158 - The Croc

Thursday, October 26th

Greg Tom in the morning.


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It starts. All right well we start. It is not very good. And done. It fell and worse oh. Much better. Jonathan John Durban some damage and he only told my kid to be terrace and he on the home solo. Like that every tube and I'm doing. You're here today it's very bad into your head. Tennessee wash that stuff this morning shirt yeah I was there ha okay. But still good about myself right now even though too we were the break Truman's attempt go to the clinic for Riviera quickly ivory Baghdad are doing is terrible and I'm kind of long hair -- what happens yes I got some at that stage there with like yet for the next six months the disaster you let's give it to you though is like you knew you greater you have like layers to it when I grow my hair out all grows like flat. Yeah I'm not good I belong there you know Daniel you yea yet and that's a Buick Open. I'm not comparing myself to the man in general I'm just saying that like I have a similar. Waving histamine hairs that he better. Tech nuts and I'm that guy or matters as good. And to say I have the same Ted Williams just like if I would if I Wear it almost shoulder like I think you'll cool I don't I think when you compare with let's face it doesn't really good about the same but like. Yes so where in the breaker talking about how I'm going to go to chick full after this so but I'm of the cup of coffee in the Catholic Jordan elect hoop for it there. Bill is better punch you now with the government about that I did get real mad about that was like I bring it up and I like. You know bro like he began his talk about it getting compliments for like what you fit the but of course some of the talk about go to chick filet military bring you down a peg writes. Who owns who should play one of the swing back. Yesterday when I worked out though we've ruled master cutting jobs for us he's it was so awesome acrylic career like a really practical conversation about how. Body mechanics working martial arts it was like if fascinating instruction and I guess okay. But I walk away and like I'm certainly as we can agree that I'm certainly not a big guy like muscular anything right but. After that work out it's so satisfying to go work out fuel strong and share your muscles engage you collect solid inside miss the god appeared to share. But like in terms my shoulders and arms feel free to date and and it fits all purpose we're perception reflect a desperate Patrick. When I'm gonna show items or hate him so much he's not real happy with the pat cameras last and of course you can also be Israel really can always remember the us about their face and Aikman out that's how we do this you know that. I'm candy that Kilpatrick hat tricks here Patrick Patrick Patrick Patrick Neil Patrick than. Patrick Neil Patrick you'll hear is yeah. She asked country go there's no no shout out. It's been nuts up dummy forbidden. I. And he was like just some door key nerd and he went to Paris for a year to study. On the in school these new Euro broad. He came back and he was like dude they don't have the same as a culture they don't have the same obsession with looking in the near you just don't have that. It's not as much as they know there are also like. Fashion central as Paris so I found it hard to believe whatever. But he said yeah I'd like I just realized that for twenty years leading up to that I was brainwashed by looking in the mirror and passing judgment on myself. Let's not forget that. I had felt. Three from it but I didn't like worry about how I looked anymore and then I cubic conduct business as just myself and Orton threw empowering. Hello Celek while I'm really -- though because ever since I did a drug that I won't name I have been obsessed with looking in the Mir okay. Visit Iran with Russians. Know. Does it rhyme with Hewitt throw it on someone's face if you are OK okay yeah British subway I got you I got you have popcorn I see you. Yeah on the doo dads who thought if I. And so. But I always thought that was really nice because like we walk around and it. An industry were the city youngsters for O'Neal broke. I still. I don't think this is only two radio think that America does does he walked around like obsessed with the local people think you'll boss. Well I mean we're we live in a social media were on the house I think every one assesses that kind of social media girl okay that's right and fifth. But that. Yeah I mean. It's hard because you try HU. Live your best life and whatever. He like I don't care like OK so mind security which is early insecurity is like. My dear to win gray young. And like two and gray like is getting worse as we go it's not like pure Santa Claus yet but like even the last like two years it sold upon. It's very salt and pepper is just be too patches right in my chin and it was kind of like that's kind of cool and now it's like oh my god and others. It's gone from patches of great to patches of color is the best and discuss it during means go to Seattle yeah like it's okay it's truly sultan. However it's actually do is going to discretion crank who's trying to send secure and no I don't I don't you look at Seattle now yeah I mean the patches of color are actually being forced out so we just like yea yeah like they're moving tune the suburbs like this if it. To. Figure Ayers urban