154 - CityFarmer12 part 2

Tuesday, October 10th

Let the interupting continue!


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Didn't let us start. All right well we start. It is not very good. Armed and dump. It fell and worst. He has the best stretch and I mean did you who I think he just did this specific fitness but that's another mark fable murder room with the employees. Party to learn bells whistles studio. For. Pleasure on a limited by the way where he just wonders Bandana he's a nomad yeah. I think he is you might be a hunter gatherer event probably I think it's a nomad ex new meant that you are that yet from that actually the demise Hulu no man idea but the but the I hi that's our job to do university. Say that for the end. I have eighty. Karate lesson with the top guy in the entire. School in the and blew greater Washington area I have a private lesson with them on Wednesday and for each death coach self channel western Connie said Delhi. And and he's Italian. You better watch out now employment on me to do so we're at the karate tournament on the emcee for this thing right. And there's like. All of the best dudes in the entire like nationwide school of public aid of them all conferring over someone's performance or whatever it took the six super awkward staying in the music wasn't going after it was supposed to be so every motorcycle watching it was like super tenants such skill. What do you think they're talking about it. And everyone's like oh well you can't mayors like mood to talk confer with the Seahawks. And like. I feel like I rode like a very fine line between having my face pummeled by like dude you could easily terror my limbs off of my body and might have a little fun at their expense. In retrospect I might not have done that again. The public did I mean you could you imagine it and cried he jumped from the I mean the hottest pillow like the worst things that could possibly happen I think Roddy jumped would be pretty high up there. They weren't they put Ninja's even though they're not like it would happened before I even knew what was going on a beat head. Yeah that's kind of the fastest human being with us handle it ever met like it's crazy so. Kind of Atlanta tactical success to back next year and I'm. Perfect running jump a little bit I can't come to determine the other about the turning out to the Sally yes. With regard to get it could fall off wrap my neck but it would it be is awesome is like you know maybe kind of embarrassing because like. Mean jig in July ninja as you would just be walking in and also in both here and they appear but like Roddy Jim navy which is like a pop. They are just like show up and Jack what's what's up everybody what what's going urge you reckon thought of us at the karate tournament directors and those credit yeah no this is valued dummy. Did the domain. Did you just did you use about your step on anybody oh oh. Well no. Your knuckles cracking with. Oh man cast so I knew I. Weird week obviously we both have a connection to Las Vegas a lot of people were shot to death there. Yet awful we don't really know what happened yet we don't really know what except for like a dude used. Upgrade to a weapon that makes a fire like an automatic weapon Paula knows there's nothing you can do. Except send your thoughts and prayers are the practices. That's all you can do. The Mets. I find conduct my left by the way the leadership around me conducts there's that's all there so other risks. So. Yeah I'd welcome back on the record as being anti guns yes just across the board under outlook now all like. I'm not here to tell you what you can do with your guns clubs that doesn't matter and I know people who lose lose public loaded guns and look at great. I hate guns. Because nothing. That this culture and easily comes of it and if you figure Douby to government with the guns. Yeah I OK you have drones you know they went unsung heroes of the zuni fiery Gaza QBs day youth town in the b.s have lasers and then. And in the dobbs show up all my guide. If you're Steve big guns and saving your candidate with the laser visa did get out of here stupid. Is to be right now US I don't talk about that on Monday what do you hunt last week and so I just sent out a tweet and I just said like yo what's your favorite action movie. Are just name an action movie editor in favor just near the action movie yeah when when I was a kid you watch slick are specifically. Hmmm what HBO had Friday night action movies or to sniper to is ala Tom territories back easily got warned federal never. On and I hate Tom Beringer Patrick what hates Tom Beringer great sitcom. That should be a sitcom. Like I'm Todd Beringer. And although everyone hates Tom Beringer. It's a good joke for UP is violated heavier package I don't want a premier to harm that dropped the box W sorry. Margie get my god who could just throw a deal they write their own little black guy. Let's be Italian. And so I tell them I didn't like I thought about how when I was a kid. Action movies were like you have an Arnold Schwarzenegger type heroes and stuff and like I was watching Beverly Hills cop two until the days just really have a public they just like she liked. All kinds of people and it's like we were just like half. I chased she. Yeah I area and I thought to myself a pool and all we stopped there are like that was like you went to the movies to watch that type of stuff right happen but the that was that and now there's like no old line between the two between. Watching it and the big screen inherited happen in