029 - VAR Poops

Wednesday, September 12th

The last time Gregr podcasted was Freddy Montero still a Sounder? Seattle has gone 9 (8) straight without dropping a point yet somehow are in a worse position than when we last cast... curious.

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If. Welcome to the bold idea extra time blood test are we to look into Seattle founders have seen dirty soccer culture fan outrage and an attempt to understand the Honda. I'm a soccer league not funded by foreign royalty allegedly. MLS. Due to resolve to put gone through that apple podcast give us a ratings definitely thrives. Ours primarily though give us a comment was a review that's global I don't know your favorite ever Seattle Sanders Etsy player. From when did resign ogle two will drink your coffee you trainer Freddy Montero. The I would be glad I would drink is offering now who's who would you say is our most popular response so far this year. To this day all the time in Marin is still in the lead. Which I get it I get it but I would I would have expected there to be a little bit more diversity. Hello let's backtrack about that wears Freddy Montero Scottish. I don't think it's solving it but is going to be on my 65 in the Roosevelt district. Want to district neighborhood I was sure is installment should be much more convenient for me Monty generally betray me again. Yes snohomish being hit Irvin. Downtown population suitable for Freddy Montero if you if you have to put an and there when your burning me a burn is diminished jury amber idea has that inspired items are taken part were reluctant. His name so long since we last podcasts and and I fill. Like you have missed so Oman much. And use specifically organized not people who are listening you know I don't know what the hell's going on some I watched sales centers at seed they were Freddy Montero was starting. Forward and you're going door forced from their US open jump. As salaries Joseph was somewhere in the line up. And yet know so what it looked exactly he was never in the line up. Except for in the playoffs with a typical effect at the yet it's it's a case of we don't have the combine technology between you and I'd be able to pull this off when I'm not here and so we just kind of gets stuck with like a huge long summer I've been to everyone. It's been a summer break in other sports like in Europe Europe and places they have like a summer recess there of a break for vacation for holiday. Does what and took that. Yeah that's I mean you'd deserved it for having a maybe I feel like they and congrats on you know giving birth. I did not do any of the birth thing I know boy I saw it though and that is the business end of life let me tell it. This week the still tenth Seattle center's FC take on the they shouldn't make a matching sleeping cap Vancouver white caps in the battle for the actual cascading a cup. Which is the battle over the actual test it up has both same thing we talked about last time Mick it was against the timbers. This owners and by the way are not still tenth mayor impact sixth place right behind Portland and right. According to hold on political and what. I left they were in fifth okay and based on the Internet which is only rarely lied to me. Seattle's been doing really great I think OK so rule. How the brick does that help me understand what went on in and how were actually worse off than this endings that we were when I loved it doesn't an enemy you deserve an explanation. This owners that have won nine that. Straight setting an analyst record for wins his ninth for straight yes yet. I think is at eight. Nine I think it is time which is a lot so here's what happened here's what here's what's happened since you've been okay our media I get. Low. Kelly Clarkson. It's. Seattle beats Portland. Their first win in Portland since two point fourteen. Scored by an own goal that. So regrets Sanders and came key who force being on bowl yeah and then Clint Dempsey retires. Dude. I've straight up on vacation and no idea where I'm somewhere in the middle of Europe and I get a message from you that god knows what time I don't even understand you were workers say that Daniel acute. Content to just return of the dude I'm in Europe I don't care with the public sunk in for me I was like. Well I kind of do care. Yeah it's it's weird it's weird to think that. That not only idea outside of just his sounder is ten year as a soccer player which. Is. One of the best to have ever worn this founders crest to have tied the record for the most goals scored in a season. Or sorry most goals scored. As a sounder. He. Did today in his illustrious time playing with a look I mean Martin's. To. Scoring all the crazy ass goals he scored against Colorado and all the different things he's done. On top of it is awesome Premier League career and others Steve teams of people in foreign and a little listen you do all the important goals he scored for the US day. And he had to be teammates with Ted Barrett who drinks pickle juice or mean like he's been through a lot and succeed at a high level. It's true he says. It's insane it is true story apparently adults with sweating because he sweats so much now it's hard to keep nutrients going in pickle juice is full of the stuff that plants crave. I've a teacher there was stoked when he's not a relic the seminal event pickle juice slut she's or whatever the real thing it. Was Lou. All I'm a U pickle juice and now. I