086 - Brian Morris

Friday, April 14th

When you cross paths with someone who has lived a career that keeps that magical creative spark alive, it's important to take a moment to savor the experience. Brian makes his career as a photographer, but his passion is for designing costumes, props, and more for conventions (including one he helped start, Renton Comic Con). He hosts monthly building sessions out of his massive workshop in Renton, Zaklabs,  where fellow con lovers can assemble to work on their sweet costumes. This is an interesting dude who is just the sweetest!

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He's Brian Morrison these next. And now from the legendary studio agreed so your NCAA. At all what is grew error. Brian is such a fascinating man with a huge history in theater arts he's been one of the leaders. He's at the foreground. Of what has become a raise the cost played played place cost ways costume play where people dress up as their favorite character to show up to. Hang out and nerd out with one another oftentimes things like comic con isn't the correct font. Also sometimes just on the weekend at Brian's house with a all of it together and they work on stuff. Not that out about that from here just after able to the comic con we have sent him. I've been to his left check it out and what you find is a group of people all working on their own thing helping each other. And every shelf and every nook and cranny has some different things you can use whether from making wings for your back for an elaborate costume. To just the right amount of I don't know the name of any of the materials but the rubbery or. Party base stuff that you would use to make a rat looking tossed him. Have a little bit of a cough today now. Too much talking over loud noises that come account yeah yeah yeah all Fortis yet four days three panels for different costumes. Or the panel's. First panel was on. Basic costly construction and building cool were you were you hosting it. Wow that was one of the one of the panelists and then the second panel I was on was. 'cause plea photography. Chasm a commercial photographer Tyler yeah so that's my that's my day job call. Is on me. Commercial photographer in license drawn tight. And the accommodation of things to do yet and and then the third one and is what I colored dream team we I've gathered together. Six of the top cause players in the northwest and we put on panels at every convention and talk about her. Epic costumes and how we build them and what inspires us and stuff so that's cool the drone piloting and I tried flying drone is this really difficult yeah you know been doing that for. Not for years now does get easier as you start. Too loud to just like anything else to become second nature to you. You. Yeah people ask me like. How long did take you to learn them like it was a six month crash course literally literally. Crash course yes are you play drones with the with the goggles on CC when it's usually flying into bu I just your site you loud and well and according to FAA regulations. Those goggles are not legal. You have to have line of sight out of the drone when your flying commercially that is smooth and but I do you know a large monitor that I can see exactly what it. Seas well uncles if you're gonna use it for commercial filming then you kind of need to see will it's seeing depiction exactly John yeah exactly yup that's crazy OK so. Do how I don't even know were to begin with Howell much work goes and it cost plan how you get to the point where you're hosting a handle on it but we'll start with what you dressed up as. For. For him to become tighter torn seventy. Yeah so I have. A whole bunch of costumes com that I have. Developed over the years. It down did stable that I had offered emerald city comic con this year. The first days on Thursday. Was soldier 76 and he is a character from blizzards. New scheme over watch. And he's a very very popular over watches like. Incredibly popular right now is just like everywhere you go everybody is doing over watch characters and so I never really. Screen accurate. Soldiers sending six that I do so that was through Thursday. In the Anderson Dana Russell to send six is that he actually is an old guy. Down he's one of the older members of the over watch team and one of his favorite lines is. Well not a young man in you or. So after the con that was my that was my motto. At a young man anymore. So that was Thursday that was a lot of fun Friday eight. I have a screen a movie screen accurate. Cause play costume of cross bones. And you know after north cross bones he is the villain who first appears well he appears in several movies that. In their captain America's civil war movie he is the villain who appears right at the very beginning to kind of kick starts everything off. And he has the massacre brought here and he's all. I'm dressed up because some people get mixed up with that punish her life but he's very distinguished. He's iconic evil villain. With the whole avengers series like on the white face yeah yeah. Which I also found out is found if you are going to be a villain and you were going to fight people do not Wear a helmet. You cannot see out of them. So but itself on its screen accurate last year at grocery comic con I have my photograph taken with Standley. And as always walking that Stanley he. And then this year I met him again and got the caution signs so cool yeah it's some probably I'd say 95% screen accurate from action with the mobius. So it's one of the top cause. Cross bone cause plays in existence you've been to this a few times now these screener accuracy and how important is that to the inside the world of cost because to me just you know people to Stephen taken a stab at it and had a mom so author. To to cool like wink from Zelda Jack out front that I need but. How important to get serious about it is the Akerson. It kind of depends on the character you're playing but for myself. Like when I did cross bones. It was super important to me that. I