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Didn't trust attorneys' next. And now from the legendary studio don't believe so you RNC. At all whizzed grip error. Now I'm not sure Ross remembers this for the first time he showed up at the station to record segment on there with me I was super excited super nervous. Never met a professional sports commentator before and here it was going to be in person I've talked to a few would ever like actually seen one as human there about robots turns out. I've ever be like okay well thanks everywhere you like. And began her. And then rusty super confused by the thing that has gone really well. But my lack of confidence flexible mission we're gonna get it's totally know Campbell I'd like you I enjoyed myself you don't make it a little. Hope pretty dome over the over the years some of the silliest of professional exchanges and been part of on the radio were brought us. We've enjoyed years of partnership in this crazy little radio world I was shocked and heartbroken when we can no longer be calling the games that I love and broad new dome for of course. Uses an opportunity to be ridiculous. Run of the giant Ross head into golf producers to software to fun. I'm gonna work for them I never really took the time to ask him dial got a a wealth of resource pro at the top of this field. What does it take even if there. See that I prepared for something once this is ridiculous. Cuts at the you've got who was written to Al half you've got. Elevates a music. The best you've brought Walt syringe full always bring water can you always bring moves and I had found in the water but the thing that's amazing. I feel kind of all know as the giving me this treatments how. Yeah that's that's what I'm gonna toilet the biggest smile on their face right now it's wonderful well it's just because I'm saying you'll lovely miss stash years fakes and I don't look like I'm homeless and more like the first time you see me at the beginning of the year every year. Campaign. Just don't ever thought but I don't like jag iron again and save my beard and a month and now this somehow you have cleaned up yet and should you bail him about two and a half weeks and when you go by grade says a couple people that we momma stash for. For Alex sorts of trauma been ass in my path well let's go for a flop fast. I love all of those red elephant he got back from like some are much colder than you must be stoked to be an in the what is this like. It's Greek week in February my from a moved her told me that the dollars a week in February that it was a beautiful and you get like all this is greater than B just crap on for the next four months of rain we have full Monty crowd remained but I love they use the word stokes because that's about the any adjective and Hud in the last two and a half three weeks our good. So it's a Knoll 1000 Norway Knoll weapons of Oslo specifically. Ricky yeah you and I had two days in Oslo glorious it was like and the rest of it's on me Lilly how mad. Now for those of you like you'll Ted division pulp killed Chad's there. You probably know about this the showed an Obama now OK look it up basically dodging Dalai. Its second city city this tiny north Norwegian town of Lillehammer on some kind of witness protection program I've never seemed a bit that this is the series apparently is very gained. So American cities in primitive and Netflix that's where European thing you watched I know. There's this funny about what's for this isn't happen. But I was in limit comment for the youth Winter Olympics cool so basically a bunch of fifteen to eighteen year old cage during death defying tricks. And they'll the next generation of athletes. So spent a couple of weeks Stan this is the place. 22 years ago where they have the Winter Olympics in 1990 full. So you probably weren't privy to this but there was a bike David Letterman back before cables can you know you have like your big night time television shows and David Letterman. Long time late night host sent his mother. Totally hammered a report and for him not mirage that was is corespondent Barack hello Dave shared every night that he would check in with her and adjustments we midwestern woman doing that until I have this very vivid memory of nothing more than this little blue haired woman that was there at the game for a pair matching the color of the snow was popular. So yeah I'm a surprise Emmys so nice she police say that to be on a so very warm and welcoming. Bizarrely the summit it's not samaritan. The only thing they really seems easy book is South Africa to have so many liquor outlets and invest it was so worried sick and thank gas stations how it loads of different options of purchase of the city Chico for the Hawaii Barack is that Ole Dow's Exxon. Shell you can go for the Dallas to a poll of one of the differences and I think more on how bacon Elmo and didn't the kind of a drive and every day is in this lovely little Steve and his code half Yeltsin and I'm aware our offices will. That we would drive past practice. At Barry Myers is no way every straits European country. A place called dude burka. And no check it out on lied and no big no ways that it dot com do you plug and there's never anybody in Africa. But it seems it is lovely brake coach a European country at least Assad a mostly all they was stricken villages. Why is that it's great and I got no idea and so we want to give us some local. Fat. And their local ferries meet bulls coach shackle to. I wish is quite nice hat trick to have meat balls in and crime resource who that was quite local US news is the can both use what you've done if you're like me and doing vegetarian February I haven't had any meat in the month. About died man's there's nothing else in the snow Orton out yellow and that's what health enhancement topped that I am in the epic a Petrobras after they get you led some low already yet as they did vegetables and stuff it's just a really expensive country powerless freaks is quite cheap. I'm getting read off tangent and I don't care I'm fascinated thoughts it's for the wealthiest countries in the world is outside the European you don't win. Yeah it's it's within it the travel zone in the Shanken travels and menacing guys that freed eight if you European. But it's. Because of all wheel and a couple of other big industries