063 - Enemy of the Cast

Tuesday, March 22nd


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If you shoot me in the eye with a laser gun yup I will beat the living daylights out of the debt. They Gregor knock knock. Who's there where tiberi a Turkey. Where in a gravy Ding gets. It's all right we started. It is not very good. And dump. It fell and works. Just the thoughts Hebrew prayer out. Parents and I think within a little way to start. Good drive up I can't really any podcast that he can start and then Steve ruled quote you can India and from this point lead and I think we sort of their best layoffs if I am and axiom good on the government. But at pebble loving and it's tricky Friday the bridge of an attack on him mr. governor. Through the X 48 minutes of the SP in my thoughts about various things that wasn't colored greens so important know how we learn. Well it's the color ones out of a room makes Cuba and the color of that Walcott were I'm going to start while stuff. Welcome to episode 63 of our dumb podcasts in Florida's bits are on us now are no well. Last week we had equipped cast. Oh wait a second speaking of a whole lot I just got derailed. I found I got a message from chem doorway in the that he might be in the building. What we're doing our podcast today and could he come hang out creeping on us during our dumb podcasts. Just randomly show in this building now I'm concerned. So I he won some surprises me is if the phone and you okay tomorrow I want phones Miller vote. Now month. Camp kept the door he's the worst trade me your phone from my phone can do so unless you admit pepper and and what a great episode she's or green audience. Specifically. Just a lowly cells around the globe. And would that. Anti African issues greatly a lot of fun yeah dedicated the whole episode two a former and then re listener. Yeah Shane. Who then became from what I've heard which I think is we're going to this now. Back to and I'm listener yeah he I was listening to the cast. Mostly about him to be fair or right and a beard talking jerk and not asking questions about excellence and stuff yeah. Turns out that he does he points out that. So I think he's got into an Eagles that's why I don't listen and you'll learn. Well fine you just became. And enemy of the cast Q public enemy number line. We had a longer approved for that that is pretty significant pretty good boo you that's pretty solid but. Jane cast more like shame cast. Sick burn thank you pick Greg he's. That and just. You. Oh close to me what's not to like about. And and there's nothing not to us as well. But I can reveal that as I don't know are we actually no matter if we've ever said but that is a dear friend of the pod. That is sitting got beautiful. Temptation there yes and the story behind it is incredible like the old saying is incredible now I think it's how. How dare you how dare you seller how dare how dare you pay change. Yet super week you know who wouldn't be that's indignant about our podcast is your other namesake Tom Shean. On time selling my diamond's I'm listening to our dom pod cast your first it's incredible like that's like a diamond in my years at saint below. Hey bark all. I mean. So anyway and are dumb podcast sparkles and holiday season give the first enemy of the tests. Yeah. I mean is he is the lord Vader of Bardem podcast now pay down there right you know I don't like because that imperial march is too good. It's to be waste and Butler bidders look at a us. He's like why are you know who. I am for an go to war new tattoo huge I. Wow there was blood to order a self. That's unfortunate. But it keeps you know it's like today I don't know if it's like the weather and by voices like an octave lower today. It's really weird me out and listen I'm too busy listening to myself right now I'm like the sound strange. So OK so the we would normally give like the imperial march you do what you play for a bad guy right you quickly because that's cool yeah and you're like oh teams moving mass is coming in here but for shame casts the enemy of the cast Shea and get something much less cool course of the worst. Lake Villa like cobra commander was a crab villain skeletal or. Because they're Indians did a terrible weather plagued Alex star screamed on the that high pitched like it. The hires. Green it's OK I am okay. It hurt my throat is is even think about it. I don't identify the appropriate song for. Mean this is because there's one. I knew we have that in mind here I already did dedicating we too much time do this cat well we need to. The battle scene don't want that I looked at. Rap song of the play at the when you locks are celebrating their victory does cobra commander having teams on. Who I don't know it's right. Well let's talk about this or second where the worst villains. You could possibly be like is that thank you said I agree if you like I don't wanna be like disguise a bad as bad guy can sometimes bag as a coup. Others. Out there and visit him and see. I want you walk celebrations on thank. Anyway so bad guys that are like that herb super underwhelming he what you're going legs. They're not gonna pose any threat for real here. It's terrifying as a mum Sarah the auto umbrella as bad as yeah crazy man he's a creepy much like first for the as the mummy. Pratt saw on this stage did I remember it I remember this threes and it forces a vehicle trans fall and his decayed. I'm paying 82 bomber. Maybe steer the economy as a kid. The sixth. Get this very threatening. Yeah. Good son to ever fit at the she mean the Yankees want blue. But the real Christopher. Good good good good. I'm just really. Obviously you need to start or how little. Earlier narrow it what better now. Know. Man all right whereas most underwhelming dozens I'm sorry I didn't hear that right. She. You really can and huge question. Good third. This means that. As soon as my duty and is that sounds so good and who are the most underwhelming villains. In cartoon slash movie history. OK we'll talk to an interesting take on that because. You gotta think that there's some pretty corny stuff like. Mr. cogs well there's space sleeve which totals that for. That's just the ball so it's not a bad guy from Willy Wonka now from all the Jetsons out he has had a Villanova and I think in my age. You're supposed to be afraid of them all love. Altering the universe are killing the world manually put it on really gets beat my guy like inspector gadget you might have a whole picture. Yeah attached doctor Wagner extra it was I was assessed a finding out what he looks like an and they really really reveal the toys at some point and like that's not really his Marlon Brando obviously clearly had called I mean that's a great call my cat and every hole. Now at the seams in in got father where he has a cat at some point that he holding and that like how do you get that in a movie captain not cooperative like says that cat is petting it looked like amateur at the liberal Blair whatever that was is what's happening there I think that was just drained a beam Brenda so cool dude is getting into the scene in media mob the mob boss there but not a not an underwhelming bad guys. No no no no he has pretty regularly on a second day I have veto Corleone is fairly legit so just because you're lucky you think about. Commanders inability to ever get anything done except for when he needed to team up with Joseph reflecting like aliens are polarized rhetoric. And I'm a hard time of the through my memory is so bad I'm trying to think off my off the top may have been stuck on. Skillet Torres easily that he was the worst yet he's so bad terrible