151 - Cheeto Finger Mushroom Cloud

Tuesday, September 26th

We think we fixed the audio, pod is probably still dumb.


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There you go. Like all right well we started. It is not very good. And worst. Really stuck with a obamacare Broward installed during the physically if you defeat them a good. Guys tonight reporting hi Jim fair jury spirited. And bigger insurance turf. Welcome judge umpires. A lot of these on my phone about how we get to the 150 episode last time and then no we didn't even know it all mine. Also shallots to release some dummy. She was reporting back that the audio was dropped on our fire poll from last week I don't know if everyone else experience that are ferocious at the the days that you listen to what whenever there was problems. We're aware of it but don't warrant. No solution in sight I blame the Mexicans pay back at the Walt euros thought that is that day and Colin GAAP the next fault. Everything is can't count thanks a son of a bitch man you're just up the yellow covered today they're heroes the guard a podcast at at the I keep thinking of like leading tad less of which you talk about and then make. There is nothing going on in this world of note except for all of the awful things happening. So I was gone for a month. India and I just stayed off the Internet. And so like it would get to me but not in the U like just beat your head against the wall basher does right now like. The troops are click OK got it or whatever that was like a lot of that going on. But I didn't have to see all the pillars a slick post the pictures from a kidney and check it out to slow browser and come into the to a NASA complex let's look at the stuff. Now I'm back on it searching for work. She is inescapable. The last night the freak in Dallas Cowboys come out they all locked arms take a knee but the stand for the let's say I'm hoping I'm a barbecue during the anthem goes on their respective cooks of American during this but not the I don't know. Which how much more twists there's going to be to the story I like it because I like protest but at the same DM. It's tiring yeah. I'm a big fan of the people that are they've decided to boycott the NFL because of this guy just because here's the thing. I thought NASCAR I bet each and every one of you gets back before he and his he's guaranteed. Susie team gets two wins in a row your back and yes exactly also the unifil will gladly welcome the money you spend replacing the merchandise that you burns I mean have you try to watch television on a Sunday during football's the NFL fans have taken to FaceBook live to demonstrate that. Spitz with loads up. Paul man you're waiting at the playgrounds yeah 114 friends you should look over this I am larger dobbs. Heard liar Rodgers Jersey right now. Local commentary plays there was another Aaron Rodgers Jersey a month later. It'll be in the new one though I mean here's the thing if your relationship and Diaz have shared finances are so that I that. Does the opportunity to actually burn your stuff now and then to make. Been immediate if you need a New Jersey unburdened you have to bring at a protest and then like in a month ago and you knew he knew sums it. But turns out I hate the other fell all the sudden yeah. Back in the tornado had the ball soldiers into the camera chancellor to our content on the futures due to admiral one of the global woman and have a massage but the others so that those. So the bitches go testing. Also. Can we just make. It's funny scene of this has to be said that like. Can we are just be that we we're all aware of that and are protesting the flag I know that's what I doubt I know I know that's the part that gets me feel like it's. None of this has to do with our servicemen and women in the people that far this country ironically so that you can Neil but that's another. Spider web argument that assignment of my family's military like I'm pro with the people that like keep us free to visit to the alliance is a lot of nuances I don't put my life on the line to be like hundred I don't know much I haven't done anything to deserve this horse except for Brett alive or whatever and likened. Other places we don't get that. Chance to have that free speech. We probably won't for much longer either right leg trailer we can't. And I've our speech is only sort of free because there's money interest wicket in the way of that reckless bracket we like. Mean. I have to literally beep that out because of a good back to the and then I can get fired because they spend more money than I pay cuts but retro bit slick and a pretty good trade off the right right right right exactly. But. The fact that every one immediately thinks that this is in disrespect to them militarily. Bob Kostis is the thing where he just talked about how it was like there are patriots of every different type and the acute big shift but because all of them to write or at your respecting there are due to what they've done to allow us to be able to protest. There's a guy was Nick Young I think his name is nick something. Paetec ironically he's leaders exports stock love like that. And I would did manage to that thing in Dublin with James and he was a part of it now face