everybody is mainstays. And so that wages are ridiculously high and as a result the cost of living. Is ridiculously hard to match the wages city Durbin is a Taurus a few pints of beer at a large pretty. Was costing about 1112 books home like hot yeah I'd like Los Angeles prices lucky dude Barca will be like Sweeney Su 24 books is kind of it was some Fries. So I just hate kind of protein balls. Pull double faults he reeks of that was that abroad from the states who is your employer for the does the BBC send you over earth solo work for the world's 3COM. A company that basically. Does the out pull for everyone and I guess is long and winding story bet. I started at the Olympic Games as a reports of with the BBC NC thousandth NH in Beijing. And then my boss from the BBC news today is a the company and he said well can you come with me in their reports of many and it's. They did their first ever world feeding 2008 is great bigger bigger bigger the idea being that. There's certainly camera trees in the world from so many TV companies you coffee all of their cameras into the same arena it's fair it's just not physically possible so what's happened with the Olympics. As it has with prime unique Soka a lot of other sports around the world is to have one centralized production which distributes. The at least life coverage. To everybody sim Wong camera creep. Does the star on the production to everyone around the world will take NBC won't say that the BBC will say that the Chinese company cctv will take all the right so disease out feet. So bowl we were doing in the Oklahoma was providing that and a highlights package so in America my reports for going out on NBC at said. Effectively Pelosi none of them because you weren't watching NBC SN. How much Premier League with time and you know I ordering a third England or something and over here you for the hello. Oh my god that's so crazy again. Or that I have a question because I know we'll be watching the television -- be watching the arsenal match or something like that night and it won't be one of the ones that are are low and friends are covering in the NBC guys obese than that were piping in from the world feed a good idea cold feet commentator or something or. They send a feed with the sounds built into it right it's like everything it's this it's the stadium on beyond that put the fans cheering the sound of the ball being kicked. And then. If you bring in. The commentators over the top of it that's on the separate feed and then they just match up. That's right so do what I do now my work with fox sports and had lag. A lot work he's off offer TV monitors so it's what you just described that sir where you will have to gain coming in to the studio. But just the audio effects of the crowd at such a few clearing common should voice on. All you can take the other feet which already has the world feet Collins faces best suits your watching and NBC game isn't collar white. That's the world feed live to be a guy like Joan champion has created drool read it. There's lots of traffic some of the other guys Jim proud soot. Love on his loss of those guys. And that will be distributed to all the companies that TV companies around the world to support the rights so they can just play sap and said that coverage Robin sending their own commentary is suing glitz and our own CB cameras and multiplying the process when actually one set of cameras will be enough for everybody. And then you can add your own voices. If you want to sort of the match starts rather than having any pregame commentary that's coming on the world feed of what over the world to commentators on the can to switch between Colombia arts to it now the wolf he commentators are included and so that's a yes they don't what happened is. Hamas for the day and maybe even earlier than that. The production company and insult this case in the community prime nearly productions. Will send out a running all that basically she's instructions. So old that the April cassis run the world we're taking his feet saying acts. If it's a trickle trickle out too low wall on PM we'll bring you a live shot. All of the stadium awhile so great to IE six will bring you an interview waves are you manage to ten will bring new density with the away manager. So always TV companies around the world can build icons and in the knowledge of what's actually going to be coming down the line to them. And then a set to 57 we'll keep you warm up shots six warmup shots behind seeing six point shots of the awaits he silly Gainey come. But basically bring in those pictures ample amount on your own system having at a edits of them put my life. Knowing what you'll going again so soon you get to go run cheat than that you're sitting in the studio with like if you were doing a soccer match like you know that like you need to talk until 36 and then from 37 till forty will be a talk with the coach or whatever that everything if it was mean no funding play by play because Arnett basically act. Kickoff time is time for me and were off Tyler offstage on the priest used to says I and my life. And the guy and a half time you have to try and sing the timings up to work with with your studio production test the case. So not necessarily for me to wolf for the pro Jesus who putting the show east together whether it's fox or NBC all style sports in Indiana. Old Ella EL ABC or sky sports scene in Australia wherever that might be for those guys that. Run that he stays world feeds who put the right stuff over the top of the wealthy because we just started like war and into the public this very advance this conceptual thing that we're talking about we have to be kind of approach to make all these pieces work together sport is this all starts for you as a kid. What was you're. How did you find yourself being pulled port broadcasting if you had dead it's it's it's. I didn't know this is already a random story SP is lots of people on the same kind of in clings on a two minute 1112 may be a kind of love the sound in my voice than Demi you'll lose protesters. Not one not everyone to know how cool Nirvana loans of those months ever wanna know how cool how much I Loughner. And what I wanted to do was let everyone in school assembly and how cool last soccer team most school eleven aside sockets in most. And so I would compile match reports