128 - Save Room For Thorax

Monday, April 17th

Is that a leg in your teeth.


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Urine can you dig at Seneca. Like all right well we started. I'm Dan done the. It's the worst. I would go to war. Once you're not listening you know. Low rating two of the Danbury and the deluge. Minute random comment on cool cute photo the other day and I was like. And secondly you know. An empire couples. An amateur and I think through I think it is that they were thought we were tonight it's just concert wants what am I don't give it is feasible both of listening which is crazy. To think that someone that we don't know might be listening and a doubles LaMont it's. Like you have friends that sort of baby friends that was into the spot you're. I have like him. An uncle that says. The older brother Yemen rather sojo missed but the tone. You know show adjust to Little Rock it's a test Monday but the Monday cast menaces for the mistakes are made yeah. It's as rock I don't filtered and on preps to be on the city if I bucket Hungary is what to be honest with you that's what I'm really struggling here examine any protein it today when I'm telling you what my friend now I think we've got a good plan for the day yeah I think it goes like this podcast for a few minutes he got bored of that via beat tacos all of the tacos and a so I thought all tacos I got karate today. So we're just go to tuck the Oneida in the ten Tucker jealous thing you notice today OK we're just warming up. Well I love this idea I saw Buddy Ryan shuts Ryans of getting and he was like well. A great targets USA today and other personal listening nightmare it I was like I mean it doesn't easily and he was like I can be twenty of the other did you just make a challenge. She's been. So we bring it all right cool so this pizza restaurants we sent him to bring us the time and he does work the closest to Taco Bell out of all of us he wanna be on the show dummy mean c'mon man. Just when all you need to do for 45 tacos will bring the microphones he bring that Taka forty love 45 that's been there cat. Yes. Then at some point it was like. Maybe we should do a taco eating contest at a Taco Bell on like a Saturday. And enough Taco Bell would be into a bunch of dummies and around gorging on May we don't told them. Plus no offense to talk about but offense to talk about your own candidate talked about for like half hour for defendants I do okay. Take a back and cool sounds good now on it. Can win and I wanna eat as. I was out pretty Lori over the weekend and we were going to appliance shopping that the thing that I do a lot of announcement in my house. First of all refrigerators are raising the variety is incredible I had no idea I never even thought about what a refrigerator does other than keep hold. If he's seen in nearly three knocked on the door in that class opens every knocked on him afar that now that I've done the knocking on the field. And then it turns on the light in the door and you're like okay well there's my stuff what is it about refrigerators where he used stocks than yourself but yet you can't remember what's in them. I found another issue I don't either for dinner. I there's that that weird and it's that weird though in the door you knock on exhibits milk is looking for a go to the grocery store it's like for being as Boise is possible we opened middle. I feel like that's right at my wheel house but it. This refrigerator for our pal kooky it's just cool he's got Denny this is like what we're it's got toys and gadgets built into it to keep a cool Keith and in saint. The gimmick Alexa. Was in my fridge Shia and. And yeah right. And now become cool that there's a Samsung makes one that has a giant flat panel on the front of the ultimate weather and stuff like that elected communicates with the Internet. Let Jerry stopwatch and refrigerator gay are well mark I'm just ready for the Russians to hack my referred to Holliman. My. Yeah yeah. This milk tastes like communism here hello. You can't wash that down you know what goes well that to wash it away with that Budweiser blue. King of bears who. I seized it in the summer it's called America death to America beer man does but what does is say America wins is accused in these. These weird symbols do I've been. I'm here to say the death practices just minutes ago on our from a meeting every week approximate curse at I don't know oriented but wasn't the contest will probably did and I think if they like. I'm I'm almost that links still racists and managed decided not to do that then backed out of it's I feel badly about having backed out judges don't want to have says it was there any likely in his second prudent on the lives of cruel thing. How. And Bud Light at the cubs where's the communism. Failed attempts to dig was so appropriate time for done. You job phone hack job flow and absent senate to pretty Lauren as usual off last week. I'm dozens doesn't know when it literally went off and I like some nine. We sure Osmond yeah