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Open you'll want to get for casual job handling the moon I'll be discreet. It's all right Al we started. It is not very good. Armed and dump. And works ten. Greg hypocrite hypocrite and tiger had a broken share. This fast that house on amateurs already broken what. Their treatment I'll ideas go down low or can't do it at the that the that is if you didn't. Yeah I'm OK with the salt Turkey here. Its own little call myself that I know just flopped it up podcast now. Mean you know I mean are you good afternoon to print. Until London that afternoon on a beetle to they discovered I can't do it English accents are actually knew that already but I was like trying to like. I want to come up with them into it give Ross look Gerard time and I can't do an English accent at all cult like this he can do an American accent and I watch like good result look who's a British man who could do you have bad ass American accent. Yeah I think I have no hope there's really every. Actor is actually British and then. Every British every person of the British accident he's actually American and every person with an American taxes actually British police. There's Madonna on them as madame good effect and you Joan Lunden. Hi John hello. John women who pummeled beatle. I kept. I don't think it's been a millionaire since we did it podcasting just because the schedules have been so crazy the putt just look at yeah little pot can't. Could. With the news channel airing in just like I'm is I'm still in the middle of that I got another traveled week next week. That's so cool and then another 12 weeks after it's so cool do too much solidity opposites. While I anticipate a perfect world if you have more money it would not be too much yeah I am. I'm not good with budgets and I am in desperate need of of making one because is stupid you'll want to get. For cash shortage on melanoma and I'll be discrete and and preferably ladies I think he'd lose his sexual preference I think it's still women. Most likely. I don't know I'm curious to know I'm on sexual that's that's not reflect that not by choice war. On iTunes. We'll come in the beatles' I just know Tom you just went to a wedding in Phoenix who was their wedding sex. Not by mean there wasn't there was a marriage was consummated but there was a smooth the marriage was consummated but there was not there is no there's no sex in the. Jobless the tee I was on the impression you were going there to. Hang out with some old flame that you guys are gonna Polk but a sub like that I told you before I left that was never gonna happen that would have been great but that was never gonna happen is I thought I thought it was I thought it shouldn't happen as what to say it's absolutely shouldn't have happened and it didn't. So great I mean I agonized partisan didn't happen on account of meanest. And who's been with you didn't go to I don't know I don't know I was trying to talk about this. Does this person wasn't the the pomp and no but people that would know wouldn't listen let's. Here's a process you should just tell us everything. Right exactly so here's her name here's a phone number here's your FaceBook profile. No so. If anybody watches parks and rec. Are watched. I do currently OK so Dino Ron Swanson is Tammy yeah armed which tend to want him to do. Our team as you now tactic that accused the his actual life in the real life may dental Alan Mulally boom gas boom yes Timmy to. This girl is Tammy you might that's just collar moving toward him Tammy sue it ends. So if you if you revert to Tammy all the which are talking about rap and radical cool so. So Tammy issue is. This old friend of mine. Who is like it it's it's exactly the same scenario like she did throw my dog out the window now. And Emily Hughes pitch and then she'd be likes do you wanna make out of it yes course. You killed my dog Greg did you play is target located cues scrape them off the ground please correct. He's dead now are you so it is just wait stimulate twenty minute this coming out as second this is what is terribly got a waters let's make out what can sympathetic. Let's chance recruitment I'm still blow up this. There we go through like he. Spells of that this torrent sites. You know hang out in this he probably. And then it's like no contacts like seven months and then it's probable blindness Uganda over. Whatever excite at other visits soda my maybe Todd does present an idea yeah. I'm really got to guess about speech UC's heroin Jesus like does is it terrible idea you have black tie. So. Yes so it started with when this is was going to be pretty. I think in the podcast to exceed even better than the story and yes. 240 in their holdings started as were both going to this next the wedding you know really started it oh it's such that's all like it's all it's going through my bracket. I had dreams aback but. Snack bar could actually almost made that joke at the wedding was going like this is a league this is and so steepen that's what I'm not a so and into this whole thing started when it's in there's another wedding in a week and going to that's our friends mutual friends. When we were dating this couple was like our debt doubled to eight partners and there's very. Swinging scene. So. We're both going to this wedding and we. Text occasionally. Music eagerly waiting as a handler weddings and we used region be my day you know that I will bearded going to be awesome. Angie is they turn into that trap for and the first thing I thought like me. It's unknown of course Greg push the button at bay and yell at me through LA now I don't look it. I. That's a we did this this is why we do you install of the string with the cops. Do it is about damn time I am not really sure how to get it done but I'm sure we can. When might have to really question the middle of Home Depot a British usual sort of crank and look where rings a bell on your side to connect well to pick up. We gotta keep the duties to the line tot in the eighties. It would send the shot we fear and minimize only. Like we have like cellphones and yeah it. Keep up the street yet it's the most tipster thing have you done to strengthen before I give a try that we I don't think there are actually. Allie as he cigar in my basement and in my grant will be up in the living room and he drone of her and I get here to talk to people off. Call it Michael Graham blood diamonds eight celeb like or seven so that never really anyone immigrant who has my my and one Allegra does died when my dad was thirteen. Which most horrible. Let that the bomber to be men I don't like my kids if I ever have kids they'll never another that's about it and think of like I knew my grandparents. Both of the men died way earlier than them but like I haven't Superfund memories of my grandpa and in my mind Hungarian grand father up boot. Will the me it's just the and he just wasn't. Regular relating to children. But now I know as an adult how much you listen to the clues to dole whoever. Anyway I digress a year. Brewery Anheuser Goya's we should be that Seattle has been a problem bubbled up we could just bought and as it will hey I'm going to another wedding only few weeks earlier do you wanna be mandate that two entries like absolutely that sounds great hasn't Graham of the previous day in the hallway is going to be asked yet to fifty while while we want now. Com. Put up a pack. So we we I show up. And I am like all right so here's the hard to do it now. So I go orchard plays and I am I now. It is tricky part because I'm on and I am staying at a friend's house I have suits I have always kind of stuff I have to Wear so I'm kind of living to one of my friends and we brought his car for the we can see is that count super quad that's the best shot