spur look at I. I. As suburbs is like you but crackers TrueCrypt volume is suited now after the dollars billion AAF. Many agree. Oh yeah. I know that they used as a bit on the commercial and leave it. I forgot about that a target. Another radio it's like yeah did Knoll reappear with good milk and play like he says like it's not even like we put its editor Dick Perry had like yeah they're good following you got to win to win the hair on your balls turns gray and unlike. What a hypocrite. If I said I. Of course is we always internalized internet's here you bring your omens and again I would have said that other radio I would have gotten sentiment the principal's office immediately try immediately. So what I heard it Melamine yeah I liked your ID air yet. They come and who also reports all this I guess is that like. I'm so. Happy with myself from having worked on had a great work out yesterday not necessarily physically challenged by a walked away feeling a fit and strong it's like its so called Reagan and I kept myself in a glimpse in the mirror I'm like I'm so fat the fat. I'm not like a lot of fat diet it's that what I like eat I have appear every night and I booms go back to our last time Roberts has been feeling bad about myself. Because I just cannot I'm stealing cookies and stuff and it's like a wanna be the debt that we're his kids for a gain 35 counts like that is yeah I want to I have no self control. So this happens to me last week as well I'm feeling just like your feeling on. So I'm sitting there I'm dating this girl nowadays and Newt lake we go out a lot obviously we're in that phase. And after one night she's like dude. We need to get our together and after this weekend we have a dinner to go to this weekend after this. I. I'm limited are gonna start working on doing yoga about it membership bubble bubble blah slapped my membership to diet Domino's paid yoga. That's my yoga program not hers I'll I was zero does is she by herself analogy I've heard confetti we got to stop going out and you're like yeah. Hey we basically as a she's like yeah I mean do you I need you reigning in I need to get some like IA aggression shot and she's ex enemies that chance from like the crush you start biting Cahill an advocate for a year ago. And then she's like our diet starts Monday and as like. Our. Let's take a break them though V between starts on the oven that's three units into two PP it's good to little interest groups and some of them burning my mouth I'd like to hit at people like. Thought up by. But where are directly I will what is the hours that are up with a broccoli and his pizza I guess I don't know the me you feel that the ladies of broccoli right now and I broccoli like all the time. After I went God's. It's. Yes people abruptly and that's what I'm. They talked at Dover says it has happened before the cast. Are hasn't happened since he cast and I got let me ask you question Greg. Oh and guess you look let's turn go ahead meth through the quest June if you were to order. Chinese food. Thai food on an Asian Judy in general just as a generalization because racism. Would you expect. Rice to come with it oh my god this is the thing that drives me crazy and it's based on like. Now Whippet the breed of for their. The one person and is losing right now going. Well I mean it's it's not a few orderly got a piece of it yet dumb ass if I ordered noodle dish I don't expect write out a gate of what is the purpose of this what I would order if I went to. We were reversed fire I'll get your question. As the question I just need an answer you can think about for second where we go Chinese reorder these broccoli when you go to type who would you order an anchor. Who sought to thank you put the other one. Chicken divas off they need to get great potentials of the three thinks yet okay and all those need to be served with rights you can't. And encourage real price. What it is good to particular it like what's supposed to do first look that is what you do it turns out that's what you do I didn't know that until I was doing and I think this doesn't. You prefer the people just doesn't seem right but I don't know why I'm doing it but it's just haven't if it's like they give reliable muscle memory why people act like a hello. I look at it okay this but I saw as it ever happen again. So well neither of them agreed to get around me go back and edit in the things because there hasn't been going I won't ever remember that I. They'll. So we artists we ordered. Pending curry more 22 tie a tie depending on the place 'cause a limited to competitive show you wouldn't give rise to that. Is again opens the course right and then two to two it was on network accounts and yes. It's so if you're gonna serve those dishes and not serve rice your room last year but that's not OK and I finally at the I think it's the the Thai food places the most that don't give you rice with your order that yes she 82 we we have ordered first of all. The price is like three cent of total cost for them eat cake. And they should just give you rice just think as you walked by the star behaved I ask you look I units of this yet the idea that. And then I don't know what it's like in other countries have you had a Korean almond like in England or anything yet they come thrice. Because because that's that you put under curry. It's like there are like dumb. Like a foot long meatball marinara and then