145 - City Mario

Thursday, June 29th

I don't think you spelled that correctly...


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I mean for Brit it's really benefits like for it's on my face. Starts. All right well we started. It is not very good. Armed and dump. It's the worst I got karate dream book. I'm good my my. He's I think for. Throughout the flu goes on news you son of a pitch closer phones are McMillan believes it tonight how about that Phil yeah. I don't think your faith not enough to be that you faced. And. Period. In your face exclamation point it to the still doesn't work Cooper believes that and remind understood. Moving on welcome Darden put their heads. You're gonna have the sex tonight not product. You can have a date night and have a date. First date for a state you have haircuts and explain things you're gonna look at the lot but it does have a haircut is an aside. Be filling this week that was demeanor that photo also like. Here is yen has shake your retirement. Yet you if you like JU that I do not a bike got to keep it to you image of the guy that for the first three years I knew if you you have long hair. I didn't if you mix. You know Europe overnight guy well yeah I don't dozen well also learn after that experience you like I can't do that again we got keeping it we gotta keep it packet that I thought the thing right now with the baby coming in on do we talk about the last week and I'm trying to decide whether or knots I want the pictures to be embarrassing in the future of how dumb analysts. I think the answer is definitely yes. Amritsar is out there and hope you don't take offense to it got ism not trying to so in other words it's correct prepare to be offended interface and a half. I think no matter how you look you know in fifteen years when you look back you make I looked like it complete idiot. God I've always like I feel it's unavoidable but I mean like your market today you'll be fine. Maybe it's just classic mini Disco classic in its clean and that's the way to do it also it's funny how much of an outside view her cut your head is so what if I know it's so weird. I like way to think about those gray isn't as though is and why it had been okay yeah. Interface that if I mean for Brit it's for real benefits like for it's on my face. For me the real but to keep saying these things about me a bit but it. The whole Arnold podcast it's there it's a trap cast. Now. Speaking to you it's a trap shut surfing cookies from Demi it made me my new Rainier is Ricky card. You text me that he was releasing this it's really good it's. Really where you put it got my good side go to the ODP Twitter Tikrit thanks it's it's really high quality. Come announced in a lot of say that tops card is like the frame is probably from like 1986 navy. So game cookbook and legitimately a couple of it is now it says right here on your baseball. And Amanda Marie tweeting that obviously of course refer. Fair. With the son of a pitch. I'm willing to promote caps it's very good very good. Wheldon keeps out of school yet anyway Demi. You've done it again. That's not minding your name although I can actually turn this around and and they make you feel really bad in say that he's using the robbery in years ago. That'll bother him so in your face Keith at. The right now I think which what's the rate on the base well it was different in the beer. It's a little bit alarmed modern America. Not that I care but. I know as a designer though bother him. So ha ha ha ha. Turner. You heard about turned about. I'm. Yes so should I looked additional American get scruffy or rushes go for it broke do you feels right. It feels right to do it alone on the longer hair it's weird and cool public I don't flirt but every time I see myself flick. A Bradley at Roswell that I really don't know like such a turn that's the problem. Other half of that is every time I've ever gotten a haircut because Miller grow too much in my life yet I see a picture six months later a woman looked like six months ago on a legal. Bushel at the cool now I get try to get there but. It's I feel whenever I try to. My wardrobe. We got a T shirt and jeans I mean good teachers but like you know pretty casual now. Casual out on knobs you know. But everytime I try to like up and up as a I was start wearing more boots which I do enough of like dude it's more button ups and Bubba vote I must like who are you kidding me on the head though of course that it out like. Saved they don't like a good about their wash my hands it was an. He Aaron I. You have rights familiar saying Eric he washed not the guy the boss' hands now Old Bailey good look in the mirror you like a hole yet due to erect a way to Asia back you're not fooling anyone. In your face yet in your face. The only things that in your face off. And though use. You know. But