087 Kelly McDonald

Wednesday, April 19th

Under the big-top tent at Marymoor Park, Cirque du Soleil creates a magical world that feels like you've been taken to space aboard an alien craft equal parts the future and Mexican past. It's 'Luzia' and it features a girl flying through the air that grew up running around Greenlake!

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Her name is McDonald and she's next and now from the legendary studio agreed so your NCAA. At all whizzed Gregor. From the University of Washington Huskies to sixty Salt Lake Roosevelt High School to trapeze and flying through the air Kelly McDonald as our local start an artist. Performing in our Moore park the Smart ones will because certain to solely as here we see as the name of the show. Through May 21 you can see her it was very strange just there she is performing I don't know that he's local and you hear people going crazy formidable public schools there. Everyone is pretty cool this yeah. We'll she's all WW. Huge fan base and lots of support parents that are proud of her and selling a lot of tickets just on their enthusiasm. We'll find out what it takes to be somewhat. And a circus at that level. And again I apologize from Mickey give up so early now. Isn't there campaigning Seattle template gas ice and it and it it's not bad to have a little bit of it's been real miserable here it's great because then I. I don't know that tenth hole exactly what that we bring around rain T cell and you grew up here I did your luck here which is so cool to the back here is amazing he's staying with the folks I'm not saying you know Redman because me and says six days a week denied that would be admitted that can you press and it's funny every day sir. That I don't. Always hell yeah agreement. Oh cool railing in Seattle on the city. The the thing that no one can get to know anymore console and you can be likely to be part of it yet to be born in dealing well what was your gymnastics school and you gymnast I was Leinart and I started that Seattle gymnastics academy and an ice it two cascade elite gymnastics school. And competed at that club do high school and then mr. treated by never seen Washington and competed there for four years we're happy to stay in Seattle for you for you go over to you wanna lose explore the world a little bit well I really is really hat I love you dad island big coaching band that being on camp is and still being close to family. I may have done camp is still silence. And moves delaying. In honor of that I mean it's a link. I'm a laundry and you'll look at exactly a I I would have my sister can pick up on an excellent but even that had. That's perfect okay so you go to. I don't know what the our kids for being a gymnast I don't know if there's like really a long professional career that you can name to Jews. Exactly a lot of people think he peaking your teenage years which is normally truth very gymnastics and her Olympic level high level competing. So all Isley is fortunate I got to compete past high school are they competed NCAA gymnastics people. And then you usually are gunning you get and close normal jobs and you continue to daylight. And that was my plan. And you were studying international business of policy here and a exactly sold two things than what we're you gonna do with international business big names yeah okay enough. Companies somewhere and nationally. Actually I didn't have a man. Exact plan and me love to get him as he Snee DeVon island that I have and I can. Go back to that any time aimed at kids I can always be an actor Matt Frederick. Didn't sell laughed and Sebring happy that I got that and then I AM was able to find aimed. That act dramatic career path and I fell on the island that all of personally is different and then gymnastics that he used everything and and Deng gymnastics my whole life since I was five years old. And I ate in essence gotten beat drafting and Nike dealing different sports that doesn't happen in gymnastics. So as anybody's night carrier and a lot of people don't get he entertained this again and continue to grow at say continue to learn these things and I stared at T. Is there is there any allure to be doing international business that you get hooked up with international circus company like serve. Exactly and I think he can sic is a great campaign and there is a lot of opportunities outside of being a performer Aaron and sell as they get to know the company and more and more impressive that. And maybe send and a transition to different roles but for now I'll continue beyond. State is fine as I can't turn my daughter out of it looks super fun playing in AM not. Not a bit dangerous is to keep you awake every day actually keep it exciting keep gang tenth. Notes gymnastics to me watching and for me it's always the Olympics are still threaten its very precise so our foot was not a place that's gonna cost her some points that type of thinking what they do watching people be precise Rand. For me the best performing it's it's a lot more expressive there's like a feeling like you're walking it's incredibly fine and Jericho the happiest of two beat two ranked. How did you make that transition. From the very crisp very precise nature to something but much more. Yet claims it has six just like he say beer then. Ideas that you're being jets and says you have jets is you have rules and you have to stay within those morals and you have to. Maximize your point by being perfect act back. And transition into performing and being an acrobat and been shell as. Like in this sensor to serie a is that year world opens why so you have. You get rid of those pearls and people aren't looking to jetty there they wanna be impressed they why they still want TTD things