089 - Casey McLain

Wednesday, May 17th

He's the former host of the Offspeed Podcast and we've been going back and forth for a year until he's finally here now to do Our Dumb Podcast... only this is So, You're In Seattle... awkward. We dive into the world of insane baseball statistics and talk a lot about how hard it is to get on stage and make something of yourself in local comedy - something Casey is tackling at Tacoma Comedy Club!

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He's Casey McClain and he's next to. And now from the legendary studio already sold your NCA. At all what is the error. I know Casey declared from Twitter when a guy called package man for real was tweeting and both myself and at his podcast feed off speed and podcasts oftentimes about. Baseball and sports and and comedians it was a whole mishmash of people getting together to do fun things sadly that pops over. Casey started a new wonderful cast audio. He does something really merited by day and then does comedy by night a really interesting character and a lot of fun. And I know Dan seller because Dan. Was a guy trained to do radio. Only after like 2000. To 2000 until like there's going to be a new got to run low line after you've got shall what to do weapons like Joseph writes what you love and no no no no no Catholic it was syndicated show Ryan I wish we going to be orcas and obviously you you're one of the hosts and of that I think modular. -- a bit parts of historic flood like this they have a bunch of producers and junior producers and call screeners -- and anyone of those people Irishmen who would have let's because then you'd be in LA were they doing all I ask you rock and stuff into the early part of that action our company in her comments on acquiring CBS right now so Ryan I'll be co workers with. He can Iraq gang. But I'm. I was we syndicated loved ones who came on at 10 o'clock in the south right field. And I train Dan how to push the right button and play the songs in between then and essentially be like a super Stoner. Behind middle 150 and the first day he shows up to he's just have to work at Daytona is a comedian out of New York City and look him up he's the best he's felt he shows up to missions to the station and I'm like hey man you're just gonna show your first day. Of all of new job and crazy industry just stoned in a couple of that's a that's to be templates throw myself Mike. Just freak so what are you doing the doing on I don't lie to a guy who also get stoned before work. The the relief that came off him was incredible but from there we were really pals like and he has certainly surpassed my success okay FF FF I my group the feet that he's already pulled off so that's cool here I guess he's going to be able bush and look at a problem but he's going to be in -- fiscal comedy club sometime next month we can June sometime in tradition now maybe it's a mandate maybe I'm wrong MIT. Oh boy I hope it's not this weekend with the facility I have to tell you that a day and I are close enough I think that I would get a text message to our noted I'm in Tacoma. Dan solar Tacoma. To dance that are on the Internet to his group is a an amazing podcast guest on other people's pockets common values don't mind I he would if you oh is that an educated guess fellow Richard and oh did I would. Friday's journal and grateful Friday Saturday Sunday and come Washington in June 9 tenth and eleventh so bigger Dan measure there's your final pre all alone it's Casey. I I know you do come and that's why the soul yes started up you're you're comedian also is Tacoma your home club. Yeah definitely that is the caller. Sort of the other clubs in town and see how that the best club in Tacoma pickup. I FF I love the tumor comedy club I don't know how. I don't know what their approaches with new comedians are you a new comedian Hal Holland. I ask you name Isaiah. Yes I'm definitely new and definitely I don't have any and never compass and paying the ultimate in comedy but I have done a resolution thing to do Osaka that is the I'm. A day I'll say it to your work really hard and accomplish anything comedy went to accomplish something of for a even harder insert into. I've I've done a couple of them like some weekend shows their MO monthly show called drink and debate there no booted of obviously besides drinking debate it's very obvious the what's than I I'd hosted and then it. We ask two teams of comedians to debate wild topics or there is clearly one side the makes more sense. And like one of them was should everyone and Iowa. Be forced to marry a close relatives. And the yes side won by a lot like by a landslide who judges the audience there is that we have three judges like sometimes they're comedians we have like a couple a couple guys that are really. Big comedy fans last time I actually. And if I'm allowed to say his name and Seattle radio guy will be on the Internet hits it's slick Kok met Nicholas. Who is the producer for Mitch in the morning and cage area and he'll be one of our judges might have to attack human being and I would. Largely due to 100% I love comedies so we just did it we just looked at June 11 as the next one it'll be right after a weekend Dan so order. And June 11 it says that he's there for that says Tacoma Washington June 11 Sunday we'll tolerate the must be the must be errant. I could be wrong page not found is ubiquitous yellow page not found solace in a letter just found out that my shows that stance local aqaba. And also my birthday is that come kill hundreds of women don't buy me drinks if you can not to mention it will be good as those on the Sunday. It's always on a Sunday pits and it's a tough at all figured I want only you just have awakened that morning paying around 345 every room every Monday morning I think oh just let it ride just on the worst kind of and that's the move. How to look dad I love along comedy show I love the you'd do different shows that it's set up around and it's and get a good draw. We've got a decent draw all we're we also heard you and solid this other show at wing man brewers. But starting June 25 he's wearing the shirt I am wearing the shirt edit they get very happy whenever they need an extra wearing the shirts. 