who are sitting there. I remember and it was over there and I squeezed Batman as you show idea as a true competitor you are exposed to hold on those things you know. If you check the Els and a a couple of big victories. Foley big victories yes so. And her how we got that paso taco eating contest that he's got at least wiese is we've got at least three guys please guys get a good at Taco Bell. It was like it is. I'm sure cookies polian to peacefully at talk about right now I've got a real guest appearance by Matthew were blessed episode he's gonna be amounted to some four point asking it for. Yeah get out the air combined. We should just to lead that their so prevalent episode. Now it is never in it no doubt about victory over the pockets that's because we are you talking Jonathan Quick look at the big news that is faked. You'll epic new and that's a little rescue cluster ESP immigrants should how damn fried crickets tastes man. And I ate the crickets. Grasshoppers actually on them and yet exactly the same thing. It's the Mariners game for east what a nice. I have family in town so I've been a similar yes then how nerve for like ever they're not leaving it it's awesome but the same time like one of the two house David yes now. Which is again totally go black hole though you know. Now of course it's a tough family is yet to really find and and there are like. Some of my favorite Tammy I guess I love all my family about it but whatever. So let them know we went see the Mariners game last night good game not really weird. Stable and yes 3000 cases nobody wanted to win that game that was that was not the I don't know not just Louisiana that was not the Mariners are they fantastic rallied to win that was like. The Texas this is like these. It's Easter let's give them something give you a little under the gun to hunt for their eggs in the outfield let's say we got out of there send the fans home happy in this this stinks we are joking because at one point the guy that scored the tying run was up to dad acumen atlas. But he was betting on 98 now what's his batting average. And then the pitcher for Texas is here it was 27. Stuff. From cynics and Oakland like I mean something's gotta give here because I think. Who won that you'll mayors want our players when is very exciting I mean it was. It was exciting and that it was like asthma and understands the game it was exciting and that it was like a comedy of errors I mean in literally lesser of the game was an Arab late. Just there's one out the right. Let's not get into the new specifics of who cares Texas choked up after the Mariners. Joked fought back and jump to get a credit saddled the Mariners sweep the Rangers. Still three games back from 500 non capital but only three games back violent and now had read on and am like you said just like you patient just chill out and what they know it gets recognized for coupled with the do all right you know. I mean in a -- did not do all right back hot garbage delicate did not look at there was the throwing hard either like his festivals that 85 move and I'm not saying I'm just in I think 1985. So again a week between appearances guess which is made us who aren't. That's a lot to get a week between India Africa could be SL we eat the ballpark and it's kind of find two taking oath of failure around. Things that as we take for granted but things that we just always do math. So in a dig down of the stadiums and grandma Seattle dog sir I I you see other on times now I'm Mike Malloy got to try what it is and. And by the movement Jersey shopping applause I'm in Seattle dogs that's right now it's on Al's fun. And that was good time and did you the dangers of guns settled on what past the window today on the way back they gave out there right now Wyndham wound. Do in the back of stock yet. We'll have to go back in a couple months when their back at its architecture. And socio dive and then you know walked to the ballpark this statue which school a beautiful statue great it's great yeah it makes me feel so good about an organization getting it right. Does he feel a little bit. The joke is a little bit wider than he should be a little bit down communities in and today Republican. Does the averages that you apologize and you apologize to the care do you big boy. The kid is one and a half men now. A goatee he's got though you do Little John Manley there was any Alec and a and pan am really great underneath it's bad and Japan it's natural. Yet still at the time and that's it that's the probably gets it that's great rate with thank you go to an aged blind man can better every day yeah. And take them in half and vintage down yeah well whom you know public I mean finals men's I guess that flick also that's vintage. I'm back everywhere back to some of the bell bottoms also reference luggage some bell bottoms will be very inventive I. Amazing. So yeah into the game and I'll explain into our bellies I was got above because that's. I was I was I was like it was like a surprise like I was against Taliban