that. We're denying anyone a B. Either either attached emotionally eat our sip track aids and they want ET impressed and that may. But they're not that keen for the rules selling it's our job now he'll find knew made too deep beings in new ways here in practice here and I feel that on speed steel whenever I'm on stages. I get a new audience and I get to do something a little different egg and the goals not TDs being taxed every single time needs to feel an idea and getting. Did you big T expected deed and then Elena tells more of a story instead of filing barrels. So few holes like there's like there's a bulletin that room that I'm sure is not a near to the typical gymnastics competition absolutely. Lee Aggie feeling you get this a life music he'd get other performers on skis and Hank. And working with eighteen now in my act and guys you know instead of and myself liking gymnastics reject ET get. Fiscal arson now in this yet get too worked all throughout the shell it's amazing prep farmers and musician and and Arnie and all of our props that we get teases that just adds siren in new world and you get to share that aura that the act. And took always mills that's like the funny thing about it is you're leaving Redmond for de you know a two hours to an. And to something that is like that it feels very mysterious exactly. How much of your own performance there with your team there's four of you I believe if I remember. Correct with my notes serves me correctly you're being tossed around us and try and put it looks like I. Aunt by three juggling men rang and I. You're what they're juggling act like who is coordinating that who how much practice goes into that. So it's a lot of hours of practice and we have that and a whole team about kinda silly hat coach is daring act preceding Craig affair is back. Teen in Diageo itself we had to. So all my studio at creating an acting mean Maine this skills that we did there and meet. Decided that we can do it together in Korea draft a lot of their routine is well so you have ownership of early dinning and it's and you get to feel less. Your strength sire and let your teens strength side to treat something meant. The best that you can outperform to get two things and one that makes you into an artist and not just a performer and mentioned exactly. Angular and you get tea you continually tweak act TT improve and so it feels needs it I mean sixteen. A fresh act every tiny don't feel like you get blurred aren't here and there eighteen delaying some pain so you are fresh every shelf I. They mentioned coaches and people that are helping you create this. How many people are responsible for a foreperson performance there. Well you have everybody that's the behind the whole shell so they areas that they direct hair who wrote the script for the show and so they and they had the idea and they knew they wanted for people on its act. And setting you have. They consent to Ayers and you have the person who designed to lean and you have written numerous people friend before I even went on board with the shell. Who thought they until. After that creed is people need and that people that kind of continue to maintain a shell said at night outside a little Nancy. So you used. Audition and when he fifteen that's two years ago exactly yeah this is already in concept way back then yet still have a lot of times to treat shell about it tier process. As involved seven months before self and I may have been in the works nights. Earlier and coming horrid performances have been put into thank. All of her forehand all case as we have oil every time out exactly why I can only imagine the the strong green and it puts on the bodies that you are. Or flying through the air a lot so you're danger is in making sure that some that your rotating correctly some of catching you exactly put to imagine that as a catch knew how much stress and strain goes into that. Yeah and they do a great job of maintaining their condition rain and and knee and how things we have athletic trainers and have people that help as mean teen and physically what we need to maintain. And set at the we know what we're creating Tierra we know that we have to do that detention as a weak and sell. It's our job as a professional performer or ten mean teen our bodies and our team as a means ET to be able to compete. Aaron ten or file a return understudy for trapeze is an understudy for you. We'd deal led to flyers until we wrote to me. And and the that's also to keep act fashions that if something happens we can. Give this team acts every night do acts ever hit the maybe scrubbed from the from a certain night because somebody's injure rivers are always someone to back up. We tried have backups ready for olive acts and silly it's and you are shell are still working on getting everything back that it's pretty get a tank to cover Allen and he says. Were do you learn all the stuff and I imagine in some magical space ships some are so we have massive spaceship I am okay though it's hard it there's no address and not a pretty good things again. We have got to training aides. The big top is witnessed aids is and an audience get sticky the shell and they have different house free and popcorn and I offensive in years. And then behind that we have an artistic ten where week you'll all of our training we have Jim's piece we have rehab be seeking need to be training. And hate recovering from any injuries they're sent stats we have our word of department so everything's taking care on site. Wow that's incredible and Eric. I can only imagine how many people are actually out I know it takes days to build pretend like a week or something great how many people are kind of buzz and around that we don't see. So we have 44 artists that