on the sand sub domain don't follow at bizarre bizarre on Twitter but you should 'cause he's an amazing because rat he's amazing. So I can it's unethical look. When you get a word because once. My name together and sing with leaves for work I can't give back in his apartment. Some basically homes for the day and in the car I'm living out of the car for the women contribute bracket because he does like a resort thing where it's like you have to have the fob to get through all the security gates and he only has one so it's like once he left. Either he can get back in Iraq can get back into you're gonna connect before the white. Man so I might Moscow but I'd go buy a shirt some of the largest I've got a car. I'll go by shared a vote either breed though I'll goof around in Scotts and for awhile back of the ball every time. But you know that last like an outing like this is stupid wanna go home at seven morality no anybody who's a son like taxing this Gaza hey. Tammy to you and thank him so close. Bit. Mike hey I'm basically homeless so when you get a Americans that you come over around 330 and Alec. Can come over earlier lakes I'm literally leg just sitting in my car parking lot. Yes 330s cool like Jesus Christ art fine it. Attic that's the first and as I know yet here we go this is how this works every single time. So I do is go to her house finally I have all my stuff suitcase car keys and put him in house. How we start talking to somebody bad managed. We'd talk but not really. What's up and she says clinical stories that stood at this new congress that I'll call him to deal on erected. And like outlets like this is again to reject again do you lines at all like we want. Figure out to San disputed Dade jail of the probable by dynamic channel attempt potentially no (%expletive) Atlantic got routed. Manages guys and Twitter for hours a clinic in Arizona look up sheriff Joseph guy to a tent city is because they make the right people go and Wear pink uniforms eat green Bologna sandwiches and spend the day. In a tent city out at the jail and sometimes it's a 140 degree day opponents Darrel yeah. So she's like as she's timeliness that in times story and dislike. You're not sloppy that I remember her hate you gotta mean it's not like. It'll. Do not the cools the enough. You know what I remember you're not young and hot remark. He had just kind of like in just a little disheveled you know I mean yeah you're like you're the wheels are coming off the wagon you have like. Yet that's a great way to put it so. At this primary like. What have I got mad at me I'm is almost laughing because they Q did it again and continued did it again you'd done mother and you've done it again and you take yourself yeah. And so we get ready or whatever images like I want a ticket to place to get a drink for a gun to school. It's on that so we go to the bar and WJ gimmick it which probably like how far away Gary finesse. Wedding please Ali I don't go on sick of her like tennis called uber cool. 78 minutes later hooked dude totally Hoover gets lost can't find the place he is arguing that this guy in the can't figure out where we are and sinner. And it's ninety degrees and I'm in a seats Ari sliding but now I might just even more mayor angers flooding to yeah but but I'm pretty good about. I think we've talked about this before I'm pretty good at lake. It when everything is crazy I and kind of at my most com I'm like a real good edges like nick maintain just keep it together because. If you freak out it's just gonna make it worse some really good at just. I must now it's serenity. So all is is going on in pseudonyms he OK and so signs like. Fine we just let's just go like we county is out now whatever so we end up making it likes 12 before. You know everything starts he finally get there and as luck would have it running five minutes late so it was fine. But it was still just like that's how this holdings they weren't in the wedding right note August I guess I do in the next on this when his. Oh no known as the you can just show wolf and yet but I mean you don't show loved late tool wedding you know I mean that's designed to let it wasn't like there were holding up the wedding 40 no I thought that would have been bad. I would have never like that but but I agree with you there's I'm a punctual person myself right bride to be like we have today Hamlet of oldies but for the most part I'm a punctual person that drives me crazy when people of respect to do that well I generally and you practice because I'm generally five minutes late yeah like I'm planned for five minutes late you know and that's kind of I planned for you being five and play exactly which doesn't make it okay but like. I would never be ten to fifteen at least they're consistent right don't give you that like that's like. Within I I I was tending to like fight been arranged and that's all I think maybe it'd take a poop or something like also like. The way the world works if you are scheduling things where five minutes is the the breaking point to something you are you schedules wage to ten and near and hassle right right right right. And if it's something like where it's you know hey look we gotta get down to this towners match whenever. I never five minutes late but as they wanted to target yet to be there to to a five tightest that we do anyways so we lock in wedding starts the means great. Blah blah blah blah blah that means weddings over it in the receptions in the same places kind of cool is like a kind of courtyard kind of joint. So anything yet so wedding it's over the ceremonies older. It's not very religious thing it's pretty quick and that's tonight at twenty minutes thank god amazingly it was the way if Howard every married I thought I thought. I I feel awful oh a. Thankfully used. Someone really married his dog both levels are gay marriage it puts up with me to feed them and I think clear interest and has his back is broken and he did go anywhere he could run away. So wedding and reception starts is really fun a lot of my old co workers are there. So I'll isn't haven't like these are all of my old radio friends and haven't seen in giving him a few those guys are there. Gadget was there I don't know that I can but I know Hui is craven. Craven was there gold crave a little more rain and Laura had won a late night literally millions and accredited law had its name these another vehicle tripped. And he is the nova was checked Powell there tocchet powerhouse here now an idea. Who else would you marquee aren't young was there. Electrical crew you know little old dome as young mark remarking on both pulled a young marked the first time he was there and and Mark Young the second when he was all business yet we'll have my I had a bus that was became my old boss and my new boss and it was very concerned at. That's when I left Phoenix on sale is so. Recession happens rump party and at the top have a great times blast probably apply she's having fun talking in the judge's wife and words about program of the time. And there is such as ours in receptions treaties like the idiots at the part where they give speeches yeah and it was like. Did you can't have a room of a hundred radio people expect this to go quickly. So it was like three. In my opinion no offense to the reception they should cut off these as the best man and now mom and that's it you know so it became it's like procession. And it really kind of sucked the air out of the room which is crazy because like for all the people that was there like we were making bets on who was the first person a fall in like the fountain in the cart president elect their. Aside my friend Tom I think there's no doubt in my mind at some point tonight we are going to be playing chicken. On the rail of us found out