084 - Roger Bennett of Men In Blazers

Thursday, March 16th

Roger Bennett had nothing by wonderful things to say about Seattle, the Sounders, and more Seattle with a visit to 1077 The End this morning. Here's our conversation minus the f-bomb I let slip at the end :D


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She is mr. Roger Bennett and he's next and now from the legendary studio breed so your NCAA. At all wins. Greg error. Early this morning we had a guy who I respect so much for his ability to talk about and so eloquently. Not just sports the pop culture and everything he's Roger Bennett from. They're here to hang out before the big sound are home opener this weekend it's an exciting time and after birds. Big dork as cinema Gmail is good. What an idiot. I said you know thanks coming nonstop tournaments it's an eighteen months ago with 35000 feet high above know where you talk. I listened to you and ray Hudson on men and boys podcast trading soccer metaphors and the skills of a move a verbal Jordan more us. I realized that I had a long exciting road ahead of me to get anywhere near the command of language that comes from that beautiful bald head of yours. And I send him Palin visited chat that we had public the longest on air interview I think if effort time. Not to go back in reference that enjoyed curing and guide gushed about Seattle soccer and the two things combined Seattle Sanderson FC. It is an honor I'm excited here he's won half the minimalism podcast television show and soccer success compass and American sports landscape. With the references ranging from game of Droughns to well least in lyrics from a classic Nine Inch Nails song he's connecting soccer hungry Americans. To the world's game the beautiful game he's Roger Bennett good morning sir hi it's a dollar to be okay Greg got in you'll assisted on the list thing to happen to Seattle I guess since prime balls would let a tournament I'm so happy to be in a excellent all Seahawks reference for their rods it's more than just soccer for a very nearly cover all the angles of sports and half but just. That may ultimately we look sock up. Because it's an expression of life and humanity so just stay at least Catholic decision these moments that we live voyage really. That kind of thing you via the did just that they had the disaster is stuck to that gushed tape. The range of human emissions at a stuffed into the narrative on a week to week basis in the community and MLS. In the US men's national team women's team storyline. That's what we live full back to come tonight to do a share in Seattle having Grunin and England. In the nineties and low tax Seattle is sixty Dick and it's so many images in my mind to be here. In this remarkable city remarkable cultural city remarkable sporting city. Can't tell me how much when the pulls a tingling cricket I can tell it's it's gonna become uncomfortable for us here sure looks cook off. Roger who's gonna win the MLS cup in 4017. Public Antonia probably know Minnesota. I signed my early yet take away from the first couple of weeks five or losses not so good I'm. I'm thrilled still thrilled by what. Seattle sound the state loss season in this city you watched I've never been to settle before I grow what Jed. But I bet my shrimp. But that I could Seattle's Luc Longley. Pound the way I grew what'd and to bring Marron this team sentencing condone the wall came here about. Human being is thinking. About. The murdered just the that you attacked. The concept of tapped him and dig and dig a plan nice so when as a university Lee does Tony and a three front came on in liege in 1991 assaults happen. Play wouldn't the Mona. When the phone the world the end because the two bands combined to twenty people Suez to replace who did that chance. Bet they grow so hard on night and have always trimmed to come into the city in the series. My first ever trip I cannot Teddy. How would LA to them to be hip of my football league perspective a socket perspective to see you with T do you have them belly full. Through the television sent into what to gaze on the century link field on a weekly basis fuel alone as a as a fruit lover of football. A lover of American football lover of America you want leaked through the television screen and just beat Jack. You'll see want pay whoop that boy you are building here and throughout the Pacific northwest. It's kind of a future sense of America we wish to cannot sharing that soccer is the sport defeat of the future in America as it has been since 1970 tape. But when you see what you're building here in this community in Seattle. I really got PP it's a taste of the whole of the rest of the nation. In the decades to come and you guys who just kind of full forward for the rest of us know we can only hope to be as successful as perhaps the LA galaxy showed for all those years only in the northwest says that there are real rival to open a real challenge in the playoffs and even though we have a great pocket up her against drop Portland against Vancouver for that cascaded lookup I think it got to hope that we're the next LA galaxy that we draw like kind of southeast tomorrow I'm when we landed last night I think we tweeted about how excited. We ought to be here and decimal tweeted back beautiful beautiful commonly said this not been this many. Old English at people in Seattle since the LA galaxy last came to play. So but I love it a few of a video storyline to