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Thursday, October 19th

Robots and candy


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Couple new starts. All right well we started. It is not very good. And done. It fell and worst. Laura thanks and. Oh wait sorry this. Another controlled persistent stigma and an advocate for the commitment to the basket drew oh my god. Are they are they are today. That it definitely is sort of philosophy that is wholly and on this one. She won invoke change. Duke behind everyone's back right I'm doing via podcast yellow the Internet the void that I have a different. How many chips as a whole cast but that you listen to his just yell at the Internet idled one of those that think you mean. The volumes are all over the place all over the place Sierra allow all the way life is yet I don't. Okay what do. Which is start to start the show but got a podcast I am Gregor this manly weight that burdens of the movement going on meant. To be real let's be honest material. I'm exhausted but I don't have a lot going on in the brain right now OK as keeps him as but that is shark week on it I want to know what that is rice's press it just press it. Here's shark week. Six out of ten. The thing that I beat to death three or four years ago on the radio. You know. Who sharply used to be. I guess when it was like science when there's actual like science shows about sharks instead of shark NATO twelve legal lawyers of which terrible actors in his damme movie about sharks and tornados are ready doesn't come I've got commentary about let's go. It all comes back to just a few days ago. But Tuesday night. Yet continue the the promise of my childhood coming yeah I've. I thought for sure we are about to Selig the beginning stages of the movie robot jocks yes it's federal assault. Was what discovery and history channeled all those dumb channels have done to how we watch television. We saw a robot fight that was both pre recorded. Scripted it. And edited that was three things both of them. All of those things together to give us a fight it and if we watch sports and it was like. I mean some of the probably as planned capital flow what does edited together so if you get reactions in the right lines from people on the announcers will play well along in like. That was to come on not an actual robot fights out it's bad about inadequate federal these shows like. But I was a kid you turn on the hill yet channel it would be like two straight hours about the landings in Normandy right another public grow info graphics and Weezer noises and the little. Event. I could've watched the History Channel. Or housing college coaches show for Al word command we did a hell of a drill yet and I am a little bit. I did like you know more about World War II that nation I suppose. But I think I've got rail about World War II that I should be a better answer especially after that I think anymore but at the time. Yeah meant so frustrating. That they made it into the slick short did you spend to go we're yellow national Motorola. Yeah I like what is that Nazis had flaming so lord scary and marshmallows shields and yet they add. In 1941 Hitler worked with Satan why it's no this is not. So now's the lake. Now that might be possible that's entirely possible all things considered that's on the table but lake. There's so much. Reality is is the best drama like sports that's why sports so great drama it's just it's just inherit beautiful drop. Now you suddenly your arsenal near winning and then you lose and a team we've never heard of is now higher than new in the table and that's although it does this forks and I like all my life is falling apart. And then they win next seeking like my life is beautiful. Either others by any of like where where to his crazy enough you don't need to I'd like. Hitler in the cult Nick Leeson is like stop not stop might think he's bad enough when he just tells what happened additionally. Any show that came on. The History Channel where there was a reenactment of anything out of us. Piece like get out of here I can't watch in either enactments if you can show me the same photo 500 times and tell me what to have a historian Tom what's going on fight. Soon as you put a reenactment and there are no old caddie here I tend to agree the on that I I believe that very little bit like it. If it's good. That's Daniel Day-Lewis then fine yeah yeah like the like Lincoln was good okay with that my point but. I hear yours thing. Valid. Because we already know what the production content of what is going to be especially that time yes this I mean when they were doing it when we're talking about her to watch four straight hours of the History Channel about god knows what in the mood like and now for the time there wasn't Phil and there are some actors like no peace. Yeah I get it have you watched any of the Ken Burns Vietnam documentary now I like known to Simmons and start only like us terrible sad person that prize in my sleep and it's so when Scott we've heard this on before this Ken burns' documentary is great but it is so. Lo lo Han ticket I think I can never get through any of the staff member with always wonderful I'd like episode four and have been watching it for like twelve hours now. It's too much would you rather watch. Star Wars applause your salary. They can ask your question I guess via quest judge would you rather watch Ken Burns. All twelve of its twelve episodes of ten or 12112 of Vietnam hours long or. Three episodes of Star Wars one