155 - Too Many Jurgens

Thursday, October 12th

Thursdays this fall...

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Do you want to start. All right well we start. It is not very good. Armed and done. It fell and worse oh. The started. Behaving here but I can't hear you there. Started adding creamed my coffee with you know yet. Senator cream in my heat cream team. Wolf let alone and follow your field Starbucks one day. The polar fleece just bluntly suddenly came back with the wrong order to really won't let them put them in here. I'm like that trash monster board the first death star home beat anything. It Ellis sneaky and been working out your credit credit university. On me just tell us something wrote quick. Blobs mom's whole arc. Okay. But the work and excellent fit. Good good good idea also Bob who who he is a bastard and courier yeah the senate and the silently ever assaulting a man. The grass I like that where I may use them like places salty man Alex salt of the earth or on people that are like just people that make the world turn again. And insulting for the people that are mad about being the salt of the earth. Pixel guy apparently. All of DNA I'll what does that huh. I was gonna do the these. Chemistry. Letters it'll Salt Lake area settlers in Russia no photos but not the North American Soccer League that's not at all. Simply NA something which is clearly with that crap consider me can't produce eleven streak in Americans don't I'm not gonna start or should we just started to. Add. I think that there's like I don't think anyone would do this to my theory on this is that took a man was gonna put all our all our eggs into one basket. Okay. That we're gonna get the World Cup in 20/20 six okay the regular automatic berth if we hosted. Well that's for sure happening. That's gonna happen the pressure well it's it's gonna happen. Seat you're making a big assumption that the earth is gonna still exist in a condition that suitable for I have to live in the world that I know in the world and does that the world exists to don't go on the Internet my friend because. It. And millennium and the projections for the world the distance the bleak. I'm slightly optimistic about the world today. Which is a weird thing to say alliance to interdict everything that no no now. Has an intestinal while actually we ethics that. OK I I usually wouldn't agree but fine if you know I guess it's a salty or cut. I was thinking about this walking into work today in light of lake. Literally. Everything going around right now I turn around him well in America against the Americans like. So bad right now so bad but maybe this is good because maybe like. You know how legs. You know not to be quite like the did it does it denied his job as before the daughter ever Billick. Rock bottom if your dad when every out our regret that they swear. That the old guard now which is obviously. Who's running our country and like the EU Weinstein thing you know his. Maybe were finally like hitting that breaking point what were were there are now and it's like we're getting them out of the way. Like this whole like Washington exactly last reference not going to can't make something goes horribly wrong at some point and we finally figured this out. But maybe this is like that moment or it's like. We are. Crossing over the threshold I know it's hard and it's like frustrating and it's annoying. And you read the tweets and you just wanna kill yourself I get it but they may be this is all good and he's gonna freak out at some point in his automobile. And then we get to the next 600 but it could be. 100% but maybe that's what needs that in this that's horrible thing to simulate maybe that's. Maybe as we need and we can rebuild our guests in Iranian you're you're a hell of a real trouble Colombo approach to this I just think like. It's either that or just continue to be pissed every day for the rest of your life for it I 'cause that's what right now. So. How I'm feeling personally about everything on. Remember reading the Internet and everyone's. Or reactions to everything. However there not overreaction that the people need to be free to put the stuff that's going on Billy you should be built like noble by it but by a brain keeps saying do tune out to stop to stop that tune out like if you bill hicks has a joke about it do you hear all the war and death and famine and everything on the news in the Newark outside and it's like. Beautiful blue chair. I think to myself British disliked check out this and just go be happy somewhere else but. You do that and then like this that's so cute kid isn't terrible just could not paying attention does that mean that it's not bad anymore. I don't disagree with racing I I I guess some sort of saying the same thing where it's like keep. Lakes keep doing the good things that you do because like all of this anger and agitation it's. Coming back at you now from olds let's call they are olds that all scared people to scare people of people they're scared of people don't. They're scared of people of color people's collar