wanted to create a character that was duplicated it was exactly what was represented on the air. Yeah there's a whole variety of different types of levels of caused plain and you can you can do that hey I put Zelda McEachern and 'cause playing and that's cool but that's where you're at and that's and everybody should enjoy that. And for myself I've been doing this long enough where the accuracy. Is what's challenging to me so for a light. For cross bones. I actually went in counted on the back in his jackets the number of squares. On his best and how the stitching was. In where it went over shoulder and how the link that it was in the number of rivets and getting down to. You count the rivets up in which ones are rusty and which ones are painted over. Because I wanted to when I stood there I wanna people just like all my goodness that's crossbow and exactly right there. So it it's a whole there's a whole variety of different levels of cost plane. In and no level is that they're all great to where you're out. When you get to the level. And what we call a baker I don't know what to call professional or into the top level of 'cause playing. The details in the costume is what really matters. Down so. It's a little tiny things that you can pull out of the costume that you can put in your own. That somebody else might miss. And they may not in seal your standing there but you know it's there so like on cross bones he has a black turtleneck he has a tactical jacket he has a armor proof vest on and then he has he has. On tactical armor on the outside. Each of those parts are. Really important that you get the exact. You know duplication on that so that it matches. The armor and stuff that's fantastic we're hosting a panel amino you. Encouraging people to find a little specifics then to like to hone in to try and make it close or exactly depths that's that's probably that step where you wanna take a costume and you wanna bring it to the next level. He is the detail. In you can find this arm look at movies theater anything where you have professional cautioning going on my background is actually in theater. On and unmatched in puppetry and actually a master puppeteers well. And well don't you do is incredible thought. The in theater if you or in movies if you go and you look at the on the let me achieving sample is the latest -- movie Doctor Strange guy. In if you look at the deep heel or in TDD and his caution it's just phenomenal. Is just incredible. Even if you opened up his. He is his mom cloak. The inside the cloak which you hardly ever rarely see in the movie. But it is deep field stitched in the pattern team and the pieces that they have in their patchwork in there are incredibly detailed. And that's really what we're striving to do as calm cause players is to get that point where weekend. Those my new little details. We can put them in tort costs shield. And again if you don't have those it's not bad you but that's were we strive to do is those little tiny details and it is somebody may not even CO. But they're there with contest thing and stuff so if you're having a costume contest and there's people are gonna be judged on the cost of it's got whoever gets the details destroyed all the time right to it it has our report to it than that on Ellen yeah. So. Any kind of contest you go into and I don't care what kind of a contest. It's dependent upon the judges and where their bench is so you might have a music contest and you know if you come in in your the best violinist in a rock concert contest. You're not gonna place for side. And so any cause play costume contest. Number one you have to realize you're going in against that you're going up. Not against that your being judged by people who have this on different. Dents in the light they like different types of costumes they. They might. Guy who doesn't like marvel for some reason and you show up tomorrow custom you might fit in your eyes yeah out order or maybe it's more like you're like he really likes. Foam armor and he's really into that or maybe he's brilliant casting or you might get a seamstress. Who's just loves sewing. So they have their different Benson near different favored. Places and you just kind of have to realize that any competition going to. That's richer up against is those judges and the first thing you need to realize is. These are just three people out of seven billion people in the world and is their own opinion and if you don't win the then it's up into the world and give advice for any thing is it's like. I know that I love 'cause plane in my 'cause play costumes. Are dead on in their amazing. But like I was in the costume contests that emerald city and I didn't Placer win and everything. You're always a little disappointed you know share. But I also realize that's not the end of the world you know it was a contest and the guy who won it a friend of mine. Chad marsh heed to decide maybe zine. Dragon slayer golden. Armor set and it was phenomenal and yeah I he deserved to win it was just amazing. And everybody in their different categories. It's great to see them get that those kudos. In your right the details don't always are always the determining factor sometimes it's. It might be the finish on it it might be. That the types and it surely put in two different acting as an ever when you get up there and embrace the character two point on the yes little bit usually in the costume even though it's not because they're judging the costume in the and the build on and how well was down. And the authenticity of it. Like I think a guy who came in second place was actually a guy who did it costumes for Doctor Strange out of the movie. And it was dead on accurate it was just beautifully done. And so part of that was probably the accuracy of his costume. So. Sometimes it's it is the little details some kind it's it's just the finished product of what it looks like. And sometimes it might just peace you know special effects which is blowing away and they did they just on these cool like smoke