083 - We'll Never Sell Out

Thursday, April 21st

Sad day to pod when we found out about losing Prince. We prepare for the biggest (and only) ODP opportunity yet. Sex Music.


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It's only giving document razor blades. Starts. All right always starting. It is not very good. It fell and worst. Not good. Fellow. Breaking news Joann fabrics 1% off total purchase more to what they wanted to report Tony fourth. Yeah. As got that text message to my phone because I get updates from Joann fabrics. Shadows to Geronimo and Joann fabrics Lebanese. Put up a gas hello little way to start on the the possibly the most important podcast that we've ever done I know dude oh my god the pressure is on the coup. I wrote down two things. Both involving my crotch so we're going to be an aggregate shaped to pile up. The well let's not get too carried away up the shoot look like I wanna say welcome to anyone that happened here rests on the Adam Carolla show. And decided to come check us out from there I'll get a read the bio thing for this descend on crap if you if you're finding just because you liked us on the Corel podcast from whenever that was. Here's the most disappointing you with a our normal podcasts are speaking in the future. Yeah because its Internet time so there's no yes smarts I started I get mahogany you knew he was going on here now I got at the end of take a podcast of the podcast with the new podcast. Within a burrito none of Maria's studio to talk his duties yesterday he went there on Saturday and it opponents who. Boom. Jacket that was on Sunday went there I couldn't contend and I was down yet it was. It was worth it nice Blair urged I I didn't I'd pull any punches I think like me got to have and I talked. Tommy David Marino as I did too big to read is into to practice. Dad yep brown blow. She is the merchant and a and a hard tonic man it's a good. I don't know what happened how I miss that left from New Mexico you think that I would have been exposed to it and I just the united look guys like me is is advocating is that the right still in Philadelphia on Osama milk guy had just didn't it just never added up from a drink in it to me it's a drink in the water the milk after enables individuals crunch. Spoke kind of weather cereal milk yet you know. I had a friend in high school he Tommy really important lesson for how to recreate that. You take one of the coffee Kramer's that they haven't. In the diner that you're eating out a little like plastic ones whenever you open that up people about a third of the pack. Who somewhere a third of a packed. A who's your friend Kenny and I like having a poor kid what was it like if like to do you judge a foot product acute as rock and you can print those two posts ago ploy. By you talk about soccer soccer was blowing it could affect. There's a lot Pablo app after app I estimated that is that. Offensive thought our podcast welcome any new listeners that's great a shout outs to everyone who's been here's and Steve. Yesterday and the one especially shots of the one person that yelled that we ruled during the pot yes Rajon doesn't think you know as Sonya thanks that then takes a shot to package meant for real for being Maryland. Anyway that's sort of podcasts and at the toll it. Homer of the day just like an hour ago. Breaking news popular singer dies aged 57 he gone. If attacked at. Store after sports or don't have enough to sell as he got prince man. Yeah you know. And what did you think would go first Prince Fielder or prince. Total yards and an illness or share I think actually that Prince Paul the rapper and company would get some beef go with somebody that would. And and and that is island of stitches to the rapper right now QB just netted them podcasts and a lot of people are hopefully. I know more than stations by Alan institutes who did I. The best era of BE TOK. Like for being a white kid and Arizona and the early two thousands. Like when the basement was the that big take there and he would go into the bathroom radical thing Els that would battle wrap your right and those awesome so subsequent. The game and fifty cent Knology unit guys draw coming up but my era like I know the on. Polluted Chris of that time I don't like I have pride tears in front of the and that like I and we retain outcast tribe called cool last guy I mean teapot be ye that goes that saying no so I but I was never to Parker biggie that's the weird thing and I heard either out outcast. We got great that's a great choice or would taint those are my T so like those imagine. I was lucky enough that my best friend in college Security Council rock Johnson decaying suddenly that he was innocent he was on top of Montag went way early so I've been around Wu tang forever and I never realized how was soaking and yet I never realized how was affecting me until years later would come on deck call it I hear the sample that they used in the in the original object tags aren't. Where it was at that they are doing their and. How hootie and as well is Shasta big Mario let's dummies. And they were playing it was the coolest thing ever ridiculous they have had some album that was just the original versions of all of the songs that would example now cool so it makes. If you didn't. Two and doom it to them and I can't be here it is oasis and did too and this. Jay Leno governor is not a confident rapper anything mean and finally back on them like you don't actually go forward and an incredible that was singing that was announced graphics. But it. But that it was like the actual song itself and I think this is incredible he's so cool now just to get like the original where it came from social kid went back and redid all the my main hotel and hooks anywhere back and we recorded amusingly classical instruments and stuff for sampling are not happen but like off the nitty like digital data back to recruit on that's an awesome listened to man Blake out here electric Dodi B saw it's not that without Audi B that's still rather business like pay him to finish yeah he did one or two and was elected and elected but that's super cool. But anyway. We digress because I had to make some sort of bad for the past 10% zoo you know. It's a press attacks yet that it is yet we have to exert our street cred going to be for a talk about this together right now specifically since I've soul. The non knowledgeable about Pratt's I thought man that was an artist that you pulled before on this cast I think public running up and Natalia de justices rumors on that civilians yet my buddy my best friend Mike shadows might so damage and we used it's he can tune in this is terrible 'cause I remember when we talked about as he talked about this when Boeing passed away this year to we to run into his C hit older sisters. And he's a sneak into their room and we would play their prints records. And their goalie records until they were here ask is it was you know your like your like six you can't just let it play you have to like every five seconds let. Hatred of a little bit and kind of blew out and I owed to another round. Poor or rural. Who would. What is an and you could just hear fun. And then it would just bail out of every laughed so hard to us scratch our earth. And we've run out laughing giggling it was the best now so yeah like for me prince. And then you know it's college in Minneapolis Celek I've been. On and princes attended prince is his partner Ben there they told him he was cool like before. Social media was that things he had a website that he threw parties once in awhile. And if you knew this website and you're like. It was like the old rave days you know January