yeah I like the odds certainly Ford one odds are like. Eight to six like you know I mean like you got a bad a lot of money to win mono before the three craftsman Fredette. Hate math unless I. So it was is the opposite of that. It was still fun it was more like a bar scenario like it's not like everybody's tickets and bop around it's more like Ross sitting talking so. I could see Rasheed is getting bored. And I like that. Raw content where you know that no disrespect insurer but it was his kind of like he'd just gotten drawn out and longer and some of the people they expected to be funny when funny you know I knew it was very well it's an interesting thing because. For a wedding. The only part to select a small part of it that is actually for the people getting married right to party though it's not supposed to be boring right are supposed to be a habit of what analysts at the boarding party and the right trade. The Irish prime minister's going to be here and give your speech about the league you don't care about public that's going to be boring you'd expect that. The Expos beat font. Yes right so let's limit the blue is just focus Jabber to more conversation by the time and that ended yeah it's like wait two and had set up wait everyone's like. It took so long you guys went back in time and Martin Luther King Jr. spoke Richard thing it was cool I mean. Moving and it really gives you a perspective on the hearing I think the idea that Gettysburg address he reenacted it. Pretty easily and again. Fool's goal in seven years ago. Ironically he has an Indian accent and I did not know that we're gonna and that's really come native American rag no I don't know I'm at east and like from India. You can. And I picked it up I don't think there were I don't know yet that the buildup on the so too so anyways. Amber sit there and Asia thrown this round just came in number early and kind of bored of the cat who's thank you Graham is really dragged her and she's that I think Alina Colin Cooper. As like why is again I would go. And I'm like you're gonna believe Mir he's like it's his duty and your friends boring like whatever and a like. Now normally this is where we explode and then parks and rack is reenacted and yet a tables knocked over he had. Hits the fan somehow there's a dead bear in the division yeah exactly exactly. Some like comic. What about my stuff. Like. All of my clothes not just my wedding stuff I have my suitcase. My car keys my friend's car keys. Are in your apartment his cars and your parking lot I can leave that now you know like that's terrible she's a college is common when it's over. Mean come get it and it might be serious or not really gonna call amber she's come and his network and they are. Got myself together and I was like you know what he prepared for this I kinda did as a plan your escape if you need it this was like you know that. I'm gonna get a drink. So I go out and get a drink and as you start and like you know it and I worry about it. Who's gonna is is gonna hang out so I go party with my friends were hanging out and attacks and she's like did you just did you leave me. Panic. I thought you were going home now. She's like wow okay and am like you said Lugar I said bye and as a lasting message. So then later that night at my stuff. And of course she's not answering her phone and she won't respond my tax of course to go to our house banging on the door no response finally it's like I called her. I've never done this in my life this is me at my most. Agitated and the worst part is like my it's my best friend has a drive me to replace and he hates her. Because he'd he'd just watched me go through this in the times is like why you do this yourself meticulously nope I got it yet he calls me out for which I respected this right. On them so I don't noted that the Sox and music. At this time was different I was like emotionally upset of the this is a bad person being fat that is a bad person you're bad person for that he'll leave you two right. On so I called dispersant like. I've never does my life since may be in the middle school I was a culvert 25 times in grow into Ozzie Imus and causes cancers. I don't care politics. Over and over and over an hour and finally she's like viewed what sub dynamite yeah where are you. When that this other bars that coal mine of course you are plate. How do I need my stuff now says it will what do you plan on doing about it a unit come here and get the keys in the deep stuff and I mean we keys that. Am like you to hold me to come back to give a yes but what is going on here sorry. So usually below my parents like I'm not bringing I'm not having my friend. My best friend do this this is too far we just take cited it at like 6 in the morning next morning after being out party all night. In my seat at Hoover back down like twenty outnumbered down this place. Walking in and it is that I get there isn't it just text me the doors opened locking and conveniently in the shower Amish it's millionaires like. What ever sell off yet right exactly so next week and should be just in and that of the funny part is. So this next wedding come. My buddy of agreements like did you post won this thing has like. We let me. I'll take an extra two dinner hour. And and I forgot arms VP at the Emmys because in the wedding guests and donors VP apparently. Apparently did tonight I go. No there's I don't give my plus one half an independent artist so he's like tactic that dude I'm really sorry but my life has kind of you're kind of on this right now achieve that because of the seventy dollar dinner and you didn't RSVP position she's kind of prides filling at this point so he's like maybe it's best that you just. We just you just comes nothing. Ultimately if if it's not okay that I don't care pants on it's it's cool I was serving in different units it's not a big deal. I am I don't know why but I I was like I like to bring dates to the things that dead I don't know if it's like a status things like yeah I can get chicks are I don't know but like I like Joba today. Well because your Adam wedding were people couples looked like where you're alt a bit symbolism of being a couple yeah yeah yeah wedding and so to be there like well I'm just to do in. Murdered PA area on just of the told. So huge it's like. He has a very worst case scenario. You know Timmy two's going to be there and a attack and that is I just like no effect and I know I tell them anything as an attempt to get nervous. Regulars like another gone down that road yet because I don't know whose wedding to. Lou oh and you know this is and how differently the he's my friend. He's my friend that like when you move away from places that people use Steve friends with is really super strange gently he does I hear it's got like some of the lake has a for me at least I'm real bad about this too for me it was my life is pretty much like. I don't think it's uncommon but my life is pretty much the people but I hate to cross your. And there's a few friends I can have one friend that I Santa true that I talked to via text and stuff. Almost every day. And the not fit in terms of outside of the city but that Iran and other people once every six months will have a communication and it's great but for the most part it's like. I'm closer to use that I got to elect my friend of thirty years right regular steel every day we talk to win Iowa but the ride The Beatles are a lot of my life but there's always somebody who when you leave who is like. Yes that keeps putting effort and and I'm like if you effort and all we have to be friends that's great. Yeah of what is it like for me that he wasn't that good of a friend when I was there. And then we both moved away yeah and it ended up crossing paths in Vegas uncle. And then Everest