and lights and things that move in wings and open up. And outages like. While the technology here is just blows you away. For you what why. Hospital which I know there's an overall experience but which part of the process. Is your favorite. That comes in a bunch of different players for a lot of people for myself. It actually comes down to the challenge of the build. I remember one time. Years back. I would want it to go this occur con here in Seattle it's it's more of an anime type convention and I'm not really big into enemy I don't watch a lot of I didn't know the characters. But I want to go to it's why NASA guys they said. What character. Is over the top. What would blow everybody away if it could be built. And they go oh if you could do it this would be the guy to do it wasn't. It was his name is able night road and he's the lead character from the enemy series called trinity blood. And he's got nine foot wings and he's got these huge here that goes up in the air in this incredible costumes and everything and a ten foot weapon. And when they said that I don't challenge except. Scandal like hold my bureau ideas that type of that thing on with cross bones it was same way was. I created I built the caution before the movie came out so the challenge was. Can I duplicate this I didn't even have a full set of pictures I didn't have the video to watch I didn't have any of oh wow. That was bill before that option on and I have little snippets of behind the scenes photos of what his caution was like in it was like. The challenges can you do this can you build this. With all the skills he might you know and with him it's so lean in armored building and vacuum forming and riveting and you know three print team and a whole variety of different skills that you have to pull together in order to put that costume together. So that's that's really the challenge for me is. When I get these big giant ones. Is just can you do it like the latest one. I did on my biggest one for emerald city comic con was Tareq that talent king. He is a character from world warcraft. He is a semi playable character. But he's the god of one of the races of the people and he's a bird and it's a whole race of bird people. And the coach Dick. If I were to show you the pictures the and it's just phenomenal. Of the layers of and I sometimes I wondered QQ really realize that is a cause clear we're going to try to do this scene trying to drive it since they added that isn't an idea that it they'll make it more difficult to see if you can sometimes sometimes I actually think that they're gonna go hot yet let's see if you can build this one was an inter rock. Character talent king and yet he stands to character when I got it done it stood over. Eight and a half feet tall Obama got you on stilts. Yeah yes so he had stilts. And he's got his head actually sits on top of my head. So on six foot two and I ate this still put me up another foot above that and in his head is on top of me. And is just the he's like this enormously crazy huge tall. Giant could be structure a can be so difficult to get around you have like us spotter with viewers something and I had a handler with me. And yeah you just you basically can't go anywhere without a handler when you're that big. To get through doorways and around people and stopping you kind of have to be careful where you end up at the con as well it's a spectacle already people see you come and when your eight feet tall in the era of the talon king thank there JD mad GI it's a year the tallest thing of decline and everybody else's kind of this'll. Little short thing run around you. The the really interesting thing. When I was in that character. Was the fact that. O line that's a picture of he's it's. When he's fully he's got his weapons and everything he's eight happy colony slightly intimidating he's the biggest thing on the floor. And yet. And saw a lot of times when your in these costumes. Little kids will. They're afraid of things in costumes that they don't see human face and when not in her buried a Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny if you know. And I had little tiny kids to three years old is coming up in wind your picture taken with me it was the most weird thing in the ordained of bingo was parents telling their kids. Oh he's just a big bird. Does sixth when he was used as a big giant bird. And so that's me if you would please yeah when he was chancellor outward on there. Yeah. That's that has I want to Tbilisi that he added that the detail on this guy. Com that was part of the challenge of building and was the could you build something that was that di tale orange hated and the skill sets. That go into that is what challenge now have to keep pushing myself to learn new talents and skills and abilities and things that I have to learn. So in this particular entry terror arc it was everything come from. Vacuum forming to working with wore blue and different forms of this because I'm fascinated by at least you have a helmet here for cross bones right now and the too big to sell the cross bones Helmand you painted up or do you have to figure out how to make it yours like how to actually form that from nothing. Yes and yes okay so you can go out to end there's China manufactures right now that will. He produced that helmet. Originally when I started designing this character there were no crossbow installments. And so. The only thing we did fine. Was. 3-D printed model solid he had come up with a rough three printed model and I worked with a friend of mine in we fend nasty and worked on that three model and the original one that I had was three printed. Out and then we've made his second one to refine it every find it more and more until it fit perfectly. What they character look like. And would fit my head and all that kind of stuff that don't make it the right size for your own head is another challenge on the death. Yeah so cool look at so you can pretty pretty soon vacuum forming is this the idea of having a solid shape and then bending