and to get the secret in Jacko can think. If you run as well as the gas station ready rhetoric call this number. So there is one time right to a party at his place. Sadly unfortunately I was. Under the influence of too many things it was journal kind of blurry but Jesus Christ our lord and savior correct an incentive as of yet. The toll at both my guess adds that. So yeah and you know first to have was the club that was preparing prince owns it. That was my version of for my Seattle friends it was in this that's my version of new nose you know in college basically. And Boris and I knew Wisconsin people and make the rave or whatever small club. Yes that's real it's he shows kind of thing. An immigrant from my 21 birthday about prince Michael reciprocal so. It's been this long. They keys bed apart musically lately and an IOC music musical another level altogether in the guys. The best pick the best it's it did sucks man. My bombed my origin from him is from the late eighties. Michael Keaton movies. Of Batman Batman. So I was like that's where I first got into says the post as weird but. I'll never offered kid. How much he stuck with me I might not have cared like animals Michael amended this or whatever but never forget like the times that. Our paths crossed via me hearing songs our own music apology came out I don't know what that I think it was home with mono arsenal that. And so on every two hours when I woke up from the edge so to what occurred and who's. Music college all the time and a public how this is weird you know at every time we came back across from it was always like it left up at least an important but the guy can really. Leave an impression on people conceive of such character such an enigma. Yeah I mean here in limbo earlier kind of cut from the same coffers to guys that really chest. Published every limit. They could whether it was gender roles that are. Music I mean it was it was so much of all of it that it's. It's is really a government has two of the greatest musicians of all time. In the course of a year that's everywhere stay close to Dave Grohl because he's like this generation's. Best name now and yet no kidding right or like if your. They've got to get that out so override his -- Paul McCartney and Michael were about him now like Albany it used. When subsequent Paul McCartney passes will be at. A little bit more ease with the because he's 204 years old like that guy is as old as he could be and still be a touring active rock musicians are not being. Will this is look cool and yet. So does look good look glued my name is John. I'm a visual. I think the for fifth at which to get it back there. A quote you re you brought this up retirement on the way to have a. Back at the in my guitar god gently weeps. Oh yeah you win on prince since he gets to take it you got Tom Petty up there. Here's tale it's not a number. You know these new young. And look different to turned over no. If twelve passes tied. I've even the funny part about this is like. The video that has the look like everyone's faces on the stage in the best part of their August lake yeah it's different person. Oh yeah I'm heading to the smile like all right guys. When you've done friends. Thank you to be done. What you can do about how do you get recruits. It could tell me. It's the on their walks on applicable laws. Hey. Man rest in peace and that I. I thought. Click as much as I'm sad that a guy is Don like there so many stories like this that now we're gonna start to hear you deliver a full longtime aren't into Omar. They came into the studio wants and like there's going to be a million of those Charlie Murphy and you know what it came in pancake yet like. I'm winning for all those stories I think his life is actually gonna get more interest staying. As a legend rather than on even in the moment he seemed like so prolific at the time but I think who only seemed just the surface of that. I think the book that they remember the most about him it is. How good of the musician. In every aspect of music you like I used to I used to always start fights basically intentionally Charlie I guess you'd call it. I I would always saying whenever anyway it was her tuchman guitar out of sync prince is the greatest guitar player Roger. Want it to happen and what are. And it did that clip that we just watched I that was always my reference point is just watch this is watch this and they keys so good at just all of you know like he did. With his girl band I went inside them in Vegas in needed that I girls are tiger elevated a couple of there's under the lead did. He did it rock versions of prince songs. They're incredible like 1999 is how it started or no let's go crazy. And it was it sounded like. It would it sounded arsenic if Jack quite covered prince it's kind of like that back it was incredibly here's a guide and am happy that I saw like the regular versions make. Obviously you wanna hear the regionals. Right up issue number one if you only see prince wants wanna hear him do it the way it's supposed to be done but to have done that a couple times and then you know like this. So cool. He's he he he will be missed that's for her especially since every time he came back into anything it was always like oh no he's still got it even if it was weird. And it didn't click play into what we were expecting from him whatever it. He was still put stuff out there and that you cannot twittered it's been a weirdo though you never expect Princeton had embraced Twitter public's mind right Trent Rasner you never expect Rezko is beyond that in the when he does he gets on kind of weird yeah and trolls people in his liked it he just a recluse he was Michael we're now yeah I wonder what happened that I would order happens it is his catalog of Kazaa there's the rumor that day there's the room in his house that's like. Ten million records that he never got released as the room that's just entirely full of songs that he's made it never got released. I'm looking for the footage right now controlling the Foo Fighters back. After the covered darling Nikki without permission and then at the Super Bowl halftime show keep us since I was a best of viewers who have done it yet through incredible what a genius. It's the prize of best halftime show ever right. What you want from somebody all the time I play too much of that because the NFL owns these runs of careful now that careful. With the that's so let's it's too bad man because. No matter how much people close to talking to crawl about the second chance talked him on the phone to discuss basket what will we expect for the weekend and stuff which is. Also on the to do that here on the and he was talking about how they thought on love line that they can not pay him as much as drew and that it would just be fine. And how he was like oh really think you're gonna just find someone that is me that you can replace you with further the prize that. Do spiked ahead yet and how the show has consistently drops off since then check what he didn't but he filled mentions how the PPM that's affected but it. But it's the same thing that you're never gonna just find someone that Bruno Mars might be kick ass and someday he might get weird enough to be a Princeton yet character but like. That's your best bet for something as cool as the Super Bowl performance it's it's totally let the legend manic as crazy and why. Hamilton talked in the warehouse. Area two of those and your name yet Vienna voices of your so that land a man so it's it's it's a tough notes to come into and then two I guess I'll pull out of the who's who who who. Speaking of pulling always difficult to pulling out. I've put by bush by