is gonna go get him and it as a lock in in my cousin. Is taxing with her boyfriend and she's like hey you guys are Acer crickets here and on to him. Who's your boyfriend do on the phone on talk this guy hey Jose's mark shut your mouth and just about him it's so they they knew going in that we're gonna do it now I would not do this for the record I would not eat the whenever there are present during a press conference tournament is not into them. Now and now. You had you would not be if if if you were blindfolded and gave you when you have no idea it's both of budget pride. The best way to describe it is their real dry. It's the best way to describe it I guess would be like you know you sunflower seed with a shell still wanna share. And let his shot doesn't go down very well he kind of got a cap choking or just delightful to exactly what I want it and it doesn't go down well that is also and that's. You would have no idea and it's it's it's just too complicated hole peanut it's like yeah it's like it's of the flavor is like Ryan. Salted lime or whatever it is and Iverson yes so that's literally all you can taste it did so. Season you'll expect between people are hopeless and yes well the only. Well there's a thorax. A little. Totally worth doing as a fun goof it's that we experience they taste. Do you think they'll still be on the menu in. 28 team now connect. And popularity of has surged and mildew down at some point I don't think it was gonna be eating them by July. But I mean to be fair some are from out of town knew about it so it's Gallic it's got the buzz. Mission accomplished the huge deficit go for now is maybe that's the thing again and garlic Fries and crickets man we are talking about how garlic Fries are out of out of favor yes. I want Friday night and I heard him more than five people got with its broad prize but I was like that still ahead. Can rally we head home runs we had some good friends are there to. Those were the optical front noted I mean you I'm sorry but my family this and now we yet. Garlic Fries. Chris Kirk's. Well they work to other to get there at the kids in front of us had them. So we were talking about it. And they Curtis talk it. So that kid pulls out his little they do it's it's a little container can exercise the garlic arrange containing user and the thing. So he's cut it appears as joking about it he's pulls them out music. You as a mistrial because you're gonna go and go get down after like the third inning and never. And he's like yeah as much niceties trigger it like that but too many economic growth clearly you buy it. We are no load tax yeah 89 would now rule number also wore via so as example for maximum penalty if FF. 22 as the wings are better we'll look now know pass in. So he's kind of turnaround in his past and other so. Whose interest they didn't affect you binding no but guess he just had a nimble moves would thanks nice to know of soft line. And into the picture and then eight the other one just to make sure that it wasn't terrible doesn't do from a you would be finding a way yes miss out anything it's not like it's not like I only raw fish that's gross knows usually tries to she's really good no grows live at that and the helical leash. And of have been doing this in my what I've been wasting my life not eating this. It's not like that. About Indiana Jones the double Duma the monkeys goals full of stuff not doing that. That's enough for me brother he would it definitely would rather it be crickets. Grasshoppers sort of like they are than that I think the two key of these things is they're like. They're really the size of a sunflower seed to use so it's not leg a little little guys yet it is that'll teen yeah I thought they be much bigger but they're not Baghdad. Think it's a Keiko crickets. As a way weather says the crickets then I guess I'm going crickets I don't know Rubin yeah. Use your words Bernard third with FF FF FF who. I don't know Bob then their creek gates boomed from the cut back. Didn't. OK so that's good Cecil the Griffey's stature I think the British statute is spent half blood man like want to times. People install things is trying to create a little balloons. They got a perfectly right I love a good statute. Good statute yeah I mean Nolan in the history of ever has ever gotten the face right Eva I mean I till I almost feel like. Christian aren't all the assets should be set you guys actually got closer like when you look at Eric other two up Bruno all the right there yeah I think that's actually. Closer then most that you get. I mean the caricature a cut a kind of bonds me out that stat she's got more of a thing. Thank you know like my hometown back in Wisconsin had all these statues of flights. Civil war dudes in world war I feel like that's an old thing now. You know in Munich now are good modern art you go to pershing park in Racine Wisconsin and there's a statue of general Persian yeah. Did bust still it can get buster doing out on that outlook to a whole statue personally I'm I am pro statue statue but even a bust is pretty cool. Mentioning a sweet like. Ten foot pole Darth Vader and and that the bad ass on the cape and everything. I mean that. You have unequivocally made it now if someone makes a statute out of you which you have really done something in your life so to college and studied. And remember classical art and architecture hug and a lot of it is these like she Roman statues. And he's Egyptian statues in the some of Omar. Massive. And it its mind boggling how old we don't do anything holy land. It's so fantastic if you can may want to be used cheap materials to build everything now fat and imagine if you have like a giant. 