real life for herself. Not the whole different talk whoever put. Looks like one of the action movies. Good trivia question like that action movies that come to your mind from being a kid like the ones that Lex stood out to you. Of play on the spot and I think for second. I gotta think you're a die hard fans how's that that was it that was about to be my first. Die hard as we probably won't. That's number one package meant for real says die hard two die harder. Also good but. I'm I'm an OG the terminator two was my like favorite action your dues us. Bob predator great. Did they get a predator. I'm scared him so scared if I didn't I wasn't allowed to watch a lot of really violent movies me neither but somehow like. Mike Davis a whistle past the goalie like you have I given him a friend that's a sure departed just in my Griffin this sort of both those cuts aren't. So Donahue he tell me how to swear and watch. Very important person in my life. And any had a black box so we're watching running man that was like. Arnold were totally honest game showed to save your life yup total recall as a kid was like that was the movie that's really recall Zahn and I wish I had read. Danielle I had its effect. All Robocop. You're removed creep I'll buy that spread out there. What else is a big. I mean all of watched die hard half a billion times at this point like Indiana Jones for sheer. Oh. Iron eagle. Get out of town iron Eagles the best of arrests yamana like a sixteen year old kid fly a jet deceived debt from the Persian gulf I survived my like awkward igniting an awkward teen years from like aged. Tend to like fifteen watching nothing but it diehard iron eagle and all I needed hey how's it. It was different time there was cause the dummies keep threw me in the bag on this question was senate for the dummies I've dummies sunsets case. And that coming movie I get a medical kit and now now you said last action hero looks kind of a ninety's movie that I love that mini disc player ever really did soundtrack. Jeff because they're promoting the mini disc and so it was a man I'm Trinidad wasn't it a mash up like like it was like. Was really judgment they were it was in anthrax Republican you that's judgment night but lake. Didn't that section here haven't the other two Guns 'N Roses and that thing can. And I remember we to mean we have the Internet wicked little look and tell me more about this minute no. Dawn of the dead. Left to an ulcer action Jackson never solve a commando action Jackson was awesome. Not to let us the Carl Weathers the old make the the OG black action here that doesn't mean that was it specifically for black people. You don't mean like it was an in my application so that was like. It's OK ever to watch this one it's Apollo at a but it's true I was say it is is true love's true lies. I. Okay regulatory yeah. Taken that's good taken newer schools and I was thinking for sure a top gun got manic I watched top gun a million times there's two schools conflict. Iron eagle. Hey I need a guy hey now that's fine I don't both five with both Avandia a year because my dad to BBC talked on when I was little Kindle and have a terrific what six or seven yes and like that was the two coolest and I want to be a pilot for the arsenal a still do yet total television all of them but. That was the best. And the high 505 combo I mean this is peak Tom Cruise as far as I'm concerned there I feel like Tom Cruise but what that was like and he was like the coolest at that time. Get to my favor whenever I think probably aren't known but. It's a year lethal weapons how we Yancy con air says red man that's route stopped and I've never seen of the rock. Welcome to overall now it's like I was pretty great now I mean that erode the British just breweries suddenly she says that the rock. Is even though what has Nicolas Cage it's such a good movie that it. Over ways Nicolas Cage looks to be even though it has Nicolas Cage that's peak Nick Cage at that point that the hell is John Erickson. He's just fifty shades of gray. Fired you're fired yes fired then I'm gonna send you to where dollar recall of that's for John not firm Puerto Rico hope. The primitive now and you referred back like him could disintegrate and adding get out of air counts as reindeer games universal I want. The movies I have seen now that's pretty impressive. I haven't seen fight club. Have a great. Could put put. It's rained here is I remember at but I like. Pretty sure I enjoyed it. No one on you said my favorite action movie that's even technically an action movie. But it has Alec Baldwin doing a Sean Connery impersonation in the film. Let's hope for an October. That's what they're moving and I can sort of a drama I would say the action though gas and it's that. Yeah I don't know man that's a tough one because the series of books like Tom Clancy our action like on novels but there a way it's film dislocated drama. Cold War relations. The back more relevant than ever Shia no kidding. Give a team that's I think what counted or counted on all of short circuit not an action movie but will now. Batters and included a subdued. The other than the former Bucs who never talks and more will talk when it comes to TV commercials are robots like the degree film. Trying to think of other action films and used to watch as the kid. I mean I have to be honest I probably I like. I probably just like Star Wars from like Asia for until now I was able to watch. Old matrix when I can amount of men and matrix is so good matrix two so bad. It's so bad it they get rude matrix three