and then it was like we're like browse like none in his wedding. So cool and so randomly so randomly vita I could give me a list of all of my friends from Phoenix and they said okay. Who worry and be keeping in touch with ten years on and make this guy this guy this guy this guy let's see that guy from down time whatever and it's like the opposite Ike. Seem all the time it's really weird. On and it's cool some except for the wedding but I am very lake. I almost nervous for the reception because I don't know what can happen it's exciting but I'm minute the nice part is I feel like. I think have broken the spell so basket. I feel really like your gross. And I see yanks that well. Oh if she was still have the wheels were still on the light and would you have a harder time. Well yet because that's the wheels are off the wagon so that's and that's apartment like I don't. I don't have a lot of tolerance of people who don't have their stuff together in a you'd be crazy you can be a mess you as as we talked to in the meantime I love little crazy. But if you're like legitimately. Off the tracks now. I got time for them and nobody it to them innovators have that now trying to make some things happening routinely deal with this nonsense well I'm excited for you because you can go to Bush's little war. Yeah now fantastic jobs pray for one hot day that these decadent and now I mean did it result of the what it was. Right now but you were playing but I'm five anyway I wanted. Sweating by the pool. Go swimming. Yet I had a good time and we had. A general all. A lot of well and a hijacked. So kind of been this chemical hijacked. There and every decisions. Concert after party. Payment on the bans are things in the capital Jenna. I. But also just got an incredible so shut up to the new politics are shown up to our party our thoughts and they came through. You there's a Coleman the other text communicate what's are you in terms beacons that I am. The Hewitt coming out this at the show and has a well. Kind of at this wedding theme against Cuba as it what do we need of afterwards. Okay cool of him like five minutes later. So that works at a various stations that what are you doing. Are you try to steal my bands and I'm like I just invited him to the part that I'm gonna you can come tonight you're welcome to go there. That's incredible refund was like a full show slot. Is kind of like their version summer camp and a not is give them movement in new lead in buckets of her and estimates. I felt domain he. Stony mellow quick or we change gears OK at this might happen. Home man. That was a long sorry apologize not great as it puts context his we're gonna come back to it next week or the week afterward. Didn't get it's a good start. Episode 59 is the beginning for those fifty it was with the beginning of the wedding season. We'll see what happens is that episode one. I sort of email from TBD Steve as really did he sees that I don't even identical. I don't know if it was my photo was left four episodes I just got on the phone I'm assuming of Florida podcast useless at. Finishing episode 55 now so it'll be in November benefit maybe December about the timing gets this one. A little liberal when managed bro was in town I was gonna say a good day trippers Port Townsend good brewery in cool looking downtown. Portends and is all right I've been there before I've ever been the Peru that's great thank you for that. But see you guys brought up fishing in just whipped that the last time was like ten years ago. Cool wit of the best battle authority and that was one of the things we did all right last thing. Some something this week on. But as you read that to me. We just got it and I thought how talented that it's in and unintelligible fishing game. The podcast is reached a new world Gregg to earth did you gotta get on that. There a few immigrants. Do I and FB. Is too young contingent and two and if you percent. Texas enmity that would step parting and the public when so we're gonna do this again a record and only god I've had to watch the so we can on the Internet yeah. Yeah actually. I have both been and it's harder and been in with people that are partners. Listen I drank so much gin. Once upon a time today and I would just parts relic like those little trees that they be put in people's windshields and because that's what I always think they do not like you know like when you invert the colors on Photoshop pursuant that that yellow becomes blue whatever as it was like what the opposite of what a pine tree smell like. Camera is I don't play flight from south bound southwest from Chicago to Albuquerque and I was so hung over from drinking is fine but retrench and all weekend long. And boy. That is might contestant yet here. And so. Were fly back Ilich SATA and as long as echoed the there was some that has gone out I kept getting a key in the for the but not too much is that in one movement don't want. Pump and it was empty flight back when like giant planes to fly would like fourteen people on them yet but those were a woman who insisted on sitting in my rose a lot of click on the idol yet. Middle empty seat window and there's no one for three rows in front of me or behind. You know our objectives this brash and when you get it the people around it was probably a third to two thirds full yeah it's a lot everyone gets a middle seat of your whenever. And boy I tried my best. But it did the flight we get up and she goes cool but sure was a stinky flight did you smell that and I was like yeah I've. I guess. I listen to what to do I did not know that was being busted that was the time in my life well like I knew that. You know obviously you drop pass in the I didn't maybe understand what the magnitude shared with the public how the physics of Clausen worked sick and so. It's a she was sure real pissed at me. Not let me just cool about a triplets Q public to share those three dollar about you know if it happened that did happen and then another time I was at the place over in Fremont that has a lot of hip hop shows that I can from the name of right now it's the neck terror elements today. School little venue whatever since some friends bans whether it's the Bluetooth Bailiwick hip hop is Dirk Becker play their refusing to remember that. I was there and my friend showed up and he was up among troops like he was like. I don't know where I am I don't Ali and people law I'm having a great time. Wrist and it would have and he just kept dropping bombs like. Bomb after bomb after bought complex at some point of one of my friends she was like Kate you have to stop Florida. And it's not just take for a and he was like I keep you got a thought you did not even know it was like. Climbs so. Or emotionally. Is dropping acid throughout and I mean every and you know if you oblivious standing in this little circle. People with incredible of amazing third I had a friend who it took him a long time to come around to I think find the summit that is mentioned like he was the he was the front of partisan public. And find somebody sent them like Amy and you can do that anymore because like. Chicks won't hang out we won't like that again the big party killer alligator at a concert and you drop a far. You're divorced do the Oceanic Nazi did not like I'd probably get have you light a cigarette and smoke it in front of me. That may be that have you drop pass and have me up to sit near far club is still let the singer to close at park now. We out of that concert story have you ever. Bill would Dave public charter before. Well I'll spare everyone will be 45 minute story that Selma its own Twitter and a but it's its use judges to be our time pretty great four train it's fantastic. Just I sat next to a foreigner. Now explain it to me. What that it was