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095 - Korn I Ask You A Question

Thursday, July 28th

Sorry, but there wasn't a backwards "R" available for the title line. Sex Music.

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Yeah it is cornered Jack up and it you are you broke the it's all right we start. Is not very good. Armed and done. It's the worst. When you have to beef up. I think you can't talk about sticking something near and what you just played it in there and it can't if you're gonna three days while putting it lodge there and that's easy then yeah that's something you know that's a bit painful journey. And our division journeys. Nosair delicious tacos to accuse. Oh man. Love tapestry you sound model is another day and they did not have the chicken dialed in right it was like look fire saw stored there and thigh and I was out. Whom no evident Obama and the button says well. All learned. That at a half. I had a bad I had to kind of Betsy she's seen plus ninety referred to go on unfortunate food events to start to show now I. I go to Q tried gasoline the name on it because I do really like this plays and it was just that I think it was just a new. And Lucia for he was having a bad go of it yourself and Obama got about Damon live caught this guy out of dad Dave because I always order some machine mean yeah. And now Israel McConnell say because I trust this place. And it's a Wisconsin all the cussing is Shas Chauncey foundry and a plated your fish and he was like here's the fish have been keeping a mud but Iraq this is tired right next to the quarter inch Jack magic carpet yeah. To magic carpet delegates that Puget that they have fish the guys had eight to lose CP ten from regal. And hook on Jim for five days now invited to. Yeah and that's amazing no tape got whittled down to the power threat but it live look at the and the it was leads them. The night for was really bad and I know I sound very like high salute of the defendant taser yet because I don't want like a brick of two. I want to speaks app you know anyway they like. To secluded in my mouth and it moves pretty good instead of collect. And I choking. Thank you for the drop I'd have. If at. I. I've realized as I always say that I think this is not Connecticut and keep it not for forever yeah that. That's that would what do those moments in and you have these 'cause obviously your public speaker put the words are coming out as are coming out your brains are economic she. Should the problem being though is that word were calling a sounder zest to match at a time I'd make a joke about a guy being hurt than I might add them saying we can't. You give a quote the players being hurt you can't we know what to do that. You are everyone wants YouTube but you have to be. It to be cheeky about it I was not actually got him in the room the next twenty minutes well like he's going to think about the well appreciate it at all Dodd. I mean hinds and it's probably meaning get these founders head coach Jen thinks I don't think that we haven't done yet just for the record closes injuring coast and yeah IA oh yeah. Closer we post our resume is I MA two years JV high school volleyball coach at a local level nineteen Pokemon hunter also a young adult and kind of tape and so. Does the job right clearly hear a master kicking you know ought to kick us you have adults approve it down within of those dummies of the penalties of pants combine Leo and like nine. Teens founders. Jersey seemed you have to clothing attire at least at least. On the IQ shoe boxes full scarves I have taken a below and yet SE a mid to lower table Italian club. To use the Euro league in my first season on provision soccer I mean they you know. Qualified sign me up coach and out sign me up Polonia that's not in with players that are like rated in like the high sixties low seventies that's how dear that I've thought they'd live ID they put me in the game I'd be read like a 5040s do you falls back that's how bad were talking. But we're talking two point Sealy men's soccer gradually and doesn't appeal league guys that are out there. He's pretty good. I had to work ahead alone at a sparred yesterday karate me. And the girl I was going up against was two for timid fruit and attitudes concerning. Briscoe is trivial bugs all right well I came I kicked ass tonight and I think. We did you say her that's right yeah city Tina got it bass. And for small and to Jennifer wood who will buy assets. Secondly they're like you Qaeda and go up against each other. And it Fuller one dollar difference or whatever but I was like she was terrified personal some giant incumbent as I've shared punching we're not allowed to touch within six into the other's sense. On the other. So cool. It's nuts at so far and jetBlue instead it went oh yeah. That sweet man. Never you talk like getting your ass kicked in karate class click the blue guy everyone's going for you surely bring it. You bring it out let's go to the Laurence Fishburne yeah bring it yeah. They'll come will sign. You sick yeah. So I had to I had a what is cults borrow against Lugo hit yesterday I don't think he's good at at at at very unusual shoes because she's from Russia to sign up for your shoes is gonna she's tried KGB this is gonna some blooming that the Russians and hasn't emails while she was putting in a bar that's. Are exactly the right. I feel so stupid I cut and but I watch a whole time that you did or one dollar higher than the other belts. They really have the upper hand all of the scenarios that's all it was like that different it's huge so you're playing checkers engines are for my coaching credentials and against the senators like obviously I'm a charge. Yeah like c'mon let's go now what else can we say that we believe would have similar accomplishments to. We know seven players by name now with her on the cards well yeah I mean to settle me to have even come public authority official players. We got him covered nailed it detailed and it also a few plays they're mightn't. Committed at times well Clark and you know elect Sanders and Cowell. Schatz notes Anderson in advance of dummy. I like how the the the the Twitter universe is freaking out of this new guy that does that is getting. Is generally as you really negative first of all note nicknames until he's actually done something they're calling him like Jesus Christ returned. He hasn't really taken that step on the field they're that is nickname is the site and com like the god of the ocean and yet you better than you betterment. And rain if that's gonna happen I'm not talk about dollar bills in the strip club though that would be appreciated what a cool when I articles and they ran into like our sectors or it's our money at that. And I would if I tell her gloves out kind hookup design in the second. Catholic but I would doubt it at a very very isn't what it is sitting behind your event like wow we really be more aware and front and I. Amazed at DuPont DuPont who just wrap it up big I think we're done here because. Let's visit The Who song and share what happened. Whatever. The fifth. Yes well I don't know what I'm tall looked pretty good qualification electric could be you know you'll people not as tall as me you're authoritative collars more authority. Perfect tonight and I'm sure sure I am so I'd like to pit bull the angry little guy how I have ever had to Coke coaches before the MLS because if they haven't we orbit to melt some minds fly me LS is I'll buy an innovation isn't it like yet the magic spray and now. Yeah that's the one thing they inundated so anyway. Technical. So I mean why can't they have Coke I think one practice a week we would just focus on bicycle kicks and just like. If you had an army of people doing bicycle kick that would beef up this day here's this is why this is a great idea now says let's. It let let's let's call a spade a spade here. Senators are making the blessed