stuff around it exactly yep use I see it before just in you know it's that the pops of my FaceBook fever would gather let's styling plastic is normally what's used in semi plastic. Like a lot of so please call the thermal plastic which wind heated can be formed in molded and shaped. And you have what's called a block or a a master form. And you put this on a on a grill that's got a whole bunch of gazillion little holes on it and it took a vacuum to it and literally it's. And is a variety of ways you can heated up in an ovens are commercially made ones that want to get heated up you've it's an Efrain. And you put the train down over the Bach and the vacuum actually Sox a plastic down over the bucked him in perfectly format. Talent to sing at the forgive my very crude and where are describing as the Korean resented it's sort of like even with a condom would it go down over a shaped like that I think Teddy yet only if did you that you all the from a frame and then bring it down a death the better power would make an action via rights a lot of the storm troopers that you see are back to form that way other people making their own storm troopers sometimes you're not supposed to make it vacuum form it is a very popular make and did you make a whole bunch sets that wants. Or they'll be made a lot of Friday different. I mean I'm seeing made ABS plastic and PVC plastic and even fiberglass poet even doing this. So. Like a semi backgrounds in theater in puppetry and I actually started that when I was. Fresh out of high school so. Some. 35 years ago OK and so it went from I was heavily involved with puppetry for about. Why stolen today event that it really heavily into about 1215 years and then it morphed into doing puppetry and theater. And in theater I did everything from costumes designed to set designed to publishing. Producing and directing and everything involved with it ran a nonprofit. Use performing arts organization for about five years. And so that set the stage of all the caution designing because. What. 'cause players do today we've been doing that theater forever we. That's what we do designed costumes and and somewhere along the line somebody. Gave the name cause plate costume. And play put together now axle Akron in their and and the surge colony cause play in its design mean. And replicating. Characters from. Stories or gain now today it's from in a whole variety of of mediums that they come from so I my first if you wanna call cause play death was in 2009. And my eight sons and I were playing. World warcraft I'm sure your show of course familiar with that there is it was a phenomenon that sucked away more productivity hours from our culture than possibly anything else saying exactly. And we've played this pretty much nonstop for about com six years. And so we're planet and the they bomb blizzard who is a parent company for world warcraft and and they they came up there and have blues cotton and which was their own. Comic Conner there own convention for their games. And my semi ago we need to good so we got tickets and I don't have that we've got tickets who got to do a costume. So at that point. There was no online tutorials there wasn't no food FaceBook didn't mean exists this is back in 2009. I think FaceBook may be started in 2009. I think that's like right when they started that nobody knew about all the forums and in costs play wasn't even really a thing and I go I is gonna build a costume because that's what you're supposed to do so as a theater minded man would that's right so that was the very first one I built. Well why it's. What's the character so this is a drain I shaman in tier level six sky shattering DeLia. And you can still find Tim if you go and Google. A shaman cause player. This costume will be one of the first ones that come up. Two read about this tell me is naming and it said. You have to get the spelling but it's from world warcraft and it's he'd examine name it it's a drain I shaman. And he's wearing tears six. Sky shatter regalia and harm. Okay cool still one of the most beautiful sets a blizzard to beat him up that's that's fantastic there's a lot of glowing parts that are like rule mystical looking as the shaman would seems like there's six or seven volts of electricity powering him. How and then all kinds of it looks like maybe film. Depp elements and stuff to give Mulva. There's sharp for pieces in the and the U sort of armor of the he's got on and does that speak to your six skies shatter road regalia armor yeah department of us. I guess I am so you you hit my point round haven't asked how long you've been doing this I feel like in the last three years maybe a little longer. Cost playing has accelerated. At a low rate that is it is exploded impossible these contract it's X. Loaded it has. If you were to asks somebody. In 2009. Could you do this full time as a living they laugh at you and they go. Rye I mean it's hard not giving money to him to pay for theater or make a living in this. But today you find people who that's their living they. I have some really good friends of mine. Bill and Britney. With punish props. And they used to work other jobs but now their hold job now. He is doing 'cause plate and they do put tutorials and they build things and how to build things and they put. All kinds of stuff on the Internet. But that's their full time job now why is that possible why can that happen now it's only been a few years what has been the factors that allowed for this to become slick set to hit a critical mass. So. I think one of the them the major. Things that pushed caused plea to the forefront. Was the fact that. Comic con conventions. And all the different kinds of conventions. Suddenly realized. That their fan that. They had reached they reached is critical level and where they'd reached all the comic book fans that they were gonna reach. But all the sudden they realize that there were these weird and dirty. Kiki people out their dressing up like their characters and showing up at their conventions. And it was