profile this person. Older gentleman probably. Could he be in continent do you think or do you think you publisher it's in play. Immediate Jerker is the note on known known he was like you know he is wearing now on I'll never forget it resign only if he's wearing Harvard hat. A ball cap so it's kind of weird like an older person wearing a ball cap after the there's an age for caps. You know I mean sure in less than that she still has set your style the whole time like I think like. Me I tore ball kept forever feel that you could see you Rick Whitley we're ball cap dressed dressing people this guy's like a leather but it bomber jacket. Khakis. Again he's he's. Gets a free half but the thing doesn't give it what it says it's a just sit so it's not the right side but the right side for a wears it because you hold of the program writes yeah I got you so conflict that the tea so. Maybe a little more put together than that like it was a fitted hat like it was it was his hat for a share well on the it's just did it make sense. Yeah it was I had a long flight and I didn't my here's amass more and I think Regina I totally relate to a local. On but we are on the way or else he's you know he's in the room I would I can't as you knew my motion sickness. I get really weird if I'm going backwards now so I have to you I kind of really have to fine at either side. Facing C chair or the seat that's facing the direction we're going house I get like disoriented yes so. Because somebody was like of course that's the first thing I know I can just enjoy the funny stories that there is like what is moves featured Johnny is like. I Cassel is Eli let me finish my story I don't lead to you can't write. Mike also a horse like could have moved to offset the story you but yeah just enjoy this is it's is funny trust me just like. Star Wars doesn't make sense to me how some of the timeline has gone but I still looks all right like come on. In just enjoy their idea of course not of course and joking now don't do really cry of course she didn't really you idiots. But we did make eye contact that part was ruined yeah that was real it was like a blank. Anyways so. I kind of couldn't move like I have to be in the seat. And it was I think the scenarios like you know it's nice with my phone I just got off the plane so your head still all kind of like huh. Anyway and as it starts to clear. Elena. Moon is that went for some solace was not me. You know I take my pants off and that's not good there's evidence that. I twelve knot never got to work where. Plant. I. Agree so like the well. Accidents happen ever. I've kind of party when I got the plane itself you know everything your dip pressure changes and you're holding stuff fan and I hate peeing on planes and totally guy. I try to make it a point as far as much as they can walking through the airport up perfect that's what it's for that's what airports over four. On the train and a smile man attracted to begin around asserting canyons and and our trains you can't move between Carson you know I can't hear again that year and a all side it. I. I don't know why and I would rather suffer than who runs like on the commanders anybody who also are you bothered to have a good. Twitter thing and well yeah I mean that at some point it became the story was more important than my comfort the united Munich this election pretty funny. On say yes he's a political train home from seat act Hugh. West lake effect. And he started the whole time now important did you hear any of the parts. Earbuds were in because if I would have heard of fire tuna. I does that negate it over and it's over you've seen it we've all night. Planet knows we've all seen it but you know what happens and I get vehicles if you could ever get manly to giggle it is one of the funniest things it's like for like whatever you're saying it's funny it's not as funny as him laughing about it because it gets it's not like you say your ballots guy you can keep it together they've pretty even tempered but when you can't whether it's anger or laughter yeah it is yet at eleven yeah it's it's I'm crying. Breaking news at eleven and he had his left eye. Yeah I it's it's I. I'm on the floor item. I mean I thought it almost hurts like I get a headache afterwards that's it I laughed so hard it's it's it's awesome I wish to be that we should it have that like once a week. Now you know it is a feeling it's a good freely after so important. I love when laughter is triggered by way. So that you never see it coming like going to see any idea going to see the martian went all the martian over the week whole areas in the media to zero funny now OK with that well but this it's like there at the in order to break up this like tragic kind of like tenth story yes Matt Damon's hilarious and it and to his credit. He click of the words on the page or forward to consider a Republican until moving and of course the movie to move up to the book but I knew that shouldn't buy chip but. I can't think of anyone who would have played the role better than it did because he's so he. The well. Via comedy style to set a self deprecating kind of comedy that comes along with this film. Really keep you did you translated perfectly. And so. At the movie you know that the good comic timing and it's perfect until laureate was like laughing or has offered Lorna went to see into his lap and a lot of big mile that Susan had a bit. That's by design you go to a comedy club a lot of that the comedy cellar blocked my ass object but that's not the best slap to the best laughter is the stuff that comes out of nowhere. I anecdotes that when I first started dating pretty Laurie we were at my house. And and in no I don't know what they've and it was she is after work nights and days and to shoot up two hours in the afternoon issues that I'm exhausted we just go lay down public absolutely. As we get there an idol Arnold take a nap because I'm like. No fresh off of four public option on India the two were laying there. She willed I'm sure Tom Enron how the story went but. And I have the remote control my bed as a full. You know the yeah its face better than ever. And so I start pushing the thing of like a look at goes up issues like OK like so wrong about school or whatever like I eat your new so what the dumb things you do or sold music right and I was like Syria and I don't let go of the button and like. It goes from like laying down to like. You know and I'd like hold to exclude a Deborah Douglas have never pushed the limits of it. Keeps going and going and going in the legs can go to and before you know we're full public a tough go download a general Greg you can't do it on television are you AI. And the level of laughter that came out of two humans and that money is. All I hope I never forget that I hope I never lose sight of how funny. This one specific little five minute period as and it was just it's so ingrained in me yet are again not because by design or whatever is because two people that were in the red head space than like that that is up if you could be on a train stuck behind the bill though. That's gas. Pardon the whole time whatever and you could get some laughs out of it. Your nose is recovered but the memory remains so the irony though it is one we are not one not more than one week later. I became a far turner the. I think. And Alec and and this is so bad so I don't like content I'm still a met up. I don't mean to keep us so I like I can putt and I don't it doesn't matter I got nothing and look at I've got plenty so this is actually working out so. Bale was in town this weekend as you know baby make Myers. That beyond suspect known known in my beyoncé. Latvians and I may Myers at times the car make. It's like come on so ha. She's in town. I don't wanna go to