because they're it's yeah there are a team like they're terrible now so why not at least be fun out there I don't watch. You're gonna get red card but Superman punch someone I hadn't yet right leg is it just yelling at the rest kick him in the face masks kicked that rep elect the jumps out and have rights it's in the song which for you don't dive I still don't understand that song and all and is that the point of his amendment does not see it promoted a red card like yeah let's go to downtown there's let's go to get red cards Shattuck to say it's never guess last night on Demi didn't see it either is it that. Now and a good tackle well is it what was the is that the also don't. And now a lead they never gonna get you an idea. Let of the that preceded tumble for dummies the pre season where a bunch of fancy teams come to receivers who sits at a soccer league called the dummy count. I'm in now and I mean I don't wanna brag or anything but I was once on music CD's I mean they go and I. Another publication and are also rumored to be the future head coaches come promotions of UCL sentencing so looking good cook coach and a co coach. Can coaches and our king until she's had just come cocoa epithet at her for it if if at. That was an unnecessary marker put down we go yeah so I think. There's a pretty good future for us and I hear rumor has it that soccer coaches and even in the MLS make more money the radio legions. I find that hard to believe that it to be honest I think we make money put. No I mean I definitely don't do it again and again shout outs to release some doubting us she was listening to last week's episode of sort of laughing she's friends with pretty Lori and sort of laughing when I said the Purdue lawyer with the rich ones spell that right. That's that's true he Cooper group. Could accurately call Obama. Now British thriller does RM and I am underfoot put out of my league when it comes to finances. I I realized something has reached I have known this for along candidates it was just reaffirmed reviled is really hot music right like you're feeling the not add me what is going on this copy Dixon yeah. My family. God bless and my love and we talked about the last police I am I not the best. They still to this stage had absolutely. No concept of boy I'd. Yet to practice my doesn't really like. I'm like I tried to explain in you can just see that the blank stare on their faces a little like no. It's not just me going on the radio for four hours and talking. Edged you've seen on I mean. Do not understand the third hole behind the scenes of radio station were supposed to work it doesn't appear there are yeah Mike you realize like I am in charge of booking concerts and setting up and sessions and picking music and do they are doing news all of these things and they is that. So do you think is your show it to talk show Nicole Lee what I think insists. I just spent thirty minutes explaining to you dummies of the week here at the attic of the the the talking part of it is literally built the least. Amount of work I do during the day. It's my favorite part of the day it's why we do it now I mean like. Well Arizona podcast is who to talk even more right I know exactly right yeah. And legislatures it's baffling to me would have try to explain it a 100000 times I bring is that because earlier this week. One of my cousins. Come. Costs met Chad in me because I didn't think follow me on this thing whenever build my brand that's when you've. Buzzwords that. So my cousin hit me up our two new pants it's too early for that brighten up side notes he charts Perot. It's khaki shorts that is characteristic I don't know what this material is not khaki it's think. That that it's almost genes but not ruined it's like a khaki colored jeans with assorted corduroy khaki. Khaki right categorize characterize. Clergy and quirky. Not like Acker hit a fat had a growth like after a quick like some sort of wake it's love Vick soccer Lara not to rush to. My stretch. It's a my image on the way to detect arrived at the effect it saved by Denham who could bet at that there wouldn't be so my cousin in. It's events that Chet Baker has dated some in my dad's as a consumer elephant dot com. Just pops yeah also said to me if my cousin that does does and I've just making fun of you dollar and it really have any of it's it's cool it's funny and Cisco. Piazza hit 'cause vote on the speaker and he was a huge music me. He is paying Hauser is punishing you man and I like you son of America yeah lake. You like. Yeah breaking news two years later I still live in Seattle if you can I move and Arizona nine years I've. Whether next did I left out in Las Vegas the drugs thinking that if it tests starts ago. Bad about play think 'cause there's not a treat him as they pretty terrible I've lived there in seven years and he's like. Are you still do and you still do in the DJ thing and make. God dammit and his sister program director or the most prestigious alternative radio station in that god damn world. Play she's. Got quite big DJ thing you've got a good dumb brained prey like you're gonna grow up soon hello I'm grown god dammit. No they don't get it meant that it's crazy. I'll go to press I think in my family that actually really understands what it is I do with my father yet and it politicos for a while the web design to and so it was like a public tangible thing that you could see. Yes and that was helpful to be a share the chicken that I just think you are looking that is the thing that I can do it directly that's that's that but armed. But oldest brother to Hewlett globes radio. He like he's had not. I'm glad nanometer immediately you know regular that'd be an. Gross. Amazon. In the and so he arm he's always been a music guy him like Eric. Decent enough record please remember I got my first REM album by taping his CD when I was and visiting. The midwest and the mid ninety's Osaka Japanese yen anytime anyone brings up RE AM in the ninety's all I can think is the older kids in high school who had smoke cigarettes friendly with him. Which is so we're just by Brothers the vice president of a bank and not. Actually he's a great idea how to gen X or at all yet and probably technically not a tenants are for real as he though. No overlap. I've got a picture can show you what minority is okay but I'm he's always listen to the radio for the music which is very strange disease not a musical guy he can't sing to save his life but it's always like listening to music remember when I switched to Johnny Cash asserted. You got X am concerned look finding all these stations because I love old traditional country and stuff and so. Like a pretty cool chair idea of music and so he is the one that kind of appreciates what I do and his golfing buddy owns about a radio stations to and so like here's a little bit more knowledge of how operations work at this thing share within. My little brother always is thinks I'm an idiot to some like stupid punk dork and end my mother was always liked anything music industry is full of liars cheats and awful people. Well that's not true it is absolutely true yet I'd like to think that we found certain people surround ourselves with that aren't that but at the same time a little like a bunch of people even. The you don't wanna get to near because they're at because they're bad people. Talk about time yeah and so. L moms who was all about that's my dad trying to get tickets he loves the radio my brother's only wanted to so then. My main middle brother Mike he gets in huge do a new boss at work in the new Boston muscled accompany her son died and we listened to 200 dumb sales job dummies you're used to do that sales thing. Pump but it turns out that. His new boss lives in Seattle and his kids' favorite race. The head and they know who I am and therefore like my brother then have to be proud of me yes. I checked out my brother that's yet again almost stupid and I. I