but he was still kind of scary at least a little bearing on agreement be bad ass. And as a talking skillet timing etc. also love via pretty cool. It's pretty. All of his body wasn't bones aka he was also like a big buff dude there's like a hook with a skull yet be headed at some point in the pros pick to lead us get on how what's what's this. Was the backs derby time beat behind skeletons would know the back soreness dilatory me and that is something that. Let's saddle front and out of the dummies of imposes a link somebody find out about scout tell me everything and he's know about skeletal art five bucks it's John. But they might miss Thanksgiving sorry due to make my own dinner so. OK so the death from the leftover from oh from last week and sides wanted to. And don't miniscule question and mean consume. Do what happened would you want you were soft and other name. And do huge. I think it was nice is first and foremost. Yeah wanted to clear about this right now I am joining the fight against terrorism this very moment. Because it's affected me in my home nobody's reached my hope brag a price relief people to be real mad about it's I don't care for the IFF. I. So. Last weekend I flew to Wisconsin to visit my family which is awesome so don't miss. Hate him he's out and it isn't. Apart yeah. Whatever's the best puzzle that Allison makes you instantly like apprehensive as you go only the first thing. It's always funny when someone comes up with and if you podcast because the first in the goes to your mind is like it's so cool and the second thing which is like. One millisecond after like this so call us. Oh crap what have I said about your pathetic to talk about the didn't say anything bad what'd I say and what did I say why you listened to by bears duke could anyways so they do well yes if a united today and dub dub. So. It's okay be miles his joking. Anyways so. Talked about the Fam is that there are all fun here than you fail and there's very weird like thing where you have bread and you did that into the body has only added that's so we have a weekend but near Kabul looking up dummies it's incredibly neat things they clearly enough Banja culled can't pull. The AG NN EC EUD day excellent it means I believe it means hot dip yeah a hot day of this. Dude it's so good itself gets. Idealist. So. I'm going to Wisconsin and a half to clean my apartment and wash. Column wanna watch all of rookies blanket student and beds and my sheets and just all like that pile of things that I've. It's nice to get home to have all that stuff cleaned to Klesse got summoned staying over for the weekend so want them to feel comfortable I don't mean in the last summer out of the house kind of as is. Which I felt really terrible about sounds like I'd. I got a late. Getting it clear that I'm not like this by mass of slop Cunningham likes her. I'm a slob and a massive you can get it together exactly exactly so go downstairs and I mean like a time crunch EE summit last week I was running around like a maniac pretty much the door we depend upon them will be four but even the pot as like really is like those do you want you'll start start start. So. I had like three dinners like every night last week I had dinners with labels and it was just a crazy week so I had like this tiniest of windows. To do Mallon. So a good chance I get home from all this crap. Immediately load up all my stuff. Could downstairs put in the wash your cool prop then I go it's done a thorn in the dryer. Don't prop bet course selling the worst part about this is that he might have to stay up a little later some thing are all right so it's a little bit late evening but I mean it is what it is I can't help it that I miss this time to do laundry and just watch TV I think maybe there's this thing I thought the plan exactly. And so. I go out take me deferral lac. Thrown back upstairs in the bottom up I'll go check check and only a man who spent an hour should begin to go. So I got down to the to do my laundry room and dryers done. Now open up the lid. Everything's still soaking wet as a common problem only is it like do you like to tear dryers and I'm down my cars are pretty awesome they're fairly industrial strength I believe so but but I have had this happens we once before in my old apartment in Vegas. Where pilots alike will dry all of my I don't know if it's like too much steamer to which heats to eke it spilled open interest. Shuts down pressure or you forget to push the bug me that there's a Little John tougher in the dryer and shredded our confidence back to 55. I'd also like to point out that maybe you just forget to push the button and borrow another because that was pushed him but it could happen needle lake really had to get everything set up BA besides getting in there you Bush's article the thing up and get a phone call article on his walk out of Somalia like it's. I assure you that wasn't the case is alloys make sure that it starts like in print two books in the endorsed its own expense so expensive which is the other half of this problem yet so I think at. With his eyes argued furiously after running again. So yes I go what oh well I guess is it wash it again no biggie kind of a bummer but it is what it is so I go upstairs. Disaster strikes. Recorders and Canadian or like by the dollar and 75 cents stick in quarters and I need to pick. I don't know I thought it would know because everyone's had that certainly at some point and then it's like. I would buy quarters of the day I am pretty Lori was like no I've already I've already got all those and I'm like. Secrets which is not a secret all the rounds that Deb many think your laundry gets done do you dumbing it I may or may not have picked through. That change jar that was in the grams half of the park at the if you're fairly clear that won't admit that. If there as a lover Chris is rolls of quarters that's really know they're not cheap to ship though there would be incredible because he mourned shipping that would cause the actual ticket if you're coming to visit your staying a man whose house. The rear corner it was you gotta do it are referred to make up for the fact you don't spent a 150 dollars night and hotels. Is his brittle of course but there is a statue of liberty of from in my house is say send me your week you pour your court seat I mean right I know sirens clearly mentally he's clearly now sees. Avaya Marty pulled trade in my building has its own authority I hired a so will this open. Jokes jealous we're making jokes out of podcasts know this should be taken seriously every minute of course we could go on the epic so. Ice I like to hair in my apartment apart because it's some of that stuff in there I like. I got to leave tomorrow I can't be with like soaking wet milky bad delivered to you can't really hated taking care my house if you just go rubble Audrey former idea excellent here's a pilot what closed door you don't mind those MI such as relic mildew in two days but what are good all good washes right back out. I'm so. I like to hear my apartment apart F course I am like for some stupid reason like. Well I think this is a very guy thing had like three separate change piles just randomly throughout my house. On the squirrel does with its nuts I do that with pennies and Nickels and dimes and never corporate of course because you've already pursuit of cars are properly stacks up my little changed thing whenever we were unwilling to go see magic up at the Thomas who marketer like to go. Gives you orders of magic excuse. As you don't excuse me. Question you can answer your question we'll unwilling to go up to the promised