that beautiful blending of good all commercial as some of these conventions going. What's grab hold these people let's grab them make them part of the convention is always a Smart enough to to jump on that property exactly and just spin it that's been slow though. That's been a slow process. But. The contest plea community itself is probably more responsible. For anybody and in doing is because. If for so many years we've had people who have had this geeky and thirty bent that they want to be involved in this whole world. Science fiction and fantasy end game mean in all this. But it was looked down on it was like a whole year kind of one of those geeky kind of people I mean it in it. You don't when I grew up in high school it was like. You're really the nerd if you're part of the theater group. Or or stranger things is a perfect example of what were militia there the other skits playing. That deal that was set for this even when I was growing up like a nerds playing their dice games like yep and then out came those people who became adults and and and and now you've got adults who grew up in that. Era death in all the suddenly realized I chin actually do this and and it can be a legitimate part of my life I can be proud of what I do. The other guys that are dug it from your era that are doing this that you see oh yeah doesn't l.s that are likely to that it found a new way to embrace them that they Loria from yeah it's H grief we're actually joking we're gonna get a cause played together a bunch of old guys FF FF because. I'm 57 so. Bus brought 57 that attitude and so not a young men and able of the and which she attic and it takes people by surprise but. That's kept you young women doing the dugout is like him and bracing imagination until we something to it and now we're seeing if it what the really fun part is were seen these. Com. Adults growing up having kids inning and their kids embracing it in pawn your kids along with that and you see whole families. Eric Jones is a really top notched. Cause players prop builder in the area. He's companies called core geek. And he is. He's wife's parents. Were at the convention cause plane he and his wife caused play and his daughter's cause plate. And so it's like. While this amazing family they just all generation and they get involved with that in it's something so fun that they can all be involved with some people go to Disneyland of the people want and spend time arts and crafts together exactly yeah is another. Family. From Canada. And the same way it's a dad and his son and daughter and they're doing this. They do this incredible. Vikings set nordic sets and what not and will be out there. The two guests I always say your name right Marie desolate and that's I pronounced but his whole family does this in the a they they just have a blast. Mom helps out with some of the sewing she is and has played that the dad in the sun and the daughter. They all cost cleavage is amazing about that Genesis is. It's incredibly this wonderful healthy. Environments that people can use their creativity and that they can join together. In fact one of the things I said wouldn't we've weird gathered together internal city ago isn't it found that admiral's city decided have a family reunion for. That was nice. And it was it was like our whole community here in the northwest got together to celebrate this incredible arts in Kress is creativity this. On this talents and skills that everybody have. It's fantastic to be able to do that I'm. Personally fascinated. I went to Japan recently. And there we are in Tokyo and I'm insisting that my wife would come with me to see the giant condoms statue that they all got there. And then I'm like how I see people cons dressed up in Dunham armor and I can I can't wrap my head around how impossible that seems to actually do some independent and zero counts plays so I don't have any concept. On when it comes farmers and stuff like that what are good what's the approach to making that what's the time commitment to getting it done it before a chance that you may have battled that I'm number. 2009. It used to be impressive if someone showed up dressed as master chief from halo that was the thing the people were shot lead logo that's crazy. And now people are dressing in 88 foot tall birds and if that's so. What does it come down to when you wanna make those armor and stuff what's the commitment if I want to do it next year for emerald city comic time. Most 'cause players underestimate him at a time when people come up asking you say oh how long it takes you like cross bones so example how to take you to make that. And I always tell people com. Men most three months might be six months and the majority of the time across bones was about a little over three months to build it. And the majority like. Like I stated. Maybe 60% of that time. Was research and researching at the character and finding out what it looks like all the picture you and yet. You know the various resource material you can have. And what types of materials that would go into bill lenient that would be accurate for it. And a whole variety of questions that you need to ask about that. To even before you start building a process at all the building process. Can actually go fairly quickly once you get all your research done. And so. The two things. Of course is trying commitment. And how diligent you war and doing your research about it and how much it's gonna cost. And usually costs I mean you can. You know if you're really thrifty and you. I'm go about for curing all your resource material is as best you can it it doesn't have to cost a lot. I can. Opinion on how much you put into it but. Usually it's the time commitment that most people underestimate they don't realize how much time to. Richard in a lot of cases like if you're gonna make if you're going to be stars scream from the transformers and need to make that bubble for the cockpit that would be there when he's transformed into a into the group has standing robot version like how