Wednesday, May 10th

From the ashes of bands like Girl on Fire we see the genesis of GOLDNWOLF a trio of musicians all from a shared background making new music in the darkness of the longest Seattle winter ever. Employing a different approach, these gentlemen are releasing the songs as their ready starting with just a solo single, "Lone Wolf". Understand how their previous successes and setbacks fueled them up for this new project shines light on what it's going to take for a band in Seattle to make another run of things.

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There Nicholas Austin and Jake from the band golden wolf in their next and now from the legendary studio breathe so you orange CN. At all what is the error. Sales got such a big scene of music of people doing a lot of stuff but it all sort of feels a lot like its kind man a similar vein. Then you talked to the due to golden rule if you find out that there's people do other stuff too. These guys were rock band that used to perform under the name girl on fire now they're back with new music in new direction. And their full enthusiasm. Could also talk to hear what people outside of the typical Seattle sound are doing to make Brad. Art. OK so would you dudes got up. Early this morning in 11 am I imagine that the life of people making music is so typically. We were up. Till today making music lesson I said right there I mean I know the best music and art seems to be made in the in the wee hours of the night so. To get up early commenced a massive via. Extra pounds so it's sickening that he does you're still in good everything cool Soledad. What way what's cover the important stuff here to start winning this on for anyone who's hosting sort of real time. Are you guys are releasing new music in person. Enter yes at the Columbia city theaters are hideous air and that's and it Saturday at thirteenth after listing after Saturday the thirteenth disregard. Yes yes on the Internet and I would start break every Camilla wanna make sure recover all the important stuff slowly delicate stomach that's like oh crap I tell us what you're doing what's happening and a first NTELOS like why Euro why the venue in and what's gonna organs it. Bomb basically we're just for debuting this brand new project that we started about a year and a half ago and called golden wolf and we've just we want to share there and you know that's said he didn't throw a show and on the especially in an area lake at the Columbia city theater which is you know. Old old old. Really ran beautiful venue campaign now it's gorgeous and a couple of suffered African long time outs in a ton of shows and never been the act so it's it seems to be getting more action action and stuff which is really. Really awesome pit earlier 300 people assigned to him like he asked about her hips and bears debut and splash yeah so we've seen so far we've just released an acoustics on. Online in the we have physical bodies that will have available at the show but. We also have a ton of other songs that. Our of the whole spectrum of like what we're doing is it's not all. Necessarily the same thing over and of Hannah OK assuming you you're only releasing small piece of which are working I don't tiniest. Please why that when I feel like everyone tries to get a whole album out and attitudes is doing a single are willing to tiptoe out there maybe drop out a couple singles and then maybe Panetta EP albums he were ago discussed all of the music that was kind of the idea with this. This project was we want to write whatever we felt whatever came out of as we sat down and it wasn't. We're gonna sound like this is all is gonna sound the same with whenever that day came out in El Paso and take on this adventure of like. We can do an acoustic violet and you have your diving and you'll sorts to this and then leave bring an altogether as one. I still account of the traditional like make an album and tour repeat it's kind of like a dying art form of the way people listen to music now and just like we'll all listen to a couple songs than a what's this my attention has been distracted. I know for me I'm just eighties all hell itself. Like when it's just like a song and I can focus on that song it's awesome cool I know I like this and then when an artist comes with the another one a couple months later. I got some most of focused on the aren't. RB hip hoppers what people that you put a name on a song have a data like produces of the street Pete and gives it to have any here look at collaboration a few different artists and it like it happened quickly yes or their names days in this sort of like out front of mind for a long yes kind. I think rock music kind of found. Suffers from the process of him. Yeah and it gets where economic. A growing up in the ninety's and listened to everything from hip hop to Nirvana and all that you kind of comes out and our music now is that those elements that just. A skating together were all different bands before in the coming together to form this group had an element of you know you like hip hop you like grabbed you like everything in the store. Green and in LA and what's happening exactly wouldn't have been like punk bands in Ellis in the leg blues and country let guys