don't do technical soil at a man and I'm going to enjoy it Saudi Tony pickle should be making your own. Highlight pickles before they were pickles I only cute numbers OK that's fair I accept your joked that students and I'll be common to have had an affair again own that Clint Dempsey retires Seattle beats Portland. Yes it. So and in not to mention all of the time that Clint Dempsey does dawned on Portland's thank you thank you for that career but mostly thanks for don't I would straight up keep his contract open and bring him back just to play before it went like just like. Three times a year cascade your matches there's Clint Dempsey on the sideline. Do you have do you have a favorite Clinton and see memory. Men like us don't and so terrible that stuff because at that point in time to think about this disease notified me of weeks ago. And I never really thought about it and I wasn't here for all the celebrations off. So. Yeah I don't know like I really liked the stuff the off the fuel I guess is what I remember him for the most that picture of him and you know with a kid that's in the locker room now. Where the editor asked fans liked cash and liquid greed do you awesome character that he is. I appreciate all the times that he denied us for an interview that was pretty cool if I. I think from from tearing up the red in the referees. Can you owe me nothing has nailed it from the from that to yelling to a crowd over the microphone that no longer can Portland say. Yeah baton yes and then. And from him scoring a hat trick and tying Portland and a 44 game in Portland. There's so many to choose from. But all clintons ever wanted to do was score goals and go efficient Yemen is that those fish should be Trimble and now with Nolan are at all goals at Portland doesn't have to worry about anything at the large mouth bass now. Though Clint Dempsey retires the senators honor him. With a David great going away ceremony before they go be sporting Kansas City three align with a bit. They sneeze sporting Kansas City one more time sporting working it's working fairly they they they beat the sports. Maybe it is ports three alignment and even got an own goal on their though some way to set it back to back ovals. Yeah on goal scorers two matches and arrow and I'm if I'm not mistaken I'm pretty sure they scored in the match before Portland as well let's that's a third highest score sounder. So much so that I am I feel like this owners having knowledge of themselves that they shouldn't probably create a gold gift for Twitter is. Okay well. All right so that's really big in terms of the season nine in a row you said a big winning its Portland a big win against sporting Kansas City Dempsey is now we can solve by coming. So I still don't understand how Seattle. It has slipped this hot in the standings. It's it's it's well I think it's math okay it's math yet so Portland had a couple games. And if you remember Sanders had not played as many games as for a line. Moreland has finally caught up with the amount of in the bay of player I am game over the international number I guess. Point is more big picture it's not necessarily like the nitty gritty details of this it's the idea that this team. That's some pretty big must win games last we're podcasting a month ago or whatever the coach of joking about how these are big must win games. And like now you really see the TM Western Conference is not as bad as it was last year at least in terms of its competitive at the top at the end of the season. And with out some of these wins that they had to get nine in a row that I totally separates them from the garbage at the bottom of the west like the San Jose is in the Colorado's. Yes absolutely and basically you have everybody in the west taking points from any each other at this point. Do you remember awhile back quite a few weeks back we talked about how I'm ordered to make the playoffs the senators were second from last in the Western Conference. And we said in order to make the playoffs the senators need to average at least two points for Gail one point April one point eight points per game. We talked about the how this owners. Have averaged three points per game. Yeah. Because this owners have won every game since we talked about. No stimulus the stat check you on that and ever and still believe you know wasn't about to listen to the garbage can and so the that they are just on fire right now so in this game. It's in this owners are high at the right time is the same thing of it done for the last couple years brain centers where's. That is not by design. But this honors of course I'm not stopped winning all yet nobody's nobody's going to Mozilla who will make it really hard mid season for us to win it all translators possible albeit it questionable and our jobs a little so the Lulu will get to some are that so first let's let's start -- more stuff that you miss there was a big. Chad Marshall in the sporting Kansas City game guy red carded. In between. So then after that we find out in Miami. Sound machine where recalling them if you don't you're too young for this the Miami sound machine was it was a glorious stuff on and the Miami sound machine and I will be forever call in the Miami sound machine who does it with a so. Miami sound machine announced their new crest and colors it's to not flamingos they are they our parents and parents on heroin. Heroine here heroines on errands and their colors are black compete. Now