took him about like all kinds of stuff that happens I think you might care about never responds nothing in it for once he has to be like. And that was my brother out word that's Oslo yeah socket in your face brother builder. I don't know it was Kenny Mayne from sport senator that guy as kids who listen to the station and so I had to do an interview with him for some of and he was doing the turnout to be just a shill for Turbotax that grows. But he was like listen man but my Campbell's an additional time the root confident doing this that I started without Alec to start an interviewer. That is telling on starting just a record in the Mike Hewitt of getting some magical anecdote and I did that to him he's like listen we're starting over to develop a prepared and of my kids are gonna Hammond I don't make you funny. It was like I was sort of kept that part but like that spirit and. The surprising because if they do those mean is and in some. Which is trying to get the feeling I expect him to be kind of mean he's. The coolest bits of that it's surprising that you be so like started over because well they immunize a TV and it makes it. He seems like the guy that he always seems like he's the leases guy in the world and he's always just off the cuff but. His grip on Twitter ban on taken on the himself but it's really interesting problem. Seeing my. My family have to come around because I'm. But both my Brothers of like married squares with kid got a salmon there should do coaching T ball whenever and I'm like. My brother called me the other day and it was 230 in the afternoon I was drinking is that we don't like a brick in the thick. To its two tickets. I don't 530 yards 230 there Mattel and other pop up off work for two hours he's like Mike Alger life is weird coming to be awesome yeah. Do you find weird because dialect call that village and into an independent. Yes do IQ tests I had it means you I've been distract her and I was looking selling album my phone I've no idea what a lot of that is a totally distracted and lost in the. I am trying to you I have remembered to you caddies and sound and brilliant humble brightness that. I have to him to bring money tomorrow for mine today too cutesy. Poo and it's yet to just so everyone understands that. I'm in what you just were all work that we were gonna procedures place we have access to a lot of things but even the radio DJ is that the people that are begging me that are so yeah idea comes on Twitter is up like that but man. If I want to till I got to spend the cash just like everyone else and it's pricey too like item butted. I've about a concert to get any long time what would like and but when it's not that yeah almost an almost that on the button and it's crazy. Which is fine and you look dude that I get to have it which is. Bonkers. It's it's it's well worth them. To suspend the money but at the same time it's a lot of money when you don't you'd have to because people trying to get you to come to their show. Yes right exactly so. There are excited to get into the show am assuming that I'm assuming that since it's the Seattle version death. Gotta ya think that Edwards going to be home he's gonna be there I feel like that's. That's a probability. Now so I've RD I partied. You know my expectations too that I'm excited. To purchase is it like let's that's a band that like. That's a legendary band that never toured so. I think is pretty cool I'm pretty confident that can use and let me ask you questions and you grist and when the last time you put on a porn album. Who. Greater got to be honest with ya know I don't think I've ever put out. Corn album. Percival. To do first of all. Twelve cups or well don't you think com. This morning I got to work it was super early in the morning okay it's a dark town it's trying to the suns trying to come it's as everything is moving slowly my brain in my body though earth seems like it's going a little salute traffic was terrible. You know forcibly in the morning whatever. I mean in terms of like they weren't going fast and everyone is just like something is off today on earth is as part of check. It's like get it to work Arabs is scrolling through FaceBook I didn't show prep last night I just didn't do it so to karate instead. Com and so I got an answer all I did Willis I thought aha. But Lester couldn't do anything I just stroll through phase which is looking for something to like. Give me going to anyway blog you know to say it's our everyone's after a federal giving the same as members find that video that makes people laughed Al getting his head scratched it should simply this is like let's agree we are opportunities. For. All of what I ended up finding instead was footage from. One of our co workers cell phone shots video of corn plain white river amphitheater glass Sino us. The song nom are co workers where that show yeah like how will we have cast W mountain of tea and I don't care and it was the beginning of the first corn song whatever the blind against them is when was it was yeah I mean you know it it's. And it starts off back to fourth guitars than Jonathan Davis goes. All our. You don't Don that the underdog but don't we are rad dude dude OK not eligible more toward your goal and an avenue money now we have a lot yeah obliterated. Michael we'll talk and I was like oh my god this is so bad. The songs like its record on a cell phone does not quite time it just sounds kind of wraps up there. In my cabinet. Among pull up go to Spotify and we're going back. First of all corner really is like seven albums in the last an hour yes yeah I had no idea yet they do nothing keep going then move the needle all of remakes albums and medium projects and so I just know what did some Jesus and then noodles and then I left or whatever is beautiful but I don't offspring in the tournament I. I'm Brian had a wealth Sherrod is he left for a live interview deck after he found gotten it was he was. He was real positive returns share share the board has redo positive at least on an interview that I'm always torn when I talked to some of those people are much. On physically are generally so happy and make. Just glad to be alive which I find to be very endearing and feel like wish I was more like that what because what I ate. Encounter somebody who's found bomb magic religion like where there's like a magical person floating around it and yes it's gonna save Emerson whatever that means. Although I find those people I'm like hold on what what do you what did you do a book to get here like is it red arrow in our mayor anyway what led you down this what saved your life and what brought you to visited a whole release date and also look there's there's what you stay away from me whether it like that's I'm really happy that's what you and I got cheated turn life around when a restore on wanna talk about great. But then at the same time if I find like a happy little Buddhist monk it's a walk around much smiling I'm white so you can affect. One is that the philosophy and not a like it's not via the that you're pushing on people it's not me like. Magician thing it's it's like if you just live your life at the moment without passing judgment as quickly you'll be happier you. Pretty good advice without the threat if you don't gobble Smart you can reduce what you'll flared in the pits and held three Teradata. Fights that night. I don't know that's a totally unfair of me or whatever but like although the Colombo ordered rich people and meet our super positive yeah yeah I'm still officials and operatives and those slot at least they won't here's the thing because it's it's such an awful quick shots to Jesus sub Downey in him. And out of school lessons okay cool you know he's he's a dummy Jesus epidemic Jesus is my home at school. I always I think the hard part about the born again means is that. You know it's a front. If you don't I mean I'd like to cover up for something