149 - Did You Pho Get About Us?

Monday, September 18th

Whatever, we're back.


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I'm guessing I broke the meat locker room. I like all right well we start. It is not very good. Armed and dumped. It's worse I mean is that it is stadium mile and a whole lot like the good yeah also that levels are so if it. Fifth decade this season for the guys to do. The thought of podcast whenever. I broadcasting doing my house. Yes and audio quality that I get into the the good for all of felt like in the finals fluid morning here that's Italy the other time that I fitted up a set up my home studio and it's not I don't know what the processing on this is federal dole is here and it's not like other people have opinions that they share. A rooted in probably professionals and stuff like that jail but like. It took so flat and maybe blinked hard forty and I don't understand how without the well I've mr. dials the tone that down and gray has right now my friend thanks man it's been weird being gone but it's at home I was able to dialed in the way I want and it's just. With a little high and filled yet we we could look little different tea doesn't have a flat. Well let's try out some buttons take greater. And and you're and I mean yeah. We have to protect the well the life craft out of Beirut. And let me tell you something that's gonna be too much information come over sharing my little boy I thought had come out of the Jana and bull away is. Reared. Seems like it I'm not that guy I don't do well I think the whole time asked me like how I would do what I've painted anything like that methodically get another guy it'll be aired to the north of the border you hang out everything you fool. There when it came time to at it Bluetooth book do those any person who is she's midwife which also helps quick. In room consulting for when you haven't David B stick cool like Tryon like. Keep the show on the road without an African and yeah it helps mellow everything on she's like you should protect us now man. Unlike. Deutch told of that bunker and a public. It's unbelievable it's really fascinating stepped. But the world stop with that or exit door and a think we can Richard do you tell them that we can write the rest of that started if you put it to shut out the pretty Laurie between one and two together. The blitz look the most crazy to me Hamels its war can and so baffled by this yet is that. We moved into this studio like would like to lie. And that we've only now been able to start podcasting again without having to keep someone off the upper. Yeah but we at kicks and out of the room I can tell you that that's that makes him gonna want to be in years. Twenty minutes ago but that their problem related I don't know I've I've reserved distributed I've reserved this room for you now to go by the rules wouldn't listen here and I don't want and you dislike you. The elation reserved the dummy yes it's fair to feel now and I'll. I'd I'd. I was about to blow our first opportunity deposits since forever speaking of blowing things you should again Friday when I had written. In studio issue and had used it in to use one of these every step into the meat locker it was the ice that that I Gramm and him and it is dynamic market I think occupy Otto like no. You are like well his little brother well I don't exactly Andy editor has hit them all the time crunch I have to get something on the air. And I am my whirling dervish Tasmanian dam them with -- to depress the I don't I'm art are just raged for like 25 minutes or that you're a man has no. Move like okay. Wasilla there working at Yad like putting as they went felt that said Danica on him. I'm sorry. Listen listen listen a little frustrated the levee. And again to leave early can carry this thing dude and nothing ever works and they needed to. Whenever you have a studio gap until the person explorer America hear everything we're hearing and a refrigerator that's right I wasn't my cream in here yeah it can be a coffee futures due later. Oh I've had so much honor and a new thing as you can imagine with the new kid. Harrison Fox's mind there's a fox Thomas last name. It's my as the official in boxers Arafat's right best of my 64 and original Imus Arafat 64 guys Carol right right right right. And good ol' Harrison came home that's great. And at a memorial is going from Sweden's Lotta coffee and oh yeah and so I've become. Every day I have to get up in the morning and make coffee and an exec pod usually and it's been weird because I'm usually the case. I've two cups of coffee a day one rep for the show one right after an acute bright segment right right right right right. But about 7 AM I was like well gonna have another and then right now how much fighting to have another cup car because as you can imagine anyone who's dedicated understands that. You don't get a lot of continuous sleep and so really struggling to keep the energy level. Share. I think that's what they went to country that's what gets Al Gore at a coffee well man not Smart chess Gordon analyst a dummy you come out and and you bring your fine Colombian blends here right what are your donkey don't Bhutto however were trying to make America great again and so maybe bring some American Tom dedicating quick if a bona coffee at a so I Philip there were critical opportunities to really make a great leader like Netflix but maybe that's what it is maybe we're