the show debate. I didn't have a choice like has like. When I got invited as a I don't know and I'm just didn't home from vacation and man my friend our friend she's like you don't have that you know I'm not asking you to come you're Conning us okay. It's just un summit all right so be it so we go to the show and albeit through beforehand and mutilate Ruth's Chris and did. Oh. We only got apps which is what apps which is fine that's cool. I'm not a new Ruth's Chris just for some until I I feel that way to buy. At the same time we live in Seattle also. Ruth's Chris is kind of like down at nationals as it is not like this fancy as a man in that area yeah AAR that your smaller city like that is like one. My might end up hooking and talent in Vegas and who take uniforms grass conflict yet you're damn right I simply can't I get awed by talking about trash talking with Chris I'm missing there are many. Super fine dining options of that in Seattle. That's not as like cool. And Gordon's crews have also been there are many times before Paramount show because it's so it's right there right right right and you could feel bad about yourself because you're not fancy enough to be you are out there. So days so eat like one of every appetizer they have which was a great now I mean it was great the food is great. Right now everything about the pluses all right Gail I was feel much inadequate experience so it was it was finally good and I'm not this is not a bad for Chris pulled it anyways so we're locking out we get dumbing down of the show. And two musicals and I was like a celebrity that I was particularly ten to fifteen photographs with like kids in. What Erica I do I started to do this now because they need to get out more and be more public shirt and he's my go to show I'd tweak what I'm win. The here's what I look like death tonight come to. That I can't approach people but I'm okay with the on and sure enough. I started get a bunch of people coming up this isn't a political figure out what's going on than it likes it's the blue yet and like that I've joking at frisk has I'm with my friend and she works in the industry and Mike should be going within these things. And she's likely cut your feelings and that's. And she's like. By the way I told one of my girlfriends economy or she's single and she's super hot and she's gonna meet and it might. I didn't even showered today like are you ideological little that I thought of islands EA Alex you know a Dutch court for a show yeah I mean not try yet you dress the part get not to brag I was a prequel. Hit a two beanie on him equaled that would and it so I'm Mike. Should regulate. Not to brag brags eat fruit. But again this evidence put on his that is being honest with some breaking that's that's true whether it's pretty cool and so anyways so hmmm I am like so embarrassed and like I look like and hot mess. In this girl's put together she's like especially teachers the salt of your escape routes chorus yeah I am right it. So I've taken these pictures overall laughing so I think this is is that we gonna make sure that there's a couple of these people when she shows up so it looks super cool late. Does that not now kid come back seven minutes when it's into the checked comeuppance and I analyst Donald that you took from that and is this as is going to newspapers also on. We moved into this I'm like oh now. Not a involved black jazz like. And you're like oh my god I can't tell you intensifies. Keep you have to go to open public. Like when you read a thing where you're the star like it's the words like you gotta be like hey I can keep texting each to like to use a different question here. And that's. I'm not try to like imply edged up it's like when the first time your growth from groups usually at that you would become aware of it like it breaks down a very dear oh yeah and as we've talked about a million times. Mean in public I'm not good yet big the only way I'm gonna go as it is to this point and it was I'm like oh my god. I called my god a local public bathroom where there's fourteen. To modes there and hit of the final battle my biggest air formula. Yet they don't know that even for me is like only can I mean it's disgusting is the problem for me that that yeah Jenna gets killed or what I hear. Look like when you're in the bathroom that's got worn durable and one thrown annual like. But clearly or the person but the room again today. Again it's so anyways I'm in the middle of the Paramount and blue route economic oh I don't know I guess I gotta let out a test heart. I. Paula got your tickets phone calls EA Ali yeah like where my good ago it went rank and where my and in the middle of a broom like. I'm just going to be like pause and that hates to stand here for is a missed a walk over here. You are standing now life quietly like what I did was priests pre primus office syndicate is that you pictured take a picture and then as they're walking away. I candidates follow and ask them accomplished like so I distanced myself and it may go back to where there are some non find a way to make. Mere half. Me work. And the I. Oh no I drank too much data like their bad this is these are bad these are parts that I can just crop dust and get away with like these are parts that people are going to notice. So I thought if I. But. So it doesn't just sour the air for ten seconds it like ruins lives yeah like it's our demise from you know an anemic it either usually your C your brand isn't as bad to yourself it was like my own no. So anyways so you go back over to my friends and stand there and I'm like OK well. But I'm like I'm so scared like this girl's gonna show opens stink or whatever and it's gonna have to hold idiots keep it together mentally. Other other radio people with you at this time though no announced cleaner hospital on constant on the shows there's multiple stations in the town that like world competing for the same public for the record labels are competing for the same yet known it was pretty lean and try and Alex stand there with polite words like also the people from the station understand yet there yet that you get real weird and I am. I'm admittedly a super usually comes that I I am a big time peak cocker when it comes and that. Like I I'm sorry little person did you think you could bring me out with your other station no I'm okay with them doing because I understand they have to deal that outlet I AM. I make it very clear. That I'm the Belle of the ball hello number two yes I'm very. And I we still back is like I have nothing against the people I've actually really cool all the directors will do the same job no but I have keeper jobs and I absolutely is the health it's like. I am the jerk that does that where it's like I'm the first in line. You I know you'll labeled personal stand next to me now annual stand behind us and that's how this is gonna work in just so you won't know. That's the play and Annika gigabytes they institute eclectic I'm it's all and not gotten like posturing a minister if you get a win win you have milk but I don't know. Let them know where you stay where they stand a cure them too that's way so it is so we go to the judge is ordering a backstage to meet. Meg we're definitely can believe you me and hook up live clean this better for his NRA so. We start walking back in I'm like as is as soon as they take a step. The loop. Like cool and this one gotten further down the in the non owner Indiana like. Known around. Yeah dude it's an hour walking Saddam motion is making it worse and obviously call it together hold together and where will we locked in backstage cools prepared to part recovery. We gonna go on the elevators fart. Before yeah the out later how to stick to review USS. I'm not proud of what happened next but