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Monday, October 2nd

This podcast is brutal.


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Whenever I start. All right well we started. It is not very good. Armed and dump. It's the worst. We can move. Did indeed due to hit this news. That's better than ever and men there was no legitimate news this week and that's the one thing I have ever faced Vietnam have all the hot little boy there. There's no more hidden newsman as he doesn't have a snooze button some unfortunate but are trying to contain him to leave little wiggle and scream but the the value for creditors those who. Yeah. This in the book to my to sleep jerked group. That is the doesn't work so. It's part of podcast obviously and dom now our guests will be just today as. Beluga slew who went and moved well I guess I guess we and so on their phone hookup if I don't think as I don't mind you there though and but it really I get yelled that at least three times the putt for that say yeah. Our guest has chosen to remain nameless for his brutality of the stories yeah. So if I say it if you if you hear me say is names which mean second nature to be bitten when I say it gives the okay could be up and down which public open another name. For our for our guest I don't know what's. I was. Guest guest. It's that's one armor farmer milk says city Farmer City firemen and man city fire. Campbell welcome city farmer to voted upon thank you couldn't be here now column at city fire with twelve. That. The Seahawks fans at number twelve Obama has only a predator is the twelfth 1000 there's eleven episode. 91980. Beta one. An array of those live the lives are just some background to this we. The unit you eat you can work it's been a while we don't have any and horror horrified look on your face all day and need if you you shared with us a story that is just bananas. Hmmm I haven't even heard the full thing you have and so lump it's what happens when a city man moves to use the country right that's right and and you start one of the audience for the first thing to ever do if I was out of the wilderness is like myself a goat for May be some chickens are some like that in you acquired some chickens. I guess in chickens again we got. Seven chickens and the the store where we sell them seven almost 67 birds in Apollo when it is a flock of chickens and oh wait I'm certainly. So rhetoric I can't remember us through the story Alex Garcia dramatic Ferran yeah. And so we got them at this store we're wishing we start right now we had chickens before and so we're we kind of know the drill how to take care chickens they're really easy to take care of the Motorola WA I was right and they had a ticket that would work. On the zoo literally a chicken store do you just like show up and go like I'd like. Asia and it's Hugo armies like hey usually can handle the chickens but and pull one out. Mario and those who get it will be released tickets springtime they usually have a mean a lot of hardware stores have chicks in the supremacy over there where he's. It's probably snails chicken and yet like I'm a double double check it out there right of The Home Depot I gotta get them drywall. That's and hey some screws and a nail gun and some chickens and fitness chicken and there in the orange vest as useless and employment department I. Elliott for some chicken values because the rooster or they're prepared but in pleasant guys and can know that is actually rooster tail Tokyo OPEC your face careful with that at. Okay so you go to those chicken store. There when the chicken store and we picked out our our breeds in the store said you know. We sex the chickens because we won it hands we wanted to hey welcome news at half of 2000 autistic boy all look at the fellow who did get weird it's an. We think that's gonna like Iran like entirely bad playing over the loudspeaker that the thing. Blew. Confident that if there. Yet it's extra tickets you'd see you can be sure that you're getting a hand or you can be in 90% sure. In the past we've gotten chickens and then there's little item like well the winner but right. So bush right and it. Has to do with the length of feathers on the wings actually really it is odd I know nothing about the wings you can tell. We'll stickler of the apocalypse happens I die first because I have no idea how to get food I don't understand anything about animals. Of or chemical where life and held on for this story gets dark here's an incorporated a full body armor earmarks could soon can they have been there have been happy to. Iraqi CNN now and then and so say yes we Gary picked out I guess it was seven chickens and dad they said don't worry. If we were wrong. You can bring back any roosters that. You had in course you don't know you have a rooster until they ago. Mr. Fred. And no I look out into the wood chipper foil idea right no they they re hauling in a sex at first and emotionally to get there at a replica all the sexson who. Fukuoka and there you go tomorrow wood chipper. As Phil. These are two bloody agreed to do yeah. Are we done yet no ever and I I said event it's. It's our annual event. So we bring our at six home win this is it's like in the spring or thought that are yet this is this spring that and we bring the chicks home and you've got him in little boxes and sawdust in your feeding them and there. And we noticed that there are two that that seemed to be asserting themselves overall the others who smoked cigarettes yet. Right Terry you'll. Threatened with that backhand I who could just watch sports all day. That. So lazy boy what are. Income from about the critical light yet. But they they it I mean chicken stand ins do this anyway they they work out their pecking order you know and so