225 were doing last cult comedy showcase that come comedy club but may 28. Wing to undo like unplugging. Like unabashedly we're putting up front to the other waiting I know or blogs is get after I was all of trying to do is tell you that I'm a comedian and we got a notice and yeah I'm a comedian I'm low level comedian. They hope you knew that go into the edit I didn't discipline not warrant and didn't. And I just wanna change gears really quickly I just got an update from MLB the at bat app Justin Smoak singles in the top of the fifth infanticide or they would just take a 32 lead over the Mariners yes dammit Justin's been okay. Yeah could you never did that FR. They're in Seattle that is the first Seattle early debates cities hadn't smoker. He's got a ton of strikeouts you know their defense. You're okay cedar comedy and news become a completely through to come a comedy club owner ABBA I've done some shows elect underground. I have is that if your home club is that where you get to most states have no idea by foreign definitely and I'd like. Yeah I though like the normal story I think it would have worked the door there has done a tram like really bust and asked. To be there that because it's one mile from where I live now I law of the club it's easily and and and and I'm not disparaging other clubs I love. The underground I I've. Like the time of stunt at the parlor. So go to go to clubs easily my favorite club I've been to a lot of comedy clubs and no one has ever made me feel as slick come about to have a great time to become a comedy club they do just about everything right owner is a longtime comedian path and so I think I keep of one of two ways sponsor search there and I think he's taken like the things that he liked. Touring the country and our things that he doesn't like touring the country and just kind of like. He's wiped away the stuff he doesn't like and maximize the stuff students like of women and their for one show was Joseph lists and all you. Oh boy we are gonna fall in love I think how to let my favorite comedian he's great he's the best out of Joseph list until west comedy I think are comedians journalists continued of one of those ski now put out an album called are you mad at me and it's who focused on he is great. And then mark Norman and yes a mark Norman has podcasting told do we love Iowa podcasts I love I have I am so let's topples into comedy podcasts. I had to take a break from it because I found myself. Doing nothing myself an all new listing to other people do things and a to have like. I've overwhelming myself with not growing at all having a great time laughing about right after those two knuckle heads on Tuesdays with stories are now full speed you know what dude podcast we'll all those guys kind of pop up a lot that can be a long tedious listen sometimes. But only to get advance notre on the radio journalists sometimes the hearing room. In these different environments such as comedians popping off of each other via fantastic I love it I you try to do the same thing weren't stopped listening to so many. But doesn't it doesn't lot more NPR podcasts are now and then it's a good tis the season but I think. There's some serious things that people are starting to be more interest and then doesn't NPR is just killing at least that is the unspoken thing as NPR is just destroying in the ratings that are less Dick and racist jokes and and more of the for more entertainment that is Aruba around issues I feel like. Yeah I do also feel like I end up. Attempting and a hearing premises and and feeling guilty if I try to mine those premises turn and I never know like I don't know have worded make the public can't stop listening to tease in the stories that's my favorite himself on me and gas Oscar let's go divides and also come as those awards it's amazing the healing chancellor and Joseph list and we've discovered this in the first five minutes of this. It was. He went to see again Joseph list and it does come a comedy club and they were super cool to me there and he's so awkward and being able to go up afterwards and I came and she's is the stories are right he's an all or benefit and advances and earnings later it's about a what do you have some like at a time. For those like it's fun to know to be able to. You know that those guys are real people there real dissect a nerds that are doing comedy and like that's a person who's like. An artist doing semi uniter of all the time being dummies too and he talked to Dan and he knows about it it's fun to like get kind of a different side of that. Do you. From hanging out at a comedy club enough like that you end up being able to. Connecting up from these guys like in person not like just from watching from the side I there are people at that approachable typically so. Oh I don't I'm not like I hate says it needs someone threw like if I go to a show I'd definitely go hang out and talked on course I did a weekend with the scanning and Bret Ernst who works and he was an LA. And I will say I picked up so much stuff from him in the summer that was like like. Ron philosophy also like some of it may be the filter a little bit of course but it's got a couple moments were like. This is the economic iconic moment in my life nobody else cares about this at all both address. It's after the Saturday night show after Bret Ernst has turned up. Rap music louder than the staff definitely wanted to hear like and songs that nobody cares about it for songs from the late eighties but like I was barely born. When the sun came out. And he turns the music down and he looks negro hasn't met me by the build my hat and egos. Like insular it you'll bleed it sure I'll be via a get. He goes your ups and artists man who you decide what's funny and like I don't you know I'm still I have never I don't have enough courage to just. I decide what's funny look I'm not fearless wanna be more fearless but I think about that any time. Are gonna not like it now we know I decided like eggs and and I just thought was about telling on that and that's what it's gonna be like I deal with advertisers. Look I can't just say whatever comes to real brain a mind on money were about ratings and things like that and that can be hang out at times rhetoric I should've gone there with that story or whatever yeah I didn't because I don't want someone to be mad at me. Yeah your your own Paulson that environment as a drill than not getting invited back maybe in the boss doesn't pace instigated. I. Didn't have a role. But yet though it's true I do think there's some then there's something wonderful and independent about it. Do you get to see these people as humans or this the performers that your that are still at arm's length away. It depends I've had a people who are