yes so yes Brandon from the Internet help me out with this by saying that I should go for. Original Star Wars X wing pilot should be my luck. I'm like damn I was terrible orange. Yeah that only a rough but the like the look in terms of the like the parent. That's a good helmet hair also in the beginning and yeah Paducah mustache at some point. Pretty laurel of that. You can't afford bringing back the moustache now I'd I'd brought good mustache he's Hugo there's certainly taking some sort of shot of sugar liquid from a syringe. Thumb from what we went to marvel day on my so liberals and there's a mustache on the thing though looks real good. The Marleau incident which through which we will forever blood was spilled beer on a kid had dropped not just on another yet. They tell you what to do as leader of bright ideas and go like I mean I'll state to the intermission. Yeah and up uploaded in cabs like I'm gonna I'm gonna go hang out some relatives like the drummed that is the lead yeah I have been away from me. I'm no one is talking to me too we see dead pool. And then I ran into you some of that I nearly manly and as a candidate what are you doing here and like I don't have an answer to that's. A Spiderman and yes but cern the QQ not to Obama faced pain and your disease Letterman he's my lawyer Spiderman OK and so. A fifth republic might by the church reveal my Spiderman confidence in the attack at. You got me to let us look. Like don't ask us a lot of Matt's just wait DJ listened. It's funny that you like Spiderman but just dude slowdown that's my aliens who have at do you generally becomes Spiderman. Mean it's so good about Luigi loss. Donna hit. That's gross yeah you could ask you a question that the political Luigi. How close are working I'm sorry I feel bad. I had to beef with the run and he's fine. The feeling. The thing is the shafts because he's player to now. And Miller wasn't there to do with it they won I was. Green and blue of the that's. Pretty I don't living in Seattle has like how Luigi is cool but like think about this Super Mario Brothers two you have the option to play as all the characters. You'd go from Mario. To princess to towed. To Luigi either we get out since week she was last gathered at a Michael. Really kind of goofy Hewlett jumps brewing slowly and he's not very fast on the ground he's a he Mario is what he is and that's not fair. A Luigi is haunted mansion is not that is that you would want caramel time looking for money is gonna back computers such a ghost of his confirm marvel time Luigi sex so wish that even while Luigi sucks. Lakes. Even his bad version of him also terrible poll seriously lazy naming like they did that on purpose also little like Mario worry though. Get it perfectly well done Luigi. While Luigi Gatti there stop its Luigi is like Mario is older brother like afraid though is. Michael's older brother. Who that's a good Kolb. You know he's probably gonna give up to Pamela secrets you're gonna have to murder him got to send him to Vegas spoiler alert send in today's guest stars are about it as a team needs 1974. O'clock 650. I knew was you afraid now look how hot he dead and house. Washington this weekend all right pepper. My commitment is that we're just watching godfather movies that's nothing like spending hundreds of dollars to planning for that fills up and Tucson is getting married to move into cinema but how does is lady is from Tucson. And he named this friend of yours you know him as creepy pizza okay. You know confusion exit deal senate to PPP sort of a back as real I about shout out and he hit me up to be like. Hey man what's your address and I'm like what are you sending to the that the package or look at Seoul and talk to get my work address and he's like it's a wedding invitation and I was like. Yeah so cool if you win the wedding and he was like September or whatever and it's like. While I'm out on paternity if not gonna work and I'm like do you them and have a quick two weeks after a brand new baby I don't know formula to do that. Feel terrible blow to the Tucson now it back to the desert. Yeah I our ideas but to fight back TU Wisconsin for my high schooler and not the desert no balls so I've look at this like garlic man. And anyone listening back home don't take offense has been like man. He's medication on a trip back to Wisconsin and I'd much rather go to like New Mexico or Phoenix. You know. Make no sense of home but like come yeah. On his son some heat its cactus. When the reunion. First week of August right before so it's gonna get the slit his ball sack part of summer yet. Cruel summer aware killed just because it's. Lahore court everything outside is like someone's what bulls have been brought against it and the mosquitoes are in full of facts like its colonial balls. On my face. We're not evolves the mosquitoes. In my bigoted term into I am in and out. Mark that was you know an art I fly in Thursday at a mindset of flights are crazy you can get like. Every at new there's no relatives. Milwaukee after notre acts. McIntyre director Chicago that's like two hours then I think the bus that's even worse than flying. No direct flights and all of them like crazy hours slick I leave Thursday I mean it's a Thursday morning. Wednesday night essentially mean. And they get there really are really and then. I you have a baseball game on Sundays I'd be back before. 