through three. I'll Ken Burns all day. After. No Joseph lives in the Vietnam War that I know of the reenactment though they Britain's top 55 with a good there Don Brown okay. Not other Viet Cong had stormed recruitment. And Cordero came back of PT EST don't make sense now so we get sued giant fifteen foot tall robots that are going to be smash each other yet. All of it of guard for the wedding dress oh my god of spinning around deflected it all boats from the Japanese roads not to get. A year yet I don't want any of that. So on who whites who won the robot fight in the producers who got us that you don't want is couple. Noodle you know why because they were the insert advertisement partner for the for the things so I don't want to out or build up to it to this little sort of seven minutes or that 748. Or whatever. And then nothing from sports that's always goes I got it I you know like unit unit did this on his match at 1 o'clock this Sunday definitely starts at one torn dude. With the villages and want. But yet it's. Took a new rule I was like first on the missing couple new rule advertised this is incredible they know their audience so well like. Senior streaming and online robot an air quotes fights. Yeah and cup noodles what you're gonna do what you have time to make right now just the company knew about it yes the dummies. I remember I used to each cup noodle a lot and Johnson nick blue sub damning number of X cube guru I was like get mad at Randall's house that. I just I tried to you only eats. Try to cut down land. Drew some way Qatar calories. Have been eating raw a couple of new all the time and he was like with the men. I applaud you for your health care to whatever but there is. You do it literally no nutrients from that dual track killing yourself currently eating that and I was like no no no there's sodium at the nutrients price. Cut costs no nutrients what does this. Satanic gonna eat German being as that salty if Regis he's prick your finger soft disk for it. Regulate how silly this last guy that's got it with a growth slow growth. I have a question for you since you watch this horrible robot fight. Just a few requests. And it's robot related. Affirmative nice. Preface this by saying they're all the same size and a who would win the ultimate robot fight America nuns and not like what country that like what robot wins. People trying well now did you opt in this time. The Ky G or the robot's saying. The program. Mecca Godzilla would be the definitely the movement to God's will is good. Mean schedules and how defeats him but it's. I realize you for a s's question at I was sir radar robots and yet to down as it voluntarily advocates kick I was akin to a so from. From. Oh yeah. At 209. That's the thing from a rebel cup oh era. That thing as bad as it. Little little top happy to prevent us just don't give it in the nuke. It I'd buy that for a dollar I don't ask. Amazing. If it was Lucas. Yeah like in terms of legality of brutal and born post 1980s like I mean it's been a peck as talking about it. With so funny about that will welcome Florida podcast of ours so yeah ours right the title I know it was everyone's domain around here yet it better to watch robo got would you want in on the joke W grand dummies in. Now we can do. With chains and retract yet. The elite deviate that at a I mean though like the history of what awesome fighting robots. I'm really disappointed in myself like Oakmont you can do Johnny five. Robocop CPI BLX legit robot like were robot like Optimus Prime shred C three PO let's say the close clip. Right like the principals out of his stupid metal body being kicked up from his front foot would be along the cook with pepper. They mean at a pot finally hitting a can with a room or rock may be a whole entry point with them that makes. It's flown without and it's I thought. We careful I know that's why set a close vote for their vote that. I mean. Optimus Prime and vols try after the top two I think if they try and mayor so good. Full trust. He's chant praise Mohammed Ali and some of the target original Tron three point oh the magna is lord from the Power Rangers were also via content early and that's a good one. There's another tough threat. We'll talk about autonomous either don't know so as it is it human piloted as a Mecca as it. I don't I don't session because I don't qualify alone the middle it's you know occur on the planet of the planet transformer. Mehmet out in his insides that. They all lake side all that stuff up that's the only stats get. Right because obviously I will travel to step an optimist proud and that's rap and it's got to be on it would be either because like star screamed to be pleased to come. But let's go to who's gonna double cross you if you're gonna be the ultimate fighting robot like you can't. Make a drowning us probably have the here's the thing about mega China never missed it. If you're the baddest ass bad guy in them in the universe whatever debt. He should need someone else do you like operate YouTube be effective like I'm gonna transform into a gun case somebody should be real. It can't wait until I picked it up yeah and lake and the best band out there with a look at it is I think I come manager. Putted it up with what is that about put journals they're like all right that's a wrap extract his ass crack with a man accused all the stuff. Up to others on picked put it in a gun rack it for your dime. I don't have undergone little loan on enough guns to necessitate a match that AFLAC is back