129 - Gone Fishin'

Thursday, April 20th

Happy April 20th, dummies!


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It's slightly Internet at our. Starts. All right well we start. It is not very good. Armed and done. It fell and worse. Amid a reference to spend you can talk mayonnaise mayonnaise far man that is a great song Chris drug. And also the best form of managed I can understand what you were descendants. Are you. If you had a choice between men is the miracle of which way to go. Cancer menace and I'm here. What I. Know. And New Zealand that disappointed me a long time. Now. And as some doubt in my head about that a one point and so on a miracle whip is dead to me. Why it's really now I don't know if Procter & Gamble remover and Suton miracle whip the coolest things are about that big man days now that revolution not real quick. I thought that fitness that the pitcher draft. Act bars there yeah there is that we had lobbyists who think that at. That's no chicken salad it's a track. And to have before Tony Barone you have bro yeah bro. So that's four toward me. Guess who bush as he questions. What's the best. Stone or go to snack. Hello not divorcing you because we are federally licensed. Entity. We're not supposed to talk about encourage or do with anything we really incredibly Lonnie Miller and oh my god I have so that email scared me so bad that I am literally is it's really bring it was topic because I might. I'm just going to posts recipes are dad until I started with me and I was like Frito I would say and they don't do here against. The thing all over the southwest of Hedo big time. Some some free dose and that day care place you get it chances are the better it is man's it's like freed those chilly and for me green Chile on top of it it's like it's too analogies with the game change and they serve it in the bag of freedoms which I think is incredible. While not a I'd action of never had a that would be okay in my whole life I was always in a in public the and you'd get like much of role in that container so I don't know like and it's okay whatever yeah freedom I was a big deal school they sort of all the time yeah. I don't know little wanna know what was in there doesn't matter who it is get past ten fingers. If I'm sure it's the 70% fingers dug fingers then they're real. And a little Wiener dog a dog from the new rules but Fallujah it winner from the bastard goes Hughes. Still owners. Full oil pool what are we can work that we can work towards that here OK we want to go through bush go to the Stoner food grew bilingual as a here. Because I went up to the break room today and I have trended. Even those who produced zero results of trying to get a little fitter and lose a few will be its Smart meets you. And Pittston. Challenge. But I'm trying to to have like any suites. In today's who has been a bag of candy your mind with Yeltsin on June loosen unlike Obama can turn on a bag of candy at heartless conciliatory. Like candy adult a bit ironic I've been on. That honest suites kick lately and I got to stop that immediately because. I do enough damage to my body as is minus the chocolate to the shooters at the clues do death that's the number one worst. Each of those peers it's those craft Beers have anywhere between 2025400. Calories. Man well I mean I drank a unicorn thing yesterday's I've got sugar until nine have you and it was the same one. No I got identified that they would patent re frozen as like now I'm gonna I was sure if you just rocks off the sand what did you evil thing. About a small and yeah they they dribble I had 12 bites of it it was too sour. You know our property no short time left I haven't yet I had a by the way side note on the nuclear freshness. Does that tenure to glittery which is very disappointing well salaries they drank though think I was for science yeah I was cravin as craven guarantees. Obviously got a unicorn prep gentlemen by Democrats street didn't like getting your cheese really grilled cheese grocery Starbucks did their good boy did. For real confident as is terrible bill alone won't come back to buy telescope. Star food group's first of pharma something in chips yet chips for sure candy now. What's another Stoner food group like John microwave rubles microwave. And a and then up frozen. Our commitment to drinks too isn't in there like you've got to Ashland apparent with. Can. But it's not one of the food groups it's something that you do we have a space to make. Faster maybe. Merely categories food we've covered fast food okay. Cisco but if you get in the break room if you had the desperate remembrances strip Bruin straits neck sack yes next step gotcha because I mean the like. The two cheeseburger meal McDonald's. And that's pretty much to go to account for those all four number one ever lose. I think I'm convinced that's what del taco has meat for because their tacos are small. And they're cheap and you can get like a thousand of them for like little adults with takes them 9000 years to do to serve you in the drive through. Yep yazoo Fries so kind of resort Saudi out. It with a fury lord is also critical front office has so OK fair I know you are now 45 minute plea