148 - Emergency Pod

Tuesday, August 15th

Gregr's about to be gone for a month so we had to figure out how to pod before.


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Renewed through to. Starts. All right well we started. It fell and worst. We'll look. Talking and saying. I'm listening to the radio station MI is the kind of new podcast with my mouth and everywhere but can't keep. You might go. Food and effectiveness and everybody I'm done. The field. Way. To an old mine is that working you know he's gone. Of alcohol to pot com. Until it's terrible I was busy Weezer nosy do green. Welcome to the of thought to be dead are dumb podcast Rebecca I think to people yesterday at summer camp that were like dude what happened to our down podcast I was like. All you use him. Who besides me ask you that question Africa a special book group you're ruining kids' sorry I don't know I was talking about that yesterday to somebody. Listen we we've moved into a new home our studios have a new home and the only station that they seem to not care about when it comes to getting our secondary contact which is what I don't podcast is it's large for some hits and keyword secondary India. Exactly you're. Italy it's like we live in like a billion dollar shantytown that this is put into here's what it feels like it. It's very it's ours so we have. Our main radio studio put her to get anything done it has to be wall like someone else's on the Aaronson the public reported weak amid record aren't they well. It's a huge does that does this ahead to that says that the rest of us. Hope bloodstained carpeting in his class that is going to be a problem that yet interceptions and flies already out of control. All really should put some exploit our Leland and something like all right pepper Alyssa. Yeah. Because I'm an all right pepperoni joke yesterday was the man who doesn't find our. The best part doesn't mean that was some that doesn't really find that funny which made it better. One of the fun of it because they were like the guy for reasons that they're not a team are dumb podcast yeah AA team business yet right exactly. Basically. Like I think I am I know as I'm doing it like this is not gonna go over well. But I'm gonna do it. And yeah all we. Young. It's got paid full XP at the I mean to we have a 145 of the mowers they also have about I. Go to Canada and I don't. Mr. Israel what it is I got another as. 90 yea it's the can you who don't know yet they're bride arrived. This is Soviet there's not a fueling some of the wires here they're acting as receivers and so they have to go and put more shielding amicable magnet to keep it sounds up but for now. The sweet sounds of night before whatever kid you OW are kind of threw at us so we're eight minutes in a pod cast so far I've heard the radio station. Yeah. And some other radio station none of this being I don't I as I've heard nothing has podcast for Achilles to go back and listen to this later this afternoon that would be duke. So last dozen or sudden yup I was like hey can you make it so the headphone jacks are all the same with the board is and they like. Or what if someone wants collect checks something else out on Mike just make it the same in the look at deviate from it now like we'll just distraught and so I would say that after this moment is confirmed by the Booth to drive time rapidly gross already written decision. And we need to fix its cash and no one knows what any of this mean yeah it could negate it will our dump yeah those who have been loaded he did you miss us dummies were still not talking about anything so anyway it protected here in a quick look through it happens here. Out key through so global. But you can't ask that question however so it's completely up Demi is deceived for seven seconds incident that was my about a project would be done with the time off old man in question is that. Yeah it is in question. What have you done with their time off away from Marta podcasts I have lived a pretty full life and has two weeks or months or whatever it's been done on the playing a lot of baseball Carolina slump and bent down like 300 and batting average rate is point that's a hall of fame number no well. Sure it is to get attendance pretty good. And is confident that together have three and a half out of ten I'll work on it. And a Zito like career like the fight Iranians are back in action is Wednesday somewhere in Seattle and Clark county and I've been traveling myself. I've been out traveling two snohomish. Right this is the new costs in the days. And can have though it cost today sir but I think the cut the bigger yeah house Gregor and how scared. And good day of the north. Yeah you're that you're the you're the keeper of the north now and and of you're looking at an off and unlike him thrown our walls in the south so. I mean I know this is custom built and I have to say there's a failure it should there hash tag making America races to get blue. Popular supplement then there. The return of a pop music you know where my favorite I was of that was a good bit on him that was funny. What a reckoned with and rentals which episode is so weak as yet please please please I have a sense out of something to my family. But not what we've all expected you to be adding no it's an Alexa. The item Alexa and now he said Alexa. Play hard podcasts. It'll prevalent this episode for him to solicit it's OC. I'd actually been tested for part of podcast I think positive for. But the New York Times that the leaders and yet it was that while it got a different pod player and I was like route to go. I like that thing idyllic of I've elects as well you know my favorite thing to do is just swear at it but my second favorite thing to do it again I think of everything you do is. I have. A customized news feed his military actually got app and to be one thing you can flex its over the news and it goes like