right match reports of a school soccer games. And and read them out in front of everybody at assembly. But of the show off and I would have terrifying though I loved it I loved it that's great yeah I thought this sounds like fun. A demo and I was fourteenth. And I was I was growing up listening. So local radio my favorite soccer team tourists into the play by play not on the seven new. National. Radio station as it was then radiate five life from the BBC. And he said selfless in that place by place. I have to take a look to do to really enjoy the atmosphere in the painting the picture is. And along came a competition. On the old BBC radio five live for budgeting commentators. And the idea while those holes six Kate's. Would win the chance to go and do play by play on the league cup final in England which is the biggest games of the of the year. On the account and see how to submit his five minutes of play by play suit of the competition. And then. O'Neal on year old CE ninety cassette recorder. And see how you Dave Lewis beat great. So did less to succeed against Nazi of forest in the old division one I think it was those forty. And that's the two teams nearest to your hometown yeah teachings news to me it just happened to be on the TV that and I knew him. Because being found a one of them and I did them a squeaky high pitched. Play I like it was just slugged out of my mom and dad still have the take summary in my and in that loft. I as as embarrassing as it is now I just wanna keep it for posterity because I. That's who I was at that time we'll put that on YouTube program like this no doubt thought let's keep it for personal consumption sound cloud but it's been. It you know convincingly and how about you send it to me is like to put it on the blog in the we can yeah no I'm she could but no. Quite decent packs chief thirty seconds to thirty seconds built they'll never find you the amount of closer to my parents loved simple some bit and asking me for decades to get rid of video on nine. Now Monica might suing them maybe but either way I'd a submitted his squeaky voice. And presto we. It is just a taste happens all the bull. And so I'm I'm not a chance in this. And waited a couple of weeks. All. Honesty is dynamic he subsidy to die and I did to her impression similar forensic Verdasco a high pitch I can doom and I think that's who writes a speed of sound like chip monks and Alvin and shipments through eminent. I'm so totally say tiger Alexa back with something else and it was a baseball cap but a show called drug. Big goth crew chiefs to present. Used to play for top Hotspur and know is that a panel of some of the BBC's pixel sense. And it was a runners up baseball cap Cink thank you fearing treat you didn't win but we really like Tet. And even though it didn't get through it's a commentator Wembley which should be every child's three Osaka. I thought well. So keep on got to witness and so from fourteen on love the idea of which used to turndown made the sound a much TV. And commentary to myself. Popular acceptance Sarah sixteen. One of my local radio stations BBC radio Dorothy. I'm my system that was doing now with the late night we can teach guys from the station hot it's always been you know not what united. I sets and happy. Any chance talking to infamous sports team to see what they need to. And luckily Tom he's now my brother and global. Sheets. So detail how women sports at the synagogue who calling Gibson we'll see we can day. I came back to meet on a short time later and said hey echo does that come on into the studio three Saturdays and a rather sit in the studio itself. What's impressed all the buttons see how the magic happens on the sport Shiites which trust and Tito six and assassinate during the that Darby county gang. And Nancy could signal promises beyond those three weeks. I'm basically had never left. That's incredible talent goes on this visit pillow until I guess that's what it is you just get your foot in the you just keep showing up yes it would 1214 years later finally left that place. Are we done a multitude of jobs in to be some incredible people. And so from sixteen. The then set up to these three weeks old Jonas stay open a sub out when we just about afternoon. Mess about programming it's just kind of we'll take the radio car out some local sites interview people about that. Bert show Susan you know these random things you can sit there and I'm sort and so the competition phone lines in the Tuesday's competitions are big. Well at least carry it 3040 people would phone up wanting to win a CD of a Nazi she'd never huddled. A city I'd love today. So for a couple of months on Saturday to train a I've beat that mine tunnel loss for a and it's worked on paid to not carried on. For a think about Syria is it she is a Saturday's untie aid. I'd donate every holiday to ask meets they would nobody wants to work to show winning and show that was key in give me the opportunity to. Do you things. And it seventeen may be a started reading out. The soccer results from the ultra local soccer leagues so about a remind be shy finished 6 PM. A five minutes to sakes. I have a gigantic company sheets with the local local hike local results. So very much. The the top division of the buck is pretty elite Manchester United one Chelsea dale. And then meet it was my favorite walked sponsor it's of the helmet probably paid him a hundred pounds just to sponsor this plea for the whole year. The reds firm's international remove those central Madrid's full bully Travis Perkins supreme division. Led with Siri like its Rolls Royce ninth seed much disposable to look rich. So it's just great introduction to protest you know my first broke cast and there I was holding this you sheets of sheets of paper just. True trembling as I didn't have this microphone and I remember after the a couple of the mob boss called and said look. You could inject about a personality but I was just tried to play it straight. To be that guided didn't make a mistake path and you know from that eight it carried on a once it's a college but I'm Alan north and in the FE. All of that good but the whole idea that you play it straight and you don't give up too much of some of the bigger kind know protect such a huge professional quality that you have when things aren't going to Wear once a Manassas