sing thrilling and makes the dog just stud that the kind of worst to first the slumping for the many narratives within it last season. Watching Jordan Morris. Who we fully since he was at Stanford and I think I was at the US practice. When he was just cold as a script to play against the World Cup and the US will cup team in training. And it'll Oswalt happy just kind of like an account and folder they just dazzled in a scrimmage say much or using Klinsmann protein three was a college player. To play for the US men's national team inning came back to Seattle. To sign him when he could have gone to Europe the name we came here so much expectations on the shoulders faltering. In the first five games seemingly connect crippled by the height but then when Clint Dempsey went down to it and I mean a devastating. At devastating injury that had him out of the game to six months it's just stepped up. And keep the team take the city on the shoulders and deliver time. And time again though just to deliver and the Phillies first season height but to deliver a championship from a human perspective to watch it to speak to him. He comes on a share every a couple of months to see how he's changed as a human being in the crucible of elite competition. Yet retained himself always cement should always. Always a fair refill for human being it's clay cleaned them to the first time ever interviewed him. He said to me that did the did the trick of of being on the full bullet is still always be confident to shrug off loss beset the least important lesson. Is to always be yourself and name to you well and it was the storyline for Joseph must and I guess to Seattle sound as in the second half of the season was it. They were always themselves and they knew who they world to meet with which was a witness and now he's got the bank also on his own to make him the other part of being Italy footballer who you have to now get all the way you have to fatalities when I when you have a neck tattoo Greg you know you Bob will close the way you way up to that I'm slow on my radio tattooed game hearing others are plotting a spot might affect our guests so there's a seat on the New York so to have him but now he's also a US men's national team again he got called backup Jordan Morris and Mercer island's known. On Bruce arena's 2.0 US men's national team. You think he's ready to carry the weight of a rotund nation and do you think that there's a chance for the US to turn this around and qualify for World Cup to have the it was a miracle on ice on grass. So USA vs Russia. Next summer already the World Cup she shouldn't trim Sophie a fifa can't wait for the royal ball tell will be phenomenal. That there are as whip Bruce Arena yesterday and essentially that the new manager oh manager manager against he was inheriting this team. Very. And precedent only in the middle of the World Cup cycle if you are not fully the storyline middle lost the first two games in this final round the qualifying. New US teams haven't done that. New team is done not in this format and then qualified for the World Cup so this is uncharted territory pre Serena is like a it's kind of a may have a pilot of a backwater terror rating for this region we playing CONCACAF. The news her role erupt sorry Ney stay hidden stream G nasal tidal forces. And we tend a team they've to a pair of safe hands. But the big question as. American football has changed so much since he was lost. At the Helm in 2006. Wheel to this region CONCACAF that the Caribbean. North Central America that we play and it'll say change mouton a lot of things that MLS professional rising giving so much. Opportunity to play is across the region tactically it's more sophisticated from the coaching perspective. It's more sophisticated. City yes Bruce Arena was a winner who can deliver but the world has changed since he was lost the manager of the UST. I think the storyline is going to be about this gentleman he believes he can win when you speak to him. You know when he sends a choice every question is believe me I've done this before I knew what I'm doing him when he needs a win his. His face is you're the only if that was a mount Rushmore. As American as suck up Richard Reid is beautiful face who have become of their net. Wrong side to be meal is mullet there will give Nash but that there at the relative to. Tournaments and what's made him come back again not movie sexy beast. You know where where where they they bullet that the criminal reformed criminal back in tape. A pernicious activities narrowed or at least not kill him back into the game to yes yes yes he gets through Brad pru she's back in the day. I'm tenements and what exactly has and maybe he's done everything he's when there was that. He's gonna caught two of MLS cups people's take home he's he's taken this team further than any US manager in the World Cup the 2002 delirious rent. Just so it's still living off face few days Mary's but he's come back. And talent wise we got phenomenal saint condemns these past when a wonderful man at 34 still playing with an amazing chip on the shoulder phenomenal full bull. Already this season. I'm Jordan Morris is politics Christie implicit is eighteen year old can of one to ten who left Hershey Pennsylvania reached fifteen in that. Castles in the champions league the dormant in Germany and the elite level of will close football in the show unity until the until he belongs. On the weekly