the biggest. You know he has he's he's a and the English. He is beat you and I'll get this out not to hook here is they're relocating the it's two AT. Sports sports talk radio host. Yeah I mean look at that actor not an athlete DJ but the boom and not athlete sports broadcaster like. There was an athletic 45 years ago our rob rob rob just blows hot takes everything he says is right he's so cool casinos Russell Wilson because he interviewed him once and it's like nag you take it easy making it you have to build access got it I can really annoyed me the whole trip but he went on line. He was on the show army was hisha outing and now. But it he did the holes he had a nice speech that was really. Really great about how it's likes. The sad part of all this is like now as being picked on message being hijacked for ratings. And he's like to say that they're protesting the flag is your hijacking the message east lake I think that's cool I take it one step further than metsu. It's to hijack it it's a which we talked about the salt climates hijacked the actual intentions right. Hey everyone's still mad mad men. What's new console Bluetooth solution know it's like regatta like stop reading the tweets stopped reading the two I mean imprints are important because it it's not clear indicator to what's happening. But at the same time stop read between which how ridiculous is that it's an indicator it's like that's where you go to get your news. From the president. His mouth he heard little sausage fingers that are Tito's. Eventually squeak as they hit three EE EBP about it you can hear that I dust off his lately is thing. Give it to dust off the welcome what have a billionaire sir. Also it's not afford that like me the room awkward it's just a few it was buzzing around she'd go to us what I'd. But the time to be alive until somebody you kind of realize. I. And appeared to have a I saw somebody who made a Washington warned skins and shirts and it's him and then instead of the feathered tail on it like the father mullet I've seen that I don't know it's it's snowflakes how. We're very nice. But that's fun that's Q are you ready NFL thing it's. I hate that it's a big bombarded with that because McKee says poll ratings driven now right got to cover to get on a hot take on the oil. Eight if you noticed that lake once every one defended it gin mill hill. Now like all the esque in. It's the thieves they realize that that's good for ratings deaths are now she's popping off like crazy was she has the right to do you make no mistake about it but it. You cannot convince EU member familiar to me it's me that that she'd give Roger office and they said bill. It's the part where people the people who have had anti NFL takes that are out from ESPN in my from other organizations other reports that have been that we need to be anti NFL though like no when goat right but now it's okay to be an ever one's gonna run with that and right are written that the NFL has to pivot NB. Okay would be being anti cult are being in the politics fear it's very interesting also never forget it of those owners donated his time Donald Trump's. Campaign also never forget that this will hurt their ratings tremendously beyond the NFL's ratings and that they're gonna have to do something to stop it they're gonna have to squash the story also Han shot first never forget that. Or for support. It's. The new Mac so yeah so we're all bummed out or America's. How can you not be and a similar it's like that's that's all that there is to talk about now and it's so like. You know obviously we hit it a lot is we care about it we talk about elaborate like. If there were other things to discuss that would be great. At which beat great girl and all the problems were like. Some tyrant and some other country is due slaughtering his own people whom it would be like. Should be reading into the I don't know wins Darfur thing is yet now it's like. Other people being like what's wrong with their country girl told us that the key auto. Rescue crews. Go ahead and asked me that question. Okay so we're gonna get near it at some point that's that's the thing that can happen at a journal. And you're the preface this by saying you're going to dot. Can't tell you would you rather be boomed fitting lands on union gone. I think we literally have talked about this on this show do immediately like in the late uncle before the break. My out my answer to view is that it's that the question is do you drive towards the incoming warhead or away from like. Which do you wanna be like in the vaporization zone or do you wanna be a no will die in five years out. Yes well no I'm saying lakes. It's I mean five years like it's over for you don't you're not going to survive this do you wanna be like instantly vaporized have you won a lake. Be around long enough to see that like. Glow let your debt. So that it wears on you that it's over like you don't see any of that are you are you an epicenter or you Sarah Connor on the chain link fence yes. So economy and it's going to be awful gaelic and look at the time the Billick you want to good use this book like. Also lots of thoughts on publicity cover I think other ideas they say that if you see you go blinder anyways and maybe