085 - Anthony Kiedis of Red Hot Chili Peppers

Wednesday, March 22nd

We slumbered way down in the dark depths of Key Arena where a sea of hard working people, wires, and expensive equipment all have to come together to make four dudes (and a couple friends) look great on stage. There Gregr got to sit down with a dude who's toured the world playing music for decades: Anthony Kiedis of the Red Hot Chili Peppers.

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He's d'antoni keynotes and he's in the Red Hot Chili Peppers. His next. And now from the legendary studio breed so you are NCAA. At all whizzed grip error. Pretty getting nervous to be talking to a guy whose songs I was taping on to a consent off of the Brady you know win I was like well back in the ninety's yes level. Every two hours for the last point one years one of his songs is played on the radio somewhere in this city and others across the country and across the yeah. Picked up pretty okay for themselves as Red Hot Chili Peppers despite whatever. Effort troubles they had to get there it's been pretty incredible. Could be lurking around underneath Key Arena looking for the right room to sit down and talk to a guy like Anthony keydets. The nervous. An exact read a's were we learned about rock and roll from. Under the bridge and into what it meant that the time but you know we were keeping it off the radio. The double cassette tape tipping back to backs which you get it over and over inherent and had a huge impact one. It always remembered your rippling tax credit for running towards the camera on the video went thank you. Good video is iconic for another reason to maybe fifty who knows where those things that sticks in my mind from that it's yeah directed by a great north western. Content that didn't just learn to community go. And I'm a much force phase I guess the chili peppers. Speaks volumes of the group to stage musically relevant on the backs of like one album. But through a process of working hard all his violent another gear and remaining quintessentially still use him now while export I think it's super cool. I joined by the mouth piece and unforgettable doubles Anthony accuses. Face for a fact that I think I think human face 44. Philip sorry sepia for me it's like I can think of different types of pop back up in my life whether it was like from the new album so my meet someone new discipline. Four different times can think of it but your little closer to the project and it's a little bit. But yeah amount about the them if you wanted to respond to the maintaining of relevance thing. Quote. I mean I figure. That's fascinating view. It never feels like you're trying to stable it always feels this camera actually pars but it was something new with a different approach with mute. Think it helps to be some unsuccessful effort it's many many years before you become successful sort. Gives you of an appropriate foundation. And relevance. Because it really didn't matter to us before we became. So called relevant to the masses anyways so it doesn't matter that much post as well. And that we that we had so many years out there making records where it was just for fun and for free and fair clubs and forward Danson. Just doing our thing that when we finally did. In the become known to the world know that okay that's fine too but we're pretty good even without it. So to to get to kind of stay in the moment just a precious thing in the moment. 39 crushing giant things you can select Key Arena here and I mean. And you missed. If not I do replies do idea actually was talking to my friend about that. You know among canoe turned down the Key Arena took its fine venue. But there was a time when we was shipped to cities and you never knew what the place is gonna be like they were all different clubs are different the auditoriums were different. Sometimes he plays schools sometimes you click a little civic center. Or whatever. And everyone has a different vibe in the different size and shape and and you would actually be a little more dialed in to the people that were coming because you drive by and you see them all hanging out for an arena as are all pretty similar. You know wherever you go arena is an arena that so yeah I miss it I miss it. But don't be an opportunity for the took their first play a few small things I mean we play small things all the time but. Not not as a regular occurrence justice. Odds and ends you know we're going to Venice. And April to Venice Italy. To play them and art opening for a friend of viruses. An artist thing and he's it's a 400 seat club in the middle of Venice Italy and molecular go we'll go play your opening. And you know we do all kinds of little benefits for our music school that we have Dennis overlay can and those are where. As a flashback to what maybe used to being through that hopefully we decide we still have a little bit of will play anywhere anytime to us. Like I don't really know much about you is character I think fairness I didn't see an overture from what you're showmanship on stage and stuff and years and years of watching that. I guess. I don't know we would have in common and I thought I was like really racked my brain about this coffee pot we both drink coffee of you know. We like as a kid we were both kids on port would like to. I was a kid who had its. A long way to go to discover an ethical code. McKay came into this world without an ethical code and it took me years to find it will and I finally found it is stuck. But I was a little bit of a rival browser I would say. Just who knows by nature by fact that I came from a divorced family. Who's just in my nature to use to seek trouble. And on and that kind of shaped me until I realized that there was there were other ways to. Exercise during your angst. Expect a sexy creatures think he seems like you've probably. Had a fun time being in rock band and touring the world meeting different people and women and stuff if women now okay it's one. If you bet that cosmic person. That got you to settle down. What a lot of the things that we hear in your songs and that'll kind of pitched fizzle out which you become a different. We rock and roll suffer if you ever. Occasion. I think everybody's rock and roll suffers when they become. Comfortable and complacent and a little too cozy for the most part that seems to be. The way of great songwriters. Once they get too rich and comfortable and laid back or whatever that it's very hard to have something to write about you sort of please touch with the pulse of life in the street and stuff that is struggling in interest thing. And I'm sure that's happened to me to some degree. But it's it also you know heartbreak and you know going from cozy to pin them back into the doghouse again there's something beautiful about that as well so. Yeah falling in love inspiring breaking up inspiring pain always inspiring struggle inspiring. Being being too used to to use sedentary and and comfortable out there and your mansion somewhere enough so inspired. I mean I've looked at some of my favorite