people that like. The same genders people that are into with computers and robots and body should be afraid of the robots we made this about wanted to there's like prop people are sort of progress now. Well because there. Ultimately I think we were afraid of is losing what we have court as if that's power money or your life because your an old who would ever elect that's. 100% so maybe you tune out. What ever your causes gender equality or equal pay or whatever to whatever you're seeing is. Not getting nuked not starting world war three moon we to not having an. And do we doubt if you can tune out the negativity coming back because it's not. Constructive as productive and I'll show some yelling back at you to make you mad just to trigger a house says you can ignore the triggers like you're saying like you just. You say your piece you got the wind is like there were skits and we're good at so hard though mentally Illinois senator Reid that like. To read Mike Ditka being like Desmond oppression and a hundred years. But screw them who cares he's an idiot let him go I get it but like he's part of the people that are running things he's one of the people that is. A big voice and a big presence that other people glom onto and I think really what needs to happen is that we need Q. Have an ideology that we get up and say the thing. Not like to be injured I guess yet get rid of people like we as a culture need to be like he says there's a hundred years of no pressure and we need to get up and be like. We're going to the moon or whatever our stance is on to be able to get. People littered distracted by whatever the Chernobyl's are saying to listen to something positive. Yeah me as I'm trying to say it. I mean I was just. Keep charge and on yeah but the same time like so. I agree with that the place and I get scared is that if I need. In order to us I'm so emotional in order to separate myself from via ball fire that's going on over here without them we get burned. It's hard to get away from its gravity. And so I don't wanna make the fire bigger but I also don't wanna just ignored and suddenly it's it's safe for your burning now yet. And there's a cub misfired bit parties oxygen right like that's the key so if you cut off its air. Like if it's my tickets as having that stupid now and everybody is because your dumb and they move on instead of like. Outraged right. Then who cares and he's an idiot and and think no one cares more for at least S because if for media types. If you see something and no one cares you're done that's different. Harlow and that's our president's biggest problem rise word that is gonna say stuff and like this whose Twitter block him. Game over. Do you that can happen did it ever happened of course not it's the number one thing driving people to see their four sponsored tweets like kids right now. Well I think that. It's a really sick cycle that happens here and it's a typical of this morning and heavily to belted out through to talk about maybe. That FaceBook is the one that's in trouble for like propagated in all these like awful stories that are like right it's like starting to become clear that people are influencing Howell. We view things based on spending money shatters the south part pilot for addressing now last night some dummies and watched Apollo we comment on but then. We used Twitter to socialize. It. And twitters more understood signal the racist redneck right. And that. That's the oxygen on this fire like we're taking this thing that's there in the mean it would take over here Brent Twitter is just yelling and name calling and give guys like being a Twitter makes me feel more uncomfortable than being on FaceBook because FaceBook if I don't engage in any. Trump's stuffed Eagles away. Bump from me a Twitter to quiet during your feet the whole time people re tweeting stuff and it's like this like so you have a thing that generates the bad headlines the people take it from that and they put it into the Tumblr that keeps it not the actual. Web site Tumblr. None of the Twitter and then it stays written your face to people just keep recycling and over and over he and her. I think that it has faced what bothers me because of the discussion I don't like. I like Twitter because you can say something and an author ghost and sure people are responding you know it's not like this thread of there's no piling on line there's no. It's not your uncle going like. Served. Really you know. On Twitter I don't see that as much like a fake death you'll FaceBook is like these three mean the you're you're right in that Twitter is everyone's yelling things. FaceBook is like everyone's yelling at each other. And I'd rather just yell into the abyss than to yell at. I just like his cousin -- would have hurt my present FaceBook because they're influencing and do the Google to always speak AI things are like really moves were certain to see how their influence global another evil and that's like the exact plan of our opposition that the characteristics. But. As they. As decent pop up if I don't bite if I don't. Click on