just by being associated now Risley I'll watch freak in a Marty there but like. And here's. Yeah it was terrible. Aware that I wonder I would like we should go back to Washington as I wonder how it holds up twenty years later. Dining complex special effects in advance so far and like. It was on some and the matrix two won't matrix reloaded was on like TBS is that around. But it was it's where he fights to a thousand different agent Smiths and yet knowing and it does not play it is. And then like so open one of my favorites of all time was on the weekend and I watched half of it and that's starship troopers. It's like so can't beat the brain he had and the boobs Armageddon like boobs and bring in below or yeah I. And it was it was so over the top propaganda and Campion everything that it was for it and I was appointed delegate clearly self aware of an oil like we said to me like is this are they supposed to act this bad and I was like yeah a lot. They're bad actors but also that's on purpose right rhetoric they couldn't act good if you needed until right but we don't need them don't know we're not looking for that at all I don't know community capacities now at at at. Guess so that's one little always stop and watch if it's on. Man. I watched the prequel is this weekend a ghastly tweet me and they just don't doesn't. Just blown up in do we get I. Got to work with Stuart like a psychotic regal at this Iowa is flicking it and it was in between football and baseball games. And Alice. Catcher in the street and that was like they did some hiking and then it was like I'm just on the couch stick your dog within I did yeah yeah we we've rip through discovery park is a cool. Quite work out at home run in a wagon because he is a lock anymore and lazy who I know RA. And a so it was lake. Partially. Funding and also like really annoying cause people walk by and boom they make all. Look who got the easy job Ehrlich Gloria with half of that and like I know are right this is toll back or is there was like. He can't walk keeps on the pitch tonight stopped running and they're the right that this is a problem right. No but it was it was fun but we got back from that it was he was wiped even he would do when he thing. My wife to meet hi. Yeah I think the. He's an a picture and it was like your dog one eyelid open Warren will Nichols was like a dog's back. OK but with that dog is now and again like that don't have other's best whenever the party goers like I'm so high and this is awesome. Yes. But say it does is on the couch Saturday. When the rarity Clinton weekends in like. Since summer right to have anything has passed. And I together and it doesn't go about doing anything like I must define Obama to make the call kooky thing they drink milk bill. Senate shall an up or but the downside of that is as your flicking through Saturday afternoon television. It's like eight murders row of awful movies. Sadr have Beers like dank on TV disputed like a British public were wrapped into Harold and Kumar and you're like oh here we go yes so. This is how it got me I was attack of the clones. And it was like. You can tell on the schedule how much time left in the movie obviously in Munich oh this is right at the part where the war starts. I'll watch that that's the only part that's worth watching. And I started watching it has like no this still sucks this is not only part we're watching this is terrible at this stupid cartoon troopers like. So bad and like I was tired mean maintenance at the time I thought you would. Pause violate I hope I don't sound as bad. In the playback on this as I sound in my ears right now. For the record so I summit trash I apology definitely Leo son of a bitch. I mean so reliant it's not unique to you when you meet us in real life you don't sound as terribly promise we'll close but like notes the ideal processing to a chair okay anyways. Baylor is like the troopers are awful. And then like even you're really got it right at the time it was likes. This pretty believable. And then now you a beggar like god it's just like a cartoon let's take a three B cartoon runaround was terrible. All the backdrops all of the CG is terrible. It's like now you can't suspend disbelief but I can still look at you owed us from empire strikes back. And I know with the puppet but it like it is eight it's sold so well Jim Henson's the man and you know I like it like. This all the CG and affects everything terrible man so that I'd rather have way less effects in way more. Blue wave and acting or script writing or whatever anyway we talked about this a million time yet anyways it was a nuke all of those yeah redo them. Plane is those don't make live action film well not in the top thousand let's hope that the sole bad. Hat below is brave heart and action movie it is now Xia Braveheart for shared. I guess the last time on art a podcast we talk to city farmer protests and a former draw on Twitter about the about chicken murdering yes okay. There and done he's agreed to join us for another. Cut episode because there wasn't one but two chickens that had to be dealt what if and so our city farmer thank you for coming back. Yup that's that punch cards and pretty full man one word murder and you're like I hear officially like serial killer I know I feel like you're a guy who would you like who was this big killer fur some drug lord you know I thought you know aren't I don't write the Billy Jack call you the jackal and they've got I will say that are between episodes the tear drop tattoos on your face and how are nice touch stone -- yeah that was well well plates on every effort and a path now okay still less so we found out about there's three options for taking care of a chicken if you talked to her own chicken. One of them is to jerk your chicken two. Just wish for options ahead I won't make adjustments. Even the thought there was jerking your chicken there was actually near chicken which is incredibly difficult to 225 swings and had chicken to get through Friday for right then there was. What was wounds to redo the ones that and then there is a the gas chamber who gas chamber chicken size magenta I cast your particular here's a there's a new store restaurant it's revenge it's like it's like it's the next big thing in colonies this is this the next little from Susie to thank Colleen CV that now and and and a gesture for gesture particulars where it's ass guess. So I'm UN with the he's a combination. I lose. Baking soda and vinegar into a pocket of the you put that aside there's tube that goes into it. Two can struggles Americana heartbreaking and again that if you turn but so. Tell it catch everyone up you're stuck still with the a's secular rooster this is the problem is you have. They chickens to a moment of being roosters but people would say it's been a backup of the rooster like KK were not doing that anymore. And so now you have another rooster that you have to take care of all of a two kids finding out to. And ray plate so let's go back and first Brewster. Gone he did tell your kids how they react to. They actually did not notice for a long time. I guess you know. Dramatic had to release yet they snap them pay your chief it and yeah. But so would give kids noted yes the two little man. There are little and that Leo there's a lot of birds and there is an easy for one to be in the Q can you not notice them yeah days you know like. Say you know you don't see all of America so well hands aren't as worn down and I'm hooked on death a little happier I. Got lucky cowboy up. About the fact that the they look for the second rooster and now you have some murder experience so what's the what's the what's the plan to and how much time has elapsed between the two. May also couldn't you just keep or restore reported maybe a week. We thought about that but then it's the only DeMar roosters now yeah you're always gonna you know hey we thought about any oh be fun experience you'll have another bunch checks in the kids can raise chicks and but then I'm Mike. We're gonna then we're noble have eight chicks and four rooster it's just that you manager confused chicken lead you to ones that just leads to call it the molten vicious circle them. OK so it's been about a week can you decided to make. Can only imagine how difficult this dynamic is your wife like how does she feel about it do you think well the crazy thing about my life is. That she has actually. She lived in. Central America for a little while and she was in. In college. And she didn't score big with ice it was karate universally Jaret Wright Isaacs. And she she raised chickens to fight her well she what did you do exactly yeah. She the villagers haven't felt. If they had their own chickens and they all. Killed the chickens by breaking the next. When they needed a chicken and so they taught her how to do so she actually knew how to do it as she wouldn't have been for the team. She would therefore you well I so I explained her. The details of what happened the first time around and I said adding any your house I you know. I don't know if today finally. Rules look first loser will slowly is attached to a fifth circuit that. Brook Matt. Actually it's reckoned the knuckles. Of sushi is so it. I Astor a little bit about how you do it and so I felt like OK I can do this young. So what they should have done is had heard that I guess yeah when it's done yes yes. But when you have kids one of UConn and is within our heads unite union deathbed city firm relevant content and benefit. So I go out there one night and I'm determined to. Do this by breaking the chicken's neck. OK did you try a slightly kicked to the next that would have been my recommendation that would have been better had you ever Amanda who. I can finally murder with karate would be about time out furious there tickets domestically Connie I killed with karate he does it give you got the song. Tell us semester he got it. Some dummy that round Robin mills could pay him a good credit got easily like profit elaborate there for a second. It's the hip hop kid who. So this roosters like a little smaller than a basketball okay. I'm like I can do it's usually when a basketball residency metric for measuring. A foul like that. The kiddies our files you I'm gonna go unintentional Genentech in the and a big and this is. How how how hard can this be I mean it'd nick is tiny you know and we knew when your Holden this bird you can feel the neck it's like it's like the size of your. Finger thumb checked sued people like there. But we comes over and pick it up really tidy up so Lulu and that he wants the most current owner Rick Rick I think I'm best at what Cuba to for a lawyer about noon but I think. Typically want to try to. I don't need to really spoke to Kevin get by duties until grace and didn't match. I that tall thing I give you screwed Brit pills if there did seem a little while their potency Kevin. He's at he's gonna get some moron Takais era came back then to think that the tech so. I I go out there and I pick up wizard. And grab its neck and it's very calm the way I like you went from like. Watching every YouTube