incredibly. Like Bret Ernst is relatively famous treated me like an equal. We got real drug and the casino he tried to show medically craps. That did not. Work out well at the dollar not play craps tour event people who have little or no one actually knows how to play craps distrust. I thought you were anyone really knows what's going on I agree with you completely fills my suspicion the whole time I'm glad you revealed that on the phone and a half. Aren't Las Vegas certificate that actually that's probably good news for last minute and I got out of good people that are like you know. My level that think that there. That are not approachable that are my level to like I don't know I think it just depends on the person on the thirty different than normal people. They do little more neurotic and a little more. Lanka. It's a pretty grounded like you seem to pretty. Reasonable human. I think I'm all right I don't know there's probably people out there that don't like me you aren't searing and hand your imaginary to ask us a fight to tolerable now one person and get ahead of the I already directed at send me here today that there a couple of forensic very considerate our traffic from Tacoma yeah that's actually one of the things that I really value and comedic comedian. There's almost there's a ton of Canadians. That are like single and like. Hopelessly single bit like buddy unhappily single but they're never going to be and I like when I need someone that is married and successful. And has like a successful marriage it is successful comedy. One it's like an inspiration to like I know that I have things in common dampers and immediately right now. Yet and you'll find that all the time and that somebody finds intolerable exactly thanks so much vouching for you with her record somebody that means at least one person out there is vouching for writing okay enough. Yeah I agree it's contemporary to read I'm a married guy got I did I convince somebody that I was all right nutshell you've been married for just about a year now I'm and a. A little over a year I was October 2000. Fifteen okay cool I was on last fall so it's it's still new it's still on it didn't change all my life changed almost 0% when I got married I was like oh I did the right thing yeah it wasn't like there was it was in defeat at the set had a deficit of girlfriend a fiancee adds that wiped out of the newly created same fiance and by the way these two it never worked for me again and especially it's much worse and jokes I got a sailing girlfriend's fine. Life is great wife is way veteran jokes and a fiancee is a weird middle ground and no one can relate to it but there's material there though but now that's passed it and if you had an opportunity it's too late. Can trick your becoming dead inside by doing commenting. I'm. I do think that every time I think of a joke premise that. I there was. I was a late bad letter and that the first summit ever told anyone that wasn't like my mom was on stage there it would mean by late like. I was definitely the last I don't know that my dad was certainly as an adult content but. Not like habitually rightly it was alcohol related yeah probably like thirteen fourteen inch OK let's tumult that's you were still that's when he started let's Sony was still. Have you sorry everyone listening to doesn't give a crap but how do you listen to the Irish a fear and mark Norman and yes and I literally just finished that yesterday and go out and so like that's fresh in my mind that you have something in common with those guys as well yeah that's I think. Anyway it's alive as the joke never worked as like well enough for me to keep doing it but it was like that. Yeah a certain part of me I don't know if it's dead inside her moral lives inside like them. The part of me that I hold private is dying down and then like a part of me that's more public I guess is growing just don't understand the public if one person says one that mildly mean thing to me on the Internet. I like shut down and wanna die yeah I can't imagine a girl. Ole arts is based on setting up in front of people like I'm not Dylan this dude yeah also on drunk and talking fields that looked as if I can't I think you would kill me I would have to win still part of myself alternative deal with that until I was wonder with comedians aren't there. It happens a lot. I think it's like just enough exposure to that and you get a little bit numb to it for good like for good I. The first place it'd comedy was it's come comedy club the second place at a comedy. Was at a coffee shop where the were fifteen comedians to audience members and it was ninety degrees items like ended July. And that people were like sweating was so Hortons coffee shop and nobody laughed and anything I said except for at the very end when I just commented on how bad it had gone up. And so later like I several months later my wife came with me to that open Mike watched essentially for one it happened. 45 times in a row that same scenario play out it's like why did you come years. But there's so many more places that are like this them like a great. Comedy club open Mike the so yeah there's a lot of them like I don't know. I don't know like I would you're definitely gonna face that if you do comedy ahead. Dislike or maybe I'm bad comedy and nobody laughs at me and other but. There's almost all these guys and they say that they're like you're gonna Bobby get a like the great one out of on the next night at myself for a week like. Oh as far as stress I don't know anything also because people there's some people literally I'm not an expert on comedy I don't know. And try and just like everybody else are so. There's probably I'm for I don't know I just wanna sound. Like guide them likes home grandiose that's not the right word but this I think about. And I'd listen to pods before in this like something about your delivery that makes you seem like an expert Jewish you're. Well the Spokane and stay in even toned enough that it actually comes across like he knew what the hell you're talking about and I know it all that sort of thing it's called it relate I don't know that I feel I definitely there are certain things that I'm very adamant about like sports analytics yet it seems like you know a thing or two about baseball. Personally hoping to do love this book I don't play Horry can't watch sports with my dad because we are you frustrated because as my incidents in different race. Like I I'm all numbers that's all I care about