somebody's anti trump right links or whatever. Really that's threatened to stop showing it to me unify all do is watch puppy videos play subways are getting a lot more of those and so it. My I get to steer the ship a little bit more with I can't I. I can influence who you re tweets easy like a threat that's going on about and I did yesterday nestled district also throw a guy broke down how bad the US men's soccer team more than that final game like it didn't wanna go to blue get ripped up like a man that's gonna be like a month and a half and Russia and I don't even know things ranch there and Mike. How much supposed to do there right. I think is incredibly brave in the decidedly cat. Personally my joke was that how dare Russia not play the US National Anthem at the World Cup that is like the little slap in the face. Yeah that's just that I'm just going with that and as saying that they're they protested which I think has print and I know that I'm wrong but just let me have it please disclose the only thing that keeps it tears remotely and just moved here when the last World Cup happen we have so much it was the best. Yeah as an increase in risk your life. It's like 830 party Jonathan and I said Demi I remember names like crazy. Bartender at formerly what was called clipper done now with Tiki bar off. Not a good one that's not a good. About a bad schools for Luke gave walkabout by anything OK you're going to be a Condo sued. But yeah we like we did four games in the day the Saturday that had four games and one day we watched a piece of all of those games. It was that was such a fun day that and now it's like. It'll still be fun because we follow world soccer so we know all the big names and stuff but it won't fear but America won't be into it but that's the thing like it will be fun of them but. There will be a moment in every single game you watch. We you're gonna sit and go man. Thank me and user should be in this or it like that Clint Dempsey doesn't give one last World Cup thing but that like. It's over for half that's it it ends like this gross. You know. It's terrible up China's Bruce Arena for stinking. He's the worst sub domain paint him. It's not blaming him solely for desperately cap. So I saw numb solid FaceBook can charter from someone who said that us somewhere yurigan you're in Klinsmann right now is laughing his ass off I don't think that's the case at all. I think that. He had a long term vision for this or wish in the future German polish team. All it'll long term. Fuel Witt and it was a rebuilding the whole thing and then when everyone got scared 'cause it wasn't going well I don't think he would have qualified the team in the World Cup either but like he was the found he was setting a foundation so that would by the time it was here at 20/20 six we had a chance to win and they just like yanks got out of there out of like. Re over reaction and I understand why. But to turn to Bruce Arena and who like really didn't do anything with it. I don't wanna blame him because he was in charge for so short a time generous on some of picking up some and also slack or whatever but at the same time. Get into the man you it's unacceptable to end up not in the World Cup if you brought in to save the debt but is that he like a perfect example of what I'm talking about a second north like. The olds are freaking out and they want to digress about and they can't make they can't accept the like some let's get a break through the wall and where there are not it was Klinsmann or not at least he is pushing for something different and deal. And it takes time and it's hard and then when things got rough. US soccer freaked out fright and bright and old guy who left for a very obvious reason because he's trash. Has your question yes via question. If you yergin plop now. If you're gonna Klinsmann is secrecy America America's team yes and all day Thursday night at seven too many Europeans. Immediately if if right after everyone hates Tom Beringer. And both cult like him or her so good. At home. So good at yet so bat. Jurgen Klinsmann doesn't. Get the US men's national team to qualify you had a firearm chair the next day right Wednesday morning like he's back in the bag anyway so I guess it has been out of the press conference right gap. Exactly to quit yeah exactly it doesn't press conference to go hey I'm in support but at least then. I wish she would step down as the coach for kept being the youth development because. Germany won the World Cup last time I had been in contention for forever and huge public the reason the whole thing and they keep developing duke the system and in order to get a kid who's eight day to be in the World Cup would have been the time comes attacks continue your person right. And so you have to have a little bit of long term vision but there's too much money involved. I personally think we just didn't bribed the AT&T people enough beat Trinidad and Tobago people enough to loans went that's what happens when you only. Bribe one of the country's usually bribed Trinidad and Tobago and there were like