we find that out great dead CNN point Tony Beckham sound machine but the men's team right that's not that's only speculation it's officially launched. It is definitely it is definitely happening their granny Marian stadium. Seattle and of course when you announce a Miami sound machine you have to get Disco together. They end so yeah you do into Disco. Which looks a lot like the Village People get together what is it still is actually the disciplinary committee of the analysts are and the analysts. And the disciplinary committee is comprised. Some league people some team people. Who play who are you know in other teams. And a neutral third party who nobody knows it is I think somebody knows who it is I don't know it but anyway they come together and a look at John Marshal Greg part of NATO get out of here that's not a red card even after using me yards I don't know I don't know McCarthy and how and all the like we heard that you made Clint Dempsey the time there with regard rescinded. Or gonna give that red card to Clint Dempsey instead. You can't retire because he just got a five that match ban. The that you are meant for one additional retirement with a Q must re retired political these people you idiots. Every time somebody talks about giving condemns the red card he appears in front of them claps in their face that ought to isolate that. The jokes aside look at Chad Marshall gets a red card of the match. Then we're like radar we get a missed it's preposterous I'm guessing as well I haven't seen the clips it's little. It. If you look at one specific freeze frame from this from this play you would say oh of course absolutely that is by no question. That is a red card obviously the referee awarded it. The referee to his credit dig go to Viet he did not call it originally and and he went to BAR came back and awarded a red card Chad Marshall awarded lake. The same way that I award my toilet with boots. I. So so even on the broad so on the senate that it is holders bottle up to the screen or like I don't understand what happened tenth. A on the broadcast even so first of all is Ian is. Univision guys who do like. The rare off games that ESPN and talks don't do so it's it was so at first they see the play and they're like oh no way is that a red card in them a guy comes on and give or view the right garner like obviously this is a red card to graft got a spot on as if like me out to be right no matter and but every other every other broadcast that you watch every other professional soccer player who father saw the replay of what had happened said there's no no way that that's even bowel wrecked car. So sensibly if it together. Yeah right and what's crazy is that. Even with video review which is supposed to remove mistakes like this. The decimal where the disciplinary committee gets together and says no that's not a red carded an image taken away to Jeb Marshall is available for next game which is this weekend against Vancouver. Okay good. I guess that in having a hard time keeping up with the everything about them. That's good good job Disco I never thought I would say that in my life with who we love Disco. Effect an island apartment and some other things that happened. Former sounder DI Andrea Lynn scored a goal on the Premier League and that's to be different another segment I give them. It was into his own net. Well you know product goes beach. He did during that goal well actually before that he did in the assists and he elbowed Giroux right in the face of these Mike and again. What's used how can you say such a thing about Olympia Asia rule. I don't care he's so handsome Brandon and I he's very hands on Monday yeah his two handsome he is too handsome which is why. The guys in my heights. And enlighten me mentally and muscle. I'm about 400 Belgian Beers of beer belly and that guy is like I only eats its. And I don't know. And whenever it's French I messed with and I saw the potential and it's only you could hit it does sound like a strain of weed through Britain had yet that you don't know if it is not a can be. Probably as if it does not it will be. Because that we definitely have a huge contingent of wheat farming listeners. Okay. Then former sanity under ailments or the goal in the Premier League except through this Amazon the other team's net so way to go beyond Maria then that's his first goal in Premier League play ever. It's also the first American gold police cordon of Premier League since Geoff Cameron and 2014. I listen to minimalism as well. Did you listen the one yesterday with Sean Conner nun and I had it's very yet I even out of town. That's you know I was that is my third favorite soccer podcast. If it's a guessing what the other ones are the other two soccer park. Roger Bennett came on my morning show once upon a time you were there to help escort him and had to ask you what my name was not hilarious. But a huge fan of his work in his his writing specifically slow clever and so. To have him have a podcasts Michael Wilson to where he just waxes poetic about stuff that's fantastic oceans half the writer's view but they went. I know you remember sprinting around to make him a very bad cup of coffee at apple at and he's like. Only lived in America long enough although he isn't Seattle to get to the war with the worst office coffee for. Okay. On the Alves said the then the USA go and moves to Brazil in a friendly minority really cares because the only person on the