and they watched him. Amazing you a descendant of I don't know I don't even know that. That I didn't even think of a never I had but the other dirt ha ha that's literally get. You know that's what happens here in the in the breaker Maria. Boy howdy good things happen then that's a severe were yet they were out there pecking order. And so we think well you know they could be just hands. But as time goes on now. 1 morning and you know that we've they've grown and we moved him out of the house into the troop and so you know I walked past him every day in and look and entertainment forums slicked. Yeah I do for this is like training hesitant to go speed bag. I kept my you know I don't know it'll be a rooster her. And 1 morning. Just as I'm getting in my car to come here the most you know this center of urban Seattle via a getting in my car and I hear it is. Picked up that right there is the rooster it's not good and do that on that also says I'm awake nice rights nailed it thank you. It's I was there are so give yourself a round of applause yeah. I wasn't quite racist enough I think that is a super racist character I believe him and Langhorne I think it let's go back I'll collect that. It's summary a different time. Gatherings I think everything in those countries through yes yeah yeah that's. So anyway we knew we know we have a reduced ten maybe and maybe two but we we know we have one you have. A rooster. In the henhouse. I don't. Cancer you have. And so. So my mind starts going well you know this and the first thing you think of is roosters are supposed to make the hands happy. Because they make their hands feel safe. And hence who have reached as a random lay more eggs and home but he says so there's a benefit having roosters. But. With in the chicken with chickens. You wanna have like ten tenths to one rooster or five and still wondering Easter. You don't have to restore Leno right yeah exactly but it does other allies hill literally Wear them out. I. Commercial last episode to follow through on the content. They're expecting about body. Like to the boys were submerged their feathers can be all right and a lot of zone daily show we get it he's just a good job. Is now Null. And it's a terrible things we do tomorrow I think I think that the so. So we know we've got this rooster and we. We don't really wanna keep them. Because. Even if they make the hens lay more eggs then all you can get is more roosters he gonna have morehead they're exit more roosters and no worries Jews read any eggs do you need also elect as your family and go through that many exit is seven chickens are at this point six chickens worth of exert enough to sustain your family absolutely sick six hands you probably have four or five big today and four I can't think he's like five exit to a I was not different enough training for a rocky movie like I line. Right is enough for the kids does make a little eggs stand and sell them on the street and engineers has yet at the neighbors once in awhile and no word I can right aggression out today and maybe you do need more hands moving. Sure and so. Cargo. I organized yeah sure. And so my mind starts going to. What am I gonna do you know there's nobody else here is gonna do raving about these roosters surprise me. His Mike is a little city farmer and if I don't know I think at that we should've had a little coroner couldn't blow on wish Steve filer and it. Accident posters that you guys are not we wanted to host who knows who. So I started to get around our regular route. My gonna do this rooster and okay and first so we removed we've moved to murder yeah I asked him or not do you like. At what point did you go from it may lose to send it back to you like cowardice and off it. Well that actually no I I expose I should back up a little bit because at first I thought well. Why is your reputation that to do it every one that if there's I thought. First are gonna try to bring it back because they said bring about a direct threat rhetoric so. Mean that there is there. Thanks guys. Paused right city for twelve. We'll get that loose but I'll flick fix yeah oh yeah by the end of that by the end of this year we'll have this. Nails yes okay so you really think about it you giving it back thing about giving him back so we call up and we say it. Remember us we got those seven chickens from the union said we can bring him back in the guys Sidwell. And really do that anymore and I. Did can't read and a signal about it you don't don't worry about a Brigham back well there's that chicken rescue place in Renton I can give you their number. And neighbors a couple of us are like no damage no more breath. Undergraduate Letterman started. So so I think OK I am with that if this is like it. You know well trodden path the other B if this is what you do OK so I look up this play a Google this place. And to giant of them agree yes we're yet to rotisserie chicken addictive it's good to see you think Kenny Rogers sinking like yeah. OK but I don't recommend that you could rooster rescued by good because I think I think it's just got beat the favorite date to the bad darn good. The problems are the little girl got up. And this smell of barbecue component on the just put a rest Oprah that's physical you. The market right there he spins around to keep an exercise it's totally it's driving it OK good. Why isn't open flame down there O just it's an executive warned America pull out troops I guess we'll look at me as it is is looked over and over and get it. At at. So I hit it great to get a minute but it. It's a Jew. And. Saw. So again lose place and they've got. Did it. And it says you know see the you know rescued animals like click there and there's one rooster. With a best if I. This is supposed to be an animal