that's not today though. No but had to yes so that's a bummer. With the yeah. Hype just. I'm not feel about it I like there wasn't. My terrible I feel bad for Jordan more us play I can't simply Jordan Morris and like I just can I can't stop calling him toward more so I'd. She plays on the sounder I want to play all the time right. For some reason I can't I'm people economy on Twitter and it's like the real thing but untoward more us yes it's about perfect guy and for the Christian role plans of the world who like this is their chance to maybe get a call up to the World Cup and to prove something you don't like. Beat the Peta people to put the US on the world stage as a serious contender instead their part of the legacy of us failing to Mexico World Cup Billick bit and that's that's a tragic crazy though because like okay the quick look at they tried out for. The biggest game. Possible. It's all the old dudes like no hole and anxious issues. American messy apparently not good lord black has amazing how do you not just build your whole team around that it should be that hard. Canon and that we can't find it to qualified. American born. Our American national. People to play defense in the middle but we can't find two people to do that in the entire country could only do we I mean I think it'll. I think I kept playing soccer I would had a shot at a dreaming up like an adult and I'm as good as any of those people right in order Amy likes. You know worse. It's difficult but based on that performance and I'd run of retreat that threat and it was like they broke out all the pleasure and everyone just kind of stand in every move you move Jozy Altidore being garbage in the Michael Bradley was being guarded rising in like Bradley and maybe has had a dynamic iris I can't run and half of those things happen but the problem is broad clawed one run the supporter shield so like it's him and probably is doing. And that's a hard thing chewing your. We knew one of the better players on the team. There's a weird added pressure to that where it's if it's a big game you feel like you have to do. You have to be better. Than good because you have to bring people nick I'm going to be. I have to be amazing. Because. I don't that they don't trust the rescue team that you know what they are new like if I'm not great. I can't afford to be good I have to be great and it sucks when your you have an off game. And there's like Bradley still completely I for once in my the last three years yet but. You'll be he wants eleven guys out there who all want the ball in the last second that's what you want is you and Bradley to tap the guy who's like I gotta make sure I want the ball. So that way somebody else is new or an experience or whatever can play awful that you need a guy out there with its sharpest kind of national and I think a lot of people would argue with you that. He has not been good for street and it tells you I I always give and I think he's really getting into it. Clap Kirk C now I'm doing it again and rejuvenated earlier in this. Souvenir you've filled in for the the last studio audience. It man hours is what all lines have been like if I think that's not you know and not management. Put appearance. Odds you're a senior. So did. Everything is burning around us we can do laugh really does oh. I'd I didn't wanna come here with his negative attitude but here we are it's been a rough order of things though I did it. The art a podcast is like my therapy and everyone else's like not show up you know that makes them Zandt exe as host blue dog bit bit. Hypocrite. It's. It's so I think buttons from city farmer just move on what you live I kit if you haven't lake. If you haven't gone back and if you haven't listened to the city farmer episodes. City farmer twelve is a hell of a storyteller despite being in Iraq is of 5000 times. Even more people when did you stories for us particularly good like that that's the thing is that he isn't. He's an excellent storyteller yes it's a great language in any capital funds and hear the story and he's like. Thought you could tell us thought about it so much to grieve regurgitate it really is he really has stories aren't gonna get in a radio. And everyone's like faster faster faster faster faster finish finish. Yes and seconds go. The comment that's why you it is adopted Twitter. Yeah actually collections you can still you could just be have to learn to take your stories out and 240 character I have a story that I wanna tell about the town and almost peed my pants of time at a concert. And I wanted to and I've yet to do you like in massive like Twitter thread thing I haven't done that and told that story twice on the spot. Never mind that important. I'm sticking and he's so upset who have done that I have the Phillies drag you remembered I guess. It's great though there. I'm yet to epic cheering section after words that are don't turn compatible with the next happened. And try to make about I'm just China terrible everything is terrible ratings so Johnny Miller is seeing it sucks. Notable. Is it sounded in