090 - J GRGRY

Thursday, June 8th

Everything I knew about Joe (J GRGRY) I learned from Twitter and one episode of Locals Only that he joined Steven Graham for at 1077 The End. Shirtless, covered in pink paint and makeup, he had my attention, but in a very specific feeling of intrigue. Joe is someone I wanted to be around, his music something that made me want to be even closer. This guy is a sweetheart but with a tale that feels as dark as the part of your heart that you don't share with anyone. 

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His name is Joseph he performs is. Powell was error. This will be postponed because I did not know what to expect from Joseph. Pleasant conversations gone back and forth on Twitter a million times but I saw him to come in for a show on most of its opinion poll locals only and he came in fully paid to dot. I can even describe his work because it's so awesome I wouldn't do it justice but he came in fully prepared for that so I know what I was gonna get. What I found was eight charming delightful sweetheart of a man. He's making some incredible music and opportunity for you to attend the show here in Seattle. Very excited about the suns break that he's getting to have lied when for most venues. Deploy our stage performances elements technical skaters and thumb suck I'm not taken too. So we're just always done this like skipping squares junior walking into totally. Time taken to counting the seconds takes to fill the want learn oh yeah but I know that seven seconds worth of hot water skiing machine to make my coffee in the movement indicating to them and the reason is so I'd I think about things like that it's crazy idea like I breakdown life into extra hour segments to understand the better I just ranting rev water in the farm sentenced on a hit. Now our US Seattle kid. I am wondering is why. Huddled in the band for the most part also the most cardiac. Really wild actually the drummer that we are ninety Bieber is ASCII whose incredible. Wheeling grew up using have been called catheters which is you know his dander and he's a teenager and I was in to lure when I was a teenager. So it's funny that you know fifteen years later we. Kaman put together that's so cool at all since fund that is reference points you know and we conduct about Capitol Hill in the ninety's and you know. What a different game even from early 2000 rang like. Yes or different all the time yeah because there is space for her. Musicians still there and ray I hate to live I don't know honestly I mean this creates a live anything's a yes. As a musician where do you have to in order to afford your lifestyle as a breeze to music and poured you have to lift. On the it's very distinguished and I I was living in Tacoma up until about two months ago while and commuting in to my preceded every morning. Trainers are thinner I was drive in and I would just get up super early they can't beat the traffic which is getting up at four. To you know I can relate to says Susie get to a 445. Guys that is like. Done with it which is odd it's great we're is that a matter of a minute the house of possible they Diaz so yeah. And even as living down there to try to you know circumvent the rent situation. Here in Seattle and then come back now on the central district is coming crash and friends would cool. You know central district sabathia is so interesting it's like giving just. A little bit Reba I think it's gonna not be as cool and like another bad year here right now it's a group that cultural bubbling portal added through good yeah I've actually worked at the coffee shop that are work effort almost eight years now in the central district two blocks to ES has been really desire to see it you know and figure out. Just down 23 yeah towards them on like a little bit and it's been wild. Eight years Washington everyone hates her ex pot shot at hand that's I don't know we'll boiling point and it is day you don't wanna get me started on now and he thought. Not unless he did but no that's OK a little hole without a home. Well where we were walking down here you were saying that you just watched one of the forty X movie actor and gosh I've seen a vibrating seat movie before again. What do you see this is intense it was the new alien movie and who which is. That's an appropriate response is it like this Vietnam and that's one of those tension movies do well I add I watched an episode of Frazier yesterday where was too tense for him I have been so I can imagine alien like your style is completely put the man that. I'll put it was I don't imagine the tension in the main array it's not just rumbling seats in the moon right. No I mean there's a squad knicks. So there was a water feature that you could have you know turned on or off undersea I had both of mine off yet was getting sprayed from god knows where exactly as it would missed and then spray water. But I don't do well it heights or. Rides yesterday demos deceit like you're going on a rollercoaster and I felt like it was a your Zoellick Thomas from the I think I'm gonna have to go out in the hall and didn't give me out yeah this is gonna go well a but it ended up being chemical that's cool so you put music in Seattle for your whole life sentence and acts pretty much since I was fifteen we did our first seven inch. How. Here he records. He is a wild time we did with Aaron sprinkle. And the senate time to local records. You're in Seattle. And for fifteen on bin basically just you know traveling and touring gate and recording. Who'll make it tough for open and it looks like two from Mike and Steve Brown up and on the West Coast a whole bunch yap