team that they could name was D'Andrea blends. And an and really the only reason people know that the country Evan was playing because afterward the headline of the story wasn't that USA lost resulted in nothing is because. Name. With Britain it was an it was Gloria still take digital watch him in the World Cup this guy is Darryl. Yeah a bit more so polarizing American so great but I cannot get off the ground you lose there. Via Maria okay so credit where American and a man of the match because a lot of his vehicle. Obviously be owned all moved from the suspension I load the biggest scoring streak right now for Seattle sounder airs this whole goal is pretty. Pop artists and it is yeah I'm garbage why. Particularly bad to worse in the absolute crap it's hot it's garbage it's. Darvish is. Who's not whose garbage did. Who's hot garbage that somebody if you had a pretty I don't know how to do road soon rewarded okay cool a bit too long we'll start with hot. A high nine in a row hot yeah man Seattle winning nine or pilot went out of town and like with. Like it's so hard being nine hours ahead to try and follow whatever is going on her Mike. That's a mavericks from jar at the thousand year old castle the middle Belgium and I get a notification. To come back in here that its mineral man I was like hi that's awesome. However garbage. Garbage we've been saying manner over your right it is only eight and around. The beach. I. What a perfect but the but the and just go ahead and couldn't promote that. And. They did. Also hot garbage what I assumes that you Schmidt eats it and she's been in. Hard garbage I garbage is us doing this broadcast ever after having not done is podcast for three with people getting met on the Internet after a daily thing up fans. This weaken fan outrage against thoroughly this week it's his. Both of these several weeks. What it would get from me. The last three weeks in fan outrage. Basically. All points there we don't have to go into the specifics. The but the ball boys being the fan marriage after Ted marshals red card was so choice and it was everywhere. Every analyst every broadcaster. I'm exempt those two guys on Univision every person who's ever watch soccer in their entire life that wasn't a Venice or in Kansas City yeah. Was out there basically is saying that that was the worst being well bad data be doubt Merrill Toledo who run around without having my DOD that those bad call me a brats Italian employed forever. If Brad was in Seattle I did see on his insert Grammer now chatter some of those one of those social media things that he was in Seattle no one no one more heartbroken about him being here are not getting to see them than my wife. So so close she's on. She was using Europe yet we also brought might child's mother to Europe with Anna and the thirtieth yeah that was six repaid so. Basically. The entire world came crumbling down on down America Leino. For making a call that was Sosa also that. Typical like Toledo just fine like cannot there you know we always focus all our ire on Salazar from back in the day for just being so clearly biased. Toyota's usually OK we're just not them. I would I would agree I would say that to live as one of the guys who. I never worry he's just like oh that's anomalous wrap fees regular molest that it refereeing. Not like. Particularly bad at all. And yet I haven't had. Salazar has been drawn my ire in any amount of time I recently but I do believe that low. Now the injury generator to explain everything to wait though. With an eye infection he couldn't see him and that's what happens. It's okay. This is not really related but I used to. Back when I was E. Coli infections brought I have like a hundred it was all over any duping Desmond she did to. You just like that's where the VAR and Brandon toilet and I think guides all come together. Went as Iceland Bellingham and when okay brags. And they end I mean it's it's a fine place and for awhile there there's still a team up there but there is a semi professional team called Bellingham united. And every time I was at the game there's always these guys that sat in the seats right behind me who would always late when the referee would make a bad call. Which if you're watching semi pro soccer is always it's a good look at me roughing the game if you make any call it's not so great. And then there there insulin choice in this is something that still sticks with me every time I watch a game. Com every time I even if it's a wrestle game now it'll come in my hand I don't say it is I know how silly it is and they would say Brad got a girlfriend. And now and know when I was I like. Are we are we and so are we her we congratulated his wife. Did visit the yeah is is this is the anti gay joke is that what that is I and Abed no it's like it's like oh hah hah you're not gay I can't believe you have a girlfriend. No I think it's like trying to say that like he's sweet on the team that fit that gets favored from that like. It is easier probably do picked up on on a long time ago moment that you're so in this and brand and it's okay if yet goes a little bit. And it's go to the. So Brandon some big news out of Los Angeles today I was supposed to present sit there and bummed about it and I just never thought the guy really. Got as motor running again after leaving Seattle bigs biggest live news. Yeah is a very big news Ziggy out. Button. Years after getting fired by this elders or I don't know