076 - Mike Jungers

Wednesday, August 3rd

Mike Jungers family business involves talking... talking super fast. They're auctioneers, and while we just make chicken noises with the occassional number in there like idiots in parody of their jobs, auctioneers have tons of nuance in their rattling calls. Mike helps me understand what goes in to selling stuff for people.

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He's my younger is he's next. And now from the legendary studio agreed so you are NCAA. At all whizzed Gregor. It's awesome when you run into people the you have no idea that they have like another life how they pay the bills sometimes where they come from their upbringing. Just passing Mike in the hall I was like W what do you do there was a thing had to make money when you're not here. He told us spammers than auctioning business auctioneering business rather. That's awesome until the height Simeon Bennett haven't badly edited evidently Anthony Alabi. And there's a whole lot more to it than that and and I just probably. Millions ultimately. This thing's being a real pain in the ass today because. I noticed radio station technology. They feel about that food and they'll get it right like chick miniature at that fund right tackle affairs but the outflow have a good though the wacky sure going on. Well you. To commute a pair prevent an ideal for more even claw who won how to handle Washington there are some days are those with the rare occasion where I can actually find parking and then. Very minimal parking garage down the the bus station in Auburn. But most of the days I'm I'm finally up to check that first tee like go to Auburn of hurricanes like I used to sell a lot more of them their days it's like you don't running Connelly it's I'm just gonna. It has districts is being defeated the gas what is your official gig right now within intercom did and a come I am working. There audio producer in their newscast and cool and I read the news at five iron and do you write the news also. No I I find other stories in the and I counted. The announcement on itself treasure of course mad and I'm not doing any kind of journalism or anything like now I know you because you used to wander around here to students routine stuff and like to hang out and it's like the story of what many a radio person is that you start off just on the post and Steve but it's. It's funny because you're one of those faces that even when I didn't like it but remember your name and say if you were just always around the seawall all the time until we take notice of that when you gonna do it right. That's up slowly right Dan it's some there's like us people ask me all the time Reagan and the rate how to get the radio I'm just don't show up the show up until it Dick makes a heck with it it it's like be cool for once and lake and just hustle man. Yet they are IA action was the man's remains intern. First few months and you know. And what was where's there's like the way that that I was there into the like the work I was putting in and didn't make sense because the told me stories of other interns at they had that. They would sit in their in the in the office and just be on their phone the entire time they wouldn't. At a teacher told me when I was just getting started that in turn ships are Java applications now you know. Use that to your advantage and his free time for you to be in a professional setting with people you wanna be way. And so I just I worked my tail off and then they and then this allegation Jones street team. And I did that match kind of hung around and I and I sort of do some overnights watching what's in the border in the holiday season. And here is it. This is a classic story of how applicant into radio at specifically at a in a top 100 market like that's a to explain to market size is done by a blister ship in the region of the metropolitan area that the stuff right retrofit a top. 175. Market liked even though it might indeed. Tucson Arizona whenever that might Humana consider that a big market orbits still harder to get into than say like a little like Duluth isn't exactly the more denial yeah that's got to be a tougher one to get into and so while Reno Nevada like market 150 years or at that. That was a little probably a little easier you will play herself Lamar but it's crazy because. If you just. Hang out around here. And you show little initiative they are along like that the two slackers role that's exactly everybody is hanging bag triggered bears nobody cares Gillick and elect have a job out of it and so. Like if you if you can impress the other slackers by doing any thing one well to do offered ample and in turning at a place like this and to do something does not that I hardy just put your mind to a these. Start working. And then like you said the take notice of it after a lot like back at them walking around here an awful lot. You know I know what upstairs that that I've noticed she's been around just she showed up on damages. Quit not showing up to adjust always their cell and I and now I think she's on the end the pro. Like the office promotions too much or staff maybe yeah yeah there won't do that you know. Heather and doing some office work and just trying to make some hours and didn't pay all the sudden