songwriters ever and I'm like why why can't they reggae music anymore they're there were way more talented than I'll ever be in. Yet that's just not flowing. And act and I think you need some discomfort to have something to write about. But when you mix it took that I'm about to be a dad myself until I see a guy that waited later in life to have a case. I'm yet had a lot of success by that point and as you briefly seizes sets and struggled to get there. It but that change your life today were you worried about settling down a little bit when you had another creature that your word for now I wasn't so worried. There on the timing was great for me. Because we've just come off of at twelve for stadium locate him and our guitar player quits bless his heart it's time it was just he wanted to go do other things and and so I knew that I was looking at about three years off. And that's when my son was born in. I didn't think twice about it but then they know people I think it's a misconception to think that a child was slow you down. I think it gives you even more. Ammo more energy anymore. You know zeal for life and that's been my experience some and I look at other artists. And people there are enough to have a kid you know how they unit managed by. It's just it's better to even better with the kid that adds to it. Cool yeah for the commencement. Consider yourself a fund. Fun guy I have my moments but I can't say that dumb fun all of the time sometimes I'm definitely the opposite of fun. Too little mischievous to me but the united I do you have my my gloriously fun moments here and there. But I access turned to string them together some days. The public. And practice a rehearsal writing songs from the unload it with a public because it is too far off having fun it's serious this all those things. It's always been all those thinks. You know I I think we're all. Very excited to show band practice and see what the possibilities are to see what. Josh has been working on that morning or are we in no way a weird. Baseline actually has sir what's gonna happen if we don't say anything and we just plug in and start making noise and mean. It's it's pretty lovely. I mean I would say there is some some merry prankster isn't still alive in in the bag and I loved him so cool. Two collective fear is something that powers a lot of insecurities and doesn't securities and often times lead to some pretty cool art expression. Be afraid. Well. So when you have the kids. I think a lot of fears of failing in whatever way fair fear of losing that which you have are not gaining that what you want. Kind of you know gets a little bit X. What what's the trans word I'm looking for a gets transposed onto the child's leg. Now I disk and I want my son to be healthy and so I have fear that you know whoever. Have any trouble or get hurt or get bullied or get beat up are all these things that are pretty normal about life that will survive and learn our lessons from my fears are more for him now because I just love him so much I can't bear the thought of him suffering and anyway even though clearly. Likening get anywhere without little suffering along the way. You know fears. It fears do create insecurities but they also. You know they feed adventure like come and go see what happens when I surf on. And a day that's way too big for me and I know that Iman get held down I know that it's going to be Dicey but. The statistics you speaking a surfing and you achieve just this rate shaping look at this view when you meditate or you martial artists are you a surfer when. Oh well I I I do surfing and handguns and advancing and wrestling my son. All those and that's kind of my trifecta there. Amount to. Too good with the more traditional fitness. Regimes but you know running in surfing in kicking in. If things like that possibly amnesty while a little bit. You know the water's nice. So this notion is sunny Southern California sounds Roland is right and go I don't worry I'd go surfing right out here if you airwaves huh. So what its wings still don't have wave C of two YouTube protected. The song video where there was people dressed they were mermaid legs and their out of the water off the coast of just in the Puget Sound stuff too and that sweep Padilla. For men who have to do that. Alone there are a lot of events. That are rock bands of your magnitude that are crushing it's still selling out Arenas and seal up war. Electronic music. Duty to still an appetite for kids to be writing and making rock music in my off base by thinking that there's not a lot of should. Think it's an appetite there might be a little bit dormant at the moment it's it's hard for me no mention that it would ever go away because it's such a a fun thing to do to make rock music and and I get that there's always going to be evolution and think guides in that they're there but it's not still the same rock music that it was five years ago or ten years ago or fifteen. You know watching music changes when the most amazing things can he still could essentially the robots like pepper she put on and that's what I persona might be different impeaching Bristol the pistol that. Route to Korea we have our roots but I'm just talking about the landscape in general call. And and I feel like there will be people out there that gravitate towards guitars and drums and bases in garages and microphones and one to do that. I can't see it dying that might not be you know the kind of spearhead of today's sound. But I think it'll always be there and there'll always be. You know certain. Generations bringing a freshness to that rock general party. But you know thank god that it becomes electronic card whenever else it's gonna become. But exchange the becomes dynasty talk for sure for sure. Something very important. What's your favorite dog every dog yeah. Like an individual or agreed yes. What switch. Whatever. My favorite dark room pretty fond of the Rhodesian Ridgeback and a quickly backs telling the illegal immigrants yes but I mean I also never met a dog and in like or so. The best possible. On a hard time imagining this but when Boston who to target. It has been a minute but I take these summer holidays in Michigan with my family. And is pretty almost every day will end up in some things target like. Could be a Wal-Mart to. It could be. I'm Meyers fifty acres it could be a target something like that you just kind of for the cultural experience of being in the middle of America. And strolling through these vests. Compounds. Of products. And people in weirdness and dental it thanks for taking time quiet way target way we'll pick it I don't know yeah. As a sign of with the option. That. This purpose and are responsible target it's. Now that it's it's fun in the summer and go to those kids. It's been project. You've been listening juice over your rings Seattle with the McGregor yeah. Follow him on Twitter at hey Gregor didn't find more episodes online ads so your in Seattle dot com. So you're in Seattle is a burrito but production plus yeah yeah yeah condones counter.