sports and I definitely annoy people how does it affect your I guess trying to be Arabic comedian is like an arts Rick. Vegas is an art to how you understand numbers to when it comes to sports and stuff like. How to how those two worlds and the come together I don't see how do you could hurt because your article that I wish that I could I wish that like reading a joke was more academic and was like more. There was less gray area. Because yeah that's I don't know I don't think they do it on on the there's any overlap in those two parts in my life would be useful to find the bridge who had made me. I would love to find it on constantly searching Florida think because that's of those like my brain definitely works more in the numbers direction and it does in that. Like I think artistic direction somebody go from just like thinking you could tell a joke or maybe not in anything intelligent to actually getting on stage and telling jokes like what's the trend reported you started how did you get so being up onstage somewhere so. The first summit ever went on stage ahead this friend at that you know worked in a box sector who both were on the graveyard shift. And he was really funny and we would like rift back and forth all day Iran it. We were on the weekends and we knew there was an open Mike at giggles which is now laughs yeah Seattle with the grief. Intermission as a strip club no offense to that place but it's still a work in progress yeah they do agree headliners are the levels say like dance voter I think was dealt with in the year yeah on. Anyways you on for that open Mike. And I just was like trying to fuel the temperature of the water through my friends so and I watched him do well. And then I watched him bomb really horror I went on stage pull them off stage just like and I wasn't signed up for this open Mike the second time. And I tried to tell a joke on stage in his place but I was probably too drunk to Dallas. And I got offseason knows that when I was like 22. And I met. The sun and always wanted to do it and never had the courage to do it. And I met hearing Kirby I don't know if you guys ask them he's it's is in Chicago now he's Canadian he became really good friends certain podcast together. I'm and then one that was okay man I kind of wanna try this is I know you should. And I probably annoyed him nine that it probably have certainly ignore it and ask him questions since then. But as Jennifer the merits economy into somebody who wants other people to come and do it too if nothing do a Sissy bond so he feels itself but yeah I. And I think that's that's exactly what he could it. The president trying to just opponent that knows my thing to be like no come on and compete with its all good though again got to the scene the more chance that more people come I guess yeah maybe. Coming out of it's not that complex limited a lot of it is probably just like Adam Kenner and ethnic and do whatever like he'd. Do well or do bad just. Stop talking about it but if you if I say yes we do go I gather it was funny because like them leading up to it you assign it to supplement like month in advance which is the only way that I can do things like I have to sign up for things in advance of the lights. I will definitely. And I'll talk myself out of it. Aside for this open Mike and I was sending him joked premises for like an entire month. And he would do I don't know if that's funnily just do it and staged have a go bad Avago well. And you'll find a real quick again I. And then. It probably didn't goes wells that was able to delude myself into thinking a bit and that's important skill they think that's true. Let's show I'm sure you have experienced that appoints in your career old line is all the opposite I don't believe I've never done one good thing I heard and in effect. About how much my wife tries to terminal and our producers finally now known on. So that is the real. A showstopper is when I make my life laugh I know that's just Francesca she is I am not her favorite comedians violent Lanka a cut them pays him. Did I should get her go in the nearly yeah I'm onto something that yeah. Shall old that's funny and I'm like all perfect that I could put element of the Q when you constantly writhing around her and like and like hoping to and find something out of it now I don't know that I will idol I attracted you to. That because I thought. I think that's annoying when I tell people are doing that like where there is trying to like bounce jokes off you I will say like hey is this funny. Teller of the joke initials AS are known mostly she says no. Slightly a letter no it's a joke instead of like I'm in the take this to stage you don't even know or to sevens conversation right now go to Canada disingenuous and have a conversation thing. I agree that let your fear of some people. I know a few people that of drugs before they got a little nervous about into the can't help it but it just like that's what they're Mo yes trying to find what's gonna work and I had I've. Applaud you for at least trying to quell your nerves by like working through it or something on the same time I give it to me if it's like. How annoying would it be if that's your whole conversational relationship but yeah it was let's. It's like someone who I should have more than Malick. There's comedians who when I'm around it's all just that right like and that's fine because we're both the same narcissistic. Like. We don't need to get value out of this conversation one my wife is tell me about like her work day. I can't dislike throw bits in the middle of it is nationally that. That's a big development and I. Come what's the I just don't know how somebody starts writing jokes I guess I don't understand where you're like okay so John writes jokes now I don't know if it's that. Straightforward or if it has to be like stop and write down an idea of the I don't think that I know either and I think that everyone is different for me. Like what I started now I wrote like I before I ever did comedy for every podcasts I wrote like a sports ball great. So my nature is an it was a hung like based on sports analytics with. Occasional attempts to be funny in it. But I am like very much like right now I want like the wording is extremely important to me when I'm writing something like that. I noticed or I didn't even notice comedians came out of in the gaelic rehearsed. When years telling a joke like the jokes fine but you look rehearsed telling you look on comfortable telling it