else yet insist they're coping mechanism. Which is again that's OK okay. Perhaps as much Jesus is a lot that's cool that's cool I put Jesus my nose Everett. Day every day and I brought today brazen raid praised Jesus every day he got a with me down the minutes they're now. Crested he's gotten the alleged. Ticketed. It. Banned content. He used to be high now he's. On. So I I put on court this morning guys spells as they with two deeds. So I put my record this morning edits like 5:30 in the morning and I haven't a lot of candidates like the roots of the Dolan all of the other. And cool but wow dude in the first of all. The thought that I had after listening to a for about five minutes was like. When Jonathan Davis who already. Parents yes I actually thought it was Gordon no that was like we should've known manatees and look back kind 120 to one but to look back to Dick are you ready for fifteen to forty years. And music and dominate our mainstream likes. Yeah look like. It was like as fifth emperor to help the team got up and so are you. But that's how I felt this is like we didn't see it at the time we were too close to it public the people that enjoy. Musical expression and would didn't realize the dark side had taken over and it was about Fred Durst now. Don't write catchy songs and there's fun stuff and their but the substance overall. Is like she just barely better than Blakey Insane Clown Posse or some event it's like. Really you might have been going to some community of some fun times whoever you're not promoting light positive artistic expression now. But to the pop bands we play now probably aren't ease their rhetoric advocates O'Donnell comes from a negative place that'll fuel click on a dark. A dark part of ours right key there though yet I it's I'm listening and it's just like. It. This is our ballpark and at some point. I can't explain I put my head in my hand that I couldn't stop legally protect public minutes about how stupid this music keys yet how well they've done with that kudos to them. And how we as a culture elect and played all the stuff until ten years ago yet. Which blows my mind that it was that popular and it worked out that well. It's an effort like you know half powerlessness music right before six the guy who works down the hall comes in any goes to a Watson I don't see him it's approved and a joke about that what's going on here are worshipping Satan. I. It and I. Incredible sub domain so ha ha ha ha so if you get a chance go back and put on so no like mid ninety's like. Rap rock and just see how bad ones and goes to court to the start of the revolution I am. I can do you end up have been before she died we used to every once and I'll have a and any time it was so funny because it became a running Joker at any time one misses having only the words today. Like the where's David not for real the where Stacy can make fun of it and certainly your right but sit. And read exactly there's a lot of drama has got its always good. It would be it started because. One day I was sitting there has just flustered and she's thinking OK and as that manages one of those days and she is looks at me with that as of funnies just have to like. Meaning gonna phase and she goes needle in Waco scrutinize the data has like. A dad I'm like everything has asked and everybody sucks. To the Spotify like in 12 and then recently mood yet we write on there as the guy ever is likes to go like this incredible like an. I think I'm not ashamed ashamed to say that I was a big league biscuit deed for like five minutes. Because they look up catchy it is. It's the same reason everyone and look strong men its it is like you around you're yeah. Up the good yeah yeah yeah. But afterwards and redundant like on me. More sugar now feeling nobody saw that right they have made the rounds seriously and speeds the dark for it is not proud of that moment yeah man it's like etiquette skywalker killing all those children like you've probably got. Not quite not guess given up on the a couple of slightly to kill a San people clearly can definitely you nailed it nailed it. Come with the idea that the cat I. Even in that moment I might be as bad music bad asset that's what's. I was still in the air is still needs I guess we still markets is what do you think one is irrelevant this is what gives us into this is what my friends listen to you. I Oswego I'm gonna do it you know and it was like. 'cause I think there's such a backlash from all of the crappy. Lilith fair air yeah and then as smash mouth Third Eye Blind error and you think this is well. Corn was 1994. When that took off with 94 man yeah I guess you're right and so. All that that was like whom. That's that when it that's where it started but it yeah really tick off late ninety's yet but I mean like. What was the so what was the one with a good the fairy tale of the poll what's it called shoot the latter on that song was 1994 and and are you ready whatever who have done us a blind it was of that same time and it was their next album that exploded OK okay because I think time is porn deft tones are blown up on but they're about to get don't always been. They've always maintain some sort of bomb. Credibility an idea yeah they've always been able to hold onto that somehow whereas. Porn in his big sort of felt like well because death to a zoo like caricature of itself at some point the death does that bro. You guttural and Mike really heavy but it's not. You know. Let's get to pit flight. Yes you know Iranian. And that's the screams that geno did back in the day he doesn't quite have at this Emeka is just not young or her and she Chiang man of those two. And we some deft touch for box that Erica. And in more theater sized venue salon and it was 494 rocket Albuquerque there's maybe 500 people there out of a possible fourteen hunters on that suffered four bucks a little bit. 5 PM on Sunday. They were just like. They weren't blown whatever discernible seven words the big deal. And they may noises that I had never heard of human made be for the past fifteen years old are excellent that and it was crazy authority to experience that. And Jeff Jones never crossed over the same way because they never like refined that sound to make it like polished and like. Hit music and won't let. Judge they're like. I guess it's an event like the mud honey of grunge we have our Sonic Youth where. If you're gonna talk about that genre. There are the godfathers. But they're also the ones that never. You know at some point Kurt said I'm going to make eight pop song. And pro jammed at the same thing we're gonna write a big catchy hook and a big huge yes and it's gonna work The Beatles got in the way. If you listen to them on and I think this is F king and Coretta Qassam missiles and amazing. But you can also go like never does that really for the radio Yasir. I'm Elizabeth Arnold we have all the time and I say for the radio it I see that and nineties and says there's a song on the radio it's mass appeal yeah. Un dead don't pretend like it's not either from people as yet we don't dump players congratulations you played yourself now and I feel like that's the death tell a service like this is. You know people win the songs are for the radio people think that there is IK EXP. Who who has like a no rating and complicates B this is not a slight on them believe people think that it's like the most important thing in the universe in terms of like popular music. I'll end up popular pub and a threat work but. When you look at it. No break the amount of years put onto it as. Not even a fraction not even on the same charge them a blip on the radar that man and that's the offense like a good guy you know disrespect and I was trying to do that either so why tonight look for mass appeal but I think lots constantly I was the key XP and I'm like NATO yeah right because weakens we know is not specifically of personal personal you know. What the