4 o'clock on Sunday pay people from a past Clinton is not much you mean to me well hey there. Will now men are working hard I mean if anything like I'm busting my butt to get there so yeah you pay attention to Al which house lights went to finesse. And then like trying to fight back with it was like. Up to some sort of award for the dedication you put into your. And most likely to make it back home or not the tobacco but they tobacco. Does Pamela Anderson is if my high school life if this is to mimic how high school went. I won't win that award they'll have that award and I still winning and nick are you kidding me. Thank you really. Yeah do. To the call would be cats are. And took the brick built and playing fine fine. But that could be defeated him three units a warning Israel when he heirs and my god my god it's crazy I was searching on FaceBook for our I search for like five people every six months to see if we can find them I don't know why. It's like. Five random people from palm high school tournament what happened to them is great beat a dead and act like you might be dead. Yeah and the like what are Jennifer Saint John is she still thing I don't know. Arab soldier what did you do media people around them and they're not on social media or they'll hide themselves from being searched for something in that I like really get creeping in like relieved bit deeper deeper right I don't find anything I come back six let's let us thinking they'll be something this time. I yet so it we have it's it's a much easier now because the social media like we have a reunion FaceBook page or an effort and it's kind of weird because like I was gonna go because. But I get invited to this page in the IKEA for a my friends are ultimately I don't know any of these other people are well I mean the names are like I necessarily I'm Emma. I remember the more from my elementary school or middle school manually high school you don't mean me I'll I wanted. I was in school affect him now let an Everly madam but like the names there. So I was like I'm not going and then I'll certainly for a my other friends are on this sort text and an entity covent. And I'm like hole. Somehow doesn't because of cooling oh yeah totally every was gonna go and like. Bush whose low dynamic. Chris is going to be there at Scott Brown in the public. It's nearly gotta go just to see who'd Arafat though right. A total but again you just on FaceBook also I keep I mean you can Altidore and tender and some of the people who you match up with was the molecular I move. News. You're digging for people on my FaceBook whatnot I came across the random ass I found some pictures from the tenure reunion courtesy got to do the math that was yeah nineteen years ago similar four years ago posted pictures for five years before that Africa right. But all the pictures are of all the people who. Word like the cool mean. Like. You know this the coop who don't get a little younger and their. Straight to sit con convention they all suck now the but they're still holding onto that he conceded they elect even meeting up together to fill them up with some like Perry gained two glimpse of their past area toughen up a little bit. And the little the the one kid that showed a public still is not cool and I can you could tell told was still feels not cool around all the people used to pick on him to go to. I'm what it's awful I hated all the people told the people that showed up for it. So that when you know one year with reporting myself and well I'll go back and hang out all those losers. A goal back for the twenty does that feel like it's kind of milestone one and like the idea this one now a good. Anyway died between this one in the next one so men had gone through this thing. It's a terrible. That. Otherwise you could if I price not the same thing at the tent set who took a actually but it was probably more of Booth at more likely that the Fed the Fed make it between turn into what is actually a bigger freed the making of beyond too complicated. Totally 100%. Yes I'm kind of like at a weird. Huddle how do you think I approach this like how do I go in the dragon of the because look. Another answer to humble brag. Pretty cool that. They can we manage the disease free deliberately compared to let Ivan bring laurel