at. Again. If you're born. Post ninety's forget it not just press announcement though. I tell that's a comedy or trust me that's punishment vote authority or is now trust me funny but true. Latin as you the guy looks like Phil Spector. That works there. Knew that the movie there in the yes you just what fighters like being total creep looking in the moon in the minimally. Hey hey guy's name recycle about future is article talked to him several times but he's also very with so. Yeah we'd hang onto that there that teased out teased out rocks are there will cause a salesperson very Rod Stewart of view it's a very Rod Stewart. I respect of public kinder person to compare to well. Inspectors a little bit of a murder her certain. Things got a little some little sideways eagle fell so wanna. And a mile can behavior just an hairstyle yes OK aside a question Rafer. Yeah as you look has done affirmative also if you are very few. Skewing genre like to make is we fell four luxury missed a bunch we can give a fissure between us and a just beat us at the I'm particularly at art and podcasts and editor in Iraq. At at a well Doug thank you are right now for real I serie a blog yesterday. About best and worst Halloween can. Is this. A survey came out that ranked like the most popular McKinney's in each state. Washington's most popular candy is that tootsie pop. Got some comment on the flavored ones does not blue and the lead to answer the blue and is Vanilla. Though some time. Is that my favorite is obviously only molten layers ethnic. Great rod a pack of Lehman shares today locks in these studios like lilac dress a battle like little chips there too tart is again to talk for me to. But the entertain anybody out yet and yet again it's up I can't stop you're a rabble out on good. But if you knew him before reverse of not enough for sure and thank you for the operatives to just a passer and such talk about candy and so to teapot Mexico this is candy. Fact. It's it's the bone chips and chocolate that's all you get the slick newly mown insult those like to have the flavor combination I'm like all hell yet you suffered a some neutral good for sure loses a shrimp. We'll had a shrimp candidates covered in lyme lyme salt bull shrimp kaine ticket out there broke. Lou Mexico. I am now pro while here after hearing. I. The fifth at the that's the platform right there wiley messing around with like. And I mean JPEG I still here is very good make lions sold in Julie shrimp is getting in Mexico elect Obama. Routes all favor idea come out at a not my America with a Philip that it goes a firfer heated that's about it. As I say that would be appreciated thank you yet the Jonas. He most are in the Hispanic Neil also written the Fujita took. A clue to villain and drug bulls who. Yet totally. But you don't get over here like its budget well. I know fortunately didn't know. All right so I started ranking best candies Saudi opinion INS let's let's impact answered it well and what are Samie your favorite Halloween came east want to tap. Particular flavor. Our pick of the best but Hugo purple to go related every single banana. How come sites is gone so far speed and so many things you can make planet arms he can treaty print guns now. How could he can't make it easier could. Science that given the opportunity to murder each other without being detected the metal. It's cute getting an effort to be vicious it was arm up and had to rebuild it could. Also broke up pretty cool you are most grape now. How can we haven't science hasn't been Oceanic and and a flavors put. You know that but there's not a there's not a banana flavored anything that actually teams like banana. It's big and now it's getting in the way smoked while we can't blame them there's a shortage bananas and no one's been banana crazy. There's like others is the man awful in Burma. Out there isn't a moment like bananas it's just yellow. And thriller sort of as a classic registers like rape. What's clear is that it's yellow notes Panetta note too is like yellow to look at teller filled a great program as purple flavor for share a drink it's the 100% because. There's not really a great that tastes like great. Flavored stuff like what is mound to chase like who yellow. Highlight her like. I can't figure like I've Beth this is this is the only has got to be hard like motion. Decades make a highlight of the tastes like Mountain Dew particularly scratch and sniff maybe it's I'm on to something will. Thursday's postponed. But at the the right up there avenue and eighth while they're Derrick Smith not let Aaron. It smells weird at about new kids through spells like yellow book for her if that's code that is just a right after an all new everyone hates dogs sniff less sticks and the our rights elected to are used. But Allen Eskew Dennis if you got that he set down with a pack of mambo is pack of laughter capital mom mom first of all correct and yes our. Or lefty cafe yet the two different beasts one of them has like that more like coconut milk flavor like the Mumbai as much more like it has. The home. He's he does a big week. I. He died doing what you. Sitting in a freezing studio talking about rabbis and and came to you and me. The what the when the Marshall and sold high -- if you had to use him high Q imam but boy we got a problem. I don't know which web ago. Honey do the same thing maybe Mamas that are our mothers just americanize Hatch's home cannot hide she was so good grip high to. It's the green patch you know. Wherever. All right well and