numbers yeah. Let's like it was we Isaac did you go to Chile peppers and and I always admire I always defend them because. That should members get us and Band of Horses so eject you like to chili peppers are what Pete future. These big grand scheme of things that people go people that we talked about this man to death panel. Ahmanson and of all the cool kids there and am like here's the thing. You like the chili peppers and you let the chili peppers and sodium you say you hate them but I have proof I have factual evidence. Data. That says eat maybe don't like them beyond Tatum was that big data. Summer camp 46 team cheese is nice single day tickets avail but won a seven cent in the N dot com Greg is gonna be there. Either soldier amendment he will I was you can do a lot of heart on podcasts there which is still can't and I am a who wants it and now I do want to. Yet it's it was adjusting to go back to listen accord because it really I was like this was the beginning of this crazy crappy era that went rap rock into. Good glam wrapped. They tumbling wrap of the mid two thousands of all this transition from one thing in the the next everyone jump ship from the biscuit and landed and. And yeah yeah. I think on a diet now because. If everyone just goes and deals on FaceBook now known about this like I need got to get some things out and and started fans' liking get my opinions that announcement comes with his vote and that's led rocket rolls dead. He has all the kids that set of being angry and go to their basement is playing music loud as they can in learning stuff they just go unfazed at. As this hot Terry command nothing that I think should take Wright than I do like that. Tanner the intern the job shadow Kennesaw and a meeting of the day after we did this I was like you know we were just talking or are we talked about you after you did that. Jobs and I think about the blast cast do you want them sometime recently arrived at a Catholic a year I saw him today and he was the to a back loosened up two point seven and I'm like what he's talking about I don't know. I'm not really sure what that means on any and he was like you know do between you tollbooth a Mike. I do like a bunch of podcasts of czar rhetoric that's not a thing but you gotta be more specific to one word I don't like to puts also might note it's about the what. Do you credit they came at four and we give nuggets and in walks onto the total it's also nuggets and I was like. I love does blow. That's still liked the whole her like you'll get chicken nuggets. Because you like chicken nugget you get chicken nuggets because that the perfect delivery method for barbecue sauce. Media it's and a senator Gregg knows that fool anyway tanner tanner and I'm I'm listening again to know saucy mother. Or half and a in fourth of school I felt like we've we've passed the limits winners and I feel like. And economic. Dude but I sold the craziest fight ominous say some stuff that I'm not can be proud of and then you're going to be mad about it and little okay craziest not but like not punching fight. Buzz at the self check out a Q a C yesterday in this stack of brochures coach flying through the air and I was like what the hell was that I don't understand what's going on and Wessels a way to laughing about it a couple of employees Erica. Cam ended up bright and so I'm like what's going on here incidents store manager whose dislike. Five foot tall African woman and she goes walking over there to see what's going on. And this woman do lose. To accept her on parole that she hasn't swinging at the likely to sit and you'd. Low who. The real children are dying there is the babies are bag. Do you like dropping any bombs like not a good day and not okay she's slinging an umbrella the woman and like. Shoppers are there. And the and the sort that you can't touch people you can't put people on the here lady and they sent her off for whatever she's outside yelling drop and and bonds over to flick is so well. Rolled Steve here's somebody use that type of language Christie here he re tell it yes the times and you haven't like offend you by but it was like it needed that India should not clear at all. So I walked out with Erica I'm done checking how does this all happens. On in the portly man she was like she was she's tough as hell port ladies asked her know the poor war you know African Ali can't get a literally a woman from. But foreign country and I I think it's I don't understand dialects long enough I think it's Africa. A and you know she's looked visibly rattled but she's also keeping it together because she's the manager of this place and she's gonna keep it going so when she goes home tonight she's probably got some like real policy there and this is so. I walked outside and not Allman doctor to swing in our umbrella walking around. And she'd like locks eyes with me and I just dead and I'm the idiot that like you know I'm a million feet Collins is a crazy person and interrogated like. That woman this woman is crazy when there's winning an umbrella inside while there's some screws loose attacked and so we're walking it she starts since that to mean she's like would you rather tall. I don't know I can sort of off Vieira but I can't because they're crazy people but you also can't gauge because then they liked. He keep going. That's all I said as he got that right and I keep going. She just follows me and she walks of me for like two blocks trying to tell me about how is my worst nightmare about howl. I don't know anything about doctors did using natural medicine vs the prescription pills the death. She's clearly not on her meant and she's yes you heard the last. Which is an interesting discussion because like as a culture we demand that you behave. But like. If that's your natural stated you should be up in crazy like that you zoom back that up maybe look at you you go for now the par received dropped an end bombs and other people and cult or that's not acceptable not to back on team. But it can. Home. Terrifying experience because you'd ever know 11 of those people like the pizza to ask your neck a little earlier here that's I was like. And acts as if they wanted to which is they're about to step Democrat it's kicker in the space is not comfortable enough yet to do it you know exposed to users and offensive tactic I feel that was pretty defensive now -- the step between the release an African woman and the crazy woman to see what would happen and then gone for a that would. It would have been so satisfying to let you move would what's your moves should certainly was here if if if if if I'm easing Gregor in street fighter comments here last year which they're Krauthammer strike so it gets so. This sort of attack. You would block across your body like. But bus window wiper and again profits wreckage breeder and comeback route back. So it's to the left of washing machine and to the right the other way through the pace through temple with the back to you Paul and I think it would. So wanna break your face and that's my that's just a because it would products so that it with a different sensor. And he was doing also it's what it's like you form and Alec of people you make like. These people on the side like its already has but for cracking her Vivica a reality of people he walked NIC start that kick throw a punch Josie does cook without a these are facing the other way and the instructor points to a few people that's come out and attack you while you're walking down the salary of people can. But the thing though not ring of honor but the what that they do in a mile and the tenant Carter's it's yet art art of honor and honor guard honor guard dad Sadat they have that's what this is like only with people attacking you. It's a people so housing credit and can match you and it was like what I realized was that I was going to be pushing strikes away and that I had just learned that come back with a