there I didn't do anything pretty lord yesterday but they're firm in Japan duo Greg's those go to Egypt Veras. And protocols. Town and now I am so excited to help. Funny you will be with six foot five meters wandered around a little you know look at the maximum height in Japan is inevitably that's you have to make sure he had to have Lori walkabout 1520 behind you. And then apply whatever what very got a fine how what are filters they used in the making of lost in translation on the film got seen had to get the color scheme to kind of match death and just have photos of view. Standing like you know looking for a good to have taller than. I wanted to wait and see that I should watch a movie if she were they go and try to recreate a little bit of that totally consulate to those like gaming parlors that they have where everyone's like those like insane video slot type machines like hell yeah see that stuff. I'm not a summer to actually do in Tokyo a accurately that pretty Lori said that we should go for the Grand Prix which is crazy pretty good. Pretty ged race cars and and it's an analysis of the tip to the ladies out there out. Week if you offer to US sports thing with the man. There's no higher form of compliment to you do that you're dude now is. I like that is. It's a thrill romance talk could John everybody it's true. Met cheat. Let's all go to places that I like have dreamed of going forever and secondly this is getting married to us that this opponent. And we're gonna go have a resolve our honeymoon in Japan originally were gonna go to Italy Croatia that's like love. As different as you can go. In terms of culturally. Met except for that they were teammates in the World War II but beyond that that's about as culturally different and as you can go. We picked access nation hazardous on the fifth this I don't know element Fabian restock in in Germany and the effect that I got to catch and a ruled it out and FF a but yeah that should be incredible I just I don't know what to expect I keep thinking about the constitution. The whole club until the improbable. I'm like two different ninety's and that is a lot of food that I don't know anything about the doesn't look anything like mine I'm sure that they still have. Like crazy McDonald's and stuff there but and also most of that like I think eked it like a conveyor belt sushi place is plucks the thought that you can see with his exact. Didn't care about the to be it's not the sushi that eating it constantly that bothers me it's the idea that like. We have a very specific diet here we're gonna have to like figure out how to like put that on hold for a week and just things you take for like. What I'm already got tapestries and that's a spirit come on and on we did a great can be delicious and that's fine. You throw all that up when have to be gone that long did that all in one culture to sell equity go through European mixing it up from implicitly like Hulu were in this country in the food was terrible but who we got to Italy it was great whatever but yeah it who knows. And the language. With that if it's not written in English underneath it like phonetic English Japanese like India says it does have to say like welcome to own game. Whatever football factory and that's. What's. It it'll all be in shapes the Conte and I'll be down low blow it there's no like I think that word it's similar to one that we writer and I relate to root of likewise I know a little bit of Spanish so I can figure out Italian for the most part and there's no like Latin root parent and yet I think Japan is a very americanized. Katrina which lies batic. I hear if you stay in. Tokyo and Angela. Or maybe a soccer you confined places that are more share easy they're easier for Americans the same time. Idealistic Leach sitting here now months away from the trip I'd like Arnold and that knowledge figured out yet. By dramatic said van when I'm cranky years and it's like. I think I think you're gonna run into the majority of people that can speak English I would I would be shocked as it. Can we report homes that's going to be crazy processing and acuity to blog about in fact. There are required to for an aura. I've actually will them because we'll have so much to say about it nymex is starting to enjoy. But the things that I'm up to dislike making them in the contact as of may we think about them a little bit more I think you more out of it by doing that school delegates right now that some all right. You question and then you grew to. We'll talk but crouch man yelling also a major HR issue this morning. Oh boy and I had a I had my weekly ketchup with. With the bus. And and I about two minutes into the meeting go to rates in the in my notepad. As Iranian and looked down in May notice my crotch my zipper is down and not just my zipper is down like each. The barn doors are wide open the flood. Sort of sitting in this chair and you know the and returning to assure my covered up in my side I take my my notepad and as for the entire beating just what it is so what he's doing is he's got one of those third of legal panel pat guys via an and is holding it up like an airplane flock for landing over the front of the idea I never mind the is that there's no heavy was so down there is no just like. Quick brush up to get it up it as I mean I'd like I'd have to ride this out and hope nobody sees it size at different between this on the spot. Ya I'll write that out Zoellick. If it after a that's incredible yeah meetings now like it's program director meetings and those meetings now I've just started talking about like whenever my personal offense that confidence is just went to ran through the tenth eleventh. Let's get. Gallium and the like again the prince things is resolved and exiles are girls call me was like me and this sucks yeah. Fame is the seating catch it so but the only one of two crotch issues that you said you were bringing into the table. I'm trying to remember their crotch issue has now kind. Give me some time let's go to something else but do I got something for I'm out and excuse me I've got good news about. Report Saturday. You just to remind me what that crash that was all right adapt it to you by super sports Saturday is what everyone to be aware of it Seles there's that super sport Saturdays just around the corner and it's a time honored tradition and that has been around for at least four years now. Yeah maybe even five I don't know but it's our way back when who knows that yeah. Folk lore now. But it's a day when you get to the sounder is playing. In the daytime and the Mariners playing by night or vice Versa Patricia Monday it shares its chance to beat down and Soto and start the day off say at a town of match at century link field was sentenced to coo Keith sub Deming who's got the the pat down in the IDC can get some nice and drunk before hand over a nice morning drink yet. Over watch a soccer match. To dig up three hours to kill and between what can you do those three hours drag keep drinking there he would go to the baseball game and until it's it's a battle to see who doesn't pass out first right. Always claimed one victim. Shia estimate you have sub domain could. That was my first super sports inexperienced so it all started I've got a tail for Uga campus and since being your lab my friend it's a lot of fun because we went sub before Keith lived in the international district we would meet up at least in fields it's yeah the lesion brewery overreach. Went down across the street from the parlor recruiter he had not designed for regular girl via. Rural to. Room any nation be ours should be fairly separated now I feel it and work with to ourselves and