157 - It's A Walk Off

Monday, October 23rd



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Do wasn't recording on. Starts. All right well we started. It is not very good. It fell and worst. There were a lot better and. Perfect. He's less than two hours Greg that he's glad seventy few hours. I'm going to be the big sandwich and it gave as indeed. You're listening entity just kidding you have. Threats of teamwork. We'll look at that none of experience with. Well it's funny because that's. Of those who it was give out of a meeting that was like it's good to like reset and get our bearings for everything one of the things that they said we need to be doing. Is making other sources of digital contents in here real soon here we are are dumb podcasts podcasting for you making. Mediocre digital content on the Internet where everyone's a dummy go to the dot com. I. And wrong button off to a great start. Improving the communities. I hit everything and I mean pretty much everyone to right now the thought tried to stay in in general what I did but okay it's been. You're there you'll only old people not on my list around five in this podcast new golf as podcast I'll get up there. Don't you serve with me. Citing areas and I'm I'm not on your list is because I've gone through Blake 60% of the things that are ready crazy with you so if you were severely. Digital boy. A senate to bring up some Demi she just brought me some souvenirs from the Kennedy Space Center a couple hatches from us. Merchants that's dope so long. Pretty cool. Love NASA. Were on an ass attempt to. Is this real yeah I'm I'm I'm working on a concept I don't actually do our turn anything but like I'm trying to figure out what I should do well always wanted. Was like a teeny town of citizens elect teeny tiny little we have space shuttle young. But a real small like maybe on an armor so at that and like the little billowing smoke cloud from the exhaust of its long term yeah. And have like a tiny little. Space shuttle it's just a little bit off the ground right now at Teledyne window which. Parents noticed. Let's. Well if you if you need help designing that I don't guy I know guy two yeah yeah the cookies so that's a kooky stuff Teva and yeah. Gehrig enemy of the cats just couldn't let. How did you start to everyone in the building that you heard me laugh because there's just soundproofing and reduce you to keep it down and keep it down people are trying to work around here also different sensitive microphones today I have to turn you up. I did not see that coming. But the and although turnout mentally. Fit belly gets scared that the appearing now on I really don't get turned up at. Thursday's debate at least turn up at a that if adjustments so the Gillick Russian and you're talking about beating turn ups that's why it works on multiple levels and all that cooking with mailer. If we turn up with the turn up get Turk. I'm sorry that's corny next episode and go aren't good on the grill candidates and a group horn man last night man who you did. I got it out like Eddie are. In terms of that none and no let's not told a yard what it is is it's an eight by eight had a cement and OK and then it's dirt covered in haze that has now seated and become hate grass is he ahead. And then it's just intermittent dog everywhere it would have to probably 300 dog coops in my backyard because it's just a meaningful lost I just. He's given up on that half time. And it's not development well I don't like I don't go out there to Bush's approval and they played concrete pad were my barbecue is it's fun. Do you just kick the dog poop in this in the aggressive half point if it happens I'm not a bit. It's theater and pay up feed it to her little bit with a look awful I learned I learned that rats eat dog. Gross thing you're gonna wanna clean up that dog group. I like that idea yards to lay may have you know has bought a rat trap instead. That. Proof. So you know let's take my one thing is like well for Ehrlich in her comes load greed ambition I want him I want MI when running perhaps anything with like a bald detail is little. That's it for me Parsons rats mice out now out six over Bolton aren't yet they're bald all the way. Palin if I eroded with the ball tea. Where can be boom the worst luck of the draw for an eagle and yet who write this white blood till dummy stopped. And in a bird fly without tail feathers of a well known and a little because that's it's like runner. Now Ryder rotor road runner runner runner yeah I think runners like of this though. Think it's it's that they're a rude Beirut Iran's air air loans that are in and I don't know the proper term the horizontal wind and small would back Korean. Yeah I think you're right cool didn't have a writer. Yeah birds don't have Brothers that's up to the sharks do yeah. Boats. Like little planes Hubble back flat frightening minutes. Busted on an all new learning about playing for the space instead of FF. It's a super popular PBS show at the plate today. That's also today. How about an astronaut told Mick cool without a great name and I mean just. Gastronomic cool I guess you know it I mean if you're dead move. And cooks up some sort of a wash your show over the weekend. With Christopher Walken and it was very in the concerning because. He didn't talk the Christopher Walken bit about impersonation hello I'm Christopher Walken. Accurate in this case in this case very accurate and it was very jarring to see him. Not being Christopher Walken. John mantle area food fight as the yeah the best. Of the protections on the foods like milk. Ladies and gentlemen to fly those successful fight is the 23 years they've been hiding. Alas. Poor and I bring them to fuel and food fight as. If you know we're talking about this surge did