like UV just a handful meatballs so this is admire his I was raging about this when this is happening and I'm yelling at this girl has like do you go to the olive garden ordered chicken Alfredo and just get a bowl a freak in sauce and chicken fish and so no becomes a little earlier this year and also limited seeps out of breast X. Hello it's delightful. Of garden fresh. What are you talking about like what would there's no right so I arrange ate some Penang Currie. They think nothing like taking out your frustrations and life on an anchor good yes. It's and I was really fast if there's a type of place it's like it's like the one place that is within walking distance of my how idea that Rory can eat. And like we went ordered that are also. The magic combination for Thai food is judicious for three people it's like just the right amount for everyone to be full share and then not have left overs in near French six weeks later it's like it really works out relive it plays I don't it left over I try to -- forget or attempts grossed I had yesterday or whatever like leftovers are usually go to we've gone over like how like a tie and a Mexican yet to be good on the second day and whenever. Collector of three people and judicious. But it Roy can agree on you or just the right amount of food for everybody that we do that and they give us the tiny box of white rice that would have dual right so that yeah. Might be out here now rice like yeah brilliant but it's a one stock that you shake it off of them have been coats like why this is a dry aided McChrystal plan if this. Torres comes at a stock ethic it was humorous in the wild. I haven't. But another scene in the wild chicken grass. Yeah has like all the little races hanging down on it so like like wheat kind of still equate sort of hold it hangs more troop leader in the legacy just. Check him you. Click that unit when your thumb and you figured that things are things that I would wanna do that's the fun I think Metallica so I'm not mean. But rather that we got used to work at the end oh we moved to Vietnam were the rice fields who was. He's happy. A debate this is a stereotype that I want to closing or the rice hats cool yeah I just want the pointy hat then other. At a fan of those too aggressive you know but it sure if you're out a case of rice grows we're real super practical I had Santas like wearing an umbrella let's get this right exactly all and then you can also become read and write. All. Read now Britain's whenever thought of that. Race is not resist as they get called that's okay that's not okay because if your walk around with one of those hats right now. Downtown Seattle oh it would be that's not OK okay and if it was raining and I'm like what my shoulders are twenty idiots. There's going to be a fun game to president is by the that's again that's that a case that is your questions either or OK or not okay unquestioned for a dummy that I knows it's not just that they do so Demi. Dan do our lives where they grow rice okay and deep into view of I think you've met then do. The tour until I think sure I have it. He's getting NFC right now right. Did you hit us up and let us know how rice is. Heart harvested like yeah how it goes from grassy thing to in my mouth yet or like Fred extra three and a half dollars at the Thai food police W their think a man in his mid thirties and ask explain rice to meet for. Did you can't but I AM right how do a lot of good attack at. Yes so you lives and sec out of Sacramento where they like grow a ton of rice for the Zune is it true. You seem handset from the lack of evidence grown I guess if I understand it correctly is there's likely berms of Dirksen right and then there's like a bull cut out AAF and then it feels open water and the rice grows in the full of water. And like that's how it thrives in Branford and the new drunk drive your truck along one of those berms we make a wrong turn and you crash a truck into the watery rice and then everyone's in trouble to get a do you lie in the near life is over. It did is that right. Who did it hit us up a little snow okay. It is now. And that's not note to self don't drink and drive around racetrack as that the typical of what he taught me in a college programs that got it I haven't tried it myself because don't drink to drive right responsibly correct also refresh also eat for ash. I don't know how we got on this topic but it still haven't heard back from subway about the Mets owner sponsorship but OK enjoy this handful of meatball marinara. But no bread and enjoy bread that's extra. Gas like this this. Doesn't just sit I think I guess that we're talking about this right now you know fired up again. Talk about this hubris I'm like raising about it just like you did they. How does he not give me rice how does is toss a no I have soup. I don't have I don't want soup I wanna pinning curry Diane soup bath get out of here. Amerasian about this and she's told me if you are if you are person and it's pending curry natively it tell me if you're supposed either the soup because of a hundred or automatic rights I wanna know it's either right. Right. Anywhere is like if it was from it like if the in the implicit Vegas July I was getting on with it so late at least if if I would have gotten it from there. And I think their eyes out I had the bread that I had nothing so the next night I get left or is that going go hungry again