that's right that's crazy do the threat so. Are the reason why I hate you piqued my interest for something other than just being a good dude in like hanging out and being. Read a pleasant dialogue effect is that we had a conversation at some point kernel and I would like so what you think in the your Coleman does an auctioneer and Simon mark I'm a fan was in the auctioneering business rat and a you blew my mind has got a I'd Selanne a cover behind the microphone. And it which is fantastic as you've I'm sure you developed a line that's a different thing when you're behind the radio microphone it's. Yeah mainly are talking to you oh yeah could eventually may make its way out to millions of people but they're not all in front of me I can't cedar judging faces death sites. But there's a certain certain comfort in the Ottoman imagine absolutely. Yeah absolutely you know I got on the auction block a couple times before I got into radio. And I stepped into the into the studio for the first time sat down and course I was shaking like everybody else who started mortgages terrified. And I am a little sheet and look at that Marriott out and I was like. There's nobody here to tell me at oak. All right do you ever feel like a crazy person to you telling jokes to yourself little bit when you tell a joke and there's no laughter that does get awkward laugh now. Is it over it it's a weird business that we're crazy people in tiny rooms talking to ourselves trying to strengthen and wonder why we don't that's okay so is it in my. Accurate in saying that it's a family history that you guys that that's the family does that resolutely absolutely and it's and I'll start with my grandfather who is unfortunately passed a couple months ago. But he. Listen to a song and I don't know if you've ever heard of before it's called the auctioneer song at its online Diego aren't Allan Dodds it's it's an old song but it's a fun song and he listened to him the apps would loved it and decided that he wanted to become an auctioneer because of it. What are we talking here we go what giving an era oh. Holes. 40s50s. Something like that he was kind of a young guy and decided that I wanted to be a sad as ready well the change of heart at seven knew what he was like I'm going to be emotion that's right is that it was a war wood worker and he just he didn't feel that at all and decided he wanted to be an auctioneer. And I don't quite know his story that's that's my bad unfortunately but he did eventually own his own auction barn he sold furniture he sold cattle he sold cars is all all manner of things. And then from there the tree just started branching out to start with his son my father who. Started sort of learn to become an auctioneer. And he was really the the first one did to move into the auctioneering business but then his sister became an auction there and then his nephew on the other side of of his family became an auctioneer and I hear ice it is not Cheniere. I started as a ring man I've got like two mothering men that are within my family and then two or three other people that have been Clarkson and financial managers of auction industries so. You my family has completely enveloped this industry so it's hard to kind of go around anywhere within the northwestern hasn't heard of of aren't humans as far as auctions. That's so do you just have a million things that now I need to know about because some. I got there I guess I never really thought about what the purpose of note in the forties and fifties with the purpose of an auction would be. But what why would I what it. It doesn't do back in that day agrees that auction barn. Was that the type of thing with a community would combined there was an auctioneers Marty is stuff there never order gather on the third Saturday of the month that is exactly right. You know you got an old counts a year that you need to get rid of but she spent a lot of money on it you don't wanna throw away and you know there's still value left in anybody say to the auction barn the auctioneer is used. For items that. That some. Created demand unity candle in a Wal-Mart with a auctioneering just have them go because there's so many different things so many. Gift that there's so much variety of so many different things that the original point to have an auctioneer but if you know this water bottle here this this one is a unique water bottles got the staggers and I've put on it's that the color that I chose. This is a unique now granted it's easily replicated what is a unique water bottle canvas which would auction up. Because more than one person to say I want this to the point of an auctioneer is to sell to the highest bidder. You know. If this is gonna get scheduled to back in the day owes you for slavery. Well now I can only imagine right slavery in cattle and livestock and all kinds of things where they they are different on a case by case basis whereas you paid twelve. BA. 120 dollars for this one you'd only pay about 95 dollars for this one. The sky stronger than that that guy or this guy knows and produce more milk or this one's gonna I'm part of Macau's. The fifth fifth set I thought thank you happy with weapons and started sort of like when it he's not talking about cast. Yeah this this was gonna be a better beef