146 - I Would Suck A Churro

Wednesday, July 5th

This pod is not good.


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I guess his only one thing left to do you. Getting the bulls. Starts. All right we start. It is not very good. Armed and dumber. It fell and worst. I can't talk about the part that hurts because Purdue or who will be like you did you go to the doctor desert there's are five things that she really go to the doctor for deservedly. We talked about whether it's for me and get this spot and not the appendix which are even having more a couple of minutes before I've not appendicitis it is definitely not appendicitis and phantom pains maybe more hernia. Sports hernia or even play based. Oh well semi caught playing baseball and others like cut sitting behind a plate and getting balls wait. If if if if if if if if it. I had a nice long break from baseball and so my legs feel good finally. She's nice. With. I'm now looking for a new cohost for Adam podcast I've killed the last one. I. Probably dead. They go all. Somebody well baby driver over the weekend those speaking events in it but I'm going to. It was a little bit embarrassed about it I hadn't huge anxiety issues during I'm having a really hard time in my life right now and so. Apart that no one else will be set off fine like. Really set my anxiety often to be more than forty minutes to calm down during it I mean at one point Purdue I was like do you believe. I was like you know we could say we could stay if so yes she I was. As a group romp on Friday day and I needed to work on the soccer broadcasts yes that she was like two dozen movies and like. Do chizik maybe drivers pundits are wrong moment you. Yeah I meant. Oh. Jamie Foxx man. I am I'm looking forward to going to say that I had to see that and it's wedeman comes out Friday so the six Ellis go a movie out being nice. Low. Headline on geek dot com that's the Spiderman. Forgettable. But I heard a commercial visits it's the first Spiderman movie ever well let's also not saying very much sir. I have seen nothing but positive stuff friend Leonard from the air it's immunity it. Som I'm very hope with the marvel movie so it can't be that. It might that be great but it can't be bad parents. I'm sticking with that although it is a Sony movie that marvels. Anyway. 92 deep into the weeds on this but I am very excited regardless I music Spiderman fan of that jets go into an open minded to defy and I can't wait. As music I love baby driver I think that's what I've heard I've heard it's it's all about the music is an effort to zone to move as Shane and not enemy of the cast. James said. It's me but a movie it's music movies yet. Where car chase scenes break out. I'm into that sounds awesome yeah it's and there's it's it's exactly what you want from a generational it's there was one perfect and and I'm not moving guys so like if you know if it like you can check. A few boxes for me the delicate time I'm thinking that's going to be date movies so that before and comes in around man you have quote staff who knows what the talk apocalypse it's most malicious but I think taste terrible. As nodding chop guy I can walk away from that. But everytime I see it up my coo. For cocoa puffs and here with duo I like Coca plus I don't really echo of no. They're not good man. Cocoa crispy is however delicious cookie crisp Bob May and all Jessica the US is where it's at her you have serial. Probably for the better for lake. Again is Colin granderson. And dig and no single answer smacks. And I pictures next to you there we are you know. Frosted flakes. It was a kept us what ticket they're great. Herrera her were good enough. It's. Fruit loops are all right Mack Abbott gentlemen jam loved objects yet even so fast because of the jets are getting out real weird. Regular Cheerios or honey nut honey not holiday per share. And so weird kid I hated Honey Nut Cheerios but I would every attributable Cheerios should be full of Cheerios just a little bit of the milk and man. Me tablespoon from showgirl over the top. And let the new deceiving her materials only with worse for your sugar agencies so cut out the middleman to skated them for Eamon. You just did what my money's differed with Cheerios is she waited melt the little she's there. Now now closed to see enough of them have to have him mentally butter and take a skillet and I think. Not fry them but like cook them in the butter for a little bit and make serve and I think that the incident Gypsy like that as a snack now deal. Him and buried it. A lot of rhetoric there I've been seeing brisk. Coffee shops around the city have been seeing when you have anemic pine have leftover pie crusts that you can use or whatever the dough. And you rolled into lake you put a little butter on its slump. Some went to powder churn up how to but I sugar and cinnamon mixed in sprint eleven inside the year old up and bake it. Who bought on the footage after five share houses in 250 K except. Not picture posted for five herb mix of five different from the midwest by eating that we had. And now I and it came fairest for me the pot. Also from the pack so. When it sucked it sure row I think he's a second chair of second Mexico I would secretary of a I really have to stop talking. Just. Like three weeks in a row just terrible things that I am saying I'd nope. That's gonna come back on Sunday I would suck it. You keep that would do. How is your I was here OK so. Fourth of July that was rough for you because I hated I hate the fourth of July not because of the exploding in the sleeping and all that stuff it's because of the poor. Dog every year she gets worse and worse. Like 2 o'clock in the afternoon yesterday it's. The dog does the thing were she jumps were back legs