and the dodge he is he would say. You don't linked to anything like that you're can be sold. Pro about that is that truly you learned just from trying to get on to the radio or like. I'm pretty comfortable aiding him through osmosis through listening to people watching other people and the BBC. I'd probably still do but in my time had the most fantastic training program. And again I tip my hat smiled and it's in my practice and he showed incredible. Amounts of faith in me. At a Tina started improper broadcasting on their morning sport shows what a morning practice shading the sports bulletins Saturday lunchtime at the sports bullets into radio morning as well on the radio. And ninety and having just started to make my way is a very united. High pitched Saturday April cast. They Symbian a weeklong training course to be BBC present sent nineteen. Attempts a cost among all full is a residency program in the southwest of the country and the city Cooper still. And I was the youngest guys that are about fifty sheets and it was 870 rates and is a we spent a whole week. Learning be essential tips of the traits of the radio broadcast. Not sports book concept but just a radio broke Costa. I'm thought was inside people for many and our remember the one the first tasks they may meet days. In front of everybody they had studious rubble I was sitting in now. When you have one studio lots of buttons and screens with the microphones. And facing it was an identical studio we also Apple's seven writes it was a one studio. A Wal-Mart one we were made by the instructor to walk around open until. Open the other daughter the other studio closed the door and sit solemnly facing everybody else in the opposite studio. Open the microphone several most of hit. And he struck you most. Talk about is self. For five minutes moment goodness as a nineteen year old remembered I'd I this is my own opinion. But I think Americans are much more loquacious. That much more talkative a much more confident in front of a microphone in the brick saw. This may be some of the the self deprecating nature of British people and whether you told to be more confident and stand up and school in America rather not but for a nineteen year old case letting his way. Today and sit in the studio opposite a lot of the people who love told a lot more experience than me to talk about myself for five minutes. Was V most daunting thing. In the wild. And in the seats in they put them on earth can do that trend in sept oh hi yup my name's Ross Fletcher. I'm from last Russia. I love sports uncle mum and dad and and and an older brother and an old assists. At the moment I'm working a part time at BBC radio dot. Look up but the clock support tough second and exactly no more than that thinking. Well nineteen now. But it's argued that week was one of the most instructive of mud broadcasting live a really gave me the ground Mexico long. And be in and that's a coma successful. And so I stuck to presents in my first shown on the BBC in nineteen this Saturday lunchtime. Should I do which was a mess around show which was the pre each of the serious sport shut up if you choose. I call free reign again from the edits it's a do what I won't hit me we would giving away terrible price he's clutch shot a ridiculous CD and put on. For playing with the audience on the phone line radiated dogs. So what brought in a plastic doll pulled it felt dots. Michael and usury debt and the photo and answer. To come in and they play against each other blindfolded effectively. And a cold will be assigns an a team man but. And they would have to tell them. All of the radio remand buster left him at this debate up a bit far yeah. And then the other person on the oval I would tell badly newsreader okay down down down down force far act. I'm through dots on the radio ad adult pool and policy we did markets up. He's just the random things you did he death as a student on the heat BC radio didn't know any better sack. A recent debt DM. The main broke casts a commentator of the day for the Darby county shut. All fifteen minutes before that program and so talking silk cut. We just to a 1970s. Music challenge were a planeload old she's from Motown who never in the sixties and seventies. And get them to beat each other and beat the entrant to the salt and people just seem so lap it up as listeners opposes. Really good thought for me to starting us is fresh faced it what you're creating story you're you're giving these people. Caricature yes the people that they're about to listen to drone on about sports will learn fascinating material to support this idea from you giving them character telling you can you told me about. Commented in soccer is not abouts saying necessarily what's happening play by play especially on TV it's about telling a story that's going on yeah. And that the best people all the story tennis they really are they bring the pay each time life where you learn that again through experience working at the BBC getting that training. Watching of the broke ass is listening to with a broke cost is talking to other pro customs. And of finding your own favorites and scribbling down notes the east school. Would commit. When you had something that you really love what the weeklong training YouTube for the BBC I figured for sure could be six months and years not that I'm shocked that it's only a week will it was anyway good Denny it was continuous you'll always getting feedback in your environments at the radio station and that it would top it up. Without the days and I'll get on having a sock a play by play cut where no such odd residency courses so it was like that was seats that was the beginning that was my foundation. And only go from not intensive experience physically only available to British people don't think so but the BBC's world renowned as being the world's leading radio broadcast in both news and second behind 1077. Like obviously. And has an incredible sports reputation. So a vat that cash I is that. And for any aspiring pro cast something the BBC does which I think is wonderful. Has an on line training academy. Went sickened at least if not all of his training resources. Are out that fat any police access in the commercial world. That kind of knowledge and info will be with tens of hundreds of thousands of children. However it's true that you