setting ourselves up but it just smashing everything down we're gonna apple or rebuild about how we're gonna. Yeah like I imagine the guy in a hundred years you can re introduced at taco rip up epic epic I think they give us the QB alleged. You know we it is illegal right now because they tacked it onto illegal Mexicans coming into here along with the machine gun bill of some sort felt that I've. General I think but Mike. We buy them but it people blame the Mexicans for we'd be a problem or yeah I first that we do is a Mexican thing. I think you're on us to do with the tock goes the more tacos obviously taboo to write none none none though. I guess the easy I want Mahal who we do it could be public. Now ten minutes from now yes to the top of a party be uncle bill Taiwan major disappointment as shrapnel from a game last night or yesterday and I mean faster than couldn't start that's that's like treatments of thing after every game of course rate caps so and I never range faster it's when you get it you gotta take my life is over zealous and turn a corner. Well gold markets like yes I will snatch the McDonald's go in there or in the food probable by. Turn out of that part in that one block up the street habitat. Yeah in a rookie you can get a ticket from doing fine now why would it was just there. I was I was in trance as separate the two things the K did you get what you want it when you have McDonald's here did you feel good about scratch and a pleasure rich you are okay it's okay ability to and I know whether the taco time for next time. He. One of the big revelations of being out for the last month up pretty laureate discovered how many begin options there are at taco time. Two and a bunch then we discovered that not a real enough but I mean little thought I would poison one day with our paths I mean my. Then she discovered that would be something on the beans I think our mic the kid's been up. At the I think there were eight times. The better of it I Vicki Lawrence kicked off a time of how much does that set when you have to start thinking about how what you eat affects other people like I scientists like demon parts are bad here. Think that's the worst thing that you can do to somebody that's the that's the worst thing your food choices a unity to somebody's idea hey I'm sorry. So cute in the post race press conference for the Singapore Grand Prix over the weekend. One of the dudes ripped asked Grady Little bit. That's great and one of the they're like all like laughing about it was like a commitment to the street out there at all until put it together like if it. And then one guy. He couldn't answer you just like falling apart laughing Q the Finnish guy has always been as serious Vick on the Motorola all the time and they'll let anybody know my Bible but I added it's like he couldn't speak as he was laughing so hard. All of these guys are like just media like you'd. All the talk about how good the team as an under the track quotes an outlet just only say positive things about the sponsors and stuff they never had any character it took forever to like lose that and that's. That's attest that the with a powerful fart. Parts are crazy man I don't podcast the Palo before we're back to talking about 57 lives and did you miss us I think that's the problem though I think none of the people are talking about parts anymore for the new look everyone's going like. All the people are we don't need all this highbrow. Comedy we don't need like like these he can't and level an get a it's very Smart and act like. Because the talk about fires that that we need for a joked I think you would agree with you I I have 100% agree if you had with him agreement does this. And the power of a fart joke is still it's always gonna be fun if you can go back and you can go back to read her stuff innings. The clouds and I think is what it is back Greek literature okay as on him and he wrote comedy and part of his shtick was parts there well is a funny and it comes up. Florida's sports the company probably agreed to obviously different but it's translated political which we were elected snickering foreign journalists affect that at a there's still authority is. Obviously somebody studded don't agree. Because he realized that levers of melted down did indeed it dealt with it. The audience. Who was that view report. You know it looked at an app. Because you have felt that the that's not that's you have done that lighting bolt hit. Hi Phil. Part of the political fights are with what I could take apart starting. How would you go. When you're in regulation before you audibly far. Huh. That's a tough I I have. It turning point in a relationship with with a girl boy named me the dog for Favre wants to Nino is not that I know what the dogs fart smell rich it's the same thing every day for forever and I can tell the difference between. My dog's ass. And nor stinky ass for leaving yet. Here. My dog is on that. Return in Michigan feeds for him yeah because he's old and then there is just something incredibly unsettling about like opening up the pack example package of new food. And looking at a guy like that's gonna be a problem later with a perfect and distract the diaper right to abide how to do that real well now here I got one of those two and I'm I'm I'm rehearsed as well. So I guess. It depends on the seriousness. Of the relationship I think that if you're not done if you're not audibly fart in front of