27 foot tall statue of something. They can beat Stephen Hawking wheelchair and everything I was just about cynic how can a guy like Stephen Hawking now. Are any man even. Even Bill Gates or something like a dude I don't lie and an indelible look at and they'll cause spoke no no no no no no you'll admit. Up official are double countless Ken Griffey junior FF. Bush tribute acquitted of for why have a Jill wouldn't pop I Wear a sweater. But Christopher Pratt and a slower showed up. What's what's in the bag in his hand and Rondo about it. I. I am days and do you think gay right advocates welcome back is there. No there's no way. He'll never be welcome here dude. Went and people with role monopoly money at him when he came here to go to bat and the whole stadium would erupted in boos it was incredible that it is it. If you're gonna be the he'll get to that level yet hot it's incredible I assumed as much but yeah no time heals all wounds and I don't think so man I don't think anyone's ever gonna forget him. Here's the thing though present time heals all wounds and I feel like. The marketing people can. If he gets in if you somehow makes into the hall of fame if he does and every what I did and like they capital like I feel like it's sick it's a trim them. The ad wizards you know I had an idea fanatic that twists an image that's spend it's like it's another mariner the world and the love they were also the whole affair out of quicksand McGregor yeah put about I've. What about men and ninety games I swear Bahraini Johnson. Biggest vol fan now well. All we thirty is welcome back here again you know he's he's well looked like tear he's the comes back for that he's in the mariners' player. Hall of fame might be local and doesn't mean anything all things he's just that you get the Sunday. Only if you can figure out how to make these Siegel exploding media. Free standing like this and what you ASEAN way you also a batting cage. Perfect so he's like standing exist yet and there's just like a hole and the ball can go down as army fire and a crew who. And the awesome if it. I amend. Well look it up a Randy Johnson batting cage and the amazing so bombed a much in the replays from yesterday's game and guy hits a home run. Texas player hits a home run to a guy who was sitting in my seat. I'll now. The lake. The guy had to get up and move over like in the aisle but he saw coming and he got up and ran up like five rows of them went over and he got the ball. You sort of feel. Brought original. Oh yeah that was shin-soo each unique crush that that thing is that they was in the air for like eight seconds yeah I mean and Lucille Ball so high and so fox. It was. Crazy Billick academia can finally got the ball and yes. Now it's a dream and I don't want to apple. Speaking of throwing balls now Gregor have historically OK you're not gonna leave it only gad yeah this is a 100% true did you who have a masturbating accident or something no other authority approachable so that's believable. It's technical event at the. This my friend is unbelievable. So there everywhere and walking back from Safeco Field now. Sykora Khan was happening with very which is at the end and noticeable adjustment is Diane Ellis and at these gentlemen. Now that's incorrect you know Diane the character it and now know who's to do the windows right. Thought that's like ten. No it's not even that are available. That's your name of your superhero can't tell you index ten yet I just up is Stephen okay cool. Steve Stephen cold air Steven I would Stephen Graham to hook has left a Stephen Graham said Demi thing I would do it puts a secure economist Stephen Graham. I was a total of about a world new Denver music I wore appeared and curator and a Jew York record of the afternoon and the moon. Club says Dior but it took them is up. Companies and the good episode so we're walking back up past the convention center so we are surrounded by. Rye used in. Can send and end all of these weird people die hands and fifth. Pokemon is and always kind of things are. Coming down and write data as it is in little native American guy. With a foot. And Andy looks to be dead in the point sent me. Fires is full well that if you like it yeah. So I catch it and I'm like all right and throw back and write them from the back I'm like holy crap. It's Geronimo. Swear to god I've played catch with Geronimo