it. Hook it's that's it I've taken my headphones off a good day. Worse it's me and a label person and band manager and elevator worker guy. Hinson is and it is it is again I'm like who would be perfect shifts. So that. It's up. I was so uncomfortable so I like looking around just. I'd like don't don't. Let it be known that that was you bring you know what was it it's totally you just don't interrupt me don't make it weird yes and look cool place yeah cool but I've got like it's so bad I don't like the cold sweats going like I'd like to put myself at this point I'm freaking out. So I'd like hustled to answer that and I can look over just to see if anybody and oh yes people can spell it happening so quiet. Again I'm not proud as it was my only option I kind of like look at the prison with Americans like Q like the side point like for. This guy's stick hit silver and it wasn't a problem till we got in this elevator. It's totally sold the pork. But it was me god damn it it was me I am willing to admit it it was horrible and then I got to go in ninety. So then we're going to meet meet meg and I'm going like. What if this happens and so Meghann about stuff yeah right because I've proved you don't wanna come your mind hypocrite that is so bad I've been parting. But I'm like I'm. Can a guy like the cold sweats like I think I'm gonna actually have to use the bathroom. And all I can think about is like how embarrassing maggot like I can use her dressing room for at at. Yeah this is not going to be was like I'm just use your co rapper real quick like dumb and dumber than a quick in heat yet yet totally up. And broken guest spoke with the Dick Clark. Yes. Senate's national includes communication is a dummy. So like I'm talking to her and I am trying to. Get this over with is huge music is fast foot foot. I'd just like set AZ about plottage areas like let me get this thing that we get the CD made for you. Because they made a joke about how I was an inner liner notes so they made me Gregg as the closing of they made me a CD and they put me in the liner notes. A special on behalf and this is crazy is the right. We joke about this woman miers thing Greg and series it could happen so. Sherry wrote it she wrote and color I can Biden as. So she wrote the line and then sent it is said Megan thank her people is equal fight. If we do this. She's like all right one. I'll still myself. So. It was actually personalized by an equalizer is excited now doesn't have her phone number written after and I'm 323 yet no but. So is really funny because. I'm super nervous not for her at this point I'm kind of just comfortable around like she's a hot babe and what are your your underwear for some reason I don't have anymore underwear on because the movement for the there in the garbage can in the bathroom here and I'm saying. But it was crazy things like. Word like biting again they were having like I'm dancing having a moment but like you were like really we really actually jokes aside do you get along really well. Were that clown around a goof around to tickle you. Yeah right right right and she's like I've. I'm trying to get this sped up so fast I don't get it done I don't talk to numerous times they can't and we are talking hands like you and I. We have as I've is running joke on the radio about such crush on you which I do but not for real. And this is a way to really deal as like yeah Abbott whatever and I classic picture. Because I am I teaches kids how can how can now and she keeps like talking to and don't put your pants yet actress and I need to give you X 290s where again you're. We are joking about like what. Like what rank. It was her favorite Dijjer never. She's a ball Laszlo in Kansas cities and if America's he plays like all of my records of the elite guy plays like your whole album it's crazy she's again she's but. It definitely might you definitely top three and I was like ten years the users on the guys and they don't know like she's like I'm serious you are my number two. I'm telling his out of the damage that you should do you have like. Like it's sticking out of we got to go up up up up up up. So finally that at all since you think that that's portraits of words would you like couple months but it since you like sold out the elevator guy now you can't just bit will go to Google restroom replica yeah like 45 minute you know I can't even if I came in saying that he's about to gazette times I've sold myself out. So highly get done with current. And then we get back on the elevator and my point enemies like never know last time we on the eleven of those guys. It wasn't me again wasn't he couldn't. Keep it at the feet at a Lego for democratic ticket turned out yes telecommute. With the Japanese staring at Dorsey doesn't see me behind him just. It is nasty yet so we get out of the elevator and I'm like OK finally I get some relief. I can go crop dust as we walk away. But I can because now. Friend shows up. And I like like camp fired for America. This might be a potential big scenario so I spent the entire. Hour and a half at that show. Clenched guts just cramps. All man what did you have its that you lawfully can that they don't know who Tom Anderson and maybe I have something I might have some sort of the seafood out because every once in awhile if I eat. Seafood which sucks that love it's so much now Bryant let us allow it hits me dad and like bad bad so anyways. A part of a lot at the show and if you spelled something terrible at the relationship at the Paramount on Tuesday that was error number and a big yet it was it was the elevator guy who Honeycutt. I after. And gray cannot ask do you coast. In doing handing Kashmir issue. So our good friend ross' Fletcher was just in the buildings and boy. Did you get emotional. A little bit. I have. I will again but I have already been through that some. IA. I spent. The I thought to myself for sure the Ross is leaving at the end of the season yet. Kind of and so I was already prepared to figure out how to like. Tie things up with them men like do that and then like to find out that he's actually leaving was actually way more. But I got really upset about the chair there. Over the weekend we were we pulled off a nice tribute to him. Supplement can be if and I really wanna be apart and we needed and are and I mean Annie was fine but like Webber we would rather had. One of the guys still not totally because of gender but because we'll go to these things tell it to four of us invented yet every in the season and we know Ross and went right you know and thumb. I've been so lucky because what started as like oh my god disguised to avoid a BBC broadcaster comes in and does as they united taxi pretend like I'm a professional radio DJ once in awhile. 