cattle this was going to be a good good for plowing this one. So that cars got the original letters exactly the thing discards a classic this car's a junker this yet. OK so. How much of that requires you to be an expert on the item verses of yes sir about what you're talking about absolutely now if you yeah. It in order to be an auctioneer in whatever entry of the year and there's actually many different auctioneers are cattle auctioneers are bottle auctioneers are furniture Oxnard charity auction winners there's. Real estate auctioneers there's anti Oxnard and so. Eat whatever market that you decide to go into yes you do need to be very knowledgeable especially the quote unquote professional markets. Which are are basically anything other than then light real estate or charity auction where people are just going there to. Kind of get a buyer get a steal. Where is in on like the auto auction industry or the cattle auction history where these guys are doing business trying to actually make a living off what you are selling them need they know their product very well and they will take advantage of somebody that doesn't bother product. So yes you did and and if you don't know the needed to have somebody next year that does B and MCB a representative a card dealer like cattle dealer summit like that. I mean sick can you PS your way through part of enemy can play a guy up you say that you say that he got a BA that you got to be super knowledgeable much at David Johnson a bill of spending are a little bit exactly and you gotta know when and when to not hang on things that you can't hang on to. Remain like when you're describing a car if you don't know anything about the car it's got 200000 miles on it's an all for a modeling of the afford. I always go with that back. Giver he governs like looking at the thing of picking up on details as you're like stream of consciousness so resolutely. Yet if if you're trying to sell an item and it is not bringing when he needs to bring that yes your your observation of what it is will will help in that situation you know leasing come on guys it's got. Leg is at its got the original headers on it is god instilled that they did the tires are all still good god it's. It the original miles that nothing's been done to the engine hasn't been changed and then that the information you bring could potentially raise habit. Now the only capacity that I can really think of much auction auctioning is like kind of like. I don't know it's kind of like the standard guy talking fast and point of people don't know how to go to evident evident but you know that can't think exactly yeah right but that's that's these. I guess that's that's the stereotype or the exact a trove of what it is that that's your character and he. On I've only ever really paid attention to. Barrett Jackson family. Britain raise our standard stuff and so after the Formula One race so whenever Barrett Jackson will come on used to announce temperament. I got got to come line and a bunch different presidency you know like I look at it. A look at it some like fancy yellow Corvette and I don't give a crap about a Corvette on missiles and some guy talk about it it's not that rapid fire thing. Is there an industry out there still is there auction industry out there that still uses kind of rapid fire like. But that sort of hustle. Oh absolutely that the thing is with the Barrett Jackson is because it's got such a public. A public interest they do need to slow it down a little bit because of that. That nobody can understand the auctioneer and the people that are buying are not professional buyers they're collector's. So they're not they're not people that are going to try and make a living off what they're buying at the Barrett Jackson's lead you get background I've got 200000 dollar somebody give 210. Right it's going to be is going to be very granting whereas when you get to the auto auction industry where these these are dealers where they need to sell the cars they buy. This weekend and you're gonna get that fortune a woman but no one and a two bit into the net three and apple might have been a by by about Eminem and up by celeb fourteen for McCain down and move on the necks out slow that down what you just did not impact on the Mossad secret that you don't want to share slow that down and tell me what you were saying. Really I used to have. Thrillers or as they called it in school darts. Which is but I gotta be but I have but I've got to be or. But I bit. And that's and that's the whole thing is that with the auction would auctioneering it is so much more about temple in rhythm than it is with what you're saying and how you're saying. You know as it because when a when those those hip hop things came out what would you sign of you saw get a handle those cadillacs nears what with that with the hip hop beats behind him that prove the point. That auctioneering has so much more about rhythm now you listen these guys. And we deterrent to appoint a what you're saying right now it's a video or there's an auctioneer in the Samoan back and added like either wrap be Ernie DMV to tilt. So that way it it's almost like he's performing like I have pop song where the auctioneer spit and game real fast exactly. Exactly so your temple can be faster