Gould Chris Walken and pour water impressions. Neal that made its. After another ever donates to. Tom Beringer. Thirty minutes of Christopher Walken failed Crittenton put all the while it's so bad that I don't know if there appear worse show than it be the worst show ever. Does that does not depict a for season two no no no no I can't watch any law. It's horrible. That I don't like this week is distracting. Week is going to be terrible a chameleon better because I don't believe we throw some things this week relay yet particularly get better like when I showed up for work this morning at the microphones and and work. Medical indecision that showed Durbin. Coming out of like maybe they just don't want to talk a bit issued a reporter. Tie the series got hot if if if but everything you call me now pat my favorite thing over the weekend we hosted the sound is matched during pre how often post game and when I said bring out the the bring it out the flame throwers for the celebrations and John Manley those flames tore it. On the radio whatever I've points in my broadcast I think should expect that the they get within Hamas led I think it's like I think it's it really adds to there. To boost China of those routers I think like it's maybe a little too buttoned up and we got something that's fun. That's the thing I think if they wanted it to be blood that we can absolutely do that no problem gadgets can totally be Elaine image sounder is pre match. Analysts not a problem we can totally do that but what's the fun in that now is that we you can. You know I've gone to McDonald's for some salad you know I mean you're there for a big Mac everyone knows. You do when friends with talent. Fact fact. Obama and I could be a salad now I thought something around a turnaround an idea valid 28 team and he taught taught Dallas that was. I synchronized punt that's when you know your pocket my friend. We need to coupled as part of the ultimately I think that's for the fifth at two BH yeah. I'm I'm considering I'm looking at 2018 already Tony seventeen yeah terrible. Had baby that was critical yet there are good things that happened here wants the CEO of groups soup yet on it and in my knees in front of groups that constant chorus no back story. I'm requested this effect but I'm a bit about how to make myself better and thome hit eighteen already and soul. The best you got questions you can ask yo Chris Judd you're gonna give up one thing. To try and make yourself a better person but he had to do for an entire year what would that thing beat. Oh my god. You you know Lou there's like obviously I think a lot of people do booze is what's cocaine to be the first thing you know you're about. Particularly well you're listening into particularly getting just getting up yet on Aetna. You know he's a new Bennett and I would like to procrastinate less I think that would be my for being serious but I didn't how do you measure that. OK I would say like give yourself a deadline and say like instead of going like. Well that pile of clothes and I've been meaning to donate to goodwill for the last six years I should just get rid of that by this weekend now. And then next weekend it's still there. It's a very big challenge in my house of the debris that's like. It's not just stacks up and if you take care of it like it's it's one of these attitude is that who goes around here a lot on from one of the upper guys it's like. That fraud. On the idea that you need to rule. When you think of something you need to do right diet and yet and do it completion. So that way it's done and then you've accomplished something right off solar real to them today because she is also selling a house to my mother in law. And we're talking about being gray and rainy in Seattle just kinda get the vestiges. I love crazy ideas that's the high schools for fifth at at. Musical cats. I don't think that could called back thank you. Thank you have. Anyway what Al Belle baby. So she was telling us some issues of the great day hand to grits also never really liked that because. On a sunny day if you don't get something done you feel deterred for wasting yesterday at the got a beautiful to be taken it. Seven like the day goes by nick and to beat. The the end yet got it. But then on a great day if you like. Take a laundry out of the dryer and folded up like love accomplished everything I know life has been so adverse with this terrible conditions out and did some think the better than. Yeah so the things I've thrown around for 28 team got a couple okay. Thicken I've read a couple articles recently. One of them about not drinking. Done. I agree public Philip the second accomplishment it was a lot as it is dude I feel like that's just five Beers a week in five Beers a night broke. Really wanna hang out. You come to snohomish who we both know that's not confident like can drive home after five Beers from snohomish just blew a fool. So they let all. We can drink beer isn't isn't a Foo Fighters I don't really wanted to do that one though. You know organic stuff is like having a beer it's fine to give it got to have a two way to especially with the stress of having a baby and everything also yeah. If you're trying to give up something too bad yourself is five Beers a week really hindering your life no. Keep me from getting fit that's treasurer. Q that's what's keeping you really fit. It'd that is that the number one thing now also in the next thing that ever it's this try to give up for a year. Would be. Shook her. And I would like to do that tube that is mills so hard she does everything. It's tough because Clayton now. I would try my best to not have processed sugars and like say a kind of protein bar every morning to the story grams of sugar and it ran like that's not the way to