what you have non. At the stretch I got home and realized oh I still have none right night in and do that right. There are mine anyways he did ago. Did you play did you authorize it decorate. I love you back as I have nine. Or some of his rights and she's like. She's like yeah man like yesterday brown raced here however as like the guys who make. Give me some damn residents there are no EI a troubled. It's it's like. Again manly may have like some brown rice sounds like well what Jesus say she's like you know brown writes I think no I'm not doing that just like when he has like. Listened of all the things that idea that are that is totally taking years off of my life if white rice is that the that's gonna give me then so be it. I'm not given it up like get out of here at this party and right. I mean you're past your prime like he. They can get settled into the downward spiral of nature and I still be five you don't need to know Fries they re delivering oil well to think universal Garrett what Oscar yesterday knows what to do samples of obviously because you personally can't find anything annoy the general area like this callable oil unlike. That honors with. And either choose the three wrong ones don't find it but also lit up tried a lot of things I otherwise would have bets go up they have custody of couscous right now. Okay and I don't really know what that is but it's like brain of some sort and when it picks up the flick this nice little tiny like BB gun would be thinking. That's like the Pokemon sort of it's not meanwhile that clicks or that and I. Idol scoop the public clamor that inning comes to preserve and colloquy you know I just at this officers yeah Wimbledon or to identify with them because they like they're the ones like. Q why assume based on the spelling and pronunciation is Hispanic going into right. And so liquid to being all cool happened in the U mispronouncing it is my favorite. When that by reading you know. Like oh really what is this I didn't racism to get them we'll from lord you progressive. And off the pointy hat that is offensive. At least you got sub domain give my god Jim Rice that's what comes comes now do you surf your impending curry with this just goes amend that now know if Quinn a lot. Cahill trying to. Judge or that extra note comes with that god dammit I had a really weird realization yesterday cool the vast I call my father come home. And I'm Greg Thomas who's my grads and so at some point junior. Could call me Tom also. I don't cut you Greg Towne and if you lose south. I hear that I actual hunting show host. Well many route to Louisiana counsel Greg talk about the book Greg Tom in the Monet in pink yellow reckon he goes on the stand notes. If it's. Utterly lost a foot to a crock you know those the mid degas at the equipment but a good. Inevitably they got the afternoon deficit he has a boats and a missing four looked as if a pick like to get the pirate. Don't French part I don't think Greg top. OK now and he just sucks now. And other future is going to be also include the equipment the equipment I can't wait and Entercom owns properties and Atlantis I can go for that great group. A great I'm having a nice time. I switching topics for a second yeah. And now an MV and we got over insecurities and that's of interest to teams here we get that. That we've accounted for all insecurities yes get get get get. JFK files and any success about the zone. Good hit good. Good that you're ad itself could pick it up our own. I don't know man I I hate all the conspiracy stuff for the toll like share it's so bad right now there that I don't. It's a distraction it's like she can't just dug. Nick you become one of error yet I heard Hilton released have a big the next big. Currently. I heard Tom Buchanan she'll get her. It's just four hours of credence Clearwater five error. Please scattered man OK and advocate that I mean yeah sure I don't have a problem that of the play and look at the credence school. Jon Fogarty went up with before now are entitled to get to so we're working Foreman put them all the time but yeah what a four point five that crop. Edit I. The worst part of that whole thing is that we don't pan trademark and that hey as far as you know that was rude and accused in the Taylor again one of our web viva rock. Nearly. Too civil already other authorities. Would you say I'm on fire. Fighters are personal 00. Thank you thank you thank you. So 1 before 5 o'clock PM outta gas station were starting in the end here not yet grits. That's wonderful tried. The tri city area how I guess we should respond to how do you feel abouts. The JFK files being released as anything I'm just terrified as to why is what. Is this administration is true one thing that whenever any major not news comes out that means there is secretly behind her back into the concourse. So it's really something as big as the JFK files today I can only imagine. What happens there and literally and all of our grandmothers like this in my debt rough which is that is gross double inappropriate you know. Wildly wildly not okay. And this business climate I don't even know pledges and straight news or not cracked an announcement has no announced. Jim and did that crop oil formally at five to find out the answer is to protect the equipment. The 1045 the crew has taken a bite out of your boarding the Susan. I hear all them traversed Gert de Greg talent alone