outside of the convention center in a middle enemy come convention yesterday afternoon. We take you back in time a couple of years. John Manley greater. Countersuit park complete field or whatever it's called on the ball around and the strongest man in Seattle is there and he keeps clapping Alastair had him don't do it to catch. Guy reading a book whose questionable. As to what he is all about shows up music you have me. It's an hour ago triangle go and we got drunk guy that I sometimes throw it eight feet two with a drug guy I was the first guy that was the basket he is ranked behind me kept getting closer and I'm doing everything I can't ignore them. And finally use delta flies from MD CI royal finally yet. I'll never gives us a standing Greg could you like. I just thought it's joke I've enjoyed a gimmick no dual dual. Now quit your day I let a man and let a play and then this it is that in the guy with book locks up and hit me and Annika here we go now we've got the weirdest. Four sided shape I beyond believe because. Drunk his guy in the universe duel with threw the ball. Eight is ninety grand like north to a seventeen to eighteen feet. But. He is a messy tournament is like throwing it at any of all posts are hoping that event never mechanics orders and hilarious and he rescinded president what you try to pick up after 810%. Excellent yeah. That. And then out of nowhere guy now I had seen the study called Geronimo before I'd seen him yet he's. But I. If cornered down town square feet. Hope we can exercises. Or okay yeah yeah yeah yeah. And it sounds. I mean it sounds like a native American war call threat that he does I can't do I design and a mockery of it but I Q seems like probably the most valiant of the native American rights Toronto right right in our in our super racist ideology of it right. But he shows up and he wants and now that guy has just gotten done is the most fit person at the par totally public the the closest to blob forming human and then the closest to super human yeah all in one place than tattooed guy would luckily ever. And Geronimo. He couldn't fire that ball man yeah into its so many came running right in and running patterns right like right through the through the four of us have. Right down the Lebanese. It is put his arm up like hello while our right so for you to see that guy and believed he has a football and he singles you laps. If we had an impact on them by it down so I was thinking about that the holy home whereas like. Wish I was I some rein them do that just was that made eye contact me or football or lightly. My most like all she's got the sweetest mullet as enemy he's gonna he hasn't changed to pick Greg I can imagine he's already mid season form so to win football season rolls around again this year economic. Are you ready FAA it was unbelievable unbelievable. We did more park tosses like America it's that was fine. Well you're within seven minutes and I mean that I mean if ever finish by. How old Jesus not done yet this solar power I don't you you need power Max power they have and then beyond that they've known. Then they can't do any the other utilities until the powers and rights like you've got a house. But that's that's that. Up real quick before we switch gears yes I just wanna announce another gig at the cinema last pod. IA. Thanks to my wonderful wife prewar shots for Laura Dunning. I found out that one of my favorite race car drivers ever is going to be driving at the Indy 500 this year and I was like. I should go to that my brother lives and outside of Indianapolis. As I should go to that pretty glory one dude chill prepped for my next day she's on the computer buying. Plane tickets she bought me a plane ticket only crowd go to Indianapolis to watch the Indy 500 do cool. You kiss the bricks. If they let me I don't know that you didn't do you do that they my played out isn't the race is a new and in my flat out is at eight silicon and up and have all the time to do that and hopefully we can get out of management conflicts of not. They problems yeah. Huckabee ready to order while I mean how long there is take. The race is like what three hours long time that I've slightest I don't know there's gonna circle for a long time to do 200 laps. And circle. And yeah Fernando Alonso as the driver I love Buckeyes lost some innings. He's been doing really good job of a stock in his its own team or another miserable place. But I eggs together and go to the Indy 500 bed and it's of record as. Super show it to crystal so suddenly calm he had made a reference to the heart of podcaster cookie the other day. And that guy goes to the Indy 500 open every year suppressed if you'll see this and you're gonna be their broke. Let's link up my brother last year what's the 100 Indianapolis 500. And she went as the guest of the governor. Governor of Indiana any guesses labored Mike pets. Global life. The good global it is good for brother Rubin in the Mike Pence a hideout mode so we got to sit in the governor's suite now he's like. G I