150 - Bout One Fitty

Thursday, September 21st

Two in one week, but at least this one is subpar.


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Mr. and continues. Starts. All right Al we start. And done. It fell and worst oh. They had borrowed. Extra volume. My new blood and had gone with the volume. There are. Clinton will run. There and every now says he's so you analyst asserted on new podcast has paved hi everybody by the way you can pick up with a cold. Calorie high which took. Could it. I knew were lots of people approve him live out your house. It's true dude I gotta tell you it's the one of the biggest benefit to move into the suburbs there's no one has grouped behind my house under the engine out. This which we can visit its. So admiral Akbar. I levels in years or really bad. Worries he viewed the there's I've got a lot of complaints here tiny head. That's the only good thing of this the only nice thing that adds that notice of fire. Is that he's grab my ear buds and rock them some pretty okay so that wish you had your own individual volunteers. Beat earnings rate because like Alyssa was trying to. Confront me on the aero area and like a tournament like sort I don't know which like it is in public it's the one that on but I can't. Slide the thing up to tell you that right and two. With a new name. I who have. That's. Hot Florida putt just twice in one week for the first time in like two months that this has happened back in the business. That's is I like our our ice age studios that we have here it's ninety not broadcasting live from the locker it's not quick Hendrick yet close though I mean there is frost forming in the windows left but the ground is still carpet it's not fair right and a processor ever completely at that I have to work in this in this Booth were were sitting right now and ballistic can't see this but I look straight down into the break room of the people on the thirteenth cooler. Pretty weird. Anything weird happening there now but just. I'm looking at people who don't know earlier watching them and it felt like these different there's nothing sexy about it with the club there's Tony getting his can of beans again I have seen. Use them for a conservative. Fourteenth for the incarnate. The other time around launch that would be my possession Pete before we started this I am in. I'm sure so they don't happen only have to cut this thing shard we were about. The types yes so anyway. An onus is going on in my life is all dominated by a thing that just spits up by Donald spitz who tantrums at my house right now. Could Elizabeth suffers out is that in the second. Since two screaming that it would do agree. Yes that's like my whole life is like get out of work drive straight home I don't happen and this Saturday the big not all valley karate tournaments yeah. Do you sense today. I've been practicing in my garage my neighbors do not know what to do spirit are so weird about Catholic. Real gold Ford and their man approached crap out of a pox and they've accidentally lost. With their south in the box now isn't it I don't have that goes into boxes from moving stole the problem having a baby ten days after moving in that applicant for ever on a guy talking hit the button. You question I don't have to ask that question. Moon. And he built Ford your graduate of the boxes cardboard box Ford not yet I'm waiting to get the big wardrobes emptied out because those are almost Greg yes yes yes it it. This series the tunnels now. Exports were. And at this point though I can build forts for the Catholic box fourths of the cats if they like boxes when he chased the casting before. One of home do I could barely even come downstairs at the so that's like but I can a little items like new. You wake up to a campus of flown from wherever he was that into an antibiotics. Witches. Alarming to see at least concern yes absolutely. Yes so bomb at a lot of grunt karate right now preparation for the big. The ultimate self defense studio. Martial arts tournament Seattle. When he heard. I feel like you're gonna practice more because with the baby thing got going a little bit and so wood and a demo what I mean to do their and one of the black belt reflect hole. That's come along and the encouraged. Do you fight anybody. Maria Liu fight and oh yeah I hope luck in your rough and I. You have to be denied I have to commend and reputation and yeah you replica is the idiot is probably my. Crates only like probably a hundred pounds more than mean. And he just like waved his hands around insulin disliked it popped up late score reported in my. It's. It's harming the big hug afterwards that elect them. We'll be got a hug out of it but I and then some tiny little Hispanic I beat me in the finals and attacks are replaced because this teeny tiny little dude that's between apart. Like I feel this is a stereotype the mid plays out but if accused maybe Filipino and into boxing. And so was able to like to do so fast at the hands. So on the level. Does it. On one end inspection has