bring this to Japan remain to NC and that is that the one of the can do is an old they go to. One and its its assortment doesn't adopt fort I'm not being raised in us out of Bob Miley black face that sent for his racist that you want to ask you are to the next thing. I can't help it I'm not making got popped back though. As with is food. Area seat you're getting us out some of a bit. Anyway. So we release and feels like yet they make the men's room read and that's an intercom. Entity and so we know the guys and Brian corpus friends and everybody. Together and discuss sworn enemies of fortunately push comes to shove and you know you're holding a picture appear in an in depth of the pitcher in the Netherlands got bears and then you have problems right so we go to the sound of match great that happens. There we go back to leisure and done because the future gonna deal. And we meet up with a and dumbing femme friend of the show here Shawn Garvin channel that was new and Sunderland and he shows up. It is a sober guy and he's only coming up for baseball can't yet and so. Keith and I are the only two that are doing the double that that this has worked on invented a bomb and were going over and we walked out of a lesion and Kool Keith. Is on him nine related like not even on this planet anymore and is so wasted yeah and he comes out just a. And. Like that you know that's not the type of drug area got a much easier for insulin and and Carter trying to get through in his people just want her around because it's a mess down there and he walks up to just to park parts of pounding on the window yelling. Aren't people and they're like. Okay you gain accuracy over six feet tall big dude yeah Cher voice replied that a prayer protect your car pet. I read somewhere walking down the street and somebody has a lookout footballers and I thought the were thwart what they're throwing that nick can't throw a baseball out front sought that keeps his keeps like. Lurking in over towards the two is this game of catch like the one guy at the park when it. Like. They gathered plots disease with death. Sort of close the hopeless skies at the party wouldn't Wear that with dummy with a dummy football team amazing Q this is kind of looking over that he's about to steal passed from a kid and lecture he thinks she's being sly about it you've got to protect this house did but. Everybody including the data McKay at our lowest seed you can smell him coming because we smell like I don't rule Bruyette and the world. Artery. And so. You start to move in there and do that at some point to actually let on and on it because they were like kind of nervous about that and a brain keeps luring and yelling at people he's really turned into a wizard which is fantastic stuff we do what friends do. And we call a cab. And we put him and then we say he lives at the place they're good luck everybody and keep it. Bloody good. And did the artist friends are ever darken. And he drives off all right it's a that's great. The shot I like wow that was craze into this the first time Sean government Kool Keith also price. And so we go into news Safeco Field only cinema seats that we've gotten into like sort of the front of the 300 level hang and how that's great. Get a text message about forty minutes later and it's from Kool Keith and he said I'm out our seats were RU. Only it's in gibberish from tech's veteran language drug fixing or whatever and we're like what do you mean he'd. Told the cab driver to pull over and just got out of the cab driver took 120 bucks that we journey and apparently drove around it. And that is what's right back and with this ticket that we didn't take away X were stupid Frey comes into load into the ballpark. And goes to our seats but he's one section off and I love all of that and so we were trying to find immortal he's he obviously doesn't only and he's in the one sliver of sunlight. Fully passed out but that's just a feet up. Just asleep. It's a cute the one the title as the first person to ever pass out at super sports Saturday so he's quite he's quite an honor that Clinton and so at some point throughout the week can you expect somebody to go too hard and end up passed out and it's just a reality that you have to accept it if I think it's an honor personally chair I don't think you should be ashamed of it if you are the ones so my -- Keith everybody know yeah of course we're where we make fun of it like of course some candidates yeah exactly and it's it's it's what do you really took it to the right levels someone has to do it yeah. So odd Saturday the thirtieth is the next super sports Saturday features mariners and then Sanders tickets and do the double so and in this is kidding catheters or other team because. You know. We usually go to these things. At least one or two people recognize us or come say hi to us are ever right. On this today if we are complete ass holes to you. Yes come on I we apologize. Now. Because we're gonna be completely Iraq's death that's the plan that's what happens let's others goats I have in my for my favorite story of my first super sports Saturday was. First Bob I just remember seeing accuse house we are drinking a lot of peer. Now we what's really brought eighteen pack which the do the shady shell and bought Dodd that eighteen package love love ringers or whatever and ours and showed up and yeah we needed more we'd anyway hat that was in between yeah. Ridiculous right and I amber eating I took a little bit of inedible. And this is a way be done is worth things go totally has way before I was I've not really into that stuff so it's like it crushes me no matter what yeah. Ivory just remember. Walking to the game. The man's game and her pulling Munich and he actually regulate content you're sure it's like cranking. I haven't said a word in 32 minutes after a tough. Act I'm indebted like school. I don't know it looks and cares like we couldn't do it also at the same time we got. Org the. The animals that were Jolly Ranchers for yet cookies had a a cotton candy machine into a mid pot and candy I probably economies like. Who would listen that era that was a dark to dark time yet the real dark green time of our lives. And perfect super sport Saturday at ton upon. So it's it happens on edited thirtieth on an and yes there's also super sports Sunday but that's not the same because. If you are if you are trash monster on super sports Sunday yet. Monday is an as a Nazi or suck my and yeah exactly yet pass on that exactly would sit on the bull Monday is the yet work now to be comfortable room house. Our Greg. And haggard cannon at you a question and this could go ahead and I pushed. Their hair going on my jazz now. Well in my life it was last year meeting argued the person you believe this and growing and well. Now. A so. Speaking of that meeting in in in my Dick hanging out and fortunately. We got everything because it is believed that if I get caught as we the most embarrassing moment ballot. Question for you death have you ever bent like publicly super embarrass. Not like onstage or anything but just like pot lights. What's the most embarrassing public moment economic upper GI got to think about this because I know I have 'cause it's money it's. There are things where you do you do it and give. And a Tryon advocates a good learning experience and effort and there's other times when you're just like you don't you're not aware of it again it's like. On the I know once upon a time and this is going to be very embarrassing and about a told the story on the cast before. If I get on side and I was it was 1999. With college I was living on Jonathan Franzen has a dummy. It's all right he