Americans a magic and it's of course I didn't have any cash. Blinking you goat and a general quarters. You could go up there get Dick a dollar or tea 45 cents and Nickels and dimes and stuff that I just need one quarter you know what I mean Milwaukee's terrible tonight. So let's say hi I need right now it's like to it's so cold out right now. Crazy items range I'm not going to be airtime rose half and so Terry my apartment apart. Unpleasant that when it's a point of pride like I will find a quarter you can I'm not go on a street here are exactly. Oops hold. After you know destroying my place finally ordered to. Success. Go downstairs and at this point now slate now it's like it's. I have known 930. Let's say so that's late in my world to share you know like I go to batted 830 every night like that would be cool slow labor party and it 930 there really is 1030 at the latest somewhere in that. Area and what for what you dude this is like written the wheel house to view being comfortable out. I have just settled in at that point you know get out of here itself then getting on that meets Dylan dog it's like 9 o'clock every exactly exactly so. Finally but the last quarter throw all my lottery back into the dryer. Push the button booms. There will be up. Cool no big deal whenever. I'm gonna be up late anyway it's not that big of a whatever right. Plus a simple plan or whatever I mean it's this travel day you are the quality oil and ever gained a big deal and beady brown yellow so a I can affect. How it's affirmative. So put it and go back upstairs no we're now. Our passes aren't we get this. Chunk out of finally finally yeah now but now it's likely that so go downstairs and open up the loss for they get to the outside dart to the downstairs has locked them think I've never had the doors. I don't think we sent that door has never ever ever ever been locked I didn't know where that is so I think you're sad thing is when you walk in the first dollar. Check out this opens at three eat it's against the red box Motorola's down there at Everett's for the lion is yet and there's there's also an apartment on the I never knew that either that's weird really unpleasant department that they haven't they haven't outlive our own sorting by their apartment right which as we can this glass so you can look right into which is really awkward and I mean I we definitely have held my notes up to their window before so yeah. Did tell us about the coming year for that either pulled fool for a I leave retired he means Cosby isn't. The effect at at at. It's early morning sakic. Could. It. But I've I've looked about and about related sort of that continued you thought touch in the for a few feet and your 104 defeat was back. Connecticut F and let me put them. Outside glass make sure they're not wedded there's no metal on the outside also makes them so I mean look. I'm gums that you brought up there now at a manly. That is so we decided to may have incredible cook is so petty theft case. Good on the line you open the thing up unlock the door to go to London which is again never. Never lets him into a lot like highly league smacked into a 30 yeah I think what the hell yeah. We should just tipped me off right away doesn't that raise just to do that's crazy. And sell open the door on fellow who drive so why not crazy. So open up that door then you go down in the in the lauded him door which does lac. That's when you have to always no yes no we do open that up what do I find I find my dryer with the door open. Hasn't won a pair of my underwear hanging out of it which is weird ending. I mean. And the peak to the annoyance and you are pretty good. Tag list who by the way there come bearing come to bear. There with the finest for me to believe we're right exactly. When I'm not one but not basic mine as on windows I'm messing them gently and comfortably in the Perez Hanes boxer briefs and it's if he crashed into a yeah. So. I'm like. The furloughs or not you know. A man and so I'm like what does it just happened and that is they realize that somebody messed with my first parallel first load and yeah. Furious with the book of. The words. Open up so they'll make look at this isn't what the hell the first I think somebody and rifled through my stuff into this year unaware there might sell. NASA placed stuck inside the dryer is not as says hey. The laundry and closes at 10 PM some of us are trying to sleep. Signed basis that's by no is that. So. I was so mad dude dude like I wasted four dollars. All of your time. Right that that was a three hour for hour ordeal after fighting on the quarters and all that kind of crap because they had to wash it dry it find the quarter dried again. So some Dick head in my apartment went down there and not only like. Screwed me twice but also arrive with him stuff which is even weirder cap and more inappropriate so I at lake. Sort of felt bad that idea at first I didn't know that large in late there's no sign that says close to. You supposed to know it's just a made up rule by dispersant they they tried to apply deet. The noise ordinance rules were like you know my apartment wicket it's took on the clock and we I'd have to suffer through the being loud until you have I'd have to do even though I go to bed at eight right like. Does it cure to back it dude because we all agreed to the same terms that after ten episodes having a party upstairs I'm. The rule I only allowed to do right SpinRite but this locker room you're talking about also how loud can no dry your really do yeah. It's a significant white noise texting to share it runs for an hour Warrick has a consistent thump. At least it's consist now I don't know at a public in their apartment because I'm sure maps are neighbors don't share how heavy their walking but there's no way you would know. But isn't that kind of a just he. Deal with the inconvenience kind of thing. Just sort of saying like like I understand. Is like look. The guy that lives upstairs from me who have another weird story about my own view is even weirder about pay that the second half he must be new neighbor 'cause he. Or recently got in the steering death because you know I have. And boom boom boom can. And my god damn but I'll never let there be like hey man turn it down debt. I live in an apartment. PM and after that I got a problem. I'm OK with it if it's in the living room area itself. Basically until I can't take it anymore is kind of my ruled if it's if it was the bedroom it'd be different we all agree would we sign these leases that a 10 PM is when quiet hours start sheriff you're sure if you think you would to to a reasonable volume like if I can hear in my apartment that's not reasonable after 10 o'clock. You could start 8 AM probably pass because but but all agree on these rules again well I mean also I think there's a little bit of courtesy both ways at that or it's lights. If it's rattling my ceiling now I got a problem but if it's like. I you know that that that the TV show I'm watching goes silent and he did there's there's like I mean this finessed all of this pressure right. But I'm a runner up there it's coming here like a son going dude what. Man trip down. So it's a large gap why you where you led shoes inside bro look at Africa. So I'm trying to figure out who the hell did I Iowa is. I was I am I still wanna do is your man. I couldn't. I had to put them back in my basket in the next day. Magic took me up I want to figure I've finally like the next day and T you come stream comes you market generally lighter slingshot OS comes to market the dumbest. Not look differently at times that you had to sacrifice your