do you make that how do you make that bubble like forty start you have to maybe learn a whole new set of skills is to make one. He's a thug. So positive. There the legacy before there's been a plethora of in just said a growing community. Out there of different resources and people can get their hands on there's a ton of YouTube videos out there their art forms on FaceBook and and it and other. I types of forms like the replica prop form RPF. They have just tons of people were putting out tutorials and how twos in and how they did things in how to paint him how to create. I'm so that the resources are out there. Where he a single person got the start learning how to do these things and then there's actual. Meeting up with other cause players who talked to with them on select. Once a month in my studio down a rented I have what I call an open 'cause play workshop and I have a big huge giant garage and have a huge workshop. And I invite people cost players in to build and to learn and I've trained to pass on my skills in almighty. What I know my knowledge base to the next generation and so. No you can find out that that's that's podium mean Kansai is definitely the best way to sit down with somebody just like. You know all of this be the coolest way I want to do it and. Was the most challenging. Medium that you learned how to deal from vacuum forming to phone home to coach K. So this is this is probably one of the most comical things also that. So there is a thermal plastic material that's fairly new on the scene it's been around for I don't know two or three years now in its Cold War blah. It was originally designed in Germany I believe. And it is a byproduct. Of wood and plastic that's blended together to give you is. It's about a sixteenth of an inch stick it looks like. Like you've made a man paste of woods. And smeared it all out but it's also lose their thing in your heated up and you conformity and can stick to itself and its is like magical material. And so only 'cause players dislike of this stuff the ages ride bonnet and you can make some of the most amazing. Costumes with war blah. But I don't like and and so. Bob all the materials that I hit in Morse challenge was is working with this crazy war blow stuff as she just doesn't work for me as a slight. I have the hardest time working with that. But it's really incredible stuff. And is just kind of one of those things when were panels and one I liken emerald city you know somebody ask oh what your number one mistake and I read a way that I didn't. Oh you mean other than working with warbler at Africa and so that's. That's kind of my big challenge is like and I never gonna work with warbler I don't know. This last costume one of the biggest challenge it was was recreating feathers so that you'd and I think this comes along with each costume. There's a part of it a year like I never done this before how the white dude this. Cross bones I had to create a whole set of actual armor. That matched him and so I had to figure out the forms and vacuum forming in all the material that it was gonna make it out of an how to strap it down. For care rock the latest one was. He's covered with his head in his body his arms as hundreds and hundreds of feathers. And some of them are real and some of them are made out of foam. In and I had to figure out the process of how to white create those feathers so they look real. In the caning process so it matched not only one real feather would look like but the character is well. Site I don't know if there's any one particular thing that most challenging. But each character is resides horrible besides war blah yes. I was called to the material doubles material. Yes I know is a lot of lot of customers doesn't who just love the stuff and kudos to them. Idea I work in a lot of different other materials. Eight terra cad warbler and that I I used were both for certain things. But each character. Hopefully. A cause players pushing themselves into new areas that they never. Done before to develop new concepts like dumb one of my favorite costumes I do right now is ash from. Evil dead. And you nailed it man takes out as a fund that was a pitcher he's at because you already have a resemblance to Bruce yeah and yeah so. That's held Bruce says he's 57 to Wear exactly the same age. That's incredible yeah but. I thought for sure that you were much younger and that you had just on make up to make yourself be a little bit older to look more like camp so I was pleasantly surprised right now to find out that you are of the same age have a draft. So like what are the things I'm not a huge leather worker but he has ash has this book of the dead. And it's lever leather bound book and it has a face on the front of it glows and all this so. I'm not a huge leather workers so my next challenges I wanna learn how to work with leather to make this book. And I'd I don't see it being a big huge problem I have friends who work and other and but it's that's a challenge it's like oh I wanna learn how to do this I've never done before as should be fun creating something. Never done before us this is all fascinating stuff tell me about this about two workshop. So. One of the things. By nature I'm a teacher I've taught in their righted things a tight community college and my whole life one in my bins in my personality is teaching I love to train other people and what I do whether it be photography or puppetry or drama. And now 'cause play and I have had the opportunity to learn so much in my life through all my background and everything. And I also have the privilege of having a large workshop in a lot of stuff. That. You know that I have been fortunate enough to to get over the years and so. It's it's such a joy to me now to be able to open up my life in my workshop and bring other people in. In to be able to. Provide a community spot where they can join other cost players and have fun together. That they can learn how to build things they've never done. And just to enjoy this whole world of costs play. Even