127 - Podcast Supreme (No Tomatoes)

Thursday, April 13th

Warning: there's ALOT of Taco Bell talk, passion, and maybe a few swears get by the keeper.

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Super bow. It starts. All right well we start. It is not very good. I'm Dan done the. It's the worst. You're a victory featuring usually routed through the surgery who don't have social services for gas she's a little cool days. We recruited by the cookies. Don't none. Yes puck on his interest and an artist so I don't think they have promised that still happen to go out there. Saturday as of that shower this morning and we haven't companies compiled over Clinton net effect that's another good go home run for excellent excellent. We the committees and stands for and pretty sweet right yeah that's pre cat is no relaxed. And cool. It's like cameras on him I was inspired by cookies if they had to be cooler he was like a wanna be a real cool keep fit practicing a city skills yet met with in my foot a foot. Daniel pretty solid yeah. I'm not even doing that this is gravity taking its taking hold what do you want to relax just happens here with a magic happens. All right the suns over your dueling in the cinematic happening and yeah and wound. Woo oh wait this is an old list that came back up I hate web sites do this and they put out a thing in the they trick because they didn't see it. The email to me the ticker at the blues we may have all year ago that is doors DAX blogs that still the premise of this week's. Pods so it's a task okay. OK okay so it's as it's cut right to it. It. Is your question sir and go ahead and ask me questions cookie thing I guess I was hoping actually German. You can ask me a question and answer okay cooking job man that's a question the number one item on the menu at Taco Bell it is lists. Feel like a new Vista took too long chizik as unity and easy and how do. The soft taco. According to thriller so let's give this up tiger is number one did you sense about ready this list boy. That note of your list was coming extra direction. Yeah arm. What I think about Taco Bell this is the slowest its 47 items yeah okay pay instinct to painstakingly ranked and I understand willful and the thoughts. It's tough thank you get you all those things probably maybe not. Well good media field test won sitting well. I ask you this though and you didn't you didn't seem like you wanted to do feel different about the sub tier in the office because 47 items the plot itself. That has to include breakfast. I was not down the practice partner and cookies or ask him about it even now don't trust that. I want to do it but I also don't like the burrito at McDonald's the breakfast burrito McDonald's fast food fast food eggs questionable every single time. I mean. Only done at the Boston rallied big enough and that's kind of the only thing that's a that's practice the then Penn what is up with only airports where those windy is having breakfast that we ticket breakfast of Wendy's anyway and a regular bills other what did you work no. No. But one of the airport we were coming back from god knows where and more it was like well there's a Wendy's Ari I assume you're getting breakfast I was like pretty Lauren you've coolest. OK because we just don't know Derrick I didn't like to things like chicken. Biscuit. It they got yeah bank. It's a good question moon you'd think you can granma syncing you can ask me question and fake Q. Just as a chicken for breakfast. Get out of here. I mean listen if it's the chicken strip and some would put it in front of me I'm not gonna not heeded but I admit that it's no I didn't order order yeah OK yeah I never order and those of us it's called chicken fried steak which then I meant. Not chicken I know it's still it's just book about chicken fried chicken. Not enough for breakfast nuns and obviously with redone didn't have that epithet with Oprah doomed and whoa no it may well. Hopefully battle but moved fantastic so. That makes the problem of going to Taco Bell the trial the items get 47 different items on the menu evidently I don't even know. But. You gotta tell us about the stuff in there feel like. I've never had a hash brown there it looks like him if you look at the picture on the screen no one else can see it like it looks just like F McDonnell that rather it's got to be fine. Share but I mean like I don't go to accountable for their deep fried anything but also there was ever going to a restaurant like. You've got to have hashed through Africa and the Republicans and a perfect square via the big thing of the half for a casserole. Cracker Barrel. I guess she's and then some dignity and lessen as you talked about before many times Stephon Marbury is an ashtray was me forever so. Go ahead. That's ten. Listen the old podcast way back when that when I got Stephon Marbury treated because immediately if if if the fifth. There were 46 analyst Raikkonen do all but it's caramel apple and cannot and I would eat that Anita karma that's the dessert yeah it's like apple dessert for how are up talk don't think hello dessert. Clearly that there are those curly. Sugar and since your insurance yeah cinnamon twists yes cinemanow is a bomb also if you're thinking about talking about