temple can be slow but as long as you keep that temple of that in just keep on going. While that's crazy so. Eight and and you'll find that it with a good auctioneers that you listen to it you can actually find their temple there's one that works at the auto auction that I work AdAware and every time I hear him I just istar bounce and because he's got. Such a rhythmic and bouncy chant too many can't help but just kind of danced too little. That's so cool what's your families this this in terms of auctioning what's on auctions you guys do all. That's kind of harder split the quick epithet we. Mya my dad who is who's really the the big auctioneer he is he's he does auto auctioneering. Mode for most of the time that's that's where that's very gets his regular paycheck from. And then at the the part that it's really got the entire family interest in and into is the charity auctions out of it. But the thing is that the charity auctions only come in on weekends and there's about two different seasons for weakens it a lot of fall auctions and there's lot of spring auctions sure. Thank you for instance I went to be. Seattle humane. Charity benefit thing talks entails and they're trying to get people to give a 100000 dollars exactly as this guy out there with a fancy you wingtip shoes of their Bailiwick. All right Aaron what else Verona does well. Exactly yeah go out there at 7 o'clock at night and Saturday in followers spring term which is the perfect time ago because it's either raining or is probably raining outside so nobody wants to be unsettled much whereas in the fall are or in the summer everybody's outside or in the yet. In a winner nobody wants to allow periods here. But that's really the fun side and it I've been taking part in in charity auctioneering since I was thirteen years old and I've been the ring men have been meg and it's running on the floor shouting yeah. If kissing ASA there's like others a bunch terminals will get to that here in a minute after the turn it SO. Dad makes the money off of the I don't watch now does that mean grown up that when you do the ride that you had angle to help our act act. Unfortunately now the kind unfortunately no because that is a wholesale car auction it is the dealers only only dealers get by animated literally frowned upon and in fact almost the yet they say don't. The auction you do not by pop off of the block. Cash Selby because the people are trying to make a living both the dealers and the actions he got a reputation to pulled that's right. So we say okay. So dealers come in and there are they buying bull cars or is it yeah we're part time or. Then they are buying at a carted time to by the cars that go across the block. But did you mean by themselves like a foot fleet of cars what's the block out block see that's the thing is and as I said that somebody else made they had no idea what it meant. I work how we're gonna at a car auction that has ten different planes tend differently as they can run cars through and they blob at the same time they are running tank pressure his legacy at the Barrett Jackson and they had that car commend me sits in front of the stand with the auctioneer and that is called the block. He is standing there on his on his blog about his podium up in his microphone he is selling that the cart says the car's done. The guard rolls out and in the next one comes up we have ten lanes doing that on the same time. How many auctioneers to auctioneers while so one more and has done the next just brought a rapper fired the next two vehicle well. The thing is Darryl selling at the same time. It is isn't OK Elaine ones on a links is on this is his junior just did one clinic that's exactly we are selling like. 11100 cars. Amongst Ted lanes and just a matter of hours so we need to get those things trying to true why. Also this would like how does. Different dealerships monitor ten lanes well they the they're printed out a list of of cars and a running through the sale to figure out which cars that they're gonna want. And where they need to go to find that car in the mid you have little screens of the same link to is on current 56 entries on car number 58. And so so on and so far that is. How I end up like what I do use car shopping when I'm there they're like oh we got this this what was his role that they just came from an auction with a picked up ten different cars and another. That is absolutely right they picked a ball these cars and at a at a used car auction. It's not just trade him while not censored non is really used car auction by about a holes so parks and it straightens. There are factory sales which. Like you go to. Used to be able to delay a budget renal in the by the car they got that you want in the adding to Canada to put a stop to that after awhile because the the the dealerships and the factories rather not dealerships the factory would sell these cars to the to the rental agencies for aid. Deeply discounted price to stir buying you know fifty of their cars. The bottom of the discounted price and then they would turn around and solemn. For a lesser prizes than the feel like the Ford dealerships are selling for. The Ford factory sells to the Ford dealerships as well as you know the rental cars undercutting any actual evidence of the