my head phones today. Surprisingly. Really I listened to the city farmer episodes out of order I never listen OK I like I know and I like wanted to hear. What the sample all the was Lichen and I got sucked into it goes into the whole park to. And we finally got a dialed it I think it was spending an extra ten minutes in the image is kind of like. Pocono when it is good for us and I think it was funny because I forget that even did that houses in less than I was like. Whenever I was bitching about how heavy sound this is pretty good Beckham back a couple full day and no I don't health gives a crap and no one else can tell but. World are my car animals in the select pro podcasts on the we have better equipment than like most of these people and ours don't sound. As good as that right now and so now I found them sort of happy go get. Now using the content can championed certain pick up after a second is that just doesn't grip minutes let's get to air out our I'm thinking yesterday I was so upset after listening to those. And striving and I was like op meant. Podcast for next week I'm so excited about this morning mostly yesterday was Wednesday and I guess we'll have an episode yet he can soak it. Well this is can we do us again until last week well this week last week but that since. Ma what do you. Well men I don't know what this what triggered this but I wrote a note about this I wanna choose. Our. The question you have to be aggressive and a little things that you can't eat in the morning. Can't. To find can't thank you Michael I don't want that. These ads specifically breakfast foods that you don't own an order just like to thank so I'm here in a weird time yeah he's thought about before that. I love meat low from the morning but I love it. So we hear so weird but if I have meat loaf you're the only person and Alyssa eats meatloaf and gladly I mean mile is rad nobly like that's willing willingly I will be one of the few things at the catch upon. I don't and you love and legit Tony five years I was watching with the Internet to Kate and I saw a story from my wanted to source because Arnold like a month. This whole story that was venison Burger's coming to Arby's. I just heard this as well and I made the joke on the radio I was like a ten minutes a jerky before that sounds good that Muster my friend needle. I don't think anyone's going to be a lot of people are gonna buy a venison burger island by a minister Baird not from Arby's. And then down molest a support tired station and I would toward the two. RBC fresh. Of course there. The that I Mon. That a month not Neil Armstrong's what ever page today and I am there literally making ground venison and talk. Sure it did give me medicine is rad man venison is good to have. I'm a big fan of venison I don't know if I'd go fast food medicine that's a weird thing but like venison is. That's good to us entered his chat and so like all eat meat loaf for breakfast and I love breakfast for dinner I'm a big fan of that. They're out there that you wouldn't eat. His downtown has received what is going within it parallel universe. Okay. Fish. Director oh well I wait and I have to take that back I had to take that back. Because. Lox and bagels is awesome cool yeah and shadows to analog coffee so dummies it's a line Thomas and summit. It's next in the downstream markets Aniston Magic Johnson suburban. And Siemens a law and I know he's gonna console somewhere else was real that we are well let's really took a no you would he was like. And it's great on analog coffee has a secondary breakfast food plays and it's a toast spot this basic things I know its peak. Let's think about imaging on the station today and it's like lawyers some sort of describe the notes at third pore over Alia trusting in myself like how we're not talking about avocados to host replica that's another area in history Seattle thing it is peak. Sheikh hipster hello Florida half dollars for third trip to toast out. Mozilo. Yeah it's a toast say is they have a they have a fish toast which sounds disgusting comment let me tell you yeah. It is insanely. Good. It is so good. What it would mean when you say fish toast the CIA is smoked Trout. Some guy icon down in some pickles onions on Euro zone pick you clothes okay going on now. Anyways on crown triage and some dale now know why we're doing the cicadas but it's always fun to go there once in awhile. Little dust heroes act Kamal may have mixed with the American dream that toast could pick. The I mean pork and beans in the got a name fifth toes with a hit the bay their equipment from American dream amazing. It's really get. So. I would say like cooked fish. For breakfast is enough for me but like. Smoked fish different the only guy because it's so hard because it's like design to. To be eaten that way I guess like not like a look at it like a foot of cod for breakfast browse to that here one year ago. Today when I was in Japan and com. For breakfast that they eat a lot of pickled vegetables because hot soups yet. Which is very particular mention it follows a breakfast