pretty much West Coast yet. Hard to get away from Seattle you vote because everything is so far away exactly. I grew up in New Mexico is sort of relate to that were like you're in Albuquerque if you wanna get to the next city it's eight hours away exactly race. Think so. Are you wolf. I guess to Seattle for Jews the opportunity to grow your music then if you want to or is it. It was the difficulties of being here it's a great question I think you know the difficulties do revert back to a we're talking about with Capitol Hill and you know the cost of of living there in life create yen in creating their you know a lot of this rehearsal spaces had did augment themselves are closed and political practices do some sort of know you're only gonna question that a good I mean. Crybaby so taken it was it's and Capitol Hill that's kind of the last Holden on. There's one on twelfth. That we are now it's. There is expensive you know if you're in the city. We rehearsed down in a warehouse in Georgetown which were relieved fortunate to have access to. It's a long time since I played in the band and it was like 200 bucks a month for a room of bouts. And I'll probably twelve by twelve someone like us that would be I would. I would. A back flip for that there was also had nowhere Arizona cl yeah but it's not what so what does a practice space Costa banned these days I mean typically you're splitting it with three other bans siege of a corner and each band would probably pay 400 dollars. So if you do the math that's insane have. Forever and it's you know not much larger than it sounds studios and I don't know parliament in my twelve. But never yet though it's close a 150 square feet yeah yet which is around there so it's pretty well so deep put in to the fact that you have to pay now. The rent from relating to your personal friends and it's all going and it's like gays allowed musicians are moving south. You know candidates commented Tran of mini game. This is why is isn't it. Is there any affordability to come I know a lot of people from Seattle moving to Everett and totally amateur or is it isn't even affordable down there. It is I mean if if if you're looking to buy definitely it's ago but how does the pants but as of hand yes and yeah I mean you can definitely get the super killer. You know Victorian house in a good neighbor Blake. Well under way you'd pay here mean in the do reasonable in the and a return practice there yeah exactly like integrity pays governor bucks for room and and you rehearse in the basement. Mean I've lived in the house is like patent. And nice meeting in Seattle but not anymore. Within the city. So happy navigates. Guests. The getting older you. Men and fighting to. Two. Make it worth it verses the pressures of like a cattle have been another house of five people I don't I don't surf to make it work for. Yes exactly does that weigh on him. It's a heavy burden it is like a mean you don't have. You know structure often heard in a stability in the traditional senses. But at the same time you do have this freedom in this ability to have to follow your dreams and you know create your are your passion and intimacy sheer self that way. So it's it's a trade off. Subpoena as I think that the real problem with artists getting moved out of the city is day. They become less concentrated in the and it's harder to share ideas and yet we can do it on the Internet and all those things but. There's in the navy said forget in a room with people and playing music together how. Sharing ideas and and talking you know face to face. What you wanna have a cool job in Seattle you work to cut our live in Tacoma best hope yet how do you keep a drummer that after I wanna do that after awhile exactly yeah exactly and messaging Tuesday that. Three other four other people's lives and schedules. As you all very you finding that our people can hang. He had had mean it definitely weeds out the year and you know the party years and actual people who love music. It must be interesting to watch I guess over time the it is I mean. I try to just focus on what word you find in men and not let you know too much of what's going on around us dictate where we're on now and so far that's been. Good for us put that up stream music fest we had a great that. Now that what started this whole thing off does that but I see you on the Internet all the time and yet on but I'm Stephen Graham spoke so highly have you protection I even from expects a juvenile what you can among locals only media. And here you are assured off heading to arm and make up on like full on again. It's such an image. But who missed this. The sky is the resolute gonna screw loose hey look at a couple yeah. And then Stephen Graham the host of local home and most of them and he. Spoke so highly of your performance upstream again which is awesome somebody can make this a work out I'm curious to see what you thought of upstream because I've heard various different pins but as an hour we talked and artists again that plated how do you feel about that. I honestly thought it was a huge success of that it is super cool for the community and Mike did piggyback on what our last conversation was like. You need to get people again bringing media artists musicians together and you know. They really did a great job they took caravans local bands they paid us really well for you know. Being local artists without big draws half an. And they treated everyone really well professionally and yet it was really cool Libyan pioneer square and have these nontraditional venues be incorporated so you know. The city is actually seen inside the city and actually getting to go