play stopped writing were I and so on comfortable as a where Elliott and that's the thing that's the funny thing about it is. But really all you look at comfortable yet to them in front of a 150 people don't know about slam I got nothing to it before with the zoo advertisement for a while not a comfortable. Yeah exactly does so I don't know like pretzel from me what I try to do is stop writing stuff now word for word so that I never. Have experienced at that way so I don't. Rehearse it's not rehearsed there comes off those first. I don't know if that works I don't know what the price difference processes different. You know I do a lot of writing for one time my kind of like and mine in my job all have to write like a bit for like feature on doing some bread and though Vick coupled to a couple rehearsals that. But really. It's a skill in itself to be able to write for life speaking even without it sounding can't yeah like it's crazy how against it's still work in progress and will be for forever Labrador but to get there so I don't think I'm there yet by the way and they got us that maybe there's something to the idea of just having the premise well well enough for Tanya had it been you have to riff on it a little bit re live or something yet the IV and I thought about it. Yeah I've. It's funny like the first time I went up to and I had I have a Mike and have a podcast. So I got a much my wife was sitting ahead this whole premise Ridnour for oracle Joker and Howard Ford. My wife was sitting on the couch and probably 45 times. I performed the joke teller and Ireland so embarrassing. But. No wonder it's out orders because that have been rehearsed more times and ever hers than anything in my entire life what it really. And what did you watch Chris Pratt in guarding into the galaxy and relic he's just wing and it ray. He's also a blockbuster actor yeah like that's something. Value to him rehearsing I guess or having well written vets that you have the wording the way you want to call so yeah I think that's true and I think everyone's style is different to lick I know people who. Hearing curvy one of my best friends. Doesn't write a single thing down on a piece paper like you I I looked at a joke of his one time and it was about baseball. And he wrote like you can only joke I've ever seen him actually write down on a piece paper. And it was like the most I can't even imagine what part of it was words a couple of par was a joke and what part was dislike. Ancillary information that he had on their excellent I don't know what dominoes to death to par threes and that it looked like hieroglyphics and to me at the and like for me I have yeah I don't know it's just I writes I still mobile exit down and write it down when I have I also I learned this in school. My memory works federal remembers something a federated down its adult rated down I won't remember once I read out I don't even need to look at the notes anymore. But writing down the commits its numbers. I have the same thing worth a read it down once that I have at least a grasp on it but I don't have the same thing where I can remember that's a conflict I think I now understand that I have a premise of something. So I mean are considered to be sitting down with just an idea and then working through it. I don't understand with the whole process is for being able to get up on stage due to repeated joke from. Night two nights NN some for me I think what it is it starts out like very small premise and I write down. Everything I can think on that premise and spend. The rest of the time that joke exists carrying parts away from cool so like. And normally it ends up that I terrible thing like the whole thing goes away. Over think it maybe a little bit and yeah or I just hated man in the crowd does also hates another like a I just realized that the part of it it's funny because like my at the jokes that I have that do the best the part. Like without fail the part that I thought was the most money's not in the joke anymore because crowds don't like it and I might like. I'm. I'm not that stubborn like it's it's not a democracy but enough crowds and it'll like that part of a subsite and that I guess. The dealer to once and allow Kamal stage feeling decency and couldn't do unidentified. That's OK so let's. It's an incredible system to on the same way I was and I think the future problem solving when I was in high school obviously very cool if they aren't at that and it was like they did you like a premise and then you had to write down. Ten things about the way here's this public. It's raining ascent of what are the problems that come from that in different elements and then you're going to find the most relevant problem in the new brick downtown solutions to a different the most relevant solution to the problem but you invented and then you try to. Pits that and it seems sort of similar to that I guess they your approach to it at least yup so my wife is an English teacher and she makes students to things like this like she come they come in and then she has like a question on the board and you're really her biggest project that's good. Because as rates is at all actually all I'm just the pretty face here it's all the material and I kind of sit and at that time edit this out and is out of contest that. Yeah they're so I don't know that's good that I know people that don't do I don't know I don't know I was never in work though Torre could just like think of something at 2 PM. Go home did drunk taken nap wake up at 8 PM go tell on stage and have it like somewhat formed or even. Do that and then had to be bad and then fix it the next daily diet I'd like meticulous about Ira I've recorded. All the like five sets I've ever done my whole life I still have my first that apple recorded its so bad though like I've. I would back to listen to it like six months and maybe even a year in and I was like cool why why did you keep doing this what you shouldn't that was bad it is like having a joke to us so we concluded the punt please go read ahead of ethnic and a now the but I I don't know let's like for me that's the way that it's always worked for like everything all right for writing for pod and it's on my just a little bit regimented lower I don't know if everyone's. Most people I don't know if they're like that seem oblivious of our way that somebody else can do it to have you ever caught wind of may be someone else is like I wish I could write better. Oh yeah I think that I think everyone