because those like you mix all that and then you give the golden yeah it's fun. OK so I know a couple because Jacque we're gonna get cute and sick if I know you guys from girl on fire we have a mutual friend who used to work at the station and so I'm familiar with her on fire and that is the for me a butcher doing as the best departure from that it's an idea two different worlds completely differently the idea okay great effort and work. I'm blaming you guess it didn't success full. Playing a different style of music and now you're asking a bunch of people who wanted to advance to an extent that transition take a lead with a spell the end how does that weigh on you. Not very handlers and I guess I gotta fight on Saturday actually. And it's it's a lot more fun. I mean like. It it was cool like the girl on fire staff lake that was a great adventure and a great journey and great learning process you know to see how. Things work in the business and how to operate how to communicate with people on all that stuff was really wonderful and songwriting in general. But when Biden said when we sat down it was like all right. Condi some different. Let's see where this guy doesn't know just a whole lake. Day by day woody feel to stay lethal mistake and were there any point point it's of what's I know you just freeze last about a what are what was there to put the so let's not do what we've been doing on definitely. Yeah looks force ourselves going to get out of the box let's just go and statistical chains are no limitations known yet and that's how much you Jake usage Clinton punk bands and stuff what's your back. Uh oh. I mean I've played in I've played him metal bands when I was really young currently started off with that all's well pissed off that corner here yes I'm still cannot. It's just that. And that kind of leg grew ends to. My old man used you Symbian was like. Like and off rock. A little bit on the heavier side cool hands. But. Aside from all the bands where I've been doing when I was his in my room by myself then nobody was listening house that was playing Dusan. Country and classic rock and like that was like. Really mean it wasn't. The bands that I was in was just a vessel to. Start to build a career for myself yeah and it was never like me plus I mean there's Utley and I'm fans before myself and there's something to be said about like you can look at certain amount of energy. Again I'm not trying to like cancer and knocked out and I'm sure it's amazing feeling to scream at people haven't screamed back EU late does graze spit on people. It's fun to get up yes fun. I bought well you're on this is weird for us this. How you guys know each other. IA in my old man used a guided tour is with the couple to his name so we knew each other mutual bands that an annual subdued growth arms for a coming up with your dad yes it's like I've I've inadvertently tour with everyone or hand that is uh huh I think Kansas knew each other I just don't know the answer this column which is why you ask questions in an interview. But he vessel from here or burden on nick and I am OK Jake moved up from a list dagger Europe and usage rate. Moved LA and now I'm here for golden wolf. The news for a few times to cool city man I mean it's as Robocop statue in that area. And noticing yeah. Oh OK have you been around to see the road absentia and currency manipulation. Can actually think it's a book that they heard us. On the to sega's BC you guys are from Seattle sea have a history here of watching people in the scene change paying well it's funny because it got sold. But it also earthy there for awhile and I her girls fire and it's like you could orchestrate upper right hand you know who's doing that yes. He had there was definitely. The scene thing going on which we were a part of in the beginning like when we first started and like in 2000 set. You know the long black hair and the make up in the Michael myself by different name and it was silly. And then it on the news is kind of fewer younger exactly the not too much younger. Anyway. But no I did just came a time when I was like I am tired of going through box dye and nobody I care just killing itself instead of and shaved it off and then we just kind of when a different direction and that actually kind of inspired this whole project. Inadvertently really lake just trying something new like we've we went from the holy Ali like the used to take the next and which are great bands. But then we Ehrlich. And shine down and it cools on you know and a band Linkin Park they've been component for awhile now so let's kind of look at that and so we looked at that stuff and we got to work with a fantastic producer in LA James Bond garner. And learned a ton from the do you like that guy just has like information in thirty years in the industry you just figured out. And it was really cool to coming it is five and watching him work. Really kind of like inspired how I should approach songwriting and like with this project now that. You know it's kind of day by day taking it and you know what feels what comes out naturally. It was a lot easier to just kind of Japan had Bob gallon and go OK this is what works now I you know rather than trying to go I wanna read this heavy song