152 - RIPepper Hefner

Friday, September 29th

Everyone's a dummy!


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Cities in the partisan dialed in that that would mean the bill the little don't work. It's all right Al we start. It is not very good. It's the worst. Third worst game. Beginning less worst flood the less worse than before but that's part of podcast. We love marketing meetings we are on aids time constraint today because. After 36 minutes in this group hypothermia will set then. I would seriously literally have stopped being out of control of my typing fingers now and is a good joke about like things were 52 point about the Fredette but to duplicate. It is debilitating haven't only been here there's like a Barney environment that we could lose to Richard the thermostat to treat equally and that there's like this is literally hazardous for your health. It's crazy. And manageable much better I'm. The players men that led the flout the quieter and I I I know it's such a mistake I can't I get a stop wearing these that I wanna go deaf and classic question yeah I get to question. Do you remember when you lived in the desert. And when it was like 71 degrees outside that was the end of the world oh ya where's my scarf her up and took puffy coat. We funded tolerant on real quick if I moved to Washington and I'm gonna make it to the group to develop a I think I'm appeared to even know man I can guess Ike. Yeah Albuquerque it's called two not out and out Wisconsin cold it's different though toll get it of its bone chilling cold latest is that to once a strike about a week and a half in the middle when Terry gets. Yeah ankle and it late at night it's like. It's like come Mars would be if we ever get there. And we do that while the robots we'll get there will get there or not making a test what do fifty bro no athletic if we do it'll be like as we begin to become enslaved or hunted or both when it was an entry like terminator like I think it's spook who the eerily accurate still I'd go back and forth on this I was like listening to someone much much part of the mile podcast I'm happy about how the singularity will not happen. But they did they just like said it like I'm very Smart it's not gonna happen to moving all. And I was like Backus very Smart and I said many things I don't understand therefore. I'm little listened to him and that I thought about for a lot of like hello you didn't give me any evidence other than I'm smarter than you it's not gonna happen yet. It's gonna happen. Oh for sure it's gonna happen robotics computer programmer texted the other day to be like Mandela started at the robots do that you don't realize how dumb robots to La. I like it till they start teaching themselves right is that they don't have to like sleeper bloopers stuff they just keep learning. But Tony fifty ai is supposed to be able to learn faster than humans couldn't connect and at that point they'll be like. The humans are always doing things that sabotage themselves are ruining the earth all just get rid of humans and that everything will be great. That's the plot for a vendors native culture in Washington but also for terminator four or oil learn if so I have not watched that already well you need to give the comic book to read the the avengers emissary reading it finally. Oh good. And then I moved and had a baby it's not stop reading this but I was like I want to go through all that and read the actual rule. Bloomed yet and yet we get comic book first like appreciate what they do well at not bright and in the movies yeah yeah. They a lot of things not write them visas according to the comic book but the movies are fight Silva then would someone goes and actually does it. Does the musical graphic novel correctly yet like. The watchman up until like these last point 8% could like try to do like him chopper shot right in silicon slow would kind of boring. Correct I mean it was I loved because I had just rerouted there was the greatness that while they did a really good job at Mellon documents abroad that's cool. But then. I cut a path to take a but you know the nineteen then at the end it doesn't follow truly the thing all you do is put a couple like. Screen shots. For what public terrified dying is hacking and coughing I get ideas for a couple gratuitous like. Like frame. Like screen shots from the comic book that panel at odds right out of Kabul but that's good that they really do they do that and avengers stuff. Bomb but that's a good question I don't. They pay homage to itself I don't think they'd be shot for shot I think well the avengers movies are so not. Bear it's such a conglomeration of all of a story we try to squeeze the Korean War heroes of this so much it's more about that rather than making good characters that we have to content and I care if X it's like the new Twitter 280 characteristic. We thought whatever second. It's stupid listen listen. I love all of you dearly and analysis is right now I think you're the greatest person whom Kevin door. Except for conduct ethics but he's gonna get wrapped in this is well I think I even likened to a more than you probably. I don't need to know what you're