rescue played and is one rooster and it's waiting for home. And who knows how long it's gonna wait for a couple. Colonel Sanders looming in the pac ten minute drive home how much longer before we take this recent recruitment and I know how long this thing has been there and I think this just isn't as isn't a terrible way yes it I'm not Gannett and end. The rooster is probably at. It's home within its owners and their trying to publicize this rooster and get through gated home and now. And ending I can't hang on to these roosters and and I just I mean people people kill chickens every day people makes it would just everyday guy. Well on low. That's you question as you look question and 22 Nancy question connect me ya can ask your question to get it. Two people eat roosters or hands or both. They don't rule out action and there's there's difference again I can't I can't understand there being any purpose of having a rooster like I'm gonna try to find a home for this rooster all it does is crow what the 5 in the morning. And then walk Greg peck and stuff and hoping chickens like what's that why would anyone want a rooster. And executed it right maybe we find out. The hook. I don't know. I'm continuing his daughter may well I thought I thought that that was the case I thought that it you know hens lay eggs if we eat roosters when you order a chicken salad you're getting rooster right out right and I. I mean but I I don't have a list of winners yes and tunnel that's the case that okay Amy rooster so gave me the typical act. So I stripping it about I start and the first thing you do is you start watching YouTube videos. In high do you kill it checked none breakdance. The candidates and I start very important to use the Google how do you kill your chicken as it was had a choke your check that's that's not the old infants at a website very different scenario and very different scenario. The cumulative hadn't. I got. And they're and it really doorway that when it's not all right Allan billowing home runs because of that ring of truth sometimes get a ticket. So yes so by and I'm looking at these videos and days. It's kind of there's two main methods. And some. Other methods and all that kind of humanitarian web sites have I have kind of three things at the top of their list yet. The first two and is you know old school and acts. The second was a huge hit an ax and like acts like a cheap chicken will try to thirteenth. You know I don't know have you guys ever split wood and an axe hair journals and get the you know that that acts. If you have to hit a one inch little bit of neck you may not yet ready to hold a ticket down to do that and how do you know who holds the chicken yet it. Like if you don't feel like I always telling excited anything and exit there's like a thirty to forty isn't chance I'm losing something here and take credit I love that something auto modes more motivated to chop wood would've been drinking also not a thing to very bad ideas you supposedly drunk and has never tobacco and elect. Move my friend discuss today if an hour still to choose to take it easy to elect whatever. Isn't that. And you definitely can't you definitely could not predict within a couple inches where that I cities how many the new new life paths and a secure adjectives and I also great method from moon America Gaza. Hold the chicken honey. Oh my god. Amazing so I'm not like in the accident and it just to even if I have a very I've ides I split would pretty regularly have a very sharp backs but I'd I just don't I don't know I don't like Miller the people perished posting and saying well you you've. Can build a little thing to hold its neck down not act here to build things and your kill thing I just a table salt. Ball without power really love ruined table slump but tonight Neil Armstrong knows how to clean one now Johnson and our strong sud de Mena. Subject another method is you get it Cologne. Mean and this is like death via yes OC you know so that's the next that's the next Delaware for the two canal at us that The Home Depot you can write a better but yeah I'll nineteenth yes just kind of make it code out of a maybe a piece of sheet metal or even plastic and Conan its head comes out the bottom and you cut the jugular pool shark 90 yeah and it new blood drains out in the chicken. Supposed to be pretty painlessly goes to sleep before it dies it you know it just kind of cast is out via. But the masks and how do you catch the chicken to put its head through the cone well at night. Chickens get very sleepy and slow as it relates yes heck yeah I think right before I started a bunch of chicken I'm sleepy and slow it down to break it means we could. The but. I don't know I. I'm not a medical guy hit the jugular like I'm thinking that I'm get immense and yet do something wrong and it's up and went horrible acts like you dislike head through and chunk it right to slick short. Sort broad ax may body it actually becomes will the code is upside down. Yes against chicken has taken out as the head sticking out of it bluntly the cult of I think. Let us again next year you you're cutting with a with a knife to hit the jugular being a wave like that there's a Cologne is the point is the top of that is the volcano is and and ups and if I don't think it dot com and like an ice cream cone ten and and so their neck is sticking out the bottom their legs are at feet and he had. Our order it runs away went to murdering its equipment that's a factor for our guest. So there's that and then the third method that was recommended as is you use a bucket like a five gallon bucket. In which you put the Byrd and some baking soda and some vinegar and the gas that's produced from these kind of like being right next year cars exhausting