on a rate this stinger in and kind of living in expression. How did you feel like what you guys were looking like it's time you were looking at the recent China now we can participant that. The music in Seattle was not going that direction I was like people had. Abandoned ship on that or did you ever feel like outsiders because you're oh yeah I definitely but we'd. We did appear but like you go elsewhere in the country and a not so much like its. Pretty alive it's you know it's Seattle's. Seattle's special spot and it's really unique and that's what I really enjoy about it you know and you can tell the difference between house's concern buildings and Safina it's it's very up for long. Are becoming the city and sorry the that lake but if it was really cool because we would go around and we lead. Feel like we're really part of something. And then come back appearing you know we're definitely Seattle's definitely armpit of the country you know we're way up here and yeah go to Corpus Christi in their late. You're from where so far away at a Lincoln dole were far away right now they are. The only time I was in the opposite where rim intrigued Jake can relate to the suit I'm moved to believe what you call the armpits. I think I would think it kind of like the south as they are headed for the one previously Jessica well definitely something. Nice out right it's nice fresh armpit for Toyota and I swear I. I hope other regularly which is saying that I could sell so far removed it fuels sold into itself that from I think that. Well did you ever feel like Seattle wasn't aware of what it was when east get out and see what other people are interested in what makes people's hearts beat a little bit of a growing view active. And thanks. Again and catches and a well again there's like some really cool music scene here to none of it felt like would you guys were doing back then and so I. And that's no slight because that in itself like I don't want to sound like you were chasing the wrong thing or suspect obviously had some pretty fantastic success with it. But I like recycling and you're trying other stuff how much does Seattle influence that it pedal. The weather definitely. I mean you having me in Austin like right away when we hear them 0% down and locked ourselves away and a small practice days here would grave rain everyday instead and we had the rainy season ever this year you've only just talk about his songwriting and just. The footing and well still inside and writing music you know and then Jake moved his life appeared. Aren't nearly. A lot in with them and been with them for in the year you know and they can be read news Seattle. I move on the terrible I nearly anybody here in the past that's brand you know nothing just days into days it'll be a year on automate and you know Clinton and his ideas give me cupcake mean athletic they're out there among its. That's a look at that means that this is your first like some youth or cycle major. Winter of grain is then then yeah I guess you've been in the midwest or I grew up in Detroit now a little harder. Now fourteen inches of snow or really Moseley replaced the rain with snow. And that's Detroit drying out the rest of. Tressel is another example where I feel like like we're like I can complain about the weather like a whole lot of chances and that's a thief but that's what a process but what if you like when you sit down the trend. Do a different direction return and make new music you try to re a Dennis Erlich identified herself what do you do. I think it's when you wake up that day in the morning if you walk in the studio like. I grabbed the acoustic or if I grabbed the piano or if I grabbed just to be machines are making an idea and and you know Austin comes innings. Make and I Indians who air system now he's flawless is whatever we sat there and said. What does it feel like in our heart what does it feel like an action SF you know a feel like we're younger we're trying to chase a sounder he is sound and when you get older your life. Oh it's what was being here all along just never knew a couple of now neck and into buying that and be a block ourselves away releases. From all around us was that trying to get as the giver ability to other one fight one another over like I do I would think the amazing thing about this whole process with this these like guys straight years been like sitting down it's just like cool candidate cool. You an idea cool. We're we're. I really open and that's that's a thing of it is leg that's the beauty of being so open today and not like chasing this honor next trying to hit a bull's eyed because when you're trying to hit a bull's eye and somebody else kind of movie your idea earlier Crossair is. Idea of hitting your bullseye and then the frustration and but when he is open yourself that and creativity and all around the magical gumbo yeah. That means having having the like the question and mastic music in urgent need guitar player you know I was like well would you like to play in your room home buyers and an Ngo blues is a think you can't really go. Well you know my life. It's your it's pretty bad ass it what you do and it's sounds great every time now that the it's specially when you know it's coming from