that just NV's the thing that they don't do was all right I think that's what it is an extra Gillick unlike I'm not. And I'm very still not stoic and very much a statue and stays it'll move around on stage adults like to sing. That bothers me that I don't do rightly have just recently. Started to like force myself to move because I don't have jokes that require me moving around acting stuff now. And I just envy people that can do that naturally relic LC people go first open Mike and they feel comfortable it been like Chris Rock while killing. Slumping across the stage on like. Yeah maybe you can't tell a joke redo this thing that I've been trying to do for a long time. And can't you can't do you console you're not Joseph expletive and a that's fantastic OK so then I guess I'm fascinated by how people. Used a comedy in different directions like it's not just about getting on stage the scariest part of doing comedy I think to be actually in front of humans and like I don't like you could affect. You go to a different avenues first with the off speed podcast is the first time. Familiar with new OK I don't know if you've done so before that and hello I had a sports blog for awhile and technically had a podcast on at about speed was definitely like. Are those that three years ago it started and that was like probably the coolest. Thing like that have done not the most like financially successful but the most fun for shared sir and so. How did you feel like podcasting helped your comedy. Mom is introduced me to Aron as honestly like the that's could you Jessica. I was due and I had the sports blog in like a bad podcast on that sports blog here. And it. It's. Very romantic story Aaron and I started arguing on a thread of a comedian and and he's a comedian at the time and that I site was a Canadian a site like the Mariners and at the time it's FaceBook said that he lived in Tacoma. It was goes perfect. And then it turns out you have to like Kirkland at that time but he came to my house to this really does sound like I'm talking about the beginning romantically there have. Came to my house the first time now. And we did a podcast meant so much chemistry that the next week he came back and in another podcast. And the next week he came back and another podcast and I remember. After like the third podcast so the ballot was like kind of wanted to ask Aaron to do upon me. And she's like Gilligan was a real life like she was. Trying to convince me to ask a girl out at the end it was funny because I've. He was leave it was like waited like this league exactly hell I am with women to its and so had him married. I was way out waited till he was like leaving. I request from the other bills and live at eleven. And using sometime maybe you might want to consider possibly. During a podcast with beanie like due to suddenly grow from about that for week now all your guy hello hello all I know in my and blushing right now telling the story. And then that's how it started and then like I don't know we hit we had a lot of great chemistry I think we were very different from each other to. Like he's a goof ball diamond analytics and I thought I think that went well it was like the thing that made us. Do well on their in the probably the thing that ultimately ended the putt as does how different we were. On I mean. And moving to Chicago could not have been helpful to definitely wasn't helpful but we've talked about it a lot of times off like obviously not on a podcast both talked and a lot of times. And we were both done during the podcast waived for improved to six ago it. It just run its course I think it was of Assam for a while it was fun as they had did all week turner and then probably comedy took over that. And then it started to be inconvenient because he was were like seven days a week. Do and he did a twitch show you them and I was doing comedy. And we had a third guy insolent coordinating our schedules it was a nightmare. And it became like hmm and I wanted to prepare and he didn't have time to prepare Aziz schedules packed and you Monday. Maintain a relationship with a girlfriend. All good problems to have except for the pot sure yes so but it is that's the that's where it ended up and I think like he just stopped liking doing it. And when one person stops liking doing it. This is like a really like a VH one behind the music thing we have going on here. And it it I iced up likened to an end that we supplement and that's probably. The best way to handle something like that do feel OK when stopped oil we're still great friends that's optimal time. There was probably I think it lifted a weight off of everyone shoulders because there was like a little bit a growing animosity. Bryant were still like I still talk to me still sends me awful pictures. On my text message and while I'm network and Africa all the time com. Death or still worse local is still bother him about comedy stuff way more than he wants into what's your day job. I do like. I do like. Software analytic stuff. Obviously if this. Blitz as it's funny because mites and they called me a systems analyst and definitely not qualified for that. So I say the company announced on bottom. They are. Yeah that's it's not like exciting that was not anything when I was hoping to get the equipment question was is throw as it OK so that you how many episodes are just two of us beat. Really 85 full episodes in the we did a couple technical point five's camera would be just a one on one interview or. Something that was different from what we would normally do we have a real the senate is kind of fun to be at like a real format like we had. This is the order of things go in like it was probably the closest thing I've ever come to making good radio because we had like. These are the segments we wanna do this is the format. And then when we broke that we were column point five because if we were talking if it was just me talking to someone yeah or whatever on. Slick probably over a hundred total tool yeah. You're good interviewer to arm only losing to some things done it's. Which is rad when you get it into you could not like yesterday it's my opportunities to horsemen your favorites that you were able to sit down with the Tom who is off speed. So we were tied into the Mariners all right yeah we did attempt Martinez has been he's the VP of marketing for the Mariners he has been one of the most. Like giving people at this time. He's he's the deaths Tim Martinez I have nothing to get things to