for breakfast you have to have a conversation with these now no offense to topple I am I thinking about that look for things okay you sit down Polaroid of acute or through this OK I don't know what the power menu burrito is. Both as the year goes by not even on the menu anymore skip this and just go all in and says that the sentences that the losses from January to be clear. Sausage flat bread I don't. This gets it I don't around with spots that it's like what's. We really sausage the silly sausage based dish on the menu which means stock of which means the bill doesn't have the true sons and focus that require from my sausage sellers personally I'd just like dad of talk about really wanted to do you authentic. Breakfast faster in Mexican style in the future is yet 100%. But see the black bean burrito the vegetarian dish of black beans the past few seconds of incentives system garrido as a black freedoms black beans buttons are good though I had to say I'm at so. A group in southwest is we don't know is. And there there's no such thing as what we know what does what beat it's all replies yes or Pinto without him agree front it's it's a Pinto is there. Or reprise its goals of the two options you have a pretty well I think I I credit chipotle for bringing black beans into the make the ether like the public. The public which probably seems fine to me but it puts a lot true and everything and so I can meet. To vote. Wednesday it's just like it's like at the outlook I'm sorry to pull that because I'd just always took you know if I'm the source says you may have never really mean it. You've never had you vote I've never stop flying huh. Lives fake news on the percent Jake new poll I had eight. I had one year of all three Q dove and I have just been loyal since you shake is you never had chipotle in life now. Man it's tough man so I made two pro leno's couch pulling an African PP just BP's going and he was like well BP jacket. Shots for real epidemic. And he was like who do you gotta try the burrito bowl and I was like oh that's the answer a threat I don't like it wrapped up with it I thought I thought I hit approval over this is garbage but I didn't know that I didn't like slow throughout the tyra all ingredients refined and everything there was that one dark spelled and what Jon minus benevolent Jennifer lettuce who'd lettuce can kill you read that in troubled to snap on. Clearly now they let us it's a draft. I think that's a grilled breakfast burrito from from Taco Bell I think that from the picture I would definitely that it looks just like breakfast burritos and she's been smashed brown and then some. There are not there she's upside that's the cheesy it burrito mas and so court in his list. All the bottom of the list is all breakfast item except for the you're right can't except for the cheesy roll up which is just how I make a case to be Mattel struggled to sort of say at the decades ago mafia could put a cut at I think the ghetto like questions for oh for sure does like when you make it as a patch or even me you make about two tacos you deep for the eight days. Open your eyes are not the meat in the beans you guys have a 25 leftover Turkey is now and a handful of cheese yeah. That's a cheesy Rolla. Team. Do you get as we near we have tortillas around hostages walk by sometimes you logs can be one of those right now camera anonymity every do you give him up for you Regis like strip the best. I can do either way if I have the time low I'm a big toaster oven got got a toaster on the whole is bottom every time I moved somewhere new because I like the idea of bringing him to temperature slowly and very underrated kitchen applies I agree man like. Your on this sometime this summer to. Q in the summertime when that like super hot this crap and you can't cooled any place you turn on your main event. Totaled toaster oven doing well I what's the temperature as tight as crap give it to us revenue right. Then you up five pizza rolls death toaster or an overweight for the entire just forget that man or leftover slices get an email from Bed, Bath & Beyond toaster oven. That in accidents leftover slices up on the skillet. And one that's the way that is the way you soliciting and a couple in my mind and I've always done it straight up in the toaster oven I'm Tinto group and obviously. Pro tip if you don't have any of these things you just nuke everything. You put a couple water in the microwave them and you sit semite crispy here I was just two days. I was due for Kuwata Ehrlich rather than you really just with the water and I'm like they go that's good enough that'll be five. A teaspoon. Basket it's just a splash yet just a quick flick to look at all of the likes of Rick rude like we get to sweat split. Schatz a ravishing recruit by the way so don't. OK so. Yes and then once you get past all that you finally get into the bread and butter of of Taco Bell and we're talking about the the combo burrito bean burrito Chi's case idea somehow different than the cheese roll over that is flat compared to roll can create some. I I don't do these type of old cheese can sit here very much because there's just so many of the things that I would rather have. Why bother you know why bother. Mom sent a bundle lights I