the right spot it's you can't really disagree with it. When you're not chasing a sound winner. Left to wonder. How do you ensure that you're not wandering down the wrong path to worry about. I think if it feels guinier again and rent by yourself you know I mean. And like item I don't know I've always said late music's really do it for personal reasons and so. I mean when I got my place chosen you know I've talked to the guys about the Stewart got in place show like yeah I'm performing for people in front of people button actually do it for myself certainly become annual lot schooled at the feet costs makes us the job that was totally and ends more of therapies. In leg and people enjoy it bonus and you know hunt so a fair share business. Final form of the banner route and have more members at some point or go to a drummer Jimmy Lewis do you have coming with that's always the threat is an. For her and cannot see too weird this is controllable. Right now we've been we've been fortunate to have a guy come along and he. Listened to the staff it was fun because you only heard the one song that we released and his. Really put this is you know where this is going in and I was like what this is just one element of that sound that we have lakes. May be on a check out the rest of the songs before your like you're unsettled and then he was doing that. This is what I've been wanna do for so long and I want my friends to do it verdict in Hannover is not you know that focused it's really cool that you guys. Earthlink hunkering down and do and it you know announcing. It completely drops the have been happy to just have to keep going like you just like you I know for drawn fire specifically is RJ can gambling I know that you just had to big runs of that you like made a real go with touring in like and launching albums and having some like. The the rock and roll story OK there become backing after reformist something else you keep yourself from being defeated by. By having to change all the time. I think the. Act for me I think them I have the most important thing right away is knowing the lessons you learn and being thankful for commercial and having the opportunity go and see. Those places we've seen him play those tumors and like Willie did a two room we went on but cherry for like oh huge extreme case agreement and learn so much from those guys attacks about the quality sound and here arranges home everything in there and it. And gaining all that knowledge are coming back to approach this would like. All of this knowledge of where we've been seeing that made it so much easier so I guess it's hard to feel defeated we have so much knowledge to to approach something that you're excited about it you know. Until imagine muscling slips away when he puts so much into some assets like a Bozo did we are well. You. This is doing when it when it was time for. Garland fired and I mean we can all kind of see it come and make everybody in the group you know everybody kind of Hadley to ninety is that the right. You suffering now I mean that I'm not on until they happen in ten years in economy and not work on assumptions and I. You guys are talking about them and more than it's not so no play on Thursday and yeah we're yeah. Somebody craft I think everybody kind of knew that it's time had had its it'd run its course you know and it wasn't really. I think it was a really feeling of defeat I think even before it was done it was like. She we just start some new Blake why not everybody does kind of make sense a bad idea you know lake that's ninety. And then you know situations happen. Drummer gets his girlfriend pregnant you know on the guitar player wants to walk around Asia for like eight months and the other guys once the cut and all right cool so you know like everybody has like different things that they Wendy's there wasn't really. A sense of defeat it was more just like all right we're here now. Were pretty wanna go. Cuba and massive social media presents to what you guys have done a great job cultivate a two point Wirthlin Nicholas here when he first event but it was booed did I deal with a lot of people being spam bots and being. That is Brent thanks for the fun I'm Michael screw you. Let me look at this fool you log management of this and and put you just have to you crush that if people. It seems like you just from you know poke around people stayed with you through the process. Excited for him. Yes debts and really nice that I can watch the transition of people that were fans of girl on fire and fans in years they fans of eight new analyst at and watching them. Can jump over on the ship now you know they came we're all singing and dancing over here and heard the name he'd come along. And then got all the Pacific but it's it's been really it's been really helpful social media's. In an era and Giambi put effort into learning how to be good at that or does it come naturally her thumb. I mean I just try to do my best to sit and talk to every person or make it click. Caught my way to say hello lino to a lot of people like there's so many artisan sewing bans putting him music and trying to use to like fight for real attention. If you're not just trying to sell some in some of you really trying to have a