to work and there was only one person in front of Dubai yes. But Google France so epic and really you really won this this round all right so let's start where if react chips candy microwave drinks yeah Mike grace thanks for us. Yeah and the goodness there's some things that are and then like that don't really have me home and they're like a cub beef jerky stick with words like you know let's salt. Its chips. A polemic ships were put in with other other yeah. Okay so in the food pyramid of starter foods there's. Chips candy on this the food pentagon now looks like. Has to ground the fruit could Tikrit downhill rule. Right the middles Snead Doug he's right in the middle of that miserable club. Under way. Please stop with the it's 420. Thought that was funny and lane with in about 32. Stop. And also if you wanna be taken JC is a cultured stone of people then. You can't do that anymore not a that they wanted to take it seriously. You know it really disappoints in that's really. And has taught me the two crucial jobs you could have besides being the radio station like outside of radio was working ahead chopper record store share and boy looking back on that unlike. Well at least the record store guys cultured. Credit it would be a writer to catch up like wow army ready he's well read and Carol act as a means what you had chopped Maria. He's really gonna pushing the Veba Milan and that's what he's really that an act act at any S classic is the bread and butter of the heads up guys to make an ass and he has classic now I did see that. I refuse to buy if accords are still leaves Islam we got here I mean they had no problem selling of the I don't think they're gonna miss your money. That's fine well. Palestinians and the protest the thing that set me off about that Palestinians is that some mover driver out to the screen I am and an and into the classic. In the back biztalk C to play Super Mario lawyer didn't driven around and that. Yeah and yet I got to love left take major Tacoma please don't mean. He'd get to those trips and you can afford drone but look ahead and to win Superman about Tony it's it's a couple of but he can't we have talked about childhood yeah right. So our mail him. If I'm different gold chips section I start with chips I've had a real change of hearts in the last year I would say I just did the blinking a million real life cook with high. A little. Bit. Oh. I I'd now like the cheese snacks is my news there was this is I can't go on opposite and conflicted with the styles Capitol Hill and you this. So. But she's its goldfish. One there's the same thing in different shapes and all of them both tees it's just a little bit more. Men each other's religion but I don't tune now I was for ever I was either cheat those or cool ranch Doritos forever. Man can you do better than can you do better then current street is. I was stunned taco formed agreed ghoulish last episode yet that was just an eskolaste Thursday's. So yeah so that was how I used to be was those two cheat those it's official chino putts and bags I would not never stopping to not offend the pucks. They get there so weird and a T figure like real weird but man all of the chief of the cheese ball. And the big can I don't container cool to do that but I can't catch it a hundred times the dog loves those two because I'm not very good to know you're actually it isn't the idea that dog like. It over and over economic some of a picture amazing but I'm just so licked. I used to be all about that and now I'm she's cracker. Guy like if negotiator now I also the interesting thing that I don't smoke pot the right and so that's also a factor now. Somebody when I'll leave the person's name up for an criminal and into tonight incriminating uncle gave me. I think it was three. Cheese and crackers that were wheat cracker yes. And eight definitely did not board a plane and take them across state borders that would be illegal into them and law abiding man right right that if we don't do any drugs builds the FCC hates those yeah fracture but if you work I'd get drunk on Jesus that's right. So if they're in the make believe world you may have may remain out of engines that's dangerous week and this is not an uncommon thing to talk about the read. Cheese crackers are you kidding me like that is like a problem waiting to happen come on like band that is good. And I'll want seven more. And so I may or may not have found one totally crushed in just turned into chi do we'd done a stint of in a bag the bag thinks yeah before I went to a ballgame the other day. And it was barely any enemy yes she does now pro cinema seat I was like I don't have to give up an F for allegedly. And I mean now muscle pain pressure and that's funny because I had a friend who went to you a consequence. After the show. They were offered. Who we'd go fish now. And my friend in a lot of them that it tonic and exact suit great bad news yeah well. Surprisingly he handled it very well it was that I don't think there was a lot in there now so you could kind of and that's the idea yet he could go to work. But he had a Big Ten minutes. So yeah I'm kind of cheese cracker right now because here's the thing is I like