tutorial on the most humane ways to kill the first chicken and the sec we think. Yeah I was gonna stay there until neck breaks will take to set ulyetza if you went to take your shirt off at the bar to modify yeah. If you're on the road like who called me political a political are out there. App. For those who act out yeah. So it's that this waste in the chicken around here that we. I didn't quite get the Palestinian but I did grab its neck and him being in a gate everybody says this is the fastest most painless method. I'm just gonna do is quickly it'll be debt. So I grabbed its neck and I do what I think we were supposed to do I grab it I poet I don't beat you twist it back a little well. And absolutely nothing happened except to jiggy got really mad jumped out of my our best and ran into the woods. I'll lose about a continent to another. But it is that's what it means that I'm pleased that part of it also provides directed that I did not break his chickens neck and midget in his. Q school oxen and generally about a get a high before the sound you just let's just went and grabbed it like that that only god how traumatized or you what you're trying to do upper right away and a brick the easy way in the new nothing works and and it doesn't work. So. And now think the scene for EC where they're chasing you're chasing this chicken through the way it's brighter flashlights going dogs barking for these chickens weddings and broken neck lake could somehow in the front of apply a key area. Then I'd think it is never gonna come out of the woods yet we're gonna have to have that right right seam. And so it's getting dark. And I do in teller like what happened in. I'm like I I could not do this if you can do it use it take to be my guest but I cannot I put all all I had into it I could not break his neck. I'm and so. She thinks about a for a minute and Xia. Is a medical professional and says she said I'm comfortable during the jugular I can find it. Our credit if you can make you cone that'll hold the stern school cold I will do jagr. Yes I mean she is she as she has kind of nerves of steel when it comes to medical things and she's very confident about that exact opposite of me Mike Cook. I'll go in real good no no yeah the idea to cut you know cutting us struggling Byrd is his legs. The FAA Estrich is impossible but so. I get this I'll show you let's look what it's like get the Subaru and just throw the U vertebrate remembered kidnapped and repeats of did you think about the plans to get repetitive and get pissed at its head at the tail pipe and on the gas. Well the government and it's a no no no we're not gonna be good binoculars vacation. But when you think about it. That's supposed to be a pretty painless way to go arena the blood. Pumps out of the chicken to chicken kind of fades out who had oxygen to the bridge or right Andrea. I've been written that I've climbed mountains before I've been high pox sick so I know that you just can't get dizzy and you wonder can you just kind of falsely. And it would be an easy way to go OK and so. I think that two homeway yeah. To be an easy way to go and don't do email you as I age hang out less with the city farm. There you can bring sleeping over there you view your I good I was told what to sharpening that nice feature desk. And what they keep feeding the Oxley could have I mean I can't really there are good I totally looked at this point. Kenseth. So. Think I REI look this was like it because all of this happen all of this happens it I. And where it's okay parts or is that it yeah well why does this all happened at night. Thank you can't bring yourself to tweet of the day because the easiest with the dealer way to catch a chicken Balkans are sleepy human right reckless or Mike Tyson there are ways to get or Robert de Alba. Yes right you should he got me to come out I guess that chicken right about Iraq if they're gonna ensure like it and crap signed up cash the check in global I didn't say they about killing that you month. Hello wolf while blue goose will lose means to go to cook. This ball could well. Do Jupiter Roger but don't. If he dies you is that if that's kind of at the only if it's just picked to be an as the entire rocky season have been 32 so I I don't feel more at. I don't care where cougars. Welcome to our dump I could go to 200 along with us joking and it just. And all about that segment that's. OK so I think we're at the play here you're west they all do it go catch it look at the gentler yes chickened out in the woods. Chickens out and it was bit chicken has returned now so no it is just they're that dumb right there that dubbed. So it's just kind of walking around the yard it's getting that are adjourned they say if you think that packet came back and crack it they're no but I like the right. Says the roosters just kind of sitting there like they do in the dark and so I picked it up. I've got the cold ready. Camera attached it to the basketball hoop hole. I think it's a between the leg kick. I really I don't I put it in the rim finish. She's hot and I'm deadly from about fifteen so I shot from the Jordan vs bird yeah to my wife takes the bird. And she puts it upside down in the zone and it's very calm and very quiet and she takes she gets our sharpest knife. And it. She and you have a bucket underneath yes sir I don't pages for the sacrificial blood on his right right right. I'll never forget those ceremony afterwards I understand completely on the integrity of the after as every knows that he's ever part yes right. The amazing. Brightness