cross hammer strike. That it's like super it would be with my reach advantages have no idea super easy way to win every battle on and so I'm by the gas conflict that is the first thing that comes to mind anything in self defense so crazy man speaking of crazy. I have a question for you O'Hare. Yeah the nets you a question asked a question. What's the deal what do you think the deal is with the crazy Asian guy in our neighborhood me and again sometimes wears a brawn of the times and sure listened maybe sometimes a Sox issues. Yeah that guy the Iowa I'm so I don't know what's going on there that guy is. Got some serious mental issues say is he homeless I don't know because I saw one day setting up. Camp on abandoned mattress in the Alley. Back not or not orchids in Pete says with a Q grounds out across the guy that you passed across Harrison yeah yeah over there and finality. And I said I believe that is eight that is a that is a pokey stuff out of here homeless people that that dumpster. The specifically united in our Alley is NASA when reminded me on Twitter this week are almost people can have nice things to crank Eliot re. So I. Six court has part two in. Ever saw I saw like you know a the last time kooky it was an image has cookies so Deming and he was you know sleeping on the mattress in the Alley and in less traditional people close no no praise the aging guy ever caught him. And then last night. Is. I was out to dinner came calling at got to write homers in the car talking. And he couldn't block and die and he's got like a Suton. Make it straight I mean not tailored but I mean he has a suit on his suit up and like. But I literally stop our conversation as a whole lot of needed talked about the scat. Because I'm souls like fast and it is up right where it but I guess it is full forever he was is what you wrote in his socks yelling at people we got too close to a Mike. But like pets yet will he scare is we have to tell Ghana got you pretty intimidated by a gala he makes me nervous since Iowa at Sabato on your opinion is I feel like. I don't think he lives anyway of how those you know his close quick. Would that come from. Maybe just goes through like donation men's resort that made my he has a stash somewhere that we have found at them an outwardly want to you because I can only imagine like. It's such a weird he I feel bad Zach has clearly. Living on a different plane. One time I was smoking a joint outside of a bar downtown cool Stiller. And I'm away from governments who we it was illegal it was broken line because rebels are real rebel. And so I was looking to enjoy it and homeless guy come walking up to me and he's like hey man smoking a joint I was like I love you I'll flick did you give them. High fives. I actually helped him with something he said hey can you hold my drink and I was like grow subtle touch or whatever to keep your disgusting but yes. I guess you've been nice to me need a basketball we'd. And order money yeah part freaked out. He turns around and he reaches up and it is three. It's like middle summer is treason full bloom when ever reached up grabbed his bag down some digs through it finds that they put the bag back up in the tree because thanks brother who walks off. And I'm like Kuwait and what investors. Let's say 2080s. Present ratio chances him and taking a majority grams train pulled it and understands UConn. At a particular joint yeah I think that thanks thanks rough with the fact that yeah how bad it was armed. It was that's weird really M it was a sort of enlightening because I would never be looking in the tree for anything. Omnia. I'm also not really up troublemaker so if I did she say that I wouldn't trying get it down I also think it was like problem about bulletin raccoons as a pad and into the are of course if that's all I want like. But at the same time do you dislike this must almost. Who is like now right. These were about yourself as my neighborhood and he's my guy no littering the F no bullets on the ground this this is a nonsmoking house panels side. I'm always confused by that like there's like but I also just don't look for hiding places for stuff I do see like the crazy dumpsters and did you beat Sally and they're like there's just off everywhere and like who knows what it is I assume all has aides are just like don't. I have it I have bags of clothes in my apartment. To raising your rate of just throw Matt law so I've thought about this as like I should just bites. Throw them in one of the dumpsters they're gonna find them but here's what here's the thing though that's essentially putting apple Leuer. Do you saying like the man I can't nine holes people just. And I can't cook I don't know what do you the next gators like up to 300 people it was construed like tent city it's like god and that I have known to plan out where my shirt. Like him who answered the you'd ever older unit. And a cup. I saw a guy dividend I was like. Do Ambrose is drive and a parents and yeah and he was just every like 200 yards or so uses throwing up pillow out of his window. To talk to the street and I was there. What do you do I want so much all of comeback from a source on what sort all the way up and that it dawned on me that it's probably he's probably leaving them for the homeless people. Probably a fresh but yeah. You fresh fears of fresh pillow until spit everywhere that. It by the middle of the street which is awkward whenever I came back you know two hours later to go drive somewhere in the all gone. Yes there is literally a wing of the neutral for the give me that a fight. Yet in like I wanna kind of wouldn't I'm just gonna be honest I'm too lazy actually go take those things somewhere I just don't have to do you understand how close do Willis to us right. Yeah I do I mean it's like captain blacks do what you need to watch you can now look they're not talked to anybody wanna do it has walked in and just don't even want candy just go through the Alley there's been that they put it in nature Iraq coffee can keep your headphones on the all time aren't yet it that is not easiest of OK I can do that now I can do that. Unless every car is working just put in the back of the car drive through and beat you become the paid dummies. Yeah as yellow squares ahead as being coerced June this is for real for a second and we'll get back to announce that cement that if you have a car guy that we can sell your car guy a bit like. I can fix your car guy now. Please hit me up on messengers and it is no. I legit not the Mets on any you want to do the dummies. Just zeevi a more crowd source is anybody yet whoever is that if I would like options I guess my point. Give me any if you have a mechanic if you are mechanic. On the cars below squarely. Hit me up if you have a carper and describe what's happening with their car because I know my body Jeremy into subtle loosening and he might have an idea of Jeremy here's the scoop and that the dynamic fatally. It's it's like I get like this which spike Europeans and I'm driving a drug manual. So there's no like all the gears are slipping one you know like him on an X and times get that Munich it's. Option down which of conveying. Time. Cannot here. Com region to have. Food off. Held now for Africa and collection agents and it's funny that you cynic and I'll show you it wasn't a minute and you're left with a you'll laugh from what that's what that's who he sent. So. Yeah. I'm. And Obama both of us and our random things have been couldn't put a. Love. How about proof. Pro and now. Very rude but very us. Anyways back to Mike a couple of other I feel like there's another mode we could just be done now members. That could about a lockout Asia. And because the car as random spikes and rpm yet it's too late notice like I feel like it happens more in the lower gears had second and what is it at the last second. But he had just kind of gets is weird European spike I'm in the car so