Floyd Mayweather verses. What's his name and check out Gregor no McGregor Padilla spectrum. Highest action Hulk Hogan outage us meaning three. Where do you rate your fight. This coming weekend know the when they had against the against the mentally challenged again. I'd say it's like. While I don't have a and the good thing at the real thing Michael punching people in the face right now I stay yes that's not. I don't action wanna hurt people are nice. All this is doing all the Marshall itself is doing is me feeling like if someone were to attack someone else I can like probably in the right to carry myself right. There are times when I think about how like if someone came at me I would. Really deliver a pretty good front kick to this tournament tomorrow would have a lot a really hard time recovering from people have a hard time with that in general because DOC and kicking in actual fights now. Kick is like a what issues did anyway why did you do that all of everything I learned is what it's like Campo was African messed up you all about like. Defending yourself and getting away so a lot of it is like sidekick to the meat. And I I want no business and at that be that guy who was wearing just the swastika. In downtown Seattle and in the dude just has a weird thing I like cold cocked a red face Edmonds he saw coming the got a wasn't. For a guy wanted to present deserved it for if you don't walk around the Nazi downtown. And for allegedly Tobin pilots who. But he had a hard time attack is ever really non violent and that doesn't solve anything like button. One boy that must have felt good enough to do it to effect I really was instigating and then I still think he was rightly Voight can't really blame anybody for that late. So I thought about this just to the guy to clocked at any time with the violence on the Internet like that I'm like all of that Sosa began to do with arms and arms go leg. Extra mile. Whereas like it was a good news is like oh you're out pars on the ground like and I thought we double thickens dead and I was like. You know you don't ever say this very much but good. If you're gonna come downtown and they're talking about 20 that's right white power nonsense I don't know what he specifically said I assume that when you're wearing a swastika that you're not saying anything it's like we should solve the deficit you know wasn't any of that. It'd come down and you. Like what the global one must not think. A four. He made it plain me I kind of even contradict myself some times because. Sam but he was taught him and somebody the other day about this kind of stuff yeah and somebody's responsibly pistons equally have a right to an opinion and make. But newly deal because it's wrong and it's like it's like. Without a shadow of the doubt wrong it's like it's like it's not slippery slope a pivotal super slow yeah I real out of predictably no lake. You're not feed their right not a slippery slick right all right right right ray or the it was only about science route like no you can't know like that's. There is no. It's that's fake news that no. Well that's that's a fact like a scientific proven fact we talking to bring some science within next time to prove that the science is wrong and that's how we like. Advances when I experience that's on its department can hear and understand your reference and you have a satchel full of plants here who can get. So images and then there could abacus elect slug me that the pats really it but you look so Smart and at. Think he can Greek. Word. Eyes counting is barrels of grain I'd. The the gaelic and that are spitting the bees made eighty. You show up with a swastika adults bro I got known that you and you kind of got with community at that point synergy is sinister talking down equal equal rights for people like right elect. Everything's credits have full of the Jews right like every problem. Right they've thing if your look at Catholic person being like hey everything except for the Muslims like I don't know. It's it's. Blow my mind Howell. How old. Excepted and it has been a temper that situation what to do just straight punches again yes based. Top so it will report a crime gaga puts a face to golf left like it was kind of like like that it wild west of itself. Yeah me that he's been justice it is nannies Umar of that but I don't know the put one of the rare occurrences were unlike. I. Yeah yeah I guess simply I'd like to see it and I don't think that's the answer don't like. I also can't I'm also not gonna go to the dude that like had a banana for an imminent punched out you racist Buick. Brothers but news. Like Sammy say that McCain there's better ways to him of that but also lake. Again it now if that's the best way to put it I didn't always do but I do I get it. You chose not to punch out a guy and are you would maybe she's got checkout guy at right. And but look if you had to be like well like that government yet exactly like that it wanna do that Billick I mean. This is certain amount of ice should be protected from