start to think he. Thirty grams searched Jason has dread that dragon all day long sounds pretty good me. But I talk about no sugar okay. That yet again up for a year again. Jokes with a perfect but with a digital employer I think have family and employers listening to think that the jokes this is very important to. So. If I could sugar is really hard it's like that's good that I think that's the thing giving us all of our problems. I think sugar and then chemicals that I can pronounce that are in our preservatives and our food I think that's like what were all of our like health issues come from sugar wanna. Not really care and to my heels don't want to buy because you know studio. We ran out of it silently and I think they picked up I did the benefits I was surprised to realign intern at a really loud you'll hear. Sugar would be really hard that's a good one obviously. That I read an article about how much. On meet affects your life. And I refused to go and its path I love meat and held behind hill man really Jamaica Jamaican smashed burgers at home and like. So good dude grilled cheese burgers like depressed yes. I'll just use this kid's got me all. Caught a cab you know I think about like what I need to do to be like Richard can get to the mix at the Nassau and Suffolk right right right right right. I don't know man like food things or weird because. You know. It changes all the time like. Fifteen years ago it was to the actions and only eat meat and you'll be totally healthy and lake. I did that thing. I was fat announced back in Wisconsin like I hit 200. 200 pals to imagine it 200 pounds Wisconsin brought get it I know but Mike can you imagine Dan McCourt she's a bad meat yeah. That is out of cheese on here creditors officially grilled cheese sandwich. Large two days aboard the mail that I said Marjorie deprived of and I don't. We just decided she's get a that your god. Go ahead of the second then lost like thirty towns too we seriously tuchman fish oil request can be done and I've core and yet of course. He's about to do with Fisher president of I don't Karen Mason underdog to try and I'm sure you're right but I would dump fish oil and it was so good. Fish was a great fish Fries are better because because anything try to there's Boyle is like a giant which is cauldron beta Debra delicate bucket full X seasoning and this is. Thoreau summoned there in the bunch of white fish who's been Connell weight which probably toxic proposals under the pay of morals for awhile menus have platters of fish in whatever they serve for the I don't know and I would eat like eight p.'s approach right hand in hand no questions asked how. It's it's OK I want to go. I could ever give that up like fish and stuff like I don't eat sushi broke. Ironically though isn't fish pride the most dangerous thing that we can conceive I think this book it now it's all radioactive and toxic in all yap for sure area. I kind of one like as soon as every year I never do it every year but I really wanna go fishing and I catch one big guest salmon and they like it. What's I'm done with that I had no idea. But three years. Is been is. Fish is that as many eight reflect slower longer road back for. Instance well. I'll be in I don't know where we had with this one but no I L is they only catch of fish and might be able to in the freezer for the year you know what I mean like just keep. Instead of giving go to they q.s CD I just radioactive fish every week and spend way to much money under ridiculous this iguana is Kevin wanted to activity extra. It's an attacks that's part of it yeah audio book. You don't notice because it just says tax base it's in the end on an idea. A fraction of a penny goes to the you know. For replenishing the streaky is with radioactive view clip that you mean the Scott Pruitt phoned yes exactly exactly. Jettison EPA is perfect that's off domain yeah let's look at nines I mean just ahead of it not actually the scientists I'm sure the broad political. Maybe I don't know you do scientists post that when our. There's bad scientist you yeah they're called evils not a doctor wiley is one okay. And it didn't do. And did you did the depth of the little. Could probably never second answer like how basic. Like I feel but I don't think they even tried when it came to lakes vero like the bad the villains it was just like. Bomb bot. Or whatever like it was all a man it's like it's like oh man yeah yeah like metal look I wanted to do scissor man what man grows sharper and believes that you took. Who came up with these names and he's market tested like a picnic. I had to fight smoke MS and oh what city do. What do you think shields who commit to hit a two man the Camilo gets there have been slow painful radio watch list for that. And Manuel Terrell bull. Let's choose flights booked menu only have thirty minutes to complete the rest of the game or you die in. The slope when it comes back of a that the boss battle. Who final loss iron long man at the fifth and equipment health insurance man and not have the three just made the best mega man you are welcome Nintendo or whoever owns the property Nintendo man for. Who's you blow into has introduced Dick hard fifty that they defeated. Well yes DNA is getting picky at three was at 99%. In and then hit its about it. Written rubs off that rubs. Who say that for letter from there I met about that. A not so they don't. Serious sugar that's not possible. I think sugar is the one I think that would have the most profound an ensemble 100%. At it like if I if I quit sugarcoat doubled down on beef. Yeah winner because this is are you supposed to dude like. I quit drinking guys medallist moved to Paxson to cracks at Ann and Andy yeah right right right right. I'll way yet to replace one vice with