dumbing. And oh. And I was living in a apartment complex for college kids and it was like. Everyone run crazy tonight. Room was right next to the front door whatever and I was in my bedroom looking at pornography on the high speed Internet both looked at and I had my we are out for the feel important GP yeah a it's got to push star craft those of the two things not a man against our deficits because he could do we can network within the house of playing hours of star craft against each other so. Never never land party is believed you know that he wrote all day I mean like our pals a virtual sports do that but to have a look at the senate for that guy yeah that's. That's intense but I was at the as a does look at the old Internet and be in a creek. And the blinds on your window one way people can see N and want people they can't the one where they can't. Just a tree I thought I had. So my roommates. Who shall remain nameless and Hideki his friends came over to see him. And they sight unit instead yeah and I just played. I assumed they were like they operated in trend source world war I just remained perfectly still. Right. Known and would never know. Today. Who do and home Mike. Inaudible the women who took let's go over here. Click right. Couple water like food. The slow motion tomorrow Maria I'm liked. The stomach and emotion because in the into the shadow and be fine. Did we concealed. Did Greg. After the dark gray. It's that there nothing I'm terrified it's so embarrassing at the elect shameful embarrassing terrible but I don't move. It's a pilot okay look at stock analysts and evicted jerk or whatever and they leave oh my god. And then I see them all the time or whatever and it was no it's never the same or whatever and so finally one day. My new roommates years later has the story about you tonight. I'm including me and he retell the whole story like verbatim poll and I don't know what you thought about. Super embarrassed super flush run back to my room and hi to. Everything terrible so yes delete your browser history immediately hit it dead fish debate. Oh man that's pretty good and its like at least at the time the Internet was like not as disturbing as it is now so who like I was probably just like. Watching something pretty like the spice channel Gallic pretty election. Tame by today's standards the naked scene from pet has a ridgeline just over and over dentist looped it was a big gift of it. How about how those are cool kid I was always of the thing we worry that early as porn that we ever had was just a gift would you would download nearly 12 of like penetration. I saw. That's a step at a. That's so that was Terrell all and Mittal told other person at the the old agreement as a whole show is pretty embarrassing he actually said to me. Yes if he does have a story about getting content. Masturbating by her step mom. I feel for it to tell it. Think it should tell this constant. I mean I can I can to protect the that I get a better and I get an embarrassing part of story myself so we're gonna let's hear it. I've told this when before until until a new one that's Bible. Coming bidders important stories do you think I know I'm really what you're asking this question I had that wasn't just like I don't have one of my own gun and have you thought about throwing embarrassing and I did my SpinRite doesn't indicate topless that's correct. So I was thinking about like what's. My EMI am exposed in the consume various industry so embarrassing and the it's a lesson that was really view you bears now I'm not on stage as I feel like we do embarrassing stuff. Well in a professional that's a book. I have to take a video myself -- to tuck the drug generally aged yet that's like the most embarrassing that FDR the app but I also feel like that's kind of part of the deal that we're spoke IBO is not what this competition towards and I love the talk with the talent to just tired of trying to find a way to should shill and out whatever. Yes so it Mimi think of that time I was in high schools in baseball. And the pitcher on the mound threw the ball really hard. And he fires and a fastball and the food batter foul tips. So it goes bounces off the plate in hits me in the B in the ID you know apart like the everywhere and a couple of your kidney to play sports I never put a sport where neither the cup well. It is inherently problems with it that your balls are pretty much yet. Exposed are crammed in their beaten is not comfortable right so this bout foul tips off home plate and it comes right up underneath. And make the one part. That is exposed I mean bulls. And you have like 32 pause you know like are right that should hurt by MRI. Your brain is like waiting for alarm yet and right and you think you're okay that's when it hits so I am like you have a crowd. I guess the whole self. You your move with a certificate that's a pool boy. And I like sit there and attic reached out to grab the ball in kind of start off the side and I'm standing there and also and it hits me. I have literally I don't even move on the Humana catcher squat that is fall forward on holy spot like I ran on home play. Some sit there. Try not to puke you know the feeling Leach any but it has ever been really tag in the balls knows what I'm trying to explain here. Have a sit at home plate which is my head is just in the dirt and passes in the air I was like oh my god. Nobody is. Nobody thinks you're an idiot either a couple of divot laugh because it's hilarious. But yeah everyone gets it everyone understands you it is embarrassing and it is is a couple hundred people there and watching this happen. And I'm like on the ground and I had tears go and I am in serious pain you're not a month's terror but also I can hear everybody. Like kind of certain to giggle a bit. And I can hear my mom go and yelling at my girlfriend on well no grandkids for fifth. This exit there. Thanks mom I have my coach to block it out if he's trying to too loud music you okay but like not okay. And I'd like I cave and I'd like. You can hurt I'm hurt. I'm hurt. It's bad it's bad. Umpires laugh and everybody's laughing at me and I'm just an and so. In pain let me take I can't move. So I'm literally just sitting there in front of hundreds of people as there is laughing at me and I can hear every single person I you know I can hear their laughter. And hating I carried off the field had to confront an ice bag in my crotch it was the sub. OK I copped. Only yeah like I got a tag at huh I and tagged. So that was definitely one of the most embarrassing moments as assists. Similar story I was playing not nearly to the degree that your and I should've gone first probably with a that I thought I know we're talking like it hit the deck. I don't doubt first Melissa because yours is I mean you're in front of like if you just stand up showed front of that many deeply Vick lot of great crowd the area if the FFF. So dumb but I was playing a dole indoor soccer. Five years ago now with a bunch nerves from work here we put an indoor soccer team and which is still did that. Yeah I it was one of those things where I came in every Thursday and I said to in. Neal Martellus new Martin's ability. Doesn't work here anymore are happy he still lives that he's and a but I commit everything is index. Cut a bad feeling about tonight. Dolan applying paint it hit everything. But all day like dreading having to play soccer because I was just back and it was yes. And care about but the thing about it is idol it was bad because I put much pressure on myself. Two and I respect that yeah I would I forced myself and to making stupid poisoning that. But what does all of a sudden now we don't bear