maybe they it was a conscious on couple and then you leave Seattle. Take some time goes and gets hired by LA galaxy LA galaxy who got thrashed by Seattle five denouncing a few weeks ago and then wind tide LA AFC won the line and then. Went and got harassed by our sell 62 LA galaxy currently is so so bad in them alas. They are well you know actually when I look at it they're only three points behind Seattle somehow on the on the schedule but give it time. Eight you have a liberal camera roll a literal cables I agree minutes walking among them I think that. They should just have promote is locked on to head coach at this point yes Aaliyah and and and chiefs and say. It is yet exactly and it here's the thing I Aziz man is a great great man who is. Just MLS version wine and were on analyze. Ten at this point. I think I think Ziggy who coached LA galaxy like. In that. Early two thousands and then. I think the game and memo says a ball quite a bit since then that they thanks to him in part. Yeah I totally I mean you can't you can't you know discredit his accomplishments of taking this counters to it says four US open cuts to a supporter shield. All the different I mean he coached half the season and the sound has won their first MLS cup. So I don't know. I don't know much about the guy come on a personal level or just book from just from watching him and always felt like. He took guys that. Were better than college but not good enough to leave the states. And made them winners and it feels like now that MLS has enough money. That we can attract. Dudes from other countries hear more easily and you start to see. Teams being put together that have to manage some young big fast names that you the pitcher Atlanta and united FC forever and they have a bunch of like. Young dynamite players that need somebody who's a little bit more forward thinking and I think that. I'd just from watching Ziggy is not that it is not that guy to do that it's crazy it's Mets is because he's like an old school guys too but I think there's. God as the league changes maybe he is not making this change the same I wouldn't like I hope it's not good for my hope is that contains coaching but by Q what are your hopes. Expect to see you got that end up. That's a great question and something I've been thinking about a lot. Life theme today he probably if he if he picks up another coaching gig. You may be he goes back in the college because Ed and I was a passion for him where he used to coach UCLA. I just human Jimmy Johns thought maybe he could deliver. Get deliver results you can deliver a mean sandwiched. Just over. And your next hope life. A yes okay so the next headline is that into Miami sound machine FC united yamana. Miami has come on the scene they are officially going to be called into Nasional Miami football club. They play Miami there on my David Beckham insisting site headline is that ends one greased and current star player for a political Madrid will go well. Glad to guard has said. That if if Beckham decides that he wants insulin greens and on the team. Reason men will in his contract at Politico runs until you know something like 20/20 three are trying to. But if Beckham decides he wants them honest team after side. He won't go. So I'm a computer sticky as my opponent is playing ads on YouTube now. And to increase meant was he made everybody mad 'cause he was gonna make the shocked switch from a lot of to Madrid to Barcelona. In the offseason never no matter themselves and decided not to but he is that caliber guys that can be going. Barcelona. And he has a the and it's crazy is that eat we're talking about anti reason and Tony Tony three everything go by and then. He'll be an old fart except in he'll be 31 in he'll still be ends on greens and and so whatever the next Leno for years happen. And whatever crazy thing. Can happen to his careers here. Still having a player of that caliber animal less that 31 years old would be pretty impressive at 31 at least he's not Wayne Rooney age I don't know how we'll win ruined the integrity has like 34. But look what that's like a vital three years that's like Clemente retired. Funny fund backed. Wayne Rooney is younger and increase shower and all though. That that is in fact that they don't know if that's. To me that's of it's it's like a fact that these people were born at different times and one of them was born first by in my mind it I can't quite. You know I can't quite. Those two theme you eye the eye candy we'll look at is imminent Wayne Rooney has looked fifty since he was 26 is the difference. And Christian Ronaldo and biz like Benjamin button and you know we like. The UT shirt he looks a little older but I think he might be younger like his cells might actually be ahead of the game now he he turns 36 and a new Ab pop south L Ryan exactly it's named after him too. It is Cristiano fourteen. Well wolf really the public get that you do hopes that you could. Don't think. I'm. In another headline days San Hosea. CN go to San Jose earthquakes ever are officially and mathematically eliminated from MLS cup playoffs already. And at while Atlanta and New York rebels the top two teams in the east have both clinched a spot in the so what you're saying is that if San Jose go on a ruling and even better than Seattle they can't even make the playoffs. San Jose can win every game for the rest of the money they. And still not make it. There on twenty points. Also how don't worry