drinking coffee. If you if you drink coffee and you eat great story does your monster share but there's no bad does not and well. I have eight coffee and pastry eater only. I don't need anything else with caught I have a coffee now. The only through that I mean at that point is a pitcher's answer I can do anyway love you know pastries so it's like whenever I bring it. Beyond that I'm very exclusively comes so that. So but there's other chips that. Property off some Pringles nephew wants of the funding to the Pringles because we need to stick your hand in the sleeve and apostle Thomas have a final or a few rules about funnier and buying guns. Are awesome and I picked up had a real decline big time also want not overlook your bugle call because that's pretty brilliant you know my fingers doc I think today. And at thirty minutes is getting your hands and face under yeah like. It didn't blizzard out on idol. Don't if stance had exist throughout as. Nineteen. I ever actually feel like I now I that would be perfect for like ten to twelve year old me like where I regulations to make we used to get the VHS camera video any time fighters had nothing to do that my economic creativity would be off the joy of Internet celebrity. And making almost no money and then we have to show my tickets. I'd be good. I yeah I would lead yeah that would would have to be I would WW two I think for the fans sit up in enemy and if that's not for the the quick paycheck that's for the click on this link it would go to the after hours sued spin who disease and it bread foods. Yes so I guess I meant you just don't find the common Buell combos those were great. The breaker has commas are now and I have been shut up why we've been doing this kind of stupid to be eating them right now as we do this. Best combo goat cheese. Now pizza pretzel now pizza pretzels that jam broke. A statement that I have a real hard time with the old lesson reflux and the and tomato sauce testament I think I have a nice shade problem more than it she's can be some problem beds and make it. I just learned this recently I'm pretty low to mid night shady is on like attempt from the tomato family stuff that I don't know what's that. Should win it's me and I was like yeah I don't remember that story is fell off the cliff that's had an awesome announcement well whatever I mean I'm the fifth I'm just trying to total night shade at. Myself all right we're finding out angled work a little what are red shades. Helio mom can. I no longer care. A low as starts. A hot. This article starts with. At the ancestral health symposium. No longer care clicks back yeah. Who put up a couple at the back to best chips and Doritos lets kids as long as they're cool. But yes I don't gravitate towards. It's red sauces the caddie give me a pizza in Vienna where Connie I'm sure they need to be a tie and food and and I just can't do within like three hours of bedtime it was a massive problems euthanasia aides played at the bed sheet okay got me to have those I think amnesty but I don't know that I thought that was very. With a little bit of a you didn't get a huge a lot of may lose important that you understand the subtleties of that joke was not lost on me thank you thank you this. Who's been a real moment in our new podcast with our third chips if you had to pick a chip right now I was like what's got dividends chips what is it. Boof. I have so they're not upstairs I'm I am yeah I major right now medical center and major in you three chips any major into you. Checks mix. Sex mix rocks yet exactly. The party the party favorite ones but they make your group's real. Questionable with a terrific terrific. I think it's the literal. We've got to go to when I go to that the market. It's like a business decision how. You're always at those at the whim of work wherever you go to like crap whatever they carry the council of Jews and from another Thomas street market is weird man bill had been public your typical. That's. The best face ago I feel for like. Test market. But potato chess because they always have like you know lay's always as outlined one flavor yet however minor smoke or. Well I've never had oak chips before he joked ships or troops but also they all taste exactly the same bad shots and I knew Armstrong sub W that the epic epic that's. So I've been an aid checks mix. Pita chip I'll send my love pita chip that's more fancy. I don't care and the bang for your buck is terrible because they're expensive and bank is small enough so. Not the best but the but the good betting feared guts big cheers cut Gallic you give her a thank you get molest fat fat fat from doing backs. And then I really like each. The salt and pepper kettle chips comic god you could any of the kettle chips except. With the exception of the whole opinion get out of here totally cute a lot of those two separate Cheaney kettle chips are there had to pepper Chiba. It is it is everything I want from a hall Pena temperature celts up. Just without feel like you're doing this just to make your throat and bubble hurt like the hope anyone's of that. The pepper Cheney's just one notch down and make it totally enjoyable I am in I'm going to guard story