sleep yet so those old plot holes Kinsler right right exact ever queued fear yes. You eatery regionally as even more mad and I was so mad about the lake noise thank. If you're gonna be a bitch about that that's fine dare I say if you're going to be the C word about that fine sure. You're just a piece for that. On our brilliance where you're sorry I have gone public right afterward and so the more years are hard and as for me well it's my turn could have and to the point out though that I have to do the other you know words Google. And I've been saving them up out of the coach got to look yeah this is we actually direct. So I'm such you're doing seven days of runs through resonate so you can suffer with Adams and the yes right exactly right. And I'm more mad about the facts that. You took the time clearly to go through and see what was in there. Any of you see a dog bed and blankets and towels and sheets. What did not lead you to believe that an accident had occurred and I had no other choice but to do this I don't even care. Yourself you bright not totally. Totally immediately becomes less Qaeda if FF FF but like I can't stand it if there isn't cool if like I'm all public would we live in communities there's a certain amount of but we have to all agreed to a certain code of conduct share of it to follow if one of those in your lease says Cheryl do laundry after tent if the polls closed the test the security guard comes into two out of eleven because your your ball hanging out and run around chasing people write regular I get a big kick you out fine right that's the end of that share. But if there's nothing that says that it's quite that you can't do laundry after attendance and then I get debit even so this is right come with it even if there is Athena says no laundry after ten death. Did I had to I didn't have a two but I'll apologize I'll buy you had a guy DM burrito lot atop mystery market I don't go to topple. The Bruins can mean that I mean they're frozen burritos I'm in an area then just forget them again. I had no choice dudes I'm sorry I'm addict you can all it means you can write yet but he want to I just got to do I have to do this. You know my dog is crippled by keyed makes messes I have to clean them up three in this scenario and that's a real should start. So the scenario I had to do and I don't choice. And that's like a thing about the what if what if this was cleaning up an accident. I'm midst be stuck with groupie blankets because unique your. Do you beauty sleep and you can't you can't deal with a little doom doom doom. Put on some goddamn head phones with in this turn up your radio and god forbid you listen to the radio you know can play a podcast do anything dirty go through buy stuff that's like that's right they said I like if you open the thing up and pulls that leave a note that Jose it's after ten also be pissed that she's here but. But don't you dare touch my things well and may be needed may be just found out by it looked like it to me than an exit. Right. So that was or leave two dollars and be like yo dude I'm robbing you of two dollars right now you Clusty four bucks if you did just that the irony is if you just let the first one go down we'd have been done and it's not the it's not the Ford dollars it's a thought the money itself it's the the fact the you have to do what he's got him quarters and stuff man thought. It's not hard to do but. But at 930 at night when you're trying to get your laundry done you have to scramble through your house to find it it's impossible so I have a plan to catch these terrorists yet. I'm going to you will get a roll of quarters every night at 11 o'clock I'm gonna go down in the liner in and fire up one of the machine you really are becoming Seattle passive aggressive and great friend says it's great right if you just fill up the the inside of the dryer with something so in the open as it is is like bill so that if if I represented cellphone middle finger is this of traffic. Now that we take it it could Jackson. That's their past. Com. Why you do that why would you want to be such a debt biking is being nice to semi garlic Ali clearly has a thing or. Or stop being so. Stop being so one sided about it like dude that's not. I'd get the got to live together but don't just ruined my stuff because right of your agenda but again I'm sorry I I apologize I had but I had to beat this is the only time I had to do it. I'm sorry lake again. What do you want to return like. How to let me do not least part I author one hour as part of all the sharing the same space that's my point you'd like an eight if again if there's I'm all I can come up on the black and white thing of like if there's a rule that says I can't do with that I will follow that rule or. All or until my hands up big like with that I had no option but not if there's a rule rights that I that I feel badly because I include doing that against the rule that's that's a choice that Ian. But there's not a thunderstorm laundry screwed herself men Brett you're the first ad to not provide the four bucks is terrible that. So long story longer I spent the net the two days before I left. In a bed with no sheets and no blankets to Dallas because everything was soaking wet and it. Is it that long senate could also the next day I couldn't do want because of that that by the time I got home is after 10 o'clock have been added to the next night. Which was and it before I was leaving so that I have one day old wet clothes like a try to hang every in my apartment so damn cold and Athens trying to terrible. And port Moody's is like had to sit in a towel and wrapped market panic I have any veils Fareed you of those horrific like everything's the last. Towards it it's just look at it this sucks and it does suck so I'm still a semi day off really strange Indy goes back to you say. No movement to put the balls in the window on who moved quick upright go on so. We have we have boy's mom staying here in for the week is so pretty horse are and so popular it's. Instead of type hub but it's some it's one of these things where there's a little different nuances that are different for a few days and Jerry I after the more on my game when it comes to lick my alarm goes off in the morning trying to keep everyone managed to slip lawyer and I have a Ronaldo insists she can like. Role would mind it noises in my bank and around January real good about right. This morning cats are playing so they ended that you often in the morning and it like if for some reason just wasn't having it today so I get up and grumpy it's like five minutes before my alarm goes off like you know the before 4 o'clock in the morning those four minutes before your arm was on. Thank those of most important form it's like if I had no I have nine minutes I can get back to sleep you know when I mean at its. I'd just like that's one of the things he did this hour than ten minutes later your final appearance at a grand. The cat's poop on the fortunately you don't like every day and that's also by no big deal right. It's on like this c'mon man at least to be to work early you can get yourself gonna get out of there on time today of the queue that the section kind of a blessing rent rent. Get in there. I reach in and I finally figured out the shower. It's on the hot attorney at two thirds of a turn on the on the pulled after it warms up a turn at 13 and it's perfect every time market and so ago when. And I turned the hot water two thirds of the turn. You shower head is facing the wrong direction. And it's pointing right at my face. It's like turn in the shower on and cold waters. Redmond based