somebody within like the first ninety days your. Probably. Set yourself up for some awkwardness in the future okay. And I think that about ninety days the three months. But the long time to six weeks is what really that's a good question before you really like you rip apart from with a six weeks past who. You would you like fourth and the next year. Israel no really from the opposite. And I'll everyone got a farm and I'm glad I've read that book yet it's. The significant effect. As president and everyone out of our. A closely not associate convert today. Sammy OK Jack is that attributed to the glory opened apartment Aaron. Yes six weeks I think is about the comfort to within minutes looked our country being liked our country being afraid to whom my putting pop singer. It's it's like a computing afraid. Boobs duplicate more than half of the world has boobs. Yeah and it's like so tab Boone were Celtics wouldn't snickering little. Idiots when it comes the boobs somewhere accompany. Well still. But we as a culture are so we'll rats that we'd like freak out people who people legitimately think the morality is blunt is at stake when there's less everything where it's it's OK to have like watch TV. Like network knows that the cable it's easy just any pretty anybody with a TV can turn on watch and it's like. Guns and violence and hang him boom and it's like no sex. Or even like the sex is like no simple. Pinnacle Beverly Hills cop two was on the other day and and fight the I mean it's just guys just like shooting yeah unions it's incredible action movie at the total would. Ito would never happen. Judge Reinhold got his tune shocked and it's. Like. It's preposterous but like I knew that was an action movie and like OK I can handle that initial blu wouldn't like gable think it's so funny that it's like. This film has been edited for TV. People are to get in Merck's left and right that it's likely once exceeded like clipped out like okay. What if it meant an. I. I where we elect were rat I'll never understand Michael on the front how. Or technical we are about that about how like scary boobs are. If the dudes are worried that women are gonna take over the world. Would this table tennis yet they can't and that's it there's not a good idea to give me wrong but like off the effectiveness is your secret weapon and I just if justice. Then there's there's there's a lot bill that goes on with having a new mom at home and like me to stick around being like make America better and are being like. Did you get away from a good idea. That like the power continues well liked that I think that didn't start just when she beat him mom nobody can click and you think that maybe the second. ADB. To be fair like it's. Still she who holds the power equipment grew up close orbital always been controls up for what you do to make sure you don't have to be strong against the thing to edit the about it now yeah right and then of children but the older it'll. And another in the three children but people keep asking Purdue Lori so's your baby gonna be begin and she was like what do babies eat a math. Like the milk but it kind of like the number one appointment right right. Does that count. The baby's not bigoted Ole Ole eat it literally only to milk the exclusively. To click the opposite of the net and so with the dairy and egg against those other word for I was just fortieth. Because they've struck downloads. Still smell of it were a bit. And. I peppered me. Who wanna abolish ethical O'Keefe does the going to kind of bad for him I that we were out. Saturday night. And we do pop shot. And I did thank Lou fifteenth at its Internet and just met fifteen think it was like he was broke. That I posted a ID watch the video back and posted it like this is what I am doing. And you know it kind of kind of dragged pretty good and they shoot and you go pick it specifically bad because they had a Papa John a top job growing up and he'd like the king of publish an ill. Well he is now the queen of pop the shot because I think which you just it was fake news. Knows has real news some big news I was when a free Bartow. Yes I was I was almost did you get up and I was six points away he broke a hundred he got free drink and then you're in the right elect some raffle for her. Whatever but keep in the first game and don't the second game of the rubber match happen and who. You blows that shrimp and sixty away with. It really could but it hasn't really. Really. But I do I feel I feel bad I I just really wanna get sent at the cookie but I think he'll be okay yeah. But it was pretty funny it was like. These few new news written. I don't know who these people are anymore than I'd like I'd like I can tell you about the about the people that run the donor rule don't ask snohomish should be taught people as the go to have. That's the route don't care. Where you talk about the city Greg. Seattle podcast with Seattle. I kept I kept with yeah. Not to text from Purdue or. Don't talk about my boobs in the pocket or whatever you do you know. At that Maya the yet. Chris yeah course now. And luckily I had no way I don't know that sorely I don't know its public suspense cohorts just like jump up and scare you pour ever really get it's really good it's really scary I went with a screamer which I was nine anticipating but that was either I was a better than a Lulu and clinics most definitely important you know most open and the has to make a fellowship