seed. Historic pioneer square in it because I think a pioneer square right now I think of its own internally feel little red exact and then about like a lot of people would have liked drug problems your car candidates like not. Necessarily a pretty picture oh definitely exactly so it seemed really rad to all the to have a two for presence there to have something around art. Totally into invigorate that area and you know they did it and if it's gonna future I do I honestly do I I feel really excited about and others. I mean for a first year festival I think they killed I mean. It was really. The Paul Allen exactly yeah. Seriously I mean whoever you know collins' team dated such a good job just throw money at some things you can make it to have the time spotlight. Part of the city like totally enemy not really you know for if you think about 156 heroes right now it. Are in high school go on oh my gosh upstream musical maybe we can do that and then they're put their demo together. And then they're getting excited about not being a goal for them and that's how you know. Young bands get together and get excited and get better on the flip side though how about how old punished where it used to be a place that music happened it was a helmet oh this is my favorite venue that we it was rate their next debate based northwest. And yeah I mean it was of does that bring how does that spark a cure like our childhood memories I mean I have like very strong memories magazine as you said that early hit. But you know that was it a little theater it was all ages it was in the heart of Seattle you know it was a beautiful setting and so. You know I played that is a seventeen year old and not really like helped. You know embed this like deep love of my city and playing music in it. And so for me upstream really I brought that back home to me and hire as Joaquin. Out of that are set basically after I've saying the last song an it is. This surreal moment kind of walking on the as brick streets in the trees and think Alec. You know fifteen years knows so little kid flame in his theater in an American and you are reunited cynical. Now before upstream. On some pretty positive guy so maybe this question won't I won't get the depth and I'm looking forward but like I can get. How did you feel like it was that was a real eye opening thing that was so many cool local bands that got together and make a syllable names pop open come and go and stuff to see that many at one time again. How did you feel about the local music scene a little before upstream kind of put everyone together to what was the health of the two local Seattle saint. It's Anderson. And it's a good question is I think you know. You had your little sections. Of the scene. Man and upstream and I think did a really good job of organizing MC could see them so now that I've seen what the stages where and how those bands and get it to curry and that's that scene and that's that scene no interest thing has and now I actually. In retrospect can say this scene is really strong pavlik is stronger than I thought it was. That's how I was doing about it too you know these have to be like again I just couple names of the time yes but I know there's a ton of wicked cool like. Women fronted kind of like surf rock yet you have here which is very very strange yet whoever I don't know hits. Brad and fun but like. I just. I can't say don't see enough of it I don't put in fast enough time into it either so it's probably my own fault but to really think like wow there's a really vibrant scene until we see that yet totally do you feel like you have a piece of that scene. That's a tough one for me to them. I always feel like an outside her you're so I'd and I kind of I prefer I get a lot of work done alone in you know I am kind of had it in perspective. Person cool when I'm not medium. How public. How does that challenge. Or how does that make it more or less challenging for you to be an artist and it seemed like had a few like if you prefer to be yet it is really hard because on a CIA have you know depression anxiety issues that that make. Even things like this hard and you do great thinking things ahead for machete because. But. But you know a lot of being in a band isn't playing your guitar in your room like it started for me it's. Being social and you know playing for other people and so it's something that I work on daily with you know. Getting over. Those kind of fears and social fear based stuff we don't write it it just sucks to be even lump. Just to walk in to a new environment there's about people you don't know his family's deck nobody aegs. I think actually less in the in the dark exactly and I Qaeda and he sees someone you know had Eric gray and you know it's interesting they've been. I've been around. Several pretty famous musicians and think through these like larger than life characters they're just so outgoing and excited and they're nervous they're scared they're like anybody else you know. This old and that's instinct is how does that inform your choices that you make on stage that you do you feel like a totally different person when you get up there and it's now. Spotlights are on and it's and go for it it's interesting I IA. IA. Transport to a different universe it's weird I don't know when that. Clicked happens that there's some moment right when I get on stage that I. Leave this planet full he had and yeah. It's weird because I won't really I mean and I'm in the music very deeply. Ams I know that world and that landscape very well. But if I look at things like pictures or video later I'm like what the hell's going on I just didn't I didn't