thinking into an eighty characters don't don't care. Here's the deal is that if you want mean if you're going on a good ranch he gets things going on like. Second tweet to fight the bloody suffocated him like chuck bit win big he's got to go to Star Wars book he's. Wonderful Twitter because he writes forty tweet long hit that to you know it but he's good it's. Not everyone can do that that's also a year following him for a I think that's kind of the point in Atlanta he's just minutes he's skillful at that picture chair and he's hilarious and like I did but I appreciate the things that he is a little if it were off the defense talking about the politics stuff he chose. Bananas. But the 280 characters. The of the brilliance of Twitter was that I had to learn how to say something fun or funny or poignant or whatever it absolutely pick up the extra works yes typically kept on Arnold podcast are owed idea definitely not ties an ethic that's what that's what we kind of data half hour boy I mean. The improvement was just. Right away but we're gonna go to two hours that would be ridiculous let's talk longer about that let's let's stretch out our little tiny thought since you are longer ones and in an over the politics our portion of the show up if that's the fifth idyllic view that. That episode every real side the other day I was at a podcasting conference of the guy pointed this out and it's so obvious but I never stopped to think about it. That's with a podcast Nolan just randomly tunes in midway through. Yes which of some stops listening after one minute because that's the bride turnover led you're telling us to please stop using the buttons so much of the B is it overkill that he never listened again. Like yah if psyches is gonna have. Be it someone else's car and it's gonna come on it like oh I remember these video resuming episode doesn't happen I guess it's like he's like oh I've never gonna listen they had so shut up to Todd. So deadly just brighter and other sub domain. Mr. Brooke you're welcome back anytime via his sexy thing to always always say nice things about you are IPSec music. I turn over. As I. That's good now let's go ahead why did you get selected for the unity characters and mean I don't wanna be either no no no and I think they resold at a mixer slick before it and I would just either just put people voting is over. Just all of you tweet a hundred court I would I would I would posts. 282 from allergies you wanna listen to him like. You want to make. Open Twitter up a little bit don't make links count against that don't make yet Toto and theft gun against it like just make all of the characters you used to say you're sentenced to county gets that the threats and I know that this some variations of that and whatever but. Also Twitter is the best and the most of the most unstable social media so. They can't monetize its others that have. They do it but violent unity characters item it's terrible. Eli because the ad wizards can't fit their message you know 140 characters and it can they don't they have a never had to deal with PPM I love what I do when I wake up in the morning and cold winter's day I love the warmth and the fulfillment of an ice cold couple of alcohol. I've run out of space the typical. But the the actual meat from last night sleeping that's nice. Meant. And if you tell but like I'm a pretty spirited to feel pretty good yeah. My head has never been more full snuffed blue. It is the craziest like album. It's you know it's easy to be like I have allergies and that's a thing and then you end up dying of aids as soon that. And he used your kids. The or I've thought about it. I've got that what is it with like a little Bob cool thing at the end will be globe thing and it I think it's much it spits up all the time it's over he'll expect to be got to get the rest of it out of it was a turn into a manly with acid reflux that's a problem problem problems to what fuselage like when you have a burqa explode packaged. Then he knew that like Netflix and shall hold on for a second. They admitted amateur my hand off of them available on when you get did you suction we ousted out of my advice from a throw from the blues a disparate as the thing in your purse you can benefit. What's gonna be like I want to be appropriately sized so it hasn't decided about like up softball. So. It would for stoking the flames of a fire like one of the election. I sobbing is like in my thorough that yet I guess public law that lets look at it if I thought that. It sucked up by salt. Can you briefly that's very I have looked good with good putt also I don't care about my actions to move if that's what. Could go broke up it's it's YouTube the over The Beatles but jewel when there's there's one thing that may easily talkers like ourselves don't ever needed is congestion no no it's nets never never good to lucky listening public. The terps that it. I've searched drinks once a week now I have a London fog from starlets that they practice tees are than just an English but the black T. The black T I wanna see what that they're actually say it's the here at the Earl grey excuse though Earl gray as were tattooed I love