kicked up a stolen from the front legs and she barking a sort. And yeah. Add in the chicken runs to the other side of the house won't this won't back have learned. And it's like you kick Colbert out she doesn't. Settled down for yet like drive her crazy dude and it like it's hard to watch that. So we can we have the worst. Air conditioner slash fan and our bedroom the two to the window and I just crank that thing up a mix of hon a noise it's so bad. But it by drowned out the sounds enough for the dog to be cool. We just after in the room with us and she disliked she till that issues like every time we were paying attention ramble room trying to find more like fireworks counselor actually couldn't hang. So eye opener kennel and Cilic pond on its McKee is really weird about that kind of stuff because six dollars. He and you know moved easily the most chilled out probably of all time he doesn't care about anything. Those barking at stuff put of them yeah evidently as he can get things like bad guy and I made my point forget it you're not doing anything about it. He indoors he doesn't care. But alas has taken out and some shallow enough and it definitely has ears perked up as the rule is that we're really the first man ever seem Carolina Farris ever. That was weird. If in pop. Winning. While I was stupid. But but the satisfying bottle rockets sound. A camp much better or if it. Well Julio in the with the hell's going on here BI and that he doesn't care cells. At the camp it's tough man to death of tough way to. I threw so platform and one of the cats is like. Not cool within him in the dog man he gets really freaked out he runs away to and it becomes like the look in his eyes is like. Trouble Flickr like if you get his way he's gonna scratch trip through terrible look and feel terrible for him in the Catholic passed out of me crap yeah. Think it's a necessary evil like if it's one day of the year it's like I don't care it's mind you knowing part is going to be in two days. Win it's 12301245. And seven. Blows of a stick of dynamite summer and Allie up on capitol and it's like usual and indeed being open arms of the mill creek yesterday from. Sort of were moving and we heard. You know mortar after more or going off up there but the big in the eighties is blown crap but wasn't bottle rockets it was yet. I'd blow off a watermelon. Awesome tickets but that gets its startled me every time yeah and jackets old man I can. And I don't know what the satisfying part of the other than what you salute to blow up. Bomb. It's very limited lease satisfying at least like a snake grows the thing or whistling Spinner spends whistles and stuff. But I get the destructive put our nature to want a blue crap but. And the I like the booms I had done this they got like those blue. Who a year but I don't like them when it's not the right place for the task at hand and make it's done now stop it go nuts. It's like win the neighbors are party it's like listen man. If it's 9 o'clock once in awhile for twenty minutes dance yourself clean and move on now if it's like. Oh great it's Friday. Can we go again yet let's. There we had our neighbors across reality they they came home from the bar I'm guessing to about 215. To thirty is when they started partying outside and it's like. It's the it's not that they like out two traffickers and that's a look at cigarettes. And carrying on the Honda in the to music has to do a little bit louder is someone's Tamil excellence talking on here in the month peoples are talking and annexing you have is like. I don't know. I can't I. Some also Shasta Denny. Off Debbie. He tipped it. I'd tell him that it's been an instant hit she had too much to drink she's having a good time. I. Last time it happened there was people that we're just gonna bleeding out of the party into the Alley and there was a guy standing outside my window and I dislike top on the Winona don't shut up. And got that all marriage you got so thrilled about it leaves except the 220 year old kid is thought that he was like. Actually spooked him so yes shot into Tuesday. Without a doubt when I was is that India through the bird he was like on the man has like. I was satisfied pick your career from your apology goes along with the driving through a tough enough given the way if we're good Red Square night. You don't can. We get it again. I get to commentary on. A play that made the Internet do remotely bunkers and he has been viewed. If you have a no vote yes Coen no and I that I your resident have incidents all that and China. I did not know it got that level because as a ball way. We set this up three I was really embarrassed because I did a good job manic I prepared I was like yeah you know me I'll show to itself for like Abbott ready to elect tackle and I I live try to leave nothing. 200 years ago on the Internet and the meanest people in the world who won the little brother. Who read in the comments radical. Army announced the hardcore soccer fans that always a watch that and ray are not nice sometimes. Most of the console just about to the first game that we overcome it and boom and the second. Thirty got a look at. On but I showed up ready to did. You know ready to get it done housing and a mess around I was like serious about it and I have the after the first half I was like man. I went well I'd like unsatisfied Deloitte tech thriller text me she was a great job first half centigrade like handle it here I'm nervous to the public you figure there and I count myself doing this and I don't have anyone like a corpse to the local boy. Why apple long running marathons or the producer got threat there and he's a slick. Adam's smiling we're whip me and my Bologna and yeah. He was arrested after the followed thomas' new