that you addressed very early on it's that people that information is available. But it's the people that find it in runway that you have to have that hunger and that willingness to go after it in order to turn it into something otherwise it's just we used unused now. What exactly and that's why I hammered away worked on paid for two years the nasty is. I would keep the books since basically to cover my trained federal my gas money on my lunch money just to make it. And you have to pull back timing. The commitments show willingness to make everybody cup of coffee thing mediate a deal whatever work on the holidays like this and the day after Christmas Day. Is a huge step in the UK cool boxing day. Wang and one has the day off but it's the biggest guy on the soccer calendar now you tank and every year they say can become and what can we need you. No money. Jack you knows missing my found its odd thought if I'm gonna make in this business I've got to show winning silly date and then not put in the position wed nineteenth. A filled in for a few shows and it's twenty in the January when I was twenty years old. They gave me dot show permanently that was my own shot or so's of up a permanent fixture and a BBC radio station at twenty which is. Very very young. And I feel like I was little bit fortunate but also I Don well and my position that I did the ground black and then as luck would have it. I was all the time and college Witten who was studying economics of the University of Sheffield at the same time at the same side. I was I was never big sign of economic such a light sensed an interest of Iranians to today's I don't know if I've been to a lecture about it with the inside so you're still into it today re read the economist and he would like to see punish Moscow now and again beat beat Kiki dug up about passion was it was sport. It's post broke stick unless soul. Because I knew before I went to university. I was already on this path of being sports broadcaster so what can do now on the side eight but also do a quite proper degree says sports broke cussing didn't work out I would house something to fullback John that would allow me to go into the proper. Again inverted commas will work so I remember in June. 2000. My final exam as a student I advanced economy Atrix in the could win sports school university Sheffield nine till meet debt. Did know how the scary BJ when I was dig in this pipe I know to collect. Wrote a few months is down but I knew at TP and that today. I had an interview full full time sports pro cast is positioned at the radio station I was working BBC radio Dhabi. And that was the key focus of a dying naturally because as luck would have it. One of the to the unique city sports broke us is that the station was late so has Joseph came up. Of course I was in the right place right time applied for being to be so ninth so it's all the did this exam. Mid day. Go to some oil Persia to a five look this tiny Rackley little French car. Full gaze speed still my city ninety miles an hour down the A says TA. But the road that links Sheffield and dot com about how did that even sometimes a full 30 in the morning and Wednesday morning and I was densities and broke testing. Islands. And these days is the time tonight get a full 30 in the morning on Wednesday morning from the university. Having not gone out and before obviously obviously a ride at 5:30 in the morning the radio station do a sports broadcasting ship for six to nine in the show reading sports he's. Tried back nine Selz and go into my Lexus tent so warm fall asleep in my twelve to lecture and then repeat the process a couple of nice lights. But I did a six hour final exam nights a mid day trade down to Dhabi got there about 1 o'clock interview too for the sports pro cast is full time child. Would try points in my parents house at 5 o'clock got a ring from the edits in my practice and congratulations. You've got the chilled Silva Dave but final exam university I became a full time BBC sports broadcaster which was she opts for me. Fantastic. To pass the test. The example that he couldn't I. Even a career out of the big got a degree in economics from Tilton UK university. Islands managed to get. My first job is a sports Brooke surrendered at the site of an outside can out of Shimon salt what sort of enjoy my last summer before the real world. Comes upon me and and the Boston night is starting to east side and today. I'm Greg your backpack could go around yes classic there major ice out a couple of weeks off and then buying strays into into hee-seop season I'm so keep from then okay. I guess maybe it's not clear because we don't have a system like a public the BBC has. As a hub in all the major cities and in England correct yeah and they all. Do you cover like a main feed that comes from London ever or is it is that each one has its own individual. May each one has its own identity like in Seattle there radio stations to have their own. Programming. At midnight may be you loving guy exceed the national pro Custer till five and then whatever it is and then you pick a local broke casting. So when I was from. 5 in the morning till. Midnight there was local programming on on all full T of these. Local radio stations other other stations other private stations that are there got there their plan is crucial commercial stations so the BBC is a many tactical beats. In a house this network is five of its network of local radio stations and an audience of about eight million listeners a week I think now can combined. And it has lots of national stations catering to different tastes said BBC Radio One as a youth music station ten million listeners a week. Find this record since it starts in the sixties BBC radio two was the behemoth which is the you'll encompassing. Popular music stations and should a site. Fifteen million listeners a week and I was lucky to broke a some sports on that. Court ready three to classical music station team and Bayless is a week bring each but again the BBC's about providing. For everybody's a public service breast radio for the very serious heavy hitting into legislation. Again that if you broke ass on that regarding sports 1011 this million listeners a week and that's known for getting to be political stories of the dike. And the BBC radio five life which is where I eventually