not thought of and yet. It's is can never learned it was like at a very short memory when it came to that most put most athletes have a short memory for the mistakes mine was for mine. The payoff can share should do it on that we put this in the in this endorsed the arena sports thing or whatever and I'll never for it. Turning to two like a ball got played. Passed in a turn to run on it and it was a defender there and he just kicked the ball right back coming back to reckon that like I just I turned. I turn like that swivel chair I turn right into Opel. And this. Adult what's the ground and was done it was like a and the ref blew the whistle stop to get it. There was no play on there was no like there was no question if I Chillicothe and it happened at a top level. Yes and that it happened similar like political yet. It so noted it's luckily it's sounded a million times worse that it would because I was turning into the apartment leg also get in the ticket I mean it leveled me but it wasn't like. This blood level look at all that's going to married I was the Hans moment video man gets hit with football for a just roll it up. I don't ever forget -- Cobb came over to mean he put on a team needs and that the podcasts. But he came over to me and he was like. That made the worst sound like. That you'd you should have heard how about that sounded and I'm like yeah I figure they blew the whistle I was fine whatever we have to summed up permanent blocked off got to drink came back on it. That's the same league where it came out on time until with like Yoder an arrest and I was like I did a wrist band I've paid my money in the guys like. You do need to stop drinking whiskey otherwise have to kick you out of the facility and I was like. Although opinion the momentum and look at that it's been exactly that that's good view of seriousness referees are sorry. So yeah have a whistle to him he says there's something about when you're playing sports and protect how's he gonna get hit the next half. Happens and it happened the horse is the MMA guys of the boxers or whatever the trying to body blow in the go to blow early you know what it's like to get hit in the big canyon probably desperate there losing your song at that cheap yet and it's like fits the ultimate. Is that unwritten rule number one for guys like guy code. Number one with eleven a civilized society okay we're we're not like this is a game of throne where you're killing dudes for different pieces of silver you're like. I'm competing athletically against you when something to stay away from my deck just stopping it yet. I think wrestlers are really who moaning about that. Graham indexing is a lot of films and buts than him and hands on Cox pretty that it ever wrestled them and now writes I guess that's inherently to name I mean that's really within the realm of what's wrestling has as opposed what was that I was looking a person pluses and its effect at at. 88 feet in get nasty I John and I think we should try to predict how things are gonna go. In his last two minutes and we should predict how things are gonna go. And I think the Saturday's. Adam Carolla show podcast that were going to be on. It's going to be greatly excited so just talk to Gary the producer from the can configure the producer is a dummy QA to you okay. Right after I graduated it started there and so I was like oh I want other than she's opportunities and got what you would rather be too. Would you go to is like is there from all three to oh what ever and I was like well I worked it can't commit their music. They like. You have kind of a cool yeah I'm running. And attacked him yesterday and he was like don't slated to it doesn't defines come out have fun on the queue up in this actually and he was like. I mean that's good that's what you want right you want to be nervous to be sharp right economic okay cool on. But what I thought was we were the guests like at the 45 minute mark they do with Merv angry even that I figured it out for us from most of them Leonardo podcast that's rarely rarely. Written. Off notre no sir we are from the get go they introduced us and we come out and hang out all time. Now I don't have done that before but it's huge Alonso bowed in or some of that how I am I am DB page okay. We get indeed page. Can refer them podcasts and I know I don't have a little bit of a brag right here but. I was definitely given a credit and I didn't notice in the market Collins documentary as a technically I think I can have a hefty pay I'm NA. We'll have to pay whatever there. Book the thing is to join what does bag and snags. I don't fit that they did to have to get to register or whatever and so I think because it's a credit there I think I can do I'm not sure there. Cool so Woolsey but anyway. Bomb. I don't like I don't know what our plan is or what to expect other then we just should. Be a tune to the news that day so how did you connect no. I don't I'm. My biggest concern is how my guess in on a stage for an hour and a half and having repeat that's as you know this Blatter is not the best. That's my biggest strategist for a cut up to the walked in the song there's blood or lose the. We'll have. You guys tend well all the dairy. There you ago. At a SO. That's a very valid thing you can get the guilty. I'm sure camp not going to manage interest payments known that it has to pull out. If it. A lot of people let out because it was so mean of me to say that I know you're out here I don't know. No I think it's gonna be I'm I'm kind of. I'm curious. I wanna be semi prepared but I don't wanna be cute I don't wanna have bits ready you know Damian and I wanna have to talk about but it wanna be like this one dumb I was remiss in vogue Alonso professionally. Yeah I had primarily because we haven't heard to general rehearsed it that the PR idea that like that he was talking about this to me he said that he. Didn't proceed didn't pursue stand up because you have to work on the same joke every night for years together right. And he likes the improvisation all nature of what he doesn't supreme the live pond on the road rather than. He rather pay more to bring the whole team right then just tried to stand up himself has. That he had an hour's worth of material that they can do but the in the right to some me time you can do that but people still can't afford right. So well a doctor admits. Hum I asked him to give us some coaching tips for what we can do to be better again. To help him check a quick look at what we can what can we do to make your show batters to the way it's easier on you dude because thanks a lot for having a social credit totally totally he said. Would you go on. Shows like he's done all these shows ram it's crazy to your lover man and you go and some of those shows their land and armaments on around normally go on there they're like okay. Don't talk about this and on Allen can talk about need TK talk about this or that then there's all the restrictions would not seduce the whole time he said the thinking like to talk but this just yet inevitably gets in your minor. Correct. It's it was like I don't. Whatever you wanna talk about it's fine if you just wanna chime in that's great we've had people that have literally said three words because they were terrified to trying get in on yet and that's fine too because at the end of the day. It's not the Gregor show. It's the bottom coral podcast yeah. So my name it's on me if I don't include you well if I don't play to your strengths or whatever that's on me it's a bit of the day people be mad at me and I'd say mean things do on the Internet the building not a me and I was like. It's a just relax more relaxed