conversation see how someone's day is going that ends a lot more because. These people you're gonna see across the country and I wanna know what's going on Illinois know what's going on in the world you know because. To speak in no. What's going on in this world is there's no from person to person then what was to set a line somewhere you know you never know the truth until you're 10 somebody until it got pretty relevant 2017. Like a lot of it is hearsay and yes like fire on the Internet if collectively make those little individual can actually know what's got what's really going on the ground where you are is this war happening or someone saying there's a war happening or is this happening I mean another truthful Sony's now and again. Well absolutely and it's like you say your computer console when non. It would be because for Scott he upstairs in her comeback from our meeting where my pals it's been a oh crap who's in today. Because there are so worried that a different continents live and so you what you can you carry an image like cure event. And that they cure here to do professional things and that they may yes indeed. Make you seem untouchable like that if people see rock band walking by the bills. Like I and I can't talk to them what impact but you seemed of role can that. Downloadable say hello to all people to connecting you know we ought to build a community or its cultural let me. All that we're all genuinely nice people actually it digital files and that's like we do think he doesn't like happy to be dad doing something aggressive and you look at yourself away in a rehearsal space readers like. Yeah see you again units are currently no windows for Wyoming and he's kicked him. Short of the people short of the windows my entire job sitting in a room. Telling a joke that no one laughs that's all I Italy finalist here laughing yeah it. Up until it's not the public what you're saying it's that little bit of it's a little bit extra effort to make a move relationship. When people do that I heard you say this thing or I listened to your song and whatever it is that makes a connection or just talking about tacos or heard urge shatter barking I thought looked out however this time come through on I should have nots of the Internet. This is best for the pitchers in the a video of the approach of how home. When you see people not doing that not taking that time to make that effort or do you question. I mean they might be too busy in their life know that may have a lot going on I don't know him. The social media first leg on the plus mega look like look to to get a subject I the federal be doing this on Tuesday Dan. Philly this important thing is to remember that lake if like your mentioning earlier lake on. You know hey this guy just said thanks and Paula it's like well no way I think people can see through that not genuine you know enemy like if I can see through that then there's got to be like another. Nine billion people on the planet vacancy through two. So we want to you. Be real now and engage with people and talked people I think the sand like it's a job domain and is definitely fun whenever I took a lot of effort that. Yes yes it definitely it definitely inner ups the other day jobs. Stuff but whenever that yeah. You guys have to just pick up small jobs to make sure that you can like to have the freedom to be able to do music you presented at his word totally independent we're totally funding this whole thing on our. I feel it's awesome so it's allowance that is saying. And it's especially when we know where it's going in where it's coming from parts. We want it wasn't previously about like who to trust did not trust you know like makes you wanna be independently. Okay. The because. Everyone has told him that when I was young my really don't get into the music industry so tonight then went into the hands on enough. People suck because you can't trust them and on I feel like that's like people kind general role that you have to watch it and I think it's in every industry barely get ahead in the banking industry those of people that you control. Percentages feeling musicians and more gullible so it looks like it's more prevalent but let's go to our season now. That I mean isn't every industry but other industries teach you to watch out for musicians hard formed by themselves and they don't know when they're going out into the world in the world title alive. And announced. Gets this thing but it's just like in other industry really is the result of. And that type of relationships you've had with the business. Is that what informs you to go do this on your own the I'd definitely there was plays and there is quite a bit learning experiences then there happened and the whole who to trust you know Preston how how to see that you know what's what's the language like hell on and it was really. It was trying it was kind of depressing at a time when you figured out and go. And doing this around skills are. And I said it was cool he thought major Raines who bought me dinner our past. Stuff and and hey guys that he's talking about you know who you know we have witnessed. So what's good look like us. When you do strikeout on your own what do you immediately realized that that's what type