this weekend in them and do that all of the honey designed kettle chips which is sick kettle chips did you bring a flavor yet like really I'm in fact yeah. But they even have a thing I don't like ketchup flavored kettles gently. I'll try Khalid isn't it just a delicious just bring them here yet. I like it duel and eat the entire back there readily get Lou. Love you we don't. Then I say a bomb. Jesus is my next guy to liabilities it's actress gets temperatures it's a useless. Yeah I mean I have asked for wanna give me three I hate to say this I think I just I just remembered my ultimate I'll save it I'll save it for the and the the ultimate. Ultimate still respect I have only get ahead. OK so. What about like chips and salsa. How men in a little blue corn tortilla chip my cat peanuts at the peanuts that dummy he loves them too he like he hears the bag company comes up from the Bakken and he like the hole to return to eat here as a thumb he tries to grab monitor hand winery it's very annoying but little slippery Sharon Johnson certificate that thumb. We've been doing a lot of Oklahoma get a lot of fancy cheese from the Q a C as a rude and she's longer there and so I walked by and always would want to achieve a local. Great title by knowing she's longer commit to Celek you're almost a monster but not quite like here you're into the dark RT you that you practice that they fear monger of any sort out lakes. You're nefarious. Million I don't know about. Hatteras recently in the way that they made felt. Was by doing some Korea through it's called but the mixed Mercury were firm in felt but it made them all not slide that's the manner correct not crazy stuff. It's like I never was that was common thing for hatter to be mad because of film making which is great I just thought making that's why. On the cheese monger shop and Edmonds if you're ever up and Edmonds. Do yourself a favor and GQ and a half a sandwich and soup from the cheese motor shop my dad I do that she's as you know who. Like you there right now so yes about three or probably. And pain. First one lesson that are of a hotel tips any thing then arm I would say cheese sits. And then. Right now just right now speaking only. I it was about this a few weeks ago but I've a couple times gotten the barbecue freedom which is a the twists I'd get together down that path. They've put too many of them back I want the small free goes bag of those because the big valuable still eat the whole thing but also makes you feel awful. It's an excellent at the big back to Thomas democracy if you. Have you tried the what are your thoughts on line that they do like the I guess this kind of in my tracks next thing you know Drina says this now Olympic. Party bag that's like. To read those pretzels chips now freed those. They're never the gracious always strong and also not the right freshness accumulate. Garrido stay fresh and different way than pretzels to. And so really appoint a excellent the pretzels or maybe a little too. Almost like they've been in moisture too much or just a little too mushy or so that that all the and the or the Doritos of that the other things are OK they're it's a delicious combination but the mixture and then the freshness is never quite right. It's always seems to a great idea because you I will like to read those and I am I Lola and ships out lake. And held suffer through the pretzels the exercise apart they don't really wants out of all those party bag things they even checks mix like. Three Jeb pretzels and here I'll beat the crap out of pretzel voltage commute back pretzels on the products that hot yet but I feel like duration as rise run in his bags where it's like. Our players 74 pretzels circles and two pita chips and now man the pita chip also on a indefinite hiatus from Garnett knows the ides when they when they released the only the rye bread chips guard as I ate like 9000 of those and I can't go back now although right now storm brought to me and I would definitely eat them to the sound delicious. I think it's got to overcome pro am pro guard dead of I just burned out I had some sort of a burnout and know that make sense I like live next to a shop that had a minute animals time of the day go back to you it depends really implies Thomas chief market doesn't sell those but they sell the checks and accidentally while it's expects rocks did does it says right on the bag that's how you know. What's next on. Candy already sit manages depends it's got to be said he can pop companies like candy bar is essentially out. The actors like because that's a one. 32 moment and it's almost it's Halloween time and get a bag of candy bars right of course so Iowa's by dots that's like a weird thing I love dot desperate Lawrie about a an antidote to home are now devote a Bed, Bath & Beyond the dots are coming home you know if I'm like gosh should get almost like just give them you don't talk about a movement that FF FF a that's dots from a jam but if you get the whole life backfires answer because they have enough food on your own. The pink ones pink dot my god. Mud yeah I've got my god my god Michael that you gotta have hair got up and late to stop it. It. Blood dots. A lot