didn't even though that was the thing the these are in malls and airports are all there are mold and airports for these different sort of on the lymphatic out then. Breakfast crowd trapped California no. It's dependent on the promise of talk bubbles block okay no BP Bob refereed to that sense you can beat them right now I have yeah. That's a grenade honoree don't know what the fight and I regular beef cheese beef now this name so Sabrina supreme only without both delta and it is okay. It's not like Taco Bell lab made the specifically to cater to people who swore off vegetables because they lost the bed in middle school had my attention. You know you it's so DNC could hammer a nail with it's who I am in. The chipotle chicken loaded grew Miller what. Is that I've never even heard of that. This is fast sort of a billion is the go outside and Jason Reid though some lessons like the book the widest midwestern the case every day old to read birdie. A pretty number one he set how dare you are. Face through a list of sorry I'm to fit too far against squarely and together got real upset about that you're the seed number one guy. Okay I'm the you can create a supreme to Tucker's head Bruce supreme and it's soft on the supreme. That's what it is now that's been changed the most buzz about it. At a that the supreme parts highly important and but I always do no tomato because it's been a ruins the texture of everything in the us and by itself president stressed to miss from. Test aggressions. What's in your legs took 22 hard nosed cast. Interpreters supreme beats when he savage host the seven liberal Rico a 25 man so that's an important one for me I was. Other had that so many skill bull it's a different god damn hurdles ahead of these seven Moyer to read maybe have to try it. There has such a thing the terrain scramble unedited reading you know. Let's get to the real money his top Tony Wallin OK I know it's. To be tough Tony but somehow the door vida ended up outside of the top 2921. In Spanish the word gore need to translates directly to chirpy girl truth be told that's what you few quick after eating one and that's a good thing. No problem here is that the score dealers remarkably similar but inferior to our next entry. Number two warning. The good deed done. It's up a notch to the Chilean Paul. Now do you go to to to put a beat up or TF for share crooked. To Bloomberg radio coordinates its deep fried to loop all right other way around to lupus is to defrag Gardena. The rent. Yet that the Seles Friday giving up graphic that we donated taste obviously you can see why adopted the two loop here I disagree to I don't need that in front IO. I like the two loop especially for driving purposes. Easier to hold a home. It's not Christie is Tsotsi usable and love for ergonomics kooky coach you had agrees with the thrill of list. Also probably best for your frequent talk about driving either yes we just doesn't know about the sexually it's. On my way home from work and so if I go that route I can finish. The talk show a burrito. And maybe one other taco before I have to go on the freeway and then actually have to use both hands that I can drive with a knee. And one hand. Or and money. Their. I wish I wish I naked under the sentence but Taco Bell is on my way home from work ha right now the dream. The dream. The nightmare could that affect. And I. I don't know what the double XL group stuffed burrito is booted sounds like something out of a movie that does the a gigantic big diesel and views yeah Cindy's lead Sosa. Whose premiums the cheddar hub there OK so read oh. Again indicates. What is the case readers ages to breed with melted cheese instead of regular cheese I have to assume that they isn't aren't they the ones that are like the hard shell or that. Jason you that they fold up into the five corner note that in case I read it was the unholy blend of the case India and a burrito. So yes. But it's that big flat thing you know when the president that's the the end because right now the special and and others because adamant about Leo where. Is there a double XL case the read though. That as you're right flat year I. A well let's crunchy tortilla in the middle of it would be fun both sides what's good what's good the taco that has both soft and hard. The double Decker thank you it's the double Decker burrito. With a a liquid cheese. Wrapped in between also easy to drive in Germany oh my god I. I had a need to have this like probably today. And we ago. Have karate and last week it was go to the ball game they go to Carrara go to the ballpark bureaucratic this week about what they have a case of redundancy. I don't know we have host with talk about right now Kolb can't if you do you're the hero of world. Okay continue unless you can load an imbalance loaded potato yeah yes to a dollar to one revolves real sketchy I guess the other Michigan that right cool I don't know answers there. Which one is this case you play because I've been eating in and talk about about lately and with that the best the double pillow sounds like something you do and is as a sex movie I'd let's say that sounds perverted so our Taco Bell and come into the breeze merger Jintao on the bedroom as much as possible that's what I was conform