you just rather just be done. Many get to will be asked to logic that classes are still have mine from India from earlier seasonally terminal particularly you fool who closed one thing you sucker for her. It's. But I have to do what it meant to say that he has my clips through you know the days and I don't think. What they say Gergen photo but because they're news Gregg looks good motors different broke. So I would what I wonder I just moved up north and about twenty miles further north of here with me. Here's a thing that we talked about offline the other day I was watching 9/11 videos. Of course because. As one does the Monday afternoon there's got to know announced and I realized that the two big towers downtown Seattle are the club it's how are like the I common good that and then are building. Not good brothel I feel sort of sufficiently. Insulated with the billions around Baghdad thank it would be a man. But it's a copycat nature like I think that whatever company doesn't mean this but hey man if you can get a plane through all of this to get to us. I mean my hats are off on the heads off to put my answer. It's the that. I brought this up tunes maybe this is on the part two I don't know but I was like do you think the space it'll look that we laughter because it's an icon Patricia I think that the copycat nature of how people do things like that's. It seems so crazy after watching those videos that anymore would do that but like I'm surprised someone hasn't tried again which would be awful on the people who lose in this is like to just before that we talked about this is terrible but light. The idea that also we shouldn't forget about it and realism we put ourselves in these situations again like immediately like we're like downtown and some big stupid building. And if words though one of the cities that's like one of the targets. We assume that North Korea's going to nuke somebody and that it's likely also Los Angeles or San Francisco or why I guess. Oh. Get a look down at the most likely the closest friends I wouldn't go from Hawaii because it's beautiful it's been done. Now I mean. You know. Germans did it so this attack the result I think that there would go either that's that is very I think one of the reasons that there would go after our areas to the bang you're bang or some marine base which is an Olympic Peninsula there at. It's like were they do a lot of those submarine work Iowa. I haven't. Friend that's sort of that was up in that area and it was cool and also infuriating that they we had to use stop on a bridge now. To let the sub go underneath which I think it was pretty wild pretty could see the sudden I saw the top. Came up for air that is awesome haven't tuneup before that was really cool. I won't say where Manning although sorry to pay ethic they have like five or six ships like surrounding it up. It's cool now like a little the fuel convoy had to like me to get it out seed stuff. Was coming and going up. Re going to go left or right so that would be coming in. We re coming back distillery leaving soon leaving Seattle those coming and yes it. Article is pretty neat. I've. I've been on an ATV into some area that you're not supposed to go into with the person before it down on to the so we got down to the water seek its C banger from like the other side of the water which is like a big no no and they come after you win and get really mad about that. They did not do that dust as we birds as their briefly left but. It's okay it's okay I'm Gregor carpetbaggers go guys if true could hurt thesis is cracker to get him. Send accountable. And at that sort of pit crew has senate and that's that's no Gregor that's girl can you can have a couple of on this night there is thought at that. It's dumb but it's like crazy did the Tibetan right here and were as the crow flies only thirty miles from. And so what I moved 25 miles north does that protect me and all my still was in the blast moon were screwed. The bless those those Big Easy think it is from all the stuff that scene. But a do I hear yeah yeah I mean I nor from the desert so or not from but like we like lived in the desert for forever and so like yet door after Tucson Blake. That Bill Blass donors is gonna keep rolled out bro yeah there's like no mountains to absorb the mount on the outside of town to keep it didn't look like the town that does is this per. Living out there though as those like this is great there is no reason third. The Dallas to be a target of any they there's no reason. And as of the synod Vegas you're like man you're pretty relevant in Vegas is no one is gonna attack happens because there's so much foreign money and they're like you're pissing off everybody. So it's like. You're totally safe. And they eleven Hoover Dam thing you are intro you think that. It wouldn't happen. Not choose another deserts to go electric there until like if a Solomon like. About like a little different seeking it was a little variety I mean Agassi due to new best. Mount Rushmore also loading up now we should dial that and I tournament who had not a sift out who let her go there. Com cart path has checked the fact that a what is Saudi Arabia has anymore. It if it's. All. I go to the geography and although I think