appoints the top two Meehan Billick that's a good with a valid question like who whose total of children and more all the people well should reset there without have you say it's so yes. The first ever written then the second half is about to start Marshawn Lynch comes out on the field. He's one of the celebrity players of the soccer tournament and I'm broadcasting in hand and at Steve's echo warnings and friends charity game yet. And the raising money for kingdom cut so there's those players some from last year some new ones some people can pay to be out there and Marshawn Lynch for celebrities and who's there which is also what he can't play because he's got an NFL contract for the trillion dollars the wall another but he comes up for stole stunting. And Eddie Johnson and a former sounder former US men's national team player. He starts the ball towards the other goal everyone's like all go away it's like when the camps a kid with a nine comes on the does let them run on the field scored with like the sweetest thing ever. Only it's with a grown ass giants superstar with a gazillion dollars breaking news yearning here fairest. Marshawn Lynch has cancer. Now fake victims. He if you are Sheikh is John I am fake news who's not real news we are idiots for fifth at. So bushel and runs on the field picks up the ball runs it into the goal or Rwanda to do blast well. This is happening I'm. Also is split somehow Marcus Trufant the former. The former seahawk. And and what wasn't player is their next to me and he asked a couple of giving a lot of mail I'm like OK that's great. And I'm like man. I should not be missing out on the moment like ABC. Oh yeah I got my phone in my zooming in and I'm. I would lose track of the fact that I'm making this thing happen and yet or a bigger audience with the professional gear. Just like gets up and phone video yeah postmarked goddamn FaceBook and I guess and it's really being a blue. So it's gone really well to that point and it's not like what happened with the Marshall assumes that it just wasn't what they've been doing I don't imagine how awesome it would have been to be proud of calling it right to do it looked available. To it yet got left now is running over excited. Happened under slip out. I've ever try to get the video me. The community that. I was hoping that when I saw this happens so. I can't do it could have friend in town and reading get notified until too late and I couldn't. Change plans and I was going to anyway but it. But there's a part is very like I just never like I'm so man I'm missing out from a as a man yeah. Like that's kind of are seeing is so funny do together and Mike you know. Get out there and blah blah blah blah. Said the day of the game mouse like. We does obviously we do great job level global and then later on the afternoon or something at my check Twitter and it's like them. Like everything is that the Smart challenging that. And like instant thought is like you Gregor there is this the awesome at it like for once famously. Our. Could another to know whether NYNEX dot which lasted longer than any of that was. I hope to god he gave them six points for the go when he announced the score after. Fees they they make at the jokes that watching Monica please say this please say it could hit an authentication. Another red card happened and luckily though I like my brain snap back into an iconic realized what was happening there but it was. Ed it's a good job leading up to there I was so happy with it and then like all the other matches by about the eightieth minute the players are really tired tonight I'm tired of doing this and beyond beyond the dumb quips and it's like a devolved into his garbage like. For like the first 45 minutes there was real good and then of the beast mode thing happened. And I wasn't so worried about him it's not to think about what the implication yet or like now I know cares this is is some dumb thing. Except for the as a professional. Video cameras yet to be recording the whole thing in like a horse we're gonna put it out and it was. 3 in the morning. A camera what was going on up to speed all my neighbors were partying on Monday morning. And it's. I wake up and somatic kick it back to sleep it's like really frustrating I haven't gone to bed super late because I had to do that broadcast and then. Waking up super area some on the phone and the first thing I see when I opened twitters Aaron Levine from Q thirteen. And he goes it's just that I deceived the thumbnail for the video with Marshawn Lynch running into the goalmouth like. Much home hands are headed Monica's is a gift and the sound portal my phone won't ruthlessly Dexter and apply it. Ida Maria oh. A economic shocks us and give up just one of the hallway in the like I hip triggered I don't know if the candidate. So I'm so embarrassed by it. I should I don't think there should be even at the same time my count anybody did great. That was I was not it was certainly a career highlight the shared time portal and who could piece of crap. I was Internet famous ones in Vegas. Merrill and T going with like the coolest thing you do for like five weeks. Yeah out. I was doing this Israeli might and through grants are taken you know like all those reverend radio starting in very like social became very important issue. And we did a thing with the band bush. Anne's we're doing and together has the machine had rent crafts it's better than the rest and he we are do. They do that has anonymity to the performance it doesn't matter. After words were doing our photo ops on account crap which I always hate those like Alec I feel like I need to give for posterity. But I never like to do in the normal once in a wanna be like. Majesty and your smile at that I have read