traveler and I don't. Wondering if he curry or. In total travel back and I am sad they have local hires help with the sat at and tear down of the tanks you have local people that helped put. Selling tickets and frat house operations and sell. There's Ali in US EC fresh faces all the time depending on where you get your hires found senator again neither experience even fracture in every city. Comic that's so cool weird that so much trust goes into all these people and doing their jobs correctly yeah. Aren't very president to see how they'd be Aaron well oiled machine they know how to take it down senate that we have a week between CDs and it's it's like that's three get your adrenaline tee to see. How the tent is set up in any CD so quickly and they did a great job every time. In the in the performance or the practice area near her solar is there's a stage that you're working off of the select him. No listen there's no stage we have training eerie answer depending if you do inning this year willing need a hard Florida is a hard Fuller if you're training some more act dramatic new softer mats we have those and everything can be nerve. We have the polls they EC in the show we have track. Big screen T Tina shell on backstage but there's senate and in different orientation and EC on stage. How much do you wanna visit Mexico or has this through and Mexico for you. Not I am thrilled by the theme of this it's inspired and Mexico are music as an evening that Kyle as the cost stand. I'll inspiration we get from there and I didn't I been to next does since they started a local cell and you see a lot of inspiration there I think they did a great job and I would love to go back. You get that week in between cities off two would get the error. So we have timed at two under CDs and take a break frat buddy he can traveling feeling she can go estates and then CD you're going tear. And independent deal little tip Randi Kaye is once he sent this nosy get pretty picky. Now imagine doing all these radio interviews and and I take. Now I had no right to be fair your PR team do a great job and this is my fault but I had no idea that we had a local artists performing the castle the show than like. To foot into the air people are like. Sick extra clapping. And never. How does that change the performance when you know that there's that many local people he should not like electricity out there is self and I get excited to show my Sadie and everybody that helped me get into wearing and now I get to show them and deal playing and it's something that I'm really proud and I'm proud of what we created. And that pay its its that's powerful mom named and when ankle out onstage and I can hear that support from the city and I laughed and black it's not T feel that energy and ops and. Hunt's fantastic theatre and refuel it too like the opposite from you guys respond radio and it's like really need to be. And there's not a bad seat in the house and advocates had to sell into medic it's unbelievable how well thought out it is to make that happen. But vote all spoil some thing I can laugh at who I'm having lived in the desert myself for awhile in NORTHERN IRELAND to the north of Mexico there in the Sonoran Desert hopelessly. Green sort pouring in the Larry I mean what he can deal in the rain and let you can suggests that you're dealing impressed in the scales and yields are doing it safely land. I am being crowned night east slippery Ari apparatus in getting land and silk. Illegal learning curve that leverage and out there is saved at Stan exciting and many do you see heavy tread on any of the silver efficient. I have. I am in tuna head and it's great but no no peripheral vision and that I course. Yeah I sold them I was walking by Nordstrom south and one of the window displays as an app for Luke's and as I go by my quick second recognized that. He had bird suit it is how. Exactly they migrated into for the long term. Fat thumb when you're watching the shuttle. Are you still wild by and it's are you or the other artists still getting used vehicle that was a good one. Absolutely. As says that. We don't get to see it from the frowned at her silly it's a key difference green backs DJ we get to keep people warm not pertaining these scales and it's inspiring every day so we have. World record holder is and what they deal we have people that aren't literally the best in the world at eighteen cents it's easy to be inspired when you're surrounded an act of people. Has now if you can do one other thing we'll just assume you could learned in a book and you know overnight we could snap I know. What would another act be that you would wanna try ideas aggression singing and now the big Russian swing going back court we love just flag you down the age of thirty feet and they go to Theriot stuff out of left to plan like that that's the woman with some of them wanted to. Because half half half personally. Oh and then a final question for now and a all of this for the radio civil for the retired people can actually listening. Kelly performing at a McDonald's he's been performing adagio just one of the like of folic probably about twenty different acts that happen. During lose two in the sick to salute performing right now. That's the out of Redmond and Mary Moore park so fantastic talking you have no idea all of this were happening and there's a lot of languages being. It'll have a dedicated artistically. Picture taken some time to come in and talk to us with Clinton and limiting happening. You've been listening juice sold your rings Seattle wisdom Gregor. Follow him on Twitter at hey Gregor didn't find more episodes online ads so your in Seattle dot com. So you're in Seattle is a burrito bunch production yeah. Yeah yeah condones counter.