are the more funny happened to a time minutes is in the stupid kid. I think we finally if we can do. We've done enough things in public where I don't think that's gonna be that big of deal. I think Matt I think the hardest part of it is going to be to resist the urge to. Match. Ace down to your name right it's his stride and to to be. What are mental image of tennis you have are you had just ate and talked to a black guy and you try and you like inadvertently blocked it up a little bit. Share. Yeah. Now both late season though it's likely need its would you bomb it would used to walk into. Would you order Chinese food. A nearby yeah it's still not back to this JR hey how's all you know like I do like insulting that you like because there's a language breakdown is not that are. And it's like we're inherently. We all do the same seeing so we're inherently always. Maybe not consciously or subconsciously. It it's if you get a gay joke howling or did you two. And I think that's the only NN I'm not too worried about it but like that can be the only IIC that is like one of the potential. In no pot holes in this process so what I'm hoping for that will be talking about next week will be like. We walk away it'll be that you and I got to isolate a little bit so like yeah. You start to say something and because we have timing I can slip beneficial in the we can go back and forth yeah tennis here back and forth for a minute. Portrays jumps all over it takes over but we can get a couple rallies going on chemical and it so it feels like it's on us. She beware tennis attire and failure is that where you're going what I've got a head band who yes you do to prepare the FF FF. That's you do I'm by a live where the Cleveland oh think the dark color so you can't tell them. It's in my little white not tigers against the crowd and you make a pull hook up. Affects who love eighties Tennessee. Look very aware aware a sweater tied around my act perfect perfect. Down. How well a good friend John McEnroe and as you know I'm one dynasty and what do we them what's the hum. We can address Lincoln scholar puts you right now like just these are what is a bullet over dressed for I think I think a minute do you. I'm making a free cash I think I plan on. No I don't wanna look at professional I just a little fat on states that's the real thing I just said I'm gone through some by the issues right now so I am currently reserved effect like oh my god I can't believe I'm gonna be for this many people in the county implement by. Give wanna find out more about that in the insecurity now it's real listen to mark Marron talking to Micky Glazer okay McLaren has like a seriously. Body just more feel issue and he looked crazy about and I had no idea Padilla nick breaks it down it goes like in depth about and I was like old insecurity that Obama's self that no one has ever. No one has ever made them ballot by being I guess prophetic like. The six all the in my hat Netflix stock or about that stuff just one before. But you can be more fun if you feel comfortable totally. Confidence is that everything that plays and everything you know it's it's all connected summit. But yeah I'm excited man I'm nervous inning good I'm good nervous. I think has set I think I am always pretty lucky in that that the big blue to bright lights in the lot of people don't normally freight freaking out now. I'm Sharon saying that and then it to mr. for one and the grain I'm and in puke. My my big thing you know how nervous I am and bald too the sales of the everyone that comes out can see eldest tell you my talents so when I get nervous. I've become really appreciate you Marty I have a blood disorders Marty shaky as it is and I'm on blood thinner stoop yet but I'm a microphone right now with one hand. When he ceemea of the second it's to haul mine nerve that's awesome and so I'm holding the Mike with two hands like that. It's calm it's a way to not show off the dime Trimble yet. It'll be the second one makes it to golf grip it'll make it you know does nothing relates to Adam more than gulf are ready your gonna make. You'll be able to tell sooner washing the audience I'm doing to Hanson snap a picture that's color us. I don't know my tells. I known as the case about my cheek. And I picked on because people can't tell well it's your mind. Ali al-Qaeda to grind in a way it allows an altar boy MMI recently you can see my mom and it's through the yeah entities CB that might not get off. Packet off to get it to get fumble. But my priest to get arrested who for funneling yeah yeah I was joking but the human yeah you know I know that there was real you know OpenId to thicken Felix. Self esteem issues course it does elect what was I not. Why Hillary Greg I had no grief. If that it. The food the afternoon but not sure if you're serious about my public don't know. We could talk about what talk about that in the month. So I think to approve the typical and I have an issue about it. All right manly and Gregor everybody and yet our put in a minute left without receiver though they know we're gonna pathetic and now we're good thank you guys vote. Against the I'm like where my eyes closed today. Like stuff that decade. Hello. Greg if you break the microphone a but he didn't account at. There's a big there's a big surprise it's going to be the viewers as Meg Whitman pledged BVL like yes. That's about it at had a few jobs. And get back. If that happens stage stuff can. Absolutely I meant I wanted to stand so still some tickets available at out of called outcome of the some dividend dot com recently needs to be there to catch me when I do my station it's on it's the competitor. That idea I disagree for you I mean it's like getting hit the deck there was 300 happy people there again quickly and we pitch in the decadent and I know they'll be doing ten minutes of catchers practice yet bring him we weren't my cup second properly. It's. Isn't a device that is. What sort of come up with a new invention for catchers that you can elect honest rattle floated like this it's just shield it flexes. I mean that would be book dares the there's a card that goes down but the problem is under gas that comes back up he has. The under is just that he'd pick up a samurai pants on anyway that's effectively that swinging door for the and I'm in the U can be used to hold 200 Dick new meanings but I wish I had a new meeting version area and I'd like like. Male dancers have like a big. But for those of name for the good eyed peas the economies of like a bold you think that they can just make the technology will be like you to upload. Technology from god demolition man in the crash car and it fills up the phone just like. Dictated junket at some foam like I'm doing them acting out here you dipped in some phone and then they just chisel it out that went around to perfectly. Particularly that's a lot of work you sort of company. Making most people's digs too good to pass on this and the film should Politico who. Didn't commit a million dollars and it'll after initially as C Dixon for the makers at the end of Christie. I I don't will be an arrow press that's not a great up the cubs are confident great. The me the edits out. I don't need the. OK we had to work on not usually if I drop off area until we can now there's a few things that I had considered about this for one of but Jennifer Aniston is still fox can total men and People Magazine that they had voted her most beautiful woman in the world among people that are white and in America that is to say that last part but it's clear because. There are more beautiful people then Jennifer Aniston. Either yes definitely. The and one right now