audit. It's out of somebody's listening to this on the loudspeaker source and we just commanded it to do two things can realistic art upon best right now I does that Alexa player are down podcast. You've got to playing in two sources which is my faith yet Matta. Oh yeah and it still does not as it is in my ears right now and I was reading the news to people I. Alexis and it's a sand fish with the ship the sand wish you all ever stop it and nick picks yet. And let my kids doing but it's very weird was going on what's nice is I got the also got a docs for I've. I was kind of instructed wait to remove to a new house before you buy more stuff you have to move JS right excellence and yet they get that and I've got to dot upstairs. I have two levels can I M sort of all are now mr. Gatsby over here I have upstairs monocle evidence there's marvel. In my monocle drawer likens but I we have actually a vote I only have a one bedroom monocle. Epithet that's too bad for you it is it is rustic those guys and I think that's good. Not rusted but rustic as well all wrote that monocle although if you look on the inside though it is carefully you can end up with a tetanus. And I know your anti Abaxis you know this you know this because if you take vaccines you fall off the edge of the earth so let's get going yeah yeah exactly anyway sort of echoed dot upstairs and now I can like intercom in my house. Which is pretty joke dude no that's good that's in his review well now I think so the problem is though is that lake. If the unraveled like rolling window air conditioning unit and that's on it makes a ton of noise it's not up but are out of up until that's like ruining a trick right next to it. What the TV's going that's all here's the TV talk about it and like Gilmore Girls are crazy. But I recommend if you have a big enough house to Obama's real nice you don't have to click. I have these like very. It brings some people to it would trigger but I think back to my father Buick. But the house that was like never that I was in trouble he just yell really loud and make it very comfortable. And does communicate or myself I like him trying to avoid that so we cannot be yelling at each other you don't have to raise your voice to communicate across the house. And there's like a psychological thing that comes along without the Ohio is I. Looking back and get a kick out of how you could hear your mom's toys from like seven and a half miles away as all of my that's my mom never brighter if that my mommy you can hear you can hear from space. In the vacuum of space he could still hear. Oh. Mood. The Astra nerds on the ISS right now are very grateful that you've moved out. I I I I believe that as it was a quality has a different path so supply unit. I'm she's the past I love affair I sorry I did some traveling over the gas to break two I went home for my big high school reunion. It was weird now it was good though it was it was you know let my hometown sucked him out of there. And everyone thinks the hometown sucked when they live their belly up legitimately mindlessly. Murder capital of America effort time and click back and forth Gary Indiana yet it was just a bad. It's it's typical story that commits the rest goes to midwest and the loses all of its factories in the chair there is how we would go do your gonna go to stabbing there's a hundred though you would. Yeah I mean I can't get paid I'm getting its data UC immediately seem to get hungry it's that real little and broke Richard rusty monocle and had. Right and I elected they can and excrete some rust off onto the blades and and if I get champ goes right and who's right in there. And to protect us yet he should really look at it and updated it yet I I apologize he should really important. But so it was it was it was funny gopac. It was fun to go back and see it like. My city on the comeback this is. Tell me when you have to ask a question I can do this code pow Judd your hats that counts driving mean you should return down the headphone now we're done on them of these commitments in the state your media. About an complaint to these complaint department walls of a back that up eight days snow's fun go back it was. I think we can look perfect 'cause like the night before we did like the big all's all official. Things. Like four or five of us kind of went off fire around Dunn have they can drink. Canada. We sat down there right account like small talk and then finally my body consciousness so tomorrow's going to be weird not. As it's like yeah thanks Cathy yes it is going to be weird and it was but it was and a good Atlantic my town is kind of on the rebound I guess you'd say so and a Renaissance rebound or is it like today blue collar rebound or to think I think it's I think it's the would it fuels like to me is that fuels like a city that's spent the better part of my life. Telling everyone how bad the city is well at some point. People just stoppages you know it's true this now it's not that bad. And you can kind of just like. You know they unite downtowns that means tree USA's are becoming like you know only the flow. Every little neighbor has happened now I love it my hometown has one death and a real one and now like it's coming back in like there's like. Industry there and businesses and it's like we have the biggest was that the biggest waterfront. On make Michigan. And it's like it's beautiful instead of going well yeah instead of going like uh oh it's big you know and uses because the beach sucks it's like they. They built like big cool beach things and walking as a unit two this is. Some academic in front of the hipster stuff or stuff like this remember that has to these nerds that are like. Hoping to do that also ruining its program but you know Tibet's mimic trying to get me to bridge the gap between my hatred and Napster's in the good that they dunes while it's not gonna happen. Panic that fire will