drive it easily. It doesn't slip out of I'm not going anywhere uranium it it doesn't. Yeah like it doesn't slip out it's just. It's still accelerates but the on. So I don't know what that means is that I obviously am. I'm a card Downey. Like a for real dummy tea please don't tell your mechanic friends it can send me to that and that military got more determined on this disease the best and let's but yes like I I've I am hoping it's not like something. Completely major because I really only drive that thing once a month. On I'm hoping it's just some weird little. Some I don't even I don't even know. When it could. Voice to text their reading. Hey dude comma. Listen to this week's podcast after today and help us with a car question please. Thanks dummy. Come on dummy with the perfect. But it does thanks Debbie dummy group believe it. Listen to this week's podcast after today and help us of the car question please. Cool there is the best and he'll probably do that so friend on the Phillies feel we give you an idea of what's going on that's like. That's half the battle managed just like knowing when you're going in kind of what to expect to feel like. And I recommend I'm giving a free endorsement right now. Planned my pals over at bud and company and when he talked to them it they'll talk do like. All you know not like. You don't think you're getting. Outwitted by a yeah it and intact. These guys are like well spoken very friendly polite to take a very it's I've never had a car experience like because there's so yes it's quality dudes. Hmmm I think my car there several times always had favorable results but the minute you dummies make sure double post the thing about probably not on the post the thing about it. I let guys and yourself suggesting that. Present suggestions on a social media itself. Art of podcasts on FaceBook to Tahoe panel that. I'm OK so. I had this really weird moment in my car over the weekend here's the deal I listened to podcasts pretty much all the time yet. Bump in my adult a little bit of music I've been really bad 4016 has been my worst year yet for music. I I haven't been able to engage anything this year I'm finally excited to find when empire on which I never got into you but someone suggested an analyst and hominem listen for a few minutes and enjoyed it that's due it's a difference in a listen to I I would love to know what you're listening to dummy is that you think is cool. So I actually because. You Buena have totally different musical experiences I'm looking I'm looking for that album that I can listen to all today. But repeat once and just like the fun of the six disc changer in the car to the same thing as a threat it. I I like the idea of going back and forth throughout licences and and now the listener and you have to be out there searching for LA I listened to that personally tee then I don't put like your life if revolves around finding what they're hot the people listening to remind does not I have now removed myself far enough from at that I can just like. But I think the new red hot chili pepper song is just fine but still available at an ever so that sorry Brian turnover of human anatomy for that out of the was then doing in this and I think you get too many. I guess if your rent or not now the F ticket. So I'm driving in my car and I decided a minute decision last week after the podcasts that I was done. Listening to things for awhile I'm done putting on my headphones and done turning on the radio. I'm driving in my car or going for walks over to get to point a to point B and just being with myself. I'm just gonna be in my own head and just gonna sort out some issues that I got going on take times that Dick tend to think through. Life a little bit through the process is not like terrified in this it's. It's been. Every time I leave the house and I'm like OK I had phones like no brainer headphones and the address for twenty minutes. Yet know what and then twenty minutes later I get to the destination and I'm like. Yeah answer that there's no one yelling other ideas that me there's no wonder dole stumbles the dart Republicans could reveal what they want it to actually see her hands a terrible. This is therapy for me to just give a good idea about to make his doubles but it idealist and think listeners don't do what he's talking about please keep listening forever coordinate whatever Dell and now up. But. I found myself just thinking so much like being what my own thoughts and make. Having to absorb all the vitriol all all the really scary parts of the RNC last week move. And then the beginning of the DNC this week sitting in my car. And out of no where tried to shouted to no one like that crazy lady hit the grocery store I just shouted Guillen were hurt. Government yeah bad. It is used at this podcast and watch list direct hit a conflict at a John OnStar nevermind yeah Hamas. And yes hey NSA with them dummies picture listening at the truth app after app told friends that I've started okay and I tour. You have five flag reviews but at. Left guard and the one grew. Up. I just I was fed up with that I've realized that like it's all these ass holes tell me what to do and think in all this and others like hate mongering that help you gas transit to win it. And that nothing is gonna change the only guy that actually maybe has an idea how we can just like give back away from the extremes and come back a little bit towards the still have a get a change of it would be cool to each other guys out because. Obviously you're never going to be a political machine unless the revolution and just don't want to add and. Cruising and at this point that's think for me that's the take away from all of this is like men I NC a big and not fight for the big discussion item because just. Against your big thing about this with cup my buddies and we are talking about what you've got to vote for her accountable for. That's yes yes yeah it and and I said I'm not vote for anything and make dude c'mon ya thanks well John. If you don't vote for Clinton in your vote for true. Though because that means that that I would be voted for a two party system and I refused to do that. Listen. I appreciate what you're saying that the idea is viewed brewer who you are under appreciate what you're saying that if you. If trump becomes president. Yes chair okay because that guy does not know how to do politics and that's one of those jobs where it's like. You don't hire the new NASA engineer because you looking to change by hiring a basketball coach. But can't make it doesn't that's not the solution. Unless you're the senators and looking for a new coach and and definitely hired to random radio disc took coaches don't know deal about bill. If but. I appreciate what you're saying that. Trump has to be defeated I understand where that's coming from and everything and if you don't want that fine we're just humans running around on a rocket fidelity and he becomes president that's what happens and it's miserable little easier for us for now what Erekat. Niles. Shia however when you say look for so they'll vote for Bernie is the book is a vote for dropped no it's not a vote for trop okay yes it might help Donald Trump and that's what you're trying to say with the gist of that threat at stop reinforcing the two party system right stopping it now change test to start the local level we have to promote. Politics at a smaller level if they have a third party of smaller level that makes it work and I'd like look at Vermont and I'm like maybe that's where the bigger the moment engineers and Jimmy is a few ATI if you see if we really want to change the system. It starts the day after the election it's just today yeah dubbed onto whenever it's it yet right away we have to start electing people that want to make changeable level that's. At the highest level still that's more than most publicity is and so yes I did it if you vote Ferdinand Gary