yes a lot of countries is traditional for me I guess share. My response to use love or hate Marty's. But. They're out and not and not mine like. Candy of choice and let's broaden their great okay. I go street target for its Arnie the only oh man especially if you get the smarty pack of sweethearts who. You Gloria like yeah man. OK bottle caps. About caps like. Do you know how Smart he's come like two or whatever to a small pack bottle caps elect the alternate Smart are the ultimate announcement about. And so he territory tart. That Alter the elect alternates retarded the bottle cap debit flavors like cola and I know I shop at the premium candies election's wild side a man out of it and I'm constantly on guard and I'm gonna trick or treating this would join up with his championship and that. And she like back in. Bracket card I. It's also a DE wax candy but what is that most of like it was a little wax lips with a current fangs it's not that I'm still disappointed but at least Annika like run around going. Would do such a thing also I don't think kids stricker three anymore I think they go to the mall. That's terrible. Also makes cents but lake parents got up your ass and take your kid around and ask me a creep punch him in the face and lives in America and how's men get some candy for the god damn lights on to get through K India away. Strong with you well. Today is the Wally. The Indian home lankans put yesterday and like I backed my car out at Reno for the morning and like. I moved within a neighbor to the Hilton Indians and every Indian house had like tons of Christmas lights up only to me the Christmas lights and I was like man you're Jessica and a jump. I like to think he's kidding god damn predictable only candy who and other other house like doing their podcast rating to Wally candy so the equipment. Let go and visit salt chili shrimp we don't they weren't well. Drew how good. Scandals. A man okay it'll. And what's switched ovals which flavor of fields here in a second I'm allowed to talk about the of these booed. Fruit flavors as rape is death. A little red vine. No I'm a heart I will not Hartnell out. And it was there's got 100000%. On it was look like I'll throw a red finding it was. No problem to the ultimate I think I don't once upon Aaron premise here but. Ultimate winner on the side of the fence we're on the street side that sort tighter credit I guess this one would be a vegetable. Where do you stand on candy court. On the no on candy corn I'm not like it doesn't gross me out or it's like. I wanna die when I see it like you disgust me like. If someone gave me peace candy corn all eating out. Click but I'd like three pieces in depth chart yet can and then I never wanted to get my is not like every day at committee three pieces. Three that's the mile limit for the year but be clear if you put any candy in front before long enough illegal correct. I guess that's my point. But it will take you like two hours to get to like edit a local thanks okay shout outs to the central market potential told. So dummies I guess I guess if a guy that recommended and works are recognized me from the radio who they were very nice of him. But. While I was shopping in their bulk foods the briefing to elect grow below and stuff like that inevitable two candidates up. But in the end capital bulk foods from the public three different ways you can get candy corn garlic stop. That one is enough why you could argue what is too many pet. If I grab us up for their guy. Right that's a different time yeah. You made corn syrups candies that look like also. The grossest thing about getting candy carting your kid was like first of all sat wrapped up an innings to be just like sorry handfuls candy corny bag. By the time you get home. All of us at the bottom and it's kind of like the live from your pillowcase debuts at the trick or treat bag and also the personal through to you was pulling mega Tron earlier scratch and disaster will go ahead right I got. Make a Tron hand and ask cracked into had to cut growth. This doesn't taste like yellow anymore and I expect that these days flicks that it is like brown pretty good in the fifth affected. Shares then that note that if so then Billick. Just look like a bunch of different fruit flavored stuff that I I'm pretty much harder and picks a hoax harbors for sure the funds thought yellow wheels come about starve or you did yes. A who have done this before on the pond were like the best combination can get in a star burst back were different for me it's two reds. Or pink and Red Bulls of the bus to come those don't drink or orange and pink. My third would be double nickel so yeah I like I don't know where that came from I never liked cherry flavor anything I love Terry star burst loved her harbors. Okay the best. On other any other 66. Acoustics are cool but Mike. That's a one and done well it's that's the problem is never one run just like. Yeah I'm Cynthia what comes in the packs of like adopts there's another one agreed to pummeled a packet candies. Here's the thing about me when I go to Bed, Bath & Beyond pretty lowers just so accepted this and she's a movement she supports me in this where an offshoot group through me. But we go she's just like grabs a pack of dots today I got him when much of clinics who picked. And so I consume about box of dot September going to be about beyond by the time I gentlemen I. I love dot men can't. But by bed bath and yet with this all of them I don't know what that Ehrlich is like dots really aren't