burn forever drag on forever do you understand they're called hippies went what I was when I was a kid it was like that's who that was picked on oh yeah there's always some different mirror group the flick picked on for being a little different yet I guess the best it has rather be like my city is confident city of Byrne announced sensitive cancers and which. Is good. I'm but it was really kind of nice to be like. Small town America. And like goes to my grandma's house net that's been in my family for extending the years. It's still standing the pipes still working on if I'm buried under the formal yes well in the backyard there's a beech tree and Eleanor implement the program it's yea great great for Eliza for a as revisions to a new. Who knew. Your blood has been consistent. I think I'll have a house bureau and we only eat high blood breath as he. We're guardians of the north issues homeless or hookers for the Houston for the fertilizer all of us felt that at. I mean I think you can tell from the Swedish as if your real promissory you would know. It tastes like it's okay yes there's like hooker dude did you study healthcare or not. Get on get on the other side of that laws that can play north siders outside I don't know. He's the war let's the game of forms. Thank you thank you. I like it and as I've missed that and this that the so so long the problem is is that it is like my wife is about squared up is maybe my. Well my guy that maybe it's eyes terms in a tent and I'm a nerd talk careful lol yeah. So am pretty lawyer is about to have this kid and to that kid is going to be real micro her for a couple weeks. Canceled like we had to get NN pod because like. When we literally have to kick someone off the air to be able to do that yet so little barrel ponds navigation desolate. I'm sitting up all the equipment at home right now softer couple weeks I'm I'm peace outing for two weeks just like yet. Just to be with a kid can be crazy or whatever it. Object and after that I'm gonna be able to because of the score and available to do my show from home which is really good and then after that we can hop on Skype. They tell us by then it's been two weeks for ten weeks now yet but within two weeks we're gonna have studio see you should be able to Skype in from the other studio we I'm taking them. The drops that we did live. A lot skeptical Snead who said that she completely attack with a simple last last we're gonna do it again. Summer Cameron and somebody dang it I'm sorry wrecked by good considered America about the pod but it's back. But I saw all those drops from life pub that we did it's all be able to run a podcast from. The house cool you'll have to hear Katy OW in the background with us that is when does is my life now he'll be very well informed though yes well they're like. But typing so -- change remember America played today and news president trump refused to acknowledge that there racist people were probably a probable. That's what I hear in the background on the island can sort of smarter now he took his second part is one thing about that whole scenario is crazy. I find it. And I can't eat gimmick that jokes about it because you know so she has no context they just reading an accurate so yeah but I find it. Incredibly funny that. A group of why are racists. We're using it Polynesian kitsch as their method of a week. Fire and fear you talk about Tiki torch yeah it was that corneas like I'm gonna go to the T evil are to get a big score and bull like nothing says that I live and make it two story suburban house with like access to a golf course that Mike we're gonna. Grabbed it Tiki torches Kevin let's go lake. Make America white grab it put on some top siders around here they're pathetic I. Dick you're walking issues on Soledad S top siders who did you call click Dana Kevin via com podcast ever at a they have completely didn't get knocked over by the cops he dug in with a golf clear he's a good base ticket at a Steve also and please don't be racist does is it just a reminder we haven't said a while but these appearances. Let me just keep your stuffed yourself dude dispose off. I was really sad it was a weird. It was weird to you PX and we can't this weekend. Which is always the best place. And the best survive and everyone is sold. I'd retire happy just to chill man with a chill yet still ever man with Ali I know like you think we're supposed to tell you this but it really history and we're not Burnett pitching this I don't Turkish government but you should because it's legitimately. The Cilic has the best time was so we'd like we talked about it for two months that last week leading up to the wolves. Stroke up a little bit benevolent or buy clothes and food that we had to we were both home again your hand yeah I think so complicate your daily going to. FF FF. So we talked about it for like two months and by the end unlike all like god this is Alex yeah sapping the life out of me and then the minute I walk into the place I'm like the past yeah. Yeah. It's like I subtle reminder massage and some and that's that a reminder my phone 51 weeks from outlook remind me like hey man it's gonna be awesome. That's great don't forget and public all in the real economy that they were given over the yeah we'll have to come back this we have more time to that you make proper cat because like. I was there yesterday going. When my friends asked me what I did this weekend death it's going to be oh I hung out with injured WK a weekend now what. They. Gideon in this business there's a lot of things that have been holding you to do this or like you find yourself in we're spots like this is crazy turn Ike Austin Mike. I'm backstage with me as well I've turned this. Then there's moments we are sitting backstage. Talking baseball. With in two WK veto it didn't think he was fascinated by how do you hit it. Like how do you hit the ball I could just