everything all the time that goes on and our culture right now right I'm allowed to think this would never. Yeah but I mean until some like. There was a denial as to me is like until the meteor hits them like your ideology doesn't matter wreck but also I don't want that guy being like idea to what grounds that whatever I want a lot people go Wasilla they want but like you're not untouchable. Acute he makes a one man. That's the point I think that's what I'm trying to say efforts like you're totally welcome to have your thoughts and your opinions that's totally. And a 100%. Okay. That is as loud as how should be that's what Americans when it's great and but also. In fear an idiot. The rest of us have a responsibility like hey guy. That's cool if you think that but just so you know. Your idea got in mind and that's not okay you can't talk about that and you can think that all you want you can go home and blow up like. In what we've decided is the society. Not okay yeah I hit it on if you if you come at me with the thing that's anti me to my face. Be ready Brett did answer could be an Uncle Sam right. But I I applaud the guy who's an automatic and that. The thing is. Problem solved right there yeah who knows that maybe that guy now goes home and like does something even worse because of that arm because Hillary thinks is life after a trip to Venice. Like the competitiveness of heat from public. I think that as miss some time. In arms and I think he's thinking of going what does happen so I looked like a look at NHL where he's not fighting is just a part of it Mike. Is it plot sometimes not that the earliest that that. How is I hope they never cute though. Like if they're unrehearsed truth I don't know where it's crazy it's hard justice though it's like girls being goons and like. It's I saw two guys that's been posted the thing were a guy threw up on another guy and US China game in the back a turnaround victory noted he had them if they don't go fight the guy with magic got barf Don. And they get beat up red dead and they look like rolling down the idea it was scary looking into those seats would get the hi there have to be brought over a poll yet. But also it was like this is what you should expect that the in the cheap seats drunken NFL game and public wants that that's looks like him as a kid. My dad broke up a fight at a baseball game is after the game. And two guys I was with him 768. Where there. And we're walking relieves and and east you guys that are known. Mean to discuss steps and that's my dad did that rate. Pops pops yeah I he would be like street just guy if he can. You know yes that's him so he gets in there and it's totally and his business like. All they demos were like keep walking keep walking humor he is again it's like whose daughter. Like the one night the Alley sorry about all I think you got right in there yeah. Said he is these guys you know negative and a guy like when the the drunk guy can impose its Baghdad and that dude bumps in the mean. And like kind of six year old man and it certainly knocks me out of the way and Jude. Midas read it was I was so scared because my dad like changed like that you protect your will your to collaborate like. As like a goal late yet even at that it is like oh you're dead defense with a particular. Yeah. Yeah. And I. That is just call the cops is about to be a murder and then grow as soon as that happened like the cops jumped dead in separate likely to really get a good out of the drug picnic I got nicked. Rob Preston that we can we please report tonight as that. And I violate our district public shirtless hitch hiking on the way home afterwards after the death like what did you take out you sure dad why did you do that after your whole moment like if you like came back down like you saw your dad and his forehand wide have to take my shirt up like one kid that this is thinks there's place but it has lit up with prime should it was also written a particular from Spiderman doctor general's head and got some. The ticket and clocked it's hard to see it's hard to seek his lip but a dead dude right there but also like. Like you've got knocked the aftermath. I knocked look at these Michael Vick and get back. Took it feels good to see somebody not be able to just pick I get to see you wouldn't want an idol to punch people like it still public but also within Arctic kind of cathartic and also. I also respect even more the people that can do you. Can be subversive to those people it like a really funny or really like pulling it way like the one in did you see the video of like if the white supremacist march. Where there is a band of Cuba's. That's followed behind and root root root yeah route bait boat and go route group but I got. That's the best way to defuse that I if you make it ridiculous this threat and the and then you go by her rules that even funnier and Mike Nolan has there's no one has and he'd like to finally have a right to speech yet and they have a right to play there. We can do it's it's crazy I have