like wildly available right widely available they're not wild and he can pick it dot crackle dot plant by a clue that a what the Daughtry like my introductory. Chris Daughtry. Nice. I had a hard time with the really chewy candy now because I ain't a what was it. The hot we're hot tamale candy it's. This is like twelve years ago I dozen radio city eat anything it's an. Used it yet though. The oath but who all know. That where they'll all be written. And I was listening to candy from has been pretty typical confidence of a sudden death. That Michigan commercial break right now I know it at at mentally under construction and we specialize in building insurmountable wolves. It's mix commercials like at Bernard and a greater Blatter corp so yeah we've white Fleischer white walls. I it's hot tamales and it broke my tooth it cracked a hold of filling out. And like yank out half of my Mueller is that I knew that was coming and I put that it's a trap button but at the same time it's still horrifies me to hear. I had an exposed nerve for like in this is before I had insurance or anything. Because I wasn't worthy of having insurance put you know of course. The twit surprising because. I'm looking at you right now I know a bullet I know white and male. The close you'd think I would if anyone got a whole past to have you know universal health care would be this guy but no no but now. On some of the exposed their flight using using years. Because of a stupid hot tamale. An option I I don't think I've eaten lives certainly and in the last to capture or. Putt Somalia or anything of that sort so dot Mike and I can note Mike and Ike Al nope. Anything like that is the heart like I came to look at some prominent and well. Great inroads Gallup poll out might bill and concludes I denture physical and I don't exit into blip. Com and so on her if it does says pretty achieve picks. I. Yeah that's going on there. I'm not finishing up anymore thoughts I have like five justices back to that they're too personal and or don't think that's fantastic I was going to set the feds could chocolate yeah chocolate. A man. Yet offers all the answers all of them for share other idol like coconut in candy. And that's kind of mired that's my line OK so like if it's at all majority pass. I'm on the dark chocolate well anti dark chocolate guy on a dart off it's my coconut. Okay I'm pro drug are talking again but really I'm not here to judge the spectrum struggled to right. I don't see color yeah I don't it's an I don't dislike dark chop because it's too dark let me be critical of fifth fifth. I just prefer the milk chocolate John F I'm all right so. My top top three. Chocolate. And candies for you go means following current yeah really would get in Halloween back. I could be all to tools are really could that's got to be up three and a Halloween and it changes like when we are. Again. Global Hershey's Hershey's special dark. Oh man there's like all of a mr. good lord instead of like. Hundred Brandon good. Isn't. A hundred grand OK so here's my thing. Your rating can your right it's different because like for me like there is different kinds of candies that are panic Snickers as the ultimate it's got everything you need. That's good all the tips but because that's when I think of Snickers that's what hurts my teeth are really not the America at the two sweet cavities are really exposed with stickers yeah. A hundred grand isle is he always felt like he got. A bonus -- get on to grant him Munich due to have an agreement it was weird because it was just like the one that they don't put enough in and then like one shows up or if there were out of the weird packaging business raids like these spark Pete pres same thing like he's breast psyche hitting parts very fancy you know I don't like it Gatsby who for moms to make really good he sparked cake. Ruled it was like public and Angel food cake in the covered in my case frosting that was huge are based like oh my god. Who Kara Mello says he passed a delicious. And I'm going straight to looted from Wal-Mart to get muscle bagged candy now let's go rob the stat machine. Kicked that thing right up and ask him I don't. They probably markets look. At least have a huge food aisle that we can just get bonus things from a NASA now about that NATO's downstairs so. There is one candy that I see and I don't know if I can describe it well enough but when I see it I I've panned out no thanks. C a two hitter and a tail on those comes and a combination pack. Where it's say you know like. Saltwater taffy yes you know other wrapped did you tape that there have been you know a raft with a twist on the yet. Purcell a look saltwater taffy like color Kathy is legit they mean it might be my favorite of all the candies I don't know OK I like to be out salute dislike that either because my case change from day to day right. Right but think about. Candies boy if I can go to skip even if I could just she's five from the multitude of flavors of their own their. But there's a candy around Halloween and I don't know what it's made from but they come wrapped in like the super dark brown almost black rapper and eight time there's an orange. And there's there's yet and likely come packaged together those are awful. What are they even make peanut. Ish I don't know. Like if he said what it is it's like a flavor that we don't use a lot anymore it feels very old time mile complete its tapioca a guy like that's what it is not that. I went through if they are going through a phase where I