about it like it could be totally insensitive and I think it's mostly desert. I can hear that now but also Brady got a New Mexico though is great. I'm afraid to sit back and this change. You can attack you now you know. How do you think you could survive in any post apocalyptic world she. Click. I would immediately called my friend Jeremy Shockey Jeremy said having a second blow hard like nobody's business tool and if it all came down to be like kid life. We're getting in love. Call our guest speaker takes it black by the fact that these losers I'm out of here. Now here's that Cuba we can there's a fifth district but I don't think you can go to related row in the door of the slowest down the puppet of mentally strong as the biggest lake is at he's pretty strong and it's crazy. I think I would ahead says the desert. Arm about a German live isn't like just like you'd be the leader but did you would have been emitted you know. Rephrase it your you know. Oh. I I'd be crying I think I would literally start crying within one hour like dislike pro to break down until I moved to Florida 100% to say it laying on the ground like I think chowder with survive longer than me. Oh yeah certainly cubic I gotta get. So I hope via. Still a nerd also approved or they're picking up it's OK a hundred yards now if I am the dog captain now include everything that I together now. If you're got a lawsuit. Think you're scavengers and put breweries are what I guess this messer I'm not a trick that the account you puppetry trickle. You know on my way and I went and I am in June oh did you bring me a cup beat Paul the hottest holiday portrait of Kurds that. Chases a tailspin and they're competent. Campaign my duty to make it a month. No hold note I mean yeah I'm sure it would stay alive that lumber resilient and super competitive I yeah like. I think you can make in a month I've watched at least a thousand hours of Alaska shows. So I feel like my survival skills are decent let's round been a casket and surviving as a means. Hum there's a show it's an old flick I don't know what you'd call it but it's probably early eighties late seventies were guy builds his own cabin he just like brings to Hachette. And then he built his own cabin yet. And who really. Messed up one night and that was on it like those regret. What's the sushi place over by a to reflect the shopping area down by its south lake union agrees to be bluesy sushi had a big. Projector screen and then there to show weird stuff all the time bully you get like two papadore sushi then it was awesome for the treatment. I mean it's not. All its huge seller list it's not like high end sushi it's just like a cool on the conveyor belts if you of these coastal. I think any and experience the real stuff relates. Because I want regularly just due to man it's. There's like this one it's called marine topple us all get that. The suit the bluesy sushi it's it's belt sushi it's cool Osce should train is this in Japan cook but. They have a giant projection screen and they were showing this one time and we were like redo old. Stone probably something and I was on and we watched a guy make it acts using enacts. Before he built his cabin. That is those that towards that man be able to do that stuff to take care of yourself. I can I would still have a hard time like shooting an animal like that would be really hard for me both to kill the animal I just to get hungry at doesn't. At compass which is I think that Diaz as I think you turn that switch off real quick I would miss plumbing in so much. I missed another paper yeah I don't think people realize how important and insanely crazy plumbing is adding that it's I mean it's it. If both my biggest donors thought for a non Stoner all the time I think about how light bull I think it turned body. But before we just get a bucket is poured out the windows but can you go out to like go to your job and you support for everyone stinky groups on the ground no pain Q has it. No. People are dying from dysentery can you deported groups out the window down blows everything stinks all the time. I mean it would be perfect for our many podcasts that I am starting with Melissa wears a Kook could. You looking for that sometimes and that's not happening. I want to do one episode here. And if you're just do like 'cause sometime when I'm out you should just do it replaced the pot for those symbols slighted and and electric. That went to shows up on hard on podcast he's been gone for three years and I elect next. Come on man at once you have the idea on the idea machine over here the problem solving. Go back a paternity leave absolutely specific. We should do which is a cover and we should just have a segment on him this is a gorge group we just have if anyone can come and do it back move leg and top of the Colombia tell there's a total there you can get to protect the second elevator to consider the first Florida we're talking more about where GC Papa no no I don't think you're gonna run out of material real fast on that so we live in Seattle you share. Yeah it's just a matter of getting out you can't just say every time in the Alley behind your house like I can't be like me go to before I 'cause obviously it's going to be an issue