of skills until they turn the green on the different flavor like what were you thinking and a near fail you idiots fail. Peanut Eminem who hall. There within. I mean this disease this is a paid. Star bursts cyber surgery to. Let that you hit to its two worms. My friend is still in its two chewy can make it's a little weird after awhile now. There is I had creep I too would hear me and as you. Well look the really answers any units in kooky it's kaine able to protect because I've been there are plenty of time to rest. And it really does it matter changes all the time yet doesn't matter it's like if this were in that state of mind it's like Al Ali what's in there and really all of that I was pretty Matta Julie Miller for a minute. Not a new talked about it because I was like. Oh that omelet guy that was the best leverage and ability ever honey the next woman that's like dogs mean especially hang up what does ever look at it like to. It is what are what do you think that's right and that they do that on purpose to like have weird flavors and their. But then I had a big bag of home and after the first 44 of them the night it was like hit or miss then at some point obviously one parent has convinced me that the questions I only eat dog in this is delicious findings mix it in there with the popcorn won its cheery and if you're good to get. I am key lime pie jelly belly exclusive at this point how. That's very specific and I really be joining us now the red ones are the ones that those little green guys hold these smokes there's a red one and a bag I'm in yeah OK I don't care there all the red flavors are good yet okay well for me for candy admits that does and I only have one about Eminem's prove. I love love love love peanut butter cup Olivia and about it tag a love I don't Easter came so my favorite Easter candy. And resume sags right. Sometimes okay that's part of it the gum. It happens twice Sierra several times a repackaged them in different shapes and stuff it's the section of the drugstore where they have the is that it's not. It's Russell Stover has noted is sure to have the differently some of homer marshmallow for a lot of fun of them bonds I now advocate egg shape it add Cadbury egg no it's liked. It's like this they get flaps its of us have this big it's like the size of in his little smaller than a computer mouse. I didn't and some had to have like raspberry fill in or strawberry but when it comes down to it like just marshmallow on or my favorite. Is the one that's still lose not chocolate and caramel you know. God. Him and they sold out so fast secure C this year it was like but to get one free in the Akeelah and sends them and it came back and expand the the good moral right and this is four weeks until the until you start now that you get more pay him a man accused. And if that meant yeah I I am you better Eminem. They excludes. Credit that is knives I mean. Eight European neighbors did so like Reese's peanut butter cups are great note. But Ewing Q and again you gotta think of like I can't pace myself I'm gonna have the munchies for an extended period of time here I got to be able to go back in the bag and go back so for me it's a new little bag maybe two if you're really in that can play they have. Impressed with the equipment that. Could be reckoned ships with that you're just there for the candy and. A little hard shelled eggs on Aaliyah I don't know who make some but many Bay Area and Cadbury or Reese's I don't know there are. Yeah there's like a thin shelled a little chocolate on the inside and I. I'd do we bought some for pretty bush friends come and visit this weekend it was a but he loves those or whatever practices that sort of thing that she raised about him Pacific group and so we have to buy three boxes concern competing every box. That's the kind of I haven't laughed harder except. I did buy a bag of pita chips for ruin my aunt and uncle were in town this weekend you know I ate at me for addition a photographer at the end of and they had a bit. Can trust you with Starr at the headed up by the same token if I have anything if I'm like if I just keep circling back to the kitchen and needing Warner five at a time Pia if I dislike seal multiple and in the cupboard I forget for six months of hell yes. Totally took I do that about a dozen eggs like a week ago that we could open it. Couple days ago because it but it doesn't matter and like yet last night I get overworked and I'm like humans are going to do you. I hippies in the freezer so it could like I like it. Monster to share and then like I say half the pizzeria writer put the other half of the fridge for her later and the proficient it's like a nice healthy doesn't have like. So a month it's got a deal is why hiding from me these exit you fees are buddies showed that the speaking of Easter Bunny eggs there used to be at Q let's see every year than him this year and I haven't checked the last couple used him in mirrored some healthy. But they would have an egg carton and instead of eggs in there it would be a marshmallow. Egg covered in dark chocolate. And you get twelve of those and the united plow through it. The loses the biggest marshmallow guy