the Earl grant fan. A black T the program I mean it's. I told the tees have been too at the right time of James I I very much. Between that. I mean I'm sure this is it right but like I is definitely lean more Europeans he styles then. Then the Asian tees does Anna feel like for whatever reason movies. That the Asian. Tees pride better for me not but it. Flavor wise I go sit out into the mom. You know what that meant a good note of the fact that I. I'll have bigger but it Ross Fletcher shall withdraw suddenly. He taught me about English builders to the if he had the way he described the amount of sugar and cream that you shovel into one cup of tea and it's a big like half T half share supplements. The added that's what it's got to get to go to the morning on a drizzly crappy London morning but that was the inspiration for for a pitching has been on talks about it. That cappuccinos or actually placed streaks now that's that the sludge and under and then we should make that delicious. Now homeless and on top of it is delicious. The London fog is and Earl grey with some steamed milk in it yet that's what's up and then I get the one Pope of the bill that what four there at that is too much. That's the problem with American like food things as were so heavy handed out. It's like. Eat it it's like ego in the Al guard I don't need a half a gallon of Alfredo my chicken it's I mean it's cool yes also not where it's like okay. It's we love the access to be like what amounts to public advocate she's found wrapped in a wedding and I know what I needs that are gonna talk a count of my parents have done with a wedding which is also. Like it's so excessive stupidity waste so much of it that like it's kind of like. Don't look I I don't eat a lot of pass through anywhere which is great if you could tell. But I don't know if you can tell I'm the opposite you know. I went to U Taco Bell. The united awesome shots atop what's up dummy bomb man man my first Mexican pizza like a year. I literally catty corner to me. Is a Taco Bell. So we get done we get them playmate as fine art hired by coach or have a guy that runs their team was like. You guys the court and basically eyes like end of the season if anybody wants. Yeah I live literally around the corner because when it Kamal ransom Beers the FBI Szymanczyk sweet. Anything Texan has the applicants are winners yeah whatever it's like that's like sportsman's moves that's it that's in the locker room we're in that we're at a house now it's different. But it'd there's no locker room at the ballpark you're playing an elephant in the fairway there's this is your chance that they would never compare it means or get a chance you know it never know it's big jump back and cool cook. Don't want to look at I imagine there's a to ferret M I could have I should I oh prop him and post a picture honor the the yeah how I got to get a picture him up because god bless thank Ivan museum you'll have your ass up. Welcome applauded whip Eric exactly who anyways so hectic if a guy goes name's Corey shut the Corey. At the soap winners. He's like gather redder the corner. And make. Kind of Google map and broke quick is because I was just to be shared if right one drop and as a neighbor I don't know I'm going down some cases are no black people look at his word is out of course. To America. Spit anyways. And time out I want everyone to know that that was a joke yet let me be clear for the fact that we Arlene pro equality for everybody art a podcast might not be very Smart but we want everyone to have the same tries to be dumped everyone's a dummy yeah ours were concerned yeah. What's campaign that I don't podcast ever who has done nephew misread that the like Arnold WQ guys. Wrong if you read it to recollect everyone's coming eighth decade they fixed. I UA's he's like go I'd say go up to eighteen are go up 85 intern eighteenth is of those ways that he has no it's an ego Pardo but nope nope yeah I know. This immediate Suzie Suh media parking lot he has which take or whatever comparing winners this way just take a left and then we needed to talk about to correct ethnic. I'm not joking I was like here's a Taco Bell and a picnic. He's like yeah. He's like yeah I was like oh my garden what you owe me they're twenty minutes I got a bigger stuff that I've got a big old Mexican pizza yeah. It's Iowa that'll pointed as they went there ordered my food the Mexican pizza meal with. It to Microsoft know and it's always talk of soft about please. So that they do as a compliment. By key. Puck yeah. So I get that and make a leather they don't offer you the option of drinks it's what you are a drink and I called him on DO is one. And I I don't of his pride having never going too fast food places anymore gorgeous like. I'm getting older and kind of more aware of like the waste in this country off my loss but left. He kept this to break. And it's like a gallon of Mountain Dew in this like it barely fits in my cup holder and I'm like. He's the pile through these things without even thinking turn the lights Rome run out the way down and Velika goal like that is a lot of soda with a glittering was okay. I long for those days in