club which. Yeah I horror anything tension like that not for. Well if you're listening to this year on the fence you likely saw the movie thirty years winner of the book what's the point. The point is it's a bad as movie it's really get. That's why I liked stranger things 'cause it was like. That world this is like that but without being tentative at no point was there were about they dipping and grabbing me and it was like it was a spot next into things were followed not like. But it was dark but it was like. Now this gets scared that it's pretty twisted pretty quick thought you know that I'm. Catching up on season five game worlds right now very nice it's hard to watch game if you ask the rhetoric is that our he'd be. The last thing I think I saw was the battle black water. Been used OK yeah I think that was the last. Thing and now and the dragon fire progress. It was like out. Potion thing that they put them into the black moderately names yeah okay. Spoiler alert not okay if you it'd be listen here a few first of all I was coming from my wife and that's if you. Don't like tenth things if you know what happens and it doesn't like if you know the spoiler than it's fine particulate want to be and that's helped me a lot to America's give up or is it a little too country we do watch night in and it's like I watched Frazier reporter but absolutely the right make sure the and that's too tense commute time. I dumped both the movie. Where Ben Stiller is an insurance adjuster and Mikey can't do anything because it's like you Mike Curtin as an insurance adjuster you understand what the risk is inherent in everything and they don't eat Indian food new Buick as a bad reaction to an poop everywhere and not make in the that the that you know a little bit but but he didn't hurt Jennifer Aniston and it. It's not been stone Jennifer Aniston the whole thing is like. He better not news out of the wasn't gonna prove himself but he is not. Can handle that type of white student that's not a good problem to do it anyway and hilarity ensues and ever learn as well which is awkward painful and I hate it okay. Not entirely any of that stuff and so to be able to know the spoiler had a times what happens I can actually kind of power through some stuff Oca OK okay. And typically pretty mad about spoilers specifically sportswear news root country. Is that yes okay. So but with sport to take that that's sports is written the day up. I mean you hope. And allegedly. Syria on May be has something else to say about that but now. Wait editing of but it it it well like theory on. Guess that's a 5050 about it I use an empathy I get to first ticket. Look at their body. I doubt due to do become a thing that I think yeah I was at the baby doctor the other we go to that so much of regardless of liberal is like Manger hatch on point and I was like yeah. Thank you thank you ladies that's very nice video. Would you say I'm the number one dad Joker. In item one dead. And put my mud to say that I'm the. A sign of a bitch you're right restated that rewind it peeping out I don't deserve theatrics campus last for two minutes trying to. My not allowed to show up everyone knew as at some point we didn't like are you guys dead. Yes you know maybe we should do like. While we get back in the groove like to look at as the simmering questions whose answers on the Twitter and in the podcast that they be doing us. Is it offers along so woody you've been missing what do we have we missed. It was seven ago ST we have seven notification to protect last time so most of them are that people followed us so that's pretty cool. Set out to around Seattle. Yeah I mean some of these are from. The incredible tag is. C naked at taco looks delicious from all angles says Novo make it 8 o'clock it's easing instead of a taco shell has an egg. And that is that call that omelet. I'm nineteen and call it what it. We have to hold your hand to sixty so I get so I hate that this is like I hit that one anything it's like it's the new bed of inevitably but. As they knew of fried chicken Pete's different pace that AS hold best chicken parmesan who. How did this in China at the Paula Cooper. Sub W his mom makes the best chicken par on the play you have in my arm I believe you but I've only ever had to compile once that was homemade. Okay and it was so good and she sent me home with like the biggest Tupperware completely full of it and I ate it for days. I feel like that is a very underrated aspect of Italian food. Is like. It's left over it's good and his good friend like act like an extended period of time like it's geared for like days again it's not like governor's mansion tomorrow. Also it's. Like Italian food is really do when it's served up and it's hot now and this is good. To finish the thing about like. But if you go back for seconds it's not a time of Connecticut but I thought anymore yeah I hate myself and so. So that no you love yourself and within the next game Mexican and Italian food both as a superpower where it's even better the next day it is like the first serving really good and yet it attended dips and it comes back. Strong strong it's such a good like blasting through public and timing as the day this week you've. Chickens harmed hand. What would get the two departments goodness it's a great question I don't know the answer that. I thought oh you know you know is pitching department that thorough process but you can't please