this. Like I don't know there's not a answer to learn about the citizens actually probably pretty pointless. When I watch the news and there's coverage of the white supremacists or the flatter thirds or any of these groups. Part of me is like to keep my attention don't click like on the people making fun of bomb dole also want that to spread so I want the subversive mr. spread but at the same time by. By propping up the people that are making hilarious jokes at the expense of the idiots he still giving the idiots that time in the spotlight yet I'm sure there's been many papers written about this and there's minimal smarter people than me that I have covered this before. But it's still. I don't know how you handle it right and how that's supposed to go like so say guy to pull a guy like. They need to be knees and then like that's what sucks like. Whenever it when people make fun of the snowflakes for. Being snowflake dealing like I did that the response to that is maybe a little bit more like active aggression. And we need to toughen up a little bit. Maybe instead of like not keeping score or using an actual ball to soccer game maybe it isn't such a bad idea for your kid to lose nine nothing. I agree that open indoor soccer we lost 21 to four win in the first game I ever played and I couldn't help would be like. Well it feels terror and a couple has quit the team after that and it was like a big deal for them and I was like and to realism liked that the surrounded by idiots. Yeah isn't that yeah I was like oh yeah applause together and Mike we learn something from like this which of bond over letters that. A myself and the include I wasn't calling them idiots go in Italy and have more on that a drunk but lose really about that. On a scale of like. For things that don't really matter is there a worst feeling in the world than getting your ass aptly handed to use ornament but that is truly one of the worst. Experiences you can ever goes through I don't know man it's that's different for me because I never played any sport and high enough level to be. The competitive. Kid I mean like it when I'm on the I'm playing I'm very competitive yet yet I like I've. I can't help like there's I have a super competitive streak in me. I've only ever wanted to win acts. Being successful in life like yeah I can see game for being game like that the kid like soccer on Saturday it was like annoying that I had to do it checked but like when I was up there on the run around it might be mad and stuff like that I was getting the tennis soccer tennis though it. It kind of thirteen games in a row. One went to one win at I don't know but the one of our before but again the decider it'll never win or lose again but the club and the one point at a time are way lower. Clinton but at the same time that the losing is the worst could be yet just like Catholic. Getting badly likened the times that we went to the playoffs in the soccer season were the most fun times areas that the Specter losing four in a row is not. What did the mariners' this last week has been really really tough to see them. To the get beat up and beat up beat up over and over and over and it's no fun to go to those games as yet landed lightly losing she's writing I'm saying like you're losing 2210. Used to getting lake just. You're just. Man handled like. Yeah getting badly beaten they future if you could make any different ticket you're getting a human talked with us before but like the no hitter going and you've got the breaks and up in the eighth. But that's to me that's like that's got to be the best picture or guy that was at the no hitter going I feel badly for most you do it on a bunt and your piece of at the the advantage is big troll my practice classic tour but also the game plan a certain way and if if you're teams. If your team really is no hitter good enough to get to the gunman timers in our game as minister away and if you're in if there's you do. That's mean because then there's the rules verses the way it's played better that way or three innings just can't do anymore. Yeah if you're gonna not be a herd allegedly play out just I mean that's a different thing but like if it's. Everything's equaled if it's gave 71 in the season under eleven games out of first like Europe yet yet you the worst also though I always I always have a certain amount of respect for the person who like. Like. It's infuriating in traffic. Win year in line and there was drugs all the whipped you end like you should. Yeah where threatened doesn't wait and that seventeen minutes of traffic that you're yet there are Smart enough to just go wrap I'd like. Well Russell. Prosecute from your daily through it that was the right move and so it's a bunting your way but you're out of a no hitter or whatever at the Dick Ruble also like respect for like the other team not being able to govern like you did break up a no hitter. Yeah I mean it's it's tough that's a tough. Three innings that's how you get. And I'm on and yet of course I land on your side