the eighties the lake just like illiterate was to think people political abilities doughnuts. Now of now by visiting the gardens and the recycling in the. Ha not dig it I'm such as to hack. It's crazy man of deed the drink thing it. A very conscious about how we use things in the same way like package and it's kind of like the craziest. Decrease his convention that what the plan shall packaging that the that super hard plastic the camp we were Saudia. You not only can you not get into your thing. Cut your hand you liked get a knife found the blood everywhere decision to your transformer or whatever like yes that's sucked but that also like what the hell do I do with us now. And it goes like into the ocean and in the like there's a dolphin that has like an awesome like. But fort probably made out of transformer boxes he's the coolest all for the coolest but then. I think about all this I do my part to try and really get it okay fine great this is good then this kid. 7000 times a day and a goat. Like I'm torn away full kitchen bags of just diapers right but that's probably three of those bags the week and like you could do some cloth diapers in the day to help cut down on that but it doesn't matter because. Like you have to be really under game even pull that off red. Elect overnight cloth diapers got a team every two hours otherwise just goes everywhere right at so I'm throwing away. Like my old body weight in diapers mostly you know want this and beta were does that go. It's just like stayed on the earth for one billion years because it doesn't fit half life of that is like terrible and Howell but. Earth have we not figured out a way to make biodegradable. And he says that than anything yet papers like how can. It's because people are willing to duplicate just said the tradeoff because like so I'm happy to change a diaper every two hours what are the some sort of like. Pod that you put the lower half of Europe and fitted to the the sixth and and it's like I could space it just sucks approved study itself on its time and then move alone. I mean real holes out like a dog every day litter that's what I do with my god give us the NASA space group sucker that's called the bathtub to get the world frugal debt acid reflux and the such that group where I really K guys we really cognizant of which when you're grabbing because that's the feel for the wrong and got dog tired and you know that's a now. To be fair tell her loves eating dogs herds so yeah maybe there's something do it now I'm not finding out a gun blasts by accident so was to tell us six to explain to us that's fine. It would be a dummy go right ahead and realizing you know that we can world about them. And there with a dummy what do we say this ambulance coming everyone's going to be like because everyone's a dummy to thank you I think we need them. Yeah yeah. Face it they're called sonic icon status stopped my voice tells you to do you feel like Tyson Basie. But from my foot has and how I'm going to go. Could probably sell like hot garbage based on these settings but that's a Pallet that was my phone in the room I don't need for anything. Until they can I edit it's like in my head when Mike. In a phone and in the company found what do something's happening and I'm not taking part and and he too distracted from his pocket and I'm doing a good thing I'm most figured the fifth but the well it might vote IV looked over like. Well look who's not usually you're straight NBC and another robot twin who runs will win while we're all looking at our phones and one minute or is gonna look up. And it's all gonna be over until liquid is that it won the robot and a human face pay my wife buys now working and you look up and it's like. Hold this is that started that's a drone with a with a gun with a go it. Oh the good shot my shoulder. Man is gonna be the worst best. All of others by processor back here has so we're league double helix oh yes they are there but the the mics and what I concede that I can see your DNA. You're looking to do anything to make it sound good though what are those highlighted vehicles and have deleted had learned it but it looks cool evidence that I sell lake. Crap. But it looks cool you hit an I mean. I know he may have like that's the X-Men thing or something like. About. Let me ask you that question and as you cruise showed me remember your first level and I do. Not Hugh Hefner he did. One and if you do one of the only people on this planet they can say did not go to but it it it's a a couple of a certificate. I mean that kind of what you live in now. To donor giving it to be close to go to Cleveland is and that was a real big thing. Until about ten years ago ten and fifteen. I mean big men think about the first time you're like wait it's this easy to find portal lines so that it was like what. But he had that Renaissance with like the show and five this OK okay anyway I think the show actually did more harm. To the legacy of the Playboy like eating brand yeah I like. For me at least I was like all this is appreciable you have Americana the dollar. There's sure to wash up and it's all the editing to share those girls that the that he had