go. Yes that's right yes can I actually can't name any other human girl out. America. Carol yet. Plan B that's that's a cartoon Gregor super girl the now. Can't put character men who couldn't. We'll hug and that no one would think Jennifer Aniston or People Magazine for either of those things that's pretty get bomb blew I would be OK with that McCain was in France or in the previous in the world to meet this amendment to do all right let's also elicits. A 47 years old she makes my 46 feel pretty good and an Olympic thrills like you're a hint actually 46 year old lady and a special more pretty or I haven't sat there and both made the mention of it the cold front that's likely be. And volume. I don't know what to say now that Lleyton is in the dark yesterday and I was knocking and Greg seared I think that the attack at at at. Where you lord giving millions Jennifer Aniston photos this weird. Women and I have a nominee I would like to throw out there Yasir and if you wanna go at this economic we can do and approve it I would like to nominate snatch up. Hmmm. I just for all of us that chatty things that snap Chad is is it is quite terrible I've thought about September a quick it's. I don't really care for because there's no longevity to the minute yes they'll be able to go back ambulance that was so funny that thing you do have a look at it again. On however yeah. The coolest part about snapped chat is that you don't get the satisfaction of people telling you that it was good in the moment. It's like being on the radio you're performing with no one ever responding yes that Ted is that you're just doing it purely to communicate a story. Trend that's. Shealy really. So you know what I did that we've put on that chat yes and I'm you look at snapped up like yeah every day I might we hear. Yes so you never get the satisfaction at the gratification from a but did too. But you do get to the dew so yeah some of that stuff chat yesterday we've had a real to fly them. They don't feel like folk on a sort of at no point in time did anybody stop. These are always things that blow my mind concerning how careful we are with most of anything that we put out. In yet you aren't saying the public on May well this if that's the point of the podcast Oden is to not care. Which we do a damn good job of not caring time. Says that jet for yes it was 428. So of course. They put. They make of Bob Marley because Bob Marley is we broke portfolio which is in hit it's bad in itself you know like this kind of messed up. And I mean as eloquent about some of the relief charities around safari and in Nixon did it again and again roster thought. Yup my mood by. And so date the should do the face Napa yourself and then maybe give you. Dreadlocks and Mike the little beanie which would have been fine now and I was OK join to us about that urge and remember join but thank and it played. One of the songs are are three little birds of playing the back hundreds. If it ended there ego like well I mean if if from a roster firing him a little offended but it's forged when he I think you just can't pull them apart and I don't think too. Made any bluntly in but does and I think heroic fourth world and that's for Jamaica I know I because that's what's been great towards this new engine. I don't know any country that actively supports. Re giving white people corners may be deserves this for. Is that just has passed tag Andy Carroll yet anybody that walks every maker that Japan with like the corners and is that why. Tight because that's why would you be yet but I think Japan. It that's all I want I want to see a Japanese car road Trent let's get working on the adults by the word perfectly restart that out. Say they sell at the dreadlocks of the beanie and the funny weed some would be kind of fun. Attack but it's it's if he's not there you're okay yeah. Snap chat. Gives you black face. It was like you wanna talk about screwing off yeah that is dropping the public. How they're not a redundancy there were some guys like so wait it's okay that word imminent today black face. That response to the whole thing was like no the Bob Marley whatever it's called a state. Told us to do it. So so does the Bob Marley estate speak for all right an entire race. I think by Miley say you know something is really offensive if I'm offended because. I don't get offended by virtually anything to be fair if there was one that made black people white I think it would be whole earnestly creepy too so there I think of a black person saw us doing that wood that snapped at the -- like that is grief because it was yet creepy it was pre with the opposite I think I would I'd be able to find some humor and but I have also been on the winning side as well people would tell me exactly exactly. So I would like CU nominate its net chat a little rich per share. Congratulations snap judge erred on me. You have will be the case. Nick yeah not fixed news this. And could possibly happen. Music acts these music. The music. That you. The music. Gets you this it's music yeah I knew that. Thanks Jose dart up podcasting thing to a new cable for the Adam Carolla show we appreciate genocide we've probably said. We try embarrassed ourselves pretty ridiculous things for him. And as easy as it gets out will hopefully have him back nick trickle of approach Seattle did no outs before Kelly cervical that would leave really kind of like the best possible outcome of this yet I mean she don't follow us on Twitter or FaceBook or anywhere else out I don't umpire and I don't talk and it. Bit the last show before we sell out this is kind of bittersweet this is nice if gas pump also if you could. Like holidays always says if you tell friend that would help us not a lot because we just do this to build. Stretch our legs a little bit when it comes to talking and yeah well the radio on the Internet a little bit so what do we talk to them or the people communicate with a snap off of targeting to tear emails from last week this week. We'll do it again next week that at Purdue they'll we'll skipping an ethnic and pressure. To. It's music yeah fixed music now it's time on the sixth music. I just pushed a button. All right so I'm looking at the sex music for this week and obviously we gotta go with something happens from the U. Would you intolerance of the grade one with the time I just meant about the artists. Go with his formerly known in his art via the artist man. Right so saddened obviously we got to go prints yet pressure is that it is a slam dunk when he was alive for provide access music and I know I was. Like pretty much solid sexuality I mean one of his most tigers on a cult get off I mean forgot to. But I'm of course gonna go and make it art a podcast worthy Jerry Edinson. Com because the first exposure I had depressed. Unlike your priest exposure that you well against was to the Michael Keaton film. Click command in Dubai yes that had a so I'd like to celebrate this week to win the performance of back pants. College jokers because of the easier right yet and aren't that yeah I am the ducks did feel like he's like sticking to musically not sought the statute does like that. There's like the ballerinas at Jimmy I hope they vividly remember that scene this is dead yeah I video of this game. Have a great time we'll sit down cruel podcast full recap next week I'd only. Keep us to. You've been listening to our dumb podcast they're Smart Smart like a fox. They like email these idiots are dumb podcasting's. Gmail.com. Phone them on Twitter that aren't on the podcast or eight record and that man child when. Victory for our young podcast is brought to you by the shirts blouses. It was a pancakes.