Johnson. Because you're not willing to vote for Hillary that yes you by enabling come to win and that sucks and so I'm making both arguments I get it rhetoric are there. But the six time don't tell me that voting for one thing is actually voted for something else does in that case oldest vote for the other thing you're talking about right. And that's what you want me an array. Now I appreciate everyone wants to stop trump and that you're picking from two turns and I still maintained that it might be the two aliens Cota is in tank from the Simpsons. To reptiles me for answers. I voted for Toto FF FF. But it's a broken two party system that you're talking about liberals really mad about it and. I just explode in my car look like and that means. A couple of minutes and going merit the government. Under the government. The government man. And then Joseph Hamel the next day both Jonathan don't Hamels and getting. He posted the decline in the appointment and no effects on about how that's a lot of Cablevision and Israeli aren't their right rather funny cause that I was icon modest something. But all of the political back and forth in such a waste of time. The Simpsons thing specifically takes Bob goal vs Bill Clinton the save like yeah scenario. Now Bob Dole is at least a career politician and understood how the system works both you know big difference in their junior and trumpets were little things right in terms of for humanity. Who said yesterday President Obama I think said you're not voting for a we're not voting for. Of these things. Effectively force someone a figurehead for someone to control of your voting someone that was represented us into off yet through a voting for a dictator. And that's great and I race them totally but only Obama said it perfectly because his speech writers and I didn't have a terrible memory like ten years of smoking weed comes rightly so. Industry with almost deeply. XP so insanely upset when people. Just dismiss it but I also understand if you're gonna have a if you could not have the worst of two evils win. You have to support an evil but still soft or do nothing but why am I supposed to support. This very thing that I am. Raging against. That's the problem to me like boy got to vote for you got to move for now it's like no bull and you I'm not a Democrat and also that's the problem. That's the problem well that that's our that's our party leader your party. You cheated you cheated death used. You cheated and then the personally I got caught cheating you hired her as your campaign whatever like shut us to build military action sub Dunning who writes. Can gradually they're Super Bowls to gradually leave president do you like the patriots and you're not voting for Clinton again it's amazing paradise. But yet man select yesterday just gonna get to the point with kind of same as your arms like a number of anybody who duty out of offers I think Wyatt your vote as a matter it's already been determined. The states going blue. The debt yet right in and Hillary's winning by a by the way don't be fooled by this nonsense Hillary's in Thailand side whether I vote for Gary Johnson or Gregor. It doesn't matter. He got oh I was like look you're gonna talk smack about drug wanna do Rwanda and I'm willing all of the media will. We have. Until Aaron Rouse and Arizona and like I was that the first. My first year on the radio I was doing overnights and it was a political season. And I would do you political I would I'd nominate myself for president in every night at some point 3 in the morning I do my little. My little speech and hire an army common sense ticket. Because it is and it and it's funny because here we are like twelve years later and it it's a run on his tape this this concept or might. The funny thing about all of this is if you use common cents. It's all pretty easy to fix he just comes cents. As is every day every now just like little daily affirmations about yeah we don't ever want yeah items as thank you my friend called back to that randomly like the other day like twelve year old Joker he's like half a sick man. Knew that as you know that is John it was it was a small. Think that's common sense and you know what common sense will rescue him like yeah that's that's a that I coach Chris you remember that that gets totally amazing the and me the dummy and now look. At or near the week this week is a guy who's known for his sampled game. Guy who has beautiful long flowing haren. Maybe sometimes appeared depending on when he Ketchum and who depicts him mojo depicts him as an artist OK the guys rope game is incredible. Okay most importantly. He might be our most powerful. Listener of boredom podcasts item of the deal to close okay. The dude that looks look the what did you do what the dude has been sculpted after. This week's dummy of the week goes out to big time dummy. Jesus cry. Explore love Kyra and any. Do you want to elaborate on LN. No it means we agreed we talked about it there. Yeah yeah shows Jesus got big time listener and a onetime asserted the most things that episode four for. Jesus your dummy the way can graduate as Jesus. Off. And yeah sex and not give up will be at peace. Music yeah not fixed news that. You could possibly happened. Music acts at least for me. The music yeah I mean. It's music. Gets you this. Music yeah that music. Let's go ahead quickly as willow alone today felt good and it's obvious and things get off her chest Conosoga more Toobin and but the Mazar I believe I can hurt you got around to tell us a better about the scope she. Scale is Republican that was the problem is that this is footage just in time to Elizabeth Zetterberg the level of most about their rough issue is connected daycare is like terrible way to talk about whatever anyways. It was a darn dumb podcasts and gradually as he could make it through this mess. Come I don't know what to tell people to believe it's still friends yet so rent thousands that are in the face books and download our podcasts and got a lot of cool vote for Gregor for president tweets from T beating Steve you I want to have Alyssa that a member of the end on also. Package meant for real was it me up on Twitter and stuff so we're really appreciative of all of that as well. Fix music yeah sexual life and enthusiasm it's. If you know really appreciative of that as well. I thought at that time it was very of them had some good stuff on hand as I forgot to rated down so. I was growth through it now or never to talk about it next week is bobbled the you know who you are you had some good points. I'd maybe agree to some of them visual like us on FaceBook at our dump podcasts and save manly taking a once again to the streets of bad man vs Superman. We have to just Harry apart some more I got a good LO the cut myself think you know most subtle social media won't have to Twitter and FaceBook and art on podcasts and this needle to Hardenne podcast at I believe there's even an art of podcast dot com now I can't roller and I think it's at an advanced. Just hit the if you had sex to this music I'm almost certain based on the Genco genes in the wallet chains in the dreadlocks and everything. If you had sex in this music and importantly I'm going to be go there you're a white person yet. If you get someone pregnant at this. Nine out of ten chance that the evolution. The baby that you have is just a strain of jungle love to feed it saying oh in his in his bottles of a personal. But it was born I don't love you have to support is born with the designers face the conflicts are the idiot what does that choose that. Okay. You've been listening to our dumb podcast they're Smart Smart like a fox. Freeway email these idiots are dumb podcasts. Phone them on Twitter that aren't on the podcast or eight record and that man child and. Victory for our young podcast is brought to you by Gregor for president 2016. About premiere developer trump and handle the Dakotas.