yes but there's like a certain amount there's a small amount of respect I have for the guys that can. That doesn't that doesn't care what you think enough about him until disguised. And I wish I had done and I don't have that at all I can't do it. The holding of like I don't want that text message and ruin my week of radio is despite. Yeah all right can't handle the punt and the criticism that comes from its. I also Kit Bond says there's at. How to put against the late 98 mile an hour Edwin Diaz pitch in public it did in swinging. Because you just kind of trying to eyeball it and actually have to be physical like you are trying to do to put a stick in front just like. I'm a touch the boat this thing I would try and on the third time trying to put my hand Brickman fingers could be like okay world. I was baseball was fun totally. Mean and the wars our show played educated there was. Did he being an American he. Four or not and he's an American out in the genocide that is due to all the money better agree there. The mortal trial. Get a lot of my country it. Suck it up Bob my tax money and he's he's old deuce side track he really is he's on social security and I can't wait for the Asian war and that's in my favorite. This pilot. 1215 years away what is the age of war. Well there's too many olds and their second of all the money. And they're electing this and people spend morals to run things apparently can't wait till like I want. I am missing gen seniors and we're at now colonials whatever he has a copy 2000. Go take it. Come take it please I will stand aside I'll like and I will just be good with. Let you do that. Go for better than getting eaten by the bundles it. Yeah well like I want Social Security duke is gone listen it's over with this is very funny that we're even talking about this because click the meteor is like what now twelve here's a way or that reported on Friday the thirteenth and at that. Where the meteor hits the air is Israel that cool I watched a clip on FaceBook. So obviously news but real Liz. But it is vice sat down with the would've liked he's like a nine year old that is like one of the voices for antinuclear privilege in the tree. I know and I am accountable those countries see them hi this is why all bull Weisel pulled. Who. But he was talking about how old. If even a flick India Pakistan went nuclear war announces two nations like that it would kick up so much radiation and radioactive. Dust into the solar system that it would argument that particular Google. Every enough that like we wouldn't see sunlight forward. Possibly he thinks that there's a 5050. That the 50% chance. That in the next ten years a terrorist group is going to set off a nuclear bomb. I believe that that's very believable. It's. Yeah it's crazy do you think that's that's president thanks to them like worried about the ward of the old liked. Those. When you can sufficiently bummed me out yeah and in my whole life just like I hope the little like one month old thing looked like him. Spending under his own chest so yeah you'll lower her doughnuts a nuclear war. He hit puberty early thirty year is that just way to tell my kids got to addicts welcome just always land. But it took crippled both the visitors are far its. You have signed out working as well in the epic you know from here. And the nice but I don't know lineup it. A kid. Any final thoughts were in the pod. No again I think in. To listen to. Oh we we had a discussion about the some wanna know what the with the dummies think. The nucleus the stone age vs the new Foo Fighters record answers the national record also how have we done. How redoubled its 44 minutes upon him are already like well. Mr. Vick at the 45 minute mark in an hour long show we'd be like Kayla men or is it back into this we rushed in this unity card this beak as. We have other things to do its ski and let us break it did a little bit. So that's two around Seattle for spreading the word about being back sub dummy we asked for us has compete sub domain. Have Dora. It was just a door in no doors in who sit on took up our departure suspect that an idea to give you heartened that. And elect a heart a heart on at the equipment. The typical. Weekend as they. We just for people to. We ask for people to chime in with that what they at the time and with them after sending thank. Zero Shimon so good solid let's try to get there. Now than any. At a dumb podcast on Twitter though to communicate with us senate to sugar too isn't in there as a deadly cell studies have done is of their main vehicle to even merit. Yelling Jack O'Keefe. Just. Yet here. You've been listening to our dumb podcast they're Smart Smart like a fox freeway email these idiots are dumb podcast at gmail.com. Call them on Twitter not part of podcast we'll. Our eight record and that man child when. Victory for our young podcast right team by. God gave users today it seemed to us today if we ever an extended period or the beat throughout the tournament between me and all the other domains obvious.