manufacturers say we need to stop that now they they started. Buying back their car from the rental agency for a different prize account almost traded straight across the men in Ramon threw run through the option. Only Ford dealers can buy those cars. That's crazy because that's where as a kid the tour all the family cars came from my dad had a guy at it hurts of the budget or whatever you had a guy that he got a guy that was a brokered just in. You rental cars. Yeah it's like diet works all the rental car companies here a lot is full of like. Two year old rental cars exactly it's a brand new and over 9000 mile run or whatever and energy absolutely I'll wildcats they don't do it anymore now are now now we have commercial options. Is that right yet commercial sales. We have. We have used car sales we have trade ins we have cars come down from Canada. And they just they're on the different lands in the dealer figure out which lane at the should be in you know they got. They got just random dealer lanes for like five of their lanes and and these these ones are factory cars than these ones are our herb. Canadian cars that came over the borders and they know which cars they can and want to bet on which cars they can't and don't want to bet on in the just mr. grumbling. How the hell do you Courtney ten and like them worth the facility for the Saudi due to handling that's the stuff that has done and can't it is out right off of the main drag their out of the central. Man and they have a fleet of people that are working down there all of which city you know they have. Bunch driver down there they have people that are coordinating specific lanes. That are saying okay this car needs to go now this carnage to go now and then they got somebody who is working up front. There's directing cart to the lane at they need to go to everything's staggered so that it's this is Blaine force car number 25. And then it goes to lane for amendments. Why do you think the guys that run. Pain in the grass or whatever or summertime and those guys are working hard the public record raising an often are these things this is a weekly auction whole secrecy every Wednesday rolled through 11100. What's a thousand cars every Wednesday assert. Yes there and that's just for western Washington ranks right. That is just from western Washington and and this company has auctions all over the nation gets visit Portland Sacramento all that's done Las Vegas Dallas Denver yeah. Now is this is this a company that your family then would work we have to do this or did the one that you started or like are you hired as auctioneers to come in and handle this. You know what that's a part of it that I haven't really really fully understood. We we are hired by the auction a comment. And a lot light radio stations you go to what you go to an auction and ask for a job they're not hiring. So you gotta walk in and just kind of watch the action for a while and after awhile they say you know this Desmond says Iran maybe we can get into it his spots embeds which is just got to look for the bids at the auctioneer can't say. And then after awhile you node some auctioneer against sick he's like wheel legend from a microphone just handedly and so when he gets up on the clock and start working. Why so weird yeah cutthroat businessmen. That's cool breeze that used to carry microphones and Parker has to look at what. Mine's in my car that the posted yet as citadel had said Mike Dunham my card. Honest as the religiously is somewhat like our short and right there around or I need a break I okay I'm set. This is crazy OK in this I'm. You mentioned a few things here you mentioned. Abduction Barney the ring something rather clerks you agreement and clerks OK so. When you start as a kid doing this forties start. I've personally started as arraignment lettering man is low. More commonly known as is bids spotter but is much more than a bit spotter. And and what he does is if the auctioneer is looking to his left and asking for bids over here somebody might be bidding to his right in the ring man's job is to notice that and get the auctioneers tension there you've seen yelling yeah up or pay or Yasser I've got it yourself. As every does everyone can have their own thing to keep it is trying to be yelling at different thing the guy and sixty's so that way auctioneer cesium. It veered on to his left it looks too reluctant hey there's the Benton and the same thing to his right so. As far as their own universal thing to shout no not so much is is is kind of a universal Yelp or or really whatever you feel comfortable with was shouting just to get his attention. But but tethering the job is also to be an extension of the hand of the auctioneering you know if if he's trying to get get the personnel men and there they're looking at their friends are all conversing. The three men's job to go out there's a pardon me you guys are we need to go 121000 dollars which is always uncomfortable I think oh my god one spent more money than I'll make an a year please you know. But. I I also keep the book make sure that I know how much out of sold for and who bought it. The time of the act now this is a charity auctions and I'm doing as far as as far as the car auction it's my job to make sure that the cars. And show up