on the I don't. Not that loud unintentionally comic you ought to try to keep doing it because there we have over one house together and it's I've never escalated and anger as quickly as those yet. Boot that tenth of a second capture the bathroom right on the clothes soaked the toilet paper's ruining everything and it's all one time in the moment not amazing amount of rhetoric and looks the director of them a written note. But others go to work screw this I'm 32 hours earlier orca or give a damn and limiting him to the dog out in the yeah. And Hugh Christian doing. And then hit me in with you and do you not have the ability to turn on the water without the shower head going off. You do have the ability but something not done many times and that was done. And oversight from boo washout that happen it was not turned to be a hostile level I got a big problem that. I am very tired in the morning wanted to push our stuff and so on the first put my hands up and it like I do that sometimes and like it's that's no excuse. It does odd but I'm willing to own it and say sorry every time it happens I try to always be conscious of it but at the same time and now I turn the yum. As a turning off return one of them obstacle comes on it forces me to turn to the other thing. But it never gets cold it's just yesterday interviewing and Sharon and ends up just think we're living with a bunch of people trying to manage a small space just in time it happened. I'm not at all upset about. How it happened yes just the timing was sure Oklahoma all full of and so guys at united six storm often in the port Laura comes on so much going on you know she's won the week. And I'm like nothing just go back to sleep it's fine everything's fine and don't worry about it and so on storm off and I'm like Superman watch your record for a time I'd been re too short recently because I just had negating the right amount of sleep district has stressed out stuff and select a group that Turkish nick walks on eggshells around me because I'm like constantly like not feeling quite right yeah. It is bad to going on right not helping neither so you know. It's mean. Superman I just need to be contained demanded like last in the face of cold water first thing in the morning is not how you roll into your day now Chris warm shower. It's Wednesday before the before the big long break this is great I can really enjoy the day of right you'll start to date ability to hook I somewhere or not. Marta hat here today arms of the that I don't often do and kind of delve bills out of a man does not show if I happen. Our guys up ready to. A few questions you can nets mute quizzed. When. For you in high school wanna say like early high school public freshman sophomore year again. Jordan remembers the great shift in hat wearing that happened. From what to what. I remember being a kid in the eye or my hat and a moment headphones Obama had a problem I had with the but the bills thicken up the carefree and have a fun Ramallah and he's going to give us what you know of the hats so it's whatever yeah. And I remember about freshman year may be Zulu Natal in high school it became. Where they had real move your brow and then the core rap out of habit yeah. It was a big deal you had to have your bill bit like people would spend the weeks with a new yeah bands and stuff that would crawl and people don't have as far and wrote rubber band right NC get this really perfect I. I remember that so distinct look at Georgia Republican nerd with on top of your head just click on a huge tilt oh yeah I read. I don't know win that transition happened and how we ever got out of the bill pending thing because. Then you know five years ago suddenly became flat NBA com and I'm I could end up being bundled just because they don't do anything with my hats but not like intentionally NASA says someone. I'm Mike Kaplan Jonathan Kaplan evidently got the hat off my head once when I haven't gone and sort of bending the bill he spent he spent us. Decrease in two you know life. As a ballplayer. Sure a capsule look at the ball player and he likes that but you can't account and had mr. ticked off my head. I'm not in their message with the liver your chair and stuff isn't making it the way I want it. In his defense analysts say that I have in and much as uncontrollable they don't do it but I have a major urged that saharan Africa. Data. You know I I don't it's not flat. Now now it's unfortunately has occurred on it Chillicothe to have just a little bit sheer I don't think about where my hat up I don't -- it down yet a brow and so it's like I don't care what it's like this where there's a let's on the brow down and coming down got his because you play baseball that you Wear your hat that we ever had right now is that pesos to Wear it in my opinion but that's least now I put us -- gracefully my opinion what I like you were regular to go instead doing silly to ask them I fiddle with stuff as I'm going to do a little nervous habits and stuff inside my hat's going down across my proud to point -- like to get up on like the occasion to ever elect take a look at me midway through my show Harris sickened up overworked public have my hands my animals don't do that pray pray pray for all just part of par for the course or whatever it like toward get up in electorate ahead out I'd put my hat down and right leveled out and go right. Com eyes Deborah and expect that. The change happened subordinate happen again must always when they have toppled for this because they're so fashionable with their with the sports hats. But you don't overseas heavy metal fans were in there now Washington Nationals Latino. Don't know man. And then like for doors became cool for a long time. Then like now beanie is like I was and that's an. I mourn that your critics I'll always Irma had the same way like Iowa is. Cares about like like beanie fashion fair hike. Wanted to go from you know BCV six ticket as high as you can have it yet and then it was like roll it up so there's real tight here haven't skullcap. And now it's like slot back and Michael ware real far back on your head though those loved the back part is because people have such long hair now that clinic that you have in your applicable on the back there and so you keep it in the the top part there it's just I I don't know if it's by. Utility or not but it's the style I think is makes sense. But that's the part that that's I am more I'm more into you like warm hat fashion. Then about a basement designees look as usual amicable opener and that is a direct product of my grandpa. Yelling and meet every single time no matter what it. How I Wear my uniform I always looked like a jerk at the eyes you look like a jerk. Which is just him being. My grandpa you know he's old and you know usually looks like a ball as a grip I can't put my serve any higher contract I'd be wearing shorts and tight in Britain. So. Are you ready yet to get into the the pod party or do you want doing some Thanksgiving talk first. I see we save the pod party for the end we should definitely teased in the beginning yeah when they were to tease right out. You listen Erik thanks for checking out our dumb podcasts coming up in just a few weeks something incredible we'll tell you about a more at the end of the pot if it. Love it stick around dummies. Perfect perfect tackle until by the we didn't get to that sooner so yeah again I got it and if cash he fresh it's. Oh great ideas and an Australian that we can talk about right now that if we should really look at that well Thanksgiving is tomorrow and our time right now and Gordon's crew time it'll be tomorrow