if they've never done before. Find out more what to do resource to find out more about your work which you do with the communities up to. So. Grenades at FaceBook a lot in the there's no doubt there's a variety of different forms a mean if you go on FaceBook and use typing because play. There are. A lot and I'll probably. Just within the Seattle area here I can think of right topping had a half a dozen. Forums debt or Seattle or northwest based around this area that are. Particularly just for 'cause play in the costly community. There's some national ones also. Like I mutually for the RPF from their national and a huge resource. For learning how to. And locally in the area here. My company is called Zach lab ZAKLEBS. And you can look at data on FaceBook as well and come up with. My company and or learn about all the scheduling and everything. And you know. Players said there's. Just type in FaceBook new public shelters are tons of C Zach labs can that's really that's fascinating so. As it's coming due on another story behind you please OK so. When I was first do team. Puppetry. The puppets would have cautions but they'd also capped props and they have all the school stuff. Where did it all come from in the you know little kids were doing the show is that is we'd tell them oh we made all the stuff exact labs. And we actually had skits that included the scientists that worked exactly as an all the crazy little things that they would make for the puppets at Zach labs. So as the years went by. When I started getting into doing 'cause play unlike. Wall that's a natural of course I'm gonna make all my step exactly ups. And so we actually have teams act lab now and we have the whole company is actually in an actual company business that I ran. And down as I do. Commissions for people and built things for people. But yet all started back with doing puppetry and where things are built from Zach labs and whatever comes due to get dated to build on accustomed to do so in rats like burning man or anything like that effect that would be a natural way to be used utilized OX there's calm every muscle people come to me asked me to build stuff. Last when I did was Dolores from it was a whole selling one it was an in the armor or anything but it was sewing. Ferraro a local cause players who wanted to complete dress in the whole get up for Delores from west world. And people will have me build a variety of different props for them guns. You know while a bunch of himself like that. Occasionally people go oh. I really wanna build this can you build this formula discuss human like oh yeah sure and figure out how much is gonna cost you and I get in the price 'cause it's usually. You know I don't full blown past you to be where from the 1015100 dollars for costumes sure I mean with a huge toll it takes three to six months to suggest about but the thing guy MI be more expensive depending on the how. He incredible. And then there's just a spas silence and like. But OK I'll have to give back. Like I think any decision at some money. Cat we're gonna look at does that club tournament command cheque order work because I wanna find out more about it sort of gonna jump into cons playing. What's what's the natural first step to take in order to not PA in over your head does so I rom. Did you know your head isn't a bad thing aha aha it's not always a bad thing through because the creativity that sounds like a great agreed piece of advice I mean sometimes you just had say you know I've never done before whom I was gonna try and do it in you might fail in fact. One of the key things that you asked top play cause players. What they consistently do and it's make mistakes and they failed and they don't know what they're doing so they try it and they'll try something new and truly learn it they master it. And so way NASA works for right arrows that I'm really needs you know it's it's. It's life actually no matter what you are. I mean. You know being on the radio. Some judge you know you'll know how to do they heard my show this morning I I've gave myself plenty of opportunity to prettals yes so. Failure is how we learn and so. Failing isn't a bad thing it's Guinean and in trying to what's bad is not train at all and so if somebody says I never didn't 'cause plane. I wanted to do caused play you know for packs pax has come his fault can I build something like oh yeah so here's the first thing would be. Are you passionate or about any character like out of a movie or a book or video games or even a child's story or whatever it is. What's something that's really close to your heart that you would love to do. And that's always an important one to start with because there will be a time. A month into it two months into a win you'll sing go by hate this I never wanna see this again. And you have to find that passion and love again for that character. So you finally character and then it's the process of how do you recreated it might be as simple as something me as. Like. Ash was actually fairly simple other in the props I made it was like I had to find the right color pants are right color shirt and make some other stuff on amino. Fortune I can look like Bruce Campbell also bit. You know might be as simple as going to the value villagers goodwill and looking for the types of clothing and if it's more complex. Character that you have they and you have to start seeing a K. I hit of excellent time until I wanna have this done. And what kind of a tiny tree how much time can I commit to learning about this and actually putting into the research and intruded. Into building it. And that's mostly said most people underestimated they don't pay I want something built can we haven't done by next month unlike it's like. You mean like in twenty days. How much money do you have you know if you throw enough money at me Al bill that Torre in that much time that people don't realize how long it actually takes. Disease or not like. These are one offs your building a caution and it's not like them. You know production