worked. Is the de rolling news and sports station for again the country 67 million listeners a week. Are spending to five and a half six years there's a freed on sky sports broadcasting on that bulletins during soccer play by play soccer report saying. And and then you go other stations did you sell any stations. And then you've got the commercial stations wet paper popular music and the rule always struggling against the might have the BBC it's crazy thing is to be opposite me 1992%. Of the audience and oh the population in the UK listens to radio it's very much driven by rated CD's massive of course. But radio is in relatively strong in the kind of BBC has a really fervent justifiable hold. All in that audience commercial radio is always buckling may be about 46% of the audience that's just commercial stations which is pop music cool. Not much speech basically but they're always trying to pull for that that champ the market in the cash. Wow man that's fantastic at tickets that I would say BBC five. I could go punch on the radio like that I'll Reno frequencies like I need to digits up decimal and another visit to China ever I don't understand how that it would even work on love to see that creates a medium wave on eight and Sunday's 99693. On in the cat but a coast nowadays everything's digital on the beat pushes to listen. Onion a mobile phone and tablet on line did a great job man yet rather Washington and I am getting their content for free Turks I thought this transition been from a sports reporter got the hosts a show or variety show or mix around I think is what to call that are mix up shows and to send us an because you sets America about oh yes how do you go from doing that to doing the thing that you wanted to do was a kid he submitted cassettes for of of the play by play commentator and. This is again it's it serendipity but in an unfortunate way debt at. 22. I was the that the sideline reporter if for Darby county matches in the Premier League in the league play the championship. Depending on how well partly they were doing at the time an actual play by play guy was a guy who Kramer Richards. Wonderful. Deep routes being voice pull within incredible turn of phrase I'm not. Monday to Friday his job was a a stipend during magistrate basically judge on the local circuit doling out porridge step. People you'd done misdemeanors. On a Saturday he was just they see this fall concede won the free voiced. Play by play commentator he been doing it for its 26 years for Darby county. So he wasn't going anywhere but in the last few years when I just join you Tsotsi maybe to show we sage little bit. May be was enjoying it quite as much as he was. And I was filling in fame during a few games but twenty Teddy which again was freakish a young. Do you K well my voice ago slightly only started to ask since that. Irons. This is a really sad story because a would've wanted sit it's it's a move into the role I did the way 98 but it just happened like this. That Graham on the first anniversary of the falling between town was made in an unfortunate remark about that tying it in two. A soccer play by play broadcast he was trying to use injury. But it aid badly backfired. Kinds on that anniversary a lot of people quite rightly was sensitive to the remarks he made a not close to peak stole it went. National and international. The comments that he made while on that. Made the Sydney Morning Herald the next morning and and from then on he was EU is shall we say gently leave street's doubts about roe. And writes a tell you that said there was this guy in his sixties who has done incredible service. Moving out of the roll on for an unfortunate circumstances. Making way for a guy probably three times gentlemen and with a totally different style. But this was my opportunity. And this is my chance to be play by play guy in one of the highest rated local pro casts in the country. On a very good team we are grateful there was no Internet at the time to blue route to tell you how great of a job you were doing well exactly Clark has been she is yeah you know what it's like nowadays is it's a brutal world that everybody has an opinion. And a lot of people are willing to share and often more negative than positive turf. A six will be a long while so mushy ground into that role ought not preaching unity and may and at saint Thomas took over the drive time show on Monday to fried. During the news and sports of the day from fort sill suffered. And it was all speech back in a stakes in fort till 66. Rounds of solid knees broadcasting which really shakes me. As a broadcaster. And the first things I did was set to reflect the needs of the the second Iraq War talk to correspondents on the crown interviewing them funny almost going up and that really sharpen my tools as a journalist. Not just is a sports broadcaster. And then you know god that the fourteen to interview British prime minister is a few times ridding them on the issues of the day when it came to election time. And lots of many and varied stories Monday to Friday what the BBC the British press is not known as being him. Kind or respectful towards the authority like acoustic pulse into account in a way I don't think anyone else does around the country around the world which is. Must be at the pressure for the must be even more it's because of as a journalist to be able to speak your mind then. Has to be refreshing and loyal whale was speaking my mind because you'll mindful of the BBC's editorial standards that. You eat you almost don't have an opinion. You have to let the opinion make his voice that initial jobless agendas to get those opinions outs of the and to be fat. To be. On unbiased. Parents to uphold based on that says in an integral standards. So that was again a real learning tool for me how surprised are you when you come here and you see the way that the journalism is conducted with. Nothing but bias it feels like yet it's. It's tough it's tough because. All of the new east I don't want your opinion that if the knees just give me the facts. I'll make my note and mined out and that's the way I. Ruled Qassam was brought up to broke passed in 88 and unbiased news organization of which. Sadly there are very few remaining and is difficult for me because they you have to clear it through the clots are of that broke fast as opinion