see any of that constant Hassey and make people in the crowd doing. As you know I've had friends say like oh my gosh you're staring I mean ultimately I did not even know that was you thank goodness someone I know really well that's a ripping like even just from I have to have very little move on stage performance. Experience but even just going up and being like hi everybody you know here's the bad totally the spot let's that are on you don't see any idea yet really BS maybe a couple kids in the front or whatever but other than that it's they were also face recognition and also the spotlights are a lifesaver because performing too and crowd as the old on Saturday Flickr's aunt Susie are exactly. Full episode then beyond that not just turning into it went on sale to Portland in the music yeah I around yet. What what are your choices and decisions to make quick comes your image has stated how do you like cultivate that he had. It's interesting it did kind of start from concerts were talking about with. To the first image ever worked in a major recording studio who is the hearse in Berkeley California with mark Needham and Jeff Saltzman. And what they don't. They haven't and killers and Dolly Parton and just huge record but the killers and I were in there doing our demos. There's for hot fuss and mine for the record they got me signed to Geffen. And or present the but. If so I was a big drinker back and hit Newsday is and that was how I tried to cope with my anxiety and you know all that stuff not the president yet and so. I was in the studio and the session was going really well and I was kind of new to singing I've done I've never been trained and never taken a lesson. So it was like. I was a little give my legs underneath me you know. And I was as nervous as I've ever been in my entire life so shaking. And I couldn't drink enough Jack Daniels is steady my hand and so Mike I don't know what I'm gonna do. And so I ended up just take chemicals off. And was like if I am nervous about being naked maybe it won't be nervous about singing. And maybe my voice the sound good. And it worked and we got that the demos got a signed to Geffen yeah. And so. Fast forward TJ Gregory didn't and I have recently become sober when a sort of project congratulations thanks so much three and a half years and thought wow thank you thank you and them. So this show that we were gonna playing. December 2015 at the crocodile was the first time in my entire life that was gonna perform without alcohol. And I was like having this panic moments of like. I don't know I'm gonna do this and so I was like thinking about it you'll can I do on stage to help root mean ground means. Bring it back to reality and so I thought about that experience with mark Needham and stadium. And how that you know calmed me down and so I thought okay favorite Buffett pant leg that's a little bit closer and I don't in my shirt on a slightly closer. And if I have these. Burlesque Willis that she's with mean they were all painted. Basically naked. You know that would call me and so anyway that show went off just smashing early and it is such an amazing feeling to Dennis oberg. And to have had such a warm reception in just. The vibe backstage after the show is as good as it's ever been. More positive reinforcement is that you know I know how to raise fuel you it really was and and I didn't know harnessing before that I didn't know if I could ever do that again I was at the point of like I don't know that I can ever tumor or play. Because I can only do that would alcoholics you know. So after Nash is the second game changer for mean there must. The so difficult because music and alcohol out. Are like that the places where music is usually performed yeah prices were alcohol and serve totally am all for it I mean I'd be the first person department inmates Johnson hit. Let him out there. But for me is that word play. Now you have to forgive me impression lead like that but I always assumed to curing your music maker cut to some it's. It's really cool pop music totally. Finally there is some it's been touched a little bit by a different time period it does feel like the killers a little bit and there's all different I hear war on drugs and there. This is the game I don't like playing in Orlando due out like this yeah service. But here that there's a reference point you know because mark Needham who mixed hot for us mixed. RT singles they were working next yeah okay so that it feels that's an area that element in the as soon as I started thinking that way I would get like find something more should I look coupled with the cooler yeah. Economic but also either the war on drugs that you and I can hear a little used to wing man and Spotify says that. And who who else do you think shapes your sound. On it's interesting because you know most of what I listened to at home is lake. Bobby Womack in Aretha Franklin and just like sixties arming again like that's just always have that on. You know. But I think that might influence is musically come back more from like. The read mix the here. You know said he really stayed it was a big informing them were you watching them or playing a beside the may be carrying a cadre that they know I had to do an interview second Rogers. Didn't home run green record at Banc split. But we get a lot like they knew were terrible timing on that yeah you're right I doubt seriously. Let them. But I did Peter Gabriel out my voice and so there's a lot of Alec darker eighties. Since stuff I think it comes through that's fun yet which I love it analyst at. It's cool because. In the darkness with flick because it's it's it feels