you. Pass out and then you can. Does he really weird because that is exactly how many volcanoes in the preschool I commute just have combined those two into round mound and I also believe that goes against the Geneva conventions but at. And listen. That's I don't know if that's all right guys on the pole hunts are started doing that it'll play that that you. I thought you actually make your own gas chamber for chickens so I made the gas chamber or ebitda to detect. That was the one I think that was alumni thought well it seems kind of foolproof and it seems like I don't have to find any vein Ernie vein area. I don't have to swing in Jackson miss or wounded. And now and it's just like that would pollute the worst friends to like hit the thing in it for it to not die and who else that's miserable and I feel miserable and yeah I just wanted to put it to sleep you have an idea yeah and you know. City Farmar is a compassionate farmer yeah make sense. And so IA then. I don't know what he's up like all the blood they could you imagine thanks if you had to do this you at the cut out yet you measure like the next door neighbors like looking at the window like just. I look poised to. Streak there morning T in my Gaza and you walk by images. Soaked in public they're fathers and blood that's good night though to be fair Adobe shower afterwards as it is late at night. And so it was scary here. So I go outside. I I get it there are two roosters we've discovered charter OK you re absolutely no we have two roosters now please with the first of work put but the first you know the work over the course of me learning how to kill a chicken. Oh there's. There's also another method is a method ray you can grab the chicken's head with your hand and jerk it and break the neck. Back to your idea. Again. Carefully he GOP ticket. The accord jerk your cute yet but that's the path. Which I didn't feel like I knew how to do yeah and lives we are off thirteen wanted to. And so I'm. So I got one of the roosters at out of the run. But as it is night was falling. Cal weather is designed the run and he's just walking around stroller around and I have to go inside and decent stuff and then I remember. That. Mere my life sometime. Awhile back had some kind of injury for which the doctor prescribed oxy code. OK and we still have a bottle of this in the house. Probably like thousands of dollars of a street value and our and don't. She's CytRx and I think city firms up a city pharmacist can I. Up up up. And I'm just really awful it is play a big you are gonna make this easier for this bird and I think well. One of these pills I remember I would I took one of these pills and it knocked me out completely. And so. I think well what if I just grind up one of these and a little bits and C affiliate and help probably feet knocked out and then I think well this I don't really care about this medicine we're gonna throw it away anywhere what I grind up a few movies just to make sure. Kids are asleep mountain mama are gonna party or attitude that the city pharmacist selling a little bit for use the good for me to pick a particular area at the moment it doesn't address. We're all feeling good. So I tell until Jacob comes after him more than accent at a three days that you're independent because I Newsnight shop of one of these the little bits and I may have a handful of these little echoed the you know articulate and bits and I go out and there's the rooster and I'd drop them on the ground right in front of them. And he walks right up as if it was choreographed watching benefit pack back pack six every one of these open it till I had the great down match. And I'm figured. Rate he's just had enough oxy code to knock out my whole family FF and so I mean to go away and clean up. For you know the dishes and I'll come out emit in 45 minutes in this chicken will be out I don't know what it is all very chickens from those guys who I get so chill up and they'll put a chill out. You really quickly here where you walked back outside your tickets torn shirt off you'd like there are currently there are. If that closeness of the elbow room didn't have to move. But the and so I'm doing the dishes and side and I'm looking outside and I can see him far away I can see him standing there and I think I see him kind of kind of wavering and as you and kind of wobbling and I'm being you know today is is setting in and what an easier way to go like he's not been anointed him. And so I go back to the dishes and I I don't even go outside for another forty minutes. Plenty of time for this stuff take effect and sedan a finish up. I draw outside. First thing I see it is the reached. Standing there staring at party ticket and he got some more that I. Don't know the first we'll bring you think that don't cost you rooster scratch and it's like. Blizzard in Quebec will legs look. This guy has more odds should go to him and then I can imagine and no effect. Those look like all right plan B gas chamber your yet it. If so. How did you feel at that moment when you're like my planets and don'ts oh great I'm not gonna it's going to be like relatively guilt free and then he's like took. I've felt terrible I I just I don't know yet I I thought for sure that the Cody would do it. Because and it's one thing on a conveys a look at your face when you first told us the story you are mortified that you had to do something this. Did the until something it was like you were looks so shocked by it the fact that it was like you're like killing people have been finger whatever this is -- the safety water that we need to get some of my guests defibrillator that we your curriculum jokes and stuff like that but it would look at cubic it was a terrifying. Experience and wise it was terrifying to me