I don't even know I don't I don't know what it is about it it like really it'd probably heard my teeth the names we sir I was just waxing put. You lime pie jelly beans so yeah unit to ease their and that's certainly cool we'll breaking news. Phil Riley leaving Fox News the payout of up to two. 25. Million move fire eagle fire me any different when he five million militants fired after sports. Mary is blues super patent and man if I had. It's. I have the next we didn't really solve anything there but I hear yeah did repeat offender Eminem's also anything except for unicorn brutal whenever mom if it has it has. Blue raspberry is a flavor of a man oh yes for sure for airheads. I never liked airheads it was it never. I was town Jolly Ranchers do Romanov the judge candidates storage that they had there were about it but just like a six in truer Yale Amanda Groupon of those two to phase out here totally dominate next category microwave to slash frozen. Boy I can't you. Now leadoff. Let's starts with that take Quito. God DM your genius. Latino man and a think I can load time and you do for a time two minutes on call for one in the gets shall also and you're done little solace in the top I would do. I would keep taco talk about. Packets in the house specifically. For two Q does. All I have found that Tallulah is a really good substitute for or any help jackets who was odds with the and it's like a four ingredients like not terrible for you it's natural and it's delicious we've talked about as far as you know on the topic teal meant but Chu is like. Top twenty his girlfriend so if you're not familiar with to look the world with the would cap and some in the stories too little got a lady I didn't give it just give didn't use it. Get a very stereotypical. Old world Mexican lady this is the Mexican product life. He can't confirm there's no doubt what it is. So Kasich Quito on would know that I'm Hayatou keyed as my number one would be. Pizza rolls he had to misty knows yet to Tina decision to team to Tina's. A cookie mixes in the oven right let's take it to the next level. Because you've got to commit for that time for that here's the deal is as we talked about two pods ago the toaster oven orders worth it's really just Trevor. The only literally the only times in the year that I'm like god dammit why don't I haven't. Cricket the toaster oven pins and I'm doing to -- others and pizza pockets I was so just take of Washington microwave burrito that's mine by the way Indian migrants or Metallica is my jam I love that the most of camp but I wish I could have patients. To cook it in the toaster 120 minutes it's just that that's never gonna work and it's an African. Yeah. I really inside. The white castles things that they sound like Kessler generals discussing. The list are going way out terrorism and hello I guess I gotta tell Evelyn at a white castle want to listen I was a teenager looking at colleges and I was not everyone loves white castle I was like this is not what counts gross. I will try again to be fair to him for its wake also do listening anyone send us a white castle would not grocery store but it's like you turn me around yeah absolutely you can turn me around. Or keep coming back. Some of these seven under the order dessert if you're mr. Vegas that epithet at Ottawa yesterday easily cancel them. I don't want to miss idol what now as late shift that's a little on yesterday's but you can get him in the freezer now like now. Can't I can't get down with like. I kick it down and anything it's like a Micah waved car that feels weird me out and now. As I just simply to Tito's and Yemen may have did like they did have frozen in a bond with little bit even though like pace slowed the Jimmy Dean ones that you can Blake Brigitte. May I and what I think about it really but not somewhere it's attitude it's now a brother make the sausage and everything in and out of what's being real about it. Except stop over a year ago go to the park maybe good to come to start bug get a grand sausage right now make a budget remains. I get the Brett fists or need to be done for thirty attack ask who the other notes that before so this seems inefficient for the fact that's worth do you put little afforded due to taste bitter. Have a NASA makes an effort on bush at the or. Acquitted a marshmallow root Howard chickens have both been better if it acts as a GMA this Etsy do you make of it got pretty lawyer was so mad at me when you had evidence the kind of bowed to review of the old nipple woman drove hopeful idol I didn't mean it's opposite effect at. And she says to me. Chicken for breakfast you're not. For real. If she brings up some southern thing that pleased to have that you did its chicken biscuit from some specific brand or whatever it's not just to the chair if she thought I was core. Really easy for not wanting a chicken strip for breakfast and how much I don't I've never had that I don't I would expect from me but now. Pick sort of feel like it's necessary to go to to playing it would of their breakfast. This can't yet a chick fillet at Julian mentioned at one point passing retirement last week gathered chick fil a breakfast thing is pretty interesting