of the knees. Cheney to hear what you think. I'm I'm Cheney sit here. What's happening and then I'll make my mind of I don't need you to make my mind Foreman I don't want. Might prejudice is being reinforced. Our will to be open. So what's going on and then got my old semi prejudice so my view based on facts rather than based on opinions. Both seeming facts so let's quite tricky to meats and listen to that sometimes task difficult is it to cases aren't possible. Yeah and then I think you see now with. The the primaries now. You get very skewed new beside the left school right. And I think is very again it's not get too deep into one of the besides this is an Al-Jazeera America at shutting down or some consumer about just there America but I lauded the principle that they would try to tell. The news does it was a lead you to make your own mind up who has the perhaps some thoughts on the twelfth. Therefore if so I guess I never like really I do what you did here in Seattle as a broadcaster is you you got paid to be this the founders announcer but there. You were doing. Are we counting games on the weekends but that also you had a role during the week Q uphold the journalism and do sports of of all of all different types I guess I never really yet to really understood that that it wasn't just one thing that you did the had to be able to contribute even more. No you really had to be an all round of superior local radio station where the product wasn't enough staff. To be singles specialists are a couple of specialists may pay the my role was brought to the house sports specialist but also. Could broadcast knees and that really gave me huge economic and you managed to yeah I think so I think said he gave you you rationalize nation depends. Your ability to understand both sides of an unknown to what degree that would. Be a benefit but the trade off. In the other side of things so that helped and how Joseph understanding of the business world today went on to business stories so that was really really unique to me in a typical pre seven A Yates. Alongside during the play by apply. And then it pre three years into that full isn't so that. Got night's espy the national radio station BBC radio five live again through during a IE workshops. And broke couple of days. I'm go way of five lies commentator and moderator took a group of Rachel tenderness and of the brightest minds in in BBC radio. Local radio commentary and Davis and coma she three back and after that they said I. Relied teach you wanna come and join us and a freelance basis and he broke casting with us when you're commitments allow so then Africa's fight sixty days. What you already six days a week for the local radio station if either they added a day off. All of those the Sunday game that that five by the national station need to formally. Until like seven days a week quite often but I loved it try and build my career of course so I don't mix my Monday to Friday news and sport presenting. With Darby county common tree and then. National reporting a five life and then doing about a common treatment and play by play on some national games so deduct a privacy she is melding that into my local radio. And then eventually the lurid TV comes calling it's a natural progression you get from radio. It's TV so join the I gotta have that mug to be able to do that hey I'm not everyone can just up on the hill and his imagination even after you've done some sort of thing. So then I. Probably three years a size three full years may be on the regional TV network which secret it's king five it'll cut him all of death as a sports broadcaster. Doing. Feature stories and it's soccer reporting as well as carrying on my national radio. At the weekend indication Tuesday Wednesday match. And then the dude it's serious process being Seattle and fully freelance and did boy again five live radio stuff. Regional TV and it's a national TV working for the BBC it BBC's and special child BBC world space and sports broke a lot then. So who you might have seen me previously give us that some BBC world and on Comcast in Seattle and seen a guy read in the sport you would never motive co side and at the Seattle. But yet I was a tedious process coming here so feel like got a pretty good radio. Base and then the TV face a without a boy he too much of a C 2008 as we said it sought to this. Began reporting on Olympics now and having done 2008 in Beijing in the Summer Olympics have now done. Seven games in circle C some. Seeing winds three youth Olympics and with another one coming up the summer and and I'm gonna go yeah I am I am down and ready for react Z two virus panel. Then there's no doubt there's no vaccination against that so don't be Adobe smooch and an mosquitoes he got it yep office a clear this is Sylvia since Obama's reach again but yeah I'd I don't think I'll be cuddling up to any dates or little mosquito eggs. How do you get the call up to come to Seattle how does the but how has your phone ring for that I mean you're gone it's doing in an England public's health moral way it's a long way away yeah this story get a spot to 2010. And defined to the Winter Olympics how I'm. Eight yeah what you got that during the freestyle. Reporting so you half pipe. Disabled and the ski cross border cross always cool kids events and having a great time. And I love ninety of Israel is always get the full five weeks lived on the north Scholl sort load of ninety even laughed. Lofton and this was about the time all whites. Started broadcasting. Sound is different and I story gaze back in a tone of many times has come to Seattle so pricey at that I helped him. In a roundabout way did his first geeky and in radio he came to BBC radio Dhabi to 2526 year old facing his current job. And said look it's calling dips in my eyes and boss can eat. Give me chance and like TD with me calling gave all of the chance and buy help support him and when all it wants to move on he didn't have a demo tape to give to any prospective employers. And I have to warn local game that he came back reporting from. He stood outside the studio I've after the after we got off that are presented pretended to be beyond that. Presents accuse him into his reports a two compiled he's done may take for him. And then he used that costs it going to he's chomping national radiant as so we nobody's