say about anything agreed interview he's funny he's. He's interesting you'll swear on the podcast let's. I aid he's probably honestly he's probably ever interviewed him twice. Avenue podcast interviewed him on that on. Boy who else IA OU don't like of the obvious one. We did John Ryan. To come in in my dining room in Tacoma. And drink beer and swear into his his wife's a comedienne we talked about her bunch like. That was a blast that was very cool that was my first introduction tell you really general was that was John Ryan coming on and off speed and fantastic that he was. But he's just that down that he was like yelled to after that there was a sick casual kind of like. They're quiet guy meaning gas at the front stuff what area but it was like a try to get him on podcast since then no response that's yeah. I have his phone number I think he's changed at a lower. He's got me under do not Reese Hoffa and the accident but yeah that was that was. Amazing and it'll happen it that'll happen like we never thought that that was the potential. Thing we can do relative that I know these amounts sportswriters and Ike again. On my god there's a guy I'm friends with name you know Cyrus. That rates for fan graphs and he's a guy like I respect to time I get him on a podcast and for like me in a handful of people I'm friends that that's a real big deal. But don't Ryan like whole mole like that today it's a real downloads on that yet he is like him and his famous now he's famous right here especially. And he's funny and like I also think that. Teams I try today and try to get interviews with players on this broadcast. In its. Horror it's that's that was in my next question for you is like the challenges of giving. Through the I think if you called a boom boom the red tape I guess the answer was simply log to be able to get through route to the players you know. I'm tweeting back and forth from Brad Evans and I might come in and be on my radio show and yes it's like yeah I sure would never do it. I have to ask the guy at the founders 9000 times and now there ready to do something and I mean I can click I don't know what's going on there like yeah but to the fact that I can like go back and forth directly with a person on the Internet that they won't do anything because rent a protocol to follow and that's typical protocol to get through and then some guy tweets at freaking Clint Dempsey Camille my fishing show yeah. And Nike's writer you'll make this happen and I okay support like that like it's it's a crazy process and I hope people know about that it's all it feels it'll feels so. Who. Inconsistent. Like I a am friendly with this guy named John Baker that was a he was a baseball player for a long time now he's the mental skills coordinator for the cubs. He's someone told him to be on our podcasts than I started like texting with them a little bit away from that. And when he the first we could never make it work. To get them on our podcasts until the Mariners cut him and he was like basically retired men and I got him on twice no problem talked about like controversial issues. He was like slow. Open about the things about the Mariners he was frustrated about wow. And I and then he's on the cubs now and as we came in I'd like to talk to about one a mental skills coordinator does I don't think anyone knows and it was the first podcast of the new line of. What's under the rubric of sort of clear up front it's called cast audio that Scotty is like it's like cast Cady yeah I am an audio it's a very clever militarily and given the balloon goes simple enough and he's you have to understand the training in Atlanta T shirt or something and make a decent teacher got a guy for you are just cookies we'll talk let's you and secondhand at best. He's a 253 guys well great and her thumb. Yeah but the new podcast is the Euro I think six episodes and now to drive by went to blue after Cecil John Baker and I'll be able to some of those and you guys. The how of familiarity it's not as do interviewing some random dude and he's funny yeah he's great and now I wanna go back and find out what he sounds like when he's not. Pulling back. That was the thing is this time around like he he goes yeah all be fine to do it as Lee you know liked it just didn't work out while they were in spring training them to do it like his schedule never matched my schedule. On and then. By the time we were like okay we're gonna do it on Thursday. He's like I just got an email from the VP of whatever now. I gotta get approval like and you at least send them something that says like this while we're gonna talk about so that he. Feels okay about it for which was interesting because he'd been so but the whole like he wanted to do the whole time you want to do it. And he would've done that but he has like this it's there's bureaucracy path when you worked for him to have to control their image total and and on the right to read like red and then on top of that MLPs says you have to control your image rendered in America for instance the MLS is the Taurus because in the control their media really rely heavily because it's a brand new league and it's growing super fast and they don't want to get out of control and I respect that I totally understand. How that would become a thing it's it's frustrating when you're right a dude talking to do with your effort to do the same dude talked the only over here so everyone wins yeah like I mean it's only see in there had a long phone calls were you know but he is like was totally gung ho did do it had no problems we could tell when he talked to what you like in the first episode of Cass county and yet I hear that he's like excited to talk to I wish that I stopped recording and we had the slick. This is my favorite thing about doing those is a lot of times little happened as a record interview with some conflict 45 and it's and then we end up talking for another hour and a half peninsula. I'm I understandably would let me record that yes but this is great flood this is way better because I wish I could. I wish that the world could hear your opinions on this as yet he was phenomenal he's like has. Such a Smart guy but I don't think I don't know baseball players maybe I don't know if they get enough credit for how Smart thing that dude is extremely Smart. And mental skills coach go and that he. It helps people deal with the struggles of the pressure of being paid top level whatever. Yeah he called it. Machine were 30000 people yell at you every