averages are what's at risk category and drinks. No way we did microwave so we agree of for me it's a frozen burrito I love a microwave burritos and Oman yeah I'm going to Tito yeah okay I'm there two billion Iran I probably still have a few in the freezer right now. Nice to go to Costco and get to implement our freezer here and then he'd him up for a time in the morning but far it's my dad. Yet you're making a decision that's. I just look at the seven hours of work to go like domino boots spare each other that meal has consequences if I thought that epithet at. I will become ask. Says the cost goes up dummies RA drinks. Okay when you are. For want me to. Yeah that's not my friend used to say a career in high school we had a term for it and it was hey you wanna do skiing and most people think that meant cook I mean let's let's say. That's at the skiing I've defensive okay. News is on slopes and CB fuses to be clear eyed not all I'm also not talking about actual stink if ever look at that the but W it when you see someone eventually total cold and you Republican pick who also does the basic problem so. I was just besides he's the college fish so if you're if you're a little bit if you caught some fish you know available just yet. From a day of skiing grand. Then you need the perfect you need the perfect balance between the foods and drinks to me. It's no longer the iron law of sold a water so much it's like I'm out here all lean on and like. But I think about right now mutton sounds cute I thought about bringing and so the stream to work to sort and so wanted to in the day of all you ass hole would be usable mobile I would touch it. In trying to get bubble performing don't run into it so do you what does it lead like. I don't like this so allotted at the flatness like that flat as his bubbly dilate. It's. To me it taste like flat seven. Again doesn't have any flavor to it so. Rove like when your kid near like Taco Bell or something like that sent us a Taco Bell hops up w.s and there again now. On it and we are karate attuned to we don't really get out of here FF FF FFF. Commitment that the yeah I would go to you go to the fast food or whatever like it was a treat you know hydrogen Castro hit a that he go to Filipinos approvals the stream coming out of that doesn't would darken up and take a city like no other run. President sweet nectar this is just. Let boards wounded flavor let's bubbles over offending me gusting. Well equipped Mike Richard and pop. Loss of one of those bubbles and boy does it deliver you justice two start with a couple squeezed lime in it it brings to life a look at hotel prince Antonio and that got pricked cucumber and BI and the women's float around watering hula hoop hoop. The greatest minister Gatsby but wind. When he used to it lived in colder climates. It used to be. Do in the do. Sane yeah I'm in on the Mountain Dew. It is I mean I decide nectar a minute ago that is and his sister of the green dads on this idea that you're right that is definitely 100%. I don't drink Sunday morn now I've never really drink well that's a lie like. I've been. We we came up from the age of soda man like that's yet at a high never had soda at home. Soto was always a fast and exclusive for me play tonight at sodas and I went out and got so for me it was it became a problem more. But where would be like stop for a pack of smokes and yes it did dollar mound do whatever that apathy has always liked and whose tax smokes and some talk denials. Yeah yes it's like. It's it became really easy to do it on top general quicker than that will the government do they look at your car and it's like 9000 empty mountain news and like Natalie discussing. You're also killing yourself with cigarettes and Mountain Dew it's pretty simple man most of my interest of the newest thing I definitely have never smoked a never not once. Idea if you see me walking up Capitol Hill with a bag of Peta but I Eminem's yet. Some checks picks and a handful to Tito's Tenet and Mason Dickie does NM mound do yeah I've noticed. Furious with Robin guy he's got to find back debt that is they do that is that is the fisherman's dinner for me. Every time. Also don't mind a really relates BR. I'm Mike jail like which of course light excellent that I went from I'm from feel the effects of winter. Then and I like that idea have. This is so good about changing gears a little bit of a beer can help you out with. A dig that's a good idea it's a good point it's a good point I'll always so scared that it's going to be like a McCain should be your fish. Now some like gold opener the aussies system went out UN until I say us yeah once you understand where you're out it's like all right we can transition back to reload your. Do you of the occasional doctor pepper god damn doctor pepper at sonic with a crushed ice the it made it a base although I have to say. I think mr. Pitt might be better. You've been listening to our dumb podcast they're Smart Smart like a fox. Freeway email these idiots are dumb podcasts. Gmail.com. Phone them on Twitter are dumb podcast or eight record and that man child and good thing for our young podcasts from Cuba I karate university. What yeah.