I would. It's not so it's terrifying but just yeah I didn't want this. Click I didn't wanna kill this thing I didn't sign up for this I've had chickens before about they were all hands and they lay eggs and happy ending Q and you have a right it's wonderful Melissa from to go if cluster number toilet that's what everyone does we never even they never even had to get a good example cookbook. But all we moved away privilege comes only hit explode I am socks I thought. Played baseball pitcher couldn't cook at our pockets the chickens still. Is ready to go he's like he got some where that ox Kevin Moscow let's do this doesn't harder the other Houston today yet no really no effective health episode and you beat it if you have a rooster I don't know that only two drugs I don't want. Right. And so are you if this to compete at. Yes I'm I've taken right now to others he knows he can fix it up a. Definitely. Definitely time for the gas chamber. Keep it up up. And it's dark. Clearly there's don't want them to. Just thought okay continue to remember worse are stories no really it's it's really dark out now on the chicken is is moving mentally slowly if and sell breathing heavily. I'm doing the right. It's not the best and I never put him in like big John not to do that could keep me out for the and I close the the lid. And it will not tightly but it's what's have a containers that five gallon bucket Taylor has yet birds in there and what you do is you put the baking soda into a bag in your run out hose from the baggage to the bucket. And it to the chemical is actually in there with the bird. Just the gas well okay now doubt also that doubles the long afterwards just could you so we don't have to you don't look at. This illness with the app at a the birds in there and baking soda I put mix a little vinegar in with the baking Serna and the bird. And so whiff of it and it it does have the effect that that. They said it makes the bird. Pass out bat there was definitely a little bit of agitation. A little bit of struggle and that made me feel awful and that's not what I want it. But. It was done and Byrd is dead and I wanted to make sure that. That he was dead so I was feeling the buck didn't kick them a little bit at a I was gonna cut it I wasn't gonna butcher it and took it because well and avoided had like it truckloads coded tickets for. But also digital budgeted. My and my kids are raised it like they wouldn't be allergic to kick back hey junior's death because wants them to get tech guide you have Gary do. Switzerland it needed reading lottery because we run its course this is your a fun run your pet kind of Red Hat. And so I made it's IE had decided I was gonna bury it. And so. When I got it out of the bucket and it there were no signs of life and I thought OK I mean just can use the axe to make sure. And finish it off and so I set it there and you know on a piece of wood and I'm so glad that I didn't use the axe to begin with because it took five suing all my guy did everything I had. It take to have enough wow. And as far I mean can you imagine five like I mean. It literally split would. Yes we have been told a bunch of different sections with five swings a banana boat you can split would would be you know one particular player you could take little hole long you coming into firewood for the night with five swings I. To get through a chicken neck I don't know if it's the feathers that kind of create and I don't know yet to elect a hard. To consider a group of death of her own yeah that you will so I was like whack whack and then finally it's done. So pad comes out of Hollywood today five strokes to acute chicken and I. And sorry to see yourself from Nadia a Chicago roots could. How did you like you know you've got the two probably pretty traumatized by this bird struggling and dying and then you've got to hit with. The dead bird body with a back. Ax is fueled that point that's awful PS right here well it's pitch dark. You know the mood is out and I'm here this afternoon I assume you have your iPhone laid on him for yeah I've got a phone I'm on FaceBook lives. I. And it just like us and all I get bigamy is if I get another rooster you know Ed I gotta get I can do this better next I got to come up with some better way and death is in the air dam is in the air and it's just terrible it feels awful. Okay so are we had a team meeting with the greater calm. And you okay from that sale is no glory Dario or start out of the buzz out of the break. Oh it's too late because I had thank you for catching that but it's it's the will be tied together. Are you okay to de hoop with the what happened. When you meet with a like how do you feel today I'd know I'd like. People kill there food all the time OK this is like a thing but people don't kill their pets and people don't move from the city to. To the farmland and have to do the stuff to make this transitions how do you feel about. This chicken murders that you had to commit. I I do feel to be a murderer and I would not do it that way again I don't feel good about it I did not feel good about it I I felt terrible about it and I think I would use it differently next. And you are going tee there is a next time they'll luckily we'll find out what the second method was coming up on the next are dumb podcasts. How yes I think it okay we'll have another episode could give teams went to the same place every to follow at city her twelve on Twitter a couple of just a kooky let's get out here for the dumbed it. You've been listening to our dumb podcast they're Smart Smart like a fox. Freeway email these idiots are dumb podcast that. Gmail.com. Phone them on Twitter are done podcast or eight record and that man child when. Victory for our young podcast is brought to you by.