day you have your dreams end in a second when you you know whatever are cut by a team more. Yeah that's. He's great and yes I agree like the whole getting guests thing is such is such a tough I'm glad to hear you struggle with that too because you could. I have I had a guy. A Major League Baseball. I guess executive he's like a on the marketing team of norm marketing department of team and he was like. I can easily and can't get players we have a club policy no players on podcasts that are run by like massive organizations have which is whatever and contaminants like I understand that that's like what a podcast is right and especially right now. But even so like. Someday maybe it'll be different we're not really caught up to like modern media. On the hell is he like I could like you talked to a couple of our broadcasters no doubt be greatly their happily ever big leaguers. They have a a full Spanish language broadcasting team doesn't like I would love to hear. Hear from those deadly talked to those guys. And then he's like they can you link to your podcast. And is a very this is very much like doing an open Mike can crowd out like you get delays could wholly to the bonanno the a couple more. And then ducked mig Emily Ocalan is probably isn't gonna happen because I sit in the Kevin Martinez one looked about as tame as I can be death and heed that wasn't enough for him to. Sign off on and so. It's tough though man because I get to accuse saying I get to be I have to worry about what I say because I have advertisers tenacity to use the temple of a major market radio station to be like they have to do the thing but it's still not easy. Yeah is still am like. Reno pushed news flash people that run a sports organizations typically aren't just like homegrown people that like worked their way up they like came from somewhere else and they've lived here for seven weeks and then I know what. This organization I'm representing is and yet so I don't care who you think you are due to some guy annoying me right now. Yeah I'm almost like sometimes it's frustrating sometimes and also blown away that people actually agreed to do it at all credit because that's definitely inconvenient. Like the idea. That John Ryan at some point got a direct message for me on Twitter trip and I said hey fueled a drive forty miles and sit in my dining room. In a city that you're probably not familiar lift. And talk to me for an hour and a half and potentially say something that'll ruin your career that I would like OK and like that's I don't I cannot put myself in his shoes saying yes to the plate to say that if I ever was famous. At all I would divide immediately stopped and threw a great I'm not ever leaving my house and I think you've put. It's fun to be able to give in to do that he must of had a good time I get a good time not good enough to do it again and look at. Got to come to him next time they'll necessarily any ideas on podcast now and it maybe that's the deal. I'll tell us where we confined to task audio. It's so I have a website task audio at a consulate cast stadium but the last part of its audio gap cast audio not competent guy at this tickets URL that CA SE dot audio which I really like when the second it. Plot of the name casket audio. I knew that I was quitting ousted by a testament burning the whole thing I don't know I was very happy to come up with that and I and who isn't that and then. There's some other podcasts on that website like our old former coast his names while. Isn't uses name PRC as is Twitter handle and that's what he uses. He is like a kind of emanate podcast on there we got a couple more love the kind of podcast yeah let's go. Has drink and debate actually is upon counter and there's two episodes of it up on the website right now. I'll be releasing Muslims. One up right now and I'll be releasing the second one right before the light show it's come comedy club on. And and vivid couple other things going to go to a network that you're I don't yeah like I don't wanna put any work in it being a network. It's like I know a lot of people who. Or doing their podcasts in a way that makes me not wanna listen to him like the audio quality sucks or whatever yeah it's like a wanna help those people. I don't really wanna like go recruit anyone or of them there's no money to be made him podcast. So I'm lucky because I can be like different now or I'm actually doing something right or yes this is working incidents of course I'm gonna go home at noon today as Lola can come back into work later at a very good also like I've bought some time off is that what's going on NASA effective. I mean also I think it's. In recording time vs Internet time which is timeless it's 649 right now and I go to bed at seven. So pollutants and I get independent Washington Frazier and then you'll how do we are falling in love can hates it's it's funny my my wife has big Frazier fan and the never I never liked that show and then. We said I don't watch it pretty good shelf. The writing is fantastic and if you're if you're going to be offended by it like rich according to a new white guys from being annoying than fine you're never gonna like Frazier but the writing is well on its it's amazing though because that never had like watch that show with enough. Attention to like. There's supplements showed the lake effect came out today. Some like. Offenses took a book that's probably true all the shows your had a great time but just the language like words that you're supposed to say. In place in other words have changed but it's also funny because there's a lot of light humor that's make like the joke is someone's gay. And on nine goals and the dad are both gay and really if that's that they use the thing with a cool they're cool they're critical to cut. Let's huddle casework we find you was specifically online through completeness pictures of weird pictures too I'm at the Stacy McClain and at. Are indeed Jason nucleus and some naked it's and I'm genitalia picks please refer. If you're listening errand team really you these B into the punched and dozens and dozens have done. The casing McClain on Twitter and the keys McLean dot com duke thanks for coming all the way to Seattle they grabbed me and Christian. You've been listening juice sold your in his Seattle with Gregor. Follow him on Twitter at hey Gregor didn't find more episodes online ads so your in Seattle dot com. So you're in Seattle is a burrito budget productions it's. Yeah yeah condones counter.