you some weird so is the best and that that is the candidate for twenty minutes and I'll listeners and it's like I guys state. As a thank you. I said it is the station Billick let's have fun with a tease and so. So where some earth with bush and I go hey guys. And when it Tebow you guys is that cool and of course he's like what is that but the one the guys in the band that larger gets cooler is totally do that. And we and it somehow that for an appointee and the fact I thought I. So like the one time I'm Internet famous. Air quotes is the leg for the dumbest thing in the world so like. It's awesome but it's like so disheartening because you're like I try really hard to do a lot of things really well to get to that I get noticed. And then I like meal in front of Gavin Rossdale and therein in front page of freaky and the dumbest website ever it's like. Part of the problem right both also lyrics. All say like cool. It's more afraid it's Maury can brag about it at the office we'd just like to talk to me about Internet read John Monty of the you do X. You know or someone like from the pop station is like so I just one on TMC and here you're dumb ass it yeah hello hi this Kardashian card dashing Kardashian in Sheen Carlo manly kind dashing Qaeda Sheehan Kanye West Kardashian and Kardashian has been the worst that somehow they always have the scoop the best of them terrible. Isn't so I think fox is buying teensy. Wishes. The least shocking news and pepper for marine freight awful I thought I kind of assume that they are doomed to be with his hero. Shares look at a pretty good trip I think. Yet trashy news and trashy celebrity in his perfect. Just a Q thirteen fox longtime supporter of or seventh of me and took seven decades. I don't know how you I mean everyone understands the at the same weather all Lamar. And went to stop. Best handled that way Smart. Smart yet so hum. But that's been a crazy few days until Wednesday there were reporting this because we have training tomorrow and we did have a Monday cast as you were often so like you're just giving some weird day but it's at and at times ago yet also told us that you are back and listen to some random warnings acute picked at random episode to listen to like I can't even imagine. So much of what we say is like reliant on the previous weeks then that. We should make like a playlist of like okay. The that a person after I was like I'm not doing a news. I mean we've been not we mesh. So would make a play let's cadres it again we can do that cadre do as far as he would do it. I didn't even know if he still existed in the and he hit me up on some evidence yet I got a good thing for me and couple days ago turned me a couple of me weeks ago and he reappear it debt. Well the phone heard us say as a name and and of course put us back into his knees feet thanks yes we just found you creep. A couple of club. We should make a playlist though of like here airlines think you're just starting here there was an actually good. Silly three. Speculate that's like probably like two hours worth of material yeah. I mean if I ever since the ever since that we came up with a not Todd came up with doing 230 minute pounds a week much better it's not things have gone. But in the positive column I would say so. Also tell friendly list Antarctic by please because we let it be Internet famous again I attitude we've got a taste for now. I also. I also need to feel more guilt in my life about what I say something as a joke in the realize that probably hurt the most feelings on the pillow to go for five years so it's weird how opposite we take that. When I mean like. He had some. We cope with a very different ways adjusted to Asarco worker Alyssa came minutes of the most of the episode you may have thought of those FaceBook group and it was funny and I was like found no lol I contemporaries of mine I should not have done that give us. It's just 'cause I meant it this photograph is Adam unlike. Well. And so that I really don't like not crap down an apple like explain myself out of the still point to people like India. That first impression and blah blah blah. And you're like that's funny if if if that's the. It was funny damp but didn't have so people get mad at you for of course natural. Course. You get dedicate NET two units that works. I just and place Thursday and there are certain income people who have the right competitive mind where they can just like block all of that out that yes can I could just doesn't they just leave it behind and I don't understand that at all. I articulate anything behind new media group maybe not even near you use those in the can about my friend who put a long time but. And that is pretty heated appear rate for whatever reason well I don't I don't I never gotten that impression if you feel like it's her a lot of people report on them. Don't you like the folk grunge band uh oh I mean it is kind of like it just happened at the right time forum yeah but who cares. Some of the jet pilot that's on also like. If that's kind of what's working in the cnet's is getting books and you have that and the mustard at your time right its Soul Asylum that everyone should hate us. The video Furlan and runaway train so what awaits I can't say runaway train is it possible that suits you kids read LA Twain there. Never coming back wanna re trained. Already tracked excellent feels like I should be getting some wire. But some how it's never hear it in there close I am I'm. Not enough. Idea that he listens. As for every time and at and who's good on yet. No bandit with remember that where is the has dreadlocks in his awaited should ever be truly supported that's rule number one I would tell you that a pain in the grass a couple weekends ago corn was there