and leave when they need to you know. Because again these drivers a falsely that the we elements is the they won't know when to leave and saw a tap on the target and go get a drive out. As well as coaxing bidders and it ended feeling like they wanna buy a car. Wow that's crazy if you do build relationships with the people that are out there like you know like some of the let's say you do and cars. Did you end up knowing some of the dealership guys that are out there and they're like. So they know they can tell you what to pay attention for the user adds a little bonding her to have. Work. It just gonna get established overtime you know you start learning names start learning what their buying in and what kind of a buyer that they are you know is this a guy that's. That's got his price and he knows what he needs to get for for a car what he wants to buy this car for. And and then there are those guys that that'll undercuts you know I've I've had guys where I've I've seen eight. They the auctioneers asking 121000 dollars shall sell give me 8004 I am I can do more than eight. And then the Oxnard get a bid at ten and then mister I can do more than aid buys the thing I like 115 now. So you know you get Baghdad just he cuts it down until he that he can't do anything and yet healed by the car. Cell you do you do get those relationships I got plenty of friends that are dealers on an auction in you know we were having siege we shake hands with we have coffee in the morning and then we just go. Did it's all is business. Why is it ugly. The get ugly hath. Apparently. But it does happen. Because people will will cheat wryly I I I did elbow trying to back out of a car. He knows a bit and the thing is that these guys are not your average better they're not your here's my piece of paper and I want a bit on the car handled they'll raise a finger at all not built bill raise their eyebrows at the weekends yet and then every now on again you'll get one that'll that'll do this for a bed. Digits and I don't know why just said this on on a podcast but you'll elect scratch his chest as it in a figure that criticism coming so you know. And and then we'll take his bed and then he buys the car and he had no intention of my and the car heated one he's a neurologist stretch much as I know you you look me dead the guy and then made a movement that said that you wanted to bid. Sell that happens it's scandal it happens all attendees dealer will run each other up. You know they'll notice that. Marks bedding and and he is like market Albany knows he'll buy it for eleven grand easily attends a hill animal into lumber and more equipment cart. The cruelty is absolutely man. At its a used car dealers auction meant. I think that's an F I can't admit that I get together and do what you're expecting there what is the as a clerk do a clerk is. She is arguably the most important member of an option because she is the one making sure that who needs to get paid gets paid and who needs to pay pays. You know in the auctioneer says I sold at 121000 dollars better number 152. It is her job to say it was sold for 121000 dollar to better number 152. Now way it is in the system is in the computer he bought this car. Or he bought this item whatever it is that way that the auction gets the money that it needs in the people pay for the cars that they knew they get the cars that they need. Our gas zone that she's she is the one I say she again says those of those those. Gender stereotypes and gently woman's doing it because quite frankly guys we second numbers so they just Dickey looks better than we'd. I do I wanna be like that's sexist but I'm terrible number and traditional health I can't even like I can't really jive because evict will prove that marine who canoes and what kind of true rubble have you ever gotten into like have you made mistakes that people are super hacked off a two hour. How were your dad has sticky side backache and he can't the U. Got on non. I mean think from what we got there yell when. Arnett is. Dealers will get it will get upset and in again I always go back and either because I hardly ever run into trouble at a benefit auction everybody's drunk and haven't at times that of there's no trouble until it was delicious that's right. But the trouble that you get into in did like cannot watch and his dealers' needs to have this idea I had this one dealer he comes up to mean is cardinal becomes a can be suspect this is my car computers has immediately fifteen grand forties mr. stern like 80000 dollars on an. Right sell. Or or some he's asserted twelve men and see where a guy. The auctioneers open it up at twelve broken down aid broken down for couldn't get abating got a 414243. Knees look around for 43 he got three bids on the thing for. A fraction of the price and is looking for any different card it was in those because he needed to get fifteen grand four and he wasn't anywhere closer to rent a car. The auctioneer you know just kind. Batman on the shoulders of black soldiers started what are you don't battered and it's. We couldn't get a bid for a fraction of the price I sell it if we started up that high wasn't gonna get a bit either so. You know the bill. And they do try to mostly a little bit because they they are not afraid of making you