another Jesus you don't like Trent Reza is ripped because he quit doing all of his drugs and he sort of working out yet so he's like a piece he's like a very small guy that it's very big yeah yeah. He's like the op O Andrew WK who Senator McCain is like a linebacker. From there I think he is a big strong duel him like well. And no control while all you so strong that on this everywhere have them. Muscles. Repair of the Foo Fighters. We wouldn't they're began on setting his prepared for a segment we haven't done forever with faculty. I'm not ready yet. But there of its homered are ready yet. And I I just lobbed a write down the middle played hunt curveball and you just took a bit aft peace so bad that I guess we could go there but both of these sacred I've played so bad. I it is all communities and at wrapping up with. IA woke up this morning and to pull my morn win okay and it's like oh my god so look flooding has died inside of me. Spared yesterday and flew. Best surprise a they put the pressure you forget the bad asparagus and the you're like god I'm dying nevermind best surprise that's like the can make some arguments listen whatever is to say anything equivocal leader are unequivocally is the best it's the wars it's within the last twenty minutes as well I mean understood that's like I can't think and scale beyond that and so like whatever. All the best people I've ever had like no it's the best of flustered me so bad so that's a great thing if you practice in 2018 live at the moment you're due to rain now it's perfect to go. Now the take Peyton. So click on earth should people would do like the photo challenge and Vail area take a picture day and I just like the follow through on that the idea that people like get in there and do that every day. I don't care about to snap a streak like my niece she has like. She is to stop everything at one point during the day and has select pictures she's into snapped like seven to for people to the got a 204 day long snap strict joy and this is out and win. I did that was summoned were true we were joking or it's like hey you need to be my number one person on the San chat like this is ridiculous he should be that and then we started doing it and we got an ethics are now why. And it was like. No reception and it is a perfect perfect but it would just. Excellent fifth with a replica MLS by design you win the championship next your arm yeah good good good football team with a Super Bowl one year you lose. You'd done. Let's do the Buffalo Bills know which case you go for theaters and lose all of which is worse than the fifth and at that Burkina. Border Jim Kelly well. Just tell us yes he had cancer though he hoped not yet IKEA he almost is not the split but is okay now. Ethel Freeman and after Troy Aikman destroyed euphoria is an all man not actually foreigners and robe like. I never thought would be same as in a pot gets a shout outs should count each with a thud of Richard tweet at a witness yeah I generally like it would be embarrassing. Yet totally embarrassing frankly and that Brad editors like. Recruitment. It it's love I really kept it together that whole time very well and then I was like pilot's friends and when. Look he's all he loved this is the Skinner then you'd expect write music. Soccer it's soccer players are very we had a players sought pretty good lie Howell thank you. So strong legs huge. A big get there someday and we have a good luck at some data closely knocking on the door and the kids and get their bit to get their anyways. I was sort of as a really weird because of the month. Our. A thousand times. Like bulk here then you stink they are here because you're so like ripped from entourage has made out of well he looks like a big stupidly even makes them like make you walk by Lamar and I don't you like dude. And your Jack wrote yeah whoa like your core is insane. And there's other guys like Brad Evans they like. Kodak. An out of it and they obviously he's so strong Cuba like. I feel like soccer players are one of two that's that's it like they're they're like this looks skinny this. Kelly you'd expect that all the running you would do you know yet you're like then and and and areas like dude you're like the whole. Yet it was he's just Brad Evans said I think he's the nicest evil you and he is. I like that he gets what he has I won't share I think it was an off the record numbers that matter hasn't rhythm and I won't share what he said the spotlight. His ability did call for what it is is. Fantastic dislike BSE more than and he's just like open book about it and he gave us his take on stuff and like his. Opposition on things I was like well it's really a Toyota's got also he he gets what he has to let you beat BB. It doesn't feel like he's coming over to. Pander to us at all or nothing really to new release also was cool to talk to those dudes because the debate. It's worth my time to talk to these guys who aren't pool I guess it was kind of fun. They just be a couple of dude stop and that is the best way to put that thing it wasn't you know like we've mis he. You know Kasey Keller or something like that even Casey's collection will almost all the sound is a very cool but you still get that like well hey you. Alexi lawless couldn't be you suck. Whenever you like. You gotta just do like day the obligatory aids fake con though lake as a global mobilize this total score Leah I feel like. You don't walk aways all small pockets all. It's eight it may mean this is like so silly obstacle echoed the words bragging on grass is often a lever this is what happened on. To walk away from Brad Evans answered because. Brandon is like a governor murdered there yeah thanks Brandon afterwards is like sort of goes with Bruno took that like yeah we get it yet you