a neighbor they were supportive. This court address though they have the braids. Ray I mean that's very did ITV is very different they're both really bad early 2000 and like. No doubt same family. Edited interview with parts of the medical weeks ago and we are talking about music and it was the most embarrassing. Museum collections in music calm and well. I I gotta be honest I did go through new metal thing is concerned and they donate of course the funny part is anybody IRAs always through that you can't fly eggs stop playing yourself feel I hated that from the certainly didn't. No you don't and aunt and yet they there was part of it that you whether it was limp biscuit or aren't. Linkin Park our car and are freaking traps or whatever like. There was a point you just acquiesced because you have to you because that's all there is on the radio that's all the tools cool man if businessmen because he's like all of Mae and you have. He related you like. Got some real bad. Are you ready. Yeah I don't know hanging fruit good job. They do have very we're back. Obama apologize right now to tell her you're listening I'm sorry that acute during this is a running back and forth in the house barking her face a quick notes school's record I could tell trooper. Doesn't I to tell the difference dummy did you have a dog does mean Arnold reporting is. We begin an immediate. B of stupid dog. Comes and let's do it. Hash tag Cairo 74. You watch at all and you know I know. I don't think it translates to the TV now as awful let's island an Aggie guilty of like just go outside that you can literally walk its forty year he had artist I could probably stick my head out the window and see it down the street and let's be real close. Magnolia. Man there's a house caught on fire from a fireworks there yet not pit. There's like ten different fires happened last night because fireworks are illegal illegal is that a lighter than average. I've never seen that I can remember a news story that was that was like set us. With the and those set up with that is the premise like look at every fires happened last night yet so I don't know he started playing. I was present when one started who you wanna hear store I do we learn. Celebrating somebody's 21 birthday. Today and I lived in one apartment and in the line Holloway and the arsenals on the other. Apartment and Turbo. Was hanging out with us this is a guy who's run from the police another one of your friend yeah. It was a remember his last name is elected he that you make when I just think went out fifth fifth. And Andy's something polish and then so everyone was wasted and went outside it will. We had a Roman candle for some reason as they're in the two apartments went outside the front door. And my buddy did in my body to induce us today and ill for some dummies and and Turbo there were shooting Roman candle they're holding it to the top of the head and shooting death and they have the right way to inflict. And some of the shot and laterally right into a bush but then set on fire and the like. The excellence garage was right there goes an art in the side of the thing the fire department was there within like. It's no time put it out it was just paint damaged as soon as that happened though like. We alters. Because and the apartment manager live right across from me and next door to my friends so g.s and so like. I mean in my room in a couple of people around my house I was like you idiots that do this to you guys who yes. And they because they had their own apartment to go to it's they ran down that depart commander. Next day hey. If I ever see you guys doing some sort of bull like that again you're out of here and I was like I actually didn't do any thing. There was some guys one was wearing what Everett cubs had the random hole that way true story but I didn't say and stopped at the next house right voters like strangers in the apartment overlooked causing trouble. And one that's not lie. Okay Kevin from getting evicted last Smart I felt so guilty about that for like weeks I'd literally didn't do anything except stand there and watch but at the or those. Susan opensocial group that's right. But a snitch right. Never rat out your friends again and so. But yeah I've seen something that's in structure catch on fire because of stupidity cool you know. Pastor fireworks he receive some golf fire. China. Because there's each article of fire Charlie. The songs with a why China not low. Sadly no this is about men I you don't care so good and the wrestling no. It's even worse just go to and what is it. It's a DMZ evenings ago path does not go past that I'm and I'm upset that I know it like plastic CNN blackmail. Moon. There's a madame Don lemon. New York. Let's go see abroad ratio and I was good Nick Young who will mean Nick Young joins the Golden State Warriors slate EP. How does how can go and shake. The threat of air and how can. How can they keep getting players. And tournaments are but that little. The fine particles. After. I said when there was doom. How the co host this. How good a freak could think every day I can we do these and it's like well Monday motivation and Thursday fathers thought that was Tuesday. And Tuesday. Pastor rob Kardashian a second chance big. A million Earhart. Fake news she's still alive. Chunk of socialist I've I've does revert on him she flew the world's first tie fighter. That's no typewriter. You've been listening to our dumb podcast they're Smart Smart like a fox. Freeway email these idiots are dumb podcasts. Gmail.com. Phone them on Twitter are dumb podcast or eight record and that man child when. Victory for our young podcast is brought a team guy. Her body university. Where they're teaching become a tool. Set out to cookie. So Demi.