San Jose will not do that no known known and I don't think San Jose can beat themselves. That's not a thing I don't know how that would even happen in the scrimmage against them okay are we come back ticket preview. What's happening this coming weekend as the cascade ear cup continues to roar forward with a big shot. For Seattle to bring home again cool. Tiebreaker over has three kids kitty hiccups in the MLS error us our elders and partly in both have two great stats there Brandon nicely done the senators beat the white caps to earlier this year with a goal from London aero polo and Rudy has made his debut in that matched him so long ago but I've also been gone for forever so. I think it's fascinating. That a season that serves so Portland for Seattle there was no pesky media cup play you like Intel midsummer so really. A garbage first half of the season had a no impact on this summer supper with cascade hiccup is real quick even though the die hards understand just in case someone doesn't know. If you're listening to this and you don't know the cascaded cup is the cascade a cup is a trophy that has competed for by the three teams in the region called cascade yet. Those three teams are Seattle's our miners think LeRoy caps and the Arlen. Timbers. It's day it dates back to rule I don't you know long before or all three teams were in a molest. Now that all three teams are animal last. It since since his spam laws air like you said they cure is leading the way with three cups on. Which is funny because they're the only team of the three to have NY and a Pinellas County animal us separate. And so but this year the sellers are actually any good spot to win this trophy so now that. We can go into details of you know each team plays each other on used to be each team played each other three times now you've played two teams twice and one team three times in the one of those three games doesn't. Count in order make a balanced. This year the Seattle's Seattle's first game against Portland didn't count which is fine because we lost an immigrant his a game and I don't want to. But this honors do you have two wins out of three matches played so far. And they are leading both Vancouver and and Arlen who both have free points a Sanders on six points right now. Vancouver and the timbers ball from three points to win this weekend means that Seattle wins the cascade account. Yes exactly. Straight to the point Seattle wins this weekend day when the first cascaded cup in quite. Some time. Which is. Just fun to have something majority gays and have something over your little or viral rivals like what's more crazy about this. Cascade ear cup. Is that currently. The three teams are competing for a trophy. That is fun and regional or whatever but in a current standings enamel less are are also super important to this match so. In fifth place in the last Portland Timbers on 44 points in sixth place in the and the west Seattle on 41. In in seventh place in the west Vancouver on forty so with the wind not only in this founders. I win the cascading ate up the you also jump Portland in the fifth place. Wish. All time I'm 44 points as owners of the tiebreaker and again my hand and again no notable dance wise I'm against those pro and office we can. Portland yeah I think so I don't know. Losers. And in Vancouver wins they will LeapFrog Seattle and they will go on a six plays in Seattle will go down a seventh so even with the senators. Eight definitely not nine wins in a row. Come. They are playoffs always say yeah I had this that this thing can carries on the still have to get results. It yet so this game is important for so many reasons we're talking playoff implications. We are talking. I'm but two. Cup implications there's a log on Hossa LA FC in. Third place at the Seattle in six there's only five points covering that and founders have a game in hand right now. Over all of the teams above them. So a win this weekend suddenly things get really interesting in one more after that at some point and you're like talking about way better playoff odds. Coming into the season should they be able to pull off so. Just a couple more results some momentum here winning the cascade a couple of Everett takes his beating Portland now Portland a beating the white caps whatever it takes to just get those three more points could be huge difference right now. More so than even some of the previous match ups have felt the last month or so. Exactly and man honestly right now playoff implications are bigger thing to play for from the men for this. Then this trophy however take two to win this game to give that trophy and have bragging rights for the next year. It's it's all enemy did it sound as can go up to Vancouver where they'll play at BC place. Where I've experienced some of the worst fans have ever experienced in an away stadium Erica licences from Vancouver. Do ourself yet. I actually it's my dream to go to aid. Sanders white caps match up there and just kind of like to pretend to be neutral to the door of their watch it all happened because. I've only seen a Portland or Portland match before up only gone down to their stupid stadium made of windows or whatever it's called. And the scene something there back in the early days of this rivalry but I've never been up to BC for this and it seems like it's super fund that you say the fans. Awful when I used to work for the sounder is I was traveling with as to the time. And and