should be but Tuscaloosa and I suspect and other baby years and what took just talked a sense to like put the pieces together. Africa nicely acumen question I was like a cool he's an option that I miceli is flattered when some and recognizes me that today. You know land so we came for a tour today and then when she called me manly I was like do literally here. Touring would be OK I easier called not Gregor sewed it expects if it makes you feel any better. But they've given it's hard it's hard tells partly because if you'd like in photos in a completely different equipment a what are you I think I guess call plus an item type jacket there. Hash tag Como news. Dastardly publicist dastardly. What happened. They've put a historic solo news on something's that been like a bunch of people get on one of their new story is. Today those abilities of the president of the poll passionate eco news and when they're trending this is the problem we have are finding new. Wait you look at the true that tret traitor to god Deanna it. Twitter trends. Because they're not real anymore like I had to do this every day now for a segment idea my show which is a disaster activists say it was finally to figure out what's trending it's literally impossible because it's all. Algorithm mean it's like and Jamie carriers training in Seattle. Really I'm mighty stream really GAAP. Lake Seattle doesn't care about that you have an Apollo eleven. And right I Twitter accounts that are Liverpool is how about incentives telling me what's training for me what he just tell me it's freaking trending why is that so hard anyways. Cohen is is not training in Twitter sucks from excuse for calling it training how should they pay for that as what you wanted. Hash tag Monday motivation. And boy I had none today after yesterday I was like I get it here and like other marks. Everyone that I have motivation today to find out some things about what happened over the weekend. And it went a little sleuth and Pete Carroll. This did they win last night down there one big and ended up after like a Benny Hill first half they like really got a good record does cartoon the circus that video now I can't do it I put the world saw in my head into the Dow level facility Paducah. To a few more annoying circus music are betting on music I don't OK okay compare them because the only want to talk until it's. Blood so what is not about mr. blood socially you know it's. Eric Bledsoe and he wants to be traded from the suns because they stake are Manning getting mad props on the radio today from being an NBA guys. I'm excited about the NBA and football. Always a really good but the campus really great buzz to it and it feels really click Philip I think that we should be talking about we can Doug has to Barbara now I mean not us but like not are a podcast but like as a culture like. NFL we'll talk about the MBA thrown us out there. Side cast. Are the best parts. That's three and a half minutes every week that. It's just me talking about pianist into the coop mode it's it was the guy who's the got a lot of post like that tall and on Diana tennis and to who vote the Greek freak. He's averaging 39 points insofar pretty get chrome development summit. My Asia Johnson case became criminals can be at like. My browser to work that would be great crowns her. To be habits of the way every time something happens in my FaceBook and a little red dot on my FaceBook icon to that's driving me greatly three chill to push as I recorded speaking of that it's a local full circle right now there. It's called tiny together. I was watching I was watching I recorded a best what in Friday night. Avoided I get with the game started I stay off Twitter because I knew my stupid news feed it to strike with now driven spoiler alerts. Make it all the way home turn on the game second quarter of the game I get a push notification. On my found final score I'd like. Google out of nowhere then I got an update on my grew up and all of a sudden it was just sending me updates about like pants that were on sale yes. And sporting event result of it. I never asked for any of this like what did you why you assume that I want that that a hundred ought to gift yesterday on Twitter and it's just it. Ups and that's what I like about you looked at 700 times people in a similar happens. After like the fourth time it looked moves on to the next one but I didn't I never asked for this this morning I woke up to a notification on my phone that said. From opt out. Apple photo thing it's that like and compiled a new best memory for you it's. Your first year Tony seventeenth about my baby yeah that. I didn't ask you to do that do it. I didn't. It's going through my pictures and identify people with like oh this is a tiny baby face this means all of these photos we've conducted that you have a baby now and it's yours we're gonna show you all the men. Dip out via acute problem I didn't I'd look at the worst vampire ever invited you end in the like oh you do put my Dick can. If at at at. He don't use teeth out here. I'd like not a killer but just enough to always have a BF. Extradition to go to the Malaysia just with. Not okay that is not an athletic due to a that is New York Times profile athletics the boasts of thoughts on the media. Who's the athletic. The good the worst multiple air either figure it could get kids they are so there's little doubt it would make him and reject. You've been listening to our dump podcast they're Smart Smart like a fox. Freeway email these idiots are dumb podcast that. Gmail.com. Phone them on Twitter that aren't on the podcast or eight record and that man child when. Victory for our young podcast is brought to you by. Guy Ruddy unanimous that day Thursday and eight. While replied I don't look at it and.