to eat them. I love I love when this week and that outrage is actually this weekend Brad outrage. This week in fan outrage Brad Evans says you can't get a fake Brad and expect everything to just be fining them. We'll get also a first of all lover Brad Evans tweet he's hilarious on there and it's fun to have him famous I love that he's still fall wounds. Seattle's affairs well enough for some would argue it's because he's not weakening in the and playing time consuming do you study to follow Twitter but. You played a literal eighteen minutes with sporting Casey's second team this your lover Brad Evans though on some of it but it's people Papa back off and on let me just sum it up for you. Effectively the sentiment is a must be nice making 200 K to be a Twitter personality. Yeah you don't mess of course it's nice what are you talking about the partly his name is really is almost over 'cause he's injured all the time that part probably sucks and that's like. You know I felt like he's gonna go on Medicare for the next 51 years it's probably facing a life rest have a real job soon. It's like being the backup quarterback for a team with its like being the third string back up quarterback where you can just afford to do anything not worry about ever having to do anything. Lots of you're the only brand I need is the sentiment that the there's a lot of grumpy people based on this one tweet and settled down he's just a couple areas. God that we miss in Seattle and I'll come back someday I I do miss Meehan Brennaman thought the tropics sound. I friend of the pie and tropics down this week and now raids tropics sound says. In all caps mind you knew I heard he's officially on the 28 teens caught that it was it a hamstring. Hold your horses it according to the injury generator it was not a hamstring I'm waiting to pass judgment. I think it was Pallet closest. OK so let's take a dive into some headlines starting with the Brothers roll done. So Christian rolled on and Alex this is not much in my Chris general Don and Alex will die and leave Brothers are a dime. Have started a teacher company because you know when you're making a molest and come you earn whatever scratching camera the stuff. And listen Twitter personality. Brad underscore Evans three. Days there's Newt who BMI taped hey Christian how could get an unhappy because I'm my own sure in the get dumped again cut. This is funny is as follows a long tradition of Sanders players starting pitcher companies. Back in the day UN Dini in low. All of brand there's nothing like that cool that the Brothers hold on have started teacher coming called brawl on BR OLDA. And dot org. To lay out a last name brand and of ruled on. You're going to be in its brew and then we're done. It's a it's a long though as they used to call it it's a word combo. My question is in this in this shirts are. Fine. They're teachers. If you wanna teacher you can go to their routes and buys a teacher not before you go rate for mine examiner iTunes and tells me they were there 55 stars I trust not four or 55. My only question about these shirts is does it come with a pizza pocket and Ambac. The the shirts no but it encourages people to Wear pants in public to put the pizzas in the pockets. I and for the record this by guessing Kyrgyz everybody to always Wear pants and via via I mean to a short the very least. Please the cabinet and Nikola Darryl and Chad Marshall making some headlines. Headline is the new code aero and Chad Marshall for their efforts in the match meek and molesting of the week for week 24 this comes after a very long first half of the season where there was never any team of the week honors ever. This like the lowest bar for winning an award in nonetheless so compressed neagle in there and Chad Marshall for doing something. In their respective positions better than anybody and out Els and Campbell us who played their respective positions did better it's almost like winning 134. Of an MLS all star parents. This policy analysts also are here now. It. Prepare their equipment and and then who we just Elizabeth the second looks like Rudy ideas will not be suspended for the upcoming match. No he will not which is awesome. I don't know IA because. Win win win Clint Dempsey clapped. Toward a referee he got something like 141000. Games suspended. So I'm Mike I think I I might be underestimating exactly how many in here's news suspended. So by rule in Rio Rio were Diaz does something. Literally against though the law of the game. He doesn't get a suspension so you know thank you must Disco at the best party in oh. The injury generator says that Ruiz Diaz out with a hand storing it. He's he's he's is going out with a hamstring that the payment he's doing now that allow active area hamstring we're gonna go to the car awash. Nowadays a's on ten near asking people for photos of their hamstring isn't married. And running them now okay and then finally does not do it doesn't play for a Lannan Seawright that is a that is more overburden it. Inter Miami what is. What is that right. So. In