with Susan. Fifteen Doritos cheesy toward data crunch. Down with that yep so wait. The ninth showed cheesy now at the ranch runs though in other engine war and it didn't work they were and I didn't let alone can't go any other. I won at the ranch to work so badly yeah but it it no I think back on it like if they were just to put a little ranch inside of an incident using the ranch. Shell much better they should have offered like the ages are for the range seasoning is in the can shaker Todd on the unlike the U subtle pitch you just changed the entire earth I'd say is the game from and have margaritas ranks corn tonight I'd say it's sprinkle that in there. And medical do you treat this just spun another idea you're eating street corny got a little to read or sprinkle on top. That's your guy. And god does. I happen I've heard of people crunching up to read those in the putting a little like a parmesan shaker 'cause it's got the bigger holes in the iron and then the candidate that took us talking about justice I reasoning I know I am picking up Richard lane down I pick up vouchers Brinkley and my friend. It's difficult but that's what it's like lick your hand and sprinkle Carl and Annika after a shot look. I have to go for that. Like your beard can only ball and cut it with that went what oh my god by that is in a southwest thing we try ever mention militiamen basis of the chaise lounge in Tucson Arizona and Miguel realty Luke is a real gang banger from from there he blows hang out if you were sitting next to but the bar he would buy you a dollar to cut due in no one liked accounted. A dollar twelve ounce can and you grab the salt shaker and sprinkle on there for you and inflict yet do subtly drinking a beer but it nestled on a now yet if you're Smart yellow line to make it's become a little bit better vegetables for homeland. My god it's 120 interval 100 is still good. Contract supreme make breaks the top fifteen years. Precious brings pretty good and finally that it doesn't who doesn't either but again if you're gonna go for a if you're gonna deal like the Craig G and soft the same time I secret deed is the way to go. Fiery Doritos locals taco we just discussed not number twelve finally get this thing where I can I'm. As you've seen before I'm a traditionalist when it comes to Taco Bell. I really like the the box for you can choose what you get to choose ten of redirect being burritos tacos are soft tacos what do you want. So a number twelve hard tacos. Man I cutie probably had a heart talk does do you think you can be if you had to right now kooky seven. I go when that I could pride do you eight. To have a taco eating contest should he check I was at I think I was bored have a Tucker kicked and then I started to do something sort of similar to that and always get mad Hayward here. Quick question on the positive step on up to Mike but remember John Ellis how many taco bill crunchy tacos did you eat in one sitting if you were in a contest for. Four yes. Well thanks for coming in behind a biker club that you get out of our. Yeah we're at seven that you said how many then I have a check you do if I had to I. Under check you do any other two we can go back and forth until her as a savage who we can both past eight if we were like. When the Taco Bell Adolf what does this happen and that's Jay don't have that we will be back to. Do what's scheduled this this could be you photograph the chorus well the what did you forced taco if you think you. Can handle it can afford good. The fattest guy here and I'm the most honest I think that's that you. It's the Taka just talk the talk of just how could you talk of Taco Bell did and there. Aren't. I will say under peer pressure to look at that about right yes I am filled the pressure and I am the fattest person in the room zone stopping yourself. It's true finds. I think it regular tacos acted you ate tacos at least okay all right they're not that much game on I think we can odd that you we can get to a dozen each mainly. Well you know me I'm an eating machine when it comes out of my mind to something food was like get there I just with two to three today I think it. Events or I didn't even merit I'm not a script that I. I seem and the so act and act all right did you go out into and out of it and updated it out until that doesn't count. The senate zulus the talk goes is lose the citizens belliard tacos in asked your to your donned the doesn't countersued to back the one these though I do you can easily do it doesn't if it. Has taught coast Todd goes tacos taco stop that happening any time do we do it at cockroach or challenge oh my god I don't think we can bring in Taco Bell talking to our country towns and that was supposed to promote it though Magid U meters from the target not just solid twelve. Could you please bring 45 tacos to pick up the darkest hour even on rats you never know delicate notable that go. He's got to play they come and those cool carrying his my job would have an art of puck just party was going to Britain will do like the reality shows Jesus do you just take out the vote. And it's just too black tape on capitol vote nodal ever figure out what it what does where's that from I can't figure out. Thank god and I Hayward thank you for