feel bad debt has it'll get them what they want look at that. Their sales and of that nature of exactly. That as far as like he. Out of the top trouble you know would Wear it where the manager it's called him like mark wrote the book and that I have yet to run and of that on the auctions. I don't know if we hope everything it's like it's very it's very. No it's very clear here you can look on the radio you just can't drop enough but it's right. Baggage that and the boss's job cuts that are you can't like not on the commercials like these there's a very simple straightforward thing self. Guy you know I think it is not a nice to say some like that led taking an offer for a car that is just unreasonable you know of it'd taking on offer is is the dealer has sent a card to the auctions as I gotta get fifteen grand for it. And then he sells it to where he is not able to say hey if at all five you wanna you wanna make the Salem and they can say yes or no. Sometimes auctioneers will put offers on two where we have somebody in a Booth that will call the dealer and say hey I got full five for the car are willing to sell out there. But their time would auctioneer global taken taken off for way too low. Wish is unreasonable and then the guy and are off with this is wasting his time in on per car that that needs to sell 151000 dollars and he's got an offer at eight that's wasting his time. There's two there's too many other cars that he could become because he gets hundreds of offers a day that he needs to call these dealers and and figure out at their will London film to willing to settle on this or what if they've got to have a little bit more. You know if they could fire them a little bit but when it's that big of the big of a gap it just doesn't make any sense for him to did. To put them offer. Are there. Celebrities. Are there stars. Of the auction world. Of the auction world yes have you gonna ask and there are celebrity's that are auctioneers and and that is also he has but who'll do both with doom personal autonomy. Out celebrities are auctioneers in what capacity first out of there and an aunt Sharon Daly is an option here of what GI's the obvious but yarder. Dioxins a little bit at least she says she as I consider auctioneering embassies she says she does I I personally am an auctioneer. There's there's gentleman by the name of John Curley. Who is an auctioneer that that is of celebrity says I forget entirely who is but. The he's a celebrity auctioneer and an island that I don't know of any. Any you know like movie stars that are out as as an auctioneer singers that are out as much near anything like that the celebrities of the auction world there's one and I keep hearing of his name is Ralph wade. Who was meg auctioneer there's Letitia Frye who effort as it is a mega auctioneer. And end there there auctioneering championships there auctioneering contests and and and I met a couple can while you can compete absolutely. There there is the the western livestock auctioneering championship which I believe is the videos that that we're used for the B hip hop. There's the international auctioneer champion I believe is what it's called. There they yet there's auctioneering competitions all over the place and I actually work with a with a three time world champion auctioneering and it. And I gentleman who just recently won his is auctioneering championship. So now to working with some serious pedigree that's right I'm working with some. A top tier auctioneers man now I didn't know. If there was an American thing if auctioneering like square dancing is an American idea are now up I had my blood but he Ross a British guy in here and as the two against them auctioneering in music oh -- out yet they can never understand Dan mordant humor saying that sometimes I don't and the price. Those are thinking about like other cultures. Wouldn't have you ever heard of like the Japanese auctioned I have actually I was just about to bring now one up I forget. I saw it on a TV show I think it was that the world's biggest tune or whatever it was but they were selling them at auction. At a at a Japanese market. And IA. Can understand Japanese in the first listen giant couldn't couldn't even come close to understanding of Japanese auctioneer that if it's all kind of the same thing that just ask him for prize news trying to do it and rapid fashion so. That's crazy man said yeah well to be able to compete like I'm looking at you right now and you've got a hat on that says western college of auctioneering now. It last month Billings Montana. Did you like. Online study are smoother and even working hairs on June. It is a ten day course over and Billings Montana cool they do you send you a little bit of of material the two practiced this and a couple tongue twisters this and decent number drills to work on some audio files to show you how exactly it's post ago. And selling items and learning where you need to where you need to work and how numbers need to get so. So what's the difference between having gone to auctioneering college. Now you can say what to different than before you dated. I AM hum more adept at how to say different numbers. I gave I've learned a tempo. I've I've learned to keep a temple whereas before it was just kind of trying to