as to play in Vancouver white caps do the following day and so the host. Put just basically gave. Day in Paris to traveling team and staff. Tickets today it's the first team games is Vancouver her then he failed to have been so upset that couldn't buy those tickets. Yet they they were so on they were so. They were you know I think that the tickets are just in such high demand that they stopped trying to sell lemon just ended up giving them away and that's usually a little works yet. Yeah so we went out to the match and I'm with you know. The entire rescue team which is led by as are Hendricks at the time who is a very tall Caribbean man. Who looks super tough and is very tough and I'm also when Damien Lowe who once punched Clint Dempsey. I am also with O'Neal Spitzer who is a scrappy Mobo I am all it makes all these players are asked to lord just like guys you don't wanna mess we're in as we're walking out of the stadium for some reason in a game of the sound is uneven playing all of the white caps and we're trying to tick bites with Ezra. And Damian and I was standing there the whole time my OK on the PR guy. How am I gonna spin this into okay hit it. If a fight goes down. That Ezra definitely didn't murder duke. I love that you knew about a guy punching condoms and I think that's my favorite. Seal the match up here this week I have not been able to keep up with the sound I've really don't know I just have seen a couple awesome. Replays and one of them is this incredible ability for Smith the new guy. To send in these wicked crosses between the defense and the keeper right under the foot of an on rushing attacker. I don't see him as a potential hero for this I mean I would have said Freddy Montero because that's a plus I'm a lot soccer feels like he was still playing for Seattle but like. Or Vancouver who do you see or. Do you see as the person that you think is gonna get it done for Seattle. First saw I've forgotten that we haven't talked about Brad Brad Smith since we first talked about him signing for the team yeah Brad Brad Smith is. Doe duties so so good yeah he's big and quick and so sharpen man he really put the past then. Yeah he's ease he's absolute monster. And absolutely he could be the hero but I think and I'm starting to realize is this more and more. Well I loved the guys who score the goals and let the guys who do everything in the mid field in her tenacious like your Christian roll bands. And year a year in eagle Adair as near as he Alonso. I think that my all time hero for the season is going to be Chad Marshall a man of that. And I think that you know. Vancouver's villain will. The addicts high tomorrow about most likely Alfonzo Davies. The guy who is like. I don't need like four years old he was these a light like Marino birdied. Average in my marina man of the match you just he will be joining iron Munich after this season is over the whole league. So we're talking about. We're talking about back quite an attacking duo who are the top of their game right now in adding Chad Marshall more than ever is more. To be extremely important in the bat I think Kim Ki he'd bring playing as usual he's been so great all season and so. Quick and decisive importance and crushing tackles that if he gets that rate this week in a north I think that will be huge for Seattle. All right assuming that you tuned out and you're just rejoining us right now in the GL DL too long and didn't listen welcome back. Too long didn't listen and Gregor you should go to Europe more often for. All of it didn't just start this and moved out of the down to the headlines. He shoots he scores he even jets congratulations to the mystery at undressed even sets. Former sounder celebrated remarkable moment first national team Austria. He into other players were honored for their final caps on the national team and pose for a photo holding a Jersey with the number of appearances. They have made for Austria on the back a bit of a catch though for us juvenile Blanche here Brandon what number did you have. The man called even see it's probably held up his Jersey with the number 69 on the back communicated with the number without a so I zeroed here is so tell loosely he shoots his doors even shifts. Issue to score Stevens it's news of the country move on. I can't think. Okay. Do you long to enlist in Ziggy Tony Tony I want Ziggy to coach the US men's national team acts. Hold on pick pick your poison hit patriots owner run for president or rich to get him to run US soccer the US men's national team. Bold. At that time. I feel like the president should run the US soccer team that I think that that LT trump out there in some sweat pants yelling at. To kick that ball further. You know the prom there's. There's still no no no no no no no no we're living in a that OLDLDL. Ol VA already equals brand and toilet eating his loops and giving everyone pink. Six. Villagers used crystal ball Brennaman tell us what you think for this weekend's match it's. In Vancouver BC place 7 PM on Saturday. Still Sanders FC taking on Vancouver white caps a battle for sixth place and the Katz media cup what do you think Brandon. In the totally cleared totally Crystal Pepsi ball. I receipt. So many own goals. It MVP. And can give it up. Armada of a call there's going to be decade. Because. I'm calling for the hat trick off of the fragile has this. Of Chad Marshall. It's safe to do what started heads for its next pitcher for. The feds don't.