email notable among Clinton and this is happening and he told me it was like your big radio guy gets tickets or what and I was like your. The president of a bank to Judea and rights or what it's like give me one pats probably to get to the media area recollect what can you do banker guy and the plus just sat with the governor elect. Don't eat right but I of the system to all that you don't enthralled with you. So on Indy 500 perhaps that's typical me and I'm pretty excited at the one of those like. Super sporting spectacles that you're trying to go to is the sports fan in Turkey gives you Fenway absolutely of the unknown to the super bulls probably wore an Indy 500 another big one of those it'll be pretty cool yeah that's China and Indy 500 be bigger than I know I let my I don't know man Indianapolis Motor Speedway does a quarter million people. It was Lawler the the straights are. So it's two and a half miles so the straits are I think the three quarter mile each round and and a half mile through the turns to they had they crazy and feel like NASCAR now yeah told the snake bit. Oh god that's were I never want to be ever. And for now I've I've been to Indianapolis for a move rude GP race it's motorcycle race and that's on the in field and the blue exemption motorcycle racing and that's not blow him yeah DA door Keith Urban is playing. It's in the guy who was so mad about getting that he. Whose lament the rock and roll fame Steve Miller who on his plan one night an acronym that. Keith Urban does not receive this problem. He'd like he didn't get enough free invites to bring his family and friends is I think with him a much to me that blues and tend to show on Twitter let's do it. Han first up Mike again. Pro sonics. He was saying the mayor before you moved here I believe. He was the mayor that everyone hated for being so bike friendly and ruining infrastructure for transportation yeah that. Three Boston Marathon has today have everything goes well national haiku poetry day. I'm go I'm going to Indy. To see a race car race. Hope they sell beer there. Archive and sit and all I'm so trivial HEICO Cooper sympathetic that's a couple of them are constantly tan is. Something I do not. Understand. Go to the next week. Monday motivation then. I mean we has rattled up to like who's at the top of rats what more motivation do you need to succeed. October we'll go for Tucker let's put some fire sauce on it and the apostle our sunset tan as the guy I think the burden of the people the Boston Marathon I think that he's well now. That's on the that's Lynette. Is it basketball players and I have no idea that person's. I know he was the guy who killed by people who casket mall shooting so that cat. They know that the guys that it's not those people mean when I was on the air though well in that all is happening. And I had a really bad streak when I was living in Vegas were on all of those things went down aisles horrible shootings happening. Always during my show. So like I'm coming out of that Pearl Jam as like. By the way all right time out everybody. I've got bad news again. But I was also there and caught the guys that was pretty wild. Ups aren't distracted. Next up Easter egg roll. With egg roll well it's when you fill a one ton scan and full of vegetables and pork and and you Bryant for Easter. City she movies. And when is that supposed to mean Adeline and espoused and has some stupid. Alex Jones speaking of stupid. I'd taught me how it's probably have highway. Promise and it probably terrible happened there and I don't 79000. People tweeting about it click on that one OK then Cleveland. Oh boy oh. After destroying ID guzzle it turns his attention to crow one blog. Can you Godzilla I 85 and the chemical spills upon your highways is only the beginning now I'd buckle lights one mean what is this nonsense. And underground Catholic us a portion of I twenty in Atlanta to buckle this morning. Hold no doubt and within a freeway collapse. Con man myself blocking that started a mother in laws moving away from their do not bring the zombie disease with you to add a regular out of there before she still can still rose to get out on. And I would John Terry because he's scored a goal or something. He's the defender for Chelsey yeah I know John Terry as ousting him Jason Terry for his music would he be turning plays John Terry attorneys coming America finally. I haven't seen here and leaves Chelsea is the best senator back of the Premier League era so he's out. Good he's trashed the from really just got more watchable because he's not and it proved. Suck it tells ski from her home at times coming for you men to items you have an opinion really really really well and not. You've been listening to our dumb podcast they're Smart Smart like a fox. Freeway email these idiots are dumb podcasts. Gmail.com. Phone them on Twitter that aren't on the podcast or eight record and that man child and good thing for our young podcast right team by. Karate university's. General today for your free adult stuff.