disagree with him something but I look asks. Pictures of some of my friends that have had kids yet for ten years and stuff and they're just. Taking care of themselves totally out the window right so no matter how like upset you want with your own empirical ID Duluth vodka when of that crap is like. 387. Years old yes foot five to fifty look at it pretty well hung in there to care myself feel in good health is okay initially. Things like stilts except apparently so the people who just that 41 gave up and became yet beer swilling. Forever it's so insisting that like this week like tonight. I'm gonna be some they're dressing me like oh god I am such a monster I can't believe he's. Yet like kill yourself to legal system which is killing yourself don't show up just yourself you fat piece of trash. So groups Ukraine you're nasty you know a bottle can keep and then Mike. Tonight. Three extra now I mean to be the same thing down like. Critic after twenty years eyes cobra path when you have together at this could be worse I've I can clearly see it could Google Earth. Hi Jim if I could hit a. I don't remember any of the people very well items like Epperson looks familiar there's a few people that I remember real well public and the personal in my school who are you people. And I was playing. I went home I was in five years ago and I was playing pool somebody and a guy comes up and he's like hey what's up Greg. Dramatic but it. I don't dramatic censor it at a pub I'm not an American brotherhood bent over the record. Well the executive Katie we doubt it's to do I can't get up at that I can't watch of the click actually beat out the thing at the but again cue company just like straight up knew I was I was like. No quick exit yet have any recollection and I feel like a total Dick because like obviously you didn't imprint on me at all. Read and I used to live in Albuquerque and don't do anything and so you're glory days you've been thinking about 415. Years at that point. It's not. So the question is I would tell you hit the button I got out all other don't bother. It looks. And I assume question. Asked me questions I don't know you have to ask you the question Ali and the trouble of pressing the button. So how to light how to lead how to lock in their drought Lockett like. Tech and I how to lock in their video in like what's my with my angle with like with McGinn we go. Back to your baseball days okay Karen so like where account. Close I'm talking about the prankster isn't but it's the same region what you do is to draw face on your testicles. The needle balls out of the pants. Okay and walking in a doting knowledge it until someone goes. Oats would go to the spot. Bailey's back full I haven't skipped a beat old Vijay than he's great deal with the content with epic and. About it. Find out goodness welcome. Richard Lugar immigrant gonna. But this. That was funny and that was that was committed. That was a time there was a high point. The only problem that we flaw with that is that I think this is at a school. And I think if apple can there with my balls hanging out but I've got immediate sex offender that's some serious issue it is. In the state of Wisconsin at that point and I don't have to go back especially for a court case. Come to think about don't get back to those metal that's okay the question is do I lock in like. Boss like you have so cool and AMOCO deeds that but like just say that you have some cool now yeah I could get the registration thing is that your name I'm so cool program your name that could pick I don't think that it viewers who have looked at look under cool lame. DJ may filthy it's a boat with the coup only have a there's DJ at Mandalay. Does John John Manley who know don't see Mandalay. No I don't see one in May and command all day. Which of its wheat beer. America has been about baseball card. Know. Each unit. On the put myself in a locker with a freshman year all over again thumb past had asked a dummy. Move yet what is your favorite vacation spot. And secondarily. What do you eat there. Well. Stuff done. And my favorite vacations buy it would be here. I mean. Can do is pretty awesome. Prices save plateau Carmen it's not quite Kim and Yang who is on the spring break that's what I'm referring to pick up well let's not saying. Out the face a dead and the fifth. This will become its DJ Betty back yeah. I didn't. That baseball cargo taken off and they think I can pro athlete and that's what. The third will McDonough if you're currently on movement and don't know a yes. C got its. These are at all. When you go first. Com we know it's. It's tough because I think about Japan almost every single day. Given that the tough task so yet they Europe is definitely my number one bit like that's a continent that's. For the lead him down so I would say the my favorite. It's. Probably