the blood is like media and it's so bright red the color of these like on bud yes there pelican a radio studio is that play's been shivering the social. He hits and jagr if the whole story and PT SBA from lights on the microphone. She is she hits it or is it reacts to cut the competitive advantage. And I can hear that drew the blood dripping out of the channel. And I can see even in the dark I can see the color of the Islamic Jihad so bright so Brenner and her forget that color and chicken is just stale. And the blood you know hearts that it chickens heart is pumping the blood out of its again and it's going into this bucket and there's a little bit of a little bit of movement. But. Wish that that could be anything that can happen and after the bird dies they did it much less struggled and happened with the other method now. And so. The bird dies and it's in the column. In my life says. We have to butcher. We after we can't just panic and waste. Yeah I saw well. About the other line of yuppie just about Harry Evans but if I. And so we bring the bird in. And it's 10 o'clock at night kids are sleeping. Upstairs and we have never budgeted chicken before and so we're really YouTube being Heidi butchered chick in Heidi get defender's office about getting up a big what do you expect cocky and India. The testing campaign. That's gonna need it. Anyways it's you know we we did that when governments and it popped. Plea that it's a Fernando Armstrong he was like yep he's that he's right through putting Gregory negative good for the rose limits on their net very good reason there Buchanan and moves than others offers that's good. It will just like. Very evident in well actually hot Lotto hot water he caught on a kind of boil it not show I did an ivy were hot water over it and they start coming up pretty yeah and so we get all the says that this that is all over the kitchen. And similar to get a wake up for your kids the wake of oriented guy you like it Bob a bucket of blood feathers everywhere there. Well yeah right city for Virginia comes out for glass and elect. What's going all kind of equipment to you have to bring. There are heading north Canada they didn't look at at. We do get this. We get this chicken butchered. And mayor ray does most of it I mean I do have plucking and she is sharpening knives to cut the thing. Apart and to get the innards out and she does that and then we have. How we're left in what you see in the supermarket is just an ordinary looking check in but. We both agreed that we cannot eat this third and we can't feed into our kids we can't. We have to do Samie also. You fed it back to the chickens. Have. If any of you get digs this is gonna happen years of OxyContin millionaire who. So who we. So I texted mirror and I know I text my brother in law and I say you know if you want we have its chicken do you want it it's fresh it's it's you know it's Gregory already after the effort that's the healthiest chicken meal every army is live chat with chemicals from the yacht to carpet like I was sickened one dude OK no no that's fine at this woman is about the and so brother Eli doesn't take it but my wife UN has and say it's named Greg I refuse say it's Mano as an island under a technologist Ed Smart. My wife does find a friend who wants the chicken. And dash is on now we'll we'll take it we'll take it and so she takes the chicken. And two nights later we get a text from this friend. And attacks says we just had a wonderful. Indian chicken curry dinner. I would say new picture of it but it might be too soon. I've tried I'm sorry. As you look rest I have given a questionnaire and ask your questions very good. It the first chicken chicken when Kevin. It. Where is there any thought of burying it in a pet cemetery just as it would happen. After you killed. Because what is that you had to be buried somewhere I should Q1 was buried in in another say it's named Kevin if I can't I. To make a murdering Manson the name of his dictum. And that was the previous might be creepiest thing ever ever done because here it is at midnight almost yeah I'm digging this grave. And I've got blood all over me and all over the act. And all over the shovel and all of everything. And now I dig this grave and go to we're gonna put this thing and I'm just trying to dig deep to some animal doesn't do that now the neighbor dog is like. Yes he heist. You can I do have these great values and I'm taking note man the mirror group who go to America so it's up and our woods buried. At least that's what you think that's I pay whatever though that out of sight out of mind at that point to a good returns the nature so be it I said a few kind words. I figured that treatment. It was a good chick had a drug problem Clinton petrified of epithet I feel partially responsible but Sony no that's I mean that's I mean anything else now. I'm fascinated. Well city farmer twelve that's the former twelfth and Pamela thanks for telling us your crazy story about. Things that city folk take for granted until it's time for them to do with themselves and far. Right you vice so many chicken you eat so much chicken in your life you never think about. Like that it it's six bucks in the supermarket but it's a whole night of torque here can I do not aren't. You've been listening to our dumb podcast they're Smart Smart like a fox. Freeway email these idiots are dumb podcasts. Gmail.com. Phone them on Twitter are done podcast or eight record and that man child when. Victory for our young podcast is brought to you by throughout university did the trap.