and now for the bell report with Greg Greg Dobbs political skewed a little drunken. And a great amount that cracking down on known. February. Double peg leg Greg in the wording they Greg in the morning Greg Greg Greg Tom. What do poor mother grew I can do this broadcast is not gonna do well in the Seth. Hey and it's not yeah. If you love our friends down that way which is I don't think I have any but if I did iPods as we're also where does that funny commitment of us being answers is cool let's find a also know quite a few minutes rednecks who have peninsula to put the stereotypes this could say Evan jacket let what are you gonna know what they get a release that's really gonna tell you anything great lake and Corliss and shooters in three of them were Robocop. Crews also spoiler alert they're really might not be anything that we don't know. That does is like a distraction holy crap did the Harvey Oswald actually did it blows and it's all a distraction. Gold tacked on the. We do some. I think it's a really video will save of the jacket and has I think that's. A major turning point in America. Because that is the day you can mark that day is the day that we are stopped trusting our government. Or enough of a state were all of a sudden became my I don't believe anything anymore and may be. Maybe it's good to be woke maybe it's not good to be you'll get a sense you know I mean makes. It may be there is some sort of figure ignorance is bliss in May be. You trust the people that you've elected to lead you. At that as the feels weird saying that now but like. Maybe there's something to that like okay. I trust these people to you at least. Do the things for the right reasons and once this happened in all a conspiracy started that innocence is. Call him again. And it's like. For all the times we've heard somebody lie about something in public office and were less sure that's a lie. We're trying to encourage people to ask questions or punk rock to feel a whole lot and don't believe everything you hear wreck which is like. Disabling all of the trust and everything between the other side is doing that back just kind of wildly rents everything is I don't believe anything subtly and they are here and it's like them. The New York Times pet I don't actually work at the New York Times I've never even stepped foot in there I have like a listen to the podcast a little bit. But the New York Times both like responsible journalism. Right freely just dismiss it as. Fake news is writing jurists. Antigens and disable I got a question everything to that the culture we live in now threat that sucks. Again it's exit that editorial we should as a former punk rocker look at we should question whether the governors like out to get us or they're making these terrible decisions that are really going to negatively effect everyone. You should also be. Cognizant enough to get to the point we're like oh okay. The question if per share but then you get the the answer. To be like up because that's the real problem is like why don't believe this yet we conducted just yell that it's not true right it's like I don't believe this guys blew. Well listen Greg Tom here's the deal looked out the window okay it's a no I am right. The evidence is because the clouds when the sun comes out a little bit with the wild that the government conspiracy you can't prove it's not from our FaceBook page of the day it was like it and just fear level of global warming and I was like. So you learned a buzz word congratulations. Let's folk sound like you're not. Hundreds of NASA scientists are fake. Okay are the different the democratic conspiracy. Okay. There is a. There's the onion in this quick poll and as the politics won the two started. And today what's the guy's name Alex Jones got the diplomat yells of tests they made there and I'm mock version of that. And the things that he she keys stay said that you've never seen Obama naked. Because his closing covers up the pouch on his belly that hides the Communist manifesto. And it was like brilliantly to look like you've ever seen President Obama make it even Germany should elect when he won the election you think that's a perfect time to be naked but instead he kept covered up because he didn't want to know what were his pocket blows to hide the manifesto. And I'm like this goal with its brilliant regardless of where you stand at this is called fun satire of the diet that I wanted to post it knows like. A way we can't because like the things that some of the people that are believed and trusted news sources now are saying are fat ridiculous five years ago right like. Don't we start actually believe that like. There the president former president's action and you him man. That's why doesn't have a person to the captain should shift. And as to how to bliss is certainly is making its ability organ they can get to you stuff so be careful who recorded no credible stay away from that be careful when you go down the rabbit hole you might not get back out perfect equipment. There shake down 1979. And it really dumb thing. I think his mom thinks that now he's two years. I feel like has not like I feel like that's like a Psycho issue. I I think she's in his basement. Yet but tied tied to the public and chairman broken legs you know like rotted away in his basement cooled it no longer living yeah asthma assumption report. You heard it here first everybody. Break