basis we go phenomenal. Full bullet. The base. Amazing kind of crap I should I'm from England when the England national plays very good football as pull on the being lynch it's a chain email that weighs them down they played Alexa. And the US team for the past twelve months has played lesser and in these games starting on Friday. Bridge on not just must swim they really need Dave and I think other and four points than these next two games is going to be darkness. We will see when they put that US cheers Theo whether they play with a collective four bullet they use state that Julius. A collective rule which more of the same that we've seen struggling to the last 12 months but I am a very positive man. And I believe in truth I believe in Jordan Morris have believing Clint Dempsey and believing Christian holistic. And I believe they'll deliver. Do you see yourself as say rave green Pacific blue or fur throwback Thursday more of can hold her to Dwight. Hard to see myself does that act at the old man who loves America apparently to come from owning and just thanks god that live in this country am I and I love. America love full pool I love America loving full pool and FC. Since I'm moved there in 1990 tape. You know bush will cut to will cut the grief of the game hand. And is being. Not a straight line it's not beta always the school of the future so there's always going to be asked me in my office of independent we go one in the panic room on the MBC. Sports television show that says suck this sport in the eighty's let's just put in the future. And he's always been promised to be the next big thing it it is the next week and it's taken longer and it's been incremental I've seen delirious late. Football great will cut to will cut particularly post 2000 tape 2006. In the premier Li. And I really taking off I'll watch with Julie. You are used to yes this school is just period of popularity. Am with MLS now. A stepping up and this is a phenomenal season this season just the quality of play. The quality of coaches the quality of sporting spectacle youth that last weekend. And you like to talk about Poland just a couple of points in the season kickoff that phenomenal watching Clint Dempsey come back. For Seattle after a human challenge rise up you for coming and deliver. And start scoring watching. And all land they open a pay duty delirious beautiful stadium and I am. And I'm watching Atlanta. 55000. In tonight citadel within a couple of hours she wants safe and a that's so that the health what they sit they season. Bought season this is a season when molest takes a turn and say quality not just in the Pacific northwest but across this nation. They're twenty question what doce myself I see myself as a very lucky man. Who's come to America and an amazing time in its sporting so can history. The memos podcast is live tonight at the shoebox at sold out event I know you have some special Seattle treats planned perhaps out of some. Somebody pay homage to some Seattle sports stars are a lot of fun we've got an incredible lineup you know just Jordan Morris through a duke is gonna bring his dog we've got a Schmitz is going to be with us Alan Hinton the English football legend turned missed the soccer is gonna talk about heritage it'll make him repeat no. And coming on. I mean I'm really excited to to Stefan Frei and yet here you go keeper. From the final at a gentleman who like me grew up and they random place team Simpson Swiss council. You know is a hero in Seattle and gets cooled to the January 10 man whose visas still OK if you like mine that. One remarkable American football story TE. To growing your way. Through the US sells to the college system to find a place do you love the love you back to succeed in MB called in today. To train with the US team it's Tuesday Emmys what makes this country great tool makes this country's football team Greg. And just off the Shea with him Michael might. How about a chance for people who maybe grab a fight with him you re after the Sherri when we do the shape he's re the self first ever time in Seattle at. Prayer I really KP it's not a I'm just so happy to be here we're gonna wander around today and just that during can be a sixty. Ma'am and everything and basically smells of firm. Firm John Nolan routes have to Shaffer can feel it wafting around here. Say to graft the wood to wood and had the share we we have a drink and we race again next I'm with anyone is still standing in a believe NAFTA which we can negate to a mighty institution called tells. How right right definitely make. But I don't street that's awesome it's men and boys is dot com not only for one of the best sports podcasts on the digital planet but also one of the best friendships between you and Michael Davies it's beautiful man. Public humanity there. Top bold enthusiasm if you wanna find that to an order of top that. The blazers on Twitter means to Graham and don't forget championship celebration but the founders raising the banner on Sunday 4 PM is when everything starts about and I'm not suggesting Dewey as you'd say the nipple tingle. We'll be real. Brought to benefit for joining. Greg thanks for having it now thank you blue apple. You've been listening juice over your rings Seattle wisdom Gregor. Follow him on Twitter at hey Gregor. And find more episodes online ads so your in Seattle dot com. So you're in Seattle is a burrito but production plus yeah yeah yeah condones counter.