and so with a few minutes here Philip politician public talk about some Thanksgiving thing to make sense makes sense so. There's two different angles to this one is. I think we should be thankful first okay and then talk about how we celebrate. Sure glad that yet so far so this is this is pretty straight forward this is for Shane. Yeah. Just keep poor poll question. And you can and you could zoom. Dude. What are we knew blooming up. And holed that one when he thankful for. Bullard I think before captain b.'s mostly all of gravity gravity is pretty to rule I'm pretty thankful for. I'm pretty thankful for the news Captain America trailer that assigns an incredible that thing looks so Kuo. On the may have been his. The best you know to be fair I mention really thankful from a family because I realize that a lot of people have crappy second piece. And the relatives suck on and mind don't. And that is really the that's a blessing it was time to cement grandma. Shasta referred go sub gram all she looked better among them you'd appreciate that thanks Greg for the time she is. Like I say this all the time even talked earlier I in the Weasley prisoner of him. The Gramm is far and away the funnies when I aggregate and not just because. Lake if you met my grandma you'd like and that lady is hold your best not to because it's your grams it's like right now I like she's so funny and we are talking about. She pulled me aside and he's gonna have like I mean her top which is great. On that doesn't happen enough you know commentary about how babies are ready right yes some of the birds and the bees are not ready to have a girlfriend that's exciting. On the. After 20 about Mary goes. Breaking there is I learned about sex this weekend and more alert and but we're talking about how. We have thing about trying to figure out my nieces and Nazis all want it you are my cousins I should say they Alan do you of the Stanley vacation duties things every five years so. And they wanted to know to beat Tammy union. But Daley wants to engine we could get which I think is really cool depth and we're talking about how there's I think. With cousins nieces and nephews at this point I think we're up in the thirties cool and we'll wait so who besides New Zealand where your sister lives right yet and New Mexico were Joseph lives telling us details on Demi. How many people are outside of the area I'm most of them are inside the area time the Milwaukee. Somewhere a little bit from beaver dean. Maureen Green Bay maybe even a little south agreement I kind of the majority of the ball is in that area they see each other once a month. More consistent and that OK so every union means bring the five people that don't live your home well now that Italians here these Italians are so it's let's Milan one to. 345. 678910111213. People. Outside of the 2% Elmo yeah are such that it's not as good chunk price 6040. Unita on. Which only get bigger as my cousins and their own college now so they'll be having kids eventually and it's gonna get crazy cuts they Wednesday Reno's Lincoln like we are talking about it like it's pretty cool. That. And and I I think you beat the odds here none of us are screw ups there's not there's not a bad apple in the bunch prove who who I mean I told the line pretty well but I mean at you know I still haven't you know like yeah I've been in jail or not dead end at Mike. Suckered anyone in my family give me money or anything crazy like that you don't mean might have been knocked up your laundry neighbor yeah that he be determined once every find out who that person has caught on total bay begins formal. Make for a great story that's the best and I'm kind of in his stories more than eminent people that he would be an enemy like. I look I think as a dispute multiple times in the filling in for two years out of are different story connect that's gonna make a good story I'm kind of then dashed her I'm so anyways hum. And it's I was city or country to keep guiana tonight for this event and calming the biggest story c'mon only clever Dunn is not a good store copyright. And it's fun by the time. So right so we're a bit. On. But there's not one person in our family it's a real mess. Which is. Incredible and that's really cool so I'm really thankful. That data Sammy that's. I actually enjoy hanging outlet that was pops included in the standard here is talking about no of course not this is divorce situation that's the other side of the family dinner yet. Yeah. And you look like a jerk inflicted self inflicted wound their body yeah yeah anyways and so yeah I'm thankful for that I'm thankful for bees and think for Captain America. I've saved first and foremost for me I'm thankful for pretty Laurie we are going to hold on. And skew question. Now. Solid myself actually yes that dad. They get. Everything before everybody. I'm I'm thankful first and foremost for Purdue or. That's been it's been an awesome adventures they're on and you say that having a cool family is important Woolsey like as our family grows ever read our how that works out we've got her mom in town right now she's a real hoot I read it I really like her she's on. Apparently super Smart. Mom and her mom is linguistically so quick she like you always have something to say to me which is loss affect us. And I know exactly exactly you don't just got this one little push the cart and and her dad couldn't be cooler and he's Smart as a whip does as well totally different people rule accord took me to do that in my hotel and my brother called me yesterday and in Khartoum and for help Korea. Because. We're so far apart in age that we don't bride there's a huge. Chasm in between us and so yeah for the ledger talked to a much Emanuel rule like some really grateful for. My own famine the expert miss it yeah famine that's pretty neat now I'm also grateful for. Before Star Wars battlefront that's been pretty fun. You have a two habit but I'm on Xbox one dude can't express what would this happen kind of like I mean this happened you know it. We're losing your office like yeah your office up for those like a rental I thought so too would never kind of taxable hard complaining about it my friend works for EA and he was like mirror or copy and I was a what the hell is going on your revealing things I did not know the typical com. And then click beyond that like. I think full true. At this all the stuff I'm saying is off track horny just like generic stuff for what are public. I'm really grateful for the opportunity to like doomed the stupid thing we'd do yeah and why game at Vegas that goes without saying whenever and then. I also really like space so I think space. I'm also thankful for the atmosphere. And otherwise. I read that otherwise space to be the enemy I read that the polls are gonna for a parent world food toast. That's but come into low earth here you will. I don't know if the magnetism wound in mid week I picked up to be read before we get vaporized from lack of protection from the space. Obviously the post flash. Let's at least we have a warning signs I'm super grateful that so wars episode seven comes out of Amman at the super cool it's going to be awesome nuggets to coming nuggets I mean I feel like that goes without saying I'm super thankful. For the impending month's earthquake that's gonna happen in Seattle because Iowa instantly annual team now beachfront prop to be allowed out the thing or about. We might wanna move up the hill little bit because. There's going to be a tsunami that happens that's as the you know I hear that that's that's the we were right at the line. Can fill mine is right he said we're