really Google's senior music you'll really get he had. But also there's like just a little dark streaks through it totally I think history to be an a lot of the songs deal with my alcoholism and depression innings and he knows that there's these. And an earlier. Waits at the bottom of the songs again you know where they frown but. But I think is your may be seeing now with my. Personality like. There's also that tone of like optimism. And I think that does come through in the music it's flu plus Dick yeah yet there is that uplifting tone to it feels. Really good you'll like it makes me feel good to get into your I love that which is like I guess kind of like old. Rather than just being likeness is boring to hear it or whatever to get hit it. I'm an I'm discovering this as I'm telling you this again like as a forgive me if I'm fumbling over a little bit but it's like. It tools few good to listen to the over the rubbish talk about actually is specific metric at this rate at the end of practice in Microsoft's revenues of a journal do I not think you. A nine song EP is a current and called gold teeth and glass eyes. The two big songs that your working on for airplane when not RK birds. And steal it who live there and promised to look at every over the develop a few jobs and make people. Thumb but he too was the lead to. Inspire me to feel good what do what's the reaction like when your performing how people responding to this means. It's interesting as you know this the live shows really intense like acidic you know I'm in a different world and so. What I see pictures again it's like wow I'm so intense and I'm so you know pensive and powerful and and a lot of the songs can choke me out and so. A lot of what I get feedback wise is. Blown away not by much other than by just the impact of like. Whoa lake. I text I took them similar or anything at who has an artist is that a hole I mean it is so it's we NSA is kind of late. Carefully choosing their words and they got to want to overstate this but that's really been there is. On its. Do you. It's probably a combination but what you've. Feel like your music does for you more serves as a way to move others or to solve your own rules and problems to great passion. I mean is pan. I think it's probable because and and there's an element of you know the songs teach me stuff later after I've written a moment only actually that's totally where I was at my life at that time I didn't even see. How wasn't there you know. And but but at the same time like it has always been something that meant a lot to meet lake. Make it of people fielded and sciences. Said. I an a for music and stream music was the savior and you know made me feel good in real times of darkness. And so I'll always like yeah I wanna do that I wanna be. You know someone can offer that to the world since. There's a big element of that or feel like you who. Go for some thing and you're not ready for it and it. Has an effect on you then like with its performance or from trying to run a tour. Is there a line for you inside of yourself that you still haven't crossed my interest thing. I mean I don't. And have a lot of lines. That I think there's a lot left to do. Yeah. Yeah I mean I was talking about this with our publicist earlier in. You know reading so excited about this tour that's coming up and to show that the crocodile it'll be your first headlining show in Seattle. And the band is is coalescing right now in such a huge way I'm so excited about the record. And so and think about taking it out on tour and dislike can't wait to do this every name to get bigger and better and so we are talking about violence weaken. It's a little bit bigger stages and we can do a little bit more production you know I have always liked. Seemingly crazy ideas who is full. I'm for stage design and make show concepts and stuff but I'm super excited about Dominique. Can't wait to actually bring those and if you know life and flash. So I guess I was giving I was like you doing with being in recovery for now for three and a half years and like you have to like. Tip toe around anything's feel it is and you like still raw nerve that. You haven't tackled yet inside if you you know I mean I'm doing a lot of self work had been through the music you yes exactly. So don't feel like I have it figured out by any means but it. And alcohol dissect totally ruined my life and so many ways so at this point is like fire that I don't wanna touch like. It's also it's easy because you seem very. We do come to terms with a yeah which is a refreshing thing for somebody yeah it is on talk to somebody who is. So obviously affected by it also understands that and that's that's nice. I don't know if you have to like still like and if you're still battling it internal to external your projecting like you of that you're happy that you made an actress it's it is totally and I don't go to Ayers do any of that I do therapy and yoga and meditation and and like. As a bunch of like self care mindful of the stuff going on good. For me it's just like it was hitting my head against the wall so many times in the climate do INS optimists. So that's incredible to be able to. To be able understand that you need to check him he's enviable actually do it are two very difficult steps and I'm making the story brief but it wasn't as simple as bad but ultimately that is like the final step was I just had to say. It's nobody else is from the mine and I got to do something about it. That's amazing it's not purely a political think. I just what what do you ECC a bigger stage for yourself he sees some fun production that goes on. How long have you worked