a round of the earth like for B it was a complicated. Save opportunity. Of course it's a TV shows the scripted TV shows so I mean they're just care agreement and so quiet like. I don't know I think it really in my eyes evict made it less. Mythical and more like well these are just strippers and an old guy with Viagra but give you that argue that led that was their last chance that relevancy I think that Abiola was their last. No no relevancy you know I mean making absolutely. And also didn't I can't question the success that it had licked at both televisions so it obviously fifty years of yeah. They can magazines and it's a shame that kids today cat I'm turning into all of this is the problem. The act of acquiring. Looking and then hiding Playboy's or your porn just in general. Ploy. That's like every. That's a rite of passage that we don't have anymore and that's kind of disappointing the bums me out love it because there was so much there's always that went into that now. It was everything man it was. Not knowing the answers was that something that was important the quest for knowledge with him yeah Assam as a bit as an adult being able to find answers to things that it is important because it makes for decision making it makes it easier but as a kid. That knowing the answers but that I had to figure stuff out and I had to like I got to earn it at like sort understand the world yet. And part of that was like. You know like I remember seeing in theaters with my parents and family friends or whoever. Doc Hollywood are halt duck. Home to I think was the name of that it was where Michael J. Fox is a surgeon in his car breaks down and out tidy little. You know nowhere talent and he it's that there be the doctor for a week and that he can't give it up to. Right to girl falls in love with little first scene of that after his car breaks out if you like he's a carpal over somebody walks over and like. A super hot but super hot topless woman comes walking out of the lake and I would like. The old yet in my mom's like some type of cap it. And because there was just not like well like my seventeen year old nephew could just like so wide yeah I can show you wouldn't nonstop. Read it boobs all day like it's like. Daughter wild gun while they're go to that there's all these moves it's like there's nothing there's no more like. Chance that you saw all on on the media boobs out of nowhere or like that you want them watch between blurred lines of like television is normally pretty speak at the click back between channels are fasting get like two seconds some clarity they could have back to second the clarity or your friend got his hand Republican a video the bush you guys until bush they actually are currently master bay without looking at each other. Wait you've gone to fire played a a a and I was you said that Johnson I don't say that no I didn't say that they're not my dolls that Jones wouldn't. I'm gonna go now this has gotten awkward you read it where shadows do you have there I gotta gotta hope the fifth I. Have. Burt hill you have there at. I'll be burned and yes I hope we did Kobe guarded welcome. Could ever wanted to hats or even and now everyone's a debit. I had a girlfriend once that bought me. That this is actually is that she can have a nice gift to weird but like very nice. From life with my thirtieth birthday. The old days. The old torch was the worst I know right. She got me the Playboy a that was issued yeah. Who the the year I was born in the month that was points on December of 78 so it's fair Fosamax. And it's like. Young upstart actor John Travolta had is that has that at all white guy it's amazing we started W stuff to read the article by John Travolta of the woodland when it. What do you mean either or different articles that the that's all you did. Win I found my first Playboy eight it was my friend and either is renovations going on at the house across the street yet and there's total kinda cool stuff away over there aren't so he just decided to climb with the giant industrial dumpster and what is he five right away play low that is. And it just blood if for some reason he was like you have to keep it. Both excellent and I was like oh darn but I suspect it's a do we show prep this morning I spent a good 45 minutes or. Trying to find which Playboy that was oh yeah I literally can't remember. I was disappointing it's sold weird I remember as a third grade it's those like. TTE to eighty. Had to be due on like pulling a hopeful epidemic I found the one that was like a certificate to yell tougher but I got to and I was like. You know the deal come over to battle over the at all and I found one bit like the decks memorable when I have it's because it was with OJ Simpson's girlfriend after Nicole Brown moved Barbieri your 2000 lasting or something I thought it was Nicole Brown type of search of that over the years I was like that's so weird to tell what happened yet. Also terrible for her family but so weird. But like you could see the boobs and Adele lady. Who was like tragically murdered by a media yeah allegedly and come but. So I finally like made the connection this morning and I would like further