tsunami three yeah and I'm saying you make it some white caps I'm gonna buy a shotgun. OK and then I keep guns on the by shotgun yeah and then when they come in trying to home that they own that property that could be chaos you have to be like. Who owns that property now yeah yeah feels like it could be lawless and they do that in the monitor him death that's that's a shot at a half hour. I'm excited I've already I do zarrella get a week of fishing pole. And I boo put OK I regret the hook at the bottom of the so and all of the cool stuff floats by haggard has pitched yeah I'm gonna go slow I'm gonna go fishing for a lot of us want for. And cook for. What you ever what are. I've considered I don't know if McCain to timid to scratch out the serial numbers on thank Keith is like cookies just to confuse dubbed I mean he's like you to sell your Xbox and buy a PlayStation and PlayStation. Yet the it's always going to be I don't play enough games though like I don't but it doesn't. The cool thing is like nowadays like these games are so we elaborate where it's like you can get one game in the last few. Months I've read I don't is gonna make it a little heavier but I ran into this thing where when Ole Ole mom passed away life became pleading for me share oh yes sure like you're wasting time dad and so videogames and movies and TV shows and stuff like that. Scripted things or what B times sucks like that became and not punitive though it limits at all what I wanna those things became a thing where I'm like I'm not. Getting enough out of this to make it worth it. And so I started being our exports because it's. Unwritten share. And I just like lost all of my interest and all of these other facets now look I've done until group which Cuba a hundred times today Iran and little thing and I'd like to justify disease in my mind but also they're gonna get unplug Regis want to move into relax and liked. I orbital burn out a lot sooner because I'm so in I'm so serious about like doing things all the time in as amusing is that can have the same. Feeling but I attack Clint in the exact opposite way around going like. Clocks always taken me and now if you want a decent then. Just do it do it if you want if you wanna play fought for referred six hours go for a man could you not get you got to have six hours forever death. It's that the really interesting take on it because. I'm like I'm I'm thankful for what we've had already yet like the time we've had share but I have zero. Idea how long it'll go for yeah oh yeah and the moment you might as well do things did you feel like doing. Right somehow. I can't get my priorities to line up with like like torture to get me to watch try to lights I did. And I hear it's great Texas forever. And I and I'm like shadows messiness and some dummies dummy site. I'd like I don't really know that I want. Engage yes like now if it can be before bed most watched TV show before bed and watching parks and rec right now that's perfect because of light hearted and funny and I care about wanting to watch another woman doesn't like. Two of them are mine receiver and when I don't watch like something intensely before going public. The game of thrown Stutz that's not gonna help me out from my sleep whenever it's so crazy we're still opposites I can fall asleep. In five seconds I could bolster point five seconds split. Just like switcher or like because I was like you will all the time or another that stuff bothered me but switchers schedule where it's unnatural. Yes and I understand and suddenly it's not attempt but discussions summer going inflict the power of the stuff that's spike. So put that stimulates my mind and know you're in the wrong way okay if I was quoted at 1 AM I watched him throw still men and women who care slick yet have a deal but at the did the artificially trying to force myself into the southern lifestyles that does not help me I thought it one more thing that I'm thankful for hit it. Dreaming Castro. I'm a mash potatoes daddy you know I'll watch I'm gonna do. Collie flower manager searcher of course that's amazing I'm not a I'm not I've sort of little controversy yesterday. Same I am not a fan of I'm not a big potato fine. Now I like every franchise obviously but I mean c'mon that's doesn't count. Yeah I'm I'm potato guy because Ehrlich. On words the awesome thing Rasheed and this is not so that only she doesn't derive she takes an entire. Head of garlic. In the oven for 45 minutes or whatever and then takes it out and stirs it into the mashed potatoes Lou. Home and that spies is not now but she's big and so there's none of the good stuff and they're like like bloated and heavy whipping cream yes she Ernie bad idea of us are consoles is no good. And I'm a big potato fan I try not to consume a lot between getting old and fat which is not good but. Com but I mashed potatoes with gravy on it is like the jam. So dude it's so good now who. You I think we're both on the same pitcher Doug Lester baby cranberries I'm out anti cranberry it's good having or is money here because will try. I'll try some stuff that she likes to do it she's gonna make and Gary and breads and we'll and I'm going to be rules. And in this hands I'm assuming no I am Atlanta right hand I'm I'm not into the inland though I cannot but tournament. Not necessarily that my jam. Suited and a I will say though XT potato pie is ridiculous I don't try to because I've always if they don't give timing and occasionally bummed about we're. Would you pick up on compile an apple pie and Obama's office of the pile last night super good middle blue cells like little individuals. Sad people's minds and for the perfect type. Sad time when you finish the pike he's the ten to catcher tier guys is that what you should do is to cut it does have a top on Yucca. Yeah come out eyes and little little frowning face under pod before you need it brilliant throw it on. I like any creamy casserole again well I was blown away last year when we had the begin begin meeting creamy she pulls off some like. Awesome cooking with with out musings into decree muse he's cashew milk or sought to add a net cash shoes a delicious flavor in itself. Sure can cream stuff up and make it. Pretty damn good man so. I look forward to all the savory parts of the Thanksgiving and you then at the end that's less a pumpkin kind. It really brings it home adding I think did about that they cranberry sauce. The only thing that I wouldn't be unreasonable given a pass is because I feel like. The art of the plate he knew little color on there yeah you know enemies friends like brown and green and and really only one things green has there been anything that's like caked in like cream match and Zune and I had an area. So I leave for the for the for the beauty of the plate which is also fairly important may be able grammys but I would never eat it and not to do for me yes or trying to put together they Craig isn't. The brazen slick I don't let's. Like I preferred grapes raisins in like real life and so I got no problem with cranberry or the cranberry sauce and had a problem I don't just I just don't really care for again I had to eat and make final lead. Oh yeah like it's it's not like salon drove from new oil let it defeat estimate. I'm disliked this is not for me I'm also big I have a big proponent of I don't like. To mix my foods together I like. My stuff and to be on this little side and I like my dream means over here and Wickman Turkey here and my bun in the middle that kind of work is the barrier between and that cranberries and any of the things kind of could ever touch stuff that rule is that yeah. That's