that's. Music and you like he's and you play catcher and is again as a whole so like Connecticut town and right is it just is he's just processing. All of it can be seems like the route real eighties novelists type dude acuity is. He is nothing what you expect him to be an Emmy and an almost the best we possible I mean like he doesn't seem like a sports fan to be zone because it like lift some weights. And listens to some Danzig and then like part yes he's gentle he's a very curious person kept her as best buy this way it's certainly he has questions. About everything no matter that he has any sports team that he supports. Why found out he is he is he's from Wisconsin has pants were his dad's from there like. And not far from like where I'm from that was like really weird I was like Kennedy's ask me about like height and I'd get in this America's like my story in this is a weird story ends again it's. Kind of weird how this happened and bough lines that he has broken with comes as well widgets that are that's like oh really is again for the status oh dude yes and make. That's like grip on my house that we were put to him would have played against each other both watchable if so he didn't place where it's that would put against the apparently as a kid so they aren't yet. I think so I think he's almost adamant refusal to whom us a feeling really close. A moment really close so that I have some interesting stories about that when we have more time it is but it. What a weird experience so the point was though is that here we are like in this weird surreal kind of bubble where you're like at the park and trees everywhere in this awesome music ever wants to Obama blankets and chairs and everything. And then meanwhile. Hey you. A weight. What they call it I guess at the white supremacist accurate or that guy is bad or not I don't I haven't read enough to say that that person has but like defending the people that are. Marching for white supremacy he ran through a crowd of protesters that were at Thai courts or should it. And then like there's like no response. From the top. It's very stoic but I came to get into that part of part of course man what Utah like a two people would appreciate does not get hit it's good that you get enough of that. Bridges is a weird like I almost wanted to do this and they got like that. Hey we have to ministry for investors on you like go fast for the carry out throw like a big blast into the and I really wanted to go out there like a kind of having a moment I was like you know I wanted to go out there and be like you know. It's crazy to me that we spent two days here. Black white green brown yellow metal. Now one person has been kicked out there hasn't and one issue anywhere like everyone's and a great time. And is suggesting it's great that we can do that it's proved they can do it. Don't listen knows that the crap like. Be people there are going to do that hasn't been a little each other man it's hard it's not that hard. Well it was. It was a fantastic way to be away from it. Yeah and then coming in this morning and like this are preparing for the news and stuff that I have to start reading it. If you real upset man also shot us atop the laughter being on my way home from Merrick park and hear that you're the best supplements. Now the way I go Mantilla moved in the with the I go home have a choice. The two sets of choice its report on four or five on the right there's a McDonald's and on the left. Talking to. You know my answer right now I'd like hitting the so the first night when I went by like I thought I had to cross I had thought rhetoric you turn. I was like I'm not totally anti torture them that's not happening thank you. So set I just got on four or five because I was planning on torture Taco Bell looks literally across the street from my house yes a ha what an incredible development land are you ready to accept guess pretty laureate now pretty lawyers said to me are you going to become a news. But you know slip back into eating fast food all the time and an item you're nodding yes bigger vigorously political. But really I'm I'm gonna try not to do that because now I get fat fast. Yeah that's I am as if I can might not be paying hundreds of dollars to do karate just its stated gas just to keep getting faxes like is ideal I guess however Taco Bell is the healthiest of the fast foods they say I don't think taco time was considered this nationwide study done and I think whom we've had this facet conversation to regional so then. There's a choice going home I can either go all the way up to five in the back across to my house. Or I can get off at five with seven and a lot and then our highway nine and then put back so it's either one way drive by Taco Bell Delaware drug by McDonald's. Tonight one McDonald's won two cheeseburgers Micah. The best right. So we get home and then I do that in the next they were going to summer camp on the way and super pregnant wife is like ot I got eat something like kids hang out old days you begin select the number never going to be food for her there to note that the server of the cumulative or having almost everything was Venus or you lose. But on tour but we're driving there and I was at a table will stop at BC Sears thought they are fighters like well. I don't trash talk you talk blocked. It was a great moment that you like. Lori I know you have your bearing my child he's decided to Mary mean fund has theater I've never been more in love this very moment. Now effectively exactly and so. We we go get taco time and they do a great job they have a hundred feet in options and so when we were done I was like how was it seems like that was great. Or inflict enough to go back some time and she was like it's my favorite fast food. And I was like we have a winner. Jonathan Tucker time NASA gov is so. I'm really stoked that I can find a new way to get its what does it what