in at that god what a Fuller play five years are for all their music and. Is it's all music is bad. Breaking news. Twelve put out cares about it outside of I can't think of I don't know any. The Biloxi church you go to. A bullet featured at Providence a pill that works with like get your tear. I'll all right and Twitter let's do it. And a little while and I thought Urbana and typically we yes we got I got a lot harder so at least a bit is that accurate. But see that's something that is promote it's only eight minutes the come up but if it doesn't Georgia the World Series I think a it. Holy smokes straight out of Vince still pretends that was quite a gated side note the ball is so Asia is the ball is right now Margie used to it and then Sammy Sosa and McGwire in the nineties for the record the ball Szilard ball is Joost but this isn't the ball and go yeah S government. There's 98 home runs yesterday yet in the World Series yes OK five a home as well and hard like. Cannot go home run balls with American and I agree to come early and get up two hits in Terry in Baltimore home runs okay no okay neverland anyways continue sorry I just wanted to throw that in their for what one quick second all right so hash tag national pumpkin day. Smashing Pumpkins pumpkin spice lattes. Pumpkin patches of inches woman would be welcome can pass course it is compact yeah of course there's a good drive by one today. WLB seventeen. That's a really bowl while that is just an act and I think it's trash which one is looking up. Welcome aboard segment. Those because that was fake news I have no idea pathetic and thanks for. I think it's like women's leadership knows what the climate the bad sorry I thought I thought. I should just take this part out of the great. Other I'll grab my rising go all the way it well I have nine due to. Super Mario Odyssey do you ever miss the fact that you don't have the event and especially to put this I gotta be real with you right now I IE. Left Mario. When it hit puberty. I was not the one that kept going with that I thought that Super Mario world was Seoul foreign it was the first of its kind against. Costs that would be sandbox style attacks it was still fun and then. Like Dave and Rick is there's Yoshi teams and it's relentless it never stops serve I think is has the president and the video game neared an end of cartoons and you'd think I would have been I am in that but now again it I mean and I also never hear talk from Mickey Mouse that's like the same thing by you know. I only to talk of the tattoo that I have my back is bad some parents and my back he's the gigantic you know also find out anything about you it's that anything with they'd make a tale. Out. Part pass. Ought to be fair to forgo on that I actually. Wish I had an into the switch that the blame Mario for ten minutes is exactly like the blues but that's perfect via the turn off that I need just like I realized that at some point the investing so much in games a year or pull life goes away it was like now I wanted to anymore. It was like five years ago that happen to meet I would rather have games that are just can throw away. An integrated across residents because all the games and I've been wanting all year about to come out and had no time time. Testing girlfriend's. I say JFK files recovered that. Hash tag stranger things season to. All be watching at five minutes of the time because every time we stopped to watch TV the baby is like are you watching TV now a can't. One of us will be taking the day off tomorrow to bend wash the holding in season and throw one of us is gonna have a gruel for the super pest. Joseph Girardi mad business harsh do you Beckett out of the manager of the Yankees like to Girardi IDC but I like how they just let it like. That's a pretty good ending for yankees manager is mostly the normally they all go down and fired at him and his enemies is walking away. This isn't as I'll accept that there's not resigning okay. That's crazy talk like that guy I think he's frank I think he's good with the media I think that he he's a former catcher and I'll resume as a catcher would be commanders on its most managers are catcher gigantic easier to manage a game I don't understand how. All the different things happen and everything Mehmet and exits you have to be an analyst be able to apply pressure. The president like now that they're they they're young and they have like a lot of good players young players it's surprising that he would if the guy that easy to get got it's a good. Teacher of kids is what it feels like I just and I believe in the with the marriage or try to do put boy if I was gonna trying to manager right now I would. And hot so hot second and let him do all these kids you try to play that money ball. Like I have a guy that knows how the game has gone from the from the field be the one that's out there imagine a much better mikes and you know would get if Joseph Girardi was the manager impossible mix and you can't get better don't you start. Has taken Thursday thoughts Mike's Leno sucks. You've been listening to our dump podcast they're Smart Smart like a fox. Mean like email these idiots are dumb podcast that. Gmail.com. Phone them on Twitter that aren't on the podcast or eight record and that man child when. Victory for our young podcast is brought to you by. Backlight Opel employs. I don't know what the button at the time Greg we know.