get please get their side pot departures to some other than that it's an. The look at Africa and they aren't known gouging yeah I think they're just like he and his have a global media titan. C'mon come a time that we've already here for c'mon you know I would talent there and sounds like. I was torn between two dishes you know department one of them care. And the prisoner as opposed golfer and just get like a side of but another side of the pots line and Mike you think so I'm sure they'll do that for you don't like. OK so good order and listen really weapons and it really want this but the caddies get. Extra parts like I can make a double serving of that I mean economic small and it's it's like. I'm not complaining that stood up it's like it's too small like you would be like what is this now disappointingly small portion. Ons yeah and if I even as my discipline this month this guy oh. It is. It worked but I sort of grated out it could that affect a so I might be taking you teased me that a couple extra growth it's a little bit more. And they're like yes or no problem well they give me like the full on like both tissues. So now I have like a master who put it out of some sort astle hit I don't like. Other way to make it readily challenge Kobayashi and something where like I'm Powell reading a book I've got a competition this weekend like. I'd like to eat sushi gets Gere yeah right. If possible. And sent him and I could happen. To him to Egypt I found out publicly to Schumer who dividends that would give me a recommendation or to go for an idea like anything if you launch only on Tuesdays and Thursdays accuses of Wednesday's to reduce their circuits we go. I got to play when you do all you can eat sushi if you only offer me for me Geary options. Can none of them car but what was albacore and then it was like Mac parole and red snapper and then open alpha awards made in Toronto salmon know Sam low and I was like. Low income in this recommendation for military solution to it weren't limited on what I can meet like. Not cool that's. How do you now. America talk smack about the width because it was good but it was just reporting for all of our about it though how that care done and give my name and delta all kinds. And tablet but how do you not so I need to efforts and first of all within Seattle it's cheap appeared but with the artists it's a summary and it's not. Well also I'd like. Kyle not chipped sushi everywhere here how does the desert to a better job which I've done on the rent a hundred times but I'm still apple. I said this a million times but before before I moved here at my expectations were that I was going few. Wake up in the morning walk out of my apartment and grab a cup of coffee from some images waiting at the door with one dollar topics but it. Drink my little shot of espresso that looked like old guy was that walked to the the fruit stand on the court like I mean my mind at Disney arc but with fishing just places everywhere now is not your provisions of president or as they close it close. Not even a benefit you can get far public out of the issue a canister it's like that's raising them. What's the deal that the fire explosion after that there's five like everyone must fight now I don't it was t.'s announcement and as such but like Davos in just humid but like the old. Talked to my friend and airs on and here's the deal is like. I wouldn't have known about fine except for Patrick loser face sort of and then shut the Patrick whose face up loser feast on the back up but he. Backed mean 2000 who was we were just both at a college and he was like we turned some and he was awful. On and he literally came one due to the to the rehearsal wander into the camera to lyrics and they were. We're a stable literally I mean literally. In cubist works. Goodbye nice to know you wish you were here. Yet it is that track listing she morning's view and I go with the leader Dick face a you're sterility of the cabinet I want does those things and it was electric intuit Patrick loser face yes. He always wanted to get the first larceny in the first friend that you mentioned actually this is a peppers and pick at because I don't have Micah interviews Jaret Wright but I remember it. But Smith we don't play B six or aviators to I Campbell and I was like what are you talking about and like we sit down and I hated it. He needed in I'd like try to do year after year we're trying to musically. People were like oh I know but the secret think of food political to fall over that hump. And then it was what I found out that I hit its launch wrote admitted to think dish water he has done it without it when I moved here up on ten Brothers and brought when I was like. Like. And then we the building move the capital but the Spanish and move that we leave like the best book please. Bets the best with the telephone book. Thought buck did if you're ever in the Denny's run you're usually easier to throw a block this have a real that's a for real statement that place is the best idea of never have and I again note. Snohomish now five gigs now which. You've been listening to our dumb podcast they're Smart Smart like a fox. Freeway email these idiots are dumb podcasts. Gmail.com. Phone them on Twitter that aren't on the podcast or eight record and that man child when. Victory for our young podcast is brought to you by. Bob buck. The terrific crew brought the university have a carotid spent the weekend.