joining us for taco talked today this has been really enlightening we're gonna hit jump when it's time to do this okay I'll be there on August talk is right now. It's. Written standing still and I can't. The stupid podcast yeah. Davos if I rabbi how relieved things just escalate who much you feel pretty hot right now unlike anything like I'm a little bothered. Yeah I do you know I don't have art art of podcast taco eating contest like to be set up so that way at the next thing we do we could have. See if we could be more than that I think it could eat it doesn't talk about tacos I think so I I've. I think we get all surprised ourselves we'll have I think seven is like a big number to start with a think that the good conversation starter at them as I think about it and as how hungry I am. We take this next level. I can beat them and number eleven smothered burrito. OK like I love I'm from New Mexico I love this mother burrito at the tell all read those observed there in the sugita like the the Judy has been stuffed wealth Smart but the kid it was only green doesn't like the red and now Eileen more red and green probably gonna have green in the fact that the flavor that I feel like taco Bell's only read. Yeah it's a no there's I think affected us really cannot hybrid killer cool well could I also think because. It's twelve dollars here template delivered Edmonton Canada. But amusing for the record I went through the process host fiesta taco salad ahead of just the regular. The cool ranch Doritos talk oh we already talked about the list that that's that's a no that's hard no listen people bring in five great streak to talk with I'm not turning any of a doubt conveyor delicious but they're just not what my my my my childhood. Look mad scientist mind one let's be clear outset of the big stuff you know on his and I admit there's not a menu item that I'm not gonna guess a Taco Bell if you feel aggrieved by what we've talked about here today we just want to you know that you have to make comparisons and you got that you got to save these things. But really if you delivered a box of whatever I'm eating it unmanned especially it doesn't talk really ended in a great double Decker taco love that Charlotte and that public. The first time they experimented like really. Tried something new I feel like. Amid my grandparents strive meted talk about it when they came out now and able. We're not having Taco Bell and my grip had one of those in the next time I visited those. You wanna go down that Taco Bell plays he told me about you guys do. I do you. They grapple. If I got that right now finally this list starts to get some merit because one of the things that I order that's kind of what my plan B when I go to tiger about. Is that not shows build Rondo I put I wrote that went down as part of my like if I was make it tough but that would be on no tomatoes. Again and yet never trust a faster to me and this puts breakfast could trap get out this is surprising particularly isn't one it's better than the normal crunch wrap this day. And two it's definitely the best thing on the breakfast menu I can't. Vouch for that or say anything against it but I now wanna try the breakfast contract in Europe that's the solution FEMA different dummies if you're listening also please send one of these are of all working it when I'm always on the air when you can buy these sort of send me a breakfast front trap to the station one or bring it down after 830 and makes you don't murder me also going to be awesome. Number five cinnamon twists there we golden. And OK I'm at the top ten Jose how can you put cinnamon twists top effort to. Todd and I found out the top five yet top five men's I don't not yet time. Well time is the only time you got cinnamon twists is when they came in Emil. As an extra neck. I've had once been like I'm going to talk about for some twists but every time I've ever gotten an interest in in defense of this list the way that I've liked. Sort of twist is a Great Lakes this is not citing its called Taco Bell and you know putting tock goes in the top five c'mon I can't stop at taco time without getting crossed those who metadata. Necessary purchase they'll bring them in it has to Fernandez just takes us out of this taco time the fact that a the you know they have my heart to before cheesy Gordy to crunch yes this is probably yes I ever have one but the seems like it's a winner did it is the best while the flavor blasted the Doritos birdied is a little too overwhelming entities that are cheesy Gordy to crunch is the ideal amount of culinary ridiculousness. Yeah kind of sideshow hodgepodge that made Taco Bell he rare fast food chain but still doing experiments the people care about for more than a new cycle. I don't don't know what's in it. It's it's here is repeating your flapper and is UConn got. And then I wanna see there's cheese that connects the flat bread too that taco shell melted cheese hard hard shall talk again melted cheese between and then essentially in the taco part of it is just a taco and we have some like. Creamy sauce which sounds gross but it's really get it and all the Khamese Austin now you really notices kind of important. Because there's a much Freddie and gets moved onerous it's just like