food gross. Like originally read it as a dinner because we elect folks for dinner last night isn't. Such as it was so bad so good but in Japan to serve pickled vegetables a lot but commendable rice and then the a whole mess of these tiny teeny little minnow sized fish were the highest a lot of them but that teeny tenets of us it's excellent took like a ballpoint pen when. Took like and I drew around a but the way that's fun to this tiny little pickled fish and put Smeltz and charities that are. There's much smaller than like little Blake they're literally gave maybe half inch to three quarter inch long tough. And view them the scoop Monday directly using top 6 PM ten at a time where rules of rice and difficult for the fried. No there's pickled they're just I don't know how to cook department boiled down at a mansion and then dropped and some pick going agent and then netstat and it is. It's one of those things where people probably convention might if you're Australian. I don't know what people think that we eat here that's weird but I'm sure there staffer like what you eat. Yeah whatever that is or like the north cal brains in Mexico and stuff like that there's I'm sure people who look go lose things and find whatever but it was just. I could see health that's all you ever had growing up who like you would just be a normal thing bill of people everything's there and act in the morning it's just and I guess to. In that area as gross as that you yeah and it's. Jai is something more big picture stuff flakes I guess that would be really weird but like. Yeah I think fish is probably whips soup this grows that the that seem right. So hungry right now the all of a sudden I cannot we're gonna go to Russia to I would do that doesn't on Moscow Russia after us time. Highly touted to have breakfast for sure. And now like breakfast three does not like I was saying I can't have fired me up a piece bean burrito let's do this month ago. I action. We made me white being green chilies do. Home pretty dormant for me in the Cilic made it and I took tastes and I was like oh this is too spicy for you she's breastfeeding and so she can't give. A little domain name a move after she's had all that spicy food 'cause and game over for us yet right. It's so and had this whole crock pot full of the game. But what they'd be seen green chilies student who. And I was bringing it in here and not at five when I get here but by like nine I'm starving exhibit up now since 345 and yet like. Now properly passed a lunchtime or whatever and I can be dependent BO BAA. Just there's not a whole lot that like I don't think there's a lot but I wouldn't eat in the morning. Now I'm pretty. Saddam is if you can think of something goes on Twitter something ridiculous like would you octopus in the ring no of course not like stop that likes. Unless there's a culture that it's octopus in the morning to you wanna hear about that like. Yeah. Yeah I can eat anything else in the morning plus. Plus if you put an egg next anything it's that it's is that me they like me that from Pakistan from mutant you know any input is done was detonate on it a cool that's that's the good the English thing it's like English breakfast like none of that makes sense for conflict players big old spoonful of brains for Brad Vince and I can contain. He had liked yeah I don't know about that big that. Drizzly peace handling it like I don't want that either I don't know and may god that you like well here compared. Little looked over new Mexican food. Well c'mon now though our gas Friday on top. Yes breezy day idea also force all day but a leftover like left over the Brito like Krista style happy in. The tortillas gross at this point earth but he's running on top of it and you know I I don't care signed me up with that right now I. I want the right now till you're gonna Mexico Albuquerque like tonight of course that if if if the balloon fiesta happening right now I'll as the gotta amend that and my brother goes on time so let's joke sub Deming via a little balloon fiesta is. The largest hot air ballooning festival in the world. But 11100 potter balloons go up every day and it's incredible it's a ticket for granted for so long to resist every year it happened it was like all fun and like some years ago and I'd complain about being too cold or whatever. And then since I've started. Going back to to Mexicans in my dad's just a mob past what I try to like time and outside shareholder in the balloon fiesta. And there's about a self whenever Bushehr on the headphones go over your head phones because it's cold. Yeah morning and then to watch 2000 balloons take off and are hopeful that my brother was crashed on those once sparse you know now he is removed them. And get him on the show of it. I you've been listening to our dumb podcast they're Smart Smart like a fox. Freeway email these idiots are dumb podcasts. Gmail.com. Or call them on Twitter aren't on the podcast or eight record and that man child when. Victory for our young podcast is brought to you by too many here again is. Young doesn't do.