her Miami. Is apparently the official name for the Beckham to David Beckham analysts expansion team is going to play in Miami Florida. So some Internet Luke's because people have too much time has went. To as as we say your broadcast about Seattle soccer people were tired of people too much time on investor. They go and look at all of the U registered trademarks. In the United States and some of the registered trademarks. Our logos for the new team. That David Beckham is trying to get down to Miami is called an Hermione in Miami they're leaked crest is a black. It has pink flamingos which I think is the dough this thing can now help me understand though. Do they already have a spot like what's that were we out with the Steve what does that matter that we see the crest or is that dislike for fun. So LS is basically said like Miami's gonna get a team. Were we trust David Beckham to figure David Beckham with all of his years of in business expertise that he learned from playing professional soccer is somehow. Daily Baghdad at all you get it from neck tattoos. Oh I'll bingaman that's how that's how I'm gonna learn how to be a better businessman Brandon do you wanna get a neck tattoo. Absolutely. Polite be exit dynamic that is in. David Beckham has supposedly getting a team in Miami even though they're all like he's had to go to court like nineteen times in order to do this so David Beckham and is must get this inner Miami team. And they are apparently on this logo at the Roman numeral for twenty money. Is that the bottom meaning that supposedly in Miami is supposed are playing int I can't find anything about the steel linked. Go to ready dot com slash are slash MLS and you'll see is one of the top post rate this second and if you're listening to this when we're not recording in which because this is a podcast and now live radio is exactly what you're doing. Just go search for in term Miami new. I search for of all search on movement OK other it is it is literally the first with the first thing that does not tight there so pretty cool. Upon hearing in my immediate reaction to it. Oh I hate it. Up. Look. I like the graphic I just the pink is all wrong it's all wrong Brandon. I think that I think that their team names should have a 1000% in Miami Vice. But it is they have just a bigness opportunity. Oh okay. I'm still booing you for your not having children and using that bones but look at. It is he gonna have some sort of is he gonna have a high end to animal on do you think they can trying to create a partnership there like New York City at sea and Manchester City because we call inter like that offense for international. But. That's like intentionally. Done your copying another team's style from the Italian Syria. Fisher had the same time I think that like Miami's little only city that you can really do that and write it like Miami's one of the one of the most. I would say. I don't assay diverse broad as blooming now with those you're gonna that is yeah has the most full meaning of those so I got that point you can really call whatever you want yeah. No I think this Miami's only seizing do it where you you are. So close to so many other countries where you do have so many I mean I can think of a couple of new York and Atlanta. And you know there's a big hubs of travel I'm fine with the a final with a being called into Miami I don't have a problem at all I'm just curious if there's going to be a tie and to inter Milan. To I don't I don't think that like the way the New York City and it lately New York City is literally owned by eight and Manchester City or by its city football group which I don't Manchester City in and Sydney what is better. All sorts other African teams in the world that are embassy. And let this one is less formal than that but yeah you might see something like that EIC David Beckham because he's got enough clout at this point. He could probably go to a bunch of these other teens today. Haiti our partner up and tabulate your David Beckham Jameer outs and they'll do it and then they'll they'll. You know yeah on money doesn't that works for sure yet another getting Dwyane Wade that's going to be sweet. So let's take a look at what's coming up for Seattle's starting by doing to the past. And Scott is good yes I wanna. This. A last season's over Sanders coming up this week's owners will take on LA galaxy. LA galaxy is a team they are arm above the playoff client right now so yeah we've really got the stats down there a team who it. A more than David Beckham can sit so last season the sounder is Clinton galaxy three times. It's a Sanders played galaxy three times they won once is a three to know when. Major twice won 21 N 00 respectively. First the first ever Sanders and molest coached. Ziggy Schmid is somehow still ahead a coach of Natalie galaxy you media and head coach too who's locked on it does take Friday kingpins slot on a review of it. Last season reality into the season literally dead last. Tied with DC united in it's a DC united in the Eastern Conference had 32 points. Galaxy