but I mean there are food scientist who put this together in an interview and bad dye number three here on the list not Cho cheese to read those logos taco soup I can out I don't even occasionally to networks it's too many words terrible the skies with this terrible. On number two Mexican pizza you kidding without being a disaster on the words I love the domestic abuse I forgot about the Mexican it's still it's it's Lebanese have been working its tertiary infamy though still like I still like that's like that's a once in awhile it's it's not towards war or to live as I think. I think I don't gonna talk about us into orbit that it that was in my rotation sure but like 105 times maiden below that irk the say one out of three. I had seen recurrence once I got that hasn't this is my jam and that's it and then but if I didn't get that it was the Mexican pizza thing. Plus the value of that is bad for your buck he had not really bodies they give you like a lot of two doc goes in like a Mexican pizza site there full after that and I don't drive about. The idea back in that you are some sort wizard again like. If you're a wizard mode driving you have bigger problems that the number a lot of trouble as a true artist will from the beginning is the soft. Talk no it's not gored deed up now or brew rebuild well actually it's definitely not hash brown bell. It's taco well more than work and the heart talk to you idiots if it. I think I'm missing swears in their two and discussing about that's what this is a heated discussion it's passionate it so yes right exactly it's important report the news the way it it happens you speak from her. So if you're gonna go talk about right now after we just handle this stuff if that was your plan. The message of his question is does that question and need humans and humans can move that pace and after 47 things is that I just read do you if you could give X two items right now from Taco Bell at all. What would you give John and she's acreage idea according to you know while. Hands. I'm kind of down the soft taco concept I guess is the value you know makes sense but it sounds great Nokia. Burial for the five dollar box every single time I don't care what it is it changes every single month this time it's the debt. What was the finger time up big flapping. Habit but they're case at W I know are taco burrito I garrido. Do I go with that 40 always grab a seven layer Rio. Too soft tacos may be will make them some pray I'm like yeah I like the sour cream Nash her. I like this argument is a gimmicky kind of likes. Test and fade a little bit like there's a little that adds an element of danger to your meal like a pretty as could kill me I'm pretty sure that there's no actual Darian that I think it's just like paste made of slowing or something like that I would I love that that I wanna I wanna sour cream gone from my house yesterday to I think that things ops up. You know you can probably get a economy a bottle and then do one of the squeeze of the elderly but it's not the talking on the you'll invade you gotta caulking gun and Anaconda but obviously that would fit in the continent near. You know if you go to damage your. Engine that. Get the grounder in the this. Turkey mixed up and I thought. Talk is really greedy I don't know for is very good about the stuck shut and let us. This does this this tough is delicious yards they region and put to sink like this is tough affected states and meanwhile the dog is is licking between the tiles like you. Yeah what do you want to compare Sylvia. For me I'm sticking with the number one I would get a brilliant brilliant tomatoes and aid conference prudent management of self talk I would like to comment for 12 of this is because if there's a glaring omission now pulled. What about injuries you know. And what about the answer is that the smother burrito is that what they're calling and call it now I don't know but he at least difficulty a year ago in. What analyst with creative. I still love the injury yeah my favorite things not on there and it's been gone for years and I was chili cheese burritos. Would you agree don't. Get ready bats were there just was not islands as well because I don't think Chile went on anything else at taco had to make any sense bodies to have indeed be from potato burrito yes and just looking at castle rock suddenly he and I used to go every day at a Taco Bell they're going to be the data burrito. And then whatever else but each of us got one of those and it's just tater tots and Taco Bell a dictator tops and a bean burrito and another great combo they have the Frito now for a dollar and oh my god. Okay inside and yet out of Diego today that why isn't adding crunch to something can change the game like sexual. A couple of potato chips onto a sandwich you can be crazy I don't know that I'd I'd I'd do that occasionally occasionally I don't like I don't go head first and that all the time by Jimmy jester he said adding it's how opinion chips. Crunch from up and thrown in the death can be there rich Hewlett. And a putter yes. Pete he's the superstar but he had honest if you talk about can be amassed from her apartment at I. Hash tag S wc. 09. Is it is SW VK. Afghanistan and we just dropped the mother of all bombs all