line where you've got when he of these Kotchman could you tell me about Becky forming a that you have to make the mold for that exactly an academic fifty of those pulpits now yeah yeah. As already on I don't know that I know I mean I just assumed I keep all the stuff that I built in case somebody wants to so I've had people not want me to build hope costs. Cross bones and I shovels stop so I can do really easily. But usually it's cost prohibitive because they're like. 015100 dollars via uncle possibly something else it's mostly spent American aid to me to make a constant mark character. Ferraro and blew the. Am. Well I think. Tareq was a little on the pricey side just because there's so many different types of materials. So it might have ranged up into the mint just material wise yeah probably in the maybe 5600 dollar range of materials and and the time is the brand tied on to us at that time in knowledge of knowing how to do. So people can probably if you wanted to jump and get a character going couple hundred bucks maybe is oh sure yeah yeah I'd say if you have 300 bucks your pocket. And you've got time to learn how to do it you can do it. OK so what other events do you have doing wanted to go up there and yeah one of the other really cool things that I am involved with is called ring Conn Britain city comic con. And it's a brand new brand new last year was our very first year but can we have a we have a contact in common that would be Abby who got introduced me to you actually are your email as a whole is it. So I was involved with it I was on the initial planning committee for putting it together and and the written chamber in bend to skew his crazy ideas of what we develop our own comic con we can do that there and so we give ourselves a hole whopping five months to put it together and Abby was one of the people like drug and I said adding we need you you need to come and do volunteer work and so she's our volunteer coordinator. But yeah we put 56 months together we put this incredible con together the three day Condo in Renton. And just blew the doors off the place and we had like the top caused players we edit contest we had. On its panelists all week in from all over the Seattle area. Yeah but he's cool here's a summary people that are involved in Austin nerdy things that I know you can get yeah pros and everything to come people people came at a car on the high Chu can't always amazing cause players unlikely in my on the street and they're my friends I invited him and they came back. And so we're gonna win is the time. So last year it happened. On Halloween Halloween weekend and a on this next year. We're still nailing down because of so new we're Sony is down the venue. And the date but to it'll happen later in in the year prepare and let everybody know but again it'll it sound we've were. Gaming in in aiming to blow the doors often again hundred pounds a year for you. Probably maybe half a dozen okay. So it doesn't give you a couple months between hundreds Apple's there's always emerald city here a city comic con there's taxpayers. Sicker Conroe city com. Comic con done in Portland. There's fan condom Vancouver you've got it lightly Conover at Spokane. Jet city comic con is in how Hulk is in Tacoma. You got geek girl here in Seattle had a great. So they're coming customs are you doing for each of these. Unbeaten depends on how long the con is so all usually it's like I'll do different costumes for each day. I'm if it's so it's a two day but if the couple every costumes knew each time and not not normally sometimes like to build on and so far I have. My stable ones at all always do will be cross bones soldiers only six and now ash. And now I'm having a team of people come along with ash with basal have all three of us. And so there might be in new one on the horizon I need right now I actually don't have. An upcoming costume. You know the next big Great Dane there I'm still looking for that what I might be passionate about building. On but in the meantime I have to if I want to flesh out the whole ash vs evil dead and I've got a couple of people are gonna come along and we're gonna. Miki is automatic hand in the book of the dead and we'll kind of fill out that hope caused play into it gets done and and then I'll probably come up with something epic after that Renton city comic con all so. Yep grand Khan yeah that's fantastic and yeah does blowing up like that it is in its it was takitani people just loved going to religious heads such a rich family value to it and cause play value to and from. But we also the other really cool thing about rain con is that we knew we were blending real science together with. On comic con so we actually had a whole panel series of real scientists like from NASA economy and talking about. Science and virtual reality. And we had robotics club coming and it's QB. And robotics club command from the C Renton. And you give back with me when you're when do you when it's time for you'd. Q talk about this again and promoted because I'm fascinated by host segment called nerd talk every day. Yeah so to be able to do deadly Willie I was weird we've got a meeting coming up tomorrow organist on hit it hard and fast and hey that's great man listen it's fantastic and another one launched especially the appetite is so huge fourth that it can still be sustained that's it's great to be able to give people it's hard to come to Seattle it's expensive to come in the Seattle to go to a conflict that in to spend the money at the door at the parking on the food and every thinks they'll look. To be able to booted peoples on back to our little bit more as. Fascinating so yeah okay cool so we'll circle back around fertile income and equity when we get more Dion spent they evidently out. You've been listening juice over your rings Seattle with the McGregor yeah. Follow him on Twitter at hey Gregor didn't find more episodes online ads so your in Seattle dot com. So you're in Seattle is a burrito but production plus yeah yeah yeah condones counter.