go as fast like it because that's production is that ugly fast as a traumatized fast like that whereas now I just try to keep the temple witted and and I learned a little bit more about the politics of auctioneering. And I learned the different types of auctioneering and how you go about doing those those types of auctions. So while. Or liquid to me like a couple of examples of did pretty different types of auctions for you no the different types. There there's a video online of of one of my instructors and I've known him since I was five years old whose name is Jeff stokes. Very very talented auctioneer and and an incredibly energetic and and that great instructor. And he went through the different types of auctions and he actually did the different kinds of auction chance which I can't do to save my life that. But he said the aid the auction style depends entirely on what kind of auction that you're having you know if you were at an art auction. And then the auctioneer which can very slowly it's OK I've got 1000 dollars now somebody get fifteen or 2000 dollars at 2000 dollars bid in now 3000. Right it's it's very slow is very methodically still has that kind of the tempo. Buy it it's it's very slow very broad when they're paying the prices that they're paying you really need to say how much are spending because they're spending 4151000. Dollars on the painting. You they need to know that there are about to spend 4151000. Dollars on a painting. Whereas. With an auto auction like I said that you get that. He get that faster pace that fortunately have a problem and a two bit into the net for unified and the classics in the settlement of the he'd mind right it just goes fast because you're trying to crank out these cars fast you can because they don't need pomp and circumstance of like a charity auction which actually will be. I've got 500 as they're now summoning of 1000 I didn't 1000 dollars out of 500 airs every one has been an up fifteen. Right sell its is very grant is very energetic and entertaining is is the purpose of the charity auction. So. Might like to say when when you're doing these auctions you need to figure out why you're doing them we know whereas an at a car auction at these guys are here to do business are here to work they're here to have to find was going to make them living so they need to move quickly didn't care about the the this is show his performance everybody's drinking wine they're gown doubt that you want them to come back next year exactly you wanna have a good event for next year's you do have that big booming and grandin. Here we are we're at the auction we're gonna raise money for for Boys and Girls Club or JD RF for whatever your causes for them I whereas here at an art auction my guess that you need them to. To know how much they're spending your at a you're at a real estate auction which everybody's trying trying to buy a house for as cheap as they can you add an antique auction. In they. So you gotta you gotta know what environment your enemy and had your chat reflect that. While that's fascinating and now are there any minimum requirements. Like what does it take to get up there and be an auctioneer. You just graduated. Read recently from the western college of auctioneering in Billings Montana. But you were doing it before that. Rights. Some of assuming you know actual out of that so you know you're kind of like like anything on regularly here and ready you know listen sometimes who you know really help to get there. But really the requirement for being auctioneers in auctioneers license. They get that go to the deal click the fifth it. They don't just do driver's licenses you know again auctioneers license and he'd be injured. Yeah they EU need like a 5000 dollar insurance spotters on my iPad just in case somebody backs out of bed then. The item can get paid for whatever it is I'll. Pennsylvania and in the B 25 to thirty years a mild has been doing this and has never happened a lot of gas and that's what it is not a problem. So as far as radio verses auctioneering. Do you see it as they won her the other do you have one that you'd rather do or can they co exist throughout life operation they can coexist. And I and that is entirely my goal because I do love doing auctioneering. And I love being on the radio I lose you know I'm I'm trying to enjoy my life and I and I am sure I can marry the two because oxygen only happen in the morning and marshalls on the afternoon self. You know I IAE IA coming on with my khakis in my button down on Wednesday morning in the that is. Go go regular dress was shorts and and T sure at the rest of the day you know. Did the benefit auctions I imagine me doing on a whole lot of events for the station on weekends so I can do benefit auctions on the weekends and just kind of marry the two and and make him work. This is fascinating in technical college about what to do some time as a possible I think we do make that happen now. Helium and I can I can stealing people's strategic detention and as a. You've been listening juice sold your in his Seattle wisdom Gregor. Follow him on Twitter at hey Gregor didn't find more episodes online ads so your in Seattle dot com. So you're in Seattle is a burrito budget productions yeah. Yeah yeah condones counter.