the New York City. New York's eight dealer wrote eater. And there's this little coffee shop there that I really like that it it's called mud and George chickened out and we actually a tie together. We were in Tokyo and somebody were watching bias are at Tokyo person who want to buy a house and they had eight Tokyo weeds. Totally open yellowish to Tokyo know his useful sleep outside Tokyo and Tokyo and from the Japanese got lucky by he had a mud to coffee sticker on his back into we thought maybe gays speaks English a sign that read we're not brave enough to talk to over the we looked up there was one in Tokyo. And so what they're not as good but still like a trip to be able good now that the paper cups. I don't I don't that let's example. Our I'll go. A go to prison if I've been. Ironically the medalists. And it's never like I really wanted to go there Dublin and Dublin has a really cool place it's a really fun the people are cool the city's incredible. The food sucks but who cares. You're there to drink Guinness anyway so through to about. Votes it's Irish through so it's mushy peas and fishing ships you know she he's. O yet it's that barbarians basically. Well I mean do p.s are gross so he wasn't sacked so. Here's my thought my theory on the the reasoning serve mushy peas because everyone is akin to like is your p.'s news of their pleasantly treatment. Mush mush so they just started serving a now way just to get it out of the way. You know like he used to be kid takes two hours to eat because they're sticking around I just mush from up to begin with Buick Biden can't play with this dogs. We want to he would just figure out to stop eating peas I don't it's critical it's the only eventually grows in the canto. Yeah of course. I mean that's my area serve must be as far as food goes like that's the thing. I would go there's really Dennis yet. Also it's not Neil Armstrong in the thousands questions I have ever if you're going to know if you're going to noble and put a double and do not drink and again as either over. His drink now he never got sick in the about it right out though couldn't do not go to my spot for. Do you not go to rob I've also been to Montreal which was just god damn lovely I like. I really the before I moved to Seattle it was like the nicest greenest without being like over the top players have been to give up the midwest to super agreement with the awful. Because it's yet humid and yet ball swett analyst it's great because there's grass that's why it's green it's not like Seattle there Washington Munich with a drink for is amazing yes and so Montreal was very like here it's very similar city. He didn't like like if you're gone and occasionally I need to get out of here because I didn't like. That is the hard part is questions I can't think of the place that I specifically went to you as like this kind of sucks I'm ready to get hot here. There is a can't think of what city it was worth just a little roll organize but it didn't have a good to imminently blamed the city for it. And I'll think about that. Because there's got to be something that just goes to get out of town for one that I always like you know I didn't really enjoy I had a great time because of the company. But I think Houston's pretty worthless. Yet there I've never I've ever released in time in Texas outside of Boston you know I think if you're gonna go to Texas now. Austin is the one to do you may be San Antonio that would be about it yeah because I can't imagine. Houston was. Awful it's just flat takes forever to get everywhere it's humid it's crap its just there's nothing really don't want I heard this from multiple people went to Montreal with all this is. Nine years ago when I went to Montreal I went instead of going to buy reunion actually hit the so away. Are you saying anything to change my fights immediately immediately OK guys who want to Montreal the elm. Do need a passport or else my Cecil SARS in no does interface got to get a passport but for just like I lit it up divide like you know. I think our new a small as the game mentally you'll all of which are new morning host wooed. Who would think that a Woodward to slide that race that well it. But they were super into who I mean I think that that was like the big thing everywhere. Was like not to understand what you were doing community yeah and it's just a sandwich and yes obviously one path of course but the cheese melt it's the Eiffel. Italy was like anti that was the surprising thing about Italy was right. It was the best thing about Italy like I really went to make every two blocks text pop in Munich and he is who doesn't want one of those like clearly. But it was when it was kind of weird how it was like. Every place serve this exact same kind of sandwich like there was no. Variety it was do you want it as you know. Or