'til like. Understanding that he just loved coming to the radio suggest he misses radio. To becoming like legitimate friends with him and to have him to have brought to sink in like I didn't quite realize until I put it into words like just how. Upset it makes me that's the that's happening. And so was I assumed on pay tribute to him after the match the other day itself it was Superfund. As he got a big kick out because he's a total pro he's not gonna say damn thing about anything. Because he would never put the people who works with the red in a position like that right as he's such a bad ass. And I've had million a million people hit me up and be like total score and probably could get a podcast we gotta get answers I was like listen. I respect Ross so much that old never yet put him in the position where he has to like damp some of that stuff I like your not gonna get the answers for me right Aaron so listen to what we do because you like hearing him do his thing well and know where he's at and record forgot the implications read between the lines but we're not going to. Give you a bunch of dirt on what's going on right and right not right up. Say anything negative and or positive or toll what he's doing next either because he has contractual reasons to write these things under wraps until. It is weird go to know that this is it. Yet and that we're gonna have some new knuckle of the we have to the end you know try and learn to like it's a plea yet and I'm sure you will mean I'm sure it'll be fine but it's. It always says it's like whenever they. It's a shame backlash that happens a lot for other industries like. If they fired me today I know because that it's it's great connection with a few people in this town I know there would be a lot of people who would like. You can't do dog never losing again until next week right end. Well listen to succumb to what happens also in the offer to stop listening in the old radicals are currently do anyway right like it will move on like. Ross not being at the founders is not going to change the sound hers. From being a professional soccer team but I what they are first and foremost so I'm not. I'm sure we will continue with a new relished a possible chance that's fun and yet it's not a thought. Personally am but I don't like it but yet. As professional like that's gonna carry on yeah well you know big fan arouses and we certainly wish him the best and who herself. He's got crazy things on the and he can really if you didn't if he's covered five Olympic Games for the BBC. I am as he's 36 he's are aged man. He's covered five different for BBC and four and independently kids as first of his for the pick of the first person to talk to. You simple after he won the double. The Olympics he was the first reporter that line afforded people that yeah do you feel like you're just attitude. Like that's Ross is like a top notch broadcast to a top level. International broadcaster what do you think would be good. Situations for him to. To do next like I would have to see him to. Professional wrestling with these. We have a joke on the full might be extra time which you can listen to now owns haven't of the an account but we have a joke about. About English sheepdog trials and it's like. Yeah and have dogs chase cheaper to open right there and relatives and he doesn't get a person precision of the part people who do it but I wanted to commentator at. Because that would be fun to come. We threw Spokane you can hear that link that's up you spoke that he would love to do American basketball and as a British guy doing American basketball there are few things that have Eddie files that would be wild and he knows they keys that he's a six foot five guy that in England to ball. I mean for England's one more reason why the Sonics need them. As he said to me I was like out English basket problem and he's like death like soccer in America and I'm like right sic compared to look at notre you're right though so we'll play it have a CO stupid English people play football all the way from the W tackle political football with pads to -- rugby this again all the best red is awesome I think we should get in rugby I'd do I have 100% unit that yeah. I love and it yet and you lead after we we can wake up early watch rugby and afterwards. Being at a delicious cold cut trio from subway fresh and these weekends and watch some English soccer at one of these bars man we should I pick which picket the weekend a month will be you do yeah I went CU Saint Andrews with. BT and Kool Keith. Tweaks are I play sets Cokie if some dummy. The Atlantic crossing does arsenal match is there's like hey I opportunities we chill and watch these things not at the time zone than not at Bergen and time goes back an hour it's easier. As the injured later another bullet about an hour thanks Eric yet because. I mean they also do daylight saving time so we do it's for one week that it's that way it was just last week in the that happens. Does now. Tuesday skip back to weaker and switch to winner all. Winnable if there like this what's that but other color the ball somewhere there's more combat element idea. And I constantly like looking for any of permission to seat anyone else gets excited about it noticed make. Just me looking at that yellow and red gummy worm color welcome thing that Mike is out there and dared Larry I had very sad to one year I'd want the soccer video games that I play. And he had. There was never announced today nobody new is happening but like the big feature isn't snow this year thanks for the weather effects but when he did it you got the winter pack passed left. The coolest thing is. That bad. Nerd alert it's. All right we'll I think it's definitely time for dummy. Oh. God credible and forget the way to get it. It's obvious to me this week's Demi of the week as a person is had to put up with a ton of adversity at the hands of our dumb podcast yeah broadcasters. It's a person who unwillingly. Unwittingly. Got himself involved in our own high jinks who was this person this week for dummy of the week I suggests. Elevator operator. Stinky elevator guy a ticket I love that name like elevator operator and that's a kid like. She recently banned. Boo maybe I can start that and you can get your old band inspected to detective back together detective inspector detective excuse me detective inspector an elevator operator. Battle of the bands. Super bent who doubled join in the middle and to have one giant fan. So this week at dummy of the week elevator operator you unwillingly unwittingly in became the butt. Of the joke literally and saved John Manley is actually she added you are the dummy. But regarded as doesn't. Most been real show. I'll pun intended and they're just. X music app fixed news that. You Appleton. East. Music yeah fixed news this. You could possibly happen. That means that acts these music and music. Let me. The music. Gets you this. Music yeah. Music. You can follow me and so I guess that has to be something related news you know implants. Hope for as little as possible Smart. Not not a big holiday present that we've discussed it before I don't like going out on the show holidays. Hey speaking of it shows. What do we do Alina we're gonna do Halloween things that we were in India who think that that view I think we're in the proved that the but it does. You bet your ass. It's music yeah addicts music. Now it's time. All the sixth music just favorite it was a five star rating on night two it's coming soon to Google Android phones that it will be our dumb podcast we had a problem with the idea we couldn't get its shortages yet the movie of the Google music school or other receivables into it there without stitcher which are really like thank you have to have reporting suddenly. Also I'm Paula cab door I just don't even talk to him and then Joseph Jonas and your name is where it's not that I in next week and it's not about Halloween has some spooky stuff we'll recap Halloween and and totally rip on Jonas protect. It will in the meantime for six music. You can build its. Different little it was a real kind of grumpy. Like old guy that was on from the eighties and aero was like us up like this I think it's appropriate to do. Bill with a bullet goes he's dead. First house for some Halloween open now perfect if you can how did this well perhaps you should also put on your record your real creep in reached. Anja Denny are the birth of the an event. Today he graduated ads and bone growth against an end. You've been listening to our dumb podcast they're Smart Smart like a fox. Freeway email these idiots are dumb podcasts gmail.com. Well them on Twitter are done podcast or eight record and that. In child one of them. I don't podcast is brought to you dying. Candy good lord it's the worst kind of gone.