and we stayed buddies and we always stay buddies and I love nineties. Under that's a cent of the time I thank you have joked I left the and that never came to Pete. As they used a different different kind of a broken system but it's a lot of offense time anything comes up Indiana looks inner penalties is a tank. And after two years of being a great success in Seattle Ali gets punished by the national broadcaster NBC. To do their MLS cup French and Seattle sits there all night when if you leave. Can you recommend replacement. And so the time it is the Seahawks and soundness to a share code running yet there might have an NFL kind of part of the yeah exactly and it was the Seahawks guys to see hoax broke after passing department two high dollar. The sound disguised didn't have anything to do it time and likewise it was the Seahawks guys you were recommended me through on I became Samie brought O'Connell Matt Johnson and Dave Pearson at the time and they came to me sit up with the recommended he can you send us a damage tape no a couple of of people in the frame naturally. Apparently I was from run no knowledge recommendation that line my Dem I take it flew me over in December 2011. Looked around was apps that you will use courses Seahawks know how that he thinks first class course we've never be up. Went out so the Christmas snowflake Alley stifling blame paraded bogey. When I first landed and it was my body clock. Something like 4 AM a very walking down the streets of bogey with fakes and does sweating over my head. As these little just a dramas with drumming a led him to do what I struggled so quickly and it was a says psychedelic experience is ready with. Button that the Seahawks guys really blew my month but my socks off. I and came away but have a negotiation towards my wife didn't have kids at the time we love travel by there was info if not now when Pam and I guess the rest is history. That's so. Crazy to get the opportunity you. Like I guess I don't understand how would feel to like. That day when you get onto the plane with only the two bags you can bring or whatever you like OTC case is one backpack new life did you find the Seattle freezer were people nice here did you find a hard time getting all the people I was lucky because I already had. Always network on ascent to lean on and yet you come here. Halfway around the world for a half dozen mosques and and the wife of state in the UK to finish up some work she was. Doing it a big job on the Olympic Torch relay ahead of the London 2012 Olympic gymnast so she can put that around. And she's a fantastic job of that. So I was hit the six months on my. I joined Boston where pets for six months well if there was any ever receipts for items in my Frazier at the outside because basically I made a might my job to go out they meet people have lots and lots of Dennis. And screwed calorie count and it's. Going to do is too few people and more of the fist causing the man is is one of my best buddy cities to the steady Tyco and a lovely guy shots out of finding something and then yellow piano Forte is a week. Having dinner with different people doing in my network of friends lending to CAC out of got his friends through to really thank for that help me fall in love with the city. And a wife came in September of 2012. And and we know between sixty and wound was still he knew what. American child who won American child later anchor baby sucks and you never have to leave bridal clothes well given. What made you decide to do when you're double the sound of religious either you're gonna stay in Seattle and trying to work remotely rather then. Moving on to another load. Different fights is the people at the city we'd love the lifestyle tea but I love it like anything is about people it's about. Feeding comfortable way you all on the eighty comfortably year and ski in the comfortable with the people around you. A we've built up a fantastic network of people who was so lucky. So fortunate to found these people. Not tree mission found in a long way away. Skype to facetime arguments against in fact has. But mother in law came out of its humans last year in the summer had a great time and outlook after a daughter and it just does not gonna replace the week to week concept the crises but at the same time. When you feel settled some classic a lot of people relate to this is difficult to two she want to have to make. And America is a great land of opportunity. And all knowing can September the that will be my last season of the sound is very quickly moved mused. Team get to a place isn't and find other revenues and oversee fox sports very cute and so again we'd like to use you gave back to a national powerful broadcasting powerful which is always the aim for me at some point. And to do that too pretty cool answer continue my Olympics weren't as you mentioned being you know when the last couple weeks and into Rio for a month old or more. In in the summer will be terrific and salute after my child and a kind of a a week ago daily basis is also on the real real kind of thrill through it daddy daycare did six and it will be day when we gave back. To the UK because I think family will be the eventual pull. And may be other opportunities will be the pole by that. But for now it's just a just a great cities to live in and a a lot of that. Is down to the people a particular sense of the warmth of the sound this community. They're really grabbed on to him showing a mean they get and always said this to me a while black. About those an outpouring of Sepulveda of emotion I think when I when I announced I was leaving the soundness. That that. He said the sound as fans get very attached. And he was absolutely right they're still very attached to laws some four years old. I think it's a nice to say that certain sections soundness is still quite attached to me which is lovely. Get a sense of community. You know that's how most of those well wishes but it makes you feel blindsided at least we should feel. Let you are rats hiring and that is is again one of these nice things about being seen as committed. I could sing. They're listening to shoes so eerie in Seattle with Gregor. Follow him on Twitter and Gregor 1077. And find more episodes online at 1077. The end. So you're in Seattle December real bunch production. Yeah yeah yeah don't counter.