Somalia are more to Della and that was. And so here and of course the south so it's fantastic now but at the same time like it that is like there was no like. This Macy's is this Brad and it's placed Keats there's this place has as its like now it's. It's meat and cheese and like it makes an oil and Brad and smudged and cook and off you go. We were in San Francisco north beach. Is were bitter little Italy as effectively and we just stop to Micah Delhi there. And I had eat console much already that Dave and I was like a better you think of her walk for the next ten hour suddenly make sure gets I think. I discover suffer like crazy on sandwich alias. Like that's the best to get from an Italian deli it's nothing special that would can really do it but they have all like a bull. Mosques and everything you know like it's like totally familiar huh. Material some good day today. Thousands wonderful aren't too good feel good. And putter lets do it. The first thing is sound nerves. They long lost less there and it yeah in the open cup there is they have a theme where they're doing it ten men games and. Could throw this out there yeah he's a solid out of anger on the tour to feed last night subtle and we stop pretending to care about the US open cup please please. It's Brad when you make it to the end its like the FA cup if you win it cool cool. If you don't come close if you're not in the spot in an apparent final and you don't win. I feel like that's it that's on those terms that is is more trouble than it's worth because if they trot out of the babies from as to. Everyone's going to be matters that we did it take you seriously try to win stuff like how dare they not play with these shows cup respects but that if you. Trot everybody out. Starters in there and you lose it's like. We're so terrible we're such trash Rita blow Allah have Ike should have played the kids for good to lose should at least leave the kids can't win and win. And just like. So completely try to look we're still so stupid drastic BB nineteen that is Bibi gates Walter that are against the area at that said BB its core Google and hash tag ST vs NCA. And as Jaber is a shame Rea. But a couple of that the price tag USOC. Tony seven team that's my least favorite ship in the navy here. Then goes back and sat there and who don't settle down the Internet. Like it's gonna really weird phase and had phones yeah. Hash tags Spiderman homecoming man I cannot wait we cannot. Wait we need to talk to. The beet seed the villain BC about getting advanced cancer that we need to go to the next. I just that they won like bees to different other stuff I used to do we. And us are working would you do that with her coming up 20. Have you been reading about this public. I don't know on except oh but wait we have a sedate yet coming first I'm not no solution that's going to be a winner even though. To look a little Star Trek when he got what JJ Abrams didn't he directed it when animal. It did get bad again we'll squarely Amanda we're gonna talk about this hash tag heterosexual. Pride day. I am is gonna for the sake of it I want to say let's about it and that it's okay. He can celebrate it is over the fact but they're doctors a read it properly and it's gonna be as I'm assuming this is like a very bigoted thing it yet it's a and it's stupid it's because it's pride month bruised pride parades so what can we have heterosexual pride day because you haven't been discriminated against for forever. If you haven't straight loved date I've thought I don't care that's what that's called Tuesday I'm having won tonight now I'm so. In my a bad person for sort of celebrating that and I got it to. What I think that you're actually dimming yourself by celebrating. Who did the two pre celebration like your five arson in zones slowdowns. And get hit in the freeze runs past mean when's the the array with that that was the cowboy that is notorious for that Leon Lett. LEA African coughed it up in the turn it over in the make it to frugal one BA yeah obvious you're celebrating heterosexual pride day is a response to. Blow up pride month and everything you're the worst you'll renewal bubble correct. Jenny Dirk and Dirk at their editor at aircraft. Worth opponents. I've achieved over the you know what that's stands for hey let me just say this yeah. Let me just say this shut up about the tweets already. Know and that's exactly how he wins. Correct just shut up about it and tweets and get mad about the policy thank you. Idiots. Let it go move. Well let's. And don't. You've been listening to are down podcast they're Smart Smart like a fox. Freeway email these idiots are dumb podcasting. Gmail.com. Or call them on Twitter that aren't on the podcast or eight record and that man child when. Victory for our young podcast is brought you diet drug university what are we.