of supporter you're not getting that you myths perhaps from working with somebody that maybe would throw some money that you were. Authenticity. Yes totally lake just. An authentic desire to want to help a musician or an artist get to where they wanna go out there sometimes these guys are just worried about you know I am bigs in the pocket look gonna get. You know hey let's. Let's hope if you're the guy in the musicians you're a priorities are backwards and artists in general and but it's you know if you wanna get it out there and just tell us some of these people like him you know bless their hearts better. They taught us to vote to look overview bled basically if for an work with anyone else it's. Become part of this team since they're gonna they're essentially another band member they're gonna part of the team that part of the wolfpack they're going to be someone that's there witness that. Someone that really cares about the consequences. Can make a dollar. And that's what we've been really fortunate with the with the people that we've been working with the recently and there artists that. Care you know like the photographer we've been working with the geography of the we've been working with our great nice people that really. Enjoy the music enjoy this style and themselves or encrypt and geniuses by themselves and it's like yeah cool we know. Or no and then you have the same problems that like I'm a graphic designer arm architecture firm bottom Loring and folded the bulls like field work within a group of people that don't want to that must answer this and that's what this whole project sold out as an artistic freedom to just yeah. I mean we won't really do something to where people can continued to. Do you aircraft down you know and slate if we have things holding us back Norton people holding us back we can't do that for. What we want to accomplish it's not just for ourselves but it's our team you know that's. Same social media that offers you effectively it's your your Euro endured your own PR arm of the group. That everything is going I mean but this is not me and this is an obvious statement this is no news to no one but really you don't I think you don't need the big companies. To do with the little things for you don't need the company photographer anymore because I can buy a DS LR and danced around a Photoshop. You don't leave Vietnam her 60000 dollar video budget. Doesn't really need to happen so much anymore you know it's nice that he's you know in its cool special effects but if you got a guy that's a student and just kills it you know. Right up negate. If that so now sir I'm not an eventual ruling brought. Arizona was the same thing was excused herself and rely on my someone else down the years of that fears that help this is it from that to I'm sure you wouldn't trade at though. The lessons you learn I'm not thankful for every single one some. So again there is I'm what do calling this an EP release or missing. Single release party at okay but if anyone comes to get to hear all songs we got this year to play a full full torments the full set but you only have one single and you're like releasing to the world. One tie on the Columbia city theater. Columbia city has blown up which is crazy and just like so. This really got the whole life to it. It's on Saturday night at the thirteenth if you're listening within and public people sometimes hold it and contact me six months now that ghost it's okay. Since they can't do you know hundred year old theater this year not now don't let's grant them in in the music video or on a hundred year old Rupert you know that music videos on rumors that shot that was on the fans creek bridge hit the ministry by the bridge it's the second tolls railroad Tressel in the US is one of the disclosed they're trying to kind of their title on the pops up on the you know like I shouldn't be her right down here like I wanna I wanna throw up watching again. Yeah. Us. Exactly I got a fear I. I think there are these guys called me up on this bridge re you had a late scale these little beams. And it's like 374. Feet. Rob no patently mediator Blake or the like gorgeous right well it's a beautiful but there's good. Okay hope. It was amazing shot most of the videos on that lake scene a shot most of my eyes closed at. That's and sunglasses and here I'll put about the past the skeptics who are really into this. Did you do you do for food. It's east is scared. It's Saturday night it's a flow may thirteenth and that's at the Columbia city theater golden wolf it will be debuting lone wolf yeah. The song as well as a bunch of other music so on April on fire fans here. Did you review of the pending in Newsday New Year's Day thickness and sorry and Aden also like come out and put that phantom towards a new project and fuels some new artistic expression Mario it's really. Exciting the wolfpack who gonna. Don't sit there and yeah and clearly that's part of the credit and did they thought I think he was thinking it. You've been listening juice over your rings Seattle whiskey Gregor. Follow him on Twitter at hey Gregor to find more episodes online ads so your in Seattle dot com. So you're in Seattle is a burrito but production plus yeah yeah yeah condones counter.