in the Western Conference had 32 points a ball those teams wooden spoon winners I think LA galaxy actually us now on goal differential the DC united. So that is to say LA galaxy having a bit of Renaissance season this year being above the playoff client. But not as good as he five time MLS cup winning LA galaxy of Landon. Should look at the lipstick aside though it's just point out here the DC united looks unlikely to. Surpassed the 32 point mark the fifth speech last year. Occurred. Currently sitting at 21 points however they somehow only played Tony matches those years I can from the stadium Arizona that are yes they got a bunch of matches and hand you know what I'm gonna predicted now DC united gets another 32 points and I'm and I'm gonna give them. Eleven points in fourteen matches I think they can do it. Such lofty goals. I remembered up playing them those who cares back to LA galaxy. So this year might be a little bit different obviously LA galaxy added that the international. Phenom and prodigy in the end enter phenom. The interior phenom and all. And cry fighters slots on Ebert Lehman may two definitely won't play appear because you know turf. Like favorite via email Mitch his first year with the club has only glowing things to say about LA galaxy things like. Quote we don't deserve to make the playoffs and to quote we made basic things look very difficult. The reason there's lots on my I have such terrible things to say about his LA galaxy is because in the last week LA galaxy have blown two wins against teams that are not good actually not good. At all Colorado Rapids just on Tuesday night which was last night at tire recording. They blew that lead in my 86 minute and then previously they lost to Minnesota united this owners just triumph over actually couple of those tunes owners buy low. So needless to say galaxy are going to be looking to. Give a camel off their back as we'll stay. They're two way back in the bud doesn't 300 though that almost double brilliant. Question Brandon. For the match this week should I Wear my car body heat and stand in the stand and just haunt is blocked on the whole time. And I remember correctly or not going but I think you should Wear your karate need to splash partial. Does that threaten children so looking ahead then obviously the hero of this upcoming matches me. If you you know and the villain somewhere between a literal caramel. Or blocked on. It and if I remember correctly is locked time is be literal Campbell yeah the that I mean. But the look on chasing his fifth 500 goal. In his playing history 500 goals is crazy. I hate to see it happen here in Seattle it was specifically when I'm not there to threaten them. Spoke with do we appears superior right skills yet so what if he might be in better he's the match fitness or whatever match shape. I went to karate for an hour today and I'm going for an hour on Friday so I am gonna be ready and the street pony tail I get it but. And I got. Don't like I've told them yes that that work. Are you don't have been brought and I am if I take comic con on given the old injury generator. The that I injured my hamstring. I it doesn't take much simple mind the extra time well I stand down my own I 100% backed off by claims of everything I've just said. She is six foot five or cut him. And he is in peak fighting condition and he's younger than I am so I'm probably dead meat and let this goes out and for me it Casey just waking up right now to this podcast because we put to the sleep earlier on about 31 minutes ago. And so it's cover what we've talked about already today a little TL DL too long didn't listen Brett what he got. Two longer Wear this and whenever you go out these sushi never trust the Rudy role. A it too long didn't listen knew who. Off. I mean he's that it's too long to enlist in eastern only are nicer to have pizza pockets. Salukis into your crystal task is our bread and give me your score prediction for the upcoming match also at the scene here for a it'll be a Saturday at 1 PM smoke filling the air the sun trying to beat down on you but it sort of hazy and sort of bright center lynx stadium. Seattle center's FC take on LA galaxy what are your first. Happening Saturday alone. Saturday at 1 o'clock wolf first a law I think on Friday a little happened after valuable role Lori Diaz. And something's Ziegler incident is that Clint Dempsey is gonna be banned for three matches for some reason there it's fair. Yeah so I think that's gonna happen and then what I think is going to happen is that there's going to be so much smoke in the air they're gonna have oxygen on our minds Clint Dempsey is going to look like Darth Vader in a detained situation. How things oxygen on the sideline. Well his team goes on and beats LA galaxy something like three that. Cool I first seen at mid. Way through the second half slot on Ibrahim a bitch. Karate kicks straight through Ziggy Schmid after disagreeing with a call that he made that he should be giving. A space helmet to continue playing the match but no senator should ON. 21.