it's like it's like oh beard. Like rule reversal follows and she becomes a fast food junkies like Laura we need to eat healthy. This is big of course is healthy valve on stopping in a they would say it targets it's me about it these. On a prepared for the next thing. And other metrics and authority of his pickup with outs the casket. Tad bit. What are battle for comfortable cursing at him at number two number two competitor. That's okay has staggered Monday motivation. I've gotten no it's I think it would be motivated right now they got the baby coming out in my area negated all the things and edited before because I feel like for the next two weeks after bay becomes a not to have. Our chance to do nothing yet I get dinner get a tooth and that's if we can go. Haven't decided yet. Sushi after Greg who. Merck CEO Lou this is the guy who resigned from the president's. Council on something whatever because he didn't condemn the white nationalist or committing an act of terrorism that's crazy you know there's a problem with few if you have not. Condemned it racists. And while enough. You know I mean like if so is that they don't like should have been harsher. You probably should have done anything since then the president has said something else has come out as it is the knot of problems many snags. Comes from many places but he's got to step further condemned the specifically the white Nationalists that netted Dili today did they hand him a card. This job of that knew where its many people there's an alien that recognize is adding in a black does little trailer and it's doing that and finally got the message through yeah communication antennas announcements are brought burglar from little series yeah yeah I think like Margaret that I can do that okay editor of who it. Man when it for you this one. If you haven't watched last week tonight with China over for this week this week it. Tonight I mean like. 100. They unskilled 120100. Level just obliterating. This whole situation for the first anesthesia it was like I mean funny but like so sick or browse a couple of think we like who it's. A button. And lots of that. This is sad Ric Flair. It was happen to reflect new yeah. You know Ric Flair is in the icy use please send your our prayers for all accusing icu for like he's done. The key muggy day the Diane right now. Who. Let me then sadly. For really kind of fall wrestling and all blue except like Louie 1992 since like WCW was doing and staying was there and stuff right but like Ric Flair has been a part. Of pop culture of my entire life. I feel like Ric Flair Hulk Hogan macho man. Those are probably like this three where you don't even know wrestling you don't have to you yeah you were at least aware. If someone says Hulk Hogan. And you never watched wrestling and game your life Hugo is that the wrestler guy yes. I feel Ric Flair is also at that level so he's right as until now I am in absolutely is is one of those big names again. Mort morsels and even like Vince McMahon and stuff like that and a that is that enough for the accuser in late wrestling but like he wouldn't register the same with Ric Flair. Yet right exactly they're supposed to be 830 for thirty Younis and documentary about him that's supposed to be like. Amazing that some men if they drop in at just the right time and economic. Which is crow about but you're. Can't read this one it's DJ something rather so Vijay can't region name that's again that's that DJ had had done and also won it. DJ tango. And that's the dude Bullard. Biron hasn't seen that in Tbilisi and Byron Byron. As stated clips Tony seventeenth I guess Amazon recalled a bunch glasses that referred looking at that now I don't trust that must have can I don't look at the fun. We had our analysts are sent me like a whole stack of these things yet paddle and other gun and he knows there's always someone promise him we'll find out. I mean I'm obviously the picket. How I'm skipping ahead to I don't know what that is either but Joseph Arpaio. Oh okay about this guy if these two dummies he had where do we begin he had tent city no we're talking Phoenix Arizona. All the way of Tacoma. Mean. So convinced. Phoenix Arizona summertime Steve Miller right. Summertime temperatures. Easily won 10420. Days of summer yep yep and then like hovers between 10110. For like another forty days without. He he designed the tent city out the middle of the desert recently nonviolent offenders out there they Wear all pink Uga and 10-Q eat green Bologna sandwiches out of food green. Just to make you like it to make it repulsive and like I cannot understand the psychology of making people like. To lick. To elect. Break your brain share to like if your karate test they would like to make us keep going until we feel we're gonna throw us because they wanted to end the stress yeah. But also like if your from. If you're torturing people with the that being an attempt one of the 110 out at 440 and that I have to watch things all the time about to leave your dog in the car because you'll end up with. A dead dog because heats up like that without a plus for humans and pets. Or are you would think questionnaires and so I don't know what happened to oh he's Charlie got convicted for. Be in a bubble I mean essentially. That's really what you that which is it's finally here a judge in that. But that's what happened. To Joseph Arpaio. You're always introduced seven years in prison for blood pull stuff on that count of being about Paula how do you find the defendants. Inspired him guaranteeing do OK she's out there. Listening to them podcast they're Smart Smart like a fox freeway email these idiots are dumb podcast at gmail.com. Phone them on Twitter or not. Aren't on the podcast we'll. Our eight record and that man child when. They've done for our young podcast is brought to you by. Those runny universe today saying they're no match for house of Gergen.