a yeah it's so. Yeah it utterly stupid. I have I just thought of one more thing we think before I'd go ahead parred dummies now yeah OK yeah I am so thankful for our dummies and I think you artsy you I think I. Us should have apartheid. Yeah did you question moon. Still ahead. It's been consumed when is he beat you today so we zoom through we address on. She threw a party for her to his gap absolutely I've got all worked out I'd like to its amok but it's behind the scenes yeah. All right. This is a total set up guys by the way a few weeks ago. No we have we have a partner that we work without 177 the end and that is virtual sports and so tonight is about six months ago. I went down there and checked out their pursuit was great we have a ton of fun OK and then. Bomb it was thank you stand by guys knew you've got you've got an invite you didn't actually show up to it com. It was yeah absolutely because we roll on an email together Charlie to consent to do it and you didn't show I've gone so hope. Yeah I was over some of their first signed up to do this it's due to think anyway. What other than those super fun OK and then you're out of town a few weeks ago you go in town for the weekend. It was key real person there now the cookies birthday and shuts cookies sub Deming. I was a heavy birthday I have your president in my refrigerator right now so cool off. It's effect so it went down a widgets them would like to give you drop another you know who. If you look at the low with a two wings of the woman played laser tag a virtual sport to the de Beers or we'll set and took laser tag. It's like all of duty laser tag yelling cheesy with a flashing lights everywhere and everything that's a five pound gun you carry around anywhere like a flak jacket type thing and it's got Jenkins I really get hit I can't remember I think so it certainly makes a noise of sums up I don't remember but what we're done. Even like. Everyone that played was like when. Boot two doubles loss and yes it's a certificate and we don't have the party but what we wanna do it in Seattle kept park anywhere and stuff so I hit up the I have Charlie the guy who bullet meant is that here at station I'm like dude let's do just that Charlie some dummy. What's duel with to a podcast party virtual sports like it and so Brian over virtual sports hooked it all up and it's going to be fantastic now we've got to flush out the specific details Acadia maybe this week we'll just talk about it next week we'll let the process of who's gonna yet applause target right mark this and you calendars so. We're gonna we're gonna hang out together on Saturday December 19 virtual sports for south and Ramon to clueless. Poem. Will be there at 4 o'clock in the afternoon through 34 o'clock. For a few hours were you discussing if we get the space and whether or not we'll do in life pod seeking Cummins today and it may be the Holler things that lesson here is askew question one not. We split fairway if we can put the drops to a sound systems of people can actually hear the final product when it's an African baction broadcasts not talked to you about that we're gonna have a another are dumb party and I think a lot of Tony fifteen season three though the first of the season during. Oh god this season three wrap party that I want to be clear about this right C three continued sent cutesy cute girls though go. Although more episodes Saturday December 19 4 PM there are dumb party to absorb a name for it. Keith I know is working on some awesome stuff for local school also love were were ready. Laser tag is awesome if you had. Any qualms about it or whether you're unsure about it look at above virtual sports online and check up yourself at super thought I just want to make this clear from the start I want this to be out there so there's no. Confusion yeah. If you shoot me in the eye with a laser gun yup I will beat the living daylights out of the I'm taking you outside in the parking lot and just. Mop in the fourth it just so you've been warned. X Star Trek two. Days. I. I. I patched. And possibly crohn's and you with the guns specifically I don't know it's just will be the rest is what his ideas what it out there just in case gray area just just in case Coca. Don't shoot meaning nice to. Shane again predominantly. Cap that disease and yet shall. It me I think there and it does this time it's not a dummy and oh yeah. Yeah okay. Man let's bring this thing full circle bulls are OK first the ball. Last week we did an awesome episode probably the best ever tribute episode we've got. Our only tribute episode the best one at an episode dedicated to one person GAAP who then just casually threw it aside. Like a piece of trash. Like to close circle with a I this soggy Fries at the bottom of a baguette Dix and this is a guy who doesn't like potato drag him into eggs yeah. Though. You know what are dummy of the week I'd like to just go ahead and say that the same person who we tried to shine some light upon. Has now turned to gold to darkness he talking about who I think you're talking about. It is time that dominates the coming of the we don't meet. It was Sheen. Pax panel machine she. Tom bush saying you ruined my name. Like music yeah sex you the you apple PX. The news that. And conversely happened. The music acts these men. The music. Let me. Music. That's news this. Affects music get out the news that current. Remix. That. I'll tell you guessed it sex with this could be I don't think you'll know because the second time a player. It was not in programs about the wounded and go through a series. So I think actually anti. Other stripper sex music last week it was about profitable as an annually on lo Formula One unto us by Sheen whatever well at our or this week I value his opinion and aren't we did a little research into what might be the opposite sex music for change. That probably a lot of people are you going to do we could bang that is due to their popularity specifically though. Here's the deal about this one Nina. If you don't like it like myself to be honest with you I mean not blame Nolan but change. This machine's fault shame exchange Jamie you bush came to know. Fix music yeah connects music. Now it's time on the sixth music and you wanna be clear ideally the band this summer just this terrible that I also like Jane can I just think that he's. And not enemy in the bond except for one hour out of every week than he'd change to this hour. Strong words I'm resilient city are dumb party December 19 at 4 PM don't shoot meaning nine virtual sports. Will. Everyone should come down no excuses. Is this could be a great time when we've got it's really and it's going to be it's in the glass we will be accepting gifts yet tributes and we don't I don't against. When it should be with food or booze place I would take Tribune's print enough food and drug for them is I don't think contributed to attribute. I don't wanna gifts that would imply that I have to return that I would feel like I mean he also gets so yeah this is one way gifting if it happens tribute tribute. Odd sort of contest follow us on the Internet SunGard a podcast makes you go give us like on FaceBook. Hopefully you know. The banks are so I don't know subscribe to us share us all that's not leave a comment thinking not destroy all the hard work we do this for cleans Phelps of parents get out here. You've been listening to our dumb podcasts they're Smart Smart like a fox. Freeway email these idiots are dumb podcast gmail.com. Well them on Twitter are done podcast or eight record and that. In child wanted to. I don't podcast is brought to you by Elmo signaled this.