down the way it was the girls of the SEC Scalia as a girl's details on as a favorite of mine and I remember because there's a huge fake boobs under the his side boob under the overall I would consider the solid like I had that one. But. There was also never believe those because those girls are all strippers that but that doesn't that it as far as I can thing. You ask you a question I asked me the question and so I do or under boo boo tough tough tough tough. There be follow up with a question real or fake. No preference. The good that's my preference good food good move by hole. Well. The safe side boo okay. Under boob is cool because you know there and you know that at any time you could deceitful group read you a high five these high five me he's. I took. A couple of could you reach that Canaccord of the talk show for it if it. But us I do more realistic Hugh a yeah share. I'm yes and I think that was a good guy are you real fake. I was always real 100% I was I thought fake was like really weird. I thought it sent a lot about somebody who. That the winner got to come moves like that to that degree and I've always been a character person militia like I really appreciate somebody who can Mike. Carry on thank. Do you think of these things and you're like toilet licking your form your neighbors are knocking on the door trying to get a like. I like like this one because I think this points or because she really looks like she's got her act together and what I gathered there nobody it's like it's like. The severely eyes it's like the somebody's home. Look at their has a picnic but I can't tell you that I can tell you that in. Pictorial in stuff like that from being a kid that the one that looks at the were actually real people but could yet store that's electric raped a stripper to. Is Alia is when they can like make you think they like. Oh yeah they look like they're best typical volume that it's junior was to god bless those ones that make you actually feeling in the world so I would say a second ago that. Up on two girls from the girls of the pac ten yet we're strippers at the place that we did a remote every week comment I thought I don't know I've already seen all these groups. The awkward moment when your friend to. Is dating a girl who gets a Playboy eight video pictorial thing doughboy and then is like hey. Check this out and you're like. Hi. We're both getting off funeral for a yeah like that. Hey it's him. I don't know how to tell you this and out off I should they feel guilty yeah ha ha ha as kind of material yeah sub Demi. Also shows the that's not a case. Albeit thank you. Also hatteras you have to look I don't. But yes win his girlfriend shows that they your house with like check this out it's. Oh yes OENTSB. And act part of Nancy in deed. Of I'd always thought real boobs were attacked. And they and pretty Lori Airbus. Then I full well the girl that had picked blue yes and like I was talking to her later and she was like would you think of those booms and I was like they were credible. Guess who's well I don't like those can pretty good doctor Hoffman that you talked about. I've been duped. It's like. Foiled again listen I'm not about. I think I would be called a prudent some circles I'm not exactly like here. I have not used radio for what I could have like Australia while the company also. Big bad at times but don't worry I've picked up the slack for the attack I mean I've there was there was an era for dad and that's a thing like it. When you start easier if you use your powers for evil as much as possible and then at some point you're like this is terrible hypocrite this is not okay. So. I was shocked to find out but I had been fooled and so that's good billion Doctor Who did that pat Gillick that's the ideal scenario and you want. Mike. These make. Yeah you wanna be like duped in this so that is very. I've found some of my way into touching some other moves that were calm not so real the mythic and I was like oh he's there. Those of personal. Visually depict those afraid right right right like. Duke duke duke duke duke duke drew doing what Mike Tyson just rocket away at a Booth because it feels like a click so fake and it's a removable and I was like that's too bad for you. I am currently doing with a nice pair of boots that I might. 90% sure are. Legit and embers that like these Earl was too good both tweet letter from the article podcast could I I don't know that's a great idea and battle via the talking about it in general is like probably the wrong idea that is what. You know let's get kids to go to the throat and I would give I just wanted to let out there like just some geek yes for the while man I thought you were being real effort on our lousy joke about it how good guy. A jaw muscles up a oh. But it took up a good one good when manly good month. You've been listening to our dumb podcast they're Smart Smart like a fox. Freeway email these idiots are dumb podcast that. Gmail.com. Phone them on Twitter that aren't on the podcast or eight record and that man child when. Victory for our young podcast is brought you by. Got a lot of you know batters that day. Get a block. Block that. Was.