seems like they go to. But it's a boring segment then it happens all the time but like gorgeous book. Plus also owned by the dumpster by the digit beats out yet. Yeah it's it could pies like this it's a sort series craft you know it's not like. Dude I. When camera phones first came out and like. People that like spent too much money on the phone had a camera phone numbers like oh could you fancy you know camera phone has taught him a brother and he said to me that I can never have a camera phone. Because it's all reduces and taking pictures of what groups and sending and people just to make the mad the president via the list right just Mike Saturday. Anyway he. So that years and years later I was. Good food trucks which is becoming a thing in Seattle there was one down on third and per week. And at the front of it was like in metal they had fabricated the pigs had my camera what it was called who it was like a pig truck has little techno metal looked pretty cool. On and we were walking back and re around the corner and there was. More than a snicker size human poop right there on the sidewalk too slick right there someone just one quick. Just off of the road like if you hung your butt back into the Alley but like. You like you could still like elect has opened yes fresh human poop. In order to pick to do. Take a picture and send it to my brother unsolicited would no message and he was like what the why Richard to solicit 'cause this is what you would do I so a guy Pippen in New York crossed the street. He's on the curb. Middle of every like not even like tucked away just. Went for it. Because I feel like at some point you're like mum a party. You come to markets society than the Smart Poulter broke I guess so anyways if you're listening and you wanna be included. In any segment which Kook who has three that are dumb podcast or Elisa at a wherever her tweet through Twitter handle is. His matches treatment she's the best but also. Is turning clear I'm not analyst finally lets us. Which broke the news. Chet a guy that's for features like full Twitter accounts such dedicated for people in New York trying to find a closed group. Debit Chiba Lotte Starbucks in New York in hopes that you can get that door Cody go and then drop deterred I thought I got my way that's my family through Vancouver. Not grouping at Starbucks been using start it's life I am I. Coal cleaning as the management Vancouver Washington does look and and and Vancouver Canada would you go to Vancouver Canada Russia from a birthday let's yeah I know that I'm here so. Bring you know I was in Chicago no brainer back down to make usually in. MA I realized as I got there that. Wi-Fi wasn't as much of a thing there is it was here yeah that's tough so. I learned the hard way because my plan was just they eat and drink my way through the city and they have I didn't have a plan to get in ages ago. Stop the spot fears in the house algorithmic spot to get that out. I wonder there's an art is around here to do it Alfie go and then I got to say it is like oh crap. I can't do that or just our bottlers Q where are these speedy Wi-Fi hot spots here oh that's kind of thing. Crap so that I would just like leech off Starbucks of this is dead stats. How to get fluid often. It would be trying to prove they try to kick me out owl poop. Imus I'm an upgrade my I'm still on a two year phone plan I still like to have that because I have unlimited data on my phone and and so every two years I just resigning and find that one then like I before words to Pam last year. Then the dude working there was like why are you on this plan and I was like a little limited data music genome of Steve did you use every month Mike no come with a limited I don't think about it after. I don't ever get the message is you also don't yet just I don't ever want that message and I don't care saint I'm used to paying with 104 dollars a month which is out of control right. But he'd like broken down for me and I'm paying like a double what I should be yet I think Tony's like did you gotta switch to something else do this is ridiculous and not a lot of what our. Well now it's time. And I wanna build a do hot spot and I wanna be able to do four in Honolulu like do run in Canada home phone to work it really just the latest when I went to Japan one of my phone work right it's paid thirty bucks for the nine months I can have. Japanese phone service now. He says. So now I'm about to go to do that into the new iPhone ethic. We'll see. I wanna switch to the interest of the camera so go but everyone says the new iPhone cameras really good so Wilson yeah I mean that I think I'm annals of internal creative as you go do it. Billion apparent per month a son pat for the phone so that you know I'd saudis resent the contract I do the same thing you did by tightest senate contract every year I think in the note eligible for an upgrade path. As recently Verizon yet. I have AT&T right now it doesn't it work farewell my house but the qualified so it's like I like never noticed that it doesn't work well yeah like I'm just randomly to voicemail element all the phone didn't ring yeah I'd. Ike if that's the interesting thing about like data usage is now especially here is there's such a connected city that it's like. And Wi-Fi exist just in general it's like I never used data my phone and her because I am connected to Wi-Fi like ninety. 