was really into those. It's like where those original realized that my revelation ovals obviously yeah I can be added a cutie. That comes with your ARP card right we threat it's just Dave Dave. Due to the times of the cutbacks in the government. You do one now. He's begun but one of those five gallon I think what is yours yet. Think they just replenish themselves known and of these. Excuse me via where there's original stork shows an open draw feared death message. Right they could come to the Social Security check that. Think it's like it's like go to the doctor Michael. A little dumb dumb. Just the dawned on those are great tournament. Well just the Wells Fargo yes you're tricking the epithet that's a deadly. Have a time ago though they got those dumb downs and how much. As well that's about past. I think a bit of service on the pod that I I was at the bank the other day. And a kid there. Let's try to deposit like check from my dad for wedding that's like so old because we were like we're trying to buy a house yet I deposits and who runs an idiot and an instant. This little load. It was a it was a very generous gift again. And so deposit LA have fur coat them now okay that I mean it's also very cold in here and is very cool thank it's a very cool and present make it. Store. I thought I would look more feathery if it was third at. Eight a kennel where there is with Clinton epithet check your pockets for a milk and I'm a Afghan conservatives told the twelfth ruining it. Some at the bank and I'm like go to deposit the things they can do little seventh over the aired and I was like. Yeah man and the things these response to me immediately is to stop being professional I think answer. Joseph tickets if you get the business cards that you've got to check out my friend spend the deserved to be on the radio it's the bats that's it right example is and I was like. I I I tried to play cool because I wanted to be like. You're not being professional but this is serious banking panic on right now if you waited five minutes till I was done sharp like you stop we were doing. Like but I already feel comfortable bots to Aaliyah hiker friends spam which is a noble cause but showed up. In respect to assume you're doing and it's cool with my yet keep Oprah in. So bill's old tiny flavors like if I don't I Jessica and see where they. That does it amaze me is like him like members slow pokes now. I mean the big thing too hot or no like it's like a soccer but it's like. Mean I think toffee York Karen carnival like it's. The care and our karma ID said unknown for the June 10 on tour book Caribbean Caribbean don't care. It's like I don't know what you call it it's like a sick real sticky wicket toffee bits at a soccer and those Ross. And those old Tommy for shear them into little tiny can't be cool like tootsie pop c'mon the two tools rather team been slope vote candy. Oh just without a solo Wasilla Daria well. Pardo. Like yeah I'm not and that. It's. You're crazy allergy AG to kick cats for slovo. I mean rendition of back to it into the packaging immediately you know looks like this that's karma. Our Karen now. But Abbott Abbott given up and down and they did I have learned about it from. The Dave Chappelle were his time movie okay half baked yet he's ever W my old friend is what he says and I thought that I have one I was like oh this gross. It's like a white top fee type garlic and even know how to describe it as sounded to me. But my terrible description not gotten currents let's wrap this up and say if you had what is he knows that that. But the best the prize the most prize. Like the one thing that you have to give up a lot of good stuff to get from your friend like if you had if I had like oh this candy you would be like. I don't apart with these butter fingers. But it commitments and aren't there yet but I'll give you a butter finger and it and it crackle. Four I want to put a finger did about a chocolate back termination not my favorite in candy probably outside salt water taffy. Peter baron chocolate coming in on time thanks Tony can on rights. I mean it. First saw the real answer is any full came to to me it doesn't matter what it is. If he got a full candy bar like you won how we. Also I always resented the people who left the full back. The full bucket of candy out fronts that just take one or whatever because that wouldn't you're never gonna I've from you know do you notice I promote energy I'm for it so like I enjoy that I might yes Obama is actually get there and I'm like well only good crap is left now like. Should it got there earlier survival of the fittest and the kid my parallels that La plaza the jungle and commit to it here I am pushing the buttons. I. Our most valuable candy. I just to put your finger man. Almost a hundred grand. She'll get her degree and they'll send you the story get birthing attain one that technically. I learned this once I got older and grow up with a unity part in general into the ground and yet it's that they're they're too. But out of the kid it was like you I got butter fingers Hershey's Snickers that was it has all the candies Mon who you are now yes. You've been listening to our dumb podcast they're Smart Smart like a fox. Freeway email these idiots are dumb podcasting. Gmail.com. Phone them on Twitter that aren't on the podcast or eight record and that man child and victory for our young podcast is brought to you by. Selanne eyeliner given half. Thursdays after every ornate stuff. It could adamant almost an iron there NJ AQ.