on what to butcher. Messing with now yet. It's been evolving and right now we really hit her stride we just flew back to new York and this big photo shoot video shoot for refinery 29 which is this amazing. Fashion culture blog called again. But that was kind of like okay we came to where we're at now with the stage work. But it's been about an eight month process analysts like Neiman make a part is John barber and we've kind of been. Trying to take into a deeper level he's you know I want him to know what these songs are about where their from a deep level and so we've kind of like. Together through that and those conversations kind of developed this look and what it feels like cool. And so it to me that like when it was so Anderson and we did issue New York when solos so exciting. And as soon as like they took the makeup off and just instantly switch characters like activists like how you see me now. But the forest very professional very serious issues. And all the people shooting it like that was so amazing as soon as he's touched her face that they make you went into character cool and as soon as it was off you're off. And it is interesting to think of that and said that just made me think what you're talking earlier with you know leaving stage and going to different universe half yen. Gusting it's fantastic to be able to two to perform with a given other performance experience to be done. Mean nasty things I mean I won't even sing karaoke he. I don't sing it bring you are you Catholic that this could. I'd like to pay that compliment because maybe you'll be able to use a little bit of karaoke in the yet very little thing that's exactly what the homefront how do you know it's interesting. And I mean and I really I did teach myself how to sing by literally. Pressing the piano on the lowest note that I can. You know and then chromatic when you go up as far as a kid and all my breath and are you trained as a musician at all or I figured out so finally instruments imminent played guitar bass piano properties that. I earned him saxophone in school but that outside of that tons of time that. Which grew up around here. Kind of in the Motley yeah area. Who has closed due to. There was. Red tacit if not. It's okay so you're performing at the crocodile. It's. There's gonna it's June 24 which is Saturday June 24 so that means it's actually shocking even to ask you CNET okay cool so June 24 that the crocodile. If so this is like a dream come true for me Shia. Of course had me with a history of that I had an incredible to our country seen a million shows there's while totally in the first similar be headlining however headlined the crocodile which. We do anything special for a GM doing I've got a couple lake really. Aggressive idea like I. But it'll be a blowout for share and is pride week entries it's going to be just like totally crazy weekend in gas is going to be super fun. A case of the crocodile on the 24 and then also. I think this is. Publicly you're doing a little tour of the Wesco has a perennial Blaine Bellingham also people wanted to enhance their LA Ella. But also then this fall or just before fall but happens you're gonna play a bumper rush and push it to different beast than they used to be an. What that's what's your feeling about going to dislike kinda new and Mike bigger bumper shoot music experience it's so and. Stingray that number she was the first concert I ever attended as a kid but probably for free your English about a seven dollars 1996. Path and you think you know two fighters and back and always acute artists of the time for seven dollars cash anyway. You know this the spirit of it then it's hard from a fourteen or fifteen year old reference it was like. Mecca it was like the greatest experience of my life he now. And then you get older and you're more concerned about where as you know peer guardian and where is this in and it's gives more stressful. But put to such a cool event and it's so cool and it happens and they were in Seattle and it really is like just. In my mind such an epic nostalgic event for me so. When we got to offer she literally cried I was like this can't believe we're playing them for shared pins are really coming together for him in the our offense. You are so excited for it does feel like although hard work you've put into it is starting to pay some dividends it is and it's it's just too. Having the response of the audience would be so overwhelming and kind and that that is just like so validating for the hardworking man does that mean we work. I work probably sixteen artists. And Taft spent making coffees and half six hours cuffy intent on music and mean it's every day's news. So much to be done to consumers and set an upper personals and writing new songs and as a middle whole business it's a full on business again. And he wants people had towards that as artists that don't understand how to tackle entry of larger lessons here and I could do that the hard way has. Thanks access to all musicians that that are still go about it didn't after the turn thirtieth after learning the hard way over whether to create different fantastic well armed. Joseph and the group. June 24 that the crocodile expert the big fun time on Libya submit Dick so much for coming and you me and super cool to be able to sit down you're such a character and just to see uses such a nice. You can be a little parts of. You've been listening juice over your rings Seattle whiskey Gregor. Follow him on Twitter at hey Gregor didn't find more episodes online ads so your in Seattle dot com. So you're in Seattle is a burrito but production plus yeah yeah yeah condones counter.