7% of the time dad's got the suburbs a man like that I would like that's which you can nor can I walk everywhere and it's also there's like you have to. Fine dedicated spot for. Yet the genetic yeah tradition where it becomes relevant again no one similar walk into a business and their like. Our Wi-Fi is Obama oh cool yeah Ed becomes like a thing infamy began like a limited data and it's a sense of being like slow. I'm my house so I wanna cut all that stuff on the and I need to like him. John McCain Obama entrapment foam though. I'm getting to the point where I'm really mad at myself I live a very lazy life like it skipped that lazy convenient. Can mean says no there's no present a means to me like it's like as an extra forty bucks shall never outrebounded again done a limited debt. You'll never have to worry about it I mean it's gonna go we your bill but you'll never have to worry about it school Don just in case my little dude just in case could never close that. But I'm starting she kind of turned the corner on that right is give my them at what point do we have a particular type thing you can have like. I can have like some wealth yet but you could like in the future herb. Not have to like war divided politically government you lose your job at some pointers on that a triumph of money like I can like make I can do travel the world for six months against yeah. Was against civilians sick getting angry with again a nickel and dime every or it's a familiar you know like. My life expenses go up because we moved offices in. And admire rent goes up a hundred bucks them a year. I am so mad about these little things yet I'm paying like a thousand dollars for cable I really like you know like. According chewing like it I met about that what it's like I'm doing it to myself worse. I wish that I do to yourself you do and that's why it really hurts. Now. I wish that I didn't carry my phone everywhere the trick is going to be with the baby at like we don't want Amare and we don't want him on screens all the time yet he seems like. One year old kids that are holding phones and stuff like that that pat Sox man like you. You both have to know how to do it because it's part of the competitive landscape of being human right now to try to be able to understand technology but at the same time like. I don't I watched by any nephews and and there are like. Maniacs. Over the over the screen time Billick they like to reach out if they can't yet on their ipads a 10 my iPad. And like they have to like hide it can still find it into like you have their ally do you suppose to get patents are using in school I downstairs for mom and dad are paying attention like. And so I don't wanna get to that point good luck because like a screaming child if you couldn't sedate them with a neat thing that Mike that's not facilitate Brenda and Erica thing. That's tough man just to. On the phone thanks so it's cookies separate because he's got to get sprint. No not when he's got our T-Mobile but what it is and he spent a lot less money and has the same AT&T services myth at the same towers looked like. Spent like half the money and knows it's the newest device all the time which is crazy. And then just did not know Armstrong said Delhi. I did not realize is that he also has a kid whose name is Harrison. So that's pretty cool are you a little bit thanks I usually. You know you what it actually did it was the opposite we want to namely to blink can. Which I think is the built its name but I have a friend from college and I'm. Constantly seeing her sister Graham and her FaceBook where her kid Linkedin is everywhere and music the cutest kid and I love the name Lincoln but like. It's too close and used already it would I would I'd I'd feel like I was like. After a chemist taking away from. Them to do that and there's plenty of other Paris is as Harrison in my karate Dojo like was it easy to decide a name. Precautions. You. No. It was. Hard to get it we had two names for boys and two names for girls division of the gender. You have to who. You're giving the skated a name for the rest of his life yes he wanted to be cool like right. I doubt I'll dirt is an awesome man obviously I choose to go by Greg because that's you know wanna be normal whatever but of we want record to have a really strong Hansel. In. Cool name also say he could succeed and grow confident just in that one simple thing. Or a beautiful name if it was. That's like it's very gingerly into it but if Jose girl wanted to have a beautiful name yes. As with boy wanted to be strong name's Greg who like Harrison is a strong. If you called Harry for short Horry he. And Thomas middle name Soledad if you want to but what he's an adult. Come on for sure. You've been listening to our dumb podcast they're Smart Smart like a fox. Freeway email these idiots are dumb podcast that. Gmail.com. Phone them on Twitter that aren't dumb podcast or eight record and that man child when. Victory for our young podcast is brought to you by. Yeah Roddy young. Universe and me. I broke my foot with a karate tournament there's a broken. Is it.