ices crisis target and Afghanistan it is the biggest nonnuclear bomb we've ever were dropped on somebody and I'm pissed. Because that's my favorite pants. Thicket of PayPal correct that's right so important are your favorite in the pour Aaron turner with the biggest bomb there is now that's ox man a Joseph Klein also contend for biggest bomb that there is let's put that also question for you have to we. We've been in war with terrorists third base its way for century. How did it take this long to drop this mother of all bombs that don't you think like we earlier in the on the on the hunt for. Sullivan mine and he's in that mountain if this thing was just kind of hang and off in a warehouse and retrieving that. Bring out the mother of problems now nobody's gonna use traditional loves. Yet it is one should do to drill new new new movie I don't know if your mother do again I don't know anything about military science I could be totally off base here the one thing that I don't understand about this whole thing is that like the whole reason we have licenses because we just like dropped bombs on people on the electable we hate you westerners in the Mikey no we'll get rid of that heat of the west. Drop more bombs so are you say are you insinuating that I dropping the mother of all bombs have we have inadvertently. Quite possibly created somewhere soon be a mother of all terrorists to crisis is here. There's always gonna be twice as long. I thought the time they use with the hot button item of the show yeah particular back yeah from eight sixteen minutes that long songs like god. Twelve members in the band. Super licence for drivers hash tag Thursday thoughts. Taco Bell talked about I really want to talk of Aztec 737 Max. That's that they may be used to drop the mother of albums. Hash tag Moab we've covered this. John Williams. Committed couple grits are due to. And Luke did you do with the -- the conductor guy and he's and maybe I'll do the subject every eighty million do you sort of even about his fiftieth. Most importantly Star Wars. Sped away city of Washington. Idaho facility that didn't happen there was major reforms for plane crashes it. That I haven't yet no no emergency crews on the scene of a small plane crash that span away airport Washington or Stanley Keefe. Comment. And I don't know sincerity here that Demi is the vicinity issued a really small plane crash shall fully. No word of an injury. Not yet happened at a it's a really big buff from world the world what wait a second. An area there is a big segment on an. In and roller one pilots were like. Rock star's death but the planes they flew is because is pre jet is propeller. Yet the front of me my phones on silent. Or was it I guess that with the size so they were the rock stars of the war world. Of the world event yet they were like superheroes because we only have flight for twenty years at that point but to watch them make these things like that. Okay Aaron man. For the red bear interest. We have been more than one there's only one parent a grandparent unarmed man bears end. It's crazy. Heating your pizza in net terms of their trees and fair with the but the licensed by these little like these things are small. And having nothing to them like B literally elected machine guns the guns on the plane were actually just like machine guns they would Cary these mounted him on the plane like. Cannot do it is like a string that you polls opened to institute an attitude like. The critical when they went somewhat figured out how to make it gunfire and against the frequency of of a propeller in front of it took issue between the propeller blades that person gets in the war in war that's cruel. Marshawn Lynch cookie horrific evil beast mode come back to football he does these chimera. If he'll be able to do it GAAP. I just don't think it'll be back. Back Torre was two years ago to think that do you have any resentment towards and wanted to do that as a big Seahawks fans know. Mean that I think it's cool I think it's rather he's trying to play out of the last couple seasons of his hometown team. Before they get moved away into the chance to do it be stoked about it nobody's gonna show up to anyway you know I think a mistake to seabees and he says doing well yeah. How well a team that's ahead. I'm whatever viewer who hears it doesn't make the raiders are trash senators like it or not religion when pressed on mandolin what do you. Think and all right and pass tag insulated us that is the moon that is flying around Saturn and NASA just made a big announcement that they think that they found a volcanic vents were life could have or be happening. One of the main theories of how life started on earth they think that maybe one of the moon's I mean the planets and moons of Saturn playground could potentially harbor life. Some of the disk condition. Don't know who to this event that's. We're having to refi is as we do fine if nuke it. You've been listening to our dumb podcasts they're Smart Smart like a fox. They like email these idiots are dumb podcasted. Gmail.com. Phone them on Twitter that aren't on the podcast or eight record and that man child and. Victory for our young podcast is right she died karate university. The mother of all karate bombs.